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We hope you’ve enjoyed our roundup of the weird and wonderful RPGs that your Android device has to offer. Deciding which ones to cover was as difficult a choice as is deciding which ones to play.


If you have to take the bus or subway to work, instead of reading a book or playing Candy Crush Saga, you can become a wolf, angry bird, Keyblade wielder, Jedi, or hipster warrior! 


What did you think of our list? Do you have any other RPGs that you would recommend for Android users? Let us know in the comments below.


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Developer: Electronic Arts
Where to Get It: Google Play
Price: Free

This turn-based RPG brings the fun elements of Star Wars Battlefront to mobile, where you fight various Imperial enemies in locations throughout the Star Wars universe. In Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, your party is essentially a series of background characters, like Wookies and clone droids, and you won’t really play as any of the main filmic characters unless you are willing to shell out money.




That said, the simple gameplay makes this a fun RPG to play during your lunch hour and perhaps due to IAT (in-app transactions) criticism, the game is pretty generous off the bat with the awards and rewards it doles out. I also appreciated that my guide was a strong female lead – long may the series head in that direction, as it did with Rogue One (and will possibly be doing with Rey in Episode VIII)!


Mobius Final Fantasy

Developer: Square Enix LTD
Where to Get It: Google Play
Price: Free

In this 2016 mobile title from Square Enix, you star as a silver-haired warrior guided by Vox, who will in time become the Warrior of Light in the mysterious world of Palamecia. Unlike other mobile RPGs, the emphasis in battle in Mobius Final Fantasy is on a card system, which will be familiar to anyone who played Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories.


Via lengthy tutorials, you are told how to build cards and use special attacks to weaken enemies and “break” their defenses. With the card system, each card has an element, such as fire or water, and you use the attacks based on your enemies’ elemental weaknesses.



The cutscenes, voice acting, and music are what you’d expect from a Final Fantasy title, and once you get past the tutorials, the game is essentially just a “tapathon” at heart. The story, like most Final Fantasy entries, is confusing and nonsensical, but the combat is enjoyable and the quests, like Union Cross are broken into very small chunks that you can easily play on the go.


Kingdom Hearts Union Cross

Developer: Square Enix LTD
Where to Get It: Google Play
Price: Free

The mobile spin off to the Kingdom Hearts series, Union Cross was originally released in the U.S. and Europe as Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.


Union Cross is essentially an update of the original game, adding an exciting multiplayer mode, where you can battle others online, as well as additional challenges such as special quests which are only available during a certain time frame. The characters in the series pop up as medals, which you use in your turn-based attacks.


The “tapathon” nature of the title may disappoint players who were expecting a handheld version of the series, but the characters and backgrounds are beautiful renditions of the game – especially the scaled down versions of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. The story quests do drag on and after a while, you do run out of energy, so this is another one where micro transactions are encouraged.




The fun mostly lies in forming teams with other players and defeating Heartless in boss raid battles, which earn you extra EXP. Fans of the series will enjoy it, and special medals periodically appear in the game to tie in with Disney and Pixar IPs. Definitely worth a download.


AdventureQuest 3D

Developer: Artix Entertainment
Where to Get It: Google Play 
Price: Free 

This MMORPG sees you play as either a warrior, mage, or rogue in the AdventureQuest franchise’s first foray into 3D. The game has impressive graphics for a mobile title and puts you in the middle of the action to defeat a number of skeleton soldiers in order to save Dragonwatch Keep. I liked the straightforward combat in what is essentially a scaled down action RPG.



I didn’t like the camera though, which took a bit of getting used to – it took me a while to center it behind my character. It can also be hard to figure out where to go, as there is no minimap in AdventureQuest 3D – there's just an arrow pointing on the screen to the destination for your current quest or who you have to talk to. The comic book style cutscenes are pretty cool, too, and the buildings within the world are rendered well. This game is worth playing if you were into some of the lesser known PS1 RPGs back in the day.


