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Some video games offer an experience so unique, different and impactful that they end up being forever etched into the player's mind, while so many others are generally largely forgotten over time. Indie FPS 3D platformer Cloudbase Prime is one such game.

Developed almost entirely by Tyrus Peace under Floating Island Games, it was originally released on Steam Early Access. But as of July 26th, the game received its 1.0 release. Despite this being my third time to playing the game, its great gameplay, good humor, beautiful visuals, and excellent plot have made it been just as enjoyable this go round as it was the very first time.

A normal day at the office turns into a fight for survival

You take on the role of a gas mine worker, where you are situated inside of a robot controlled with your keyboard and mouse. Upon arriving to begin your shift, the zone comes under attack by robots with corrupted programming. As you battle your way through the various sectors and hordes of corrupt robots, you eventually find yourself falling into the depths below.

You land on an unknown platform far different from the one above and you begin your mission to find a way back home and uncover the mystery and agenda of these once friendly robots.

The plot to Cloudbase Prime is an intriguing one that is well written and nicely paced. It keeps you gripped from the very beginning right to the end -- especially because of the well-designed and well-written characters you meet along your journey, whose dialogue is often comical. The fix bots in particular are fun to interact with.

I love how the main characters, that of the robot you are controlling and of the giant one you ally with throughout the game, both have their own strengths and weaknesses, which are revealed as events unfold.

Near the end of the game, the plot really kicks it up a few gears to give the player one hell of a twist -- and one of the most memorable finales of a video game in recent memory. It is such a well-crafted story, and I hope a lot more people will experience it now that the game has officially released.

Excellent and unique gameplay

The gameplay in Cloudbase Prime is a blend of 3D platforming and FPS action. You traverse the levels and move from platform to platform by launching yourself into the air and gliding across using your architect ability, which allows you to move the terrain up and down as you please.

As you progress through the levels you need to collect fix bots in order to unlock the later levels. These are either found throughout certain levels or obtained by completing specific objective levels. In the levels where you need to search for the fix bots, they act as check points along with restoring your health upon collecting them.

While this may sound arduous, it is quite simple as the location of the fix bots is marked on the screen with a letter representing their name. All you need to do is head in the direction of their letter to find them. It keeps the gameplay from slowing down, while also preventing the player getting stuck and frustrated in their search.

As for the additional game modes such as Score Attack, they are a fun distraction to change up the gameplay from time to time to stop it from becoming monotonous. 

Along with the fix bots, there are also new weapons and abilities to be found hidden throughout certain levels. These include Homing Shot that allows you to lock on to multiple enemies or a single enemy several times, Combust Ammo that gives you explosive shots and Holotile where you can create a shield to block incoming bullets and rockets, just to name a few.

While the new weapons are more powerful variations of the standard shot, abilities work a bit differently. In order to use them, you require fuel that is acquired by launching enemies into the air and killing them while still airborne. How much fuel is needed for abilities depends on which one you use.

They really add a whole new level of depth to the game and are all useful in different circumstances. All the weapons and abilities can make a huge difference between a level being quite difficult and relatively easy, so it's crucial to use the right ability at the right time. 

Finally is the ability to grapple. This is introduced later in the game and allows the player to hook onto terrain both close and distant. It is extremely useful for moving across large distances quickly and reaching otherwise inaccessible areas.

It is a really cool feature but my gripe with it is that you don't receive it until near the end of the game. I wish that you would get to begin using it a bit sooner than you do.

The gameplay to Cloudbase Prime is engaging, extremely fun, and wonderfully executed. The combination of the novel mechanic of moving the terrain and using it to launch yourself and enemies into the air, the different weapons and abilities, the various game modes and of course amazing boss battles, creates a gameplay experience you will never forget.

Beautiful and varying level design

Throughout the course of the game, you venture through a series of worlds, each with their own unique environment and design -- from lavish green plains to underwater zones with giant jellyfish creatures, to a massive city. Each world is unique and beautiful to experience.

As you progress through the levels, slowly you are introduced to new mechanics, such as wind tunnels that make you move at a rapid pace, temporary bridges, movable platforms and more. The worlds aren't massive either, coming in at only a few levels each -- so not a single one of these worlds overstays its welcome to the point that it becomes boring. 

A game you will never forget

There are few games out there that I can say I have played multiple times through, but Cloudbase Prime is one of them -- and I loved every minute of it each time. It has great gameplay, its characters are well-written and designed, and also having a great sense of humor about them.

The visuals are beautiful as are the worlds, the level design is wonderful, and most of all it has an excellent plot with one of the best and most memorable finales I have experienced in years. 

