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As is expected each and every month, the PlayStation Blog posted a brief update previewing upcoming PlayStation Plus games, with Batman: Arkham Knight and Darksiders III taking the spotlight for September.

Keep in mind that these games won't actually be available to download for free until September 3.

It basically goes without saying that taking advantage of the offer requires a PS Plus subscription or the start of a free PS Plus trial period, the former of which many PlayStation 4 owners already have. 

Batman: Arkham Knight

First up is Batman: Arkham Knight, which is, for those who don't know, to Batman what last year's Spider-Man game was for, well, Spider-Man.

Arkham Knight sets players loose free to wander Gotham City, scale the tallest buildings, speed around in a high-powered Batmobile, aid citizens in need, and, of course, take on some of the franchise's best-known villains.

We considered it absolutely essential playing for this generation of consoles in our review.

While the game holds extra meaning for long-time fans, with its nods to previous stories and characters in the Batman mythos, its gameplay and action are what make it accessible for all.

Darksiders III

Darksiders III is also a game where players hunt down ... criminals. Yeah, we'll call them criminals.

Specifically, it charges players with hunting down the Seven Deadly Sins as one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, with all the action and dark fantasy staples the series is known for.

The game didn't impress us all that much when it first launched, with its downgraded visuals and less than inspiring combat.

However, since then, Darksiders III has added some extra DLC in the form of The Crucible to substantially increase what the game has to offer.


Again, these won't go live as free for PS Plus members until September 3. Meanwhile, if the idea of free PC games sounds appealing, check out what's on offer for free this week on the Epic Games Store.

New Darksiders 3 DLC Is Available Now https://www.gameskinny.com/cksyb/new-darksiders-3-dlc-is-available-now https://www.gameskinny.com/cksyb/new-darksiders-3-dlc-is-available-now Tue, 26 Feb 2019 12:56:35 -0500 Josh Broadwell

THQ Nordic's Darksiders 3 hasn't been out for long, but its first major DLC expansion, The Crucible, is now available on all platforms. The new content provided by this DLC tests players' skills by pitting them against seemingly endless waves of powerful enemies. The payout for surviving includes various rare crafting materials, never-before-seen enchantments, and some brand new armor sets as well.

The Crucible is set up like an arena challenge — described in the game as the ultimate test of a warrior's strength. It's an event talked about only in whispers, and it is overseen by Targon, the only challenger ever able to successfully conquer the Crucible.

Due to its exclusive nature, players have to face specific trials before they can even enter the Crucible and begin their first challenge. Specifically, they must find and capture the first Deadly Sin to gain access to the Crucible and unlock the first 25 enemy waves. Doing the same for the second Deadly Sin unlocks the next 25 waves, and this continues until they've cleared 100 waves without dying.

The Crucible gives you a chance to experience its challenges without going all in, though. If you clear five waves without dying, for example, you can take your loot and walk away, or you can put everything on the line and try to clear all 100 waves. If you manage to do that without dying, then you unlock the Crucible's ultimate challenge.

Darksiders 3 was met with mixed reviews upon its release, with critics, including our own, praising its improvements over previous installments, while lamenting the lack of major changes or innovations in the overall setup. With this first expansion, it seems THQ Nordic is working on addressing these complaints, providing a healthy dose of new material and offering items that are useful in the main game as well.

How to Complete the Web Puzzles in Darksiders 3 https://www.gameskinny.com/hdow8/how-to-complete-the-web-puzzles-in-darksiders-3 https://www.gameskinny.com/hdow8/how-to-complete-the-web-puzzles-in-darksiders-3 Mon, 26 Nov 2018 16:13:57 -0500 Ty Arthur

When you aren't hacking 'n slashing through agents of the apocalypse in Darksiders 3, you'll be figuring out puzzles. 

One of the more obtuse and grating ones first comes in the early game in the form of spider webs. Although Fury should be able to cut right through them, things are a bit more complicated than that. As you progress, you'll come across more and more, some progessively more "difficult" than the ones before them. 

Luckily, there are a few tricks that will make solving these web puzzles a lot easier. 

Making Bugs Go Boom

As you play, Fury will eventually come to a dead end in the Crossroads portion of the Haven area. This section of the tunnel has a hole in the ground that it looks like you should be able to jump into it, but it's covered up by webbing.

A respawning bug also chases you around the room, but throwing it at the webbing doesn't actually do anything. That's because you need it to eat some flaming goo first and become explosive.

Whenever you see an area with webbing, check the ceiling and look for a brown pod holding the flaming goo.

