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When Epic Games pivoted with Fortnite to start a battle royale mode, nobody expected it to catch up to PUBG as quickly as it did. The success of both of these games has turned a lot of heads, and many people are trying to jump on the battle royale hype train before it's too late. That doesn't mean, however, that every game should have a battle royale mode. In fact, here are five games that definitely do not.

Red Dead Redemption 2

When Rockstar announced Red Dead Redemption 2, fans were stoked for it to come out. When there were leaks that mentioned a possible battle royale mode coming to the game ... there was some excitement, and speculation about possibly jumping out of a hot air balloon sounded cool ... but the overall consensus consisted of quiet murmurs that didn’t like the idea. People don't want Red Dead Redemption to become another battle royale clone; they already have that in PUBG and Fortnite. Fans want more of the badass Western they played in the original title. This game has been years in the making, and a pivot to include a half-baked battle royale is just asking for trouble.

Check out our RDR 2 pre-order guide, as well as why one writer thinks this Old West RPG is primed to deliver

Grand Theft Auto V

Part of the reason people don't want Red Dead Redemption 2 to have a battle royale mode is because Rockstar already put it in GTA V. The game type in is underwhelming at best and does not fit within the online platform that is GTA V. If Rockstar really wants to make a BR game, then they should give fans a new IP they've been waiting for rather than cram it into an existing one.

Call of Duty: WWII

If any first-person shooter would consider battle royale, Call of Duty would. The thing is, Call of Duty doesn't need a battle royale game type. They do such a good job pumping out multiplayer maps and zombie modes that fit the fast-paced action Call of Duty games are known for. Battle royale games are much slower, and one reason the CoD crowd likes Call of Duty is because of the way the gameplay feels. Simply put, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" 

We've already seen this happen once, when Infinite Warfare tried to have people jumping around in space like maniacs. That was not the game people wanted to play, and so it did poorly. When Activision brought Call of Duty back to WWII, it was a major success! CoD has a winning formula, and there's no reason to mess with it.

Splatoon 2

This one may feel like it comes out of left field, but again, all the major developers and publishers have surely looked at battle royale, and that includes Nintendo. Splatoon 2 feels likes the obvious choice, but, like Call of Duty, the game doesn't need it. 

Splatoon is unique because the mechanics it features don't really exist in other shooters. You're not fighting to get the most eliminations in a match; you're trying to cover the map with as much ink as possible. That, along with using ink to hide and travel, doesn't feel like it would translate well into a BR mode. Splatoon already has its unique niche and can be perfectly successful the way it is.

Destiny 2

We round out our list with Destiny 2. This game has tried to change its formula several times, and consequently, it has gotten backlash for it several times. People like the raid and loot system that exists in Destiny, and that's why they play. If Bungie tried to introduce a BR system into Destiny, it would further show they're not really sure where they want to go with this game. Again, they should stick to what they have had success with already, because very little is more rewarding than taking down a big boss with your friends, especially with the satisfying gun mechanics of Destiny.


That does it for this list of games that don't need battle royale. Are there any other games that probably shouldn't go near the genre? Maybe you disagree with us, and if so, we'd love to hear why in the comments below!

How to Dive in CoD WW2 Mon, 29 Jan 2018 14:43:25 -0500 Ty Arthur

Finally shifting away from jet packs and space combat in favor of a boots-on-the-ground experience in the most famous theater of battle of all time, CoD: WWII brought the fan base exactly what they'd been asking for over the years.

Along with that big change on the single-player front, of course the online matches and zombie modes also saw some revamping, including the return of the infamous dolphin dive.

Similar to the power slide, this divisive technique has been around at least since the original Black Ops, arriving in different forms across the franchise's various multiplayer modes.

Some swear by it and find the Call Of Duty dive ability to be an absolute lifesaver, while others don't like the dive downtime or find it to be a cheap way to escape gunfire that's on par with jet packing or that annoying constant jumping move.

 Dolphin diving away from gunfire and explosions to safety (thanks to YouTuber defjnee for the screenshot)

Call Of Duty WW2 Dolphin Diving 

After seeing another player perform that majestic swan dive through the air into safety, the first question on everyone's mind is: How do I dive in Call Of Duty WW2?

Otherwise known as the "dive to prone," this technique is a little tough to pull off if you've never tried before, but it can mean the difference between life and death.

Performing a proper jump dive into the prone position behind cover is slightly different depending on whether you are playing CoD WW2 on console or the PC edition.

WW2 Diving PC 

Because you can change the key bindings on the PC edition of this World War II simulation, the exact key combo to dolphin dive can vary between players. Head into Settings and then the Controls menu, and scroll to the Movement section.

While you'd think the key you are looking for is to crouch or go prone, for the dolphin dive you actually need to use the "change stance" option available on the Windows edition. By default it isn't bound to any key, so you need to set this keyboard option to something like X or C to quickly tap while running.

To initiate a dolphin dive, you need to be in a full-on sprint for a few seconds, then hold the change stance button to dive forward into the prone position. Just pressing the key will only stop you from sprinting and change your stance, so make sure to hold it down instead.

While you could initially dolphin dive repeatedly, one of the patches changed this, so there's now a short cooldown time, and you are unable to immediately fire after diving.

 Diving forward on PC (thanks to Zertehq Yo for the screenshot)

WW2 Diving PS4 / Xbox One

Unlike with the PC edition, you don't need to change a keybinding to dolphin dive on console. Just initiate a sprint, and then hold the button to change stances for your particular console (by default this is B on the Xbox One or Circle on the PS4 controller).

You have to time this move carefully, as it's easy to run out of stamina and hit the button as you are ending a sprint, which just makes you crouch or go prone instead.

Sadly, at the moment, it doesn't appear Call Of Duty WWII will actually be coming to the Switch anytime soon, so there are no diving controls on that platform yet, but we'll update this article if it ever does arrive.


That's all you need to know to perform an epic CoD WW2 dive maneuver in multiplayer! Have you gotten it to work yet? Let us know about your most crazy dolphin dive save so far in the comments below!

You'll soon have even more maps on which to try out the dolphin dive, as after the hilarious limited-time prop hunt event, the "Resistance DLC Pack" lands early on January 30th for PS4 players, then officially arrives a month later for Xbox One and PC players.

CoD WW2 Darkest Shore Zombie Map Easter Egg Hunt Wed, 31 Jan 2018 14:49:50 -0500 Ty Arthur

DLC is finally starting to land for CoD: WWII, offering even more 1940's firefights in Germany and beyond! The free Resistance event is running concurrently with the full, paid Resistance DLC, offering up fun new options like the prop hunt and the Darkest Shore zombie map.

A new zombie level of course means a whole new Easter egg hunt is ready to explore. Now standard in all CoD titles, these Easter eggs keep getting longer and more ludicrous as time goes on. Darkest Shore's EE may not be the worst one, but it does take a lot of work to get to the end.

If you aren't that devoted to all the tiny details, it is possible to complete a shorter, more casual side of the Easter egg and unlock the Black Winds to Darker Lands trophy. Fully completing the Easter egg and escaping the island before the bombing starts instead unlocks the Making History trophy. For that version, get ready to devote quite a few hours of your life to CoD WW2 zombie mode.

If you missed the complex Easter egg for Call Of Duty WW2's first zombie map, check out the full guide over here.

The Darkest Shore Full Easter Egg Hunt

Unlike other maps, this one starts immediately with zombies on the beach before you actually start the wave, so be prepared to rush down and take out all the enemies near the dead whale.

If you just use your axes and pistols (ignoring the machine gun turrets), you can unlock the I Got This achievement.

From there, it's time to start the actual Easter egg hunt! Be sure to check the notebook to see what parts you currently have and see if you are missing anything on the casual or hardcore sides.

Turn on Power / Activate Pack-A-Punch

This is always the first course of action in any given CoD zombie map. To turn on power, flip the switches on the walls inside the U-boat pens and the artillery bunker.

CoD World War II Easter Egg step one 
Turning on the first power switch

With the power on, take the mine cart (watch out for the bomber zombies!) to one of three locations and grab the Elektroschnalle fuse on the floor, then repeat the process with the next two locations:

  • Submarine Pen to Bunker 1 (Graben)
  • Beach (Strand) to Submarine Pen (U-Boat Hohle)
  • Bunker 1 (Graben) to Beach (Strand)

After collecting the three Elektroschnalle, use them on the machine found by Bunker 3 to fix the elevator, which will bring you the Pack-A-Punch for upgrading weapons.

Construct Ripsaw Weapon

Head down to the Artillery Bunker to grab the Ripsaw wonder weapon's handle near the armor station, then grab the blade component on a dead body in Bunker 3 by the wall gun.

With both parts in hand, find the weapon-crafting bench in the tunnel by the U-Boat Pens to construct the weapon. After constructing the saw, use your overpowered execution kill on random zombies until a spine with an attached fuse drops.

Take the fuse back to the saw-crafting bench and insert it at the start of a wave. Kill zombies near the bench to collect souls until the upgraded Ripsaw is ready to go.

Unlock The Door

Head down the mine cart track to locate an area on the map marked as an "ancient door." Lure a bomber zombie over to the giant ammunition shell by the door's location, and shoot it there to open the door and immediately access the new area. It's easy to miss since you'll be on the track, so prepare to do this more than once.

Once inside, a new object will automatically appear in your notebook to mark your Easter egg progress. In addition to that Notebook entry, search the room for a monk's head on the floor, then take the head to the freezer in the U-Boat Pens.

How to open door in CoD WWII Easter egg hunt 
Shoot a bomber zombie here to open the door.

Use The Cannon

In the U-Boat Pens, activate the machine and then lure bomber zombies up by the cannon. Keep killing zombies in this area to charge the cannon, then take a look at the map on the wall. 

Here things get a little tricky, as there isn't one specific answer to follow. You need to figure out how to configure the cannon to fire on the ship based on its position, using the table on the map to calculate the proper distance.

Activate the devices on the sides of the cannon to set your calibration and then fire. If you mess up the positioning, just kill more zombies to charge the gun and redo your math to fire again.

Son Of Nerthus

With the German ship destroyed, check outside the entrances to all the bunkers until you find a radio component (the exact bunker is randomized on each playthrough).

The second piece of the radio can be found by firing the Ripsaw at the arm of a corpse dangling from the edge of a cliff face. Take both pieces to the table near the Bunker 2 entrance to construct the radio.

Next, head to the cliff edge by the 750-point flak cannon, and activate it to fire on the rocks nearby. Run down to the area where the debris lands and pick up the first Son Of Nerthus tablet, then take it to the hidden room behind the ancient door to place it on the hole in the wall.

There are two more holes to fill with tablets still, though. One can be found by using charged melee attacks on enemies until a red spine drops. Place that spine in the big skull bowl in the U-Boat Pens area and wait for a zombie to appear, but don't kill him! Instead, follow him as he runs into the water and then comes back out with the second tablet.

Place that tablet in the secret room, then head to the cliffside area with the Ripsaw and fire it at the red rocks. The exact rock to contain the third tablet is randomized, so keep shooting at them until you find the right one, then take that tablet back to the secret room behind the ancient door.

Call of Duty: World War 2 Easter egg step Placing the tablets

Sacrifice Zombies

For this next part of the Easter egg, you need to sacrifice three different types of zombies -- pest, wustling, and meuchler.

For all three, use the Ripsaw's charged melee attacks to kill zombies until the appropriate type of spine randomly drops. As before, place the spine in the skull bowl in the U-Boat Pens area.

Pest Zombie

When the pest zombie spawns, use the Ripsaw to fire at the colored fuse boxes to send a fuse flying towards him of the correct color. The zombie will then change colors and run to a new area, where you have to repeat the process of firing on a colored fuse box to again change his color.

You will have do this five separate times, sometimes aiming your shots to ricochet off other fuse boxes first to get the right color in the zombie's path.

Once that's all done, return to the secret room and kill the pest zombie to grab the Anointed Pest Head and set it on the sacrificial hook.

Wustling Zombie

When the wustling zombie spawns, lead him around the map to the following perk machines in this exact order: Kugelblitz, Faustblitz (Artillery Bunker), Laufenblitz, and Lebenblitz.

If he tries to go to a different area out of that order, fire at him to herd him in the right direction. After checking out the final perk machine, he will disappear.

At this point, head back to the secret room, and again kill the zombie and place his head on the sacrificial hook.

Tracking a zombie in CoD WW2 
Following the zombie to a perk machine

Meuchler Zombie

When this zombie spawns, it's time to play a game of hide and seek! He will rush off into the fog, and it's your job to find him by following the screams.

When you find the zombie, hit him once with a melee attack, and then repeat the process two more times when he hides again. Just as before, go to the secret room, kill the zombie, and set the head on the sacrificial hook.

Darkest Shore Easter Egg Boss Fight

We're almost at the end for the inevitable big bad boss fight! Head back to the freezer and grab the monk's head and hang it on the final sacrificial hook to unlock a door.

After fighting the zombie wave, you can now grab the Barbarossa's Pommel item inside the room. Go back to the radio you built before and throw the Pommel at the radio, then have the full team interact with the radio to activate the boss fight.

As with all the CoD zombie mode boss fights, there are multiple phases. Fight off the zombies and meuchlers until the mine cart is activated and can be used, which starts the next phase. Repeat this process four times to finish the fight and complete the hardcore version of the Darkest Shore Easter egg!

COD WWII soldiers looking skyward 
The zombie shenanigans aren't done yet -- there's still another map coming later this year!

Special thanks to YouTuber MrDalekJD for the screenshots above. Did you find any other aspects to the Easter egg hunt that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

How to Play Prop Hunt in CoD WW2 Resistance DLC Wed, 24 Jan 2018 16:21:24 -0500 Ty Arthur

Keeping the multiplayer community alive and well is always a struggle with yearly franchises, but Call Of Duty: WWII just gave players a big reason to keep logging back in during the free Resistance event -- a Prop Hunt!

Originally arriving with the remastered Modern Warfare, this is only the second time an official Prop Hunt has been available straight from the devs in Call Of Duty history (rather than as a mod from players). 

Sadly, at the moment, this tongue-in-cheek mode is set to be a limited time addition that ends when the Resistance event shuts down next month. Worst of all, it won't even be available for the entire duration of the event!

Prop Hunt playlists are only currently slated to be available the first week of the new event, as well as the final week of February 20-27. Everybody should get in the forums and demand it stay, though, because this is the most fun Call Of Duty has offered up in a multiplayer mode since the addition of zombie mode!

Call Of Duty WW2 Prop Hunt Basics

So, how does Prop Hunt work? Everyone on the first team is changed from a 1940s solder into a random object of varying size and has a limited time to set themselves up in a stealthy location (and you thought being a bush in Fortnite was as wacky as it could get!).

During this prop setup time, the second team is blindfolded and can run around but can't see anything. There's a fun mini-game to get into the center of the map by moving up first, but it doesn't offer any bonuses if you win.

    Masquerading as sandbag cover in Prop Hunt mode (thanks to MarleyThirteen for the screenshot)

After the blindfold period ends, the opposing team has to figure out what's a real, in-game object and what's a secret player masquerading as an object.

XP is earned every few seconds you remain undetected as a prop -- with a bonus for picking a bigger prop model -- or whenever you hit a prop as the opposing team.

There was an absolutely massive XP boost for killing props or staying alive as a telephone booth that was letting people level every single match, but it was quickly patched out (RIP).

