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While there is a lack of Hispanic representation in gaming, it is in fact there but be sure not to mistake Latino characters as being Hispanic as it is easy to do. 


So, tell me who are some of your favourite Hispanic video game characters and why? Did any of them make the list? Sound of below and enjoy the rest of Hispanic Heritage Month!


Character: King

Game: Tekken

Don't let the jaguar head fool you because residential Tekken fighter King is indeed Mexican. There are actually two Kings, King I who was featured in Tekken and Tekken 2 and King II who has been the character used in the rest of the franchise titles.


Inspired by Japanese wrestler Satoru Sayama and Mexican wrestler Fray Tormenta, this Mexican born character has quite the impressive, honorable and redemptive background which is greatly borrowed from Tormenta's good deed of becoming a masked wrestler in order to support a local orphanage.


If that isn't enough to make him a cool character, let's talk about the cool jaguar mask and killer move set that is a homage to Lucha Libre style wrestling. 


Character: Garcia Hotspur

Game: Shadows of the Damned

In my opinion, Shadows of the Damned was a pretty cool game but what made it more cool was the main character; Garcia. Admittedly, I never heard many people talking about this game but Hotspur; nonetheless, should be a mentioned character in this list of coolest Hispanic video game characters.


He's like a Mexican Dante but with an unclear history and just a little darker which is fitting for the game's atmosphere. Tattoos have been a common trait in portraying Hispanic characters and Hotspur has plenty of them granted without the typical gang affiliations. All in all, he's just a badass Mexicano who just wants to save his girlfriend and does it all with a shape shifting demon named Johnson. 






Character: Dominic Santiago

Game: Gears of War

If there ever was a character that was beyond stereotypes and showed Latinos as being relatable characters, Gears of War's Dominic would be my pick. Despite his massive size and being in an intense environment, Dom is both a well developed and emotionally in-depth character you can't help but love and sympathize with. 


One big trait of Hispanic culture is undoubtedly a strong sense of family and his love for his lost family was a great addition to the overall characteristic for him. A nice touch to such an testosterone and action packed game. 


Character: Tyson Rios

Game: Army of Two

Whether or not you're into shooter style games, Rios is a character that you can't help but describe as "cool" and even "badass". He certainly isn't an stereotype which is all the more reason to love him when you find out he's Mexican-American.


Army of Two does an awesome job with depicting Rios' Hispanic pride through his tattoos which become somewhat of a narrative of his character; that is if you're vigilant enough to catch it. 


One tattoo reads vaya con dios which translates to "go with God" while the other; found on his left bicep, is an eagle which is customary for exported Mexican products. 


The fact that EA Montreal managed to create a character with Hispanic ties without being offensively stereotypical is beyond cool and just adds to Tyson's already badass character. 




Character: Isabela Keyes

Game: Dead Rising 1,2 and 3

Sadly, there are a handful of female game characters that are mistaken for Hispanic which tends to make the list bigger than it actually is. Tekken's Christie and Katarina are not Hispanic, they are Brazilian and there is a big difference. However, if there was a handful of Hispanic female characters to choose from in the gaming world, hands down Isabela Keyes would be the best. From character styling, character development and game usage, Isabela is a perfect character to start this list off.


Originally a villain, Isabela does a 180 in the first installment of Dead Rising and it is only up from there. Not only is she one of the most well rounded Hispanic characters in gaming but also one of the most well rounded in the Dead Rising franchise allowing her to be an actual character instead of a pawn to game play. 




In case you didn't know, September is Hispanic Heritage Month so there was no way we could end the month without a little Hispanic culture appreciation. 


Like with most things in life, there tends to be an underwhelming representation of cultures across the board and unfortunately, video games are included but that doesn't mean that representation doesn't exist. While you may have to turn over a few consoles, you'll find that some of the coolest characters in gaming happen to be Hispanic -- painful stereotypes not included. 


So let's hear it for Hispanic pride with these 5 coolest Hispanic video game characters.

What Games Do Parents Often Forbid Their Kids to Play? Wed, 28 Dec 2016 03:00:02 -0500 Jana Rooheart

Computer games are the thing that many kids around the world cannot imagine their lives without. There are cool developing games for children that teach strategy, math, and tactics and there are just fun games that bring joy and satisfaction. All of you have probably heard of the opinion that many games are too cruel and violent and they should be forbidden, especially for kids. Many parents around the world share this opinion and don't allow their kids play certain games.

Here are the games that most often get forbidden.

Dead Space 3

An 18+ game; however, much kids who are much younger get to play it. The main character here fights terrible monsters using improvised weapons based on engineering tools. The game is scary and violent -- that is why parents say it shouldn't be played by kids.