Cloudbase Prime isn't a perfect game, of course. But there are few games that are so brilliantly executed and wonderfully fun. It has an elegance that most can only ever dream of having, and I hope that more people have the pleasure to experience this absolute gem as I have.

[Note: A copy of the game was provided to the writer for the purpose of this review.]

A Second Look at the Ridiculous Fun That is Cloudbase Prime Wed, 14 Jun 2017 13:50:35 -0400 Damien Smith

Back in March, I took a look at Floating Island Games' Early Access title Cloudbase Prime. It is a 3D platformer played from a first-person perspective with FPS elements. With the exception of the game's soundtrack and some sound effects, it is being solely developed by Tyrus Peace. 

In my last preview of the game, I really enjoyed my time with Cloudbase Primealong with its zany, over-the-top and often humorous characters and fun and balanced gameplay and mechanics. With numerous updates, one including the completion of the plot, I dive in once again to see how the game has come along since my last visit.

A Journey's End

One of the major features found in the updates since the last time I played Cloudbase Prime is the conclusion of the game's plot. Previously, only four out of the six worlds were present in the game.

Now with all of the levels present, I finally got to see the conclusion to the game's interesting and, at times, over-the-top plot. I won't be giving anything away, but what I will say is I was not disappointed. The ending chapters were actually more than I ever expected from Cloudbase Prime.

From a sudden and unexpected change to one of the most memorable final levels I have played in recent memory, it was simply nothing short of spectacular

What Else Has Changed Since the Last Visit?

The completion of the plot and levels is certainly the main highlight of the game's progression, but there have been other changes worth mentioning. First, the UI has had quite a working over since I last played. The menus are a lot more fluent and polished than they were before along with on-screen tutorial prompts being more plentiful and being more efficient than they were.

First, the UI has had quite a lot of work done to it since I last played. The menus are a lot more intuitive and polished than they were before, and the on-screen tutorial prompts are more plentiful and efficient than they previously were.

You are never confused during play, even as new mechanics are introduced. On top of that, prompts never get in your way or slow the game down. The biggest change in the UI is the weapons and abilities screen, which allows you to select the weapon or power of your choice with ease.

It uses a similar selection screen to that of DOOM, where the game goes into slow motion while you choose your weapon or ability. There has also been a booster implemented that gives you a short boost while gliding, making traversing levels a bit smoother. 

Alongside those changes, controller support has been added and a whole bevy of balancing and polishing has been done to the game. Cloudbase Prime was always a very enjoyable game, but the polishing and balancing have certainly helped bring that to a whole new level.

The New Levels are Awesome

The updates also introduce new levels that are separated into two additional worlds. Each world offers a gradual increase in difficulty that while challenging everything you have learned, are not unfair or overly difficult. They are reasonably balanced and there was never a point where I was stuck or repeatedly dying.

Overall, they are well designed, fitting, and most of all, fun to play while offering new challenges and obstacles. If you enjoyed the level design prior to these being implemented, then you are going to love these just as much.

Ridiculous, Over-the-Top, Hilarious and Simply Spectacular.

That is how I would describe Cloudbase Prime. It is a game that is ridiculous and over the top while being very self-aware of this. It is a game that shares many traits with the Portal series, but they are very different games despite this.

Its characters are equally silly and hilarious and provide you with enough comedy and humor to keep you chuckling from start to finish. I haven't had as good a laugh at a game since Portal 2 and that was quite some time ago. As for the ending, it is brilliantly designed and executed and it exceeded my expectations in every way.

It is amazing that this title has been made solely by one man. The level of quality, balance, and polish that the game is showing is nothing short of excellence. Cloudbase Prime does one thing that few games can, and that is it gives the player an experience they will always remember.

Note: A copy of the game was provided for the purpose of this preview.


Where to Find All the Weapons and Abilities in Cloudbase Prime Mon, 12 Jun 2017 12:06:02 -0400 Damien Smith

Cloudbase Prime is a 3D platformer with FPS elements currently in Steam Early Access. It is being developed by indie developer Floating Island Games. The player takes the role of of a pilot who is controlling a robot on their first day as a miner on a gas mining platform. But things don't go according to plan, as they are attacked by other robots who have become corrupt.

This guide covers the locations of all the weapons and abilities that exist in the game, along with what levels each of them can be found in. For the sake of completion and to avoid confusion, the story-based abilities will also be included.

Note: This guide does contain spoilers. You should not read past the level you are currently on, as you run the risk of parts of the plot ruined. The weapons and abilities have been listed in accordance with the levels they are found to help avoid spoilers.