CoD WW2 Prop Hunt Strategy

Having a strong knowledge of the map layout is a big help in Prop Hunt, as well as knowing what types of objects are typically found in any given area. Blood will pop out of items when you shoot them if they are a player, and any movement is likely to be a player since there are fewer human characters running around.

As a prop, it works best to set yourself next to similar items so you don't look out of place, or if you are a smaller item, be sure set yourself in an out-of-the-way location.

Looking inconspicuous is the name of the game here. A bucket in the corner near a door is frequently going to be overlooked. A giant bookshelf out in the middle of the road will get shot quickly, on the other hand.

Prop characters aren't stuck in one spot either -- you can move if you are spotted, and even transform into a different object if you find a better hiding spot and then drop up to 3 decoy props of yourself to lead players off your trail while running away.

 Dropping door decoys to lead players in the wrong direction (thanks to PrestigeIsKey for the screenshot)

Got any other Prop Hunt tips and tricks we should try out? Let us know in the comments! The free Call Of Duty WWII Resistance event lasts until February 27, with a full paid DLC also titled The Resistance slated to arrive on January 30.

The GameSkinny Community's 2017 Game of the Year Picks Tue, 26 Dec 2017 10:00:02 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

2016 was no slouch as far as gaming went, but 2017 was absolutely spectacular. From new systems, rebirths of old genres, and reimaginings of some of the best-known IPs, it'd be difficult for anyone to choose just one favorite game from this year. But that's what we did anyway. We asked our community writers what their top AAA, mid-tier (or AA, if you prefer), indie, and mobile games were this year, and here's what they had to say.

Thomas Wilde

As you'd expect after seeing his usual monthly catalog, freelancer Thomas Wilde chose from a broad range of games for his best-of-year picks.

Best AAA Game
Asking someone to make a choice like that in 2017 is like asking them to pick a favorite vital organ, and I haven't quite managed to play everything yet. It was even a good year for horror games. In a year where everything else about human existence seemed determined to suck, video games offered one of the best lineups of titles in maybe a decade or more, with surprisingly few outright disappointments.

My top three is some combination of Resident Evil 7, Tekken 7, and Prey, depending on the day. Tekken 7 has a disappointing set of features in its long-awaited home releases, but the gameplay there is solid and quintessentially Tekken in a way that keeps you playing for evenings on end; Prey wraps itself around you and doesn't quite let go, with a paranoid atmosphere that has you questioning your own possessions and a truly weird alternate history; and Resident Evil 7 proves less is a lot more by removing (most of) the action-movie spectacle of the franchise and getting genuine scares out of something so simple as an old man with a shovel.

Best Mid-Tier Game
I'd probably hand this one to Nier: Automata, simply for how it sticks with you. It's a deeply weird game in a way that you don't typically get out of any release, indie or not. It feels like a localized production from an alien race. Sure, at its heart, it's a simple, remarkably short shooter/brawler, but it has a lot to say about loneliness, sentience, and violence. Even in as crowded a year as 2017, it's a stand-out for how it utilizes the medium.

Best Indie Game
I got a lot out of RiME. It may flag a bit towards the end, but it's a simple, evocative, and, above all else, colorful game, with effective puzzles and a bizarre world that keeps you asking questions. It's a learning experience about atmosphere and minimalism.

Ty Arthur

Freelancer and guide writer Ty Arthur had the unenviable task of choosing from several contenders, but he managed to do so nonetheless.

There were some absolutely fabulous games this year, from the long-awaited PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn to a slew of Switch hits like Breath Of The Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Both Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Call Of Duty: WWII rocked it on the first-person, Nazi-killing fronts, and Friday The 13th was more fun than it had any right to be. We got some very unexpected gameplay changes from Nier: Automata and Resident Evil 7 that sort of rocked the gaming world, along with a crop of outstanding RPGs. While it doesn't quite match its predecessor,Torment: Tides Of Numenera is easy to sink a whole lot of hours into if you love classic computer RPGs, and of course Persona 5 dominated on the console front. Now onto the impossible task of actually picking the best of the best!

Best AAA Game: While any of the above-mentioned games could easily sit in this spot depending on personal preference, I'm going to have to go with Arkane's tweaking of the stealth action formula with the sci-fi/horror mashup Prey. It has everything that makes the Dishonored games great, but in a revamped setting that really messes with your head. I love the combination of RPG elements with stealth combat that rewards thinking outside the box, and just wandering around the station learning little details about the people who lived there before all hell broke loose was a pleasure, even outside the killer gameplay.

Best Mid-Tier Game: I suppose there's some wiggle room on what exactly constitutes “mid-tier” over indie, so this might be a bit controversial, but I'm going to solidly put Divinity: Original Sin 2 here in this category. That was a game that absolutely lived up to the hype, and not many titles do that. This is the sort of title that shows why crowdfunding needs to exist and that the practice actively enhances the gaming landscape. Hats off to Larian for keeping the gameplay recognizable while improving on the original game in every single way. There's a hundred different ways to approach any situation, with dozens of character builds, and I've yet to get tired of trying out different combos. If you love turn-based RPGs, be prepared to sink a hundred hours or so into this one.


Best Indie Game: For me, easily the best RPG of the year is a little indie excursion that came out of nowhere and absolutely bowled me over with its amazing combination of style, substance, and humor: West Of Loathing! I'm still sort of in awe over how a black and white game with stick figure graphics managed to grab me and never let go. Every element of the game is hilarious, and there's always more to discover, whether it involves demonic cows, ghost pickles, or even more absurd hijinks. Throw in a killer old-school overland map, with random encounters that easily match the best of the '90s PC RPGs, and you've got a rare gem on your hands here that delivers on all fronts. It's laugh out loud funny and keeps you hooked with solid, classic gameplay.

El Conquistadork

Freelance writer El Conquistadork's choices are equally as varied and go to show that you don't have to love everything about a game for it to be your favorite too.

Best AAA Game: Horizon: Zero Dawn. I just had so damn much fun playing this game. The setting is fascinating and unique, the protagonist is amazing, and it’s the most beautiful game I’ve seen in a long time. A close second would be Persona 5 for the simple reason that I don’t like anime, I’m lukewarm on JRPGs, and their save system caused me to lose so much progress that I would take month-long breaks between sessions just to counteract the frustration ... and yet I put more hours into it than I’m comfortable with relating. How does that even happen? And RE7 would be in there as well: strong as hell at the beginning of 2017, and still strong as hell at the end.

Best Mid-Tier GameWhat Remains of Edith Finch was the apotheosis of what walking sims have been attempting to become since Gone Home and Dear Esther. There’s a level of vast storytelling interacting beautifully with its wide varieties of gameplay and its stylistic decisions, and it left me gobsmacked.

Best Indie Game: I wasn’t completely sold on the final, horror-themed moments of Night In The Woods, but that still left it plenty of room for being the best indie game of 2017. Its artwork, soundtrack, and themes of growing up, loneliness, small-town water treading, and crimes just sucked me right into its world.

Best Mobile Game: With a game titled We Eat Blood, And All Our Friends Are Dead, you know I’m gonna have a look. Based in the classic RPG world of Vampire: The Masquerade (a personal favorite of mine), this is a spooky, text-based adventure where you play a youngling vampire trying to learn about himself without getting purged by his elders. A damn fun time.

Kieran Desmond

JTP Mentor and community writer Kieran Desmond pulled from a wide variety of genres for his GOTY picks, a reflection of just how much there was on offer this year.

Best AAA Game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Like a bunch people this year, I really fell in love with Breath of the Wild. The way the open world was set up by giving you access to a few core mechanics -- remote bombs, Magnesis, Stasis, Cryonis, and the glider -- and then just setting you loose to explore Hyrule was a stroke of genius. The subtle score and beautiful visuals only add to the "open-air" atmosphere they were striving for. I'm still playing BotW, and after putting about 250 hours into it so far, I'm yet to encounter the final Divine Beast or enter Hyrule castle -- I never want it to end.

Best Mid-Tier Game: Absolver

Absolver was a game that I followed from its announcement, hoping that it would live up to the promise of being able to dynamically learn various combat styles and customize your style as you progress. And SloClap absolutely delivered. This unique open-world fighting game takes patience and a keen eye to master, just like many traditional fighting games. Studying your opponent in order to predict their next move is a huge part of the game that, when done correctly, creates an immensely satisfying experience.

Best Indie Game: Pyre

I was attracted to Pyre because of the beautiful artwork and music from its trailer. I was also curious about its odd mix of RPG, visual novel, and sports-centric gameplay, which turned out to be an innovative and really fun combination. Every character is endearing, the overworld map and the locations are stunningly designed, and the incredibly diverse score, composed by Darren Korb (who worked on Supergiant's previous games Bastion and Transistor) is just sensational. If I were to recommend a single game from 2017, it would be Pyre.

Auverin Morrow

Erstwhile senior editor (now with Hi-Rez) Auverin Morrow took the time to drop in and leave her thoughts too.

GOTY: Horizon: Zero Dawn, hands down.

Beautiful game, excellent combat, a truly unique environment (with awesome robo-dinos), and a badass female character who puts more emphasis on the badass part than the female part. What's not to love?

Joshua Broadwell

Your humble writer felt the need to add his choices too, because why not?

Best AAA Game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Like Kieran and countless others, this one has to go to BotW, but it was a tough choice between it and Super Mario Odyssey. The latter is excellent in its own right, but with BotW, Nintendo managed to pull off a difficult task by creating a fantastic game that also happened to be a radical remaigining of a world-famous franchise. Despite being so different, it comes across as everything Zelda games always wanted to be. Hyrule is truly a living and breathing land, with areas that look and feel drastically different from each other and characters who are actually deeply connected to each other. The combat and weapon mechanics are spot-on, and there's always something to make exploration worthwhile, even if it's just standing on top of a mountain and admiring the gorgeous view. There is also a definite sense of progression, going from everything being a struggle to feeling capable of handling challenges like that Hinox that looked awfully intimidating when Link only had five hearts. Plus, it's one of the only games (other than Xenoblade Chronicles) where my cat sits on my shoulder and watches. And that has to count for something.

Best Mid-Tier Game:Yooka-Laylee

Yooka-Laylee didn't go over very well with many at first (although we did quite like it in our review). But even with the original issues -- issues quickly fixed by the Spin 'n' Polish update -- it managed to recapture everything that made gaming great over a decade ago: bright, colorful worlds, plenty of challenges and things to do, fun and quirky characters, tight platforming, and generally just being fun to play. Being the first major 3D platformer in forever, it carried a heavy burden, and it would have been easy for Playtonic to rely just on nostalgia and hope for the best. Luckily, they didn't, and the end result is a quality experience.

Best Indie Game: Yono and the Celestial Elephants

Yono is definitely indie, since it's the result of a one-man studio. On the surface, it's a cute adventure game about an elephant trying to solve people's problems, with some Zelda-esque puzzles and combat. But underneath that, there's quite a bit more going on about the nature of life and death, reality, and the relationship between everything alive -- and dead. It's not going to tax your brain or skills, but it's more than worth spending time with.


And there you have it -- a host of games from across multiple genres, with enough quality and variety to satisfy almost anyone. But you, reader, are part of the community too, so sound off in the comments below and tell us what your GOTY picks are!

2017's Biggest Gaming Controversies Sat, 23 Dec 2017 19:00:01 -0500 bazookajo94


So, clearly, 2017 wasn't our year in gaming. Bullying is still a problem, both by other gamers and apparently by the companies too, and everyone's out for a quick buck. Racism is still happening, and having quarrels over who stole whose idea is running amok in the threads of the internet. 


Woven together, these controversies create a giant tapestry of hatred, greed, and apathy. 


Where can people turn when what once served as a distraction from the harsh realities of the world becomes one of the harsh realities? 


Suppose we could always just play Mario. He'll always be there for us.


You're either the type of person who saves the best for last or the worst for last; in this instance, it's both. 


Battlefront 2 stands at the forefront of 2017's biggest gaming controversies with their stance about loot boxes, their players, and their company policies. 


Everyone and their mother has probably heard by now about the rigged Battlefront 2 loot crate and hero unlocking system as an obvious ploy for money. Players could grind for an unreasonable and nearly impossible amount of time, or they could instead just buy upgrades that have significant impacts on gameplay and progression. EA's initial response earned them the most downvoted comment in the history of Reddit (maybe even the world). 


Obviously, that didn't go over so well with the community. 


Threats of refunds and abandonment of the franchise caused EA to suspend their microtransaction feature, but no one's holding out hope that when it returns, they won't still have to pay money for features that should already be available to them in a $60 game. 


Apparently, if you wanna be considered a game these days, you gotta have loot crates. 


But with so much strife surrounding the term "loot crates," it's a wonder how any game hopes to survive with them as an added feature. 


Call of Duty: WWII brings their loot crates into the ring with a more "prestige" flair than money-grubbing, but for some reason, Call of Duty is also giving incentives not only for opening a loot box, but for watching another player open theirs, too.


Though these boxes can be purchased with both real money or in-game currency, the whole ordeal feels perilously close to gambling, and the game's schemes are more about psychological manipulation than they are a blatant grab for money. 


This instance is just another in a long list of reminders that modern gaming puts a lot more focus on a grab for money than they used to. 


There's nothing quite like discovering that the system is rigged. You don't know whether to be outraged by the mistreatment or proud of yourself for finding it out (probably both). 


That's certainly how players felt about the controversy surrounding Destiny 2 and the fact that during one of the game's experience boost events, players thought they were gaining experience as usual, when in actuality, Bungie was "throttling XP progress invisibly while telling players they were earning XP as usual."


Because this process is tied to the game's microtransactions, needless to say, players felt that a ploy was afoot. Bungie rushed to fix the discrepancy, but once that kind of evil enters the world, it will never leave. 


This next controversy is best described as a hissy fit. That's right: a hissy fit. 


When Fortnite released their own battle royale mode after the already successful PUBG, developer Bluehole, outraged, complained that Epic Games stole the idea from them and took legal action against them. This spurred on a whole debate over developers "owning a genre," as the concept of a battle royale is not an entirely original idea, and began a race between the two games for supremacy (and for a moment, the winner was Fortnite). 


Though I haven't heard anything bad about either game, when one developer throws shade at another, people are probably more likely to side with the developers who aren't trying to own an idea. 


The Last of Us is a brutal game. It's rated M for a reason. Scary, bloody, traumatizing things happen in the game to both the characters and the players.


These same scary, bloody, and traumatizing things happen in The Last of Us: Part 2 trailer -- and people didn't feel too good about it. 


Though the first trailer is everything everyone's ever wanted out of a sequel for the game (Ellie playing a guitar and Joel calling her kiddo), the second released trailer had a lot more violence. Like, a lot more violence. 



In a Forbes article about the game, they mention that the needless violence of the trailer felt more like "shock value," while others argue that it's a grown-up game for grown-up people, and violence is okay. 


Regardless of which stance someone takes about the violence, we won't really know for sure what to expect until the game's release. 


As an avid watcher of streamers and an eternal fan of RPGs, I was surprised that I hadn't seen much about Persona 5 until I started reading the lists praising it. 


And then I found out about the streaming controversy surrounding it, and everything suddenly made sense. 


After its Japan release, developers disabled Persona 5's PS4 share features in order to avoid spoilers for other players. As soon as the game was released worldwide, Atlus allowed shared footage (but still no screenshots), though players had to follow a few guidelines and read a few disclaimers first. 