Pocket RPG

Developer: Crescent Moon Games
Where to Get It: Google Play
Price: $2.99 

Pocket RPG is a unique 3D RPG was a big hit when it launched in 2011, and it continues to be a popular game to this day. You can play as a battle mage, dark ranger, or blade master across a number of levels, from battling gelatinous creatures similar to the blobs in Dragon’s Quest, to green skeletons and more. Another unique feature in Pocket RPG is the way you control your character, which is similar to a twin stick shooter in that you use the left side of the screen to control your character and the right side of the screen to perform your special attack.



Don’t let the cutesy visuals fool you – this game is far from easy. Your skills carry over from one level to the next, but you don’t get to carry over your weapons, meaning that strategically planning your next move, and often hiding behind that wall to regain health is the best thing to do.


Knights of Pen and Paper 2

Developer: Paradox Interactive
Where to Get It: Google Play
Price: Free

In Knights of Pen and Paper 2, you play as a group of characters gathered around a tabletop RPG as the Dungeons and Dragons-esque Dungeon Master tells you where you are and on what quests you can go. Your first couple of quests involve getting rid of mouse traps -- essentially for target practice and to level up your skills. So it's got a relatively low learning curve when it comes to RPGs. 

I love the humor in this game, which pokes fun at RPGs and has tons of pop culture references. Also, much like The Wolf, you really won’t need to buy extra coins, as your rewards for completing the quests are pretty substantial.



Your classes are also pretty cool – instead of the usual magician or warrior, you can be a science lab rat, hipster, or rocker. The quests are pretty straightforward, too, and you can easily progress through the story without having to grind.


Interestingly, this game was developed by a different company than the original (KYY Games), but I feel that this doesn’t detract from the overall experience. 


Endless Frontier

Developer: ekkorr
Where to Get It: Google Play
Price: Free

A hidden gem from South Korean developers, Endless Frontier is quite unusual – you watch your party battle, headed by protagonist Erin, and level up using money accrued during their battles. In other words, the app is an incremental or idle game with RPG elements. In total, there are 1,500 stages in which your pixelated characters can fight. Throughout, you can buy different units such as golems using in-game currency, and change your special moves.



Once you are revived, the game also lets you participate in dungeon battles, which basically involve more tapping on the screen. Like Angry Birds Epic, micro transactions can get you ahead faster, or alternatively, you can watch an advertisement, which lasts around 10 to 20 seconds.


There is also a PvP mode, where you can battle online opponents. If you enjoy your action RPGs, then Endless Frontier probably isn’t for you. But if you like watching your characters fight while tapping the screen to boost their stats, then the game is worth a try.


Angry Birds Epic

Developer: Rovio Entertainment Ltd.
Where to Get It: Google Play
Price: Free

Rovio’s take on the RPG genre with their colorful avian friends has a straightforward turn-based formula. You start off in Angry Birds Epic as the red bird, and along the way, you unlock different birds who have different abilities. For example, the yellow triangle shaped bird (known as Chuck) casts spells on your pig enemies.

On top of that, some of the game's mechanics are interesting. For example, if your avian party gets hit enough times, then the chili pepper at the bottom of the screen will fill up, triggering a rage attack. It’s not obvious what the connection is between chili peppers and birds, but it’s a novel way, at least, of introducing special move mechanics to the player.



Angry Birds Epic is on the whole easy to pick up and fun to play, but like the various Angry Bird incarnations, there is an emphasis on micro transactions. Coins take a while to accrue, and you will be nagged a lot by the game to buy coins with you hard-earned IRL cash.


Gurk III - The 8-bit RPG

Developer: Larva Labs Ltd.
Where to Get It: Google Play
Price: $1.99

This affordable mobile RPG sees you playing in a world of glorious 8-bit graphics. You are given three characters – an archer, a wizard, and a warrior – and you’re pretty much left to your own devices, with no extensive pieces of text or cutscenes explaining the plot. 


