Clicker Heroes Articles RSS Feed | Clicker Heroes RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Clicker Heroes 2 Stat Guide: What Do They Do? What's Best? Tue, 31 Jul 2018 13:59:25 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Clicker Heroes 2 may not be all that different from its free predecessor, but it brings enough new to the table that veterans of the first game can find themselves scratching their heads over the new equipment system and skill tree, as well as the different stats.

Knowing what each stat does ties directly into the game's equipment system. You want to prioritize certain stats over others depending on the sort of build you're going for in the world you're currently pushing through.

If you're going through a world for EXP rather than general progression, you may put less priority on Gold and more on Critical Chance and Critical Damage. If you're going through the hardest world you have available, you will be more inclined to get those Gold-earning stat ups. Of course, it's really up to you what you prioritize.

Without further ado, let's get to it. We're going to take a look at each of the primary stats with advice on which ones are most worth investing into, as well as what they actually do.

Auto-attack Damage

This is one of your most important stats, and it's the one you end up thinking about most. Each equipment upgrade increases your Auto-attack Damage stat by the amount shown next to the sword symbol. It's the only stat you can see on the primary character page.

This affects your character's attack as well as your Click Damage, as Click Damage is multiplied by your Auto-attack Damage.

Click Damage

This is initially based off your Auto-attack damage and then further augmented by equipment stats. Even if you intend to mostly play passively, Click Damage is still a valuable stat as your skills "click" rather than play off your Auto-attack damage.

This is a high priority stat. You should be taking it more than most of the others, outside of Haste and Critical Chance.

Attack Delay

You can't increase this stat directly, but you can reduce it some via Haste. See the Haste section for more information on that stat.

Energy from Auto Attacks

This stat cannot be affected in any way in the current beta build of Clicker Heroes 2. The base Energy you receive is 1, and at the time of writing there is no way to increase it. This is what makes Haste so valuable.

Global Cooldown Time

Yet another valuable stat you cannot directly increase! This one is another one that gets a boost by your Haste stat, and can be further decreased via certain skills in the tree.

Automator Speed

The Automator is a handy tool that allows you to essentially set up chains of skills based off elapsed time and other criteria. Its general speed can also be increased via the Automator Speed stat.

There are two ways to increase this stat, one via Haste and the other via key points in the skill tree.

Automator Speed is kind of iffy until you can get to the 'Automate Energize' and 'Mana Less Than 10%' Automator Stones from the skill tree.

Critical Chance

Finally another stat you can directly increase via equipment.

Critical Chance is one of the best stats you can augment into your equipment. Who doesn't want to critically hit all the time? 2% may not seem like much, but it really adds up.

This is a high priority stat.

Critical Damage Multiplier

You can directly increase this one, too; but don't invest too heavily if you're relatively new to the game and are in one of the first few worlds. Critical Chance is just better, making this a medium priority stat.

There are several skills in the tree that increase your Critical Damage Multiplier, but the same can't be said for Critical Chance. Rarely, you can be able to get some permanent Critical Chance increases from Artifact Shards you can purchase from the Ruby Shop.

My advice to you is to set a personal Critical Chance baseline to hit, before you start purposefully stacking Critical Damage. I like to hit 20~25% before I really start going into Critical Damage on purpose.


The most important stat in the game! Haste increases the speed of your auto-attacks, how quickly the Automator runs, and the overall global cooldown. Once you invest in the skill tree to reduce the global cooldown to lower than a second with Haste, you're in for a good time.

There is absolutely no stat you want to prioritize over this one, making Haste your number one priority stat. Always get Haste when it's available.

Maximum Energy

This is self-explanatory. Increasing your Maximum Energy has its benefits but this is often a throwaway stat for when you don't see anything worthwhile available (like Boss Gold).

It is certainly true you'll get more skill uses in a single period if you have more Energy, but if your Haste is high enough and you've got the Automator set to use Energize when you're low on Mana, your Energy pool should not be that much of a factor. This is a low priority stat.

Maximum Mana

This stat is definitely more valuable than your Maximum Energy, due to the 25 Mana cost of Energize, 50 Mana cost of Powersurge, and so on.

Maximum Mana is on the low side of medium priority in terms of stats. You need Mana to use skills, and you want your Automator skills to be useful.

Mana Regeneration

Is this more useful than Maximum Mana? I tend to think it is, especially if you get lucky and have several opportunities to increase your Mana Regeneration. It just keeps you ticking.

This is a medium priority stat. It just keeps you skill-ready for longer.

Gold Piles

I can only recommend investing in this stat if you know you're going to be playing through the world you're on actively -- so if you're going through lower worlds to level up quickly. All this stat does is increase how many piles of gold you find on the ground, and how much gold you find from them.

Generally Gold Piles is a low priority stat because the piles are hard to see and you're not going to be staring at the screen looking for them all that often.

Boss Gold

This one seems like a good investment until you realize you don't actually come across all that many bosses.