Naughty Bear

This seemingly cute name hides another 18+ game that is definitely not about the adventures of a sweet teddy bear. The Bear here has qualities of a sociopath who kills others by all the possible means. This game was named one of the cruelest ones of the year. It is about the creative approaches to murder; that makes parents say categorical no to it.

Mortal Kombat X

Some parents remember playing this game themselves; although in that time, the graphics weren't so realistic and the cruelty level was much lower. The last version of this game (which is also 18+, by the way) looked much more realistic, with more blood, deadly weapons, and violent murders.

Call of Duty 3

This is a very popular game around the world, and many children play it as well. It is considered one of the most realistic games today. It is a shooting game with lots of blood and body parts which can be ripped off and scattered by explosions. Some psychologists claim that this game can cause addiction in children; this is one of the reasons parents don't like and don't allow it.

Fallout 4

Another popular game that parents don't like much. The fights are very graphic with heads exploding, arms falling off and many other gratuitous deaths. Along with that, the conversations are rude and the scenes are intense.

Dead Rising 3

This zombie game is also on the list of most forbidden titles. Many parents don't appreciate the scenes of zombies eating people and the main character killing them. Besides, there is some very sexual content, as well as violence and other inappropriate content for the younger player.

Grand Theft Auto V

The GTA series certainly doesn't lack controversy. Although it is rated “M” for “mature,” the genre of open-world game is very compelling to children... so they keep insisting they should play. However, the gameplay is full of sexual, violent, and discriminatory content, not to mention the foul language, and drug abuse -- all of which are found everywhere in any GTA game. Before deciding whether or not you are going to allow your kid to play any game in the series, I advise you to try it out for yourselves -- or at least watch some content of it which doesn't just show the more negative aspects out of content.

Why and how do parents do it?

Well, the reasons parents forbid playing violent computer games are quite obvious -- they think they will make their kids violent, too (although many psychiatrists argue that it is not true). Another reason is that kids spend too much time playing games instead of doing homework or playing outside.

The methods parents use to stop their kids playing these games differs. Some parents just ask children not to play, some take the games away, some block the games on their devices with programs like McAfee, Pumpic, Screen Time, etc. Many parents believe that such prohibitions have positive effects on their kids. Whether it is true or not, kids tend to be very upset about it. Some accept this limitation in what they can play, while some children find ways to play without their parents knowing. Some very vocal youngsters even try to convince their parents there is nothing wrong with the games. In any of these cases, finding a compromise is always the best way to sort out disagreements around video games.

PlayStation vs. Xbox: PlayStation Is Doing Exclusives Better Thu, 19 Nov 2015 21:13:20 -0500 Curtis Dillon

"PlayStation 4 has no exclusives!"

That's the claim I've heard and read all year long.

"This is the greatest gaming line-up in Xbox history."

That's what Microsoft has touted all year long. Truth be told, though, the playing field is a lot more level than you might think.

PlayStation has always had more and better exclusives than Xbox.

Sure Xbox will always have Halo, Gears of War and Forza, but before the Xbox One, that was pretty much it. Microsoft tried its hand with the Fable series, Viva Pinata, and Too Human, none of which were massive successes. PlayStation, on the other hand has a history of hosting many fantastic exclusives and giving its first-party developers room to breathe and create freely.

Last generation, the PS3 played catch-up to the 360 for many years. Sony's third machine ended up outselling the 360, with a year less on the market. And it did so by having the best games. While Xbox 360 owners twiddled their thumbs between Halo and Gears of War experiences, PS3 gamers were having thrilling adventures with Nathan Drake, killing gods with Kratos, becoming a superhero with Cole McGrath, fighting the endless war against the Helghan, and creating worlds with Sackboy. Year in, year out, the PS3 had exclusives every other month.

A Promising Start for Xbox

This time around, Microsoft aimed to rival PlayStation in that department by having more exclusives - and more than just shooters. They came out of the gate with Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Forza Motorsport 5, and some Kinect titles, as well as showing trailers for Halo 5 and Quantum Break. The first two were easily the most exciting of the launch games, because Ryse had a ton of potential and Dead Rising is a great series to have exclusively.

PlayStation on the other hand, launched with Knack, Killzone: Shadowfall, and Resogun. Games that were initially intended to be launch titles, like Infamous and DriveClub, didn't make the cut-off. Therefore it's undeniable that the Xbox One had the better launch titles.

Microsoft continued its promising start by unveiling Titanfall and Sunset Overdrive - an awesome-looking game by Sony's buddies Insomniac. That was a real blow to Sony. Meanwhile, Titanfall was dubbed the "Call of Duty killer". Then came Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Killer Instinct and more Forza. The Xbox One was really looking like a fantastic platforms for what happened?