This was a valiant effort to try to keep the ending a surprise for the people who care about the storytelling experience, but there's no way to stop people from posting spoilers on the internet. 


Let me reiterate: there is no way to stop people from posting spoilers on the internet, and if you try to stop them, you are going to have a bad time. 


Just remember that, kids. Stay away from the internet if you don't want spoilers. Because even with the lack of footage I found for the game, if I really cared that much, I could have just Googled it. 


So far, the controversies I've mentioned have consisted of someone being punished because someone has been an asshole. This next controversy follows along that theme. 


Following the release of Friday the 13th: The Game, players anticipated a unique horror game they could play with their friends in a scary environment. Instead, they dealt with the aforementioned assholes who would verbally abuse other players (including the threat of rape/sexual assault), racism, and exploitation, among other offenses. 


Developers Gun Media took action against these malicious players, banning them from Friday the 13th -- which, naturally, made these players angry, as well as others who thought they were unfairly banned. Though Gun Media allowed players to come back if they were simply taking advantage of a bug that had since been fixed, for those who displayed verbal abuse and racism, their ban was not lifted. 


So maybe our take-away lesson for this is to stop being an asshole.


There's a fine line between people doing what they want and people taking that power and doing things they shouldn't. 


Rockstar Games and their parent developers Take-Two tried to cross that line, and public outrage ensued. 


Back in June, Take-Two issued OpenIV tools to no longer allow online players the modding feature in Grand Theft Auto 5, as they were using the mods to not only be malicious to other players but to "allow third-parties to defeat security features of its software and modify that software."


Though their ban was in noble pursuits -- trying to stop bullying and retaining a fun environment for all players -- taking away creative licenses from people who expect the gaming feature made quite a few players a little testy. 


Racism is bad. I can't believe we still have to say this in 2017. I can't believe we still have to tell people that they can't be racist. 


And if a beloved public figure is racist, they are soon to be not beloved anymore. 


Earlier this year, popular YouTuber JonTron released a series of comments reflecting his racist and political views. Upon discovery of the comments, Playtonic, developers of Yooka-Laylee, a game in which JonTron had a voice acting role, removed JonTron from the game. 


It is refreshing to see a developer act so fast when a public figure does something wrong. 


Let me reiterate: it is refreshing to see someone be punished for doing something wrong rather than keeping their position. 


Good on you, Playtonic. 


Just when people started to think that 2017 couldn't get any worse, so close to the end, it, well, got worse. Though I am reluctant to bring more negativity into the world by mentioning the repeal of a basic human right, the loss of net neutrality is but another reminder that no one in a position of power cares what the public has to say anymore. 


And when there are those who hope to avoid this negativity and distract themselves from the horrid way the year is ending by visiting a beloved pastime, they find they cannot even avoid the drama anywhere. 


Yes, 2017 was a year for controversies in the gaming industry, with Battlefront II and PUBG taking the forefront near the end. Many of this year's controversies also dealt with corporate greed and lack of compassion for players (read: the public). 


So I better get this article published before no one's allowed to read it anymore.

How to Unlock Winter Siege Weapons in Call of Duty: WWII Fri, 15 Dec 2017 11:05:48 -0500 Sergey_3847

If you're playing Call of Duty: WWII, you now have the chance to take part in the special Winter Siege event that will last until January 2, 2018. During the event, you will be able to unlock three new ranged weapons and two melee weapons.

There are several different ways to get these weapons, some of which are easier than others. But in any case, if you're struggling to find all five of them, then just follow this quick guide.

All Winter Siege Weapons in Call of Duty: WWII

In order to unlock all new weapons in Call of Duty: WWII, you can follow one of these steps:

  • In the Headquarters, you can complete a special order given to you by Major Howard. These orders are time-sensitive and rotate frequently, giving you options for different guns. If you complete these special orders, as a reward you will receive a base version of one new weapon.
  • If you want to unlock a modified version of a weapon, then go to Quartermaster and complete one of the Winter Siege collections by buying all the required weapons for each corresponding collection. As a reward, the Quartermaster will grant you the special variant of one new weapon. 
  • Lastly, you can simply unlock them from a special Winter Siege supply drop.
Gewehr 43

This semi-automatic rifle was featured previously in many other Call of Duty games, including Black Ops and World at War. Now you can also have it in Call of Duty: WWII if you complete the Chiller collection at Quartermaster.


Sten is an excellent SMG that can be obtained either through a Special SMG Order from Major Howard, which will have you complete 50 multiplayer matches, or through a Frosty collection at Quartermaster.


Also known as Breda M1930, this light machine gun is extremely accurate for its class. You can get one in Winter Siege by completing the Hand Warmer collection at Quartermaster.

Trench Knife and Ice Pick

The last two melee weapons are a knife and a pick. Nothing too fancy, but if you can complete the Screwed Up and Gold Digger collections, then you will have both of them.


That is all on how to unlock the new Winter Siege weapons, and if you need some other Call of Duty: WWII guides, then be sure to check them out below:

What's On Your (Game) Playlist for December? Mon, 11 Dec 2017 16:26:32 -0500 Joshua Broadwell

Another month has gone by, bringing with it the chance to tackle that backlog or get stuck in something new. Between penning the content that keeps you occupied, the good folks behind GameSkinny have been busy with a wide variety of games this past month. Here's just a sampling of what we've all been up to.

El Conquistadork

Contributor and self-proclaimed geek enthusiast El Conquistadork has been sampling some of the most recent blockbuster releases. Why stop at just one, after all?

Assassin’s Creed Origins: I’m only a few hours into this one, but it’s succeeded in being the first AC game that hasn’t royally annoyed me to death. Part of that has to do with how much better the controls feel. The other part has to do with [Ubisoft] keeping the Abstergo crap to a minimum. I’ve always found modern day subplots in AC games to be boring, time-consuming, and completely superfluous. I’m also loving the protagonist. A surprisingly good entry so far: hopefully, it keeps up the pace.

Call of Duty: WWII: I’ve never been much of a CoD guy, but I will say that this one is pretty great. The campaign is fun, the multiplayer is engaging, and even the loot drops aren’t that distracting (compared to other loot boxes, that is).

Hand of Fate 2: I’ve only just begun this one, but damn, is it good. All the excellent combos of action, card playing, and choose-your-own-adventure gameplay, combined with a big graphics upgrade, and a much larger overworld.

Stephen Johnston

Stephen Johnston, site founder, is also mixing some well-known and niche games, with two in particular that are probably on a lot of people's lists.

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn expansion because HZD is the game of the decade.
  • Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance -- this game is basically my version of solitaire. I just play it to kill time.
  • Dungeons III -- A great little strategy game and dungeon builder, maybe a touch easy, but good humor and fun.
  • Super Mario Odyssey -- Because it's amazing. Easily top three Mario game.


Contributor and freelance writer Thomas Wilde is also balancing some old and new -- not always an easy task.

I'm constantly wrestling with my backlog, which goes back roughly 12 years and spans across 20 platforms. I managed to knock Oxenfree off my list on Halloween, which I liked; it's a short, genuinely creepy game that's a bit hamstrung by its characters never seeming to act like they're in as much danger as the narrative suggests.

Every so often, I still check in on World of Warcraft to chase achievements or run a mythic dungeon. I'm one of the people who's not really satisfied by the new expansion, Battle for Azeroth; I like the idea of warfronts and procedurally generated mini-dungeons in the form of uncharted islands, but Legion opened with both the Horde and Alliance being crippled by their losses at the Broken Shore. As per the current narrative, they just shouldn't have the resources for yet another hot war.

(Yes, I'm a lore nerd.)

The next thing I play is likely to be more horror. Right now, I'm eying ObScure, a title for the PS2 and Xbox, which is a self-conscious homage to '90s-style horror. I got almost to the end back in the day, but its sequel is really bleak and killed a lot of my momentum at the time.

Then again, I really ought to finally start The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Decisions, decisions.

Zach Hunt

Editor Zach Hunt is the newest edition to the GameSkinny team, and he, too, added Mario's latest outing to his catalog, along with some other big hits.

Most of my time is being spent collecting moons in Super Mario Odyssey (think I'm at 235 right now, so I have a lot of work to do). I'm not a completionist by any means, but any excuse to keep PLAYING in that world works just fine for me. I really love this game. Like, REALLY love it.

I downloaded Rocket League for my Switch recently, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. I was pretty terrible at it on PS4 and considered skipping this version, but the $20 price point and the mobility factor won me over. It'll be fun to get murdered on the go.

Aside from the Switch, I've been having fun with South Park Phone Destroyer and trying to get back into Starcraft 2 (since Blizzard kindly gifted WoL owners with Heart of the Swarm).

I'm going to try and be disciplined and not buy Skyrim (for the third time) when it hits the Switch, but somehow, I already know that I'll bite. BoTW really scratches that open-world exploration itch for me, but those bow and arrow motion controls look pretty sweet. And, you know, Link and the Master Sword. I mean, c'mon.

Ty Arthur

Featured contributor (and Destiny 2 guide guru) Ty Arthur has been indulging in some high fantasy goodness of late.

On the mobile side, I just got into Battleheart and feel like I was really missing out. It's got a fantasy style that will strongly appeal to RPG fans while taking the typical dumb, mobile timewaster elements and really using them to the game's advantage. The simple tap and drag mechanics are elegant, but still make you feel like you are actually playing something substantial. I haven't had this much fun with an Android game since Pocket Mortys, and it's not often I actually want to play a tablet game, instead of it being something you do when you need to pass some time and would prefer to not sit in silence doing nothing instead.

On the full game front, its been a whole lot of Shadow Of War for me lately. That first game in the series is still one of the Xbox One's best entries, so I was stoked beyond belief for the sequel. There are a few things I'm not crazy about (the much bigger world and areas leads to a lot of repetition, some of the wall pathfinding is awful when trying to climb, and I wasn't a fan of how the Balrog basically becomes Godzilla with a fire whip), but on the whole, this is a game you can lose yourself in for a stupid number of hours. I'll be conquering fortresses, riding drakes, and commanding orc armies for weeks to come before getting tired of the experience.


Community writer and RPG enthusiast Greyson Ditzler (aka PurplePocketPirate) added a bit of retro to his catalog recently, with one game, in particular, that might be rather familiar to some of you.

I've been playing a lot of different games lately, but I'm usually juggling a lot of them at once, so that's not all that different. I've been playing a lot of Battle Chef Brigade, and It's been a lot of fun. It gives you a lot more freedom to be creative than most cooking games, and the art is pretty nice, even if there isn't a lot of movement. I'm replaying it on Hard mode right now and making different story choices, so I can get the most out of it.

I also recently got a Sega Genesis, and that's been an interesting learning process. I bought it to play Rocket Knight Adventures -- which is Konami hard so far, but a lot of fun and really charming -- because it's never been ported, but looked like it would be right up my alley. Getting used to a button scheme with three primary buttons instead of two or four has been a surprising bump in the road for me, and I've had to adjust to the stiffness of the Genesis D-Pad, but other than that, I'm having a blast. Rocket Knight has a lot of surprises, a cute, bumbling protagonist, and boss fights every five minutes or so. Hard, but creative, and lots of fun. Also, it has a possum with a jet pack and a sword, so of course I had to try it at some point.

I've also been playing a lot of Streets of Rage 2 on my Genesis. I picked it up because I heard that it was one of the best beat-em-ups you can find, and so far, they're pretty right. Slick, pixelated graphics, tons of combos, and a wonderfully robust and bright '90's radical aesthetic. And the music. Oh sweet lord, the music. A lot of Genesis games can have flat out awful music, made of nothing but bubbling blips and chips with no direction, but this stuff is Grade A classic. The theme of the first level is so good I would seriously blast it out of my car's windows if I was driving downtown... You know, if I had a car. Yuzo Koshiro knows what's up. Check out the soundtrack if nothing else.

Super Mario Odyssey has been great, but there's not much point going in to that, since most people have heard about that already. Though I will admit that I've been playing it a lot when I've got a spare minute--just picking it up to collect a few moons before I leave for a class or whatever. Fantastic game; still not sure if it beats Galaxy for me, but it's damn good.

I also replayed VA-11 HALL-A recently on the Vita for the sake of my review on GameSkinny. Nothing much to say here I haven't said already. It's just a really pretty, compelling, well-presented visual novel with unique gameplay and a great cast of sci-fi and manga misfits, in a world of Bladerunner meets Cheers.

Lastly, during the Thanksgiving festivities I played a lot of Jackbox Party Pack 3 with my friends and family. I seriously think Jackbox might be the best names in Party games right now. They make cheap, easy to understand, fun and funny games that basically anyone can understand and play without a lot of complicated set-up. If you haven't played Quiplash 2 or T.K.O. with a full group of people at least once, then you haven't lived.

That's most of the interesting stuff I've been playing. The list will grow after Christmas, I can tell you that much.

Kat De Shields

Kat De Shields, our Journalism Training Program coordinator and communications manager, found some excellent mobile indies to keep her company during her holiday travels.

This past month, mainly due to travel, it's been all about games I can play on my phone or iPad.

Milkmaid of the Milky Way is a gorgeous, point-and-click adventure game set in western Norway in 1929. Ruth lives on a farm alone and makes butter and cheese from the milk her cows produce. When an alien ship abducts her beloved cows, it sparks the adventure she was waiting for. The soundtrack is lovely, and the game displays just how gorgeous pixel art can be.

Old Man's Journey is more of a story than a game with puzzle elements. If you're a sucker for atmosphere, this game has a lot of it, with wonderful artwork and a charming soundtrack. As an old man, you travel through the French countryside and stop at locations packed with memories to discover what sparked the spontaneous journey in the first place. It's bittersweet, in the best way possible, and is a lovely illustration of the love, loss, and hope we all experience as humans.

I'm also sinking more hours than I should into Game Dev Story (not to be confused with Game Dev Tycoon). It provides an entertaining glimpse into the world of game development, encompassing hiring/outsourcing work, how decisions are made as consoles are released, and how genre popularity and your fan-base changes.

Jonathan Moore

In between gear reviews, our Senior Editor Jonathan Moore has been playing quite a few games in different genres over the past month -- some new and some old. 

As a self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd, it was inevitable that'd I'd be playing a lot of Battlefront 2. And over the last month, for better or worse, that's exactly what I've been doing. Sure, the game has a ton of things wrong with it and its MMR leaves a lot to be desired (that's not to mention the loot and progression system ... but I won't get into that cluster here). But at its core, BF2 is a fantastically fun game -- and that's what we're all here for anyway: fun. If you're not sure if you should pick it up yet, I'd say let the price come down a little and bite. The mechanics are solid, the story is great fun, and StarFighter Assault is hands down my favorite gameplay mode of any shooter this year -- to be melodramatic: it saves the game. 

On top of that, I've been rummaging around the world of Fallout 4 quite a bit. I never played when it first came out -- it was one of those games in my backlog that just sat on a digital shelf for about a year. But man, am I glad I jumped in. The base-builiding aspect of F4 put its hooks in me and I can't stop scavenging to build walls, workshops, and turrets. I've put in around 42 hours so far and have barely scratched the surface of the story. Help -- I have a problem. 

Stephen keeps saying I need to play Horizon: Zero Dawn (which I really do). But these two games are going to carry me well through December.


What are you playing this month? Let us know down in the comments!

