Battlerite Articles RSS Feed | Battlerite RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Battlerite: Raigon Loadout and Battlerites Guide Tue, 05 Dec 2017 11:41:58 -0500 Brandon Janeway

We are still facing the change of the loadout system in Battlerite, and it is affecting everyone's playstyle. To help those who still don't know what to do with the change, we have broken down Raigon's battlerites for you and provided our suggested build, all to make sure you can lead this prince to domination. 


Overflowing Power

Your next Sword Slash after landing Heavenly Strike sends forth a Slicing Wind, dealing 10 damage and restoring 14 health. This is a survival battlerite. 

This ability makes Raigion more viable and tanky, while also dealing some damage. A decent combo for Raigon is also going from Heavenly Strike in to a Sword Slash, which makes this skill very useful. 

Aerial Strike

Seismic Shock can be recast to leap and strike the airborne target, dealing 10 damage and increasing air duration by 0.5s. This is a mixed battlerite. 

This skill is useful in certain conditions where you know you are going to have to go up against airborne targets. It is not the most useful in dealing with a standard match, but if you are concerned about air combat, it is a useful addition.


Move at 100% speed during Parry, and end with a Spinning Slash that hits twice, dealing 6 damage and inflicting a Stun that lasts 0.25s. This is a control battlerite.

This is a decent skill for anyone who wants to make use of Parry. Parry can be difficult to land and requires some skill, which means this is not the best all-around skill or a skill for new users of Raigon. 

Royal Descent

Heavenly Strike deals an additional 6 damage to enemies struck. This is an offense battlerite.

If you want to get some easy damage out, this is an essential skill. Heavenly Strike is one of his main abilities, and it is used often, so this is a must to increase DPS. If you do not want a build around Heavenly Strike, this skill can be avoided. 

Headlong Rush

The dash length of Retribution is increased by 30%. This is a mobility battlerite. 

In order to make Raigon more mobile, this skill will need to be used. Regardless of your build, it is a good skill to add some mobility and make sure that Raigon can get his target or get you out of a sticky situation.


Each deflected attack grants you 1 weapon charge and 3 health. This is a survival battlerite.

This is another ability that is useful in keeping Raigon alive and providing some good utility. Being able to get both health and weapon charges is useful and will make you a lot more viable in a match.


When Parry ends, heal yourself and nearby allies for 8. This is a support battlerite.

This is a useful skill for anyone wanting some support utility to Raigon. This is also another skill that relies on Parry and therefore depends on which skills you want to focus on. There are other skills that can offer some healing that are more useful for Raigon. 

Dragon Mastery

Landing Dragon Palm allows you to recast it for 1.5s. This is a control battlerite.

For those who want an aggressive build, Dragon Mastery may be a nice investment. It does not guarantee that damage or utility, though, and requires you to land the ability more than once, so it is somewhat advanced.

Shock Wave

Seismic Shock deals 4 bonus damage, and cooldown is reduced by 1s. This is an offense battlerite.

Some nice splash damage is never a bad thing, which is what this will provide players. It is for those seeking a more aggressive build for Raigon and who want to prioritize DPS. 

Sword Dance

Sword Slash hits reduces the cooldown of Parry by 1s. This is a survival battlerite.

This is a nice ability for those who are making use of all of Raigon's abilities. Since it is also not an ability that guarantees damage or utility, it is more for advanced players who can utilize Raigon's skills. 

Hawk Dive

Heavenly Strike inflicts a 1.6s Fading Snare. This is a control battlerite. 

Hawk Dive is a nice battlerite to offer some control abilities and make Raigon more diverse in combat. It can be useful for a sticky situation and has the possibility of making Raigon more viable overall.


Maximum Energy is increased by 25%, and Retribution grants 6% bonus energy. This is a utility battlerite. 

Increasing your maximum energy is never a bad thing, so an ability to increase maximum energy can be a nice addition. It is also very beginner-friendly, as it is a guaranteed benefit.

The Tiger and the Dragon

Wrath of the Tiger end with a Heavenly Strike. This is an offense battlerite.

This ability is a good way to make the most use of your ultimate ability. Leading with Wrath of the Tiger and then getting a Heavenly Strike in can be a game changer. 

The Power of the Blade

Every unique target struck grants you 10 health. This is a survival battlerite. 

This ability is nice to make sure you are more survivable. It requires you to hit unique targets, which may not be the best option given the situation, so it is dependent on how confident the player is. 

Standard Build

This build consists of: Headlong Rush, Overflowing Power, Duelist, Resolve, and Royal Decent. 

This is an all-around build for any match you find yourself in, and it can be tailored for specific situations. This build is also reliant on Heavenly Strike and Sword Slash. It's a good mix of damage and utility to give Raigon survivability. 

Hope this build brings you domination in your next match. Let us know in the comments who you are using in Battlerite. 

Battlerite Guide: Best Destiny Build Tue, 28 Nov 2017 10:28:25 -0500 Sergey_3847

Destiny is the newest ranged champion in Battlerite. Just like any other ranger in the game, Destiny can be really hard to play with. The ultimate ability, Pinball, is sufficiently powerful but not without its own drawbacks, either.

If you're struggling to understand what kind of Destiny build you want to try out first, then follow the guide below for all the essential tips you will need in this difficult task.

Destiny Abilities Overview in Battlerite

Before deciding what battlerites to use for Destiny's loadout, let's first look at and understand all the basic abilities, ex abilities, and the ultimate ability.

Destiny Basic Abilities
  • Power Blaster: Projectile attack that deals 16 damage. Successful hits reduce the cooldown of Charged Bolt by 1s.
  • Charged Bolt: A projectile that deals 8-32 damage and inflicts Spell Block. Hold to charge a projectile for up to 1.2s to increase damage and distance. 
  • Magnetic Orb: Compresses your champion into an orb to dispel movement-impairing effects and increase movement speed by 125%. Deals 16 damage to the first enemy you hit and knocks them back.
  • Sky Strike: Counters the next melee or projectile attack. Countering an attack vaults you into the air and fires a plasma blast that deals 22 damage and knocks enemies back.
  • Plasma Wall: Deploys a Plasma Wall at target location. The barrier reduces projectile speed and snares enemies that pass through it.
  • Mega Sphere: Fires a huge energy sphere towards target location. Hitting the Mega Sphere with Power Blaster or Charged Bolt causes an explosion, dealing the fired projectile's effects to all nearby enemies along with 14 bonus damage and inflicting Fading Snare.
Destiny EX Abilities
  • Transform Weapon: Transforms your blaster into a defensive form and gain a Shield. The blaster deals 6 damage to enemies and grants a Shield to allies. Successful hits to any target grant you additional Shield.
  • Lockdown: Deploys a Plasma Prison at target location. The prison inflicts Stun to enemies that pass through its wall.
Destiny Ultimate Ability
  • Pinball: Compresses your champion into an orb and dashes forward at supersonic speed. Deals 40 damage and inflicts Stun to enemies hit. Bounces off walls up to a total of three times.