All Weapon and Ability Locations in Cloudbase Prime

Level 1

Shockwave (1-1)

Shockwave is the first ability that you will find in Cloudbase Prime. You will see it right in front of you upon starting level 1-1, which is the level directly after the intro level. It grants you the ability to create a shockwave, lifting a line of platforms hurling any enemies in its path into the air.

Charged Shot (1-2)

This weapon is an upgrade to your standard auto-shot attack. It allows you to hold down the fire button to charge up your shot. The longer you leave it charging before firing the more damage it will do to the enemy it hits. This weapon is found at the very end of the level, near where the last Fixbot is found at the very top of the level, as shown in the image below.

Level 2

Architect Bomb (2-1)

The Architect Bomb allows you to throw an EMP bomb that blasts everything in its radius. You should be able to see this ability from the highest point of the starting platform while looking out onto the rest of the level. It sits at the top of the small island in the middle of the level as shown in the image below.

Combust Ammo (2-3)

This particular ability is found as a part of story progression. You will meet a group of Fixbots sitting around a campfire and singing songs. Upon approaching them, they will explain to you how they made fire and grant you the ability of Combust Ammo. This allows you to make your shots combust upon hitting a target -- but it does come at the cost of 1 fuel.

Level 3

Holotile (3-3)

This one is actually easy to miss if you are not observant. This one is actually on a platform way up in the air. To reach it you must first climb up onto Atlas' back, where you will find a booster platform that will spring you into the air and onto another platform.

Here you will find a blue target sign. Shoot it and a path will appear that leads to the platform with the ability. You must be quick though, as the path will only stay active for a short period of time. Once you are across, the Holotile ability is yours.

The Holotile allows you to create a temporary tile that can be used to stop you from falling or even block incoming missiles. This ability really comes in handy in the later levels of the game.

Level 4

Homing Shot (4-1)

Much like Holotile, the Homing Shot is easy to miss if you are not careful. To find it you will need to go to the island where the Fixbot marked as M is located.

Once you reach the island, you must go underwater. You will see a mountain of tiles swim down along the side of them and you will see an opening with the weapon inside it. Homing Shot allows you to hold down the first button and lock up to five shots at once onto one or multiple targets, which will then track them until they are hit.

Combo Beam (4-2)

The combo beam is a powerful death beam attack that requires both hands to generate it. While using it, you will not be able to use your standard attacks or the architect so use it wisely. It is located on a floating island above one of the several islands situated at the very start of the level.

To reach it you will need to use the booster ring found in the middle island and make your way to the bottom of the water. Once at the bottom, turn around and use the booster rings to fire yourself back up to the surface. The force of the rings will send you flying into the air high enough to reach the island. Once on it, the Combo Beam is yours for the taking!

Level 5

Freeze Ammo (5-1)

This ammo does exactly what the name suggests, and comes in handy in tight situations. It is found at the very beginning of the level and should be possible to see from the magnetic track, as shown in the image below.

To reach it simply hop into the magnetic track and follow it along about half way. At this point, jump off and look at one of the large platforms. Using the new grapple you will now have, hook yourself to the platform and then simply jump off and glide down to the ability.

Go Forth and Destroy the Evil Robots

You are now all set and ready go kick evil robot butt, with your brand new weapons and abilities and save the day. You will certainly be needing them. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and blown up some evil robots!

Preview: Cloudbase Prime - A Unique FPP Platforming Experience Fri, 24 Mar 2017 18:00:01 -0400 Damien Smith

If there is one genre that there is a lack of titles in over the past few years it would be 3D platformers. Aside from Yooka-Laylee, there has been little in the way of games currently in development of that genre. As luck would have it, however, I was recently introduced to Cloudbase Prime, a game that fits into the genre but has more than a few twists to bring you something new.

Cloudbase Prime is a First Person Perspective 3D platformer with FPS elements, currently on Steam Early Access. It is being developed and published by indie developer Floating Island Games and released in Early Access September 21st, 2016. A full release is expected in early 2017.

Cloudbase Prime is a title that is full of humour, addicting and exciting gameplay and enough content to make it more than worth its asking price of $9.99.

Disclaimer: Cloudbase Prime is currently in an alpha stage of development. This article does not represent the finished product.

Cloudbase Prime
Not an average day at the office

You take on the role of a very talkative and excitable robot on a giant gas mining platform who has the ability to change its architecture by moving parts of it up. Just as your day begins, everything starts to go to hell. You come under attack by robots just like you but with their programming being corrupt.