You will always inevitably get some boosts to Boss Gold just by having to choose it when all the other equipment options are less than ideal. There's no reason to actively invest in this stat, making it a low priority.

Clickable Gold

This stat increases the amount of money and Rubies you get out of goldfish clickables that can be found on the field from time to time. They give great rewards as it is.

I have the same qualms with this stat as I do with the Gold Piles stat, but more extreme. Increasing your Clickable Gold is essentially useless, as you'll be seeing clickables even less frequently than gold piles.

This is a low priority stat, unless you're super hungry for Rubies.

Gold Received

This increases your overall gold gains, with no strings attached. It's a medium priority stat and a worthwhile choice when you can't increase your Haste, Click Damage, or Critical Chance.

Treasure Chest Chance

Treasure Chests always give a ton of gold and it is in your best interest to increase the rate at which you find them.

This is a medium priority stat.

Treasure Chest Gold

This one is a bit lower priority than the Treasure Chest Chance because -- well, it's better to get a bunch of them rather than one really valuable one.

Only invest in this stat after you already have some Treasure Chest Chance under your belt to make it worthwhile, making this a low priority stat.

Ancient Shards

This isn't actually a stat, but it is worth mentioning since it's sitting in your stat panel.

Ancient Shards are the permanent boosts you can purchase from the Ruby Shop. Note the word permanent. Boosts that only apply to the world you're currently in so not count as Ancient Shards.

There's not much more to say about the stats in Clicker Heroes 2, but there's a lot to stay about the game's other facets. Look out for more Clicker Heroes 2 guides here on GameSkinny!

Clicker Heroes: Transcendence Guide Thu, 16 Nov 2017 16:00:32 -0500 Brandon Janeway

As part of the new 1.0 update, Clicker Heroes has added the Transcendence feature. This is a guide to the new feature and how you can make the most of it.

What is it?

Transcendence is also called "super-ascension," and it is essentially a prestige system for Clicker Heroes. It does not replace the current ascension system. You have to give up your gold, hero level, zone progress, Ancients, Hero Souls, Relics, and Gilds; however, you receive Ancient Souls and transcendent power. Mercenaries are not lost but are locked. This feature is available at level 300 after beating Woodchip, the Rodent.

What does it do for you?

The biggest payoff of Transcendence is the new currency of Ancient Souls, which can be used to buy Outsiders. But do not expect to get them easily. You do not get a bang for your buck when you trade your Hero Souls for Ancient Souls. You receive five Ancient Souls for 10x the Hero Souls, meaning that for 100 Hero Souls, you will receive five Ancient Souls. 

That does not mean you should ignore Transcendence, though. The big payoff of Transcendence is Transcendent Power, which boosts the amount of Hero Souls you get from Primal Bosses starting at zone 105. With Transcendent Power, the amount of Hero Souls you get will double, triple, or more as your level increases. 

With Ancient Souls you can buy one of the 5 Ancients: Xyliqil, Chor'gorloth, Phandoryss, Ponyboy, or Borb. Each of them has their own benefit to the game, and it depends on your playstyle which one you should buy first.

When should you Transcend? 

The decision is up to you, but at the end of the day, it is best to Transcend as soon as you reach 300. The general rule is to ascend before transcend because any of the Hero Souls you obtain will not count unless you keep ascending. Many recommend to wait until you will get 6-12 Ancient Souls from Transcendence. The only benefit for going above that is to grind for a level for an Ancient.

We hope this guide helps you understand Transcendence. Let us know in the comments how you are using Transcendence. 



Break Your Mouse With The 4 Best F2P Clicker Games on Steam Sat, 08 Apr 2017 23:19:17 -0400 Damien Smith


And there you have it -- the best F2P clicker games you'll find on Steam right now! From the 3D visuals of Tap Tap Infinity to the unusual Time Clickers and the ever evolving Crusaders of the Lost Idols....there is a clicker game to suit everyone. Just remember to have a spare mouse handy, because you are going to be needing it.


What are your thoughts on our list? What is your favorite clicker title? Let me know in the comments below!


Crusaders of The Lost Idols

Codename Entertainment Inc

I've saved the best of this list for last with Crusaders of The Lost Idols. While the game has all the usual mechanics of other clicker titles, it brings a whole new dimension that creates a very different experience -- the formation mechanic.


You must place your crusaders in the formation, with each one having specific skills and roles that apply advantages to help battle the constant onslaught of enemies. It also has quite a good sense of humor to it, often parodying or referencing many various famous films and the likes.


It is still in development using the Steam Early Access program, and introduces new features quite often, along with regular events that bring in new challenges and crusaders to unlock. CoTLI doesn't just take inspiration from other titles; it evolves them to create a unique clicker experience.


Clicker Heroes


If I didn't include Clicker Heroes on a list of the best clicker games on Steam, there would be an absolute riot -- and for good reason. Clicker Heroes is definitely the most solid of the clicker games available on Steam.