Cracks Begin To Show

Titanfall released and was...good. The game was a critical success, but not so much a commercial one, and it didn't bring about the death of Call of Duty like many had predicted. In spite of a year's worth of hype and anticipation, Titanfall faded quicker than a fart in the wind.

Sunset Overdrive was next. The difference with Sunset is that it was actually an amazing game. Sunset Overdrive was a fantastic game from Insomniac that oozed charisma and charm, and yet it sold poorly. Poorly enough that Microsoft never announced any numbers for it, and has referred to it when discussing the challenges of new IP.

A fantastic game that no one played

Forza and Halo did well, as expected. However, neither seemed to shift console sales - plus Halo was a muddled mess with big online issues. Meanwhile, on the other side of the tracks, Sony had big success with Infamous: Second Son, The Last of Us: Remastered, MLB: The Show, and DriveClub, despite The Order: 1886 being pushed to 2015. Microsoft was trying, and even producing some great games, but it wasn't getting the desired results.

And so 2015 rolled around...

Do The Math

2015 was supposed to be the year for Microsoft. Sony had "nothing", particularly after Uncharted 4 was delayed. Xbox fans emerged from the crevices of the Internet to poke fun at PS4 owners. I've even heard industry insiders discuss the brevity of Sony's line-up. However, was it really as one-sided as everyone claimed? Nope. In fact, PlayStation 4 had more exclusives in 2015 than Xbox One.

Let's just start with AAA games. Microsoft's "greatest line-up ever" consists of Halo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza Motorsport 6, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and Rare Replay. That's a great line-up, and probably the best Microsoft has ever had (as per the claims).

2015 hasn't been the best year for Sony; no one will argue that. But it hasn't been anywhere near as barren as you may be led to believe. The year started with The Order: 1886, a ridiculously pretty game that was unfortunately more fun to look at than it was to play. Then came Bloodborne -- the spiritual successor to Demon Souls was a surprisingly big hit for Sony and was all the talk when it came out. Bloodborne is a surefire game of the year contender.

The next big title to hit Sony's platforms, a game I wouldn't count if I didn't already count Gears of War, was God of War III Remastered. Then came the biggest surprise hit of the year, Until Dawn. A fantastic horror game in the vein of Heavy Rain, Until Dawn shocked many by how well it was written, how beautiful it was, and how much dumb fun it was. Then to round out the year we got Tearaway: Unfolded and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection.

So, Xbox One had five exclusive AAA games in 2015, while PS4 had six. Now all in all, quantity is not always as important as quality, and the fact that three of Sony's six were remasters is definitely a factor.

For Xbox, Rare Replay and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition outperformed expectations, Halo 5: Guardians has been a hit, Forza always performs, and Rise of the Tomb Raider has been met with critical acclaim, but sold poorly in the wake of Fallout 4. The sales disappointment of Rise of the Tomb Raider is surely a problem, but it's been a great year for Xbox regardless. It outsold the PS4 in the month of October - marking only the second time this year it has done so, and the fourth overall.

If you want to get really nitpicky...

If we look at smaller titles, PlayStation has had a far better year. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, SOMA, Axiom Verge, Journey (Remastered), Volume, Hotline Miami 2, and Grow Home are just some of the games that came to PSN this year. However, one title in particular really captured the hearts of millions in 2015 -- Rocket League. The second vehicular soccer game from Psyonix has been an unprecedented hit, selling over 6 million copies. The game is likely to come to Xbox One in 2016, but it was a Cinderella story on PS4 this year. The only Xbox digital games you heard talked about this year were Ori and the Blind Forest and State of Decay: Year One.

Party Partnerships

Now I've talked at (great) length about what games came to which platform, yadda yadda yadda, but what's really important and interesting to look at, it the logistics of the exclusives.

Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Sunset Overdrive, Titanfall, and Rise of the Tomb Raider are all third party exclusives, the latter being only a timed exclusive. The only first-party games Microsoft have published are HaloForza, Rare Replay, and Gears of War: Remastered.

Another amazing game no one is playing. Thanks, Fallout 4.

The failure of the third-party games to be commercial hits has probably hurt Microsoft's relationship with third party developers. Take Titanfall for example. EA and Respawn has both admitted it would have benefited the game being on PS4 - and the sequel will be. Phil Spencer has even said that third party games will be less of a focus going forward, though it's not because Microsoft don't want them.

Looking ahead at 2016, Xbox One exclusives Recore, Crackdown 3, Quantum Break and Scalebound are all second and third-party developed games once again. This isn't necessarily a problem, but like I said, should the games continue to underwhelm commercially, developers will be less inclined to work with Microsoft (and Microsoft will be less inclined to work with them). 

