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Players who haven’t yet checked out Mojang’s frenetic platformer Cobalt WASD can download it for free on Steam through this weekend.

Developed by Oxeye Game Studio, the title typically sells for $6.99 and features both single-player and 4v4 asymmetrical multiplayer modes.

Players choose one of two teams of murderous robots -- the Metalfaces or the Protobots -- and battle it out in elaborately staged 2-D maps. One side rushes to plant bombs in the enemy base while the other defends against the onslaught, attempting to defuse any explosives that sneak through the cracks.

Each round earns these teams “volts,” which can be used to buy extravagant weaponry, tools, and armor. With this equipment, players unlock new ways to jump, dash, grapple, and teleport through the stages, their movement specifically calibrated to be played with a keyboard and mouse -- thus, the "WASD" in Cobalt WASD. These platforming elements make every campaign a fever-pitch race, as outmaneuvering your opponent becomes just as important as outshooting them.   

Cobalt WASD released in November to mostly positive reviews. It currently boasts 10 maps, with more reportedly in development. It also heavily advertises itself as a “fair game” that forgoes loot crates, edition exclusives, or pay-to-win models of gameplay.

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Cobalt WASD Review: Aim! Shoot! Destroy! in 2D Tue, 19 Dec 2017 12:08:28 -0500 Sergey_3847

Indie game developer Oxeye Game Studio, mostly known for the original Cobalt, has released a spin-off of their game featuring only one particular mode -- an online 4v4 co-operative action platformer, Cobalt WASD. Players who are familiar with the unusual presentation and gameplay of Cobalt will know what WASD is all about. But if you've never played Cobalt, then think of it as sort of a 2D Counter-Strike.

On the other hand, if you enjoyed Cobalt a lot, or you generally like the idea of precise timing and controlling your shots, then Cobalt WASD should be right up your alley. But there's a lot more to this little off-shoot of a game, so let's get into the most important details, shall we?

Gameplay Mechanics and Gadgets

As already stated, getting into Cobalt WASD will be easy for anyone who has experience with the original Cobalt game. But if you've never played a game like it before, then it's a bit of a curvy learning process, since the game doesn't explain anything at all to you in terms of the end goal and the controls.

In the very beginning, you are given the choice between two teams: Metalfaces and Protobots. Each team needs to have four players, who start on the opposite sides of the map. The red team, or the Protobots, are required to set up a bomb mechanism and protect it from the blue team. Meanwhile, the blue team, or the Metalfaces, need to rush in and prevent the Protobots from accomplishing their evil plans.

This little charade is accompanied by fast movements, jumping, sliding, and shooting. The gameplay can become really fast-paced, and when all eight players know what to do during the match-up, then it can really charm you with its unbelievable dynamism.

In addition to all this fast-paced action, you get to use a pretty large pool of weapons and other items, such as equipment and armor. These can help you significantly in terms of protection and boost your little bot.

For example, one of the best pieces of equipment available in the game's shop is Jet -- a pair of jet shoes that lets you fly around the map. Having the Jet early on in the match-up is a real blessing, and it can save you a lot of time and energy, especially if you're playing for the Metalfaces. 

But even such cool equipment like Jet can be easily deflected by the Chrono body armor, which slows down time if you play for Metalfaces, or speeds it up if you're playing for Protobots. Both effects are a lot of fun and can potentially throw any match-up into complete chaos.

Controls and Teamwork

Cobalt WASD is all about mastering controls. There is no way around it. Timely reactions to enemy players' threats and an ability to aim with great precision are the two main factors that decide the results of the match-up. That's why taking advantage of the most useful mechanics is so vital for both teams.

The maps are designed in such a way that you have to be able to shoot through the smallest openings in the walls, overcome the most complicated angled obstacles, and dodge the most unobvious bullets. On top of that, you can't forget about your teammates, so throwing a timely healing kit on a dying mate can win you the game just as much as taking care of your own little, shiny, metal body.

But even players with slower reactions and an inability to aim well can find their way into the game. All you need to do is to not play for the Protobots so that you don't have to frantically run around the map, trying to plant the bomb. Instead, you can choose to stay in one place and defend the bombsites, and if attackers come close enough, just throw a couple of grenades and watch them get blown to pieces.

Overall Impression and Verdict

Cobalt WASD is definitely a worthy investment if you care about all the things described above. Especially if you like the 2D aesthetics of the game, it should bring you a lot of joyful moments.