A simple hit with the whip knocks the goo down, which becomes an attractive feast for the bug. After they eat the goo, they become explosive -- but you've got to act quickly because they explode just a few seconds after being picked up.

Sometimes you also have to lure bugs from another nearby area. They typically follow you, but if the bug falls behind, just pick it up and throw it in the direction you need to go.

It's important to note that red webs regrow after a few seconds.

In a later area of Haven, you'll need two bugs in rapid succession to get through a red web then a white web, so lure one out from the tunnels first.

Once you unlock Fury's flame hollow form, you can ignite webs on your own without explosive bugs just by holding the secondary attack button, or by holding the jump button while in midair.

You'll need this trick for the later puzzles where you have to light multiple webs on fire in conjunction with explosive bugs.

Using Explosive Bugs For Timed Puzzles

The most frustrating web puzzle takes place in the Catacombs section of the Hollows area, where there's a pressure plate that moves a statue into a position that's out of reach. The problem is that there isn't enough time to get on the plate and throw the bug at the statue before it explodes.

To complete this puzzle, go up the stairs and leap across the room with the pressure plate toward the webbing on the far left side. The fire hollow form actually makes this annoying to complete correctly, since it defaults to the boost jump if you hold the jump button too long.

When leaping across, immediately release the jump button and swing your whip to grab onto the ledge and fly toward the wall (you can still do this even if you've switched from the whip to the crystal shard sword).

When you reach the opposite side, either hold secondary attack or press and hold jump to light the web on fire, which will knock down the explosive goo in the center between the left and right webs.

With the goo down, lure a bug over so it becomes explosive. Here's the key though -- don't pick up the bug!

Instead, run all the way to the left side of the far left wall web and light it on fire with your attack, then immediately run back to the pressure plate.

After a moment, an ember will fly from the far left web and hit the bug, causing it to explode, which ignites the far right web that leads toward the statue.

If you ran fast enough, the flaming web will just barely hit the statue as it completes its rotation from the pressure plate, turning it red and opening the grate.

This puzzle is all about the timing, so if you just barely miss it, just get another bug and start over. Dodging instead of running can help you reach the pressure plate slightly quicker.


That's all you need to know to figure out the rest of the Darksiders 3 web puzzles! Have you come across any others that are stumping you? Let us know which ones you can't get past and we'll write up a new guide!

Darksiders 3 Review: Perfectly Adequatesiders Edition https://www.gameskinny.com/2apgp/darksiders-3-review-perfectly-adequatesiders-edition https://www.gameskinny.com/2apgp/darksiders-3-review-perfectly-adequatesiders-edition Mon, 26 Nov 2018 14:04:38 -0500 Ty Arthur

Game hype is a funny thing when it comes to long-running series, especially those finally releasing a new entry. Sometimes you wait years and lose 100 hours of your life to Red Dead Redemption 2. Sometimes you wait years and get Duke Nukem Forever.

Smack dab in the middle of that spectrum is Darksiders 3, the long-awaited sequel where we finally get to play as Horseman Fury while the apocalypse ravages earth.

Not an actively terrible game and certainly not a great one either, this third entry is the textbook definition of a perfectly adequate, run-of-the-mill action title that doesn't particularly stand out in any way.

Returning To An Old Friend... Who Is Less Interesting Than You Remembered

Let's start with graphics and aesthetics.

Darksiders 3 maintains the Darksiders style with the same distinctive character design on full display -- well, for every character besides Fury, who just looks like a Marvel superhero most of the time. 

The locations where you battle demons, elementals, angels, and terrifying little cannibal fairy children are appropriately varied. You'll hack and slash your way through subway tunnels covered in egg clutches, ancient lava-filled catacombs, fungus-riddled caves, and overgrown apocalyptic skyscrapers.

The story unraveling between the whip cracking and sword slashing isn't really even worth mentioning. Fury is angry and wants to punch things, so she gets sent to Earth to hunt down the seven deadly sins. All of these demonic fisticuffs take place during the same time as the first game while War is trying to prove his innocence and before Death goes off on his fantasy adventure from the second game.

Fury is probably the least interesting of the four Horsemen so far, as her motivation boils down to, "I'm bored, let's fight". She weirdly goes from hating humanity and not caring if it is eradicated to trying to save all the adorable little babies so fast you'll get whiplash.

It's a mess, but you can't really expect much coherence from a universe that includes dwarves, magic users, demons, and a modern-day apocalypse all rolled into one setting.

