Dead Cells Articles RSS Feed | Dead Cells RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Dead Cells: How to Unlock and Start The Queen and The Sea DLC Thu, 06 Jan 2022 12:00:01 -0500 Kenneth Seward Jr.

The Dead Cells DLC trilogy has come to a close with The Queen and the Sea. If you've picked it up, you may be wondering how to unlock it and start it. Featuring new biomes, weapons, and enemies, this bundle of content offers a solid late-game experience. And by solid, we, of course, mean challenging.

As exciting as new Dead Cells updates can be, it’s important to know that you can’t access this new DLC from the start. Like the previously released expansions, Fatal Falls and The Bad Seed, The Queen and the Sea requires that you complete specific actions first. The Dead Cells guide below explains the process in detail.

How to Unlock and Start Dead Cells: The Queen and The Sea DLC

Dead Cells: The Queen and The Sea offers two late-game biomes. Because of this, you won’t be able to immediately dive into these new areas at the beginning of a run as they’re meant to “replace” the game’s final levels. Just making it to the end won’t work either; you’ll have to unlock them by following a specific path.

Step 1: Unlock Flask Room

The first thing you need to do to start The Queen and The Sea is unlock the Flask Room. This is the area in the Prisoner’s Quarters that shows off you’re unlocked weapons and other items via floating flasks/bottles. If you’ve been playing Dead Cells for a while, then you’ve already done this step. New players can either play until they unlock this area or purposely die three times to skip the tutorial levels.

Once the Flask Room is unlocked, you’ll be greeted by a tentacle creature holding a scroll. The scroll will direct you to speak with an NPC in the Toxic Sewers level/biome. Leave the Prisoner’s Quarters by way of the Toxic Sewers gate to continue on your path.  

Step 2: Talk with the Fisherman

The next thing you’ll need to do is find the Fisherman NPC. Longtime players will recognize him as a character from the Early Access version of Dead Cells. He can be found in a room somewhere in the Toxic Sewers; due to the random nature of the game, it’s impossible to say which room. Just make sure to find him before leaving this area.

Once you’ve found the Fisherman, he’ll explain that he needs your help to leave the island. He explains that another character (named Michel) is holding a key/the means to reach his boat. The next step is heading to Stilt Village.

Step 3: Acquire the Crowned Key

From the Toxic Sewers, you’ll want to go to the Ramparts exit gate. From there, exit through the Black Bridge level and defeat the boss. After that, take the exit to Stilt Village.

Just like with the Fisherman, look for the room where Michel resides; the door leading there is randomized. That said, you’re given a clue via the doorways. The ones marked with a key contain keys while others are marked with loot contain loot. The door you’re looking for is unmarked (no key or loot symbol).

Before entering, make sure you’re prepared to fight as you’ll be attacked by an Armored Shrimp. Defeat him to unlock the Leghugger – an evolving pet that bites enemies – and the Crowned Key from Michel’s dead body. From there, just complete the Stilt Village level like normal as you head to the Clock Tower.

Step 4. Unlock the Door to the Infested Shipwreck

After leaving the Clock Tower and dispatching the Clock Room boss, you’ll head into the normal hub area between levels. This part is important: Make sure not to go to High Peak Castle or Derelict Distillery. Doing so will force you to redo several steps/start a new run.

Instead, head to the bottom of the map and look for a locked door. Use the Crowned Key you got from Stilt Village and head to a new outside area. From there, make your way down to the Fisherman who’s been waiting on his boat. Jump on and catch a ride to The Queen and The Sea’s first level, The Infested Shipwreck.

And there you have it: how to unlock and start The Queen and The Sea DLC for Dead Cells. You’re now able to play through Dead Cells newest levels. Don’t worry if you don’t complete them on your first try. You only have to go through this process once; the door leading to the Fisherman’s boat will remain open from now on. For more Dead Cells tips, head over to our hub page!

Dead Cells, Curse Of The Gods Collide in a Crossover for the Ages Wed, 07 Apr 2021 12:30:49 -0400 David Carcasole

Remember when your favorite television shows would come together for a special episode? That's essentially what is happening between Motion Twin's Dead Cells and Passtech Games' Curse Of The Dead Gods in their newly announced crossover event titled Curse Of The Dead Cells

The event is out now via a free update to Curse Of The Dead Gods across all console platforms and PC. The update features three new weapons, a new curse, and a new kind of challenge room, all of which take their inspiration from Dead Cells.

There is also a new two-handed weapon style and more new curses not yet specified in the announcement regarding the event, so players will have more surprises to discover in the update next week. 

The Dead Cells content in question is a new curse called Curse of the Headless, which increases player speed as they take more damage with a visual nod to the main character of Dead Cells. The new weapons are the Sword of Conjunctivitis, the Crossbow of the Condemned, and the Broadsword of the Knight, each of which is emblematic of their Dead Cells counterparts. 

The new challenge room is perhaps the most interesting, where players will be able to find Dead Cells cursed chests that reward them with rare items if they are able to complete the challenge associated with them.

Not everything in the update is Dead Cells inspired, namely the new two-handed weapon style and more new curses that also arrived with the update. In any case, it's more content given to players at no additional cost which is always a good thing. 

The update arrives a week from today but until then, for more on Curse Of The Dead Gods, you can check out our review of it here.

Dead Cells Whack-a-Mole Update Adds More Bonk for Your Buck Wed, 31 Mar 2021 16:42:18 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Motion Twin revealed Dead Cells' 23rd update, the free "Whack-A-Mole" update introducing new weapons, mutations, and more. Dead Cells' Whack-A-Mole update is available now on console and PC, following the recent Fatal Falls DLC release.

Additionally, Dead Cells: The Bad Seed DLC is also available for iOS and Android devices for $3.99. 

Dead Cells Whack-A-Mole adds The Toothpick, Oven Axe, and Tombstone weapons, three massively oversized bonking devices made for the express purpose of destroying everything in front of you. The update's new mutations are Execution, which automatically kills enemies with less than 15% health; Barbed Tip, which inflicts damage over time; and Point Blank, which increases damage output at close range.

As if Dead Cells weren't challenging enough already, Motion Twin is working on another difficulty option. This new difficulty would alter the challenge as follows:

  • BC0: Health fountains in every transition.
  • BC1: Health fountain every other transition, with one minor flask when the fountain is missing.
  • BC2: No more health fountain, one minor flask in every transition.
  • BC3: One minor flask after the first boss and before the second.
  • BC4: No more health in any transition, enemies teleport to your position.
  • BC5: No more health, enemies teleport, malaise added.

You can check out the full patch notes on the Dead Cells website.

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls Trailer Introduces a Maniacal Flying Sword Tue, 26 Jan 2021 14:51:42 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Dead Cells: Fatal Falls is out now on PC and consoles. The game's 22nd update brings two new stages and a pet sword, among other things, which Motion Twin introduced in a new animated trailer.

The Beheaded's cute (?) pet falls afoul of some exploding mushrooms, which means it's time for vengeance. But it's also time for Serenade, the sentient pet sword, to show its devotion to the Beheaded by following them relentlessly and slicing through foes like nobody's business.

Aside from adding Serenade, Fatal Falls brings to Dead Cells a new boss, new biomes, new weapons, and much more to discover, which we covered in more detail before.

If that weren't enough reason to give Dead Cells a try (or another go, as it may be), Motion Twin discounted the base game to $12.49, a 50% discount, for the first time ever. Nintendo Switch owners can pick up a brand-new Dead Cells bundle featuring the game, all 20 previous updates, plus the two paid DLC bundles, including Fatal Falls, for $19.99. Those who already own Dead Cells can pick up Fatal Falls for $4.99.

Dead Cells Fatal Falls DLC Brings New Biomes and More Tue, 12 Jan 2021 14:19:55 -0500 Josh Broadwell

There's a new Dead Cells DLC on the way, bringing to the game middle portions new enemies, more weapons, and two additional biomes. Dead Cells Fatal Falls releases January 26 for consoles and PC for $4.99.

Fatal Falls' biggest new addition is the two biomes: The Fractured Shrines and the Undying Shores. Both are meant to provide different paths by which players can replace Stilt Village, Clock Tower, and Time Keeper. These two biomes house the eight new weapons as well, so they're worth exploring as often as possible.

In addition to the seven new enemies Fatal Falls introduces, there's a brand-new boss: the Scarecrow.

Those who haven't purchased Dead Cells yet can take advantage of a special 50% discount offer from January 26 through mid-February. Motion Twin is bundling Dead Cells' DLC together in the Fatal Seed DLC package, which gets a 33% discount during the same period.

We thought just the base Dead Cells has all the right ingredients to be a stellar platformer, and the DLC just gives us an extra reason to go back for more.

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Dead Cells: The Bad Seed DLC Bears Delicious Fruit Tue, 11 Feb 2020 14:08:21 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Dead Cells just keeps getting better and better, this time around with a reasonably-priced DLC titled The Bad Seed, which brings new biomes and weapons for players to tango with.

The Bad Seed's two new biomes aim to add some variety to the earlier parts of a run. The first, Arboretum, will serve as an alternate biome to the Ramparts, Ossuary, and Ancient Sewers. The second, The Morass of the Damned, serves as an alternate to The Courtyard and Toxic Sewers.

That's not all this DLC is bringing to dinner, though.

The game's first two-handed weapons have come with The Bad Seed, too. Players will be able to find slow but wide-arching scythes on their runs, as well as other new weapons sure to add some extra variety.

Other secrets lie in wait with this optional DLC, but those are best sought rather than told.

You can pick up The Bad Seed for Dead Cells for a mere $4.99 right now on PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. If you've been looking for a little extra spice to your Dead Cells runs after dozens or hundreds of hours of play, or are simply brand new to the game and want it as robust as possible, it seems to be money well-spent.

Dead Cells on PC and Console Gets Bad Seed DLC Soon Wed, 29 Jan 2020 16:35:58 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Twin Motion's slick roguelite Dead Cells just keeps getting better. Today the studio announced they will be releasing a new DLC titled Bad Seed on February 11, adding new challenges for players to tackle and getting console players up to date.

