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The PvP tiers were totally shaken up after the latest Cookie Run Kingdom update, which overturned the meta in all modes. The Kingdom Arena tier list has seen some crazy changes that you'll probably want to be aware of.

Doing arena against other players can be a tough but fun experience. you need to compile a team of five cookies that are not only the strongest, but also have some really useful tricks under their sleeves. Read our Cookie Run Kingdom tier list to find out more.

Cookie Run Kingdom SS-Tier Cookies

Hollyberry Cookie

This is by far the best defense cookie out there!

Recently, Hollyberry got seriously buffed, making her defenses increase by 30% and her total HP by 25%. Her damage duration also got increased by 9 seconds on her Oath on the Shield ability.

Strawberry Crepe Cookie

If you're going to win on arena, then you need a cookie that can both protect your other cookies and deal a lot of damage, preferably AoE.

That's exactly what Strawberry Crepe cookie does with a single hit damage of 330%. This cookie also reduces any damage on two of your other cookies that have the lowest HP.

Pure Vanilla Cookie

Here is the best healer in the arena right now with his incredible healing ability that equals 99.4% of base attack, as well as, 20% of damage absorption on the shield.

Sorbet Shark Cookie

If you're looking for a pure damage dealer, then Sorbet cookie is the finest one out there.

This cookie has the True Damage ability that completely ignores all defenses and any damage resistance buffs on the enemies.

S-Tier Cookies

Sea Fairy Cookie

If you're looking for a solid cookie with a stun ability and AoE damage, then there is probably no better one that the Sea Fairy.

Her Water Stream and Water Pillar attacks deal 150% and 173% of damage respectively.

Dark Choco Cookie

Every successful team needs to have at least one charger to deal that massive extra damage.

Dark Choco has the Sword of Darkness ability that deals 316.6% of damage, but also loses some defense points in the process, which is worth it for all that smashing power.

Parfait Cookie

In terms of support, Parfait can be an indispensable ally due to her healing effects, as well as, a significant resistance to any debuffs.

She can also increase her defenses by 10% for 7 seconds.

Espresso Cookie

Also, do not underestimate the magic damage, which may not be as potent as physical, but it can definitely do the trick against certain types of enemies.

Espresso's two main attacks deal 80% damage over 7 hits with the last one dealing 100% damage.

Mint Choco Cookie

This one is unusual, but that's where his power resides.

Mint Choco is primarily a supporter healer, but he can also buff the speed of attack of your allies by 40%, which can play a huge role at the end of the match-up.

A-Tier Cookies

Vampire Cookie

Rear position cookies aren't always terribly exciting, but this one is an exception.

In addition to his Vampirism ability, which allows him to restore some health, he can deal up to 542.2% damage to an enemy without any drawbacks.

Herb Cookie

This was once a top tier cookie, but after the update, you will see it only in the rear position.

Still, it's a great healer with an ability to debuff enemies, which can be really useful during harder match-ups.

Latte Cookie

Debuffing enemies could be a great strategy, or you could simply apply annoying status effects, such as Immobilize and Silence that are both available to Latte cookie.

On top of that, she can deal some serious damage in the process, which is always welcome.

Black Raisin Cookie

Finally, having an ambush cookie with a skill to disrupt enemies in the middle of the fight could be also a very good tactic.

His Shadow Watcher ability allows him to disappear from the arena, and reappear suddenly in the midst of the enemy tiles and strike them completely unexpectedly.

Those are the best cookies for PvP in Cookie Run Kingdom. If you were looking for a guide on how to get Sonic cookie, then check out this dedicated page.

How to Get Sonic in Cookie Run Kingdom Thu, 23 Sep 2021 14:28:44 -0400 Sergey_3847

Devsisters and Sega have joined forces and introduced two new and very special cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom: Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails. The new crossover event "Sonic's Green Hill" will take place from September 17 to October 16, 2021.

Our guide will provide you with tips and tricks on how to get Sonic in Cookie Run Kingdom and complete this awesome event. You will learn about all the stages of the event and how to beat them.

How to Unlock Sonic in Cookie Run Kingdom

Sonic and Tails cookies can be unlocked through Lucky Item Boxes that contain various rewards. Each opening of a box will cost you a 1,000 rings, and since there are 30 rewards in total, you will need 30,000 rings to unlock all Lucky Item Boxes rewards.

The rewards are completely random, so you could get Sonic on your first opening or on your last one. In either case you can play Sonic's Green Hill event as many times as you want, since it is the only event in Cookie Run Kingdom that allows you to earn rings in unlimited amounts.