On the other side, every game released by Sony this year, minus Tearaway, was a second-party exclusive. Even the Uncharted Collection was done by independent port house Bluepoint Games (although still published by Sony). This is a less risky business than third-party development because Sony still owns the IP, which is also true for Microsoft with Recore, Scalebound, Quantum Break, and so on.

The point is: Microsoft's third-party exclusives are a very short-term solution.

The company has not built any new series, though it's not for lack of trying. There won't be a Ryse 2, and a Sunset Overdrive 2 or Dead Rising 4 is unlikely. Titanfall 2 will be multiplatform. Whereas there will probably be a Knack 2 for the PS4, there will certainly be sequels to Infamous: Second Son, Bloodborne, Until Dawn, and even The Order: 1886. Already this generation, Sony has created 3, maybe 4, new exclusive series.

First-Party Poopers

Part of the problem is Microsoft's first-party studios. Microsoft owns 343 Industries, The Coalition, Lionhead Studios, and Turn 10 -- all of whom are confined to making Halo, Gears of War, Fable, and Forza for eternity. That's four main studios, all tied to making the same four games over and over; it's creatively stifling and redundant. Imagine if Sony had gone to Naughty Dog and demanded it work on Crash Bandicoot forever - without that creative freedom, we wouldn't have gotten get Jak & Daxter, Uncharted, or The Last of Us.

Then Microsoft also has Rare, BigPark Studios, Mojang, and a litany of small studios that work on tablet and Kinect stuff. Rare is working on Sea of Thieves, a fun-looking game with tons of potential. BigPark is completely in the dark, and Mojang is doing its Minecraft thing.

There's plenty more where these came from

So we kind of know what every single Microsoft first-party developer is working on, and it's exactly what you'd expect. This is why Microsoft has gone to third-parties like Armature, Respawn, Insomniac and Crystal Dynamics to get exclusive games. The Xbox needs more variety.

Sony has no such problem.

Of Sony's first-party developers, we know we are getting Uncharted 4 from Naughty Dog, Dreams from Media Molecule, Gran Turismo Sport from Polyphony Digital, Horizon Zero Dawn from Guerilla Games and Rigs from Guerilla Cambridge, Gravity Rush Remastered, Gravity Rush 2, and The Last Guardian from Japan Studio, and Evolution is still working on DriveClub. Four of those are new IPs.

The rest of the first-party studios are shrouded in mystery -- Sony Bend, Sucker Punch, Sony San Diego, Sony Santa Monica, North West Studio and Sony London. Sony Santa Monica is almost certainly working on a new God of War, but it also helps with development on a ton of smaller games, from The Unfinished Swan to Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. Sony London is working on Virtual Reality. Sucker Punch is well along in the development of something, according to Shuhei Yoshida -- maybe it's another Infamous. Sony San Diego is inevitably making the next instalment in the MLB: The Show series, but it is also helping produce Drawn to Death, Guns Up, and Kill Strain - three other PlayStation exclusives.

I broke down Microsoft and Sony's first-party studios to paint a picture of the future. Sony gives its studios a lot of rope to hang themselves with and, as such, we get extremely exciting new IP like Horizon Zero Dawn, surprising sequels like Gravity Rush 2, and a few artistic experiments like Dreams. Simply put, Sony's first-party titles are much more exciting.

The product of creative freedom

However, Sony also works with second and third-parties, as mentioned earlier with all of this year's exclusives. Also coming exclusively to the PS4 is Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream, Street Fighter V, No Man's Sky, Persona 5, Hellblade, and a lot of third-party VR support. This is different from Microsoft, because those games are all almost guaranteed to sell well - Street Fighter V, No Man's Sky and Persona 5 are no-brainers, and Hellblade and Detroit could definitely do well if marketed properly.


I don't want to be a Debbie Downer and spell doom and gloom for the Xbox One, because that most certainly isn't the case. The exclusives games on the Xbox One so far have ranged from good to great, and it's a shame that some of them didn't sell better. If you are a true gamer, you do not wish ill on Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo, because competition is good for everyone.

The failure of Rise of the Tomb Raider is bad news for Microsoft; if a known property like Lara Croft cannot sell, then what can be expected to? However it has baffled me since E3 that Square Enix and Microsoft agreed to send it out to die beside Fallout 4, sandwiched between Call of Duty and Star Wars. Hopefully the game will find some success when it releases on PS4 next year.

Microsoft will always have its staples of Gears of War, Forza and Halo, which may not be the most exciting prospects, but they're a very safe bet. It would be nice to see those developers get more leeway and maybe even develop some new IPs; however, renaming two of them to reflect their respective games kind of suggests they won't get such freedom.