Bare Bones Game Design

Apart from the visual style, Darksiders 3 sees a noticeable downgrade from the previous game. Nearly everything has been extremely simplified and boiled down to the series' base components.

Those addictive RPG elements that made Darksiders 2 stand out are mostly gone. Sometimes simplifying and removing unnecessary roleplaying mechanics make for a better experience (Mass Effect 2, anyone?) but here it really detracts from the overall gameplay.

Fury can utilize a few limited upgrades to her equipment that are mostly "deal more damage" or "heal a little over time." The main changes in style instead take place when you switch between different Hollow forms, going from fire to ice and so on.

Besides letting you access new areas, each form changes your attack type. With five very basic forms, there are far fewer overall options when compared to the wider variety of combos and weapon choices in the previous game.

This time around, you get three stats: health, damage, and "arcane," which is just the damage you deal while counter-attacking. I'm not sure why the developers tried to dress that up as somehow being a magic stat, because it most decidedly isn't.

But here we are. 

There were also repeated statements from the developer that Fury is more of a mage-focused ranged character, and that is also the clear and direct antithesis to what's found here. She's up-close melee through and through, just more fragile.

You won't start to notice it until bigger enemies show up about two hours in, but there's been a shift toward more of a Souls-style combat. Fury doesn't have stamina to manage, but she's super squishy and battle heavily revolves around memorizing attack patterns so you can counter at the right times instead of dying immediately.

There's one big, glaring, obvious problem in inserting that style of battle into a fast-paced action title -- it actually slows down combat, which is a terrible design choice for a combo-heavy action game.

You won't crash into a group of enemies with your chain-whips slashing wildly, trying to rack up 99 hits anymore. Instead, you'll cautiously go against one opponent at a time and wait for them to attack first so you can counter, doing your best to avoid groups of foes (who will quickly overwhelm you).

This change honestly feels like a culling of elements so the developers had to do less rather than implement changes that were actually needed.  For example, the minimap is entirely gone. In most cases that doesn't matter, because Darksiders 3 is much more linear and less open than its predecessor, so it quickly becomes a glaring problem. 

Most of the platforming -- an intricate part of the puzzle solving in Darksiders 2 -- is also completely gone. The few instances that remain aren't exactly awe-inspiring, and the timed puzzles combined with a finicky ledge grabbing system just aren't particularly fun.

The Verdict

If you are keen to continue the next part of the Darksiders saga, I'd recommend doing so on console, as this entry doesn't seem particularly well optimized for PC. The error message above before getting dumped back to my desktop was probably the most frustrating puzzle to overcome (something you shouldn't have to navigate on console). 

So now the big question is, "Is this game worth paying $60 for on release day?"The answer to that question is a big old hell no, son! 

At best, this is a weekend rental. It also seems like a pretty good bet Darksiders 3 will be free on Xbox via Games With Gold within a year or so and either on PS+ or PlayStation Now around the same time. 

Save your money and pick up something with better design unless you are the most diehard, obsessed Darksiders fan in existence.


+ Unique character designs remain interesting to gawk at
+ Varied atmosphere and style in levels
+ You get to kill tiny fairy cannibal children, angels, and demons all in one game


– Extremely bare bones weapon, stat, and upgrade systems
– Slow paced Souls-style combat doesn't improve the series at all
– Crashes and stutters frequently on PC version

[Note: The developer provided a copy of Darksiders 3 for the purposes of this review.]

Complete Darksider's 3 Pre-Order Guide - Your Ticket to the Apocalypse https://www.gameskinny.com/f77n9/complete-darksiders-3-pre-order-guide-your-ticket-to-the-apocalypse https://www.gameskinny.com/f77n9/complete-darksiders-3-pre-order-guide-your-ticket-to-the-apocalypse Sat, 27 Oct 2018 14:38:02 -0400 Robert Kazmierczak

As the Darksiders 3 release creeps ever closer, it's time to prepare yourself for a new adventure as the next Horseman of the Apocalypse falls to Earth. Fury is gearing up to take on the Seven Deadly Sins and if you're looking to join her you’ll have to make some decisions.   

There are a couple of options when it comes to pre-orders, and they come with a lot. Here’s a breakdown of the different packages you can find. 


Standard Edition 

Price: $59.99

Retailers: Amazon, Gamestop, BestBuy, Steam, GOG

The Standard Edition is the most basic option, coming in at $59.99. It’s available physically and digitally for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, but if you pre-order a digital copy you’ll get access to an exclusive in-game cosmetic armor set for Fury. 