However, the game doesn't entirely grip you, even with the abundance of weapons, armor, equipment, and gameplay mechanics. After half an hour, you may feel that you want to play something else entirely due to the fact that all matches basically boil down to the same repetitive actions.

But the game was designed in such a way as to simply give players a quick burst of energy instead of requiring that you sit in front of your computer screen for hours. So this makes complete sense, and if you are looking for a quick adrenaline rush in a game, then Cobalt WASD will definitely do it for you.

[Note: A copy of Cobalt WASD was provided by Mojang for the purpose of this review.]

Cobalt WASD Guide: Mastering Combat Controls Tue, 05 Dec 2017 11:49:50 -0500 Sergey_3847

Cobalt WASD is a multiplayer spin-off to the acclaimed platformer Cobalt. It has only one mode: 4v4 cooperative online combat, which requires not only focus and precision but also a solid knowledge of keyboard and mouse controls.

Before venturing into the world of fast shooting, jumping, and running, take a look at the control scheme featured in Cobalt WASD. This guide will also provide you with a few essential tips and give you a sense of what to expect from this cool little game.

Mastering Controls in Cobalt WASD

Jumping and Ducking

These two types of moves are the most important for you to master if you want to efficiently aim and dodge the enemy team's bullets.

  • Press Space twice for a double jump with a roll. This will allow you to overcome higher obstacles.
  • If you hit the wall, press Space at the wall to roll upwards.
  • In order to move faster, use ducking while moving down slopes for a sliding effect.
  • If you want to fall faster, then use ducking while in the air.
Quick Melee Damage

You will have access to a whole variety of firearms and grenades in Cobalt WASD, but don't neglect melee damage, as it grants you five times more volts (an in-game currency) for killing an enemy.

In order to effectively use melee damage, get used to triggering the mouse wheel when you get close enough to the enemy player.

Mastering Grenades

Grenades can be super effective if used correctly:

  • Use the F button for a quick grenade, but don't forget to aim first with your mouse.
  • When you release the button, the grenade will follow the crosshair.
  • You can add more speed to your grenade if you move and throw at the same time.
Using Equipment

In the game's shop you can purchase one of the four available equipments in the game, which can significantly boost your gameplay:

  • Hook: attaches to walls and pulls you towards them.
  • Dash: boosts you in any direction you like, stunning enemies you hit along the way.
  • Jet: gives you an ability to fly around.
  • Shield: protects your body from damage.

Your equipment can be activated by pressing the Shift button.


With the help of these beginner tips, you can confidently move around any map in Cobalt WASD and destroy your enemies in the blink of an eye.

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Mojang Announces New Game Cobalt WASD Wed, 29 Nov 2017 16:54:58 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Oxeye Game Studio is following its robo-RPG epic Cobalt with something rather different in the form of Cobalt WASD, a new multiplayer, bomb-defusing action platformer. It's published by Mojang, best known for Minecraft, and is set to release Friday, Dec. 1 on Steam. As the name suggests, Cobalt WASD is optimized for PC, with several features designed specifically for ease of play and viewing pleasure.

The action centers around two teams of four, with team Metalface defending bombsites and team Protobot attacking the site and attempting to plant a bomb. Once the Protobots are successful, Metalfaces must race to defuse the bomb before it detonates. Cobalt WASD has RPG-lite elements as well, with players earning rewards for each round that can be spent on upgrades and equipment, such as stealth suits, vehicles, and sniper weapons.

The game's major draw centers around how some of these items work. The main feature is manipulating time and space -- teleporting and slowing down time, for example. But there are other quirky elements as well, such as radioactive crossbows and healing pumps (not shoes).

Mojang says the game is fast-paced and has "a high skill ceiling" that allows players to develop a multitude of strategies in every match. Despite being multiplayer, the game also allows you to play by yourself with teams of bots, and it allows online and offline play, private lobbies, and personal, dedicated servers.

Additionally, the game supports mods and maps through the Steam Workshop, several camera settings, and a native 1920x1080 resolution. If you want to create custom mods and maps, you'll need access to the original Cobalt, but Mojang plans to discount the original and offer it in a bundle with Cobalt WASD.

One other thing the developers are keen to point out is that there will be no microtransactions or paywalls. What you see is what you get.


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