Bad Seed will bring two new areas to the Dead Cells. One named The Swamp, which will be an alternate route to The Courtyard and Toxic Sewers; the other titled The Arboretum, which will be alternate to The Ossuary, Ramparts, and Ancient Sewers.

The DLC will also bring a new boss for players to best, though we have no information on this fight other than  of course  it will be crazy difficult. There will be new weapons, artefacts, and enemies.

Console players will receive a patch at the same time as the Bad Seed release to update their Dead Cells copy to patch 1.6.

Dead Cells still stands as one of the most highly praised action roguelites on the market, and Bad Seed is sure to further cement the title as the premiere option for the genre.

1,500+ Games Discounted During Good Old Games' Lunar New Year Sale Fri, 24 Jan 2020 16:01:08 -0500 GS_Staff

Joining the likes of Steam, Fanatical, and Ubisoft, Good Old Games is holding its own sale to celebrate the Lunar New Year. From January 24 to January 31, more than 1,500 games and game bundles are on sale, some upwards of 90% off. 

Though the name might suggest these discounts are relegated to the ephemeral "old" games available on the platform, GoG has actually been selling newer games for a while now.

As such, highlighted deals include those on Disco Elysium, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Pathfinder: Kingmaker, Everspace, Greedfall, Vampyr, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Children of Morta, and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Although it doesn't look like there are many, if any, deals on upcoming games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Vampire: The Masquerade — Bloodlines 2, GoG has helpfully separated its sales by genre and the cleverly useful "only the highest discounts" category. 

Here are some of the best deals we saw while readying our wallets for the inevitable mass exodus of money. 


Game Regular Price Sale Price
2064: Read Only Memories $19.99 $3.99
Abzu $19.99 $9.99
Age of Wonders 3 $29.99 $7.49
Age of Wonders: Planetfall $49.99 $33.49
Alan Wake $14.99 $2.99
Ape Out $14.99 $7.49
Atom RPG $14.99  $11.99
Baldur's Gate Enhanced $9.99 $4.99
Baldur's Gate 2 Enhanced $19.99 $9.99
Banner Saga $24.99 $7.49
Banner Saga 2 $24.99 $9.99
Banner Saga 3 $24.99 $14.99
Battletech $39.99 $13.59
Bioshock Remastered $19.99 $4.99
Bioshock 2 Remastered $19.99 $4.99
Bioshock Infinite Complete $54.99 $18.14
BIT.TRIP Runner 2 $14.99 $7.49
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night $39.99 $25.99
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger $14.99 $5.99
Children of Morta $21.99      $15.39
Cook, Serve, Delicious 2 $12.99 $3.24
Cossacks 3 $19.99 $7.99
Cuphead $19.99 $14.99
Daikatana $6.99 $0.97
Darkest Dungeon $24.99 $7.49
Darkwood $14.99 $5.99
Dead Cells $24.99   $17.49
Death's Gambit $19.99 $9.99
Doom 2 + Final Doom $9.99 $2.99
Doom 3 BFG $19.99 $5.99 
Dragon Age Origins Ultimate $19.99 $4.99
Dying Light $59.99   $17.99
Enter the Gungeon $9.99  $5.99
Everspace $29.99 $4.49
Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark $29.99 $14.99
Figment $19.99  $6.79
Firewatch $19.99 $4.99
Frostpunk $29.99 $11.99
Greedfall $49.99 $37.49
Grim Dawn $24.99 $4.99
Gris $16.99 $8.49
Headlander $19.99  $5.99
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice $29.99 $10.19
Hollow Knight $14.99 $7.49
Hotline Miami $9.99 $2.49
Katana Zero $14.99 $9.69
Kingdom Come: Deliverance $29.99 $14.99
Layers of Fear $19.99 $3.99
Layers of Fear 2 $29.99 $14.99
Mafia 3 $39.99  $7.99
Metro 2033: Redux $19.99 $4.99
Metro Last Light: Redux $19.99  $4.99
Mutant Year Zero $34.99 $17.49
Nex Machina $19.99 $9.99
Outlast $19.99 $3.99
Outlast 2 $29.99 $7.49
Pillars of Eternity Definitive $39.99 $19.99
Prison Architect $29.99  $7.49
Rime $29.99  $5.99
Ruiner $19.99  $9.99
Shadow Warrior $39.99 $9.99
Shadow Warrior 2 $39.99  $9.99
Shadowrun Returns $14.99 $3.74
Shovel Knight: King of Cards $9.99 $7.19
Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope $14.99 $10.79
Slime Rancher $19.99 $7.99
Spec Ops: The Line $29.99  $5.99
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
Ultimate Sith Ed. 
$19.99  $6.99
Stories Untold $9.99 $2.49
Superhot $24.99  $9.99
Surviving Mars $29.99 $10.19
Tangledeep $14.99  $5.99
The Saboteur $19.99 $4.99
The Signal From Tova $19.99 $4.99
The Surge $19.99  $6.79
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt $39.99  $11.99
Thronebreaker: the Witcher Tales $29.99 $14.99
Titan Souls $14.99 $3.79
Vampyr $49.99 $16.99
Wasteland 2 Director's Cut $44.99  $17.99
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete $49.99  $9.99


That's only a small fraction of the games currently on sale during Good Old Game's Lunar New Year sale. Currently, there are dozens of DLC and expansion packs also available.

On top of that, legitimately good old games, such as those in the Warcraft, Caesar, Sim City, and King's Bounty series, are available at steep discounts. You can see everything that's on sale over at GoG.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more sales and discounts. And be sure to head over to Steam, Fanatical, and Ubisoft to see what's on sale for those storefronts and if it's cheaper than what's available here. 

No WiFi? No Problem! 9 Best Mobile Games That Don't Require an Internet Connection Mon, 16 Dec 2019 15:08:15 -0500 Ty Arthur


These are nine of our favorite Android and iOS games that don't require an internet connection, but there are obviously dozens more options out there. What are some of your top offline mobile games? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what apps we should be playing when the WiFi is down! The ones listed here are definitely all that are worthwhile.


The Bard's Tale

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $2.99
  • \n

Going from a first person pixel dungeon crawler to a third person action RPG, this humorous re-interpretation of the Bard's Tale series was ripe for a mobile port with its combat-focus and top down style.


Whether you just want to hear Cary Elwes be snarky as the bard or can't wait to get into a job as a heroic rodent exterminator, The Bard's Tale offers a ton of fun and is absolutely priced right.


The original three games are also included if you want to see where the classic dungeon crawling series started. Because this is the full PS2 game plus the original DOS trilogy, its quite a big download though, so make sure you you've got the space on your device!


Zombie Catchers

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: Free
  • \n

Here's a rarity for a mobile title: Zombie Catchers is free (of course with ads or in-app purchases) but you can still play it totally offline without an internet connection.


In terms of light mobile fun, Zombie Catchers is a real winner, putting you in the role of two intergalactic brothers looking to rid earth of a zombie invasion. Along the way you get to jet pack around levels using a harpoon gun, traps, or drones to catch as many of the shambling undead as possible.


Space Marshals / Space Marshals 2

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $4.99
  • \n

A counterpoint to XCOM or Hitman Go, the Space Marshals games are tactical without going into full fledged turn based gameplay. These are more fast paced and action packed, melding stealth and strategy aspects into a top-down shooter.


From shotguns to energy crossbows and throwing axes there's an endless string of loadouts to choose from as well, with plenty of missions to play through when you've got some time to burn.


Hitman Go

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $4.99
  • \n

While games like XCOM transfer the full console experience into mobile form, the Go series ditches all the complicated mechanics and distills major titles into more tactical, board-game style gameplay.


With Hitman Go you still need to figure out how to assassinate targets, its just done as a turn-based puzzle instead. That change is perfect for times when you don't have WiFi, and it allows for both quick matches and more challenging levels that will test your problem solving skills.


If you like the concept of taking a complex AAA game and simplifying it down into a puzzler, there's also Deus Ex Go that has a very similar execution but with a sci-fi theme. 



  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $1.99
  • \n

Looking for something way different? Lifeline offers up a twist on the classic "choose your own adventure" style of novels. Yes, this is a text game, but it will manage to grab your imagination like very few AAA graphics-intensive titles.


The only downside to keep in mind here is that the messages sent to you from a stranded spacefarer come in real time until you reach your first ending. In other words, this isn't the game to pick for a quick bout of fun, as messages will only arrive every few hours until you eventually die (or get a winning ending) and start over with new options.


From that point on, you can choose to skip the real time aspect and have new messages sent immediately.


World Of Goo

  • Platform:
  • \n
  • Price: $4.99
  • \n

Want to know why the world went gaga for the Wii way back when? Super Mario Galaxy may have played a role, but in all honesty, it was really World Of Goo. 


Figuring out how to build towers of adorable goo balls to reach objectives is way more fun than you'd think, and there's a lot of challenge here that will bend your brain.


If you dig World Of Goo's oddly charming gameplay, be sure to also check out Badmind, which has a similar physics-based concept but goes in a radically different direction.


XCOM: Enemy Within

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $4.99
  • \n

Back in the days of giant hardcover book sized car phones, or even awhile later when the Motorola RAZR was the height of flip phone style, it would have been hard to imagine full PC games making their way onto mobile platforms.


I'm consistently surprised by which titles clever developers have managed to port over to phones, and the XCOM reboot is one of the better options available.


This is the full tactical XCOM experience right on your mobile device, and with no WiFi required. Get ready to save the earth from alien invasion, just make sure not to run out of money or tick off all your allies while protecting civilians form abduction!


Dead Cells

  • Platform: iOS only (but coming to Android!)
  • \n
  • Price: $7.99
  • \n

This challenging Metroidvania style platformer saw its share of accolades when first releasing to console and PC, and now its been ported over to iOS, with an Android version due in the coming months.


Dead Cells is a "rogue-lite" with permadeath where twitchy skill is king and developing fast reflexes will keep you from having to start over yet again. It works well enough on a phone screen, but there's also controller support if you need an extra edge to get past the harder segments.