This fall has been a big season for Xbox One, and the winning sales of October are a great sign, but the goal should not be to outsell the PS4. If Microsoft provides excellent games that can only be played on Xbox One, then gamers will come. 2016 is looking exciting for the green brand, with Gears 4, Crackdown 3, Sea of Thieves, Recore, Quantum Break, and Scalebound, not to mention a myriad of fantastic digital games like Below, Cuphead and Inside. Microsoft could benefit from re-organizing a few internal teams, most of which were working on Kinect, and setting them off to work on new IP. They should follow Sony's example and allow established studios (like Naughty Dog and Guerilla) to stretch their wings and try new things.

The Xbox One cannot afford another Ryse, Sunset Overdrive, or Titanfall, it needs new first-party IPs that can be established into series. Right now, Microsoft is sitting pretty with exclusives but the past two years were not great for Xbox One, and going forward it could serve the company well to take a page out of the competition's playbook. 

Dead Rising: Watchtower international release coming soon Sun, 26 Jul 2015 19:18:41 -0400 Landon Sommer

Dead Rising: Watchtower is already available in some countries, but will be released internationally over the next few days on iTunes, Video On Demand, DVD and Blu-ray.

Chase Carter is a reporter looking for a hot story to make his big break. When a potential zombie outbreak has been quarantined, he makes his way into the sealed-off zone to cover the story about the survivors inside who are waiting for rescue. Chase and fellow Net 2.0 reporter, Jordan, are forced to survive on their own against the new zombie outbreak and the unruly survivors.

You can find Dead Rising: Watchtower on Crackle where available. Watchtower will soon be available in the following countries:

  • July 27th - Africa, UK & Ireland
  • July 29th - Austrailia
  • July 31st - Germany & Austria
  • August 5th - Mexico
  • August 10th - New Zealand
  • August 19th - Brazil
  • August 20th - Scandinavia
  • September 1st - Italy, France, Switzerland, and South Africa

from press release
Dead Rising: Watchtower is directed by Zach Lipovsky from Leprechaun: Origins while written and produced by Tim Carter from Mortal Combat: Legacy and Lorenzo di Bonaventura of Transformers. Acting talent includes Jesse Metcalfe, Meghan Ory, Virginia Madsen, Dennis Haysbert, and Rob Riggle. If the wait is too long, check out a clip from the movie below.


PlayStation Vs. XBOX: How The Tables Turned Wed, 15 Jul 2015 11:44:57 -0400 Curtis Dillon

If you'll indulge me for a few moments, I'd like to start off by explaining my history with both PlayStation and Xbox. You see, I was born in Ireland in 1992, and growing up my brother and I had a variety of consoles - including the Sega Mega Drive, Sega Genesis, SNES, N64, and the PS1. Some of my earliest gaming memories are of playing Beavis and Butthead on the SNES.

Back then I didn't care what console I played on, I just played games. That being said, I do recall my brother playing Syphon Filter and Duke Nukem on the PS1 and not liking them. They were too mature for me at the time, so I stuck with Banjo Kazooie. Eventually I began playing the PS1 more and more because my brother preferred it. Fast forward to 2001-ish, and my brother gets a PS2.

Before The Stick of Truth, Beavis and Butthead made farts cool

Once again the games were just too mature for me, he was playing GTA III and Metal Gear Solid 2, and I was dumbfounded. So I rebelled and got a GameCube. I mostly opted for the GameCube because it had Mario Kart and Super Mario Sunshine. To be completely honest, I stand by my decision, because the GameCube was an amazing system with great games.

However, I always found myself returning to the PS2. It was there I eventually began playing Grand Theft Auto, Jak & Daxter, Dragon Ball Z, Tony Hawk, Medal of Honor, Crash Bandicoot and Metal Gear. So by the end of the generation I was totally a PlayStation guy. However, I made the same mistake again when the PS3 and Xbox 360 came out. I got a 360.

Once again I turned my back on PlayStation and opted for the competitor. I chose Xbox because it came out a year earlier and it had 2 games that fascinated me, Dead Rising and Gears of War. So I got my first iteration 360 and played the heck out of the aforementioned games, as well as Saints Row. Then, somewhere around 2007, disaster struck....the red ring of death. So long story short, Microsoft fixed it twice, it broke a third time and they refused to fix it, saying it was my fault. It was at this time when my brother decided to get a PS3. Hallelujah.

Three frickin' times

So we got a PS3 and I played everything on it. I mostly stuck to third party games for a while, but at that time I had no idea what a first or third party was. Anyway, after a couple of years I got my own PS3 and with it I began playing more first party stuff. This was also around the time I started following the games industry and listening to shows like Podcast Beyond.