While it is a bit slow starting off, once you get into it and start making some decent progress, it begins to show just how beefy it is with content. What can I say? It is highly addictive and satisfying to play. Once you start, you will find it hard to stop.


Time Clickers

Proton Studio, Inc

Time Clickers is a bit of odd one in some ways. It is definitely the sort of mindless game you would sit back and play on a Sunday afternoon while suffering a major hangover from the night before. This is due to its constant progression, as opposed to other titles that have roadblocks and make idling becomes essential to progress.


Sure there is the typical reset mechanic -- but with each reset, you do gain some pretty impressive heightened DPS when the given bonuses are placed correctly. It is quite an engrossing game that is a lot easier on you than other clicker titles. It gives you regular money boosts too.


If sitting back shooting a neverending supply of cubes is sounds like a good hangover cure, then give this game a shot. You'll be amazed just how much fun shooting squares can be.


Tap Tap Infinity

Scary Bee LLC

First up is Tap Tap Infinity. The first thing that you will notice when playing this is that it is very similar to Clicker HeroesBut when you think about it, what clicker game isn't? What this one does differently, however, is it creates a rank system where you gain XP per kill that unlocks spells and powers, and uses infinity tokens that are used to purchase bonuses.


Let's not forget to mention the colorful and charming 3D visuals that accompany a variety of different characters. It doesn't differ massively from the game that inspired it, but it is still a good old clicker fun.


If there is one genre of game that has baffled me since its first appearance more than any other, it would be the clicker. As millions of people worldwide began getting seriously addicted to them, I watched quietly from a distance with a raised eyebrow asking myself: why?


Needless to say, curiosity eventually got the better of me and I began venturing into the genre. Surprisingly, I found myself quite enjoying them. With there being quite a few F2P clicker titles available on Steam, I decided to seek out the best there is to find on the service. Here's what I came up with!

These 7 Clicker/Tap Games are the Best You'll Find on Android Mon, 20 Feb 2017 00:56:10 -0500 Will Dowell

Number 1: Clicker Heroes

The most entertaining clicker on the market, Clicker Heroes shows how to take a common setting and make it suitable for mobile players. The actions feel similar to grinding in RPGs, but instead provide a constant stream of little upgrades, like improving damage and abilities.

Clicker Heroes continues the goal in creating an engaging clicker game for console or PC gamers. The RPG elements of Clicker Heroes fit well into small play sessions that slowly create progress. Clicker Heroes shows exactly how to make a proper clicker game.




Clicker games have flooded the Android market and the abundance of them does harm the progress of mobile game development. These games, even the best ones, are Skinner-boxes created to make playing these games a habit.

While these games can be enjoyed for their time-wasting potential, it is important to be aware of what this genre can do if abused. Like all genres, clickers are suited to certain situations and developers must learn what time is right for them.


What clicker games do find incredible? Let us know in the comments!

Number 2: Food Evolution

A more substantial Cookie Clicker, Food Evolution combines the food theme with a sense of discovery, with each food combining into a new one. This progression encourages the player to explore what each fruit combines into and in turn, keeps the player coming back for more.


Food Evolution is well paced in regards to its monetization mechanics. It tests a player's patience without turning the game into a complete grind. This hooks players and keeps them seeking the next food to combine. Food Evolution shows how clicker games should be paced.



Number 3: Cookie Clicker 2

Cookie Clicker popularized the idle game genre and Cookie Clicker 2 shows how redBit games changed the mobile market. Cookie Clicker 2, while simpler than other games, is so polished that the game is incredibly enjoyable. It shows the true form of clicker games as simple time wasters that give bite-sized entertainment through progression.


To maintain a player base, Cookie Clicker 2 has a set of challenges to complete. They unlock in a matter similar to levels in a standard game and provide another sense of progression to engage the player. By maintaining simplicity, Cookie Clicker 2 is a fantastic idle game.

Number 4: PolitiCats

Politics and cats seem like an unlikely combination, but PolitiCats creates a cute clicker game as you win the hearts of the public. Unlike Doomsday Clicker, PolitiCats allows you to rule the world without mass chaos. Start as a high school kitty trying to become class president to the supreme overlord of the world. The concept itself turns the game into a much more entertaining game.


PolitiCats also has some technical issues that can turn off players. My first time opening the game caused it to crash. While this kills first impressions, the game is so entertaining that the technical hassle is worth it. Politicians have never been so cuddly.

Number 5: Doomsday Clicker

With an evil monkey by your side, destroy society as you know it and rule the survivors. With a visual style similar to Fallout Shelter, Doomsday Clicker provides an eccentric aid as you try to rule the post-apocalyptic world one room at a time. Increase your influence by building a larger shelter to house more inhabitants.


Doomsday Clicker does have a few technical problems. In later stages, lag and updates can mess with individual devices. This instability keeps the game at number 5. Ruling the world is relaxing in Doomsday Clicker.