As you can see, Destiny can do a lot of basic damage with such abilities as Power Blaster, Charged Bolt, and Megasphere. This means that your loadout can focus on other features, such as Control, Mobility, and Survival.

Best Build and Loadout for Destiny in Battlerite

  • An enemy passing through Plasma Wall takes 6 damage and is rooted for 1.2s

Crowd control is no less important than dealing damage in Battlerite. If you play 2v2 or 3v3, then Sizzle can slow down the entire enemy team, taking into account that you position the Plasma Wall in the right way.

Violent Revolution
  • Magnetic Orb deals 6 bonus damage and knockback increases by 20%

In fact, no matter what kind of build you're focusing on with Destiny, you should always take Violent Revolution. You can use it in many different ways, such as disengaging or splitting your enemy team (and not just controlling your Magnetic Orb). Try it for yourself, and you will see how invaluable this battlerite is.

  • The duration of Magnetic Orb increases by 0.5s, and its movement increases by 30%

This battlerite works best in connection with Violent Revolution, but even on its own, it can greatly increase the mobility of your champion. 

Energy Conversion
  • Sky Strike grants you a shield that absorbs 12 damage and absorbs an additional 8 damage per hit

Another very good battlerite that protects your champion while in the process of dealing damage. 

Expansion Pack
  • Mega Sphere cooldown is reduced by 3s, and Fading Snare duration increases by 1s

Mega Sphere can be vital for survival in the 3v3 matches, especially against melee, and since it takes a long time to cast, reducing its cooldown becomes highly important. 


Hopefully you find this build to be optimal, and if not, then make sure to leave your own opinion on the best Destiny build and loadout in the comments section below.

Battlerite: Blossom Build Guide Mon, 15 Jan 2018 10:56:41 -0500 Craig Snyder

In Battlerite, Blossom is a character based off of Dryad from Bloodline Champions. She's a nimble support champion that is very newbie-friendly in such a way that you can do well with her even while making quite a lot of mistakes. Nonetheless, there is a learning curve to playing Blossom, and it's not hard for the experienced pros to stand out from the rest.

Playing Blossom optimally requires a good use of invisibility frames, mobility management, and an understanding of where to optimally place a key object-based healing ability. Playing Blossom the right way is very rewarding, and that's just what I'm going to show you how to do in this build guide.

Blossom's Abilities and Battlerites

Let's take a look at all of Blossom's non-EX abilities. While those EX abilities are some of the most powerful in her kit, selecting the proper Battlerites is essential to unlocking the power behind Blossom.

Thwack (LMB)

Throw an infused acorn that deals 10 damage. Deals 20 damage and inflicts Snare if weapon is fully charged.

Thwack is close to useless unless fully charged, and you really want to be using this ability to get off its snare and follow up with a much stronger attack (either from yourself or teammates). The chip damage you get in from an uncharged Thwack can add up after a while, but giving this ability up without even attempting to land CC feels like a strict misuse.

Battlerite Description
Weakening Pitch Charged Thwack! reduces target's damage and healing output by 40% for 1.5s.
Nature's Cycle Your weapon recharges 30% faster.

Weakening Pitch is just too good of a supportive Battlerite to pass up. I'd argue that this is the best Battlerite in her entire kit simply because it opens up an entirely new playstyle where not only are you a healer with burst damage, but you can suddenly take offensive pressure off of you or your teammates by landing an ability that you already want to land even before you pick this Battlerite.

Nourish (RMB)

Summon the vitalizing powers of nature to heal nearest ally for 11 health. Applies Butterflies.

Nourish has the fastest cooldown of all heals on this same slot in the entire game. The trick with this ability is that you want to spread your heals out across teammates, rather than spamming everything on a single one, to make use of the heal-over-time effect of Butterflies.

Battlerite Description
Kindhearted Nourish heals for 2 bonus health when healing an ally, and Butterflies heal for 2 bonus health on an ally.
Fluttering Grace You move 10% faster for each nearby ally affected by Butterflies.

Again, there's a clear pick with these two Battlerites. The healing that Kindhearted gives you is just too good when stacked up against the mobility of Fluttering Grace. Movement speed is great, but with the next ability in the list, you really have all that you need.

Hop (Space)

Hop towards target location and avoid incoming attacks. Grants invisibility, 20% increased movement speed, and removes movement-impairing effects upon landing. Invisibility fades when an ability is used.

This is what makes Blossom such a mobile champion. Not only does Hop grant you movement speed and cleanse off crowd control, it also comes with invisibility frames (or "iframes"). This is a versatile ability that can get you out of a ridiculous amount of sticky situations. If you blow this ability to dodge something weak with Hop's iframes, you're opening yourself up to a world of hurt. Saving Hop can be just as dangerous as using it in some situations.

Battlerite Description
Gift of Nature Leave a Lesser Boom Bloom seed behind when you use Hop. After 1.1s, the seed inflicts Stun on all nearby enemies for 0.8s.
Hop and Skip! Hop can be recast for a Lesser Hop towards target position.
Nature's Presence Hop grants 15% increased damage and healing output to self and nearby allies for 3s.
Cautious Hop invisibility duration is increased by 1s.

Hop and Skip! is generally regarded as the must-get Battlerite out of these. The description alone doesn't do it in justice, and seeing and feeling it in effect really causes you to understand how powerful and necessary it is in Blossom's kit. The mobility this gives is just too good to pass up in the build.

Tree of Life (Q)

Summon an immovable Tree of Life sapling that heals nearby allies for 10 health and an additional 36 health over 6s.

The skill in using Tree of Life properly is obviously positioning it so that it gets the most heals off while taking the least damage, but that can be easier said than done. Your tree can be healed with Nourish, but there's only 20 health on the tree to begin with. You do get energy from healing it, so you can use that to your advantage. The tree does have a collision box, so you can put it in front of projectiles like Shadowbolt or dashes like Heroic Charge to stop those.

Battlerite Description
Healthful Bark Tree of Life gains 10 bonus health.
Refreshing Seed Tree of Life grants nearby allies a 35% Haste for 2.5s when destroyed or at the end of its duration.
Bountiful Tree When Tree of Life is healed by Nourish, all nearby allies are healed for the same amount.

All three of these Battlerites can be really effective. Bountiful Tree is my pick for the best overall Battlerite here simply because you're able to farm energy while getting off heals to your tree and allies at the same time. The power of Healthful Bark has to be understood though, as you're making your tree 50% healthier. That's a big health increase.