So my knowledge of gaming improved vastly and I suddenly realized how amazing the PS3 library was. I mean, if you didn't like shooters then you were out of luck on 360, whereas the PS3 had Uncharted, Infamous, God of War, Heavy Rain, Ratchet and Clank, Resistance, MGS 4, Killzone, and Little Big Planet, to name but a few diverse titles. I well and truly fell in love with the PS3.

Nothing the Xbox 360 offered was interesting to me. I could not understand my friend who had a 360. I couldn't wrap my head around why you would have a 360 when PS3 has so many games to offer. I quickly became part of Team PlayStation and would proudly state that the games were more important than sales figures. And that's still true.

Then the PS3 and 360 wound down and the new consoles emerged. I won't belabor the history of those 2 consoles - we're early enough in the gen that everyone remembers. But I will say I learned my lesson and stuck with PlayStation. Now you might think this article is leading to my revelation that Xbox One is now the better system but it's not, I am more than happy with my PS4 and don't regret it at all.

The best place to play

However, somewhere along the way, the PS4 has become more like the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One more like the PS3.

This theory was proven 100% correct to me when PlayStation showed off Call of Duty on its E3 stage this year. No offence to the COD series or fans, but that series epitomized the divide between PS3 and 360 - the PS3 had the amazing titles that flew under the radar, the 360 had little to no exclusives and focused on third party support. This has become the marketing strategy of the PS4 and it's a little worrying.

Both systems have had some amazing exclusives, but neither have had killer apps just yet. That being said, I do think the PS4 library is better than the PS3 library at the 2.5 year mark. So while the PS4's marketing is reminiscent of the Xbox 360's, it's good to see that Sony is still producing exciting new IP like Bloodborne, The Order 1886 and Horizon Zero Dawn. But it's also great to see that Microsoft learned its lesson and has concocted a new exclusive-heavy mindset for the Xbox One, with games you would never have seen on 360 - Sunset Overdrive, Sea of Thieves and Recore.

So both consoles are fighting for supremacy and we the gamers are benefitting the most.

That being said, it's undeniable that the PS4 has a fairly sparse line-up this fall, when compared to Xbox One. Now, I personally don't think this is a big deal when we have massive third party games coming out from September 1st right through to late November. Sony President Shuhei Yoshida said himself that Sony was in no rush to put out an exclusive this fall and let it die amongst the third party behemoths.

Indeed it seems fairly illogical of Microsoft to release Rise of the Tomb Raider on the same day as Fallout 4Also, PlayStation rather ingeniously aligns itself with games like Arkham Knight, Destiny, Call of Duty and Star Wars: Battlefront, getting exclusive content and therefore advertising the game as "Only on PlayStation". So the lack of first party games this fall does not matter. And yet it matters to shareholders.

Right now perception is that Xbox One has more exclusives. The facts are thus: the PS4 has 49 console exclusive games, the Xbox One has 34 exclusives. 8 of those are AAA....on both consoles. So the truth is both consoles have had 8 AAA exclusive games, while PS4 has 15 more digital exclusives. Now this isn't a d$*k measuring contest, so it really doesn't matter, nor am I attempting to justify the PS4's exclusives, which I don't think need justifying. My point is that the perception of both consoles has changed and reversed since the PS3/360 days.

Perception Isn't Always Reality

As mentioned before, PS3 fans boasted about the amazing games that were on the console, whereas 360 fans made jokes about the system's sales and poor running of Bethesda games. By the end of the generation, PS3 fans had the last laugh; the system had a vastly better library of games and even sold more! Then the PS4 and Xbox One were revealed and Microsoft did exactly what Sony did with the PS3 launch. It assumed that it had the core gamers in its pocket and attempted to expand, which just pisses off the core. PS4, however, emerged the clear leader in mindshare and pre-orders.

 That initial mis-step by Microsoft has  proved a hard one to recover from,  with the PS4 outselling it by a 2-1 margin. The  public mindshare has been  completely PS4 since launch, and  that's a hard thing to change. So  PlayStation is coasting right now,  with double the sales, and it's doing  so without any upcoming games.  Sony is aligning itself with huge 3rd party games and relying on that to sell the system. Xbox One, however, is trailing far behind, but with a lot of great games on the immediate horizon. The tables have well and truly turned. The good news for PlayStation fans is that the PS4 is not as barren with exclusives as the 360 was.

So truth be told, this generation has just pushed Microsoft to become a lot more experimental and frequent with exclusives.

Competition is best for everyone, most of all, us, the gamers! Rejoice and let the companies continue to wage war for our hard earned money!

Rumor: Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 release set for $40, Holiday 2016 Wed, 01 Jul 2015 07:16:14 -0400 Curtis Dillon

A holiday 2016 release date for Rise of the Tomb Raider on PlayStation has been supposedly discovered by YouTube channel The Know.

