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Bioshock 2 door codes can be a pain in the butt. Whether you're looking for the Clinic code, or the codes for Siren Alley and Fontaine Futuristics, it's better to have a walkthrough at hand than find the keypad combos yourself. Here, we give power to the people playing the remastered version included with the Bioshock Collection

As expected, there are quite a few vexing doors with hard-to-find codes. Many of these guard extra rewards that help on higher difficulties and new game plus. Some stand in the way of finishing the story, and if you're a completionist, others hide audio diaries that add to the game's ending, good or bad. 

Luckily, we've rounded up all of the codes in one place so you won't get stuck anywhere. 

Bioshock 2 Door Codes (Including Minerva's Den)

These are the codes for all of Bioshock 2 and the Minverva's Den DLC. We've also included the items and loot you'll get for unlocking the doors. 

Door Code Location Code Loot
 Adonis Luxury Resort
Plasmid Therapy
 Sauna Room Door  1540  Drill Fuel
 Audio Diary
 Pauper's Drop
Fontaine Clinics
 Fishbowl Diner Newspaper  0047  Story Progression
 Siren Alley
Plaza Hedone
 The Date Is The Code
 Audio Diary
 1919  Story Progression
 Dionysus Park
Basement Storage
 A Gift From Billy
Audio Diary
 1080 Power to the People Station
Fontaine Futuristics
Plasmid Theater
 Plasmid Showroom Wall  5254 Ammo
Careful Hacker 2 Tonic
 Inner Persephone
Holding Wing
 First Two Digits
Audio Diary
 2673  Story Progression
 Inner Persephone
Therapy Wing
 Legs, Mouths, Arms
Audio Diary
 4146 EVE Hypo
First Aid Kit
(Minerva's Den)
The Books are the Code
Audio Diary
 2341 Shells
Master Input Console


Luckily, none of the doors hide Plasmids, so you could get through the Bioshock 2 only opening the doors blocking story progression. 

Are you playing through the rest of the Bioshock Collection games? Drop us a comment if you need help, and then check out the rest of our Bioshock guides for all three games if you're stuck anywhere:

How to Get The Bioshock Remastered Games for Free Mon, 19 Sep 2016 05:20:07 -0400 Joshua Harris

With the release of Bioshock: The Collection for the PS4 and Xbox One,  2K is offering its PC players the remastered editions of Bioshock and Bioshock 2 for free! This is provided they  have already downloaded the games prior to September 13. Bioshock Infinite, however, is not receiving the upgrade because the console version is exactly the same as the PC version. The are a few ways to acquire the game based upon how each copy was purchased. 

Method 1

This is the easiest way to get the remastered games for free. If you have downloaded Bioshock, Bioshock 2, and Bioshock 2: Minerva's Den on Steam, the remastered versions will be available as a second game and ready to be installed whenever you please. 

Method 2

Getting your games like this proves to be a little more difficult. If you purchased a physical copy of the game, you must have the CD and a working Steam account in order to get the remastered editions for free. The 2K blog post states that players must provide proof that they purchased the physical game in addition to handing over Steam profile information to 2K Support. Additional Information will be needed to submit a ticket

Acquiring a copy for Bioshock 2 might prove to be a tad more tedious. Customers will need to find the Games for Windows Live key that came with either the physical or digital copies of the games, which they will need for downloading the remastered versions on Steam. 2K has provided step-by-step instructions here in addition to frequently asked questions players might have before contacting support. 


Although the games might be free, the toll on your computer's hardware might not be. Make sure to check below to see whether or not your PC can handle the remastered versions of Bioshock and Bioshock 2.


Bioshock 2

If you are a stranger to the Bioshock series, make sure to check out our (spoiler free) guide to get your sea legs! With the release of Bioshock: The Collection, an influx of new players will need as much help as they can get finding their bearings amidst an ocean of veteran players. 

 Have any of these methods worked for you? Having trouble getting your free copies? Let me know down in the comments!