Boom Bloom (E)

Launch a Boom Bloom seed that deals 15 damage. The seed will take root and bloom after a short delay to inflict Stun on all nearby enemies.

Boom Bloom is one of Blossom's most versatile abilities. Throwing out this ability allows you to peel for your teammates, interrupt channeled abilities, or cancelcast to bait out an enemy's defensive ability.

Battlerite Description
Spring Growth Hitting an enemy with a Boom Bloom seed recharges your weapon by 50%.
Pollen Stuns inflicted by Boom Bloom last 0.4s longer.

Both of these Battlerites are extremely underwhelming in my opinion, but I think Pollen is the worst of the two. When playing Blossom, oftentimes landing a stun is all it takes to set up the right situation for yourself or a teammate, and extending that stun's length by less than half of a second isn't a make-or-break difference.

Gust (R)

Summon a barrier of wind that pushes enemies away and reflects projectiles.

Gust is obviously a very situational ability that is either going to go unused or be crucial to your team's success. Otherwise, this ability is key to blocking abilities like Fire Storm or Snipe.

Battlerite Description
Puff Recast Gust to launch a gust of wind that deals 12 damage and knocks you and the target apart.

At 25 energy, Puff is too much of an investment to really catch my interest. The damage is nothing great, and you're only ever even going to want to consider this Battlerite when you're up against one of the aforementioned abilities that Gust is crucial against. Even then, I'm not sure if this Battlerite is worth picking up.

Dance of the Dryads (F)

Launch into the air and unleash three waves of energy upon landing. Each wave deals 20 damage and inflicts Weaken to enemies struck.

At times, the risk of using Dance of the Dryads can outweigh the potential reward. Enemies can reflect or counter it, and that puts you in a horrible spot. Otherwise, this ability deals a good chunk of damage that dishes out a powerful weaken and a soft knockback CC.

Battlerite Description
Growing Power Each consecutive wave of energy from Dance of the Dryads deals 8 damage.
Healing Stream Each wave of energy from Dance of the Dryads heals self and allies hit for 12 health.

Growing Power ramps up the damage of Dance of the Dryads to 20/28/36. You don't pick Blossom for her DPS, so this is a Battlerite worth passing up in nearly every situation that I can think of.

Blossom's Optimal Loadout

Below is a round-by-round breakdown of an optimal all-around build that should help beginners play Blossom effectively before transitioning into more match-specific loadout tweaking.

Round 1: Hop and Skip! vs. Powerful Pitch vs. Gift of Nature

Take Hop and Skip! The mobility that this Battlerite offers is too much to pass up, and getting it this early really allows you to harness its power as soon as possible and eventually couple it up with the effects of Battlerites you'll pick up in future rounds.

Round 2: Nature's Presence vs. Healthful Bark vs. Spring Growth

Take Healthful Bark. Your tree's uptime is too important not to take a Battlerite that makes it 50% stronger. The best part of this Battlerite is that it doesn't add anything extra or gimmicky to your playstyle; it just makes something you're already using in your kit a lot stronger.

Round 3: Cautious vs. Refreshing Seed vs. Puff

Take Refreshing Seed. While it's my least favorite of Tree of Life's Battlerites, it simply beats out the other two in the vast majority of situations.

Round 4: Kindhearted vs. Bountiful Tree vs. Fluttering Grace

Take Kindhearted. While it may be extremely tempting to take Bountiful Tree here, being that it's a great Battlerite and it really brings all the power of Tree of Life together, Kindhearted is truly the bread-and-butter Battlerite of Blossom's kit. You need this ability to be the reliable support healer that this champion was meant to be.

Round 5: Healing Stream vs. Growing Power

Take Healing Stream. Not much needs to be said here. It's one of the better support abilities in the game up against a DPS ability for a support character. I think you take Healing Stream in 99% of situations.


Getting a good understanding for the strength of Blossom's abilities and setting up a proper loadout is the first step behind enjoying and excelling at this champion. Beyond that, spamming as many games as you can is what's going to take you to the next level. She's truly one of the most fun support characters in the game, so be sure to consider the build tips in this guide -- but remember to have fun over everything else.

Check out some of our other Battlerite guides:

Battlerite EX Abilities Guide Sun, 23 Apr 2017 22:42:54 -0400 tofuslayer

If you're playing the team-based arena brawler Battlerite from Stunlock Studios, you're already well aware of the three main types of abilities in the game: Basic, EX, and Ultimate.

While Ultimates are obviously the most powerful moves, they use all of your energy and are to be used very wisely. EX abilities can be used more freely than Basic, but are "upgraded versions" from Basic. The key combinations are simply SHIFT+ (Basic ability), and have the same cool-down as whatever Basic ability you are using for the EX.

This guide will lay out all the EX abilities for the Battlerite champions, as well as lay out all the key combinations.

Battlerite's Ranged EX Abilities

  • Searing Fire (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Turn into Pure Fire for 4 seconds and deal 10 damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back while you make your way to target location.
    • Cost: 50/Cool down: 9s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Molten Chains (SHIFT+Q)
    • Summon a lava stream that stuns enemies with Petrify for 3 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.5s
  • Siphon Life (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Channel a beam for 2 seconds that deals 32 damage and draws 32 health from enemies.
    • Cost: 50/Cool down: 1s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Arcane Ward (SHIFT+Q)
    • Create a shield around an ally for 2.5 seconds that absorbs up to 24 damage and restores up to 10 weapon charges if destroyed.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Flame Thrower (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Channel a flame thrower for 2.5 seconds that does 50 damage and Ignites enemies affected by Oil.
    • Cost: 50/Cool down: 0.3s/Cast time: 0.3s
  • Concussion Shot (SHIFT+E)
    • Fire a shell that deals 10 damage and Incapacitates enemies for 3 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.5s
  • Snap Shot (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Shoot a bullet that deals 12 damage and Roots enemies for 1.5 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 6s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Smoke Veil (SHIFT+Q)
    • Go Stealth, get a Fading Haste, and provide all nearby allies with a Shield that absorbs up to 32 damage for 2.4 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Seeker's Arrow (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Shoot a piercing arrow that hits the target repeatedly to deal 8/8/8 damage.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 1s/Cast time: 0.6s
  • Predation (SHIFT+Q)
    • Disappear for 1 second, in this time your movement speed increases by 100%. If you run into an enemy, you inflict Seeker's Mark, dealing 6 damage and giving you 14 health. Removes any movement impairing effects.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 12s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Spinning Boomerang (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Throw a boomerang that does 16 damage, which returns and does 24 damage while inflicting Stun on enemies for 0.7 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 6s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Zephyr (SHIFT+Q)
    • Rush at enemies and execute a spin attack, dealing 16 damage and knocking them back.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 9s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Hand of Punishment (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Inflict Judgement and Corruption for 4 seconds with a projectile that deals 12 damage while healing you for 6 health.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 1.5s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Crush (SHIFT+E)
    • Spawn an exploding shard at the target location that deals 12 area damage and knocks enemies back.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 5s/Cast time: 0.3s