The Know - which is an offset of Rooster Teeth - released a video just a few days ago claiming to know the game will release in Q4 2016. The hosts claim that the release date was revealed via a "confidential document" from an "anonymous source." You can check out everything said in the video below!

Perhaps most interesting about the rumor is the price point.

The video says that Square Enix are aware of the anger amongst PlayStation fans - some felt betrayed by the company given that Tomb Raider has always been synonymous with the platform - and will therefore be selling the game at a discounted price. The supposed new price point will be $40, which seems possible, considering its price on Xbox One will have fallen by then anyway.

If this Q4 2016 release date is correct, then it stands to reason that the PS4 version of the game could be a special edition, containing DLC of some sort. If this is the case then a $40 price point seems unlikely. Furthermore, Microsoft has continually referred to the game as a "Holiday 2015" exclusive, which leads one to believe the deal may not even last a year.

It's also worth noting that previous Xbox One timed exclusives, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse: Son of Rome, found their way onto PC around a year after launch. 

Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One has been a major discussion point since it was announced at E3 2014.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Microsoft head Phil Spencer explained why they went after Lara Croft; "I'm a big fan of Uncharted and I wish we had an action adventure game of that ilk. We've started some, and we've looked at them. But we don't have one today of that quality. This is an opportunity."

The game is set to release on 11/10/15, the same day as Fallout 4. Should Rise of the Tomb Raider release this fall, it's likely to be destroyed by Bethesda's monumental return to the wasteland, leaving one to wonder why Square would release it in the fall next year as well.

The Know has a hit-and-miss track record when it comes to predictions; they correctly predicted Dark Souls III but incorrectly corroborated the rumour of Microsoft purchasing the Silent Hills IP.

Don't expect to hear anything about the PlayStation release of Rise of the Tomb Raider until well after its release on November 10th. Until then, stay tuned to GameSkinny.

5 Must Play Games on Xbox One Mon, 23 Feb 2015 18:59:17 -0500 Eric Nicolai

With just under two years under the new generation there is a litany of games that are released. There are games that you may have looked at, but aren't quite sure if you may like them Here is a small list of games that you may enjoy on the Xbox One. Although most of these are exclusives there will be some multi platform games that are throughly enjoyable on any console.

Ryse: Son of Rome

Although Ryse had not gotten the best reviews it was one of the first games I had played through on the Xbox One. Ryse easily boasts one of the games with the best graphics to date on the X1. This game features a simplistic control scheme, a meaty gameplay factor, and for those that want it a multiplayer feature to enjoy with your online friends.

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive was hyped since the original announcement. This game is by far one of the most fun games out there if you are looking for an open world style. Sunset Overdrive also allows players to play online with friends and offers much more on the single player level than the above stated title.

Lords of The Fallen

Lords of The Fallen is a current gen launch. This game had Dark Souls fans captivated since the initial trailer. This game seems like an easier transition into the Dark Souls gameplay style. Lords of The Fallen is a more forgiving and enjoyable for the casual gamer and should be given a try. This action RPG is amazing in every aspect and is great to sink single player hours into.

Dead Rising 3

Dead Rising 3 was a launch title for the X1 and also one of the most enjoyable to date. This free roam zombie slaughterfest is more beautiful than its predecessors. Dead Rising 3 has more to offer in the way of graphics, gamesplay, and open world mechanics. As an added bonus if you have a smartphone or compatible tablet with the Xbox One Smartglass app you are able to access bonus parts of the game.

Need For Speed Rivals

Need For Speed Rivals is one of the most impressive racing games I have seen on X1. Although the car selection is not as bulked up as Forza the gameplay is not comparable. The amazing multiplayer functionality of Need For Speed is hard to describe. The open world ability to interfere with other player's racing is amazing. This game also allows players to take roles as a police officer chasing down other players as they compete against one another.

As most of these are older games there is a good amount of us that have played these games. However, with recent price drops or promotions there are plenty of players joining the current generation of consoles and the above list may make choosing certain games slightly easier.

Weekly Weekend Round-Up: Jan 2nd-4th Fri, 02 Jan 2015 18:12:10 -0500 Eric Nicolai

With the first weekend of the new year upon us we have seen little to no new launches. However as gamers we still will be playing and this leads us to some items that may take up our time. As the past this weekend seems to be filled with games that have been on sale recently or ones that players may have picked up  over the holiday season.

Dead Rising 3 DLC

Dead Rising 3 was a launch title for the Xbox One and is by far one of my favorites to date. As part of the New Year Countdown Microsoft had put the DLC for Dead Rising 3 on sale at a deep discount. If I had to guess there are plenty of players that had some online credit and utilized the sale to their advantage.