I appreciated the “bare bones” approach to Gurk III, but fans of easy mobile games may be put off because the difficulty level ramps up very quickly. Unlike many RPGs, you are unable to heal mid-battle, meaning you will have to heal in town shrines before heading out on quests to level up your characters or use an HP boost during battle, costing you a turn in the process.



Some people may also be put off by the game's button layout, which seems to be designed for older mobile phones with keypad buttons (remember those?). If you’re a fan of the classics like the original Legend of Zelda, then at $1.99, this is definitely worth your time. 


The Wolf

Developer: Swift Apps LTD
Where to Get It: Google Play
Price: Free

In this unusual RPG, which is a bit off-the-wall even by RPG standards, you wander the forests as a white, gray, dhole or Mexican wolf hunting prey such as deer, raccoons, and bobcats. I wasn’t very sure what to make of the app before I played it, but the luscious 3D environments and realistic animals certainly set it apart from the crowd – this isn’t a riff on these types of games, unlike Goat Simulator. The Wolf can certainly get challenging when you stumble on a group of other strong animals such as bobcats, emulating the difficulties lone wolves often encounter in the wild.



I enjoyed hunting down prey and strengthening my claw attack, and after an hour, I was at a high enough level to participate in the Battle Arena, which pits you against an entire wolf pack. 


Another bonus of The Wolf is that it’s pretty easy to “git gud” without resorting to micro transactions, which act as an add-on rather than a necessity. Try this game out to see if the wolf is indeed your spirit animal.


Fans of role playing games don’t have to be confined to big titles like Skyrim or Fallout  -- or even their consoles or PCs -- to experience some truly engrossing worlds and gameplay. There are plenty of great RPGs out there designed for your mobile device that don’t skimp on story, music, or graphics.

With the Google Play store virtually saturated with free-to-play and paid games with similar ratings, it can be hard to choose which game to play next. Here at GameSkinny, we’ve got you covered. We've put together a list of the top 10 RPGs playable on Android devices. This diverse mix ranges from mobile spin-offs of big names to smaller titles which poke fun at Dungeons and Dragons tropes -- and even let you get in touch with your inner spirit animal. There’s bound to be something to suit you within this eclectic mix.

Angry Birds Epic Walkthrough Guide: How to Get 3 Stars in Mountain Pig Castle Boss Battle Tue, 19 Aug 2014 22:31:42 -0400 Stephanie Tang

If you can't find what you're looking for here or want to check out more Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs, common fixes, and tips, take a look at the Master List

The multi-wave castle battles to get your eggs back are some of the hardest to beat in Angry Birds Epic, and some of the most rewarding - they're the closest thing to boss battles that we can get. 

Note that specific Pigs in these battles will may change slightly (e.g. swapping a Wizard for an Air Pirate so if the Pigs you are fighting are slightly different, this may mean taking a few more turns to kill them). While they are probably several ways that you can do it, this is how I manage to win pretty consistently with 3 stars.

Who should be in your party?

There are 5 waves to this castle, and the end wave includes some pretty vicious group attacks that hit for over 200 points against everyone in your party. You're going to want to block and heal from as much damage as possible. 

My ideal party for this battle is: Red, Matilda, and the Blues.

What should your party wear?

There is one constant in the castle battles, and that is the Pig Prince at the end, who will only take damage if it is under a certain threshold. It is best to equip your Birds with hats that will allow you to deal low initial damage but also do either a bleed effect or multiple hits.

A note on equipment: when it comes to equipping your Birds, I have found it is really the hats that matter the most. Don't worry too much about the status effects that your weapons because their secondary effects are not as important in this battle. If you have a high-percentage dispell or chance to knock out, this will work to your advantage.

(see 5 Secret Tips No One Knows in Angry Birds Epic for more about equipment and secondary effects)

Red should wear the Samurai hat; it gives 50% damage reduction to the target and 40% to the others which will be very useful in the last wave. He also deals 3x 57 damage which is well under the threshold for the Pig Prince. 