Battleheart 2

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $3.99
  • \n

Sitting comfortably in a great little niche between a time waster and a full fledged RPG, Battleheart 2 knows exactly what it is and exactly how to keep you interested without a WiFi connection.


The heart of the experience is all about building up a cadre of heroes to engage in constant battles, but the combat has been broken down to revolve around tapping and dragging on a mobile device. The system works much better than it has any right to, and Battleheart 2 is something you could get addicted to over a PC or console game.


The original Battleheart still stands up as a legitimately fun game to play when you have no WiFi as well, and its a buck cheaper on either platform.


It's every mobile gamer's nightmare -- the dreaded night without WiFi! Whether your local service provider has an outage, you're on a long flight, or just in line at the grocery store where you don't have great wireless service, there are still plenty of games to play without an internet connection.


Obviously we won't be listing any gachas or MMOs that require a constant connection to a server, but you won't even miss 'em with this list of the best offline mobile games.


We've found 9 killer games in every genre available for iOS and Android that you can play as long as you like without needing to connect to the Internet. 

Dead Cells Rolling onto iOS This Summer, Android Later Tue, 07 May 2019 15:08:14 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Dead Cells has pummeled the action roguelite competition on every platform it's been released on so far, but it's not done getting ported yet. Developer Motion Twin has partnered with publisher Playdigious to port the game to mobile devices, with iOS first on the list.

A game so tough needs some adjustments when being shifted from a controller-based environment to a mobile one, meaning Dead Cells is seeing some small changes to help mobile players get up to speed.

The iOS version will have a revamped interface and customizable touch screen buttons, as well as a new auto-hit mode. However, it will also be compatible with MFi controller support, so you will be able to play it on iOS in pretty much the same way as other platforms.

Android users need not fret, though! Playdigious has announced the game will also be making its way to Android devices at a later point in time, though what that time that may be is a mystery.

For those that prefer their mobile games purely paid and lacking in microtransactions, they'll be happy to hear Dead Cells will not shift to a free to play model on mobile. Instead, it'll cost a cool $9.99 on iOS, which is at least $10 cheaper than every other platform at the time of writing.

It was only a matter of time before Motion Twin took these last porting steps and brought their critically acclaimed and deliciously unforgiving title to mobile. If you've been on the fence all this time and have a mobile-compatible controller, waiting for the iOS or Android release is certainly the most economical option to add Dead Cells to your library.

Dead Cells: Rise of the Giant Out Today, 20% Off on Steam Thu, 28 Mar 2019 11:50:15 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Motion Twin's hit indie roguevania title Dead Cells is receiving its long-awaited free DLC update today, Rise of the Giant. To celebrate the release, Dead Cells will also be 20% off on Steam starting later today. 

Rise of the Giant includes a wealth of new content. Some of it is unlocked after beating the game at least once, but the rest of it, including new skins, skills weapons, and enemies, is meant for players of all skill levels and experience with the game.

That being said, there is a brand-new level, boss, and ending added for the most advanced players that completely changes the story's trajectory.

Custom mode can now be accessed after a few runs through the game, but without players having to defeat the final boss. Of particular note is the fact that a large percentage of the changes to the game's balance, design, and interface have come from community suggestions.

This is Dead Cells' first major update, and it appears Motion Twin is following in Respawn Entertainment's footsteps with its update philosophy: implementing fewer updates with more content based heavily on user feedback.

The full patch notes are truly massive and can be found below via Motion Twin.

Dead Cells Rise of the Giant Expansion Patch Notes

  • You'll now get access to the Cavern level after you beat the game for the first time. Look for this place inside the Graveyard... This whole new level is filled with nasty traps, perilous lava pools and violent new enemies. New ways to die!

  • (Community suggestion) Custom Mode will be now unlocked after few runs (no need to beat the final boss anymore).
    Custom options were adjusted accordingly.

  • A new boss has arrived. Right after the Cavern, you will have access to this epic battle, so be prepared!

  • A new shiny Skinning system was added to the game, giving you access to more than 50 new character outfits. You can unlock by paying for amazing loot boxes in our new Premium Shop using your credit c... Oh wait. No no no. We don't do that anymore. They will just drop as classic blueprints from existing enemies (in higher difficulty modes) and bosses. You might also find a few ones in specific hidden area of the game. You can customize your outfits in the Flask Room.

  • 10 new enemies types were added to the world! Some will wait for you in the Cavern or the hidden level, but many were also added to Hard / Very hard / Expert / Nightmare modes, for your sadistic pleasure. They will gladly bury your face into the ground, burn you to death and slice all your useful organs.

  • 3 new skills, including a flying pet and a single-use scroll that will reveal the current level map.

  • 10 new weapons, including the Giant Killer, the Boï Axe or the Thunder shield, for your violent needs.

  • A new Specialist shop replaces the old Hunter Grenade door in Prisoners' Quarters. It's still unlocked the classic way through the Collector shop. You can buy a Hunter Grenade, a Map or a nice shiny skin there.

  • A new complete hidden level was added for very advanced and skilled players to explore (did someone say Boss-Cells 5?). Unveil a whole new ending to your story by beating the crap out of the mysterious big bad guy that awaits for you there... Yes. There is a hidden boss fight too.

  • A new cursed gem might now drop from enemies that will grant tons of gold, but also curse you.

  • [Custom Game] Added an option to let the fountain always available in BC 1 and + (but will lock achievements).

  • The Custom Mode is now unlocked by beating a mini-boss in Prison Roofs. Version 1.2.1.

  • (Community suggestion) Food drop was rebalanced:
    - you now have 100% chance to have 1 unit on mobs and 1 unit hidden in walls in every levels,
    - one food unit dropped by mobs is guaranteed to be clear from Infection,
    - food sold by shops is now always clean. Version 1.2.1

  • The Legendary Forge gameplay was updated: you can now invest cells up to 100% drop-rate in any rank (+, ++ and S), but you cannot invest in a rank if the previous one wasn't filled completely. Some ranks are also now locked, based on the current Difficulty setting.

    Here are the current values:

    - Normal mode: "+" rank up to 100%, "++" rank capped at 50%,
    - Hard mode: "+" and "++" ranks up to 100%,
    - Very hard mode: "+" and "++" ranks up to 100% and "S" rank capped at 25%,
    - Expert mode: "+" and "++" ranks up to 100% and "S" rank capped at 50%,
    - Nightmare mode:all ranks up to 100%. Version 1.2.2.

  • Berserker is a new Brutality mutation that grants up to 60% damage reduction after killing an enemy. Version 1.2.2
  • (Community suggestion) Decreased every mob tiers in BC1, BC4 and BC5. Other difficulty levels (including BC0) remain unchanged. Version 1.2.2.

  • Added the Mirror: this item, once unlocked right after the Specialist Showroom, will help you for blueprint hunting :) Version 1.2.5
  • (Community suggestion) Heavy weapons (ie. slow but powerful weapons) have changed. They have unique affixes that will increase their damage, give stun effect or area slow-downs. If you manage to hit your target, it should suffer.

    Attacks done with these weapons can no longer be interrupted if you get hit by an enemy, except if this enemy stuns you. Version 1.2.5
  • Full Malaise will now leave you with ~10% HP max. It will no longer kill you directly. Version 1.2.5.

  • Tactics builds now have slightly less HP at higher levels, while Brutality will get a little more HP. Version 1.2.5.

  • (Community suggestion) New FrontLine Shield which is a Survival/Brutality shield that that gets +X% damage if you recently hit an enemy using a melee attack. It drops in a secret place, somewhere. Version 1.2.6.

  • (Community suggestion) Increased overall player HP. Version 1.2.7.

  • (Community suggestion) Dash shield velocity no longer reduced when hitting breakable props.

  • (Community suggestion) NutCracker no longer removes stun/root/frost when it deals a critical hit.

  • Blueprints dropped by the Hand of the King will now be unlocked immediately, as you pick them (there's no Collector shop behind him).

  • Decoy explosion now creates multiple small bombs.

  • Hero pets should now attack invisible enemies if their invisibility is temporarily suspended.

  • The Purulent Zombie in graveyard now has a whole new gameplay.

  • The Purulent Zombie in sewers now has a whole new gameplay.

  • (Community suggestion) Legendary altars can no longer shield elites. Version 1.2.1.

  • Elite "Cage" skill is now slightly larger but also inflicts slightly more damage. Version 1.2.1.

  • (Community suggestion) Flask refills bought from shops received a permanent 40% discount. Version 1.2.1.

  • (Community suggestion) Mobs will now be locked for a longer time after a BC4 teleportation (no more "instant attack after teleportation"). Version 1.2.1.

  • (Community suggestion) Mob teleportation now interrupts elite skills like "Cage" or "Electric Field". Version 1.2.1.
  • Elite skill "Cage" can no longer charge if the mob can't see the player. Version 1.2.1.

  • The elite skill "Electric field" (similar to shocker skill) now lasts 0.5s instead of 1.5s. Version 1.2.2.

  • Reduced the "+" rank at the Legendary Forge (now 750 cells instead of 1000 cells). Version 1.2.2.

  • (Community suggestion) Ice Shard now has a limited amount of ammo that refills quickly after a short period of time. Version 1.2.2.
  • (Community suggestion) Valmont Whip now has a much larger hitbox, making crits easier to happen. It also no longer locks your controls after an attack. Version 1.2.2.

  • (Community suggestion) Death Orb twice lasts twice longer against enemies before exploding. Version 1.2.2.

  • Ammo +1 affix no longer exists as a normal affix. It can still happen on legendary Boomerang. Version 1.2.2.

  • (Community suggestion) Enemies in BC4 have a much shorter aggro range. Version 1.2.2.

  • (Community suggestion) Arbiters can no longer teleport in BC4. Version 1.2.2.
  • (Community suggestion) Reduced a lot aggro distance for many elite mobs (Arbiters, Demons, Inquisitors etc.). Version 1.2.3.

  • HotK no longer drops ammo stuck on him when using its own stomp attacks. Version 1.2.3.

  • (Community suggestion) You can now exit a level even if there are enemies nearby. Version 1.2.3.