Battlerite's Melee EX Abilities

  • War Stomp (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Incapacitate enemies for 2.5 seconds by jumping in the air for 0.75 seconds and landing hard, dealing 8 damage.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 9s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Shield Slam (SHIFT+E)
    • Rush forward and slam an enemy to deal 12 damage, pushing them back and inflicting Fading Snare for 2.5 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Sludge Spit (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Launch a projectile that deals 10 damage, inflicts Toxin, and reduces enemy's range of vision by 80% for 4 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 6s/Cast time: 0.3s
  • Deceit (SHIFT+Q)
    • Become invisible and gain Fading Haste. Attack with Blade Flurry Incapacitate your opponent and allow you to Camouflage yourself.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Shock Vault (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Gain increased movement speed as you bound towards target location. 
    • Cost: /Cool down: s/Cast time: s
  • Thunderslam (SHIFT+E)
    • Leap into air and slam your mace into the ground to deal 12 damage, inflict Static and Fading Snare. Additional 6 damage to enemies affected by Static.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 7s/Cast time: 0.1s
    • Imbue your weapon with determination to cause the next 2 Sword Slashes to summon Slicing Winds for up to 3 charges max. Deals 10 damage to opponents and gives you 14 health.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 0s/Cast time: 0.5s
  • Tectonic Shock (SHIFT+E)
    • Split the ground with your blade to deal 10 damage, which forces opponent into the air for 1 second. This Incapacitates the opponent for 2 seconds upon landing.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 9s/Cast time: 0.6s
  • Eat (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Eat meat to gain 16 health, plus an additional 24 health over the next 4 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 1s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Meat Bolt (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Strike with a Meat Bolt that does 24 damage and also Snares enemies for 2 seconds at a 50% Snare Value.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 7s/Cast time: 0.5s
Ruh Kaan
  • Reaping Scythe (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Draw life force from nearby opponents to deal 30 damage and leech 30 health over 1.8 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 15s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Claw of the Undying (SHIFT+E)
    • Hurl a claw that gives 24 health to an ally and pull them to you. 
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 7s/Cast time: 0.3s
  • Tempest Rush (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Become immaterial and increase movement speed by 50% for 1.7 seconds. Spear Slash hits increase your health by 14 per hit, but you do 50% less damage.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 14s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Harpoon (SHIFT+E)
    • Launch a harpoon that does 14dmg and pulls an enemy towards you, inflicting 100% Snare for 0.5 seconds. Can also be used on walls.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.35s

Battlerite's Support EX Abilities

  • Deadly Injection (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Launch a bolt that inflicts Deadly Injection upon hit.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 1s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Petrify Bolt (SHIFT+E)
    • Hurl an exploding bolt to inflict Petrify for 3 seconds on enemies within range. 20 point Petrify Shield.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.5s
  • Chrono Bolt (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Fire a projectile that deals 16 damage and knocks target away. All damage is done instantly when you consume Sands of Time.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 0.2s/Cast time: 0.5s
  • Chronoflux (SHIFT+Q)
    • Set up a time rift at the target location, which reduces movement speed and deflects projectiles.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Overflow (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Recharges your weapon for 4 seconds.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 0.9s/Cast time: 0.4s
  • Unstable Bubble (SHIFT+E)
    • Spawns a bubble at target location that reduces enemy projectile speed and acts as a barrier for anyone inside the bubble. Explodes after the 1.5 second duration to deal 26 damage and knock enemies back.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Vomit (SHIFT+RMB)
    • Vomit on enemies to deal 8 damage and knock them back. Also inflicts Root for 1.5 seconds, as well as Moth.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 4s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Brain Bug (SHIFT+E)
    • Infest enemy with Brain Bugs that allow you to control their movement. If you recast, it compels the affected enemy to run to the target location at 60% increased speed.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.7s
  • Soul Transfer (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Bring forth a spirit that deals 16 damage or heals allies for 20 health. Additionally, you and the target will swap locations on impact. If you recast, you can teleport to the spirit if no one is hit.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 8s/Cast time: 0.2s
  • Soul Drain (SHIFT+Q)
    • Creates a rift that drains 15 health and disrupts nearby enemy's next ability cast for 0.5 seconds, which inflicts Panic for 1.2 seconds and increases target's movement speed by 15%. Panic damage limit is 16.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 10s/Cast time: 0.1s
  • Crescent Gale (SHIFT+LMB)
    • Summon a Crescent Gale to deal 24 damage and inflict Snare for 2.2 seconds at 30% Snare value.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 0.5s/Cast time: 0.7s
  • Celestial Rift (SHIFT+SPACE)
    • Teleport to target location and deal 14 damage to area enemies while also healing nearby allies for 14 health and recharging your weapon.
    • Cost: 25/Cool down: 9s/Cast time: 0.2s

And that's it! What are your favorite Battlerite Champions and EX abilities? Let us know in the comments below!

New Battlerite Champion and eSports Event Announced Mon, 13 Feb 2017 16:35:49 -0500 Unclepulky

Stunlock Studios has revealed the newest playable champion for its popular MOBA, Battlerite.

Set to be released on February 15, this new champion's name is Raigon. Raigon is skilled in both two-handed swordsmanship and martial arts. An exiled but proud warrior, he'll be using his time in the arena as a way to make a living, while also plotting his revenge against those responsible for his exile.

Along with the addition of Raigon to the game, Stunlock has announced that it's partnering up with major organizations Beyond The Summit and Twitch for “Enter The Arena” -- the largest Battlerite Tournament held so far. The event has a total prize pool of $10,000 and will be running simultaneously in Europe and North America.

Alexander Hermansson, head of eSports at Stunlock Studios, said:

“Enter The Arena is the perfect event for kicking off the competitive scene and showing off the game's potential in eSports. We’re hoping to not only offer an entertaining broadcast, but to also introduce the game’s intricacies to fresh audiences, newer players as well as eSports fans."

Onslaught eSports recently announced the signing of a currently top-ranked Battlerite squad who will compete in “Enter The Arena” under the Onslaught banner. The team members Connor "Averse" Shacklady, Alvin "Ninjas" Xu and Dominic "Arakune" Valentino are all on the global top-10 ranking, with Averse set as the best individual Battlerite player in the world.