Matilda should wear the Druid hat; her support spell heals the party target by 79 and the others by 36 health. Furthermore, her Thorny Vine attack does low initial damage but high bleed damage so even if she has to take a turn out to heal someone, she will still do damage. (And the Pig Prince is affected by this total amount!)

The Blues should wear the Rogues hat; the Blues will hit with  a low initial attack but do high bleed damage (even higher than Matilda).

Wave 1

I have always suggested to players to save their Lucky Coins and buy the Golden Chili as their first purchase because you will use it in every battle and Lucky Coins take a while to save up if you don't want to spend money.

(see How to Get Lucky Coins, Snoutlings, and Essence of Friendship for Free)

However! It doesn't affect the battle too much if you don't have the Golden Chili - just Wave 1, which contains three pretty standard enemies. Just whittle them down and keep your health up.

  1. If you do have the Golden Chili, feed your full Rage Chili to Red. He will attack the Chieftan. Concentrate all your attacks on him. Remember to keep a lookout on his health bar (touch the Pig and hold) because after two turns, the bleed damage should be enough to kill him without wasting another turn.

  2. Attack one of the Pig Guards with all three birds. Attack one more time with Red and the Pig will probably have lost enough health to die just from bleed damage. 

  3. Either attack the second Pig Guard with Matilda or heal your party. Again keep a watch on the Pig's health and use a turn to heal with Matlida if you can just to keep the Birds' health topped up. After two turns, the Pig Guard will probably die either completely by bleed damage or with just a nudge in the right direction from Red. Use this opportunity to cast the Blues' support spell on Red and to sneak in another round of healing from Matilda.

Wave 2

  1. Your Rage Chili should have filled up by the beginning of the second wave or be close to it. Attack with both Matilda and the Blues first to fill up the remainder if it hasn't yet, and then use it on Red for a high-damage attack against the Pig with the most health. If it there is a Wizard, Red will hit this Pig first, keep attacking with your birds until his health is low enough to go down with the bleed damage.

  2. If there is an Air Pirate, the bleed effects won't work on him and Red will automatically target one of the Snow Pigs instead. Finish the Snow Pig by attacking once with either Matilda or the Blues (you won't need both) and using the other to attack the second Snow Pig.

  3. To kill the Air Pirate, just keep attacking with your Birds since bleed damage doesn't affect him, and heal when necessary. Save your filled Rage Chili for the next wave.

Wave 3

  1. Use the Rage Chili on Red who will automatically attack the Ice Shaman. Continue focusing your attacks (or healing with Matilda) on this Pig. He casts an annoying Mimic attack which takes any of the health your party gets through Matilda's healing and gives it to him instead. If he casts this, unless one of your party members is critically low, just keep attacking him until he dies. (It will run out in 3 turns and you won't have a party dispell with this party configuration so don't waste healing on Pigs!) 

  2. Attack the Frostpig normally. When the Mimic attack wears off, use Matilda to get your party's health up and just keep attacking until the Frostpig dies. If your Rage Chili fills, save it.

Wave 4

  1. Use your Birds to each attack a Royal Bomb (the bigger ones). You have two turns before they explode. The Blues should be able to kill one bomb per turn, Red should kill one bomb in two turns, and Matilda should be able to kill a bomb with one hit and two bleed damages. Use the second turn to heal up the party.

  2. The Trap Bombs only do 4 damage per Bird so don't worry if you don't kill the last one in time.

Wave 5

  1. If you have a full Rage Chili, use it now on Matilda if your party is not really  full on health, otherwise save it until you do need to heal since it would be wasted on both Red and the Blues right now. Attack Prince Porky with your other Birds. The Wizpig may start a countdown to a group attack. If he does, use Red's Shield spell on the Blues (they have the lowest health) on your next turn. Keep attacking the Prince with your other Birds or heal if you need to.