You will have to pay a certain amount of Power Sneakers for each of the nine stages in Sonic's Green Hill event. The only way to get Power Sneakers is to wait. You get one Power Sneaker per 30 minutes of being logged into the game. You can use this time to play other missions and upgrade your cookies.

Once you save up enough Power Sneakers for each stage, you will have to assemble a team of five cookies. Here are the best cookies for the Sonic's Green Hill event:

  • Sea Fairy Cookie
  • Vampire Cookie
  • Squid Ink Cookie
  • Sorbet Shark Cookie
  • Licorice Cookie

You can also use treasure buffs to help your team deal with bosses, such as:

  • Old Pilgrim's Scroll (increases attack power of your team)
  • Priestess Cookie's Paper Charm (debuffs all enemies)

Stage 1

  • Power Sneakers: 20

This stage is totally straightforward. Collect your coins and rings, and at the end you face Doctor Eggman with 30,000 HP, who uses Laser Beam. Attack him as soon as he appears, and you should beat him in no time.

Rewards for Stage 1 are:

  • 500x Rings
  • 100x EXP Star Jelly Lv.2
  • 5x Skill Powders

Stage 2

  • Power Sneakers: 20

In the second stage you have to overcome some spikes as jumping obstacles, and at the end you face Doctor Eggman again with 46,580 HP. Apply the same strategy and he should go down fast.

Rewards for Stage 2 are:

  • 800x Rings
  • 120x EXP Star Jelly Lv.2
  • 5x Skill Powders

Stage 3

  • Power Sneakers: 20

This time you'll be surprised by enemies unexpectedly appearing from beneath the ground, so just jump over them. The boss at the end will have 65,540 HP and shield protection. Break the shields first, using Priestess Cookie's Paper Charm treasure, and then attack the boss himself.

Rewards for Stage 3 are:

  • 1,000x Rings
  • 80x EXP Star Jelly Lv.3
  • 5x Skill Powders

Stage 4

  • Power Sneakers: 22

Doctor Eggman will have 92,240 HP this time, but the strategy stays the same: use your treasures to break his shields and buff your attack to keep pressuring him.

Rewards for Stage 4 are:

  • 1,000x Rings
  • 100x EXP Star Jelly Lv.3
  • 3x Skill Powders

Stage 5

  • Power Sneakers: 22

At this stage, the number of spiked obstacles increases significantly. This means that you have to be a bit slower and more careful. The boss at the end will have 136,260 HP, which is a lot but beatable.

Rewards for Stage 5 are:

  • 1,000x Rings
  • 120x EXP Star Jelly Lv.3
  • 3x Skill Powders

Stage 6

  • Power Sneakers: 23

This stage has a very long portal section that you need to run as fast as possible. There are lots of coins though, so use Ginkgoblin's Trophy Safe treasure to collect them all. The boss now has 233,080 HP and 7x Shields to break.

Rewards for Stage 6 are:

  • 1,200x Rings
  • 60x EXP Star Jelly Lv.4
  • 3x Skill Powders

Stage 7

  • Power Sneakers: 23

Starting from this stage your cookies need to be at least Level 40+, because Doctor Eggman will start doing a lot of damage and his own HP will be at 387,600 points.

Rewards for Stage 7 are:

  • 1,200x Rings
  • 80x EXP Star Jelly Lv.4
  • 2x Skill Powders

Stage 8

  • Power Sneakers: 23

Here you will face the same amount of power as at stage 7, but now the boss has nine times the shield and 449,320 HP. You can switch one of your cookies to Black Raisin cookie for this stage due to double damage.

Rewards for Stage 8 are:

  • 1,80x Rings
  • 100x EXP Star Jelly Lv.4
  • 2x Skill Powders

Stage 9

  • Power Sneakers: 24

For the final stage you will need another switch, this time for the Hollyberry cookie that can absorb a lot of damage and protect the rest of your cookies. Doctor Eggman will have 10x Shields and 500,960 HP.

Rewards for Stage 9 are:

  • 2,000x Rings
  • 8x EXP Star Jelly Lv.5
  • 2x Skill Powders
  • 1x Giant Ring Portal

Unlock Sonic and Tails

You can start opening Lucky Item Boxes as soon as you get 1,000 rings to open Sonic and Tails as one of the 30 possible rewards. Open as many as you can by completing Sonic's Green Hill stages and soon you should get this special cookie.

Alternatively, if you get the seven Chaos Emeralds of different colors from the boxes before opening Sonic and Tails, you can use them to unlock Sonic at the Miraculous Chaos Emerald menu as a guaranteed cookie.

That's all you need to know on how to get Sonic in Cookie Run Kingdom. If you enjoyed reading this guide, then consider sharing it online, using our social media links below.