Deluxe Edition 

Price: $79.99

Retailers: PSN, Xbox Live, Steam, GOG

If we take a step up, we’ll find the Deluxe Edition. You’ll get the game as well as The Crucible and Keepers of the Void DLC. Purchasing on PC will also let you have access to the Darksiders 3 soundtrack.  

There’s a small discount for pre-orders across the board, but console players will get 24-hour Early Access to the game too. On top of all of that, you’ll receive the exclusive in-game cosmetic armor set for Fury. 


Blades and Whip Edition 

Price: $99.99

Retailers: PSN, Xbox Live

Continuing on, we come to the Blades and Whip Edition. This option is exclusive to consoles and includes both of the previous games; Darksiders Warmastered Edition and Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition. Both DLCs for Darksiders 3 are included and PS4 players can look forward to a new PS4 theme, not to mention the exclusive in-game cosmetic armor set for Fury.  

On top of all the awesome content, Blades and Whip Edition comes with a 10% discount and 24-hour Early Access.  


Collector’s Edition 

Price: $149.99

Retailers: Amazon, BestBuy, GameStop

The Collector’s Edition is for the die-hard fans. You’ll obviously get access to the game, both DLCs, and the exclusive in-game cosmetic armor for Fury, but that’s just the beginning.  

The Collector’s Edition also comes with the Darksiders 3 soundtrack and artbook, an original steelbook, and a 29cm Fury Figurine. All of this comes packaged together in an awesome premium Darksiders 3 box. 


Apocalypse Edition 

Price: $399.99

Retailers: AmazonBestBuy, Gamestop

And finally, here’s the big one. Darksiders 3 Apocalypse Edition is a monstrous pre-order with a ton of stuff included. You get everything from the Collector’s Edition, with 3 added figurines of Vulgrim, War, Death. You’ll also find an impressive wall scroll depicting Fury in front of the Charred Council, and a heavy weight amulet. All of this comes in a massive premium box, that clearly states to everyone that you are the highest caliber of Darksiders fan.


All of these bundles can be found on the Darksiders official website. Make your choice and prepare to take on a collection of the most dangerous creatures that post-apocalyptic Earth has to offer. 

Darksiders III Developers Confirm Two Post-Launch DLC Packs https://www.gameskinny.com/bkon7/darksiders-iii-developers-confirm-two-post-launch-dlc-packs https://www.gameskinny.com/bkon7/darksiders-iii-developers-confirm-two-post-launch-dlc-packs Fri, 12 Oct 2018 10:24:23 -0400 Zack Palm

When Darksiders III launches on November 27 and the credits roll, you probably won't have to wait too long to get your hands on more content. Earlier today, THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games shared details on two pieces of DLC they're planning to release following the game's launch. 

Both DLC packs have been named -- The Crucible and Keepers of the Void -- but they don't yet have a set release date.

Expanding on Darksiders III's post-game, these DLC packs will introduce new playable areas, challenges, puzzles, items, and enemies.

The Crucible DLC will see Fury's skills tested by a strange entity in various challenges. Completing these challenges will give you new rewards and items to carry into combat. These challenges include facing off against mobs of enemies using Fury's wide arsenal of skills and weapons.

The Keepers of the Void DLC pack will take a different approach, where Fury receives a quest from Vulgrim to go into the Serpent Holes. Here, an ancient evil lurks.

In the Serpent Holes, Fury will tackle new puzzles and enemies. If she proves worthy, she'll receive a new weapon and the ultimate prize: The Abyssal Armor. 

You can expect to hear more concrete details about the release dates for these DLC packs once the main game is out in stores.

There's still time to pre-order Darksiders III before it releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 27. Head on over to the game's official website to reserve your copy.

Stay tuned to Gameskinny for more coverage on Darksiders III and your other favorite games. And be sure to check out the game's latest trailer while you're here. 

Darksiders 3 Force Fury Trailer Rocks On https://www.gameskinny.com/37v3q/darksiders-3-force-fury-trailer-rocks-on https://www.gameskinny.com/37v3q/darksiders-3-force-fury-trailer-rocks-on Wed, 03 Oct 2018 17:52:28 -0400 Zack Palm

Excited for Darksiders 3 to hit stores? THQ Nordic wants to make sure you're thinking about the next installment with this gameplay-focused trailer, which you can watch at the top of the page.

The trailer shows off how the next horseman, Fury, deals with her problems. Instead of relying on a sword like War did or a pair of scythes like Death, Fury deals with her foes with a cunning whip, a devastating hammer, and creative spells.