  2. Focus on the Wizpig only once Prince Porky is dead. His group attack will heal any half-hearted damage done to him by a single Bird, so it's better to whittle him down as a team. Try to use your bleed attacks on him when he doesn't have any protective spells on (unless you have a high chance of dispelling) otherwise you will probably take more damage than Matilda can heal. This is the hardest part of this battle; remember to shield whenever he powers up his group attack!

  3. You may need a potion or two.

If possible, make sure that your party is healed up at the very end of the battle - this will win you more points which may tip the scale on what makes a 2-star win and what makes a 3-star win!

Good luck, and don't give up!

Note: If you are still having a lot of trouble with this battle, take a look at your other equipment and check their stats. Are they too old/not very effective? Do you have blueprints for better weapons? A few free Golden Pig machine rolls? Craft a few new items and then try again!

(see here for more general tips on How to Get 3 Stars Every Time!)

For other guides and tips for Angry Birds Epiccheck out the Master List.

Angry Birds Epic Guide: 5 Tips On How to Get 3 Stars Every Time Sun, 20 Jul 2014 20:44:28 -0400 Stephanie Tang

If you can't find what you're looking for here or want to check out more Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs, common fixes, and tips, take a look at the Master List

It is certainly possible to continue playing through Angry Birds Epic having only achieved 1 or 2 stars per battle,  but it is infinitely more satisfying to leave an unbroken trail of 3-star wins behind you as you progress through the game. Furthermore, the more stars you get per battle, the more rewards you get in your final loot spin after each battle which are important in crafting or upgrading your gear and brewing better potions.

(See 5 Secret Tips No One Knows in Angry Birds Epic for some more tips on crafting and managing your loot rewards!)

I won't lie, getting 3 stars after each battle is not always as easy as it seems - particularly when it comes to the Golden Pig daily battle, and certain castle battles which contain 5 waves of different enemies. 

Of course, not every battle will be a super-hard boss battle. Here are five things you should know about how to get 3 stars in all your Angry Birds Epic battles, both easy and hard!

1. Know what it takes to get a good star rating.

What Angry Birds Epic doesn't explain very clearly (this tip shows up at random on a loading screen) is that the star rating you get for finishing a battle is determined by how long you take to finish a battle and how much health you have at the end of the battle.

The difficult part is that you mostly have no idea what counts as "just enough time" or "having enough health." 

In certain multi-wave battles, it is usually in your best interests not to just keep attacking with all your birds just to try and race to the finish line. In multi-wave battles, the game is a little more lenient on how many turns you take and how much health you have at the end.

2. Use birds with higher attacks in regular battles.

When playing regular battles against the regular Pig enemies, use your harder-hitting birds to kill enemies faster and in fewer turns. If you have the Golden Chili, it will give you a full Rage Chili right at the beginning of the battle. Use it right away to help cut down as much of your enemies' health as possible before they have a chance to hit you and deplete some of your Chili bar.  

High-attack birds like Bomb (black) and the Blues (blue) are good to have to clear quick battles with common Pigs. 

2. Swap out characters if you are having trouble. 

Of course, not all battles involve regular Pigs. Many of them include Pigs with certain powers and passive abilities that means just hitting them hard won't do the trick.

Usually these pop up in multi-wave battles, but they can appear everywhere. Sometimes these enemies are so tricky, you simply can't beat them with your current party. Don't worry about losing and don't waste Lucky Coins to revive your birds! Take your consolation prize which will take you back to the main map, then tap into the battle again. You will be able to reorganize which birds go into your party.

In battles against the Pig Prince, for example, he has an exceptionally annoying Passive Ability where he can dodge any high-strength attack. You can find him in battles like Southern Sea Level 3, where you get the Yellow Key.

For these battles, remember to swap out hard-hitting characters like Bomb in favor of Chuck (yellow bird) who does low damage but can attack all enemies at once and whose Rage Chili power will cause 5 attacks from random birds against the enemy. 

3. Keep your birds healthy!

You can certainly ply your birds with potions, but these potions take a lot of different ingredients to make, and you won't always be lucky enough to roll three stars while making them. Giving your birds potions also uses up a turn and delays how long the battle will take.