  • Damage from the Retaliation affix on Talismans can no longer be blocked by a Shield. Version 1.2.3.

  • (Community suggestion) Dead Inside mutation now increases your Malaise limit. Version 1.2.4.

  • Tainted Flask mutation now grants you a Malaise immunity for a few seconds when you use a healing flask. Version 1.2.4.

  • New Melee mutation (it completely replaces the old one): it now slows down enemies hit for a short duration and prevents getting any Malaise infection from them for 2 sec. Version 1.2.4.

  • (Community suggestion) Nerves of Steel now has 4 ammo instead of 6. Version 1.2.4.

  • Necromancy mutation now reduces Malaise infection when killing elites and bosses. Version 1.2.4.

  • (Community suggestion) Bleed, poison and fire DoTs can no longer interrupt enemy attacks. Version 1.2.4.

  • (Community suggestion) Death Orb now inflicts enough total damage to kill multiple enemies in most levels. Version 1.2.4.

  • New rare weapon affix: "the victim emits a toxic cloud on every hits". Version 1.2.4.

  • (Community suggestion) BossCell 0: balanced all enemy tiers (the beginning of most levels should be slightly easier, but the ending remains the same). Version 1.2.4.

  • (Community suggestion) BossCell 1-2: enemy tiers before Black Bridge are lower, while the ones after and before Castle are slightly higher. Fixed insane Cavern difficulty. Version 1.2.4.

  • (Community suggestion) BossCell 3-5: decreased many level enemy tiers, especially before Black Bridge. Fixed insane Cavern difficulty. Version 1.2.4.

  • New item: remedy that reduces Malaise level (it can be bought in food shops). Version 1.2.5.

  • Tainted flask mutation now refills 1 flask unit if it's empty and you kill X elite enemies. This X scales down with your Brutality. Version 1.2.5.

  • Soldier Resistance mutation now limit your Malaise increments to 1 unit every 1.2s (instead of the default "1 unit every 0.35s"). Version 1.2.5
  • You can't received more than 1 Malaise infection marker every 0.35 sec (used to be capped at 0.2 sec). Version 1.2.5.

  • (Community suggestion) Decreased What doesn't kill me heal values. Version 1.2.5.

  • Some very specific weapons are no longer affected by the Ammo x2 mutation (like Boomerang, Frost blast, etc.) Version 1.2.5.

  • Extended Healing now heals 85% HP in 15 sec, it adds extra dmg during that duration. It gives a chance to drop a small Malaise remedy when killing Elites. Version 1.2.5.

  • Parry and Punishment are no longer Tactic shields. Version 1.2.5
  • Updated the Hayabusa Gauntlets: they now inflict critical hits if the target has 40% HP or less. Version 1.2.5.

  • (Community suggestion) Balanced Blade will now have increasing damage (up to +100%) as long you continuously hit something. It deals Critical hits after 10 hits. Version 1.2.5.

  • (Community suggestion) Meat Skewer now performs 3 dashes in a row that pierces enemies in front of you. Version 1.2.5.

  • (Community suggestion) Bosses & Elites will now get more life in higher difficulties. Version 1.2.5.

  • (Community suggestion) Poison, bleed and fire no longer trigger the free shield related force-field. Version 1.2.6.

  • (Community suggestion) Rapier now inflicts critical hits after a shield parry. Version 1.2.6.

  • (Community suggestion) Added random items as rewards for some puzzle rooms containing blueprints you already have. Version 1.2.6.

  • (Community suggestion) Enemies protected by shields can't teleport. Version 1.2.7.

  • Balanced Pyrotechnics damage. Version 1.2.7.

  • (Community suggestion) Hayabusa boots will now inflict extra damage to enemies pushed against a wall. The bump effect on last hit is also slightly more powerful. Version 1.2.7.

  • Greed Shield now drops higher rewards if you own less than X gold. This number scales with your stats. Version 1.2.7.

  • Hokuto Bow can no longer be affected by the Ammo x2 mutation. Version 1.2.8.

  • (Community suggestion) Ammo stuck on Conjonctivius will now drop during its invincibility phases. Version 1.2.8.

  • Fixed some incompatible shield affixes (ie. freeze + poison) Version 1.2.8
  • Shield bearer enemy is no longer stopped by cute worms or turrets when charging. Version 1.2.8.

  • (Community suggestion) Explosive Crossbow is now about twice faster but has limited ammo (which auto-refills). Its damage & stun ability were balanced accordingly. Version 1.2.8.

  • Heavy Crossbow now has a mini-hook when starting to charge that pulls any nearby enemy. Version 1.2.9.

  • Added a short "soft interrupt" effect to the Hook skill (temporarily suspends enemy attack charging). This should prevent immediate enemy attacks after hooking. Version 1.2.9.
Level Design
  • New lore elements were added all around the world.
  • Community suggestion Toxic Sewers now have 2 cursed chests instead of 1 at BC4.

  • (Community suggestion) The exit to Ancient Sewers in PrisonDepths is now right before Ossuary exit.

  • 2 new keys were added to Prison Depths: they will give access to a scroll (the one that used to be in this level) and extra rewards.

  • New special rewards (including cells, gold and items) were added at the end of the Ancient Sewers. You'll need to find specific keys to get these rewards.

  • (Community suggestion) Fixed dead-ends without teleporters in Ancient Sewers.

  • (Community suggestion) Removed many useless empty corridors in Ancient Sewers.

  • (Community suggestion) Fixed lore rooms generated before the middle gate in Fog Fjord. Version 1.2.1.

  • Fixed trapped player in Sewer transition level if he doesn't have a spider rune. Version 1.2.2.

  • Food shops no longer have a useless Reroll option. Version 1.2.2.

  • Removed Cursed treasures from prison depths. Version 1.2.5.

  • Fixed Ancient Sewers generation errors. Version 1.2.7.

  • Fixed Graveyard generation errors. Version 1.2.7.

  • (Community suggestion) Fixed lore rooms building in unfortunate locations in Stilt Village Version 1.2.7.

  • (Community suggestion) Added some spikes on walls in Conjonctivius lair. Version 1.2.7.

  • Updated Slumbering Sanctuary level generation: fixed some issues with paths from entrance to exit being way too shorts. Version 1.2.8.

Graphics and UI
  • Minor polish in the Ossuary and the Sewer Depths.

  • (Community suggestion) Camera follow speed slightly increased.

  • (Community suggestion) Invisible mobs now appear with more clearly.

    when their invisibility is suspended (ie. when you hit them). Their HP bar will also be visible.

  • Improved legendary forge locked message (more precise)
  • The Ossuary Entrance hab been pimped!

  • Added a new cool Hand of the King death cinematic.

  • (Community suggestion) BC4 mob teleportation now displays briefly a "ghost shade" of the mob who is about to teleport. Version 1.2.1.

  • (Community suggestion) Cinematics now properly interrupt player held attacks. Version 1.2.3.

  • Enemies should no longer spawn behind secret passages walls. Version 1.2.3.

  • Added an in-game message when Malaise infection is reduced by a player action. Version 1.2.4.

  • (Community suggestion) Invisible enemies will now become briefly visible if they use an attack or skill. Version 1.2.5.

  • Fixed Hayabusa Boots & Gauntlets animations. Version 1.2.5.

  • Fixed What doesn't kill me description: it only works when parrying a melee attack. Version 1.2.8.

  • Removed useless ammo recovery animation on Infinite Bow. Version 1.2.
Bug Fixes
  • [Custom Game] Fixed fixed seed (no more lore rooms will spawn if you enable it).

  • (Community suggestion) Hero worms should no longer attack doors.
  • Fixed abnormal CPU usage on some items (like Ice shards or Decoy) Version 1.2.1.

  • Thornies are no longer allowed to teleport while rolling over your face. Version 1.2.1.

  • Minor CPU optimizations with some weapons & mobs. Version 1.2.1.

  • Fixed homunculus not coming back when Conjonctivius becomes invincible. Version 1.2.3.

  • Better "in danger" detection (stuff that prevents some actions when enemies are nearby). Version 1.2.3.

  • Fixed a bug that did reset item cooldowns for no reason, specifically when picking other items. Version 1.2.3.

  • Fixed few exploits with ParryShield (eg. dodging to cancel control locking). Version 1.2.3.

  • Fixed an exploit with all shields (except Assault Shield) that allowed control-lock canceling by using dodge while holding the shield up. Version 1.2.3.

  • Kicking away a grenade from a Bombardier BEFORE it explodes will no longer generate 3 smaller grenades. If you kick/parry it away after the explosion, it's still too late. Version 1.2.3.

  • The Crusher now has gravity, woooo! Version 1.2.4.
  • Fixed "!" missing on Lancer Version 1.2.4.

  • Fixed the control lock duration after using a shield. The total lock duration should be constant for all shields. Version 1.2.4.

  • Kamikaze bat no longer triggers Necromancy. Version 1.2.5.

  • Fixed incorrect affix description "Bleed on parry" (which was previously labeled as "Burn on parry"). Version 1.2.8.

  • Killed tentacles that could remain in the level after a Conjonctivius battle. Version 1.2.8.


Whether taking advantage of the game's Steam sale and getting into Dead Cells for the first time or coming back as a seasoned expert, our Dead Cells guide portal has everything players need to stay alive as long as possible.

What Makes Dead Cells Stand Out From Other Roguelites Fri, 24 Aug 2018 14:34:17 -0400 Fenislav

Dead Cells is as good as they say, and then some. Typically, punishing difficulty and tension associated with the absence of checkpoints make roguelites an acquired taste. Developers at MotionTwin, however, designed their cycle of permadeath to be captivating to genre veterans and newcomers alike.

What is it about Dead Cells that engages fans of Metroidvanias and roguelites both? Why do players seem to swallow it whole — hook, line, and sinker?

Well, for starters, it introduces itself extremely well.

The Hook

Dead Cells takes care to start out interesting 

The first few spawns serve to pique the players' interest until the positive feedback loop kicks in. To this effect, they each begin with a slightly different cryptic dialogue with the game's first NPC. The respawn area changes as well to reinforce the idea that the game world is constantly evolving. Dying becomes exciting since it progresses the story. It's a very effective way to communicate that death is progress that pays off big time, both at the start and later in the game.