Below is an overview of all the invited teams:

EU Tournament

  • TelroskMi (Teldo, Verosk, Mini)
  • MyCon - Prepare to Die (LittleMaster, GodOf, K3B4B1)
  • Intolerant (Joltz, Iska, Nyy)
  • Project Horizon (HotBiscuit, Blankzz, Wuzac)

US Tournament

  • Onslaught Esports (Averse, Arakune, Ninjas)
  • Identity Crisis (InTheFlesh, Vorime, Emperor)
  • Scylla (Maelstrom, Jeter, rarepeep)
  • Excel Wizards (Neewha, Skywind, Finlev)

"Enter the Arena" will be broadcasted live in on Twitch. It'll be kicking off with qualifiers held on the 19th of February, followed up with the grand tournament  on the 25th & 26th of February.

3 MOBAs That Stole League of Legends Fans in 2016 Sun, 04 Dec 2016 04:00:01 -0500 Kris Cornelisse (Delfeir)

2016 saw League of Legends start out on the back foot, in a way. Changes to the ranked formula earned a lot of ire from players. Continual reworks to the jungle and questionable balancing decisions are nothing new, but it seemed that this year more people finally decided enough was enough.

As such, for the first time in a long time, the dominance of League of Legends seemed to waver briefly. The massive success and huge surge in popularity of Overwatch upon its release didn’t help matters, either. As a result, it seemed like a number of players chose to jump ship to Blizzard’s shooter, if not entirely other games. More than ever, some of the niche MOBAs were able to pull these departing players into their fold and show that yes, there’s more to the genre than Summoner’s Rift.

This might have been temporary, however, since once the dust settled, LoL was back at the top of the PC game hierarchy. Sure, there are still problems and questionable decisions going on, but that doesn’t stop the game from being in a much-improved state. Despite this, other MOBAs are looking stronger than ever following the exodus.

If you’re looking for an alternative to League, consider some of these games!


The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genre is hardly able to be expressed more purely than it is in Battlerite. It’s all there in the genre title: this is an arena where you fight to the death purely based on your skills. No objectives. No lanes. Just raw skirmishes and all-out brawls.

For many who have come from League, the comparative simplicity belied by the mechanical expertise required is a breath of fresh air. With nothing else to worry about aside from your talent selection each round, you're able to focus on mastering your character and nothing else.

I’ve covered Battlerite before, and if you haven’t had a chance to play it yet, it’s well worth your time. If the price point is stopping you, keep in mind that it’ll be going Free to Play before too much longer!

Heroes of the Storm

My love for Heroes of the Storm is well documented, and I’ve been advocating for more people to give it a shot since the early days. What's more, 2016 has been a great year for the game, with a slew of interesting new heroes, new maps and solid gameplay improvements. Now more than ever, people are finally starting to sit up and take notice.

It might look a bit simplistic to League players at first, which admittedly it is -- few of the heroes are as mechanically intensive as their counterparts. But that doesn’t mean you can't outplay your counterparts; much of the ability to do so comes from the frequently occurring map objectives and making clever use of them at the right time.

The lack of farming and items means that the game is simple to access but hard to master, and talent choices still make sure that you can tailor make your character to fit the situation. Couple that with shorter game length and a push toward constant brawls and action, and you have an awesome MOBA that’s not afraid to do things differently. There’s never been a better time to play Heroes!


Come on, who doesn’t want to be a god that unleashes their divine arsenal on unsuspecting foes? SMITE allows that power fantasy to occur with a wide array of different deities from a number of different pantheons -- all meeting to duke it out!

The key difference between SMITE and League of Legends is the over-the-shoulder camera, giving a much more focused feeling to the game, something akin to a third-person shooter. Having a smaller field of view and needing to aim and place your abilities much more precisely also adds an extra layer of depth to the SMITE.

And as far as “niche” MOBAs go, SMITE has existed for longer than just about any of its counterparts, quietly doing its thing and improving over time. It might never truly erupt to the levels of Dota or League, but it’s active and still growing with a thriving competitive scene.

If you want something that still feels familiar to standard MOBAs but adds an interesting spin on it, there are few better choices than this one.

And there you have it. League of Legends is a far cry from going anywhere or being considered dead, but the examples listed here show that there is definitely room to share the market. There's more than one way to make a MOBA, and people are finally learning that you need not play the one game to the exclusion of all others.

Couple that with the continued success of Overwatch and a number of other titles such as Battlefield keeping the shooter scene alive, and there's arguably never been a better time to be a competitive gamer.

Do you have a different MOBA you prefer than the ones listed? Perhaps you’re a League of Legends veteran that’s made the switch? Let us know about it in the comments!

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing Battlerite Fri, 28 Oct 2016 07:58:14 -0400 Kris Cornelisse (Delfeir)

Back in 2011, indie developer Stunlock Studios released a game called Bloodline Champions. The game attempted to provide an alternative slant on the burgeoning MOBA genre, removing the extraneous elements of games like DotA and League of Legends such as laning and items, and instead focused purely on the battles. The game was well-received and developed a small and dedicated fanbase, but ultimately it was unable to gain much traction.

Fast forward to the present day, where Stunlock Studios has presented their spiritual successor to Bloodline Champions: Battlerite. In less than a month on Steam’s Early Access list, the game accrued over 200,000 players and had overwhelmingly positive reviews across the board. With the increasing popularity of eSports as a whole, this time around Stunlock looks ready to make a splash in the market. And you should definitely be getting in on the action.

So what is Battlerite? (And why should you care?)

Battlerite qualifies as a MOBA. But unlike the more established games in the genre, it’s less about controlling the map or storming a base, and instead reduces play down to skirmishes and fights with the enemy team. It boils down to sticking a 2v2 or 3v3 setup into an arena and duking it out in a best-of-five format. It’s fast, it’s frantic, it’s heavily skill based, and it’s a lot of fun.

We’ve already given our early impressions on Battlerite, as well as covered the first major content update and Halloween event. But now I’m here to give you a few good reasons why you should consider picking up Battlerite and joining in the fun if you haven't already. 

There's no grinding, no preparation. Just pick up and play.

Once you complete the tutorial in Battlerite, you’re thrown straight into the thick of it, with ranked play available from the get-go. There’s no need to play a set amount of games and grind up account levels in order to access the ranked modes. There’s no runes or talents or gear pickups to farm in order to get a competitive edge.

You simply select your character of choice and hit the Play button, and that’s that. The only difference between you and your opponent is how skilled you are, and anything you unlock is purely cosmetic. Each round of play sees you selecting a single “Battlerite” trait from among a max of three to improve one of your basic abilities, and these reset for every match. Beyond that, it’s completely a matter to who is better -- you and your allies, or the other guys.

It focuses on player skill and timing rather than luck.

Every character has a host of abilities, and the tricky part of the game is learning what all of them do so you’re prepared to fight as (or against) them. The aforementioned Battlerite traits will alter your abilities slightly, but not dramatically. Beyond that, every single ability in the game has set damage, set effects, and a set duration. There aren’t any critical strikes, and there’s no RNG.