Red Bird's party ability, depending on your headgear, guards your party so that they take less damageThis is handy to keep your health up, particularly against 2-turn spellcasters like the Pig Magicians.

Matilda (the white healing bird) is a good character to have because she deals medium attack damage, and depending on what headgear she is wearing, can either heal your party whenever she hits an enemy, or help deal extra damage over time. Keeping your party's health high gives you extra points for your final star score.

4. Swap out your gear if you are having trouble!

What is important to remember is that if you are having trouble with your characters in battle, it is always possible to go back and change their weapons or their headgear

Many of the benefits of certain weapons/armor have to do with certain extra abilities moreso than their main attack/defense power. For example, in battles against a single enemy, a different weapon that does extra damage to the same enemy will be more useful than one that does chain attacks.

In Matilda's case, her Druid headgear allows her to heal a single target with each turn, but in certain battles, it is more beneficial to simply wear her default headgear and attack the enemy so that extra healing is done to the entire party. 

5. If you are getting frustrated, just come back later.

Especially for some boss battles, it can be extremely frustrating to realize that no matter how many different times or ways you try to beat it, you simply can't do it with what you have.

At times like these, it is often easier just to forget the battle for now, take your 1- or 2-star rating and leave it. 

These battles do not necessarily get easier as you keep playing because their difficulty levels level up in the same way as your characters. However, with better gear or purchased items, it is possible to come back for better scores and a higher star rating if you couldn't get it the first time.

If you are having trouble crafting good items, remember to keep up with your free daily Golden Pig Machine spins from your friends, or save up enough Lucky Coins for better spins and an upgraded Golden Anvil

For other guides and tips for Angry Birds Epic, check out the Master List.

5 Secret Tips No One Knows in Angry Birds Epic Sat, 21 Jun 2014 22:21:39 -0400 Stephanie Tang

If you can't find what you're looking for here or want to check out more Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs, common fixes, and tips, take a look at the Master List

The latest mobile game to join the hit Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Epic is a new take on the traditional turn-based RPG. The familiar disgruntled faces have moved beyond flinging themselves at buildings and have now taken up swords, healing harps, and wizard hats on an adventure to battle egg-stealing, vegetable-stomping, pirate ship-stealing Pigs. 

Unfortunately for the majority of us, while Angry Birds Epic does its best to break down the gameplay into bite-sized tutorials and helping loading screen hints, there's a lot of information they simply skip out on and you find out yourself... often the hard way.

Don't fall into the same trap! 

Here are five things you should know before you throw away your in-game items, your real-life cash, or your phone out of frustration, forever.

1. You don't need to spend money on the Golden Chili (Or any other in-game items)

One of the first in-game advertisements pops up on your screen is a limited time offer for 50% off the Golden Chili. It asks for in-game currency, but you will never make enough Lucky Coins before the offer expires - it's an invitation to spend real money to get the item.


At full price, the Golden Chili is worth 125 Lucky Coins. After a few days of play, you will likely have earned that many Lucky Coins just by playing the game normally.

(See How to Get Lucky Coins, Snoutlings, and Essence of Friendship For Free to learn about getting more Coins!)

2. The newest weapon is not always the best weapon

As you progress, you will acquire many different blueprints for weapons, off-hands, and potions. Check the stats of the weapon. The game makes it easy for you to compare the Attack (sword symbol) or Defense (heart symbol) of the new weapon/off-hand, but all of these items also have secondary effects, which have a certain % change to cause an extra effect.

These can be very important and very useful. When fighting mobs, you will often be faced with enemies that can buff all enemy targets with shields or increased Attack power. Having a weapon with a high chance to Dispel will help negate these enemy buffs.

3. The Attack Power stat on blueprints is just a guideline.

Similar to #2, just because the Attack Power on a blueprint appears lower than your current weapon does not mean that it is not worth making. Remember that every time you craft a weapon, you will roll a die to determine its stats. With each star, your Attack power/Defense power will increase, and so will the % chance on its secondary effect. 