One of the things Dead Cells is famous for is its merciless difficulty, but it's not apparent in the starting level. Although they hit hard, the beginning monsters telegraph their attacks with two weeks' notice. They serve to teach the player the basic patterns of attack-dodge-attack. This area isn't exactly a tutorial, though. You always start there, and it's the only constant in all your runs.

Dead Cells lets the player achieve the state of flow very quickly. It feels amazing to see your skill improve as dramatically as this game makes it seem. You'll eventually race through beginning areas at breakneck speed, downing entire groups of enemies in a single combo.

Once it stops providing story beats and settles into a repetitive form, there's no longer an apparent reward for death. What better way to rectify this, than designing the first and the most often replayed level in a way that makes the player feel great about themselves? When you’ve just had your teeth kicked in yet again, the option to restart lets you vent frustration by making a cathartic run through the levels you’ve already mastered, that also earns you points towards another persistent upgrade. It’s an addictive pattern that keeps you playing well after the initial sense of wonder dissipates.

In Dead Cells, danger awaits everywhere

...and sinker

This pattern extends beyond just the starting area. As Dead Cells ramps up in difficulty, it’s usually by introducing a new enemy or two per level. You overcome that challenge by figuring out the best way to fight those new monster types. Sooner or later, the Promenade of the Condemned is just as easy as the starting level, then the Ramparts becomes a cakewalk, and so on for the entire game.

This element of Dead Cells’ design also contributes to the perception that you’re actually making steady progress by making player skill the gateway to new levels. The game has no checkpoints, yet it always feels like you’re stuck on something particular. In this way, the locations you’ve figured out, once beaten, kinda stay beaten. This is what running through levels you've already mastered in Dead Cells looks like:

As your skill improves, the game world becomes your playground

The locations preceding the one where you've just died become playgrounds for self-expression. You cut through them like a hot knife through butter, and in this way, the game also reassures you that, yes, you are "gitting gud."

It’s also what gives meaning to the fact that Dead Cells is a hybrid game — if it was either a regular Metroidvania or roguelite this effect would be lost. Checkpoints would make players stuck in a difficult challenge until they surpass it by learning through repetition or luck. Bosses would have to be easier and levels more padded. Roguelites, on the other hand, often rely heavily on persistent upgrades to facilitate player progress. That crutch, with time, makes starting levels boring to play and also reduces the impact of skill. Dead Cells dodges both pitfalls — it feels more dynamic and joyful than Hollow Knight, while the fact that player skill is the absolute measure of progression makes it seem fairer than, say, Crypt of the Necrodancer.

Add some bait

There are a few persistent upgrades in Dead Cells, though. Even when it seems like you keep running face-first into a concrete wall, there’s always a carrot at the end of the stick. Upgrades get exponentially more expensive, but they’re there for you to bank your cells in. You don't need to buy the upgrades all at once, so as long as you reach the shop at the end of a level, you’re always making progress by just playing the game.

The game's shop

It's a clever system that makes for a journey with a predictable twist: by the time a player actually reaches an expensive upgrade, they usually improve at the game enough to no longer need it for the current challenge. It's reinforced by the upgrades never feeling like they win the game. An additional charge of health flask lets you heal one more time over the course of a level, but a truly bad play will still result in a swift death.

To further keep rewarding the player, various lore scenes pop up at random, so that even familiar levels can surprise. Then there are bonus goals to strive towards, like the time-locked doors in each area that only open if you’ve been fast enough this run. 

Devs taunt the players to try to make it through time-locked doors

In a brilliant fusion of Metroidvania & roguelite idiosyncrasies, acquiring persistent powers allows you to progress to alternate new locations in your next run. The levels are effectively grouped into tiers and, once unlocked, can be mixed & matched to compose your own favorite path through the game.

Designing the 'one more time' loop

At this point, the game designers at Motion Twin probably let out a sigh of relief thinking "We've got it". They set the hook to keep that initial player curiosity for as long as possible. Then they made sure we’ve got plenty of positive reinforcement to keep on playing. Finally, they used the best elements of the RogueVania format to make the players feel they’re making progress even when it’s microscopic at best.

It’s the secret sauce they brought to the genre from their experiences as browser & mobile game developers (in early game design documents, Dead Cells was meant to be free-to-play). With past games, they learned how to create feedback loops that engage and hold the player and they used the very best practices to greatly enhance what, at its core, is already an awesome game. 

During a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, one of the creators deepnightbdx had this to say:

Our past F2P experience helped a lot designing the permadeath aspect of the game: make most deaths "fair", ensure runs aren't too long and make sure the player progresses between runs.

One of the creators on player engagement

Free-to-play pedigree isn't a bad thing

Comparing a player enjoying a game to a fish on a hook might not seem like a pretty picture. We’ve come to associate addictive game design patterns of free-to-play games with the very worst aspects of manipulation. Dead Cells, however, shows that it doesn’t have to be bad. After all, when we play a game or watch a movie, we trust the creators of what we consume to influence and manipulate us to create an entertaining or moving experience.

As a fascinating series of tweets has once shown, a lot of games fool us to enhance our enjoyment — to make us think we’re alive thanks to the last sliver of health or that through sheer luck we killed an enemy with our last remaining bullet. I’m pretty sure Dead Cells has some more tricks up its sleeve as well. What it uses them for, though, only improves my enjoyment of the game, and if other developers learn from it I might actually start playing roguelites more.

Dead Cells is potentially a huge level up for the genre

That’s how a medium evolves. No matter where the influence comes from — if it seems interesting, try it, if it seems to work, use it. Bottom line is, it’s great if used for players’ enjoyment, and not to milk them for more cash.

If the games piqued your interest as much as ours, make sure to check out these Dead Cells guides below to master your run.

Former IGN Review Response to Plagiarism Mon, 13 Aug 2018 16:43:05 -0400 Joseph Ocasio

After being let go from IGN because of plagiarism, former Nintendo Editor Filip Miucin took to YouTube to respond to the situation and give his side of the story. He eventually took down the original video, but it was re-uploaded by THD.

In the video, Miucin claimed he was taking full responsibility for what happened. He said:

I do as much research I can about it. A game, a product, an event. I try to look at all resources that are available to me before I start formulating my own critical opinion so I can offer the most cohesive, possible review.

He also apologized to IGN, his co-workers, and Motion Twin.

When mentioning Boomstick Gaming, he said he wishes him the best and "hopes his [Boomstick Gaming's] wave of success lasts a long time." However, Miucin didn't directly apologize to the channel in the video.

Miucin also explained his pre-IGN history as a small-time YouTuber, before calling out Kotaku News Editor, Jason Schreier, for the accusation that Miucin plagiarized a Nintindo Life review of FIFA 18.

Miucin said that wasn't the case and "maybe he [Schreier] was implying that if you have similarly opinionated reviews, then you’re just plagiarizing." Miucin also said that he thought Schreier was potentially taking advantage of the situation to gain clicks.

[Schreier is] just maybe trying to get as many clicks off of my name right now as possible, or maybe he just likes kicking people when they’re down. I don’t know. I mean, check it out for yourselves and you be the judge.

Reports state that the writer who had originally written about FIFA 18 through a tweet claimed Miucin wasn't taking plagiarism seriously while contesting Miucin's claim that the FIFA 18 review wasn't plagiarized: 

I can't believe you're actually suggesting that you didn't plagiarize my FIFA 18 review for Nintendo Life, and claiming that plagiarizing the Dead Cells review 'wasn't intentional'. You have completely failed to accept and understand what you've done.

Schreier, meanwhile, received another account of Miucin plagiarizing, Engadget's review of Metroid: Samus Returns, of which Schreier received a transcription. 

Since his apology, Miucin has received criticism from various outlets. YouTube gaming commentator, YongYea, criticized Miucin for not talking about his side of the story, refusal to admit to plagiarism, and not apologizing to Boomstick Gaming. 

According to reports, Miucin's former co-worker and IGN's Executive Editor of Reviews, Dan Stapleton, said on Twitter that he "hasn't seen an apology so poorly received since Kevin Spacey," he felt like Miucin had stabbed him in the back.

Another of Miucin's former colleagues, IGN PC Editor Tom Marks, tweeted this:

"Just to be abundantly clear, plagiarism isn't a mistake: it's a choice."

Near the end of his apology video, Miucin also mentions how his family members have been harassed and asks those taking issue with him to leave them out of it. He goes on to thank the people still supporting him, and he said he hopes to do better in the future.

"I didn't get into this industry to make money or to get famous," Miucin said. "I started this whole journey because I love video games.... I wanted to share my passion for entertainment with you and maybe inspire others to go out and chase their dreams as well."

Dead Cells Guide: How to Defeat All Bosses Fri, 10 Aug 2018 12:38:56 -0400 Serhii Patskan

Currently, there are nine bosses in Dead Cells and its DLCs that drop some amazing rewards when killed. Each of the bosses requires different tactics, so there is no universal approach towards all of them.

If you want to know the most effective ways of killing all four bosses in Dead Cells, then follow our guide below for all the tips and tricks. You will learn about their vulnerabilities, which can be used to quickly deal with all of them.

How to Beat All Bosses in Dead Cells

The Concierge

You will encounter the first boss at the Black Bridge. Although, it's not that hard to beat Concierge, it would be still good to know what to expect from his side.

The Concierge is rather slow and his most powerful attack is probably the Fire Strike that sends a wave of fire over the ground. Also, don't stay too close to him or he will use Shout, which can stun you.

The best strategy against Concierge is to use Heavy Turret and grenades. At the same time, you will need to move a lot and dodge his attacks. When you see an opportunity, throw a bomb at him and let the turret do the rest.


The alternative first boss can be encountered in the Insufferable Crypt, which can be accessed through Ancient Sewers if you already have three boss cells. The whole fight will take place on platforms and in four phases.

During the first phase, you need to dodge its laser beam that shoots from the eye. As for weapons use a whip or a spear that can deal burning damage, which is especially effective against Conjunctivius, including grenades.