How to Unlock and Use the V2 Rocket in CoD: WW2 Wed, 15 Nov 2017 16:13:16 -0500 Brandon Janeway

It's another year and, so, there's another Call of Duty game, with this year's title being the highly anticipated Call of Duty: WWII. This title has brought back an all time Call of Duty favorite scorestreak, the nuke. This time around, it's the V2 Rocket, only it's not the type of nuke you might be familiar with from previous entries.

What Are Scorestreaks and Nukes?

A scorestreak in CoD games rewards players with special items for earning an unbroken stream of points, either for completing objectives or wracking up kills. Nukes are a type of scorestreak reward, and in previous entries, they would immediately end a multiplayer match.

The V2 Rocket

The V2 Rocket is a special Call of Duty multiplayer function that allows players to call down a bomb and kill any player that is not under some form of cover. This special ability is only available in ranked online multiplayer matches, so you won't be able to access it in private matches.

It's not the same powerhouse seen in earlier games, but still has the potential to change the course of the match. This nuke no longer ends the game, but will give you enough points to tip the balance in your favor.

How to Unlock

If you want to access the V2 Rocket, you're going to have to do a couple of things.


First, you need to prestige in all 5 divisions of the game: Infantry, Armored, Airborne, Mountain, and Expeditionary. This will take some time to achieve, so don't expect to have this ability as soon as you play the game, and plan on grinding a fair amount. 

The divisions are the class system for COD: WWII, and you can prestige each by playing them repeatedly in multiplayer. Completing objectives is the easiest way to earn XP, but certain modes, like Domination and Hardpoint, where you earn steady streams of XP for defending certain points, or Deathmatch, which gives you extra XP for the number of kills you make.Each of the divisions has their own unique loadout combinations, so you'll have to adjust to different play styles.

Unlike other scorestreaks, you don't need to equip the V2 Rocket to a loadout to use it. It is automatically given to you as a scorestreak once you achieve  prestige in all 5 divisions. 


Once you have unlocked the V2 rocket, the next challenge is using it. You must obtain a 25 player killstreak of 25. If you're not aware what a killstreak it is, it's essentially the number of kills you have achieved in succession without dying (and you start from 0 if you do die). The 25 player killstreak must obtained without using another score streak, so you need to avoid using any other scorestreaks you unlock while in a match. After the 25th kill, a message will appear on the screen that the V2 Rocket is unlocked, and it will tell you what button to press to use it. 

How to Use

When you use the V2 Rocket, you'll need to consider the situation, including the state of the match. You  want to use it when you know enemies are not under or near cover for it to be effective. This also means it is not the most useful in areas that have a lot of cover and inside areas, so you should weigh the risk of obtaining the rocket versus your other scorestreaks that might be more effective more often. 

One method would be to use teamwork, creating distractions or luring as many opponents out from cover as possible before launching the V2 and securing victory. Consider too whether it's better to use  sooner or later, since it no longer ends the match automatically. For example, if you turn the tables too soon, it can mean you've used the best weapon available and still have the chance to lose later on.


Not many people have used the nuke yet, given how long it takes to unlock it, so how it affects the multiplayer scene and what strategies players developer around it remain to be seen.

Let us know in the comments if you've used the V2 Rocket already or if you think it's worth it, and be sure to check out our other Call of Duty: WWII guides!

The Impact of Microtransactions in the Video Game Industry Fri, 08 Dec 2017 16:23:21 -0500 JoeGilbert

With the recent controversies around Shadow of War and Battlefront II, the role of microtransactions in the video game industry has once again brought itself to the spotlight. This has been further highlighted by the patent granted to Activision on October 17th, which the publisher filed for back in 2015.

Activision’s patent suggests a model that utilizes matchmaking to encourage players to make in-game purchases. One example which was detailed in the patent is the possibility for each player to have a specific profile assigned to them, storing stats such as their playstyle and most commonly used weapons. The matchmaking system can then use this to ensure that each player is sorted into a game on a map that suits their playstyle, encouraging them to further develop this style and invest into weapons or upgrades, purchasable through real-world money, that can enhance their ability.

Similarly, a low-level player who commonly uses a sniper class could be intentionally sorted into a game with a high-level player who is very effective with the sniper class and uses a weapon that can be earned via microtransaction. The low-level player will then want to emulate the high-level player, purchasing the same weapon through in-game microtransactions. How well this concept works in practice is yet to be seen, as Activision has stated that it has not yet released a game with this method included. While this is likely true, it's also a distinct possibility that we wouldn't know that this system had been implemented unless we were told that it was.

Microtransactions, Loot boxes, and More!

So let’s have a look at a few examples of the current state of microtransactions in games, as well as their partner-in-crime, loot boxes. Take this first example with a grain of salt, as it is mostly based on rumors and we likely will never know the full story.

EA's Star Wars Blunder #1: Visceral's Star Wars

On October 18, 2017, Electronic Arts shut down Visceral Games with immediate effect. This came as a shock to many people considering the developer’s pedigree, particularly with single-player action games such as the Dead Space series. The key word here is single-player.

The marquee game currently in development at the studio at the time of closing was an unnamed Star Wars project, pioneered by Amy Hennig, former lead on the Uncharted series. While the only part of the game to be shown was a sub-30 second teaser trailer with no gameplay, it had been heavily assumed and suggested that the game would be a single-player action experience, building on Visceral’s specialty and taking inspiration from Amy Hennig’s previous work with Uncharted.

The project also continued on from some of the work completed on the previously-canned Star Wars 1313 project, another game that was heavily anticipated with a tumultuous development cycle. However, the Visceral Star Wars game did not fit into EA’s new vision of games-as-services. So if Visceral couldn’t make a Star Wars game that could work in EA’s microtransactions, then someone else would have to do it.

Upon the termination of the studio, the project has been moved over to EA Worldwide Studios. This is a group of EA’s best developers, who said in their mission statement from the CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson, that they were focused on games “in a networked environment”. Here's hoping that talented creators such as Jade Raymond, who left her position as managing director of Ubisoft Toronto to oversee Visceral, and Kim Swift, design director of the game and formerly lead designer of Portal, can be included in this next venture.

EA's Star Wars Blunder #2: Star Wars Battlefront II 

Elsewhere in the Star Wars/EA universe, the internet has been set further ablaze by the recent release of Star Wars Battlefront II.

To sum up the economy of the game, the purchasable loot boxes can provide the player with in-game credits and ‘Star Cards’. These Star Cards provide boosts to your character in multiplayer, allowing the player to get an advantage over their enemies. Star Cards are also available through traditional progression, which is always the excuse of the publisher despite however much of an advantage spending money provides to players.

Many gamers would have been outraged about this, if not for the even greater blunder of withholding the ability to play as major Star Wars characters behind either a paywall or tens of hours of progression. Just think about that for a second, EA made it extremely difficult to play as Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in a Star Wars game. That’s half the reason why people play Star Wars games to begin with.

The in-game credits that can be found in loot boxes are used to unlock characters to play as in the multiplayer modes, and can also be earned at an incredibly slow-rate through regular game progression. Following fans discovering this, EA responded by reducing the credits needed to unlock these characters by 75%. Player outrage still refused to cease, culminating in a response from the EA Community Team to a Reddit post complaining about the state of the game and the difficulty in gaining access to classic Star Wars characters. That response from EA, which claimed that they wanted to “provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes”, has now become the most downvoted comment ever on the platform, sporting over -675,000 points at the time of writing.

EA has since put out a public statement explaining their decision to temporarily remove in-game purchases from Battlefront II, while keeping their guise as an evil corporation up by stating to investors that this action will not significantly affect the game’s profits. Either the company is just trying to save face with investors through this statement, or EA is just so greedy that they are willing to knowingly lower the enjoyment of the game just for a small cash bonus that is not significant to them. Battlefront II showed promise at E3 by claiming to be fulfilling players' wishes with the inclusion of a single-player campaign --which is only ~4 hours long and very half-baked-- but has merely become what players least wanted from one of the most hailed IP in all media.

2K Joins The Fray

Moving on from the Star Wars property, NBA 2K18 has received massive amounts of criticism due to its heavy inclusion of microtransactions throughout the entirety of the game. Take-Two Interactive have a clear history of success with microtransactions in games, proven by Grand Theft Auto V's Grand Theft Auto Online mode. The Rockstar-developed game had a player count of over 1.5 million in just the last two weeks on Steam, according to SteamSpy. To still have this amount of players over 4 years after the release of the game shows how effective games-as-services can be at keeping players interested, and the ability of Rockstar to still be releasing completely free expansions to the online game suggests that they are still making a significant amount of money from the online player-base. So why not transfer these successful practices to Take-Two’s other franchises?

That was apparently the thinking behind the production of NBA 2K18, leading to the inclusion of an abundance of in-game purchases. You cannot take two clicks through the menus without the advertisement of ‘VC’, the lazily-named virtual currency, being thrown in your face. Progress in the game is slowed to the point that purchasing VC is almost necessary to find the developer’s intended user experience. 2K claims that the in-game purchases only speed up the game’s progression, but what kind of message does it send that the publishers of the game offer you the ability to pay so that you can play less of it?

WWE 2K18, another 2K-published game, also has the same over-saturation of loot boxes that can be found in NBA. However, the interesting twist in the case of WWE is that the game has a clear environment designed to involve microtransactions, yet does not feature any form of in-game purchasing, excluding the usual DLC that comes every year. Many have speculated that the game will receive an update to make the loot boxes purchasable throughout the year or in next year’s entry, but the Yuke’s-developed game has been left in a form of limbo, both being slowed down and restricted by the introduction of loot boxes, yet not having any way for the player to take advantage of the implemented loot box system, even by providing money to the creators of the game.

Activision's Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Similar to the inclusion of NBA 2K18’s multitude of microtransactions that aim to “fast-forward your progress”, Warner Bros’ recently released Middle Earth: Shadow of War, a single-player Western RPG, has purchasable Loot Chests and War Chests that yield in-game items.

Monolith Productions, the developers of Shadow of War, claim that in-game balancing was completed without the use of any purchasable chests. However, multiple reports from players of the game have stated that Act 4, which is essentially post-game content, presents an insane skill gap from the rest of the game, and requires hours of grinding to reach the required levels, all for a single cutscene that reveals the true ending of the game. So it seems somewhat convenient that players looking for the true ending of the game can skip the excessive amounts that the game forces you to play by just purchasing loot chests.

To be fair, there are plenty of games whose post-game is extremely grind intensive. Final Fantasy XIII's post game comes to mind almost immediately, but FFXIII didn't have microtransactions. But in this modern era, it's hard not to feel cynical about a game that has such a significant post-game grind when it already costs $60 (£55) and features microtransactions despite being almost exclusively a single player experience. I can't help but feel that if Shadow of War did not have any form of microtransaction included, Act 4 of the game would either be nowhere to be seen or would be so radically different that it would not require such a grind for the player to finish. 

Activision's Call of Duty: World War II

Bringing the conversation back around to Activision, the recently released Call of Duty: WWII unsurprisingly has its own form of loot boxes. The franchise has commonly featured loot boxes throughout the last few entries, and not much has changed in terms of the form that the boxes take in the latest release. The change that is significant in this year’s release is the introduction of a new hub area, known appropriately as the Headquarters.

Headquarters is a non-PvP area that allows players to gather and socialise in between matches, much akin to the Tower in Destiny. This new feature has brought about a rare innovation in the loot box system, which brings with it both positives and negatives. Essentially, when a player purchases a loot box in the Headquarters, a literal loot box lands and the player can open it and see what they receive. The key to this is that it drops in the socialising area, meaning that any players around the area at the time can also watch and enjoy the opening together.

While I do applaud this implementation as it brings more entertainment to the overall experience of opening loot boxes and presents them in a way that can make them feel as if they are a part of the game rather than an unnecessary add-on, the ability to view other openings in-game is a clear ploy to tempt more players into making in-game purchases.

There is nothing stopping Activision exploiting this in opaque manners, through methods such as bots in-game who sit in the Headquarters area and occasionally open loot boxes around players, or increasing the odds of receiving rarer items when a player has more viewers watching their opening. The worrying part of this is the fact that loot boxes are becoming more and more entrenched as actual features of games, infecting them in a way that cannot be simply removed by removing the ability to make purchases in-game.

Gathering At The Table

Progression in many franchises is now built with microtransactions in mind, becoming a key factor in the production of games. The further publishers delve into this trend, the less willing they will be to not only give up on possible free income from customers, but also to spend money restructuring their games to be based around natural in-game progression without any extenuating factors. 

Because of this we, as an industry, need to have a discussion about the morals and ethics of in-game purchases. Many questions need to be asked about the subject: Do they have a place in Free-to-Play games vs full-priced games? Are they okay if they’re only cosmetic? Should they be allowed in games aimed at children?

The outrage culture on the internet has begun their discussion, as usual. In the UK a petition against microtransactions has garnered over 10,000 signatures, requiring the UK government to respond.

In the past, the video game industry has avoided the involvement of governments in the management of games through self-policing boards such as PEGI and the ESRB. Groups such as these ensure games are created and sold ethically and morally, removing the need for situations like Australia, where games such as Saint’s Row IV and South Park: The Stick of Truth have previously been banned for their "maturity", or lack thereof.

It is likely that the government response to the petition will simply be a blanket statement that does not really address the issue, similar to the majority of online petitions that reach that threshold. However, government action is being considered in other locations, specifically Belgium and the state of Hawaii. 

The State Representative of Hawaii, Chris Lee, has announced an investigation into the practices of publishers who include microtransactions in their games, and whether or not they cross the line of gambling. Surprisingly for a government representative, Lee seemed very knowledgeable on the subject, describing Battlefront II as a "Star Wars-themed online casino designed to lure kids into spending money."

The gambling authority of Belgium took less than a week to complete their investigation and the result was resounding - microtransactions are a dangerous form of gambling. Following the investigation, the Belgian Minister of Justice stated that "mixing gambling and gaming, especially at a young age, is dangerous for the mental health of the child." Belgium has now begun the process of executing a total ban on microtransactions in the country through European Union rules.

If these two actions have a knock-on effect to the rest of America and the EU, we could be seeing a major shift throughout the industry in the next few years.

Closing Arguments

As for now, in the moment, what can you and I do? Well, we can sit and play our games as normal and hope this all blows over in a couple years, but realistically that isn’t going to happen. We need to make ourselves heard. We need to continue to let our opinions and vocies be heard on Twitter and Reddit, but we also need to speak their language. Not morals and ethics, but money.

Looking for a third-person open-world adventure game to play? Forget Shadow of War and pick up Horizon: Zero Dawn in order to play one of the best games of the year, whilst also going against microtransactions and supporting new IP. Instead of buying a loot box in an AAA game, pick up a Mike Bithell-developed game in a sale, and enjoy an innovative experience, while supporting indie developers, the real source of progression in our industry. Enjoy quality games, find new experiences, and vote with your wallet.

Xbox One X Releases Today -- Here's What You Need To Know Tue, 07 Nov 2017 19:38:45 -0500 ThatGamersAsylum

Back at E3, Microsoft announced their long-in-development 4K upgrade to the Xbox One. Dubbing it the Xbox One X, Microsoft sought to brandish the most powerful console on the market. And now that it's finally in the wild, there are a few things you should know before picking it up.

First among these being that the Xbox One X will set you back $500. For this, you will get a system that can play games in true 4K, which no other console can currently do. Many games will also be able to take advantage of HDR, which allows for a more dynamic range of colors. Lastly, some games will still see some small enhancements for the Xbox One X regardless.