Unlike her brothers, Fury is a mage, meaning players will have a new realm of gameplay opportunities to handle their foes in combat. Though the latest trailer focused primarily on showing off Fury's trusty whip and hammer in combat.

Another big difference is Fury's overall agility. She's dodging in the game far more than War or Death had, and this may mean players have to do more dodging than they did in previous installments. We can hope THQ Nordic releases a future video where Fury uses more magic and obliterates foes using superior firepower.

You can pre-order Darksiders 3 over at this website. The game releases on November 27 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Can't Wait for Darksiders 3? Play These 13 Games Instead! https://www.gameskinny.com/61byt/cant-wait-for-darksiders-3-play-these-13-games-instead https://www.gameskinny.com/61byt/cant-wait-for-darksiders-3-play-these-13-games-instead Tue, 16 May 2017 09:30:03 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum


The Surge


Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC


The Surge is another Souls-like. However, while Nioh focuses on faster action in a feudal Japan setting, The Surge maintains the slower pacing of the Souls games with an interesting sci-fi setting.


One of the more interesting hooks in The Surge is that you can target the limbs of your enemies in combat, which allows you to potentially loot parts associated with said limb. This is similar to the Monster Hunter games.




So sure, I said I'd give you 13 games to play, but in reality, I gave probably close to triple that. We have sci-fi and fantasy. Greek mythology and Norse mythology. Gothic and punk undertones. Last gen and current gen (or current gen and next gen for those of you that haven't upgraded yet). 2D and 3D. There's honestly a little bit of something here for everyone.


So there's no reason to not get a little Darksiders 3 action before the game officially drops -- whether it's actually a part of the series or not. 


Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning


Platforms: PS3 and Xbox 360


This game is basically Darksiders 2 with slightly less responsive combat, no acrobatic climbing, but with a much larger, well written open world and a better skill system. Also, while Darksiders had Joe Mad as their artist KoA had Todd MacFarlane as their artist. 


Sadly, there is not much hope that we hear anything else from this series ever again. Kingdoms of Amalur developer/co-publisher, 38 Studios, went bankrupt shortly after the game was released and all plans to move forward with the then in-development MMO were canned.


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Trilogy


Platforms: PS3 and Xbox 360


The Lords of Shadow trilogy, particularly the first one, was one of the more successful examples of a series reboot. It took the tone and made it grittier while preserving the gothic atmosphere. It also took traditional story hooks and flipped them on their head. Combine this with one of the more successful God of War style battle systems, which provided its own hooks via its unique magic system, and you have a recipe for success.


Moreover, like Darksiders 3, LoS has your main character controlling a whip-wielding protagonist. Isn’t that reason enough to connect the two titles?




Platforms: PS4


Nioh might be famous as a Dark Souls clone, which it definitely is, but it's more than just that. It's fast-paced combat, reminiscent of Team Ninja's other series Ninja Gaiden, makes it feel like a refreshing hybrid between the more action packed, juggle happy hack and slash games of yesteryear and the slower, more methodical hack and slash games of modernity. If nothing else, it is just a damned fine action game.


Odin Sphere Leifthrasir  


Platforms: PS4, PS3, PS Vita


Odin Sphere Leithrasir is the remaster of Odin Sphere. But don't let this fool you; this old dog has learned some new tricks. While the story elements were left alone for this remaster, the gameplay systems received huge overhauls. The combat system, in particular, has been heavily reworked.

Unleashing combos, juggling foes, and activating spells/abilities never felt this rewarding before. Leifthrasir might be 2D, but it is every bit as intense and good as its 3D hack-n-slash counterparts scattered throughout this list.


Leifthrasir also allows you to play the original version of the game if you so wish. Either way, both versions are aided by a much better, more consistent frame rate than the original game and updated HD visuals that ensure the gorgeous Vanillaware art style has aged just as gracefully in Odin Sphere as our brains choose to remember.


If you are interested in OS:L, then you might also like some of Vanillaware’s other titles, such as Muramasa: The Demon Blade for the Wii and Vita, or Dragon’s Crown, available for the PS3 and Vita.


Prince of Persia Series


Platforms: PS3 & Xbox 360


While Darksiders 2 aesthetically borrowed from the Prince of Persia series’ parkour, it never rivaled the unparalleled thrills, and challenges that could only be thrown at you if you were given time manipulating skills to navigate them. On top of that, each of the Prince of Persia games had solid, action based combat.


Sadly, this series has been dormant in recent years. The Sands of Time trilogy had an HD collection on the PS3 and Xbox 360. 2008’s Prince of Persia reboot was a solid, albeit much less challenging approach to the series parkour action. And Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, also on the PS3 and Xbox 360, was the last release in the series back in 2010. 