The second phase starts after you put it down to 75% of health. This is when it starts letting out its first tentacle from beneath the ground. Use shield to parry it or just dodge.

The third phase starts at 50% of health. The same types of attacks repeat, but with an additional tentacle. And the final phase is the most dangerous one, which starts at 25% health with three tentacles that move really fast.

It's going to be really hard to dodge and parry all three of them, so just watch out for the patterns on the ground and jump onto the platform. If you can hit Conjunctivius in the process, you should put him to zero rather quickly.

The Time Keeper

The third boss in the game resides in the Clock Room at the Clock Tower. This boss is extremely fast and she uses teleportation, so it's going to be really hard to dodge her attacks. The fight consists of three main phases.

Each of the phases starts after the Time Keeper loses a third of her health. All of her attacks consist of a sword attack, a shuriken throw, a hook pull, and teleportation. If you can adjust your attacks to her patterns, you will easily kill her.

Use Ice Grenades to freeze her and then hit her as she stands still. Also, make use of Infantry Grenades or any other grenades you have unlocked. They will help you reduce the life total of the boss.

As for the weapon, it's better to use long-range weapons, such as bows or crossbows. It's also a good idea to stay away from the boss as far away as possible because if her hook catches you, it can deal a lot of damage. So stay away from it as well as you can.

Remember that each phase adds additional sword combos and shurikens to her attacks, so be aware of it the lower her life total gets and keep the pressure going.

The Hand of the King

The final base boss in Dead Cells can be encountered at the Throne Room. Just like the previous boss The Hand of the King has three main phases and two transitional ones, where you will fight hordes of elite zombies.

In the first phase, his two main attacks are dash and slash, which can be easily dodged. But then he will throw bombs at you, which you can escape by jumping over his head and staying behind him.

Since this boss is immune against any types of freeze effects, use fire and poison damage. The best weapon for this fight is the Explosive Crossbow that shoots fire explosives that deal a lot of critical damage from a distance. Fire Brands is another great choice of weapon for burning damage.

During the second phase, after you've cleared the first wave of zombies with the help of Heavy Turret and Double Crossb-O-Matic, in addition to his other attacks and bombs The Hand of the King will summon deadly explosive banners. You need to destroy them or they will explode and deal a lot of damage to you.

Since the arena where you will fight the final boss is very small, you will not be able to effectively escape the explosions. So take care of those banners and hopefully, you will survive for the third and final phase.

In the third phase, the boss will add a hand slam that can be easily dodged by jumping on top of the platform. Just keep an eye out on his hand, and when it starts glowing, use it as a signal to retreat. As soon as the wave dissolves, go back down and finish him off!

Mama Tick

Mama Tick is an optional boss available only in the Bad Seed DLC. You can skip this fight entirely if you sacrifice Mushroom Boi!, which drops from Jerkshrooms, in the Morass of the Banished. But if you wish to fight her anyway, can find Mama Tick at the Nest, which can be reached only with the help of Teleportation Rune.

Since this boss fight takes place in the water, there is no point in using fire weapons. But you can use shock and freeze weapons to a great effect. The best weapon against this boss would be the Ice Shards, which deals critical damage to her, and the best skill would be Tesla Coil.

Once defeated, Mama Tick will drop the Scythe Claw, a two-handed melee weapon that inflicts critical hits.

The Giant

This boss is only available in the Rise of the Giant DLC. You can find him inside the Guardian's Haven. You will need to use the Cavern Key, which can be found in the Prisoners’ Quarters, to open the gate of the cavern in the Graveyard, which will lead you straight to this undead boss.

The Giant is totally immune to freeze and stun effects and does not correspond to front- or back-focused weapons, such as Vorpan or Assassin's Dagger. The best way to defeat this boss is to use ranged weapons, targeting his fists. Once the health on his fists depletes, one of his eyes will fall out. Use this window to deal critical damage to The Giant, which will last only for three seconds.

The following weapons can be used for a great effect in this fight:

  • Powerful Grenade
  • Double Crossb-o-matic
  • Magic Missiles
  • Electric Whip

When the boss is defeated, he will drop The Giantkiller sword, which is the best weapon against bosses in Dead Cells.

The Scarecrow

This alternative boss is available only in the Fatal Falls DLC. There are two ways you can find The Scarecrow. One involves wearing the Cultist Outfit, which drops from Fractured Shrines corpses, and opening the gate of the Undying Shores, which eventually leads to Mausoleum. The second one requires players to go through the Cavern.

In either case, it is very important to bring a good shield to this fight, as this boss swings his weapon a lot. The two best shields against his scythe would be Rampart or Punishment. The first one drops from the Shieldbearers, and the second one involves solving a puzzle at the Bell Tower.

Fortunately, The Scarecrow has a bad defense, so using high DPS melee weapons would be the best strategy against him. Such swords like Meat Skewer and Sadist’s Stiletto will do the job. You can get the Meat Skewer by completing the 10th round of the daily run, and Sadist’s Stiletto can be obtained as a drop from Impalers.

When this boss is finished, he will drop the Scarecrow’s Sickles, which function like a boomerang, dealing ranged critical hits and coming back to your hands.

The Servants

Before you can fight the ultimate Dead Cells boss, you need to defeat the trio of The Servants in the Queen and the Sea DLC. The three bosses are: Calliope, Euterpe, and Kleio. Each of them uses a different weapon, including Wrecking Ball, Gilded Yumi, and Bladed Tonfas. The boss fight takes place at the Lighthouse.

The entire fight can be divided into three progressively harder sections. First, you must escape spreading fire and Calliope chasing and attacking you. At the end of the first run, you will fight Calliope and once defeated, the second run starts. Then, you will need to escape both Calliope and Euterpe, ultimately fighting them both at the end. Lastly, the third run will involve all three Servants chasing and fighting you at the end of the section.

All three bosses can be easily defeated with the help of The Giantkiller sword or any other similar heavy melee weapon with high DPS. The Servants have no damage cap, which means that your critical strikes will deal enormous damage.

Once all three bosses are defeated, they will drop their weapons, which you can pick up as a reward.

The Queen

Right after the fight with the Servants, you need to climb up onto the crown of the Lighthouse for the final boss fight in Dead Cells with the Queen. 

As expected, the last boss hits really hard, so try to bring either a weapon or a skill that will protect you with invincibility frames. This can be one of the following:

  • Meat Skewer
  • Assault Shield
  • Force Shield
  • Telluric Shock

Meat Skewer and Assault Shield will make you really quick. You’ll be able to parry Queen’s attacks just in time and even find opportunities for damaging her. Force Shield is another great item to have as a part of your defensive strategy, which creates a defensive energy field around you. This item can be obtained from Festering Zombies.

The Queen not only has fast attacks, but she moves fast. You can prevent her from moving so quickly by using Root Grenades and Wolf Traps. These weapon skills can stagger her for a moment, allowing you to change your position when necessary.

Lastly, when she goes all in with attacks, use this opportunity to jump behind her with the help of the Phaser teleportation skill, and strike her from behind. Once defeated, the Queen will drop her Queen’s Rapier, a quick and powerful sword just like the Queen herself.

Each of the four bosses will drop some excellent rewards, such as weapons and gear, which can be used to kill stronger enemies. That's it on how to defeat all four bosses in Dead Cells, but be sure to check out other related guides at GameSkinny!

9 Best Weapons in Dead Cells and How to Get Them Thu, 09 Aug 2018 13:07:34 -0400 Serhii Patskan


Cluster Grenade

  • Base Damage: 42/252
  • \n
  • Cooldown Time: 16s
  • \n

Cluster Grenade is even more brutal than Heavy Grenade. It splits into six mini-bombs, and each of those deals 42 points of damage for a total of 252 points of damage. The result is fascinating to say the least!


This weapon drops from Slashers that reside in the following areas:

  • Old Sewers
  • \n
  • Ossuary
  • \n
  • Prison Depths
  • \n
  • Graveyard
  • \n



That is all for the best weapons and how to get them, and look for other Dead Cells guides at GameSkinny!


Heavy Grenade

  • Base Damage: 70
  • \n
  • Cooldown Time: 15s
  • \n

Now it's time to talk about more crude weapons, but no less effective in dealing with large numbers of enemies. That's what grenades are good for! This heavy type of grenade deals so much damage that you will forget about other weapons for some time.


It drops from Bombardiers at the Clock Tower, but be careful with Shield Bearers who can kick back the grenades with their shields.


Nerves of Steel

  • Base DPS: 125
  • \n
  • Critical Hit Damage: 241
  • \n

Nerves is a very flexible bow that can be charged before firing. The more you charge it, the harder it will hit. But don't think that it takes a long time to charge it -- only in 0.5 seconds it will be fully charged and deal critical damage.


The blueprint can be found at The Ramparts and only at a certain time. Go to the far right of the location and jump onto an invisible platform, which will appear only if the last tower doesn't open the exit  to the next stage yet.


Explosive Crossbow

  • Base DPS: 127
  • \n
  • Critical Hit Damage: 254
  • \n

This crossbow deals damage in the form of explosive bolts that spread damage in a radius of 4 units upon contact. Although the bolts are rather slow, if they hit, the critical damage is guaranteed.


The blueprint to the Explosive Crossbow can be found in the Promenade of the Condemned, a second area accessible only after the Prisoners' Cells. There you need to find three gardener keys for the locked doors using the Spider's and Belier's Runes, which will drop after killing elite undead archers.


Marksman's Bow

  • Base DPS: 104
  • \n
  • Critical Hit Damage: 311
  • \n

If you're more of a tactical type of player and want to kill your enemies from a distance, then having a bow or a couple is the best choice. Probably the finest bow in the game is Marksman's Bow that deals critical hits every time you shoot from a certain distance.


The blueprint for this weapon can be found behind the Timed Door at the Ossuary, which closes approximately after 8 minutes. If you manage to get there in time, you will also get two scrolls of power.