It should be noted that there are not going to be any games exclusive to the Xbox One X that will not also be released on the normal Xbox One as Microsoft does not wish to fracture the install base. Moreover, while you do not need a 4K TV to use this system, there's not much point in having this system without a 4K TV.

It should also be noted that not all games will be able to take advantage of 4K, HDR, or Xbox One X Enhancements; only games that are being supported by developers will have those features. This means that mainly bigger, AAA titles will be supported. On the same note, there are older releases that will be seeing patches to allow access to some of these enhancements, however, the enhancements from game to game can drastically vary.

Microsoft has put together a full list of all the titles that will be taking advantage of the Xbox One X's new capabilities, which can be found here. Wikipedia also has a compendium of games that take advantage of the Xbox One X

Notable titles that are being supported by these upgrades are:

  1. Titanfall 2
  2. Middle Earth: Shadow of War
  3. Forza 7
  4. Assassin's Creed: Origins
  5. Gears of War 4
  6. Rise of the Tomb Raider
  7. Madden 18 
  8. FIFA 18
  9. NBA 2K 18
  10. Call of Duty: World War 2
  11. Crackdown 3 (In Development)
  12. Final Fantasy XV
  13. Halo Wars 2
  14. Mafia 3
  15. PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds (in Development)
  16. Slime Rancher
  17. Star Wars Battlefront 2
  18. And much, much more...

So there you have it, all the basics you need to know associated with the release of the Xbox One X. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news and information on the Xbox One X as it develops. 

Gift Guide: 9 Fragtastic Care Packages for Call of Duty Fans in 2017 Tue, 14 Nov 2017 15:28:23 -0500 Jonathan Moore


Whether you're looking for stocking stuffers or something a little meatier, there are plenty of awesome gifts out there for the Call of Duty fan in your life. This list of gift ideas only scratches the surface of the options at your fingertips, with Amazon, ThinkGeek, Etsy, RedBubble and other physical and online retailers stockpiling tons of great choices. 


From the games themselves to durable backpacks, jackets, drones, and more, Call of Duty has expanded from a $5-rack PC-shooter to a multi-billion dollar household name. As you prepare to storm the beaches on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, make sure to keep some of these gifts in mind -- they very well could be the linchpin in your gift-giving strategy. 


Call of Duty: WWII -- War Zone Front Line T-Shirt 


Price: $19.99
Buy it on: Amazon


Sure, you don't want to be that guy (or girl) that gives your special someone socks for the holidays -- but gifting them a kick ass Call of Duty shirt is another thing entirely. Made of 100% cotton, this unisex T-shirt comes in five different colors and an array of sizes. 


Of course, there are a ton of other Call of Duty inspired clothing options out there, but few of them are as elegant as this particular shirt (if you can ever actually be elegant wearing a T-shirt ...). The design is subtle, yet emblematic of the CoD franchise as a whole, and it comes in at an affordable price. It might not be as flashy as some of the other gamer gift ideas on this list, but it's a nice addition to any Call of Duty fan's warchest. 


ASTRO Gaming A10 Headset -- Call of Duty 


Price: $64.99
Buy it on: Amazon


Finding a reliable gaming headset for console players can be a long, tough journey. There's a plethora of budget brands and models that just don't get the job the done -- and sifting through the detritus to find the headsets that are worthwhile can be a time-consuming process. 


Luckily, you can pretty much always count on ASTRO to bring the big guns. Outside of Turtle Beach, ASTRO is one of the best manufacturers of console headsets you can currently find. And the company's Call of Duty branded offering is no different.


Hearing your enemy before you see them -- or they see you -- is a huge advantage even in casual Call of Duty play. You can't rack up killstreaks and get care packages if you don't have the jump on your adversary. And with ASTRO's A10 Call of Duty headset, you can rest assured that you'll hear every movement two steps ahead. 


Not only is it comfortable for extended multiplayer frag fests, but it's used by pro CoD players the world over -- so it's well worth the $65 price tag this holiday season. 


Call of Duty -- Woods Funko Pop Figure


Price: $7.50
Buy it on: Amazon


Leading the charge in the Call of Duty: Black Ops trilogy, players saw Frank Woods go from a marine in the Korean War to an SOG special agent -- becoming a veritable bad ass in the process. And the only way Woods could be even more badass is taking up a post on your desktop. 


Funko has been making figures and bobbleheads of your favorite gaming characters for a while now. The company's catalog is constantly growing, while the quality of its products only gets better. As someone who has far too many Star Wars Funko figures, trust me when I saw that these guys are as tough as MSGT. Frank Woods looks. 


Of course, Woods isn't the only Call of Duty character to grace the CoD Funko line. You can also find Nazi zombies, Modern Warfare's Capt. Price, a Juggernaut soldier, and much more. Affordably priced, Funko figures and bobbleheads are great stocking stuffers for any Call of Duty fan this holiday season. 


Call of Duty Zombie Mode Replica Ray Gun


Price: $176.87
Buy it on: Etsy


Another holiday gift straight from Call of Duty's zombie horde mode, this replica ray gun brings one of the franchise's most powerful weapons to life in flawless form. Any long-time CoD fan will immediately recognize the gun that helped them defeat wave after wave of relentless undead. 


Measuring in at about 15", this piece is perfect for both a desk accent piece or for cosplayers that need to complete their Call of Duty look -- and stand out while doing it. The ray gun comes with authentically-branded batteries and can shoot its included two-painted ammo. Just be sure to go ahead and order this bad boy if you're considering it -- shipping from the United Kingdom, the ray gun typically takes a three to five weeks to ship. 


Call Of Duty: Black Ops Juggernog Soda LED Light


Price: $20.99
Buy it on: Etsy


There's little (read:no) doubt that every Call of Duty fan knows what Juggernog is and what it can do for them in the heat of battle -- especially when they're staring down a ravenous zombie horde, Nazi or otherwise. But they may not know that they can get their hands on this magical elixir in real life. 


Sure, they might not actually be able to drink this Juggernog and gain unbelievable superpowers, but these true-to-form LED lights will make any war room look even more authentic.


The hand-crafted, 12oz. glass bottles use three A76 Cell batteries to power the wireless LEDs inside. But even though you can't run down to the store and pick up new ones if they run out, these batteries are rated for more than 100,000 hours of use. That means this Juggernog's got legs. 


Call of Duty Six-Poster Set


Price: $60
Buy it on: Etsy


Although not official artwork from the Call of Duty games, this six-poster set from PSRDesign elegantly captures the raw aesthetic of the franchise. Inspired by some of the best games in the series, from Call of Duty: Ghosts and Modern Warfare to Black Ops III and Advanced Warfare, these handmade art pieces are the perfect accents for any CoD fan's command center. 


Each poster measures 18x12in and takes up to three to five days to ship once ordered. There are, of course, other CoD-inspired prints and posters out there, but these are some of the most true-to-the-series pieces currently available. Just keep in mind that you'll also have to buy frames for these grunts -- no pre-framed options are provided by the seller.  


Razer DeathAdder Chroma Call of Duty: Black Ops III Edition


Price: $45.95
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (82 reviews)
Buy it on: Amazon


Sure, Call of Duty: Black Ops III is a few years old at this point, but it's one of the more popular entries in the franchise, with thousands of gamers still playing it on Steam each and very month.  


Sure, the design on this mouse is pretty killer, but more important than its design is its functionality. Razer is well-known in the PC world as a top-tier mouse manufacturer -- and the DeathAdder is one of its most popular gaming mice ever made. It didn't quite make our list of best gaming mice for hardcore gamers in 2017, but don't let that fool you: the DeathAdder is an accurate and precise mouse plenty of gamers would love to have in their peripherals arsenal.  


KontrolFreek FPS Freek Call of Duty: WWII


Platforms: Xbox One, PS4
Price: $19.99
Buy it on: Amazon


There's little doubt about it: Kontrol Freek makes some of the very best performance thumbsticks there are. Manufactured with high-quality materials, these emblazoned, high-rise (12.2mm) sticks give Call of Duty players the advantage not only in campaign modes, but also in multiplayer modes such as team deathmatch and free-for-all. 


These sticks are meant for high-speed gunplay, where accuracy is an absolute must, and they allow CoD players to adjust their controller sensitivity to pull off the necessary kill shots to win the match. On top of that, the concave design of these thumbsticks better helps players secure their grip on each stick -- and gain better control of their in-game movements and actions. 


Of course, that won't mean players will have the accuracy of a gaming mouse on their console, but it does mean they'll be decidedly deadlier than their console compatriots. And if these thumbsticks don't suit your fancy, there are dozens of other Kontrol Freek thumbsticks for a variety of playstyles.


Call of Duty: WWII


Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Price: $59.88
Buy it on: Amazon

Call of Duty: WWII takes CoD players back to the beaches and hedgerows of Western Europe during the Second World War. It's a return to the series' storied roots and sees the reappearance of health packs and jetpack-less multiplayer. Players will still find in CoD: WWII the huge, sometimes unbelievable set pieces that have come to define the franchise over the years, but things are much more anchored in reality this time around. 

The gritty campaign lasts between five and eight hours, but the series' vaunted multiplayer adds to that dozens of hours with modes like team deathmatch, headquarters, and free-for-all. On top of that, the popular Nazi Zombies mode makes a terrifying return, adding classic horror elements to the horde mode experience. And you can get even more play time if you also purchase the Season Pass for $49.99. 


For those CoD players that don't already have WWII for their console or PC, it's the perfect Nazi-bashing holiday gift. 


Whether they're fighting Nazis on the beaches of Normandy or intercepting bioweapons in the skies above Antarctica, Call of Duty players are tenacious, dedicated, and fervently loyal to the FPS series that reinvented the genre. And the best way to commend their continued service this holiday season is to send them a care package full of Call of Duty loot and gear. 


From the games and their expansion passes to bobbleheads, art prints, clothing, and more, there's a plethora of gifts in the CoD commissary for any and all fans of the series. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly approaching, now's the time to start looking -- and securing -- those coveted supply drops. 

Call Of Duty WW2: Every Single Memento Collectible Location Revealed Mon, 06 Nov 2017 17:40:47 -0500 Ty Arthur

Whether you are invading the beaches of France, roasting Nazis to a crisp in their bunkers, or crossing the last bridge towards Berlin, there's a lot to do in Call Of Duty WW2's single player campaign.

From performing heroic actions to using squad skills, the completionist won't be lacking in objectives and achievements to hunt down, like picking up all the collectibles. 

Three memento collectibles are found in every single level (minus the Epilogue), for a total of 33. These mementos are scattered in some pretty hard to find locations, so its easy to miss a bunch of them if you are just playing through and not actively searching every inch of the maps.

Mission 1: D-Day Mementos

Memento #1

During the Ascend The Bluffs objective while Red is clearing the trenches, you will move underneath a wooden trench bridge and then forward a bit will be a machine gun nest facing towards the beach. The first memento is a Nazi knife sitting near the sandbags at the front of the nest.

 Memento 1 - Nazi Knife

Memento #2

Later in the same mission when your objective is to clear the third out of five bunkers in the trenches, there's a point where you can go forward into the bunker (your team should be standing right outside) or turn left and go down another trench tunnel. Go left and forward, then turn right into a small building that isn't part of the bunker clearing objective. This compass memento is sitting on a box right inside.

 Memento 2 - Compass

Memento #3

During the Destroy The Artillery objective, just after you are given thermite to blow up the artillery cannon, go into the barn building nearby. If you enter the far-right open entrance, the pathfinder patch memento is directly to your right on the bench.

 Memento 3 - Pathfinder Patch

Mission 2: Cobra Mementos

Memento #4

In the beginning during the Get On The Tank objective, instead of going forward towards the tank, turn right and head off to the side where there's a chair and two soldiers by a stack of barrels. The lighter memento is sitting on one of the upright barrels.

 Memento 4 - Lighter

Memento #5

When Red and the platoon are trying to reach the AA gun, there's a segment where you run across a large field that's partially on fire and has a bunch of random objects like a wagon and some barrels. Instead of running towards the objective, stay to the left to find a small shack in the corner. The pocket watch memento is on the desk inside the shack.

 Memento 5 - Pocket Watch

Memento #6

When you are pushing forward and using the tanks for cover, head over to the far right side of the area and look for a burning mine shaft entrance. The gas mas memento is on a Nazi corpse in the corner of the underground area.

 Memento 6 - Gas Mask

Mission 3: Stronghold Mementos

Memento #7

When your objective is to Take The Church and you have to fight past the Nazis hiding behind the cars in front of a destroyed building, head inside the building and go up the stairs to second floor.

There's a spot where it looks like you should jump across the broken floor to another location, but don't actually jump. Instead, go right to the edge and then turn around, and you will see the locket memento hanging on the other side of the wall.

 Memento 7 - Locket

Memento #8

Inside the church, when snipers are shooting at from the area high above, go forward past the ammo box and piano then hang a right into the open area nearby. Turn around so you are facing the front of the church and look down to find the SS pin memento in a broken section of floor.

 Memento 8 - SS Pin

Memento #9

When you have to defend against hordes of troops coming up the right and left paths, go slightly down the right side path and look for a broken segment of ground in front of a door. The fuel canister memento is on the ground in front of the door.

 Memento 9 - Fuel Canister

Mission 4: S.O.E. Mementos

Memento #10

During the Stop The Train objective, go inside the house with the car parked outside and wagon wheel near the door. Head all the way through the house to the cobblestone parking area on the back side. The memento is in a hidden barrel that's just out of sight behind a bush and next to the two bodies.

 Memento 10 - White Rose Poster

Memento #11

During the same objective you will walk by a huge bonfire into a house. Go forward into the back room and look for the memento sitting on a desk to your left next to a vase of flowers.

 Memento 11 - Dog Collar

Memento #12

After the train chase when the objective is Rally With Your Squad, crouch underneath the fallen segment of train, then hang a right and go forward to find a corner with a bunch of destroyed boxes. The memento is on top of a box.

 Memento 12 - Rocket Blueprint

Mission 5: Liberation Mementos

Memento #13

When you get inside the building and enter the main ground floor room to start looking for your contact, go forward through the open double doors and past the black cage. Turn right and then open the bathroom door. The collectible is on the floor inside one of the open stalls.

 Memento 13 - Propaganda Poster

Memento #14

After killing the Nazi with the broken bottle you enter a stealth segment where you need to sneak past guards to plant the explosives. Instead of jumping down, go to the right of the banister outside the window and jump across to another ledge that's barely visible. Head forward underneath the big red banners and take out the guard patrolling the upper area.

Go inside the window to your right and head out of the room into the waiting area, where you have to kill another guard. Go down the stairs and towards the room with the truck where you are supposed to plant the explosives. Instead of doing that, pick the lock on the door next to the truck. Turn right and go up the stairs to the second floor. Head into the office to find the next memento on the floor right next to the door.

 Memento 14 - Liquor Bottle

Memento #15

When the mission switches back to Red and you need to assault the garrison, there's a segment when you can look to your right to see the large building with the search lights going behind. Cross the bridge and go forward to the area with the semi-circle half walls. The memento is on the table beyond the half wall.

 Memento 15 - German Medal

Mission 6: Collateral Damage Mementos

Memento #16

When you go by the statue on the way to finding the hotel, head to the right past the cars and craters and run to the end of the street beyond the signs. Turn left to see your squad sitting there waiting. The memento is on top of the piano by the wall.