Diablo 3


Platforms: PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, Mac


Diablo seemingly served as one of the primary influences on Darksiders. Whether it be its new-found concentration on loot or its extended skill trees, the influences were evident, as they had been on so many RPGs before and since.


Diablo’s combat might be much different than that of Darksiders, but at its best, it can still be just as hectic. Diablo 3’s fun skill system, varied classes, and nearly infinite loot allows for a ton of variation. Best of all, the game is still being supported. In fact, the necromancer class is set to release in the later half of 2017. 


Portal Series


Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, & Linux


No, you did not misread that; I wrote Portal. Toward the end of the original Darksiders, you unlock a portal gun. Sadly, this portal gun can only be used on very specific pads, which greatly diminishes its ability to emulate the awesome physics bending powers shown off in the Portal games.


Their attempts to rip off Portal were even more transparent than their attempts to rip off God of War and Legend of Zelda. While they succeeded in replicating the other two series, they were not able to bring any of the thrills of Portal by merely giving you a knock-off portal gun for one late-game dungeon. 


That being said, the puzzles that used the portal gun in the original Darksiders weren’t bad, so that’s a caveat at least.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GotY Edition


Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC


The Witcher 3 is a lot of what Darksiders 2 wanted to be. (The Witcher 3 is a lot of what many games want to be.) Well, that is only half true. Darksiders 2 never wanted the same grounded combat. It always wanted to be an over the top action game that featured Diablo-style loot.


However, Darksiders 2's open world never came close to resembling the scope or the amount of quality content that is seen in The Witcher 3. The Witcher 3 also has more storytelling punch in its pinky (assuming it has pinkies) than Darksiders 2 has in all of its being.


God of War III Remastered


Platforms: PS4


God of War served as the other half of the inspiration sphere for Darksiders, and as such, it's only appropriate that it gets a place on this list.


The original Darksiders has some pretty epic moments. But God of War was built from the ground up to not only provide epic moments but to also let you live through them with against huge set pieces.


Each of the GoW games starts out on a high note, whether it be fighting the multi-headed hydra in God of War or battling the gods as you ascend Mount Olympus in God of War 3. Alongside DMC, GoW helped define hack and slash combat for more than a generation of consoles to come. 


If you're interested in playing the rest of the series, then you will have to go back to the PS3. There you will find two HD collections, one being for the PS2 games and the other being for the PSP games, as well as Ascension, which served as a prequel to the series.




The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Platforms: Nintendo Switch


The original Darksiders was basically a mashup of God of War and the Legend of Zelda, so why not return to one of these iconic series to experience what the game was able to successfully replicate?


Lately, the Legend of Zelda series has seen its own renaissance, implementing RPG elements in a classic adventure atmosphere, as Breath of the Wild has been met with much praise from critics and gamers alike. by adopting the same open world structure that we grew to love through Bethesda’s RPGs. However, it was the more traditional Zelda formula, perhaps most well recognized from critics and gamers alike. 


By adopting the same open world structure that we grew to love in Bethesda RPGs like The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, LotZ has reinvented itself for a new era. However, it was the more traditional Zelda formula, perhaps most well recognized from Ocarina of Time, which the original Darksiders was able to successfully recreate.




Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition


Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC


When Devil May Cry 4 was originally released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2008, it was already a solid game. It featured the same tight combat from the previous games while introducing Nero and his Devil Bringer, an awesome demonic arm that allowed him to yank far-away enemies to him, or slam nearby enemies into the ground.


The Special Edition adds three new characters. Trish, from the original DMC, can replay Dante’s missions, while Lady from DMC3 can replay Nero’s missions. Oh, and you can play as Dante’s badass twin brother, Virgil, through all the missions in the game.


Same tight gameplay, new interesting characters to play with? Hell yes.


If you are interested in this game, then you might also enjoy the Devil May Cry HD Collection, which contains the first three DMCs on one disc for PS3 and Xbox 360. The Bayonetta series, which featured some of the same developers from the original DMC games, plays almost identically to these games and is also worth your time. Bayonetta is available on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and WiiU while the sequel is available exclusively on WiiU.


DmC: Devil May Cry


Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One


When Ninja Theory’s reboot of the Devil May Cry series was announced -- aptly titled DmC: Devil May Cry -- fans were pissed. The game instantly garnered bad publicity for its heavily altered protagonist, and it was never able to shake this reputation. However, by the time the game had released, the Dante seen in the announcement trailer was only present in the flesh, as his mannerisms and attitude had been switched to better represent those of the Dante we know and love. Despite this, many people never paid attention. No white hair; no interest.