What matters is how and when you use your skills. The only thing stopping you is their cooldowns or energy. Every character has at least one ability to provide some kind of movement or escape, and everyone has at least one defensive ability. The difference between victory or defeat is using them at the right times to prevent or create the most devastating assaults. There’s also an energy bar which builds up on successful attacks, so generating and rationing its use into your abilities -- or saving it up for your ultimate attack -- is key.

In addition, literally everything in the game is based on skillshots. From your basic left click auto attacks to the most powerful ultimates in the game, you have to aim and fire everything. Again, the only thing inhibiting you is your skill in aiming and timing, versus theirs. It’s perhaps the most purely skill based MOBA out there.

Rounds are short, focused, and action-packed.

Every session of Battlerite is a best-of-five match, but each individual round is short and sweet. Once everyone has loaded in and selected their trait, there’s a short countdown and then the round begins. Since the arenas provide you space to maneuver and block line of sight or dodge assaults, you would think you could indefinitely stall a game, right? Nope!

After two minutes in a round, sudden death mode is engaged and the arena shrinks down to a smaller central area. Stepping outside of those bounds incurs heavy damage, but there are potential tactical advantages to doing so… or to forcing your enemy out there for a major chunk of their health. Should the match continue to persist, before too long the arena will shrink further, until the damage field encompasses the entire map. You must finish your opponent quickly, or die trying.

With all of this, each match is unlikely to last more than 15 minutes, which is much shorter than even faster-paced MOBAs like Heroes of the Storm. What’s more, should a character take a significant chunk of their damage in a brief skirmish, this will reduce their overall maximum health pool for the rest of the round. That prevents running, hiding, and stalling out through healing, so skirmishes and quick burst damage is just as effective as continuous brawling.

In short, the game does everything it can to encourage you to get into the fight.

Buying now gives easy access to everything later.

When Battlerite officially releases, it is intended to be Free-to-Play. For now, buying into the Early Access costs $19.99 (though it's currently at a 10% discount on Steam for the Halloween sale). However, buying in now gives you access to every character introduced in the game, both currently and in the future. On release, Battlerite will presumably shift to having set characters be available for purchase via in-game currency or microtransactions, just as in League of Legends and most other MOBAs.

With this being the only barrier between having access to just about everything in the game, it’s a small price to pay. Besides, the game is already more polished than just about any Early Access game I’ve had the pleasure of playing, so it’s a strong contender for your investment.

There’s already loads of players involved, so why not join them?

The most important thing for multiplayer games to succeed is a steady player base. Games can be incredibly fun and well-balanced, but if nobody is playing it then there’s not much point. Battlerite has already sold thousands of copies and routinely gets high concurrent player counts on Steam, so you won’t be alone if you join the fight now.

So what are you waiting for? Check the Battlerite website or the Steam page if any of this sounds appealing to you. Or check out our guide to the best Battlerite champions and how to build them if you need a little extra help getting started. I’ll see you in the arena!

Battlerite Rolls Out Two New Champions in Halloween Update Sun, 23 Oct 2016 23:37:27 -0400 Lydia M

Battlerite released its first major update today, which includes new champions along with matchmaking and champion updates. With this being the inaugural patch for the game, there were lots of changes made. 

Here's the rundown of all the new additions and gameplay changes you can expect in this first patch:

New Champions

Jumong -- The Beast Hunter

Jumong is a ranged champion with powerful range and trap abilities. His Bear Trap ability has a power Root that can be backed up with a strong Steady Shot dealing 28 damage to enemies.

His ultimate, Dragon Slayer, charges as you pull his arrow, dealing up to 60 damage and pulling the enemy target towards you.  Like pull abilities from other champions, pulling your target into a wall deals 30 extra damage and stuns for 1.2s.

Ruh Kaan- The Crypt Warden

Ruh Kaan is a melee champion with a Defiled Blade weapon charge that has the ability to heal himself after damage and inflict Curse on his enemies. 

His ultimate ability, Shadow Beast, does no damage but instead allows Ruh Kaan to transform into a shadow beast giving him major dodge in sticky situations.

Unranked and Ranked Queues

Since the Early Access release the only matchmaking possibility has been 'Ranked', which makes it tiresome for veterans who are queued with new players. Now Battlerite introduces an 'Unranked' Queue. There will not be a matchmaking reset to go with this addition yet, but a soft reset can be expected soon. 

Halloween Content

Halloween Chests will be rewarded, containing one guaranteed Epic Halloween item.

List of Batterite Tree reworks:


No longer uses Weapon Charges

-Round 1

  • Giant- Berserk duration is increased by 1s and damage taken during Berserk is reduced by 50%.

-Round 2

  • Crag- Boulder Toss cool down is reduced by 2s and knock back distance is increased by 40%
  • Tenderizer- Landing Smack automatically triggers Eat, healing you for 16 health plus 24 over 4s.

-Round 4

  • War Cry- Casting Berserk reduces nearby enemies movement speed by 50% for 3s. 


-Round 1

  • Ambush- Stealth resets the cooldown of Snipe.
  • Cheap Shot- Disabling Shot inflicts a 1.2s Stealth

-Round 2

  • Desperado- Successfully landing Disabling Shot reloads your guns with 10 Ammo.

-Round 3

  • Black Powder- Junk Shot knock back distance increased by 25%. knocking an enemy into a wall Stuns for 1.2s.

-Round 5

  • Sovereign- While channeling Explosive Shells, you take 75% less damage.

  • Sunrise (Q) now also heals Sirius by default.

-Round 1

  • Sunbath- Charged Crescent Strike empowers your next Sunlight causing two addition beams to strike the same area, healing your nearest ally for 12/6 health.

-Round 2

  • Sunwell- Celestial Split heals 9 more health. Healing an ally reduces cool down by 4s.

-Round 4

  • Radiance- You are healed for 6 health when an ally is healed with Sunlight.


-Round 2

  • Dire Wolf- Ghost Wolf inflicts a 1.2s Root.

-Round 3

  • Ghostly Strike- Spirit Guide Damage increased from 12 to 16 and knock back force is increased by 60%.

-Round 4

  • Shimmering Bond- Spirit Link healing increased from 50% to 60%.
  • Dark Souls- Soul Bind damage increased from 30% to 50%.

  • Blood Axe (M2)- Damage reduced from 16 to 14 and no long inflicts Fading Snare on max charges.

-Round 1

  • Shield Bash- Bulwark can be re-casted when the effect ends to bash the enemy with your shield dealing 6 damage and inflicting a 50% Weaken that lasts 2.5s.

-Round 2 

  • The Red Axe- Blood Axe heals for 4 health plus 2 bonus health per Weapon Charge.

-Round 4

  • Inspiration- Increase max energy by 25% and you gain 10% more energy from abilities.