 Memento 16 - Music Sheet

Memento #17

In the building with the large holes in the walls (where you perform a heroic action), there's a point where you can go forward and up through another blasted hole, or instead turn left at a painting. Go forward past the painting instead of turning left, then head up to the next floor and go down the hallway. Jump across the open chasm to the other room with the couch to find the memento sitting on the fireplace.

 Memento 17 - Cigarette Box

Memento #18

After pushing the truck out of the way and blowing up the wall to gain access to the hotel, immediately turn right and go inside the first door on the right hand side of the hallway. The memento is near the floor on the back side of the counter.

 Memento 18 - Hotel Pen

Mission 7: Death Factory Mementos

Memento #19

During the Eliminate The Mortar Team objective, jump down into the area with the trucks and supplies and head to the back of one of the trucks. The memento is on the stack of boxes next to the rear of the truck.

 Memento 19 - German Flare Gun

Memento #20

In the Find Your Squad objective segment, go past the dead paratrooper hanging from the tree and jump over the broken piece of plane wing to the left. Jump over some logs and shoot the dog that rushes towards you, then look directly to your left to see the memento in the cockpit section of the crashed plane.

 Memento 20 - Food Container

Memento #21

In the sniper segment when you have to crawl through the maze, open the thick steel door leading to the sniper nest where a soldier rushes out and hits you with the butt of his gun. After taking out the Nazi, head upstairs and kill the sniper when he jumps out of hiding.

Turn around so you are facing the stairs going down, and jump across to a ledge. Turn around again so you are facing back towards the sniper's nest, and you will see the memento on the floor.

 Memento 21 - US Army Rations

Mission 8: Hill 493 Mementos

Memento #22

When you have to escort the engineer up the hill towards the bunker, there's a dead soldier lying by a tree stump on the right side. The memento is directly n ext to the soldier's body.

 Memento 22 - Journal

Memento #23

When you are in the trenches for the Destroy The Artillery objective, directly to the right of the artillery piece is a hidden alcove where the next memento is located.

 Memento 23 - Pipe

Memento #24

After opening another heavy steel door, you will be commanded to sweep the area before you can get to the next artillery gun. Turn left down the trench and run all the way forward until you see a partially hidden cement pillbox. The memento is on the open window section.

 Memento 24 - Bill Fold

Mission 9: Battle Of The Bulge Mementos

Memento #25

When you gain control of Red and are supposed to deliver a case of ammo, the memento is available almost immediately. Just ahead and to your right are several soldiers talking. Just in front of them is a camera sitting on the rock to your right.

 Memento 25 - Camera

Memento #26

Immediately after delivering the ammo box at the base of the Christmas tree, this memento can be found on the right side of the dug out segment next to a branch.

 Memento 26 - Comic Book

Memento #27

During the Hold The Line objective when everyone is behind the half wall cover, go to the far right side of the line and then turn around and go up a short path to find another dug out section covered in tarp. The memento is on a box on the left side.

 Memento 27 - US Metal Wings

Mission 10: Ambush Mementos

Memento #28

During the Reach The Overwatch Position objective, climb under a hole in the fence near the ground and go inside the bunker immediately to your right (a truck will be on your left). Head forward out the side door of the bunker, then enter the next bunker across from you. The memento is on the table with the lamp.

 Memento 28 - Magazine

Memento #29

During the Reach The Tower objective, run into the red bunkhouse. The memento is on the right side of the bunkhouse on top of a night stand near the closed door.

 Memento 29 - Silver Flask

Memento #30

During the segment where you are supposed to provide overwatch for Piers on, head into the tower but don't go up the stairs yet. Instead, turn right to find this memento sitting on some boxes underneath the metal support beams.

 Memento 30 - German Wings Medal

Mission 11: The Rhine Mementos

Memento #31

During the objective to Secure The Tower where you have to run up the open tower on the right, run up two flights of stairs so you are on the second to top floor. The memento is in the middle of the floor by a dead soldier and a series of boxes.

 Memento 31 - German Canteen

Memento #32

When you next have to go up a tower on the left side, head to the second floor and grab this memento sitting on a table near the staircase.

 Memento 32 - Beer Stein

Memento #33

The final memento is in the exact same tower as the previous one. Head up to the top floor to find this memento sitting on a box next to a machine gun.

 Memento 33 - Letter

That's all 33 Call Of Duty WW2 mementos to collect during the single player campaign, snagging you the Pieces Of History achievement! Special thanks to Power Pyx for the screenshot help.

Looking for help with the rest of this sprawling World War 2 epic? Be sure to check out our full list of CoD WW2 walkthrough content here:

Call Of Duty World War 2 Prestige Weapons List Tue, 07 Nov 2017 15:30:52 -0500 Ty Arthur

Considering it only takes about five or six hours to go from the invasion of Normandy to rolling across the Rhine and conquering Germany, the main draw for Call Of Duty WW2 has got to be the multiplayer experience over the single-player campaign.

If fighting waves of Nazi zombies in co-op aren't your thing, there's the player versus player mode to dive into. What keeps people coming back for match after match of run and gun action? Besides the frantic trench warfare and ability to unlock awesome streak kill weapons, its the ability to level up and gain prestige.

You can gain prestige for your personal character, for your specific division, and even for your individual weapons. Prestige is added by leveling up that particular element (character, division, or weapon) to the maximum rank.

CoD WW2 Prestige Weapons

You can prestige your individual weapons in two locations -- either at the gunsmith in Headquarters, or on the main soldier screen when you are picking your loadoutt. 

So what does weapon prestige even do? Basically, it lets you add a clan tag the first time you prestige the weapon at level 1, then put on a kill counter the second time you gain weapon prestige for level 2. They aren't exactly game changing features, but if you want to unlock everything, weapon prestige is worth working towards.

 Accessing Prestige Weapons Through The Gunsmith 

The player kill counter shows up physically on a section of the gun during a match (kudos for this being something to unlock and not a pre-order exclusive!), and it varies in location from weapon to weapon. Usually you can see it best while zooming in. You also again earn XP awards for each weapon level after adding prestige at either rank 1 or rank 2.

Those are some cool perks, but there's actually a pretty big downside to adding prestige: gaining weapon prestige resets that weapon. Any attachments you earned along the way? Gone, and permanently (until you unlock them again).

Since you have to gain weapon prestige twice to get to the kill counter, this means those attachments will be reset both times. If you play a lot and quickly level up a gun that won't be a big deal, but for the more casual player, prestiging a weapon might not actually be worth the effort.

 Adding Clan Tag With Prestige Level 1

CoD WW2 Division Prestige Weapon List

Beyond prestiging an individual weapon, you can also earn special prestige weapons by gaining division prestige at Headquarters when you hit level 5 for your division.

Gaining division prestige unlocks the Divisional Commander achievement and nabs you one of these unique and special weapons:

  • Rifle: SVT-40 (Infantry Division Prestige Weapon)
  • Light Machine Gun: MG 42 (Armored Division Prestige Weapon)
  • Sub Machine Gun: MP-40 (Airborne Division Prestige Weapon)
  • Sniper Rifle: KAR-98k (Expeditionary Division Prestige Weapon)
  • Shotgun: Sawed Off Shotgun (Mountain Division Prestige Weapon)

Obviously, each unlockable gun is slightly more powerful than their standard counterparts for the division, giving you an edge in combat, and of course you can level them up like any other gun.

You can even add weapon prestige to each of these division prestige weapons, eventually unlocking the clan tag and kill count tracker.

 Mountain Division Sawed Off Shotgun Prestige Weapon

That's everything you need to know about earning weapon prestige and unlock the special division prestige armory! Still need help with any other aspect of Call Of Duty WW2's multiplayer experience? Be sure to check out our full list of CoD WW2 walkthrough content here:

Call Of Duty: WW2 Guide -- Nazi Zombie Easter Egg Walkthrough Mon, 06 Nov 2017 09:58:38 -0500 Ty Arthur

If you've already powered through the single player campaign's tale of heroism in the face of overwhelming danger, then it's time to move on to the real goods with Call Of Duty: World War 2 -- Nazi Zombie Mode!

While surviving wave after wave of increasingly powerful undead soldiers is always a good time, it's the Easter egg you should really be going after so you can tackle the big bad end boss with your friends.

CoD Easter eggs have been getting more and more ludicrous with every new iteration, and WW2's Nazi Zombie Easter egg doesn't disappoint.

If you're just getting started with Zombie Mode, be sure to head over to these guides first so you know how to stay alive and upgrade your weapons before kicking off the epic Easter egg hunt:

COD WW2 Nazi Zombie Easter Egg Guide

Open The Sewers/Bunker

After unlocking the first gate around the second or third wave, you can move into the Village Square where you will find a locked bunker door and a generator near a blocked hole in the ground.

To get the Easter egg hunt started, turn on all three pumps connected to the generator (just follow the cables on the ground to reach each pump). Be careful, though -- the pumps take about 20 seconds to prime, which leaves you vulnerable.

 Turning on the generator

After all three pumps are operational, turn on the generator and then use the pilot light (the big drill type machine near the bunker) to blow a hole in the ground. Fight off the wave of flaming zombies that crawl out.

Jump down into the sewers and turn on the second generator there (no pumps required this time) and now you can finally open the bunker door in Village Square.

Flip The Power Switches

This next part is extremely time sensitive, so it's much easier to do with a group of people instead of solo.

Use your saved-up jolts to unlock the two doors inside the bunker's Command Room area, and send one person into the Laboratory and another into the Morgue. You need to flip the switch near the end of the Lab and then the Morgue areas right after each other. If you wait too long, the switches will disengage and you'll have to start over.

It is possible to do solo if you absolutely book it from the Lab switch straight to the Morgue switch, but you'll likely end up doing this several times if you don't know where both are located during your first try.

 Laboratory Power Switch

Power And Escort The Altar

With the power on, head back into the Command Room and unlock the door to the Salt Mine. Take the right-hand path in the Mine to reach the Emperor's Chamber and turn on the machine.

You need to charge the weird Nazi altar/machine with zombie souls. Kill zombies during a wave inside the chamber to charge up the altar. You'll see a flash of red light when enough zombies have been killed.

 Turning on the machine

With the machine turned on, go back to the Command Room and look for the triangular metal device with a turn crank. Activate the turn crank (which leaves you momentarily vulnerable) and wait for the device to unfold. 

Now, quickly run up the nearby stairs and press the red button sitting next to the metal bench to activate the weapon forge. Once this is turned on, the machine from downstairs will slowly move on a track. Follow the machine and escort it on its journey, killing any zombies who attack along the way.

Building The Tesla Gun in Nazi Zombies

When the machine stops moving, just stand in the red circle beneath and kill zombies to get it going again. After the machine reaches its destination, stay nearby for about 30 seconds and wait for the Tesla barrel piece to pop out.

 Grabbing the Tesla barrel

With the barrel in hand, head back upstairs to the weapon assembly station and set down the first piece of the Tesla weapon. At this point, the machine will start moving again. Just repeat the escort process and kill zombies in the red circle as necessary to get it moving.

Eventually, it stops again and after about 30 seconds, you can grab the core piece. Go back to the weapon assembly station and drop the second Tesla piece, then escort the machine a third time. This time around, you'll be going back to the Command Room.

Assemble the third piece when it pops out, and then grab that oh, so sexy Tesla gun -- which makes zombies explode in glorious purple light. Doing all of this also unlocks the Lightning Handler achievement and trophy. 

It's so beautiful...

Power Color Puzzle

Go back down to the Emperor's Chamber and turn on the "Hand Of God" console, which doesn't seem to be functioning yet.

Return to the weapon assembly area by the Command Room, and open up the breaker on the wall. Inside you will see four colors with numbers. Your color/number combo may be different than what's shown in the screenshot below as it seems to be randomized.

For instance you might get blue, blue, green, red or instead get red, red, green, blue, or even some other combo of four colors.

Now you have to travel all over the map to turn four power stations to their equivalent colors. There isn't a color indicator on the stations, however. You have to turn the crank to the name of the color - "rot," "grun," or "blau." So for instance, if the first station's color is supposed to be red, you'd turn the crank to "rot."

The stations are found at these locations (each is marked with a number at the top so you know which color to use):

  • Station 1: Immediately to the right of the color switch panel (that's handy!)
  • Station 2: In the Sewers by the tunnel leading to the Morgue
  • Station 3: Near the Sewers upgrade station by the Riverside tunnel
  • Station 4: Near the Tower gate outside the Pub

 Color Combos

Activate the Lightning Rod

After turning on the color switches, go to the Tower area and pull the red lever to turn on the lightning rod. Here you need to defend the rod and the levers while waves of zombies arrive.

During one wave, you will be prompted to turn on two levers on opposite sides of the Tower at the same time and defend them both simultaneously.

Once that process is done, go back to the Emperor's Chamber and you can finally turn on the machine you looked at previously that wasn't functional.

 Defending the Lightning Rod at the base of the Tower

Charge Zeppelin Generators

Did you think you were done turning things on and defending them? Not even close! Return to the surface of the Final Reich map and wait for a Nazi zeppelin to appear and start raining down hellfire on your team.

Shoot at the glowing red weak point to force a generator to drop off the zeppelin. When it lands, kill zombies around the generator to power it up. Now for the fun part -- pick up the generator and carry it (leaving you very slow and vulnerable) back down to the Emperor's Chamber and set it in one of the devices.

Repeat this process two more times so you have three fully powered generators dropped from the Zeppelin, and carry each one back down onto their corresponding locations in the Emperor's Chamber.

 Shooting at the zeppelin

Activate the Voice Of God

With the devices turned on in the Emperor's Chamber, you then need to grab a Brenner head from the flamethrower zombie enemies.

The head will be used like your gun, and you have to aim it at paintings found around the map to decipher a code. Take the head and aim at these spots:

  • Painting 1: In the Pub on the wall next to the bar
  • Painting 2: Down in the Sewers near the Pack-A-Punch station
  • Painting 3: In the Mortuary in the pitch black section
  • Painting 4: In the Courtyard by the stairs

Each painting will reveal a number and an image pointing one of the cardinal directions. Write down each combo as you find it. After tracking down all four codes, return to the Emperor's Chamber and match up the symbols on the central device with the appropriate numbers.

Using the head on a painting

Boss Fight!

Next up is the final boss, so make sure you've got all the gear, auto-revives, and weapon upgrades you need. Have all four players simultaneously shoot the orange light in front of the emperor statue to retrieve the sword hilt.

Wait for the cutscene to play, and you can finally take on the Nazi Zombie mode boss: the Panzermorder!

There are three phases to this fight, but they all involve doing the same things. Repeat the process of firing at the light underneath the zeppelin to get a generator and power it up with zombie kills.

Next, shoot the boss until it's stunned, then pick up the battery and run it over to the boss to move onto the next phase. Repeat this two more times to finally kill the Panzermorder and complete the Easter egg!

 That's one ugly Nazi S.O.B.

Good luck getting through the whole Easter egg, and many thanks to PowerPyx for the screenshots! Still need help with any other part of the game? Check out our complete listing of Call Of Duty WWII guides over here.

Call Of Duty: WW2 Brings The Franchise Full Circle With A Classic Shooter Experience Fri, 03 Nov 2017 23:32:27 -0400 Ty Arthur

Another year, another Call Of Duty. But things are different this time around. Things are more familiar, yet things are altogether new again. This time, it's safe to say long-time fans are a bit more excited for a return to form for the franchise, to boots on the ground, to a band of soldiers trudging through war-torn Europe on the way to Germany. 