Number 6: Adventure Capitalist

Managing multiple businesses is incredibly easy in Adventure Capitalist. Start in a little lemonade stand until you are the billionaire you are meant to be. While the act of being a cutthroat businessman is ironic considering this is a free-to-play mobile game, it is still entertaining. The biggest source challenge is optimizing each business to create the largest profit.


Granted this game isn't flashy like the others on this list. While it may have some depth in terms of business optimization, it doesn't have the color and style that other clicker games possess. For those who want a little strategy in their time wasters, Adventure Capitalist is for you.

Number 7: Epic Party Clicker

Clicker games, even with their simple premises, can have a variety of themes. Epic Party Clicker, for example, keeps a beat to create an awesome party. Gain items like disco balls, balloons, and even the red carpet to create the coolest mobile party. Creating a silly party is a quick way to relax in a short amount of time.


The tracks do become repetitive, leading to the game staying comfortably at seventh place. While it is fun, it does not provide interesting additions from other clickers. Epic Party Clicker is for all digital party lovers.


Clicker games, also known as increment games, have dominated Google Play since the success of Cookie Clicker. They set habits by creating simple, repetitive tasks that give small rewards over a period of time. The very short game sessions allow these clicker games to fit into any period of boredom. With simple progression systems, developers can easily monetize the game through advertisements and micro-transactions.


With clicker games being easier to develop than other mobile titles, the mobile market is oversaturated with these games. This has overwhelmed players with shovelware that is not worth the time of everyone. Luckily, there are few great clicker games that are fantastic on Android.

Here are the seven best clicker games you'll find on Android.

Are There Any F2P Games on Steam Worth Playing? These 7 Are... Thu, 22 Dec 2016 08:00:01 -0500 Damien Smith


And there you have it -- 7 F2P games on Steam that are worth your time. From  a clicker game that will wear out your mouse to a robot builder that allows you to create any form of vehicle that your imagination can muster, there is something on this list for everyone to enjoy.


What do you think of our list? Are there any other F2P titles you think are worth playing? Let me know in the comments below!


Path of Exile

Developer: Grinding Gear Games

The last game on this list is probably the best known. Path of Exile is an ARPG similar to titles like the Diablo series. You take on the role of an exile struggling to survive on the dark continent of Wraeclast. You are fighting to gain power that will allow you to exact your revenge on those who wronged you.


Throughout your journey, you will find countless items and equipment to help you in your mission. You will embark on quests, customize your build to suit the most powerful combination with your items, and even create your own personalized town. If that is not all exciting enough for you, you can also compete in PVP against other players if you wish to do so.


POE is definitely a game that all fans of the Diablo series and other games like it, should check out.


Play Path of Exile on Steam now.


No More Room in Hell

Developer: No More Room in Hell Team

NMRiH is a tribute to the highly-acclaimed film series of the same name. It is a cooperative FPS survival horror mod for the source engine. In order to survive you will have to work with a team of up to eight other survivors. There are over 30 weapons to help you keep the Undead from eating you alive.


All it could take is one bite from a zombie for you to become infected. When infectrf, you can decide to inform your team and rid them of your burden or keep it quiet in hopes of finding a cure. There are a number of different zombies to encounter, from the typical walking zombie to the more modern running one.


So, gather your friends and join forces as you attempting to survive the zombie apocalypse.  


Play No More Room in Hell on Steam now.



Developer: Playful Corporation

If you like Minecraft, you are going to absolutely love CreativerseYou are stranded in a vast and mysterious world where anything is a possibility. Explore the world and experience the many biomes such as jungles, deserts, and swamps.


Collect resources and materials and construct anything that your imagination can muster. You don't have to do it alone either -- you can invite your friends along to help you on your adventures. This is definitely a game that any builder fan should play.


Play Creativerse on Steam now.


Clicker Heroes

Developer: Playsaurus

Clicker games are a bizarre concept to me. While I don't understand exactly why they are enjoyable, there is just something about them that makes them so damn addictive. Clicker Heroes is no exception.


With 35 different heroes, over 100 different enemies and tons of unlockables, there is a lot of fun to be had as you click your way to increasing your power. It is a game that will keep you hooked for hours on end. Just make sure to keep a spare mouse handy for when you break the button on your current one.


Play Clicker Heroes on Steam now.




Developer: Smartly Dressed Games


This one is definitely worth checking out if you are a fan of zombie and survival games. Unturned is being developed by sole developer Nelson Sexton. You take on the role of a survivor attempting to make their way around the zombie-infested ruins of civilization.


To survive you must scavenge for supplies and weapons, craft new equipment, build a safe house, and more. Due to the game having the Steam Workshop integrated into it, players can download countless amounts of mods to change up their experience.


Mods include new weapons, skins, items, vehicles, and maps. With so much content, the fun never has to stop. Not too shabby for a game that is completely free to play.


Play Unturned on Steam now



Developer: Freejam

Have you ever wanted to build giant battle-ready robots and test them out against other people's creations? Well, now you can with Robocraft. You can build practically anything that you want with vehicles that can drive, hover, walk, and even fly.