-Round 3

  • Wonder- Inhibitors Guard absorbs 14 more damage. 

-Round 4

  • Synergy- When Judgement and Corruption are active on the same target, their effects increase from 15% to 20%.

-Round 5

  • Accord- Powers Combined can hit allies, healing them for 14 health.

Some smaller balance and fixes were included for Ashka, Croak, Freya, Iva, Lucie, Oldur, Pearl, Shifu, and Taya.

Check out the patch notes on Steam for the full list of changes.

A Challenger Appears: Early impressions of Battlerite Fri, 30 Sep 2016 06:00:01 -0400 Seth Zulinski

I'm going to be blunt, here - when I was first introduced to Battlerite and heard the words "Early Access", my initial reaction was to recoil in horror and hiss. I may or may not have clawed at the air in front of me in an attempt to scare off the evil spirits that accompany this strange pseudo-beta status that is becoming increasingly common.

Terrible memories of betas and uncounted early access attempts rushed to the forefront of my mind as I logged in for the first time, and I fully expected a glitch-riddled bugfest full of poor balance decisions and lopsided gameplay. I expected the next few hours of my life to be strange and awful, and I expected it to end with the thought of maybe coming back to play it again once the game has had some more work done. I expected many things. "One of the best PvP games I've played lately" certainly wasn't one of them.

Luckily (for myself, the developers, the Battlerite community, and gaming as a whole), I could not have been more wrong.

Battlerite is a frantic, action packed little Team Arena Brawler where every decisions counts, every second matters, and anything can happen. Rather than conjuring up old images of the countless Early Access dead which wander the Steam store in some sort of perpetual, unfinished half life however, Battlerite is more of a "greatest hits" mashup between the best parts of traditional MOBAs (the teamfights) and MMO/World of Warcraft style Arena PvP.

Like I talked about in my beginner's guide to the best Battlerite champions, there's no fancy lead up to the good parts - No minions. No gold. No items. Only one objective - slay anything that didn't step into the ring on your side.

If MOBAs had a Final Destination, No Items, No Smashball mode - Battlerite is what it would look like.

The best part about it? That's not even all Battlerite has going for it. There's tons of things the Bloodline: Champions developer has already gotten right (or fairly close to) even at this point in the Early Access stages. I'll break it down below.

Champion Balance

Now don't get it twisted - Battlerite already has a pretty firmly set Tier 1 / S Tier when it comes to champions. Shifu, Poloma, and Bakko are currently wreaking havoc on the Arena floor, and seeing any of those picks from across the map is a surefire sign that things are about to get messy.

If you're a little confused about how I can praise the balance of a game and then immediately rattle off 3 champions that are strong over performers, that's fair. It's understandable. Most of us remember the Rivens of old League of Legends games, or Bellona and Xing Tian's dominance in Season 2 of SMITE. We're used to associating the top tier with the untouchable winners, the game defining dominators - and with good reason. They were largely untouchable, they did dominate games. Every game with a ranking system typically has some Tier S or 1 characters that are just fundamentally better than everything else.

The good news? In Battlerite that difference between tiers is much smaller than anything we're used to. Shifu is a strong contender, capable of heavily punishing even the smallest mistake - but he isn't MetaKnight (or in older versions Fox) from Smash Bros. The best picks are far from unbeatable, and the smallest mistake from their side will also cost them dearly.

In terms of balance this is about as close as you get to "functionally perfect" - there's always going to be some clear winners based on kits and game mechanics, but narrowing the gap between the winners and the runner ups to as small of a divide as possible is something every developer should reach for - and something Battlerite is already doing fairly well with.

No Snowballing

If you're familiar at all with MOBAs or any competitive gaming genre with an accruable resource (whether it's gold, cash, levels, evolutions, or anything else), you're probably familiar with The Snowball. It's when the resource divide between the two teams is starting to spiral out of control, leaving one side without much room to achieve any sort of recovery. The resource gap is simply too wide for the team at the bottom to overcome - every fight goes poorly, their damage and health don't match up, their gear is way behind, etc... It just all rolls downhill, and the resource difference grows ever wider with each passing minute. The game may have ended at thirty-five minutes in - but it was functionally over at the fifteen minute mark, and the rest was just a formality.

Battlerite, by comparison, has no secondary resource system - and therefore no permanent snowball. Every round starts fresh, everyone is at full health - and without gold or items, every team always has a shot at making a comeback with tight play.

Fast, rewarding gameplay

Lastly, Battlerite has a fairly solid solution to the issue of drawn out match timers. Countless other eSport/competitive gaming titles can have single matches that last well above an hour, leaving competitors exhausted for small gains and making the grind certainly live up to its name.

After two minutes, a Battlerite match begins shrinking the playing field, forcing competitors closer to each other and preventing infinite kiting/passive gameplay. At around three minutes in any remaining champions are forced to the smallest inner circle of the map, pushed closer together as the map boundaries (and the tons of damage applied when stepping outside them) don't give players any time to mess around, making sure each round is over fairly quickly.

Crammed inside those few moments, however, is a Team Brawler where almost everything is a skillshot. Fans of SMITE's more skilltesting basic attack and ability system over the "right click to murder" style of Dota 2 and League of Legends will certainly appreciate the gameplay which rewards dedication, skill, and mastery of its players even as it pressures them and forces them to adapt and fight. It is a skill test of PvP combat like very few games before it have been - there's no secondary masteries like farming or objective claiming in the Arena. No way to weasel out of direct confrontations and win by coming in sideways.

There's only you, your team, and the enemies. Battlerite is here to make you fight - and make no mistake, you're going to fightWhether or not you win....well, that's up to you.

For the diehards and the tryhards, the PvP elite and the battleground brawlers, the Early Access stages of Battlerite are sounding the drums of war - and bringing the fight right to the doorstep of the entrenched MOBA franchises.

While there's quite some time before its tentative (free to play) release, Battlerite is already a worthy contender in the PvP Arena - and has all the makings of a champion.

If you can't wait to get your hands dirty, be sure to check out this fantastic title's Early Access on either Steam or its dedicated website

Editor's Note: The writer was provided with a code from the publisher.

Dead to Rites: The Best Champions in Battlerite & How to Build Them Thu, 29 Sep 2016 04:09:30 -0400 Seth Zulinski

Welcome to the Arena, champions. If you've paid attention to Twitch, Reddit, Hitbox, or any of the multiple tournaments lately, you'll know that there's a new challenger on the competitive gaming circuit - 


In the tradition of Bloodline Champions before it, Battlerite is Team Arena Brawler that takes the teamf-based bloodbaths we've come to love from MOBAs, and mixes in the closed in, fast paced action that old-school World of Warcraft Arena-philes will immediately recognize. 