And in essence, that's what they'll get. 

Overall, this Call of Duty experience is quite similar to what you've come to expect from Call Of Duty year after year. But surprisingly, CoD: WW2 manages to distinguish itself from the series even more than Infinite Warfare did -- and without resorting to any spaceship dog fights!

There were plenty of assumptions about the game made by the keyboard warriors of the world ahead of time, with some that were right on the money... and some that were very, very wrong.

 The angry YouTube hordes insisted there would be no Swastikas in this game, and yet this is literally the first second of the campaign...

Call of Duty, Old And New

While movement and level design will feel familiar to anyone who has played the last six or seven CoD entries, there are some solid differences in how the guns handle this time around. The old-timey feel comes across really well in this iteration's arsenal -- especially in the single player campaign -- with far fewer of the crazy scopes and gadgets more recent iterations have seen.

Although you won't fly around in power armor or have grenades that scuttle off toward heat signatures, there's still plenty of weaponry to keep the FPS fan happy. And in particular, there's a meatiness to the weaponry that brings the world of CoD: WW2 to life. 

For example, there's a really satisfying sound and feel to the spray of bullets when you pull the trigger on the PPSh-41. And there's an extremely heavy, clunky feeling (and exceedingly long duration) while reloading the Iron Sights, one that's radically different from the high-tech weapons of recent games.

 Hitting an unsuspecting nest of Nazis from the side with this thing is glorious!

But not everything feels great, with a few gunplay hiccups here and there. While dismounting an MG15 and using it with the sight is a totally different experience and one of the best gun options in the campaign -- even if it takes up a huge portion of the screen -- the standard machine gun dismounted from a nest is wildly inaccurate and difficult to use, making it more useful if left stationary.

The divergent familiarity doesn't end there. 

Plenty of tried and true Call Of Duty tropes are on display throughout the campaign, but several of them are presented a bit differently. The close combat mini-games for instance get an overhaul in how you line up and press buttons to avoid getting shanked.

Instead of the snowmobile chase from Modern Warfare 2 or any of those "back of the vehicle" segments from other CoD games, this time around, there's a frantic sequence where two squads on unarmored Jeeps have to make it through enemy lines when tank support isn't available.

It's clear we're still in Call Of Duty territory, it's just been transported to an earlier stage in history.

And as an aside, sitting on the hand crank-operated, '40s style anti-aircraft gun is a real time trip and one of the more fun parts of the game. That behemoth of a gun is a beast to aim and hit, but when you take down those Stukas ripping into the Allied armor, there is an undeniable sense of satisfaction.

 Oh my god, I hit him!

Returning To War-Torn Europe

The game's environments match the feel of the setting really well, although they don't (in general) go too far outside preset Call Of Duty standards. Graphically, each area looks about as good as can be expected from this aging engine, with some nice little touches that draw you into the world.

I was surprised to realize the farm tools hanging up on a barnyard wall weren't just set pieces, but actual rendered objects, when they suddenly clattered to the ground as a grenade went off nearby.

It's not just the environments that create that '40s feel, though: it's also in how some of the gameplay has been tweaked. WW2 sees the return of health packs (called med kits this time around) and that was clearly done on purpose to further reinforce the classic, old-time feel.

While I'm not usually a fan of health packs in shooters, they are integrated into this system well, and are a critical part of the new squad abilities.

 Better patch yourself up and get back in the fight!

Band Of Brothers

Working alongside your squad is critical this time around -- especially since you aren't a super-powered robot god that can hack turrets or germinate evil digital bees like in the last few games.

The more kills you get and heroic actions you perform, the more you can utilize squad abilities, like having a comrade pass you some ammo or toss you a health pack.

The storyline does occasionally switch between different characters -- including a European resistance member fighting behind enemy lines -- but the focus is on one American squad doing their tour of duty. They start all doe eyed and lovable, but don't stay that way for long as the reality of the Allied invasion sets in.

WW2's campaign features a harrowing opening on D-Day, and it's as deadly as you'd think storming the beaches of Normandy would be. I can pretty much guarantee you're going to die a couple of times before crossing the beach and hitting the bunkers in the trenches.

 Well, that didn't go as planned

Overall, the storyline and character interactions are significantly more personal and close knit than is usual for a Call Of Duty game, and it's interesting to see the focus shift from "action-movie heroics" to "basically just trying not to die while following orders." 

Bring On The Zombies!

The single-player campaign is just one element of the game, though, with the real life of the party on the multiplayer side of things. Of course, Zombie Mode returns, with Ving Rhames and David Tennant on board this time, and as expected, it's an absolute blast.

If you loved the intricate maps and secrets to be found from Zombies In Spaceland, Attack Of The Radioactive Thing, or Shadows Of Evil, you will be right at home in the Final Reich map.

There are some cool new abilities to play with, like camouflaging yourself from zombies so they ignore you for a short time, but otherwise, everything you know and love from the Pack-A-Punch to the Easter Egg hunt returns in stellar form.

 Who's ready for the Easter Egg hunt?

The Bottom Line

So here's the thing you need to know -- Sledgehammer didn't totally reinvent the wheel here, but there's a solid mix of what you've come to expect with a few twists along the way to keep players happy.

The WWII setting is a welcome return to course, and clearly there a ton of similarities and parallels with epic movies like Saving Private Ryan, so if you are into that sort of flick, do yourself a favor and play the campaign.

I don't know if Red and Zussman are necessarily going to replace Soap and Price in our hearts, but they make a valiant effort and at least give us something a little different than what's been on display for characters in recent Call Of Duty entries.

While it won't be long before we're really going to need the CoD developers to do a full ground-up overhaul of the engine to keep the series alive, for now, this return to a classic style is pretty much anything you could ask for in the series. Boot up and get ready for war, soldier!

Call Of Duty: WW2 Zombie Mode Survival Guide Fri, 03 Nov 2017 17:12:49 -0400 Ty Arthur

It wouldn't be a new CoD without a horde mode to play with your buddies, and Call Of Duty WW2 is no exception. Finally more horror-focused, this version of the classic Zombies Mode is less tongue in cheek than the totally tubular '80s rendition from last year's Infinite Warfare.

Every Zombie Mode iteration, of course, has to bring in movie stars for its main characters, and this time we've got Dawn Of The Dead alum Ving Rhames to offer his trademark commentary while we wade through hordes of Nazi zombies. Dr. Who fans will, of course, recognize a certain Mr. Tennant as well.

Below we cover everything you need to know to get started with Nazi Zombies, from picking your loadout to powering up the map.

 Ready to kill some zombies, Ving?

Nazi Zombies Party Loadouts

The new WW2 loadout system gives you specific abilities at the start and lets you power up your character in different ways. While all the basic or custom loadouts are viable, one is head and shoulders better than the rest:

The Medic's Camouflage ability is hands-down the best offering in Nazi Zombies. Having every enemy on the map ignore you (so you can either mow them down unhindered or get away quickly to re-up your ammo or armor) is an absolutely huge advantage.

In a full group, though, multiple loadouts can work well together in tandem. For instance, Shellshock, from the Control loadout, can be a lifesaver in hairy situations where you are surrounded.

Make sure to complement your loadout by picking up randomly dropped power-ups when zombies go down. The Insta-Kill power-up is one to always be searching for, as it lets you kill any zombie with a single bullet, no matter where they are hit.

Regardless of loadout or power-ups, make sure to grab some armor and an auto-revive at the stations located around the map. If you are soloing, you simply can't progress without an auto-revive, but it's still very helpful even if you have a full party.

If your friends are low on funds and need an auto-revive or some ammo, don't forget you can drop excess jolts to give to other party members using the D-Pad.

 500 jolts is a small price to pay to stay alive!

Restoring Power/Opening The Sewers

After opening the first gate in the starting alley, you will quickly come across a generator in Village Square connected to a device that opens up a hole into the sewers. The generator isn't working, though, and you need to activate it by pumping several valves.

Restoring power to the door doesn't just give access to new locations and weapons, but more importantly, it gives you breathing room to maneuver. The waves very rapidly escalate, and there's not much space to lead zombies on chases or get into position in the early section of the Final Reich map.

 Village Square Generator

The three valves take time to turn on, so you either need someone watching your back while you turn them, or you should wait until the very end of a wave to get started. If you picked the Medic loadout, using Camouflage is also a great way to turn on valves without getting eaten.

You can find the valves by following the cables running on the ground and across the buildings from the generator. Following the cables, you can find the three valves in these locations.

  • Next to the armor station in Village Square
  • Outside the bunker door in Village Square
  • Through the Riverside gate (1,500 jolts to unlock)

After all the pressure valves are on, use the pilot light near the bunker door to blow a hole in the ground and open up a new area. Be ready for a surprise wave of flaming zombies! 

 Turning on a valve

That only helps with Village Square, though! To turn on power across the map, you need to redirect power to the command room by using the power stations in the Mortuary and the Laboratory.

There's a strict time limit here, as both must be turned on one after the other, which is much easier to do with a team. After the power is rerouted, you can access the Salt Mine door through the command room (1,500 jolts) and then turn on power across Final Reich.

Weapons And Upgrades in WW2's Nazi Zombies

Oddly enough, the shovel can be used in the first round or two to conserve ammo and save jolts, but from there, you will need a new weapon to upgrade your sad pistol.

The first wall shotgun (available just after unlocking the first fence) is worse than useless. While it can stop a zombie in its tracks right in front of you, the two shot limit and massively-long reload time leave you far too vulnerable to be worthwhile.

Your first picks should be the automatic pistol and then a trusty rifle for better aim. It's a good idea to have both a spraying gun for the fast moving pest zombies and an aiming rifle type weapon for the slower moving normal undead.

Although more powerful versions of all guns become available as you unlock new areas, upgrading your existing guns is absolutely essential to survival. The zombies constantly get more powerful, faster, and come in larger numbers, so the base versions won't cut it for long.

Guns are upgraded at a station in the sewers beneath the Village Square, but unlock the upgrade station is a quest all on its own. For full details, check out our complete Pack-A-Punch guide here

 Upgrading a weapon at the Pack-A-Punch

Those are all the basics you need to know to get started surviving waves in Call Of Duty WW2's revamped zombie mode! Have fun exploring the area while learning the map's secrets, and stay tuned for a full Easter Egg guide coming soon.

Need help with any other part of the game? Take a look at our full list of Call Of Duty: WW2 guides here.

Call Of Duty: World War 2 Nazis -- Complete Pack A Punch Guide Fri, 03 Nov 2017 14:10:57 -0400 Ty Arthur

The CoD series has come full circle with Call Of Duty WWII returning to the eponymous war. And, of course, that also means there are plenty of zombies to take out with all that glorious 1940s weaponry. 

Grab your buddies (or brave the hordes solo if you're feeling heroic -- or foolish) and get ready to put down some undead in the Final Reich map!

If you really want to dominate in Zombie Mode, you will need to quickly unlock the Pack-A-Punch weapon station to upgrade your arsenal. With just the standard old-time WWII guns, you don't stand much of a chance without it -- especially as the horde mode gets harder and harder. 

 Weapon upgrades galore await you!

COD: WW2 Pack-A-Punch Location

Before the weapon upgrade station can even be accessed, first make sure you've already turned on the power for the bunker door, as well as the generators, to gain access to the salt mine.

To get to the weapon upgrade Pack-A-Punch station, head over to the Village Square portion of the map and jump down the hole in the ground (if the hole isn't open yet, you need to activate the pilot light first). 

 Village Square underground access point

From the access hole, you can head into the underground sewers by unlocking the caged wall for 1250 jolts. 

Head down the tunnel and eventually, you will find a larger central area where the Pack-A-Punch is located. Unfortunately, it's currently locked underneath a metal cage and is inaccessible. We're going to fix that problem, though.

Near the cage is a red button with a green light on top. Press that button to activate the three disposal tubes found around the map.

 Press the button!

That only starts the process, though, as there are still three tubes to find in different areas of the map. Like with the portals from the gloriously '80s themed zombies in Infinite Warfare, the disposal tubes are essentially your method of fast traveling the Final Reich map.

The tubes are obvious, big metal pipes sticking out of the wall with some gross sludge leaking out of them. Yes, you are going to ride that sludge.

Each one costs 250 jolts to access, and you have to use all three before unlocking the Pack-A-Punch. The disposal tubes are found in these locations:

  • Command Room
  • Laboratory
  • Tower (head through the gate in the back of the Pub area)

 Command Room Disposal Tube

Each time you use the tube, you land back in the main weapon upgrade area where a gate will be slightly slightly when you press the red button, slowly gaining access to the actual Pack-A-Punch site. 

The third time you use a disposal tube to go back to the Pack-A-Punch room, the screen will turn red and you have to face off against a wave of zombies.

When that's out of the way, the coloration goes back to normal and the cage finally raises off the Pack-A-Punch completely!

Now just throw any of your normal (non-Wonder) guns onto the weapon upgrade station, pay the requisite 5,000 jolts, and you have access to upgraded versions of the weaponry required to survive later waves of the Final Reich.

 Facing off against the red wave of Pest Zombies

That's all you need to know to get to the Call Of Duty WW2 Pack-A-Punch (and many thanks to YouTuber MrDalekJD for the screenshots).

There are other possible routes to reach it besides the Village Square though -- let us know how you got there and what you've been upgrading to kill all those zombies in the ultra hard ending waves! 

Still looking for more help with 2017's iteration of the Call Of Duty franchise? Check out the rest of our Call Of Duty WWII campaign and zombie guides.

Games to Look Forward to in November 2017 Mon, 06 Nov 2017 17:33:11 -0500 Kieran Desmond

After a stellar October for video games, including the much anticipated October 27th video game buffet of Wolfenstein 2, Assassin's Creed: Origins, and instant classic, Super Mario Odyssey, the games industry is in no way ramping down as we head into November.

There's such a variety of awesome games coming up in November and there really is something for everyone. So check out this run through of which games are coming out, to help you make the big decision -- what to spend your hard-earned cash on.

Call of Duty: WWII - November 3

PS4, Xbox One, PC 

Call of Duty's reinvention of itself/return to its gritty, boots on the ground roots is definitely going to help it be the biggest seller this month -- if not the entire year. Peeling back from their more futuristic themes has certainly paid off the franchise, with Infinite Warfare just last year becoming the most disliked video game trailer of all time.

Serving up its tried and true multiplayer focused gameplay, set in the grim World War II setting, and featuring far less parkour elements this time around, fans of the franchise will not be disappointed with Call of Duty: WWII. And with Sledgehammer Games back behind the wheel in this iteration, I think we're in for a treat when it comes to the single-player campaign.

.hack//G.U Last Recode - November 3


A fully restored and remastered collection of the PlayStation 2 ARPG, .hack//G.U. trilogy, released in celebration of the beloved franchise's 15th anniversary. As well as the original three titles, Rebirth, Reminisce, and Redemption; in Last Recode, CyberConnect2 are including an all new and exclusive fourth chapter, Reconnection, continuing Haseo's adventure from where Redemption left off. 

If you were into these games back when they released, then it's a no-brainer to check out this definitive version. If you're unfamiliar with the series, the premise is essentially that you're controlling a character who is playing an MMO called The World. Think Sword Art Online, but without the part about being trapped in the game by a psychopathic game developer. 