You can form parties with friends and create or join clans that can have up to 50 people in them. This really is a great game for those looking to let their imagination loose when it comes to creating vehicles of absolute destruction. And best of all, you don't have to pay a penny for all that sweet robot action.


Play Robocraft on Steam now


Dungeon Defenders II

Developer: Trendy Entertainment

Dungeon Defenders II is an Early Access cooperative action tower defense game, and sequel to the original title of the same name. The Old Ones have invaded Etheria, and now you and your friends must work together to push them back by creating a team of heroes to take into battle.


You will face against tons of enemies such as Dark Mages, Wyverns, Dragons, and more...along with mini-bosses and epic bosses. Build towers to help defend the Etheria crystals and customize your character's stats, skills and weapons with countless possibilities.


If you like tower defense games and want something a bit different, Dungeon Defenders II is definitely worth checking out.


Play Dungeon Defenders II on Steam now.


Steam has a lot of F2P titles on its service. The problem is that so many of them are bad. Whether they're just badly designed, have countless bugs, or are nothing more than a P2W format...there are plenty of horrible games to be found.


While there may be an overwhelming number of titles that aren't worth your time, there are still a handful of F2P games on Steam that are definitely worth playing. These 7 games are shining examples of how much fun a free-to-play game can be when it's done right. 

Why Clicker Heroes Dominates The Other Clickers and Will Continue To Do So Wed, 07 Dec 2016 07:00:01 -0500 SarahKel

Clicker Heroes has been a phenomenon of a game, in fact it’s the 7th most popular free to play game on Steam. It was released on May 2015 and is also now available for iOS and Android.

All players need to do, is click on things until they die. That is all. So, what has captured the imagination of gamers?

The interface is split down the middle, one side featuring information and the other side has monsters. Keep clicking on the monster to chip down their health until they die. Monsters never attack; they just take the players blows. A defeated monster generates in-game currency which can be used to buy items.


Players can purchase new heroes, or upgrades existing heroes so they can do more damage. The more heroes in a player’s inventory, equates to more damage per click.  Although clicking just makes monsters die quicker, enemies do just passively take damage. Clicker Heroes is very much an idle clicker game.

Active and Passive Playing

The game encourages both active and passive play, sitting there clicking away, or letting the game play whilst you’re inactive. The game requires constant clicking, whilst also waiting for upgrades, so it does have aspects of idle clicker games, such as Tuber Simulator and The Simpsons Tapped Out. So, as we can all imagine it’s addictive, but has much more game play than other clicker games.

Game Play

The game eases players in gently, with only a small number of clicks needed to begin with to kill monsters and then players are rewarded with in-game currency. Then another monster appears and that’s killed too, along with several others. With this in-game currency, players can afford to level up their characters to increase how much damage can be doled out per click, or they can save up for a pricier hero who can dish out damage automatically.

It is this levelling up process that maintains the player’s feeling of power, as they strive to defeat higher level monsters with their increasingly powerful clicks.

The additional abilities include: increasing damage by 100% or perform 10 clicks automatically. These are timed for 30 seconds and need to be recharged. Activate all abilities simultaneously, once the game has been farmed for gold, to ensure beating bosses are as easy as possible.

Each gaming area requires 10 monster kills to unlock the next level. Each new area needs to be physically selected to proceed, or monsters will continually spawn. Bosses are on timers and need to be killed quickly, therefore requiring rapid tapping. If players fail, they start over again with the last level they completed to acquire higher damage output.

It could be said that the game style of slaying monsters and levelling up has appealed to those who enjoy DPS games and maybe, just maybe a slight RPG parody, mixed with the fundamental concepts of Cookie Cutter.


Like most MMO’s the game is endless. Once a player has purchased all the heroes, but is then faced with a level they cannot complete, they can use the ‘ascend’ ability to start all over again. For this, the player can collect ‘hero souls’ that summon ancients, to obtain special bonuses like increased damage whilst idle, or a higher percentage of gold dropped. Ascend multiple times and players can collect more gold, more damage and proceed further into the game. Players can purchase special characters, called ancients that have far-reaching passive abilities. Here's more information about ancients and hero souls, from Game Skinny.

Once players have ascended, there is total replayability. Yes, the same levels have to be repeated, but players are better equipped to deal with them, in a fraction of the original time.

The game takes aspects of stereotypical idle clicker games and combined them with RPG elements and it does create a truly unique and addictive game. It is much, much more than an idle clicker game, offering replayability too. The game is free to play and available on SteamiOS and Android.

Clicker Heroes adds Relic system for even more customization Sun, 28 Jun 2015 13:36:33 -0400 Tobbpitt

If you wanted something more to customize your Clicker Heroes experience, you've got it. The game has updated with the new Relic system, which gives a whole new way to mold the game to your playstyle.