Frantic Sword

  • Base DPS: 137
  • \n
  • Base Combo Damage: 235
  • \n

Here's a sword for those who are on a survival plan. This means that Frantic Sword hits harder the lower your life total is. The sword activates at the point below 50% of health pool and starts dealing devastating blows to every attacker.


This weapon drops from Kamikaze, a bat-like creature that explodes on contact. Kamikaze can be found in the following areas:

  • Toxic Sewers
  • \n
  • Old Sewers
  • \n
  • Prison Depths
  • \n
  • Fog Fjord
  • \n
  • Graveyard
  • \n
  • Forgotten Sepulchre
  • \n

War Spear

  • Base DPS: 149
  • \n
  • Base Combo Damage: 142/306
  • \n

This spear is very similar to AOE in its nature. It deals progressively more damage, if it hits several enemies at the same time, which makes it highly effective against a horde of attackers.


War Spear can by obtained by killing Hammer, an enemy that resides in the Prison Depths. However, the chance of him dropping the spear is rather low, so try again and again until you get one.


Giant Killer

  • Base DPS: 150
  • \n
  • Base Combo Damage: 400
  • \n

There is probably no better weapon in Dead Cells for killing Elites and Bosses than Giant Killer. But unfortunately, getting one is currently almost impossible, and most players will probably never see it in their stash.


It can be received only by completing Daily Runs, but the chance of getting one is incredibly low due to the random nature of the rewards. But if you manage to get one, you will be blessed with one of the most powerful weapons in the game.


Symmetrical Lance

  • Base DPS: 168
  • \n
  • Base Combo Damage: 305
  • \n

The Symmetrical Lance is almost a perfect weapon that can be obtained at the end of the game, after defeating the final boss -- The Hand of the King. The best part about this weapon is its ability to trigger critical hits right after you kill two consecutive enemies.


The hits are so brutal that dealing with the rest of the attackers wouldn't be a problem, since each next attack will stack damage. Also, if you manage to maintain your life total at 100%, Symmetrical Lance will deal +50% more damage as a result.


Dead Cells has finally left Early Access and can now be fully enjoyed as a complete game. Many things have changed since the launch of the game, including some new weapons that have been added during all the previous updates.


If you're a new or a returning player, then you might want to check out some of the best weapons that the game can offer. As you know each weapon requires a blueprint, and in this guide you can also read tips on how to find them.


Although, it's not an easy task to obtain all of these weapons, but if you don't try, you will never know!

IGN releases video apology over review plagiarism Thu, 09 Aug 2018 13:32:51 -0400 Joseph Ocasio

For those not in the know, IGN recently published a review for the indie title, Dead Cells, which was ultimately found to be plagiarized.

The site's reviewer, Filip Miucin, gave the game a 9.7, praising it for its gameplay, among other things. However, Miucin's thoughts were not all his own.

Youtube channel Boomstick Gaming released a video review of the game a week before IGN's review went live. And it wasn't long before the similarities were noticed.

In his own video, Boomstick Gaming's reviewer, Deadite, accused Miucin of plagiarizing his review, with many of their points and analyses sharing near identical wording.

After the accusation, IGN took down the review for further investigation. Yesterday, IGN released a statement on the issue, saying that they have parted ways with Miucin and apologized to their readers, Dead Cells' Developer Motion Twin, and Boomstick Gaming.

Today, the news outlet issued a video apology, with editor Brian Altano presenting it, saying very much the same thing. 

Since the incident, Boomstick Gaming, which had only 11k Subscribers before the event, has now started a Patreon and is currently at 45k subscribers. One of their content creators, Alex, was interviewed by Forbes about the situation,. saying that he had "no knowledge of any of my other content being used by anyone else online."

IGN, meanwhile, will be re-reviewing Dead Cells by another one of their reviewers.

Since Miucin's firing, Kotaku received a tip that showed Miucin plagiarizing Nintendo Life's review of FIFA 18. Miucin reviewed the game on his Youtube Channel and was not a part of IGN at the time of the video's release.

Before Miucin's firing, Youtuber Dreamcastguy also discussed the topic, mentioning that he knew about the situation and had spoken to Miucin. He was told by Miucin that he was under a lot of stress while working at IGN, though Dreamcastguy didn't go into any specifics. 

Steam's 6 Best Metroidvanias Thu, 27 Jul 2017 11:29:19 -0400 Zantallion

The Metroidvania genre is a personal favorite of mine, as well as millions of other gamers. Having played games in the Metroid series since I was very young, I unsurprisingly love that style of gameplay, and the continuing popularity of the genre has kept my desire sated. But as with every genre, there are diamonds and a whole lot of rough. So to help make the search easier, this article will be going through some of the best Metroidvania games Steam has to offer right now.

Let's get started. 


Guacamelee is a very colorful, stylized Metroidvania title that sees you taking the role of Juan Aguacate, a Mexican farmer who becomes a powerful wrestling hero after putting on a special mask. In order to save El Presidente's daughter from Carlos Calaca, an undead dictator, you'll traverse through gorgeous Mexican mythology-inspired landscapes, all the while adding new abilities to Juan's movelist. The art style is gorgeous, and the setting allows for unique visuals and an atmosphere that most other Metroidvanias don't explore.

Get Guacamelee on Steam.

Dead Cells

Are you looking for a Metroidvania with a little more bite to go along with its bark? Then look no further than Dead Cells. Taking a page from the Souls playbook (in the developer's own words), Dead Cells is an insanely punishing take on the Metroidvania concept. The usual ideas that follow the genre are intact. New abilities, weapons, and skills unlock new areas to explore. But there are no checkpoints, no save stations, no churches or anything of the sort. Every single death sends you right back to the very beginning, and you have to progress through the maze all over again. If you're faint of heart, Dead Cells may not be your cup of tea. But if you want a true grit challenge, Dead Cells is the title to get.

Get Dead Cells on Steam.

Axiom Verge

For those looking to whet their retro game appetite, Axiom Verge offers a classic 2D, sprite-based title not unlike the Metroidvanias of the NES and SNES eras. Rather than a bounty hunter or vampire killer, however, you play as a humble scientist who, by unknown means, has found himself on a mysterious alien planet. Using abilities and items you find along the way, you'll have to fight your way through the planet to discover just where you are, and why you're there.

Buy Axiom Verge on Steam

Shantae and the Pirate's Curse

Everyone's favorite purple-haired genie nabs an entry on this list with Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, a gorgeous romp through classically and beautifully sprited landscapes set to some of the best music in the genre. When a demon pirate's spirit threatens to destroy her island home, Shantae and her former archenemy, Risky Boots, set sail to thwart his plans and keep Sequin Land safe from his clutches. Or, in Risky's case, to get her horde of minions back.

Buy Shantae and the Pirate's Curse on Steam

Hollow Knight

Looking for something similar in tone to games like Limbo or Inside? Then Hollow Knight is probably the best choice for you. As a cute but eerie little treasure hunter, you'll descend into the depths of Hallownest, the underground world. There you'll find all kinds of similarly eerie enemies and obstacles, which you'll need a multitude of abilities to overcome. In this quiet world of bugs, mist, and dirt, expect your journey to be just as enjoyable as it is unsettling. Arachnophobes need not apply.

Get Hollow Knight on Steam

Ori and the Blind Forest

You didn't think I'd do an article on best Metroidvanias without mentioning Ori, did you? Ori and the Blind Forest is a masterpiece of a game, with beautiful music, a haunting, silently told story, and the best visuals of all the games on this list. Considering its competition, that should say a lot about Ori. As a mysterious glowing creature named Ori, you must make your way through awe-inspiring landscapes and environments in order to save the titular forest from a gargantuan shadow owl intent on destroying it. The entire story is told without a single word ever said, which makes Ori's mastery that much more apparent.

Get Ori and the Blind Forest on Steam


And there you have it. Steam's best of the best when it comes to Metroidvanias.

So what did you think? Which is your favorite? Did we miss a key title? Let us know in the comments below!

Dead Cells: Opening the Cursed Chest Isn't Worth It Thu, 06 Jul 2017 10:19:22 -0400 Zantallion

Dead Cells has some really great reviews on Steam right now, with over 6,000 users giving it an average score of Overwhelmingly Positive score. And it's not hard to see why. Mixing together ideas from metroidvanias, roguelikes, and the Souls franchise, is a recipe for success when it's executed properly. Dead Cells' reception, despite still being in Early Access, proves just that.

But as is the norm with Early Access games, some pieces of it just feel... not quite right. With Dead Cells, one of those janky pieces is the Cursed Chest. Lots of players have come across this chest and decided to take the risk and open it. But it hasn't really paid off for anyone.

As you're exploring the depths of Dead Cells, you're bound to come across some of the game's treasure chambers -- each with chests in them. So how do you tell the difference between a normal chest and a cursed one? There's one telltale sign that the chest you're dealing with is cursed -- it talks.

When you get near a cursed chest, it'll start talking to you. And when you see that chatty chest, it's time to make a U-turn and get on out of there. What could be so bad about a talking chest? Think back to every mimic you've ever encountered and you'll start to get the picture. 

But it's not just the talking that should make you wary of this chest. The reward promised to you might seem like it's worth it, but it's really not. 

Don't do it. That chest is a smooth talker trying to trick you.

What Does the Cursed Chest Do in Dead Cells?

The concept behind the Cursed Chest is simple: you die in one hit for a short while until you kill 10 enemies without dying. If you do kill those 10 enemies... congrats, you win a prize! Sounds great right? It's not.

The prize sucks. No, really. The only prize you can currently get from a cursed chest is a level 1 weapon from your current area. For the amount of risk that you put yourself at, that's worthless. Early game, most players aren't prepared to fight that many enemies -- and late-game, it's much too dangerous to risk setting yourself back all that way just for some piddly weapon when you no doubt have some much, much better gear by that point.

So to all Dead Cells players -- until the cursed chest is changed to offer a worthwhile reward, it's best to avoid any talkative trunks you come across. Hopefully in future updates, Dead Cells can do something to make this interesting idea a meaningful one.