Steven Universe: Save the Light! - November 3

Xbox One

A direct sequel to mobile game Steven Universe: Attack the Light, Save the Light expands upon everything the first game did in almost every way. Save the Light is a beautiful recreation of the popular Cartoon Network show and really nails the tone, which is really the main draw.

Assuming that you're a well versed Steven Universe fan, which Save the Light most certainly does, I'd suggest picking this one up.

Xbox One X Console Launch - November 7

It's not a game, but this is definitely something to look forward to. "The Most Powerful Console Ever Made" is finally hitting store shelves to compete with Sony's PS4 Pro. Boasting "true 4K" gaming, a sleeker design, and a six-teraflop AMD Radeon GPU, the Xbox One X lives up to it's claim, shadowing the PS4 Pro's performance capabilities.

It's a hefty investment at $499, but if having the best performance and visuals is what you care about, then it'll be worth the price of admission.

Nioh - November 7


Good news for PC gamers -- the PS4 console exclusive, NIOH, is making its way to PC. Set during the fictionalized Sengoku period of Japan, you play as William, battling evil yokai (spirits) who are growing in power due to the chaos of civil war. If you're into Dark Souls-likes, don't miss out on this unique take on the genre.

Sonic Forces - November 7

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

Sonic Forces has a lot to live up after the fantastic Sonic Mania which released earlier this year. Featuring character customization and three different stage types (modern, classic, and avatar), it's shaping up to be a sort of all-in-one version of Sonic, taking inspiration from past mechanics and adding some new things too. 

Taking a crack at another 3D Sonic game that I guess someone, somewhere is asking for, the pressure is on for Sega to deliver something that none of us are expecting -- a good 3D Sonic game. Sonic Team are trying to do something different with the once hugely popular series, so it'll be interesting to see how it turns out.

Horizon: Zero Dawn - The Frozen Wilds - November 7


Guerilla Games' robot dinosaur hunting game is getting its first DLC expansion this month in the form of The Frozen Wilds. This DLC pack adds an estimated 15 hours of extra content, which includes a new area for Aloy to explore in the far north of the map, new mid-game story content, a new tribe, and some new robot beasties to hunt.

Possibly the best new addition, however, and just in time for the holiday season, you can now make snow angels in Photo Mode. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. 

Super Lucky’s Tale - November 7

Xbox One, PC

A cutesy 3D platformer exclusive to the Xbox One, Super Lucky's Tale has you guiding the adorable fox, Lucky, through a series of levels to collect four-leaf clovers while solving a variety of puzzles.

The release date, overall premise, and even the inclusion of the word "Super" in its title, suggests that Super Lucky's Tale is meant as Microsoft's answer to Super Mario Odyssey. But I suspect that it's going to take more than a lucky fox to topple Nintendo's moustached mascot.

Mario Party: The Top 100 - November 10


Drawing from a whopping 21 Mario Party installments, the folks over at Nintendo have painstakingly crammed 100 of the best Mario Party mini-games, into one fun-filled experience in Mario Party: The Top 100.

It's a shame this didn't make it onto the Switch, as it would be the perfect party game to play with a group of friends. I'd wager that we're not far off from getting a fully fledged Mario Party game on the Switch for this very reason.

Doom - November 10

Nintendo Switch

If you thought that the Nintendo Switch was just for little kiddy games, think again. Released in 2016 to critical acclaim, the fast paced, first-person gore-fest is a must play for any fan of the genre.

With a great single-player mode full of awesome level design, cool guns, and a kick-ass soundtrack, Doom is a difficult one to say no to.

Need For Speed: Payback - November 10

PS4, Xbox One, PC

Need for Speed: Payback is the latest entry into the arcade-style street racing game. Heavily story focused this time around, you play as former street racer Tyler Morgan, who after being betrayed and exiled, is looking for guessed it -- payback. Build up a crew, collect cars, and take down "The House", the cartel in control of the city.

Payback sounds like the most RPG-ified Need for Speed yet, with cars belonging to one of 5 classes, having the most amount of customization ever in a NfS game, and finding and collecting abandoned vehicles. If you're bored of real-life simulation racing games then Need for Speed: Payback should be a good one to try out.

Football Manager 2018 - November 10


Live the dream and take a team from League 2 all the way up to become Premiership champs, or push out the manager of Manchester United and use their insane budget to create your dream team. There's so much you can do with this mindbogglingly deep management sim.

Popular as ever, the latest Football Manager debuts a new graphics engine, boasting improved lighting and better stadium and player models than ever. 

The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs - November 10


Nearly three years after The Sims 4 came to PC, it's finally getting a much requested pets DLC. As the title of the DLC suggests, the Cats & Dogs update allows you to create your own cat or dog, choosing between different breeds, fur colors and patterns, and outfits to dress them up in. 

Your new pet will develop it's own personality as you interact with them and you'll even be able to open your own veterinarian business. Another cute addition the bizarre world of The Sims.

Batman: The Telltale Series - Season 1 - November 14

Nintendo Switch

First Minecraft: Story Mode and now Batman: The Telltale Series. It looks like Telltale Games are going all in on their support for the Switch.

Take control of Bruce Wayne, as you deal with juggling his public persona as head of Wayne Enterprises, along with his Caped Crusader alter-ego. Decisions will be thrown at you that will affect both of Batman's identities, and it's up to the player to decide when its best to keep up appearances by playing nice with shady villains as Bruce, or how far Batman should go in service of justice.

L.A. Noire - November 14

Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One

The Rockstar developed 40's detective game that faded into obscurity is getting another chance in the spotlight. L.A. Noire was well received back in 2011, with particular praise for it's facial animations gameplay that helped you determine a suspect's true intentions. Using a combination of evidence and your own judgement based on how you perceived a suspects expressions, you attempt to solve a few gritty crimes.

The Switch version will feature motion controls and HD rumble support, whilst the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X versions will run at 4K for enhanced visual experience.

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 - November 14

PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch

According to TT Games, the sequel to Lego Marvel Super Heroes promises to be bigger in every way. Featuring new (and more obscure) playable characters, a bigger open-world to play around in, and a longer story, it's clear that TT intend to honor that promise.

The villain this time around is Kang the Conqueror who will be bringing different times and realities together, which rallies Marvel's greatest heroes to save all Lego reality as we know it. 

RiME - November 14

Nintendo Switch

Once upon a time, RiME was set to be published by and exclusive to Sony. Thankfully for us Switch owners, Tequila Works reacquired the rights to their game and it was picked up by Grey Box. Now after it's May console release, this beautifully-styled adventure-puzzle game is coming to Switch.

Regularly drawing flattering comparisons to Wind Waker and Ico, RiME stands out as more than just an homage to these genre giants. With a wonderful story full of little discoveries and emotional beats, RiME is a joy to play through and is recommended to all Switch owners looking for something a bit different.

Rocket League - November 14

Nintendo Switch

Finally! Football Cars: The Video Game is coming to Switch. Rocket League is one of those games that's great for killing 5 minutes, because that's usually how long it takes to open up and get through a match. Combined with the whole concept of the Nintendo Switch, I think Rocket League will retain it's world-wide popularity for a long time to come. 

Also, think of the sweet Nintendo themed cars and accessories that will inevitably come to the game! 

Pokemon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon - November 17


Featuring new Ultra Beasts, altered island trials, and some new story elements, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon look like familiar re-releases of the most recent Pokemon adventure. At least that's what we thought before November.

Now it's been revealed that Team Rocket will be making a come back in the form of a new organization called Team Rainbow Rocket, with no other than Giovanni himself at the helm. It also looks like other lead villains from previous games, such as Archie of Team Aqua and Lysandre of Team Flare, have been incorporated into the biggest criminal organization in Pokemon history.

Perhaps the biggest surprise, however, is that Legendary Pokemon from previous games will be obtainable through Ultra Wormholes, each having their own Ultra form which changes a Pokemon's stats and appearance in some really cool ways. A perfect send off for the main Pokemon series on 3DS.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 - November 17

PS4, Xbox One, PC

After a financially successful but heavily criticized first attempt, DICE's second bout with the Battlefront series looks to have addressed many of the main concerns had by fans. 

Introducing a 6-8 hour long campaign mode, more offline multiplayer modes, and more weapon and class variety, Star Wars Battlefront 2 could well be the droid you're looking for. 

Including heroes, vehicles, and planets spanning the prequel, sequel, and original trilogies fans, won't be short on content for good while. But when the time comes that you've had your fill, DICE will be releasing free DLC expansions including new planets, vehicles, and heroes. It sure is an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - November 17

Nintendo Switch

Nearly six years to the day since its initial release, Skyrim is making its debut on yet another new platform. Featuring motion controls and some exclusive Zelda-inspired gear, Skyrim for Switch is the best and only way to slay dragons on-the-go. 

The Sims 4 - November 17

PS4, Xbox One

After being available on PC for 3 years, Maxis has delivered the ultimate life simulation game to consoles. The vanilla console version features some content that was missing from the PC version at launch such as pools, ghosts, toddlers, and dishwashers. So don't worry, you can still trap your Sims in a pool and have their ghosts torment their remaining family members. Because that's what you do in The Sims, right?


Resident Evil: Revelations Collection - November 28

Nintendo Switch

Including both RE: Revelations 1 and 2 this Nintendo Switch re-release comes with a few extra features -- mostly in the form of tabletop-mode motion controls.

By holding ZL on the left Joy-Con, you aim your gun by moving the right Joy-Con around. You can also quickly reload you weapon by simulating putting a magazine into a gun with the left Joy-Con and use your knife attack by slashing horizontally with the right Joy-Con.

The Revelations Collection also supports local mulitplayer across two Switch consoles.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Late November

iOS, Android

The highly anticipated Animal Crossing mobile game isn't what a lot of us expected, but I for one am glad. Nintendo changing things up and subverting expectations is one of the reasons they've managed to successfully re-invent their roster so many times over the years.

Now with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, fans will be able to run a camp site from your phone -- along with all the usual Animal Crossing activities. That includes fishing, finding shells, befriending lovable guests of the site, and of course, paying off debt. I haven't seen any sign of Tom Nook yet, but the slightly suspicious looking Giovanni seems like he may be the slime ball giving players grief this time around. 

It's available in Australia right now, but the rest of us will unfortunately have to wait, though there are ways to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp early


And that's every game worth mentioning that's coming out in November. Man, it is good to be a gamer right now. Like I said, there's so many awesome games coming out this month that it's going to be tough to choose how to spend my limited free time.

How are you going to spend yours? Let me know in the comments section below!

Call Of Duty World War 2 Weapons Guide Thu, 02 Nov 2017 10:26:35 -0400 Ty Arthur

There are only a handful of hours left until we finally find out if Call Of Duty: WWII will end up dethroning Battlefield 1 or not after fans soured on the futuristic escapades from Infinite Warfare.

As we head back to war-torn Europe in the '40s, the guns up for grabs will be quite a bit different than what we've experienced lately from the more sci-fi focused titles like Advanced Warfare or Black Ops III.

Below, we've rounded up every single primary and secondary weapon that will be available in ranked or free-for-all multiplayer, along with a supporting cast of special weapons and abilities to unlock through scorestreaks.

While several of these guns will no doubt be available in the campaign, it seems likely there may be slightly different options during the actual single-player missions, and those ones will certainly have fewer attachments to better fit the story timeline.

CoD WWII Primary Weapons

From your basic infantry rifle to long-range snipers and even some light machine guns, these are the main guns that will round out your arsenal as your squad takes on the Nazis in multiplayer.

  • M1 Garand (Rifle)
  • M1941(Rifle)
  • BAR (Rifle)
  • STG 44 (Rifle)
  • M1A1 (Rifle)
  • FG 42 (Rifle)
  • SWT-40 (Rifle)
  • M1903 (Sniper)
  • Kar98k (Sniper)
  • Model 38M (Sniper)
  • Lee Enfield (Sniper)
  • M1928 (SMG)
  • M3 (SMG)
  • PPSH (SMG)
  • MP-40 (SMG)
  • Type 100 (SMG)
  • Waffe 28 (SMG)
  • Lewis (LMG)
  • MG15 (LMG)
  • Bren (LMG)
  • MG-42 (LMG)
  • Winchester 1897 (Shotgun)
  • Toggle Action (Shotgun)

 Trusty M1 Garand Rifle

CoD WWII Secondary Weapons

When you aren't sniping from afar or unloading bullets by the hundreds for your LMB, you'll need a trusty backup weapon, whether that's a hefty bazooka or a heavy bludgeoning ice pick.

  • Bazooka (Rocket Launcher)
  • Panzerschreck (Rocket Launcher)
  • Ice Pick (Melee)
  • US Shovel (Melee) 
  • 1911 (Pistol)
  • Luger (Pistol)
  • M712 (Pistol)

 Handy for breaking frozen hard ground... and Nazi skulls!

CoD WWII Equipment

When you can't see the enemy behind cover but know they are nearby, its time to pull out the grenades!

  • Mk 2 Fragmentation (Frag Grenade)
  • British N 69 (Concussion Grenade)
  • N 74 ST (Sticky Bomb)
  • Tabun Gas Grenade (Poisonous Gas)
  • M18 (Smoke Grenade)
  • Bouncing Betty (S-Mine)

 Your shrapnel hurlin' pal in the trenches!

C0D WWII Scorestreaks

The more you kill, the better you get at it, and the more deadly score streak weapons you can unlock!

  • Molotov
  • Flamethrower
  • Fighter Pilot
  • Glide Bomb
  • Mortar Strike
  • Artillery Barrage
  • Carpet Bombing

 Molotov Scorestreak

CoD WWII Division Loadouts

When first getting into multiplayer, there are five starting divisions which can be tweaked later on, but at first, define your starting guns and equipment in very specific parameters.

Besides changing which grenade or gun you get as a match begins, these divisions additionally include skills and training that change how you play, like being able to sprint longer or add additional weapon attachments.

Airborne Division
  • Stealth class
  • M3 Submachine Gun
  • M18 Smoke Grenade
  • Suppressor Skill
  • Pathfinder Training (Increased spring speed, longer sprint, faster climbing)
Mountain Division
  • Sniper class
  • M1903 Rifle
  • Bouncing Betty
  • Sharpshooter Skill
  • Scout Training (Increased minimap, see enemy names quicker, hidden to player streaks)
Infantry Division
  • Basic well-rounded class
  • M1 Garand Rifle with Bayonet
  • 1911 Pistol
  • MK. 11 Frag Grenade
  • Suppressor Skill
  • Infantryman Training (extra attachments for primary and secondary weapons)
Armored Division
  • Heavy weapons class
  • Light Machine Gun (can vehicle mount)
  • M1 Bazooka
  • Sticky Bomb
  • Bipod Skill
  • Tanker Training (extra piece of equipment, bazooka as secondary weapon, throw equipment farther while sprinting)
Expeditionary Division
  • Close range class
  • Winchester 1897 Shotgun
  • Incendiary Shells Skill
  • Sapper Training (extra magazines, immune to shell shock, less damage from explosives)

 Up close and personal with Expeditionary, or long range with Mountain?

Which weapons are you most looking forward to trying out, and what division are you planning on joining when Call Of Duty returns to its World War II roots? Let us know in the comments section!

Call Of Duty: WWII will officially drop for Xbox One, PS4, and Windows on November 3, 2017 -- see you in the trenches, recruits!