I'm not entirely sure that Dante ever actually touched a cigarette in DmC.


But that’s a damned shame, because this game is one of the tightest hack-n-slash games on the market. Dante no longer uses a lock-on system to take enemies down, but does so in real time. Moreover, he has gotten some awesome new skills: Dante can now yank enemies closer, like Nero’s beloved Devil Bringer from DMC4, or pull himself to them.


Holding down one of the trigger buttons switches to another weapon seamlessly mid-combo -- a system borrowed from Ninja Theory’s PS3 exclusive, Heavenly Sword. Combine this with a couple more unlockable weapons and several different guns, and you have an extremely wide array of combat maneuvers available to you at any given time.


If you missed this game back when it first came out, then you should really consider buying it now. You also might be interested in Ninja Theory’s other games, such as Heavenly Sword for the PS3 and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West for the PS3 and Xbox 360.


Ever since THQ went out of business nearly five years ago, the future of several of their key franchises has been up in the year. While some of their games were promptly bought up and continued as if nothing had happened, such as the WWE franchise, we hadn't heard much from the Darksiders series in that time. 


This was partially because the Darksiders property (amongst others such as the Red Faction and MX vs. ATV) was bought by a small, largely unknown company called Nordic Games. Initially, Nordic was reluctant to confirm what they would do with the franchises going forward, but earlier last week Darksiders 3 was finally confirmed to be in production. 


If you are like some of us here at GameSkinny, you might be excited. And whenever you get that itch, you know you just have to play other similar games to help stave off said itch. So here are 13 games that all have a little something in common with Darksiders -- and games you can play right now. 

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Scheduled for release nearly six years after Darksiders II and the enhanced Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition, the new Darksiders 3 was confirmed seemingly out of nowhere. With game being developed by THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games, it will certainly have a legacy to live up to upon release. 

Added pressure of a sequel aside, Darksiders 3 is a game you should be excited for. And I'll give you two good reasons why. Firstly, the pressure on the developers to create a great game to honor the series is ever present. Secondly, the focus on Fury -- the new character players will utilize in game -- looks to be bringing a fresh perspective to the series. The only roadblock to this excitement could be players' faith in the developers to deliver on the game itself.

With these two things in mind, I can assure you that the new game will be just as exciting -- if not moreso -- than the previous installment.

THQ Nordic Has a Lot on the Line With This Game

Darksiders 3 is being developed by a strong team including ex-Vigil Games employees who worked on the previous two games themselves. Their work coincides with THQ Nordic -- the successor to THQ after it filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Nordic remains optimistic that they won't fall into the same shortcomings, and for our sake we should be confident they won't.

If we look at the outlook on the part of devs and producers from the end of THQ to the announcement that sparked a new beginning for Darksiders, you'll see a strong team with vision for a beloved franchise. 

In 2013, THQ Nordic's executive producer, Reinhard Pollice, said:

"What really makes up Nordic, what's good about Nordic, is that we are all players ourselves and are passionate about the projects we are doing..."

In a recent series of interviews with IGN, the questions of living up to the previous games were addressed. In addition to comments made by Pollice and others, Richard Vorodi, the lead level designer at Gunfire Games, stated:

"I'm not concerned with legacy or anything like that. There's an adage in boy scouts where, 'you leave your campsite cleaner than you found it.' I think if we can put this entry of the series out without damaging anything else and setting up the next one, potentially, then we've done our job."

So this means that THQ Nordic isn't exactly trying to make the sort of Darksiders we've seen thus far -- they're trying to take this series and revitalize it in a way that opens the door for even more games later on. If that's the goal, though, then they must be pretty confident in what they've built to start thinking about future iterations.

We're Getting a New Story With a Promising Character

The Darksiders series is no stranger to great main characters, but the story-driven aspects in the previous game weren't exactly on par with that of the first game. The new character, Fury, is a refreshing change to the characters we know, and allows the new game to not be tied to solely honoring the game lore. With new liberties available to the devs, players can relive a familiar and nostalgia-filled world while still experiencing new things.

Fury, whose style is different than the previous two main characters, has significance because of her loyalty to the Charred Council. This focus should be interesting to players, as the council's job is to maintain the balance of power in the universe -- but they have been corrupted themselves. While never seen in their true form, the council's role could be revisited more heavily than in Darksiders 2, due to this connection to Fury.