Previously you only had the Ancient and Gild system to customize your game. Gilds give bonus damage to individual heroes, and Ancients give a multitude of benefits depending on how you decide to spend your Hero Souls. These are still in the game, but are now supplemented by the Relic system.

Relics are dropped by a monster named the Relic Ooze. The Relic Ooze can spawn after the 99th floor, and only after your first ascension. You can only obtain one relic per ascension.

Each one has its own rarity and individual benefits. The higher the rarity (common, uncommon, rare, and so on), the bigger the benefit of the Relic. For instance, I've gotten an uncommon Runeblade of Freedom, which gives +75% gold when idle, +25% gold from chests, +1 second to Golden Clicks, and +15% gold during Golden Clicks.

As Relics can only be obtained ones per ascension, it may take a while to get four total -- and it will definitely take some time to get some that give useful benefits based on your Ancient spec.

I'd been wondering what the treasure chest tab in-game was for some time, and I'm glad to see it's turned out to be yet another unique feature to keep me coming back to Clicker Heroes.

AdVenture Capitalist vs. Clicker Heroes - Which is for you? Sun, 21 Jun 2015 17:30:01 -0400 Tobbpitt

Clicker Heroes or AdVenture Capitalist? That's a question I've heard from a few friends (and forum-goers) since Clicker Heroes made its way to Steam, and it's a pretty valid question. Both are essentially idle games, but are very different in approach and the amount of effort required on the player's part.

You might think it's difficult to pit two games where you essentially just watch numbers against each other, but it's very easy -- after all, they both have something for a different type of idle game player.

I personally enjoy Clicker Heroes much more than AdVenture Capitalist, but people with less time may not. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each game.

AdVenture Capitalist rundown

AdVenture Capitalist can be quickly summed up as an idle game. There's no need to click frantically and no way to speed up your earnings outside of upgrades. It is the definition of an idle game, and a simple one at that.

The above sounds pretty negative, but it's the prime option for players without the ability to check on the game every couple hours. Progress is slow but predictable, and the game doesn't require a ton of your time.

The Moon aspect of the game is one of its biggest detractors for me. Not because it's an entirely different progression alongside your Earth money, but because its progress is so slow and the profit bonus tiers don't seem to make much sense. It feels very much like a grind within a grind, and not in a good way.

Let's take a look at AdVenture Capitalist's pros and cons.

  • Minimal input from the player. You just upgrade and go.
  • Recovering from claiming your Angel Investors doesn't take a ton of time.
  • No clicking like crazy and killing your fingers.
  • Overall easy to understand and keep track of.
  • Minimal input from the player. May not be fun for some.
  • Progress is very streamlined and visibly slow.
  • Going to the Moon is not as fun as it sounds. Progressing on the Moon is excruciatingly slow.
  • It doesn't really feel all that great to progress.

Clicker Heroes rundown

Clicker Heroes is either an idle or clicker game, depending on how you want to play it. That feature alone is its biggest strength, as speccing via Ancients lets you mold your experience with the game into the one you want. You can idle if you want, you can click if you want. It's your choice.

There's a lot more to say about Clicker Heroes than AdVenture Capitalist because the game is packed with way more features. You level up individual heroes and get their buffs, get 50% permanent boosts to heroes once you meet certain criteria (and get lucky), use skills, and spec to play your own way.

But all that stuff can be kind of intimidating, especially when you first play. Not to mention recouping after Ascensions takes about an hour.

Clicker Heroes is certainly closer to a video game than AdVenture Capitalist, and as such does require much more time on your part. You have to make use of your skills and level heroes up on the fly to keep up your progress.

Let's take a look at the pros and cons.

  • Packed full of features to have you theorycrafting over numbers for days.
  • Leveling your heroes past a certain point (every 1000th level) is very rewarding.
  • Speccing into Ancients lets you choose how you want to play the game in the long run.
  • Progression is obvious and feels good.
  • You can get an autoclicker and spec into clicking to make it easy.
  • The amount of features can be intimidating.
  • Requires a good deal of time to make the most of the game.
  • Recovering after Ascending can take at least an hour -- that's an hour of time you're spending interacting with the game.
  • You can get an autoclicker and spec into clicking to make it easy.
  • You may be clicking like crazy and killing your fingers.

Which one's best for you?

Let's put it this way: If you don't have a lot of time but you want an idle game to watch over and check on a couple times a day, AdVenture Capitalist is probably your best bet. It was practically made for that type of approach, which is perfect for someone who's busy.

If you have some time each day and you can check on the game every so often to level some of your heroes and pop your skills, go with Clicker Heroes.

Both games are fine in their own right, but they definitely attract different crowds. Give both a shot and make your own decision. Just don't blame me when you get hooked.

Clicker Heroes Beginner's Guide and Tips: More Rubies, Ancients, and Gilded Heroes Thu, 21 May 2015 11:44:25 -0400 Tobbpitt

Clicker Heroes has been my favorite clicker/idle game since its release, and no matter how hard I try I always end up coming back to it.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) Clicker Heroes can be overwhelming for new players. There's more to know in this than other clicker games and it can take time to know how to approach the systems.