No minions. No gold. No items. Only one objective - slay anything that didn't step into the ring on your side. 

As the competition heats up, though, newer players may be at a slight disadvantage - some of the more established compositions can be tricky to beat without a little synergy of your own. 

So here's your gladiator school, champions -- some of the strongest picks in the game, a solid starter 2v2 set, and a rock solid 3v3 composition to get get your feet wet (with blood) as you take your first steps into the Arena. 

Now, the game is slated to release as Free to Play (tentatively) early next year, but Early Access is currently available. Players can not only grind some valuable experience leading up to the release, but also nab access to all 15 current champions as well as future characters.

The meta is evolving rapidly, and as balance is adjusted the Arena as we know can change in a second's notice. While nearly everyone on the roster has seen victory at the highest levels, here's some of the champions that have stacked the highest body counts in the Arena so far. 

Stand-alone picks

While the game (currently) revolves around 2v2 or 3v3 competition, and we definitely recommend bringing a friend into the ring with you, sometimes all you have is Solo Queue - luckily, these three champions are powerful enough to make up for much of that difference. 

To start with, let's take that blue whirlwind of death above - Shifu, the Spear, a potent melee assassin/carry with absurd burst damage from Impale, sustained DPS with Kunju and Spear Slash, and a solid heal in Tempest Rush, is one of the most prominent fighters in the pit currently. His ability to stick to a single target and make sure it dies is nearly unparalleled in the melee class, using Javelin to close distance to an enemy (or his Javelin EX Harpoon to bring them to you), bursting it down, and finishing with the "spin to win" mode of Whirlwind. 

Of course, we did say nearly unparalleled. If anyone was going to give the master of spears a run for his blood money, it would be Bakko, the Hero of Boulder Pass. While he looks (and his kit acts) like a die-hard tank, thinking his damage is on the low side is a fatal mistake. With a gap-closer that tooltips for 22 damage (one of the largest single damage skills in the game without buildup), and the ability to modify it to add 10 more to your next basic attack, Bakko packs a mighty hard punch behind that sturdy shield - which can reflect enemy projectiles when activated with Bulwark, turning even enemy Ultimates back on their masters with good timing. 

Last but not least is one for those of you who tend to want a little more control and support from your prizefighters - currently one of the most divisive and hotly contested picks in the game, Poloma, the Psychopomp. Sporting a point blank area of effect Panic (Battlerite's particular take on the fear mechanic), healing and damage mitigation for allies, splitting damage to nearby enemies, and a blink/teleport mechanic, Poloma is a crowd control and support machine, taking control of matches very early on and never letting the enemy stabilize and regroup. As powerful as she is, though, Poloma is going to need solid damage to follow her up in the...

2v2 Arena

Now, if you do have a friend along for the ride into the fresh killing fields of Battlerite, certain combinations are certainly potent for your placements games as you work your way up the Arena ladder. 

Unsurprisingly, one of the best killers in the business, Shifu, and the mastermind herself, Poloma, can be a killer combination when stacked and utilized properly. As good at being aggressive as Shifu can be, there are also times when his Kunju counter teleport can leave him behind dangerous enemy lines, and cut off from Poloma's healing and support. 

Luckily, a timely Other Side from Poloma can leave the Spear invulnerable for a few seconds, allowing him to make a hasty retreat to his partner's side, and ready for the next engagement. 

Good timing on following up your various CC's (and keeping Poloma alive) are going to be essential to victory with this duo, but once you master the crowd control stagger and constant stream of damage and healing, the raw numbers and abilities of this pair make for tough competition. 

Honorable mention: While "Shifu + anything" is currently popular enough to have become a meme in the community, and he certainly sees enough play with the ranged assassin Jade when not paired with Poloma, the powerful (and highly mobile) combo of Sirius and Croak can quickly steal games away from any duo not prepared for their level of evasion, gap closing, and sustain. While Poloma and Shifu are at the top of the pairs ladder, Sirius and Croak aren't far behind (despite being a little lower on power level overall)

Unfortunately, the stealthy saboteurs don't quite make the transition to...

3v3 Arena

While Poloma keeps her crown as the Queen of the Ring (at least for now) even in 3s, her supporting cast look a bit different. "Old reliable" Shifu is a commonly seen companion, and will serve perfectly fine with any ranged DPS (such as Jade, for example) as a stand-out quality comp with few weaknesses and a great many strengths. 

However, a challenger approaches - Varesh, Poloma, and newcomer Rook have been making waves in the higher tiers of 3s play, though Varesh's kit specifically takes a little more practice than average to master. By reducing the enemy's raw damage and survivability with Varesh, frontlining with the powerful Rook, and surviving/controlling with Poloma, the "VRP" composition wins by inches - bleeding the enemy out until the last drop has been spilled on the arena floor. 

Building Rite

It's worth noting that Battlerite, moreso than the MOBAs it shares some design space with, emphasizes adaptability and playstyle in selecting your Battle Rites (or round by round skill enhancements) to fit both your own strategy as well as the enemy you're facing.

That said, there are a few solid "general use" builds for the champions we've covered. Don't be afraid to mix and match to suit your needs, but a few builds we've found do the dirty work well so far are:


2v2 - Dirty Tricks, Skewer, Mantra, Inspiration, Spear Dance

3v3 Swift Feet, Poised to Strike, The Spear is the Way, Inspiration, Spear Dance

Vs. Healing - Ceremonial Spear, Skewer, Mantra, Recuperate, Bloodthirst



2v2 - Adrenaline Rush, Battle Lust, Axe and Shield, Battle Ready, Warbringer

3v3 -  Shield Bash, Bravery, Axe and Shield, Inspiration, Reinforcement

Vs. Assassins - Wall Slam, Bravery, Axe and Shield, Battle Ready, Warbringer



On the offensive - Dire Wolf, Affection, Revenant, Soul Theft, Dark Souls

On the defensive - Joyful Spirits, Into the Realm, Spiritual Wind, Soul Theft, Equilibrium


2v2 Sirius and Croak - 

Croak - Venom Strike, Cut to the Chase, Trickery, Slayer, Momentum

Sirius - Sunwell, Radiance, Celestial Cycle, Aegis, Brilliance


3v3 VRP

Varesh - Break, Cripple, Ruin, Synergy, Eternal

Rook - Giant, Crumble, Weapon Break, Battle Ready, Earthquake

Poloma - Joyful Spirits, Into the Realm, Revenant, Shimmering Bond, Equilibrium


It's kill or be killed - so do the killing

These powerful picks and compositions are a strong start, my new champions. It will take time and practice to dominate the killing fields even with their help, but if you put in the sweat and tears, they'll make sure all the blood comes from your enemies. 

Keep a calm mind, a steady hand, and a fiery heart out there in the ring.