Most players haven't decided how they feel about Fury yet, but that's exactly where she should be for now. The main character for this new game needs to be intriguing but unsold -- she needs to win us over in order to be really memorable. And hopefully she will as we see new glimpses of her in the coming year.

But There Are a Few Possible Setbacks...

While it's going to be exciting to see what happens with an eager dev team, a dynamic story, and a brand new character, we can't help but think of how Darksiders 2's success was still followed by THQ's closure. If the shadow looming over Nordic isn't constantly on their minds, it certainly is on fans'. The worry that Darksiders 3 won't live up to the hype will be ever-present until release, and critics might be inclined to take a harsher view towards the game afterwards because of the legacy it has to live up to.

The only response to this, preemptively even, is to go into the game realizing it's not meant to be purely an homage to the original games. Instead, fans should see Darksiders 3 as a continuation of a larger world or universe that we can't wait to revisit. 

There's still more that can be done for the Darksiders franchise. The teams at THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games have pressure on them, but are hard at work in response. As David Adams, the President of Gunfire Games, stated:


"It felt like unfinished business... at some point we're like screw it-- let's do it." 

All the fans can (and should) do for now is keep an open mind and give THQ Nordic a chance to prove they have what it takes to make Darksiders great.

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Those are the 3 biggest things that I think Darksiders 3 needs to have!


Do you agree? Does anything need to be added? Let me know in the comments above (no wait... they are below).

# 3 - Does Death save War? Is Death dead? What Happens!

If you have not played either Darksiders games, you might want to skip this one some pretty major spoilers ahead, but then I guess if you're reading this it's because you have played them and want Darksiders 3.


At the end of Darksiders War is banished due to him breaking the rules, he went to Earth without the proper authorization, however, he was tricked into thinking the signs were real. This is where Darksiders 2 starts, Death wants to clear his brother's name, to do this he needs to turn back time. There is one pretty major catch, Death must sacrifice himself or the souls of the Nephilim to turn back time.


And this is where the cliffhanger arrives, what happens to Death? What happens to War? I don't want to speculate about story lines because Vigil Games are far better at that than I. But that doesn't stop the fact that a great series has not be closed, and it deserves to be ended.

#2 - Don't Make Fury Angry

The final Horseman (or Horsewoman?) is Fury, she needs to be playable!


Each Darksiders game has one main protagonist, but maybe Darksiders 3 can have two? Where at the beginning of the game you pick who you want to play as, and the story unfolds slightly differently, why not have Strife and Fury playable in the same game. Then in Darksiders 4 you can play as any of the horsemen.


Fury wields a whip as her main weapon and claws for secondary. Not much is known about her personality, but she appears to be calmest of the Horsemen.


As Fury is level headed she could have an 'at peace' meter, as it fills up it will allow Fury to transform into something else, like with Death's Reaper form, she can then do higher damage, but also move a lot faster. Fury should be a very fast character using her agility do acrobatic attacks, and even some stealth, which, of course, will mean we need better AI and it MUST be optional --no forced stealth and no 'if detected you instantly fail' sections.


With the whip, Fury is then able to pull people from higher, or lower, places and maybe use it Indiana Jones style for swinging. Fury should have a much faster gameplay style, think more like Prince of Persia --Warrior Within specifically.

#1 - There are FOUR horsemen, not TWO - Strife

War and Death have their own games, but Strife is left out. Is that fair? And he isn't the only one.


Strife (second in from the left) is known for his excellent marksmanship. He wields two pistols, Mercy and Redemption.


This could allow for an expanding on the shooting mechanics employed by the current games to a more 3rd person style, for only the shooting. However, if this game become a third person shooter that would be pretty disastrous, but just using the mechanics.


The game could be based on stylistic shooting, employing a Matrix style bullet time and diving mechanics, maybe even wall running mixed with the standard Darksiders abilities and melee.


Darksiders was developed by Vigil Games and previously published by THQ. Ever since THQ went under it's now published by Nordic Games. Darksiders is a series of two games which follows two of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, War and Death in each game respectively.


Both games play very differently from each other, War is lumbering and slow, you have to play a lot more tactically with him --think an easy version of Dark Souls. On the other hand, Death is wiry and quick, climbing over obstacles and leaping from ledges. Where War uses brute force and tactics, Death is more nimble.


With a rumoured Darksiders 2 for Xbox One and PS4 version on the horizon, does this mean Nordic Games and Vigil Games are preparing the groundwork for a Darksiders 3? I sure hope they are, and these are the 3 things Darksiders 3 could include.