Need more help getting through the dungeons in this Early Access game? Check out the rest of our Dead Cells guides for more tips:

Steam Summer Sale 2017: The 10 Best Roguelites Under $15 Mon, 26 Jun 2017 17:40:38 -0400 stratataisen



Standard Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $7.99
 Very Positive

Unexplored it is easy to play, but it’s also easy to die. This is a real-time, roguelite dungeon crawler that has you solving puzzles and engaging foes both big and small in melee combat in order to reach the dragon in the dungeon’s depths. Both the dungeons and puzzles are procedurally generated, fruther adding to the variety and replayability of the game.


Get Unexplored on Steam




That wraps up our list of the best roguelite games currently available at a discount through the Steam Summer Sale! Do you plan on picking any of these up? What other roguelites are you wishing you'd see on sale? Let us know in the comments!


Streets of Rogue Collector’s Edition

Standard Price: $19.98
Sale Price: $8.98
Rating: Very Positive

Streets of Rogue is a roguelite Early Access game that revolves around the player’s choice, freedom, and anarchic fun. Instead of a dungeon, the game takes place in a functioning, procedurally generated city full of citizens trying to go about their daily lives. There is no set way to play the game, so you can complete the missions how you see fit. You can avoid combat altogether, or bring the pain to those who get in your way. 


Get Streets of Rogue Collector’s Edition on Steam


Starward Rogue

Standard Price: $11.99
Sale Price: $2.39
Rating: Very Positive

Traverse through the Megalith -- a roguelite labyrinth that’s lodged into the side of a star -- while dodging wave after wave of bullets and claiming both weapons and upgrades. In Starward Rogue, you must uncover the secrets of a massive structure while losing your head (don’t worry, it grows back). Defeat the Warden and rescue Rodney, a mysterious AI with uncertain motives.


Get Starward Rogue on Steam


One Way Heroics + Plus Edition

Standard Price: $9.98
Sale Price: $4.53
Rating: Very Positive

Travel the multiverse to face the Demon Lord, but keep moving because with each action you take the Darkness will creep ever closer until it engulfs everything. One Way Heroics is almost constantly scrolling in one direction. It features procedurally generated worlds, multiple classes that have their own skills and advantages to unlock, and a dimensional vault where you can store items in case of death. The + Plus Edition includes the DLC One Way Heroics Plus, which includes new classes, new skills, and new NPCs.


Get One Way Heroics + Plus Edition on Steam


FTL: Faster Than Light

Standard Price: $9.99
Sale Price: $2.49
Rating: Overwhelmingly Positive

Ready to take command of your own starship? FTL is a roguelite spaceship simulation that allows you to become the captain of a starship crew and vessel. The galaxy you explore is randomly generated -- full of glory and defeat. Be careful as you take on enemy ships, though. Because once you’re dead, there’s no coming back.


Get FTL: Faster Than Light on Steam


Dungeons of Dredmor

Standard Price:$4.99
Sale Price: $2.49
: Overwhelmingly Positive

Are you ready to test your luck in Lord Dredmor’s Dungeons, where you have to craft, cast, and pillage your way through them? You are? Lovely! This roguelite RPG game has classic roguelike gameplay with point-and-click interfaces, randomly generated dungeons, old-school pixels, and...some lutefisk?


Get Dungeons of Dredmor on Steam



Standard Price: $2.99
Sale Price: $1.49
Rating: Overwhelmingly Positive

As the name implies, Downwell is a game where you jump down a well and continue to fall, and fall, and fall trying to get to the treasure at the bottom -- oh, and watch out for all the things trying to kill you on the way down. Thankfully, you have your fashionable and lethal Gunboots to help destroy all the nasty creatures and debris in your way.


 Get Downwell on Steam


Dead Cells

Standard Price: $16.99
Sale Price: $14.44
Reviews: Overwhelmingly Positive

Kill. Die. Learn. Repeat. Dead Cells is a roguelite, Metroidvania action-platformer (try saying that 5 times fast) -- also called a RogueVania for short.


This Early Access title boasts progressive exploration of an interconnected world, along with the replayability of a roguelite and the adrenaline pumping threat of permadeath. However, with each death, you unlock a new area and you get to keep the abilities you’ve already gained, allowing you to get to different areas you couldn’t get to before.


Get Dead Cells on Steam


Crypt of the NecroDancer: AMPLIFIED PACK

Standard Price: $21.98
Sale Price: $8.15
Rating: Overwhelmingly Positive

Have you ever wanted to dance your way through a crypt full of grooving undead? Yes? Well, check out this rhythm dungeon crawler! Deliver a beatdown to zombies (and more) to the rhythm of a seriously epic soundtrack. And if you’re not impressed with the tunes in Crypt of the NecroDancer, play the game with your own library of music instead.


This pack includes the Amplified DLC.


Get Crypt of the NecroDancer: AMPLIFIED PACK on Steam



Standard Price:$14.99
Sale Price: $11.99
Rating: Overwhelmingly Positive

Looking for a roguelike action platformer? Well, look no further than 20XX! In this Early Access game, you’ll jump and shoot your way through levels that are constantly changing, upgrade your hero, and battle epic bosses to save humanity...maybe.


This game also supports co-op, so you can play with a friend!


Get 20XX on Steam


It's that glorious time again -- the Steam Summer Sale, where your pockets become suspiciously lighter and your Steam Library expands. There are numerous deals to be had, including many under $15! With all those various titles dangling in front of you, what should you buy?


If you’re looking for of fun challenge, might I suggest a roguelite game? With some challenging features like permadeath, these are great if you really want to git gud and test your skills as a gamer. And until the Steam Sale ends on July 5, these 10 roguelites are currently at a discounted price, and they're definitely worth picking up.

Dead Cells Weapon Guide - Where and How to Get Every Weapon Sun, 21 May 2017 18:49:01 -0400 Ashley Shankle

The amount of weapons in Dead Cells -- even now in its Early Access infancy is quite impressive -- and as a player it means you have a whole lot of flexibility. A new run, a new weapon and skill combo, and a new way to play.

You find that each weapon attacks in a different manner, on top of their special effects. The Flammable Sword has a slower but wide attack, while the Burning Mace attacks slowly and with a smaller range -- but has the benefit of setting enemies aflame. You'll get used to each of their attack styles and choose your favorites, but you'll also have to accept you won't necessarily get your favorites each run.

In this guide we're going to go over the effects of each of the current weapons in Dead Cells, along with where you can find their blueprints. Some blueprints can only be obtained via monster drops, while a couple others are hidden away for you to find.

The weapons here are sorted by type (melee, ranged including magical, and shields) and then by the order you'll probably unlock them. If you don't want to have the weapon types currently in the game spoiled for you, you may want to skip this guide. If you're at your wit's end, push on. You've got some castle crawling to do.

Melee Weapons

Twin Daggers - Unlocked at the start of the game.
Inflicts a critical blow on the third consecutive strike.

Blood Sword - Blueprint dropped by zombies.
Inflicts bleed on hit.

Flammable Sword - Dropped by the brown flying enemies in The Promenade of the Condemned and The Graveyard.
Inflicts oil on enemies, which does large damage if hit with flame.

Assassin's Dagger - Found above the platform at the start of The Promenade of the Condemned.
Inflicts a critical blow when you backstab.

Double-jump to the left and jump up to find the Assassin's Dagger blueprint.

Sadist's Sword - Dropped by the mushrooms in The Old Sewers.
Inflicts a critical blow on bleeding enemies.

Spiteful Sword - Dropped by the red flying enemies in The Ramparts.
Inflicts a critical blow if you've been hit recently.

Rapier - Dropped by the scorpions.
Inflicts a critical blow immediately after rolling.

Burning Mace - Dropped by the slime dispensers in the Ossuary.
Inflicts burning on enemies.

Frantic Sword - Dropped by the flying enemies in the Prison Depths.
Inflicts critical blows when below 50% heath.

Spear - Dropped by the mechanical spiders in the Prison Depths.
Inflicts a critical blow when attacking several times consecutively.

Cursed Sword - Dropped by The Watcher.
Has very high damage, but if you die if get hit with it equipped.

Ranged Weapons

Throwing Knife - Unlocked at the start of the game.
Inflicts bleed on hit.

Electric Whip - Unlocked at the start of the game.
Automatically targets the closes enemy.

Frost Blast - Unlocked at the start of the game.
Freezes enemies on hit, but does no damage.

Bow and Infinite Arrows - Dropped by the archers.
Has unlimited ammo.

Infantry Bow - Dropped by the archers.
Inflicts a critical blow when attacking at close range.

Ice Bow - Dropped by the archers.
Freezes enemies on hit.

Quick Bow - Found above the entrance of Prisoners' Cells up some ledges.
Inflicts a critical blow if an enemy has 3 or more arrows stuck in it.

Jump up the ledges in the starting room then roll left to get the Quick Bow blueprint.

Whip - Dropped by the worm enemies in the sewer stages.
Inflicts a critical strike when hitting enemies from max range, and ignores shields.

Lightning Bolt - Dropped by the mages in The Ramparts and The Graveyard.
Continuously casting deals critical strikes, but will overheat and damage you.

Hunter's Longbow - Found behind the Time Gate in the Ossuary.
Inflicts a critical blow if attacking from afar.

Heavy Crossbow - Dropped by the Incomplete One.
Shoots multiple bots at once.

Fire Torrent - Dropped by the clerics in The Graveyard and The Prison Depths.
Inflicts burning and does damage from afar.


Sturdy Shield - Unlocked at the start of the game.
Stuns on parry.

Greed Shield - Unlocked at the start of the game.
Drops a 20 gold tooth on parry (once per enemy).

Blood Shield - Dropped by the shield-wielding skeletons.
Inflicts bleed on all nearby enemies on parry.

Force Shield - Dropped by the shield-wielding skeletons.
Triggers a force field on parry.

Assault Shield - Found behind the Time Gate in The Promenade of The Condemned.
Makes you charge forward while blocking.

Spiked Shield - Dropped by the small running zombies in The Fog Fjord.
Deals heavy damage when parrying.

This is a hefty amount of weapons, and the game is only going to get more as it edges toward full release. Weapons that are patched in will be added to this guide as they come. In the meantime, good luck and have fun with your runs!