The biggest thing to note is the Hero Soul system, which can trip up new players and tempt them into making bad choices. But before we get onto that, did you know there are shortcuts to mass-buy Hero and Ancient levels?

Hero and Ancient purchase shortcuts

These are indispensable. They save not only time, but your finger fortitude. Hold the keys listed below to quickly and easily purchase Hero and Ancient levels:

  • Shift - Allows you to purchase 10 Hero and Ancient levels with each click.
  • Z - Allows you to purchase 25 Hero levels per click. Purchases 1,000 Ancient levels per click.
  • Ctrl - Allows you to purchase 100 Hero and Ancient levels per click.
  • Q - Allows you to purchase the maximum amount of levels you can afford, up to 9,999 levels.

Hero Souls, Ascension, and Ancients

Hero Souls are your primary method of boosting your damage. Not only do they add 10% additional damage each, but they can be used to purchase Ancients. Hero Souls are your bread and butter and it's essential that you not waste them.

There are three ways to obtain Hero Souls:

  • You get 1 per 2000 levels between all your Heroes
  • Primal Bosses give them upon defeat. These may appear every five levels after level 100.
  • Quick Ascension, which is purchased via Rubies, gives them.

You can see how many levels you currently have between all your Heroes in the stats tab.

When you first start, you don't want to ascend until you have between 8 to 10 Hero Souls. Getting them from Primal Bosses early on can take a ton of time, making leveling your Heroes your primary source of Hero Souls the first Ascension or two.


You can ascend by getting Amenhotep's ASCENSION ability. Getting this ability immediately ascends you.

Ascending restarts your level progress while cashing out the Hero Souls you've accumulated that run. Choose when you ascend carefully, as doing so too early will net you too little in souls while doing so too late will mean wasted precious time.

A good rule of thumb is that if you run into a boss you cannot beat when you use all your abilities, it's time to ascend. Always make sure to check how many Hero levels you have and try to reach the next 2000th level mark before ascending.


Ancients are how you customize your gameplay experience. Some people just like to farm idly, others like to click -- it's really up to you.

You don't want to invest in your first Ancient until you have at least 50 Hero Souls. The DPS from Hero Souls is just too valuable to throw at Ancients right away.

Below is a list of the Ancients that available. The effects listed add on one another with each level you invest in that Ancient. The max level an Ancient can reach is noted in parenthesis in the Effect column.

 Choose your Ancients carefully, as it costs Hero Souls to respec.

AncientEffect (Max Level)
 Argaiv  +2% Gilded bonus (N/A)
 Atman +1% chance to spawn Primal Bosses (25)
 Berserker +2 seconds to Powersurge (30)
 Bhaal +15% critical click damage (N/A)
 Bubos -2% boss health (25)
 Chawedo +2 second duration to Clickstorm (30)
 Chronos +5 seconds to boss fight timers (N/A)
 Dogcog  -2% gold to hire and level Heroes (25)
 Dora +20% more Treasure Chests (50)
 Energon +2 seconds to Metal Detector (30)
 Fortuna +0.25% chance for 10x gold to drop (40)
 Fragsworth +20% click damage (N/A)
 Hecatoncheir +2 seconds to Super Clicks (30)
 Iris +1 starting zone after Ascension (N/A)
Juggernaut +0.01% DPS per click in click combo (N/A)
 Khrysos Boosts gold you start with, up to Natalia at level 10. (10)
 Kleptos +2 seconds to Golden Clicks (30)
 Kumawakamaru -1 kills required to clear normal zones (5)
 Libertas +25% to +15% gold dropped when idle. Increase itself decreases by 1% every 10 levels. (N/A)
 Mammon +5% gold dropped (N/A)
 Mimzee +50% gold dropped by Treasure Chests (N/A)
 Morgulis +11% DPS for each Hero Soul spent on Morgulis (N/A)
 Pluto +30% gold from Golden Clicks (N/A)
 Siyalatas  +25% to +15% DPS when idle. Increase itself decreases by 1% every 10 levels. (N/A)
Sniperino +2 seconds to Lucky Strikes (30)
 Solomon +5% to 1% Hero Souls dropped by Primal Bosses. Increase itself decreases by 1% every 20 levels. (N/A)
 Thusia +100% health to Treasure Chests when Golden Clicks is active (N/A)
 Vaagur -5% ability cooldown duration. (15)


Gilding Heroes

Gilds are a small facet of the game that make a big impact as you progress, and you get your first one at level 100. Subsequent Gilds can be obtained every 10 levels after 100.

So what are Gilds? Essentially they boost the power of your Heroes, one Gild at a time.

A single Gilded Hero has its DPS increased by 50%. Each Gild level gives a 50% increase to a Hero's DPS -- so a 4 Gilded Hero will have 200% DPS.