A lower 3-star weapon will almost always beat out a higher level 0-star weapon. 

4. You will trash the weapon/off-hand weapon you are currently holding. 

When you are running low on crafting materials and want to break down your old weapons/off-hands, remember that what you are currently holding is what you are throwing into the trash can.

This seems a little backward, and has caused me no end of rage for throwing away a really good weapon just because I had the wrong item selected or I pressed the Trash Can button in the Item Equip screen by mistake instead of the red X in the corner to continue out of the screen.

There are no take-backs. 

5. When spinning for Golden Pig rewards, don't waste your Essence of Friendship.

While there are those who have the luxury of a million Facebook friends who don't mind being bothered each and every single day to give you a Friendship heart... many of us don't. Nor do we want to shell out real pennies just to roll a bad hand again.

My advice is to save those heart stones for making Potions or crafting weapons/off-hands. 

If you do not get the rewards you wanted from the daily Golden Pig fight, try refighting the battle (yellow middle button on the Spin screen, with what looks like a rewound sword) to see if you get more stars and a better spin. It can be a little time-consuming, but it is free.

I only advise doing this with the Golden Pig fight because this is the only battle that is not repeatable immediately, and can only be done once a day

(See also How to Get Lucky Coins, Snoutlings, and Essence of Friendship For Free for more about getting Essence of Friendship from your Facebook friends.)

If you have any questions or tips you'd also like to contribute, feel free to leave a comment!

For other guides and tips for Angry Birds Epiccheck out the Master List.

Angry Birds Epic Guide: How to Get Lucky Coins, Snoutlings, and Essence of Friendship For Free Thu, 19 Jun 2014 17:48:28 -0400 Stephanie Tang

If you can't find what you're looking for here or want to check out more Angry Birds Epic walkthroughs, common fixes, and tips, take a look at the Master List

If you have never gotten into the Angry Birds franchise before, you just might be able to do it now. 

Angry Birds Epic is the latest and hottest turn-based RPG to hit the mobile market. No longer are you flinging these familiar disgruntled fowl at buildings - now they are each full-fledged fighters out to reclaim their eggs, free their friends, and battle bottle-green pigs with pointy sticks and nasty spells.

Now if you know anything about freemium free-to-play games, you will recognize the signs - what looks like a free-to-play game that encourages micro-transactions throughout gameplay.

In Angry Birds Epic, real money can be exchanged for: 

  • Lucky Coins: Used to buy special in-game items (e.g. the Golden Chili) and upgrade your Magic Anvil and Cauldron.
  • Snoutlings: Used to buy ingredients, item blueprints, and when crafting potion ingredients.
  • Essence of Friendship: Used to re-roll when crafting/spinning the loot wheel after a battle.

But you don't need to pay to play!

Unlike fellow mobile game giant Candy Crush, you don't lose any "lives" when you don't finish a battle or want to re-fight the battle for a higher star score which makes it much easier to play without paying!

(In fact, you even get consolation prizes of Snoutlings or ingredients when you lose!)

How to get more Lucky Coins!

I won't lie, Lucky Coins are the hardest currency to get your hands on (especially later on in the game) if you don't buy them. The game gives you quite a stock in the earlier stages to encourage you to spend them and want more. 

In just two or three sessions of play, you can earn about 60-70 Lucky Coins - more than halfway to your first big Lucky Coin purchase!

Here are some ways for you to earn Lucky Coins:

  • You receive 1 Lucky Coin every time you level up.
  • Work with your Facebook friends to unlock Gates that will lead to Treasure Chests.
  • Fight the Golden Pig every day with three stars to increase your chances of winning the Treasure Chest. If you play every day, your Lucky Coin reward increases!

(see How to Get 3 Stars Every Time for tips on getting 3 stars every day!)

This Golden Pig will fly around the map every day and float around the bottom of your map screen. When you see him, tap on him to initiate the fight!