You battle your way through the many malevolent robots eventually reaching the communications antenna which too shared the same fate as your once functioning friends. Upon defeating it, the platform breaks and you being to descend into the vast nothingness below.

Eventually, you find yourself on another platform, in a place completely alien to you. It is here that your journey begins as you attempt to uncover what happened above. What happened to the other bots? Where are you? Your only choice is to press on. It is anything but an average day.

Cloudbase Prime

The plot to Cloudbase Prime is interesting and quite different to anything else. As you progress through the game you begin to discover what happened and where it is that you are. That mixed in with the over the top characters of the protagonist and the other robots you meet, bring together a truly humorous and exciting plot that is as enjoyable from the start to the end.

Move the terrain and blast your enemies

In order to progress through the levels, you will need to move the terrain, allowing you to reach areas that would otherwise be impossible. When you stand on a platform and then move it, it fires you to great heights allowing you to glide your way to further platforms.

It isn't just useful for getting to unreachable platforms by normal means. The ability too can be used as a weapon against your enemies. While an enemy stands on a platform, if you throw them in the air, it leaves them immobile for a duration, giving you the perfect opportunity to shoot them.

Cloudbase Prime

This all may sound quite simple so far but as you progress, things begin to become a lot more complex. You begin to encounter runways that you stick to and move you at exceptional speed. Later in the game, you need to move the platforms these are held up with adjusting their height to gain maximum speed in order to reach a specific area.

It gives certain puzzle elements to specific parts of the game, as you attempt to figure out how to get to certain areas. Some such areas contain upgrades, giving you new and better abilities, to help you blast away your enemies. Even with the game being in a relatively early stage of development, there is plenty of fun to be had from gameplay and levels.

There really is nothing else quite like it out there and if this is the exhilarating gameplay that is being produced this early in the game's development, I can't wait to see what the developer has in store as it progresses.

Cloudbase Prime

Upgrades and new abilities

A lot of the levels throughout the game contain hidden upgrades and new abilities for you to find. These upgrades come in two different forms, those being abilities that require fuel or upgrading your weapon. New abilities include Shockwave that causes a massive wave of platforms to move, causing anything in its path to plummet into the air.

Another example would be combust, that allows you to explode any enemy fire that is near you. Each time you use such a power, it uses fuel. Fuel is gained by flinging enemies into the air and then killing them.

As for weapon upgrades, you gain new attacks such as charged attack, that charges up your normal attack to greater size and damage. Another would be the homing attack, that allows you lock onto multiple enemies and fire a number of attacks at them in quick succession.

Cloudbase Prime

While none of the upgrades is essential to progressing through the game, they do make your life a hell of a lot easier. They also give the levels a bit more depth and replayability if you didn't find an upgrade the first time around. Each of them is fun to use and are definitely worth experimenting with in various ways that they can aid you.

Simple yet effective level design

The levels in Cloudbase Prime take a more minimalistic approach to their design compared to most games. While this is the case this is not a bad thing. If the game was to have more detailed design it would lose its charm. It is using this design choice that helps make the levels all the more alien.

With big spacious areas with platforms of all sizes scattered throughout, that is at least what you find in the earlier levels. As you progress however you begin to see more alien sights such as giant floating jellyfish that you go inside and even a massive mechanical dragon.

Cloudbase Prime

The levels and sights in Cloudbase Prime are nothing like you have seen before and they beautiful to witness. Each of the levels also has objectives that you will need to complete. Most levels require you to find a number of fix bots.

Fix bots are small hyperactive childlike robots that fix things. They are required to find a certain amount of them to unlock new levels. Other levels have objectives like surviving a specific amount of time or destroying a massive evil robot factory with the help of robotic bunnies.

While the variety of objectives is a bit low, there are more planned for the game's final release. If the levels are this much fun and varying at this point in development, I really can't wait to see what new challenges the developer has planned for the future.

Cloudbase Prime

An amazing platformer

Cloudbase Prime may be an Early Access title but it is a game that has so much to offer, far more than most titles you will see in Early Access. While I have been fortunate enough to play some very entertaining and extremely fun titles over the past few weeks, Cloudbase Prime definitely sits at the top of Mt Fun.

It is a game that has unique, entertaining and fun gameplay, silly over the top yet light-hearted humorous characters and beautiful levels that are like nothing you have ever seen before. If this is the marvellous work that is being shown now at such as early stage of development, then the future of Cloudbase Prime is showing nothing but positivity.

Disclaimer: A copy of the game was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this preview.

Cloudbase Prime is available to buy on Steam for $9.99.