Gilds are given to random Heroes when obtained, but it's not set in stone. You can move Gilds from one Hero to another random one for 2 Hero Souls, or even move Gilds from random Heroes to one in particular for a 80 Hero Souls. You can do this in the Gilded menu at the bottom of your Hero list.

You can't be too picky about which of your Heroes are Gilded early on, so be happy with what you can get. Later, when you have Hero Souls to spare, you should try to maximize your Gilds into gold-efficient and high DPS Heroes.


Rubies are the only currency you can use in the Shop, which is basically the cash shop of Clicker Heroes. There are only three things you can purchase in the Shop:

  • Timelapse (20 Rubies) - Refreshes all your cooldowns and gives a huge boost to gold.
  • 3 Gilded Heroes (30 Rubies) - Gives you three random Gilded Heroes.
  • Quick Ascension (50 Rubies) - Gives you Hero Souls as if you were actually ascending as well as a +1 to your Ascension total.

Quick Ascension is the best purchase by far due to the amount of time it saves. I do not recommend being tempted by Timelapse or the 3 Gilded Heroes.

You do not have to spend real money to get Rubies. They can currently be obtained in-game by clicking on the little clickables that come up on the screen from time to time.

These clickables either give you gold or gold and a Ruby. The other clickable (the slime that scrolls at the top of the screen) simply activates a random ability.

Miscellaneous tips

  • Mousing over a Hero will tell you what percentage of your current DPS that Hero does. This is indispensable information as your progress slows down so you have an idea of how to progress.
  • You do not go from one area to the next when the game is closed. When the game is closed, you are in Farming Mode instead of Progression Mode. Bear this in mind when you're considering closing the game.
  • Your Heroes will get x4 damage every 25 levels, starting at level 200. They will get x10 damage every 1000 levels. This means leveling "weaker" Heroes as you progress will pay off big time, which them slowly becoming your primary damage sources despite the default big hitting Heroes.
  • Don't ever buy an Ancient if you're not sure if it will help with your playstyle or not, and only reroll the Ancient list if everything offered isn't ideal for you right now.
  • The Octotentacle boss found on level 140 is the first real wall in Clicker Heroes and will likely be what makes or breaks you. Don't get discouraged if you can't beat it even after ascending -- just ascend again for the extra DPS. You do not necessarily have to invest in Ancients to beat it (and often it's not recommended).
How to import and export your saves in Clicker Heroes Thu, 14 May 2015 16:58:13 -0400 Tobbpitt

Since Clicker Heroes is now on Steam, some browser players may want to move their save data to the Steam client. I certainly did.

Importing and exporting data between the Kongregate, Armor Games, and Steam versions of Clicker Heroes is very easy and is done the same way between all three. You can move save data between all three versions of the game at this time.

Save your data

First and foremost, you need to save your primary game data. Mine was on Armor Games and I wanted to move my data to Steam, so I launched it on Armor Games and clicked the wrench icon at the top right.

Click 'Save'.

Here's the only way this is tricky: You need to pay attention to the directory the game tries to save. I use Firefox, so my data is saved by default in C:/Program Files (x86)/Mozilla Firefox -- yours will vary based on your browser. You can choose the directory you save in, however.

The file's default name is 'clickerHeroSave'.


Importing your save data is really easy, just like saving it.

Go to the directory you saved 'clickerHeroSave' into and open the file in a word processor like Notepad, then select all the text and copy.

Launch the version of the game you want to move your save data to and click the wrench icon just like above and click 'Import'.

From here it will ask you to paste the save data text. Paste it in the field where it says "Paste data here..." and click 'Import' to finish moving your data.

And with that, you're all done. It's as easy as wandering away while your heroes farm for you.

Finger killing Clicker Heroes now out on Steam Thu, 14 May 2015 16:57:50 -0400 Tobbpitt

Every once in a while, a game slips its way into the market (whether F2P or otherwise) that makes you rethink an entire genre. Odd as it is to say, Clicker Heroes did that for me in terms of idle and clicker games. After shaking the addiction a few months ago, I thought I was free -- until today.

Clicker Heroes is now available on Steam, completely free to play and free to devour your entire life. It really is a life killer.

Everyone's first thought when they think of clicker games is Cookie Clicker. That's all find and dandy, but Cookie Clicker is fundamentally simple. You click when you feel like it and otherwise let it run idle between purchases. The end!

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view) Clicker Heroes has actual progression, not only in pushing through enemies and bosses in a single playthrough; but also in the Ascension and Ancient system that gives you some flexibility in gameplay options. Want to use your abilities more often, occasionally get double gold, or skip a floor or two between bosses? There are Ancients for that. 

In a way I loathe Clicker Heroes because of how addicted I'd gotten to it in the past. But I also love it for that very reason. If you're in the market for a clicker or idle game (whichever you lean toward can be specced into via Ancients), this is the one. Give it a shot on Steam, Kongregate, or Armor Games. Just don't say I didn't warn you.