How to get more Snoutlings!

Snoutlings are much easier to get in game, and you probably won't even be tempted to buy these from the cash shop. 

You earn Snoutlings when:

  • You defeat an enemy in a fight.
  • You finish a battle and win!
  • You finish a battle and lose. 
  • You win a Treasure Chest from fighting the Golden Pig
  • You can also buy Snoutlings using Lucky Coins.

How to get more Lesser Essence of Friendship!

There are several ways to get more Lesser Essence of Friendship, but unfortunately most of these are one-time use only.

  • Connect your account to Facebook.
  • Connect Angry Birds Epic to your Rovio account. (5 pieces)
  • Trade in your Lucky Coins.
  • Get your friends involved - you can receive 1 Lesser Essence of Friendship every day per Facebook friend.

This last step is probably the easiest way to acquire these useful heart-shaped gems, and is repeatable, so follow these simple steps to keep a steady supply of them.

How to share free Friendship Essence!

  1. While on your main map, tap the yellow button in the bottom right corner or the nest at the very beginning of the Piggy Island map.
  2. Make sure that all your accounts are signed in. Tap the totem (the pole on the left) where it will prompt you if any accounts are not synced to Angry Birds Epic to enter your login details.
  3. If you are signed in, a window may pop up that says "Mailbox" or "Messages." This is the screen that will show you if any of your friends have answered your request and given you a Friendship Essence! Press the red X button on the top right to close this box.
  4. If connected properly, you will see a list of all your Facebook friends.
  5. At the bottom of this screen is a big long button that tells you to ask your friends for Friendship Essence. Press it!
  6. The button will disappear until the next day. That's it, you've asked all your friends that currently play Angry Birds Epic! If they accept, they will give you one free Friendship Essence, and at no charge to them. 

You now have a few tips to collect all the in-game currency you need without paying any real money!

For other guides and tips for Angry Birds Epiccheck out the Master List.

Angry Birds Epic Launched on iOS and Android Devices Sat, 14 Jun 2014 08:35:26 -0400 Tobbpitt

If you've ever wanted to play an Angry Birds RPG, now is the time: Rovio Entertainment have released Angry Birds Epic onto the iOS App Store and Google Play, and it's free to play!

Angry Birds Epic hopes to be the longest game in the franchise, boasting a sizable campaign and a large number of characters and items to collect as you make your way through Fantasy Piggy Island. Did I mention it's packed with silly hats and costumes? Tons of silly hats and costumes!

Player reviews have been making their way to game's respective app stores since the games release. Fans of the series enjoy the gameplay, but many have a bone to pick with the buff-providing advertisements presented before a battle. Often before you begin a battle, the game will ask if you would like to watch an advertisement to receive a buff for that fight. 

I can attest to the reports that these advertisements are intrusive, and even leave a bad taste in your mouth after losing a fight you were offered a buff prior to (that you turned down). The gameplay is exactly what fans of the series would want from a turn-based Angry Birds RPG, but the massive emphasis on in-app purchases and ads right out the gate can be a downer if you're not into that kind of thing.

Be sure to nab this game soon to see what your friends will be talking about next week!

Have you given Angry Birds Epic a go yet? If so, let us know how you feel about it (and its cool costume items) in the comments section below.

Angry Birds Epic Guides: The Master List Thu, 19 Mar 2015 20:33:53 -0400 Stephanie Tang

One of the latest games to hit the Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Epic is a new take on the traditional turn-based RPG. The familiar disgruntled faces have moved beyond flinging themselves at buildings and have now taken up swords, healing harps, and wizard hats on an adventure to battle egg-stealing, vegetable-stomping, pirate ship-stealing Pigs. 

This is a complete list of all the guides I have written for Angry Birds Epic and includes a few handy tips for saving your money, and playing your best. 



Please note that this game is constantly being updated and these guides may not reflect all of the newest changes. 

If you are looking for tips on a specific issue not listed here, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will see what I can do!