Madden 15

Video game fans and sports fans have an awesome opportunity to snag the latest Madden installment at a good price. Target was hosting a $45 price on Madden 15 this week. This price point made it a no brainer for those that were waiting to save a couple bucks.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within was a fantastic play through. Alas, another sale to make this one hit the weekend round-up. Best Buy has The Evil Within for $40 on next gen consoles. This game has scares, great gameplay, and great environments. The NG+ seems to have a lot of great replay value.

These games and DLC listed above seem to be a great way to fill the weekend. I have not yet made my mind up on what games will fill my weekend. What will take your weekend away from you? Comment below.

Top 10 Games that Should Be Made into Movies Mon, 22 Sep 2014 20:08:47 -0400 Jay Prodigious

The lines between games and movies have become blurred as game development has evolved. So it wouldn’t be such a stretch to see certain games, from both current and past gens, made into their own feature length films.

Below is a list I’ve complied of the top 10 games I believe could make great movies:

10. Little Big Planet

This sounds like a bit of a silly choice, but just hear me out. Imagine a kid’s movie starring Sack Boy, the loveable, silent protagonist. The story could focus on the rebuilding of his entire universe with just his creativity alone, after it was seemingly torn apart. The story could feature some dark undertones and minor adult humor that would be harder for kids to catch. It would be fun for the whole family and wouldn’t require a huge budget to make.

Favored Director: Lego Movie Directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord. I’ve seen The Lego Movie, it was well done with some darker elements and a HUGE plot twist, It seems they would be a perfect fit for Little Big Planet.

9. Dead Rising

Switching from cutesy and kid friendly to horrific and zombified, Dead Rising makes this later spot for one reason. The idea of the Zombie Apocalypse has been overdone. From movies like Dawn of the Dead, and its continuations throughout the years, as well as most recently World War Z. While the premise has been done, adding in elements of the Queen Bees inside the Zombies and the creative weapon customizations could make the movie unique. Sadly not unique enough to get the greenlight for the movie, I feel. Though I’d really love to see the paddle chainsaw on the big screen.

Favored Director: George A. Romero, is that cliché?

8. Metro: Last Light (2033)

The Post-Apocalyptic universe is set in irradiated Russia, where the world’s inhabitants have all but been pushed underground into the metro system. The air is toxic on the surface, so you must always were gas masks, constantly replacing air filters, while keeping an eye on the Geiger counter in hopes not to boil alive. Add in vicious, mutated animals and meta-humanoids with psychic powers, and you have the recipe for a thrill ride of a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The screen writer would just need to find a way to immerse the view, then I could see a great film.

Favored Director: Assassin film Hanna director, Joe Wright. I can see him doing a great job, especially in the high intensity moments like the train chase or the close quarters combat scenes.

7. Fallout/ Elder Scrolls Series

These series are well known for vast, beautiful landscapes and grand quests that lead to ending bordering on grandeur. With the enormous, out of this world creatures and weapons that dwarf anything in our realm, it could serve to create amazing movie scenes. Any Action/Adventure fan would love to watch them. There are also so many entries in these series that could lead in to multiple, story driven sequels.

Favored Director: Peter Jackson, heck a lot of this has Lord of the Rings written into Elder Scrolls and it could easily translate to Fallout. Just a thought.

6. inFamous

Not sure why this one wasn’t considered before. There has been a huge boom in the super hero movies lately that this one would fit right in. Our hero or villain (depending on the movies direction) is granted super powers by an accident caused by events unknown. While learning his powers, Cole must decide whether to be good or evil. The weight of the world rests on his shoulders, and a good director and story writer could depict this perfectly. If they wanted to, they would make multiple sequels that branch into the evil and good choices ranges. Want to go in to see Cole be the Hero? See screenings 1,3,5. Want the darker choice, see the secondary releases 2,4,6. Would add a new twist to the cinematic dynamic.

Favored Director: Zack Snyder, enough said. His dark toned movies, especially the Hero based ones, have proven more than enough that he could do inFamous justice.

5. Watch Dogs

Imagine the Chicago we saw in Watch Dogs, controlled by computer systems and potential hackers, on the big screen. A conspiracy based movie set in the shoes of a hacker trying to free the world from being overrun by the ctOS. This could be an action based, gritty movie where the main character has the power to overthrow the system but has to watch his back throughout the entirety of the film. It’s definitely an enticing idea, but one that could go wrong very quickly if the screenplay isn’t hammered down just right.

Favored Director: I couldn’t think of one that would work well but my list of directors is low. Anyone with a feel for espionage and technology would be good.

4. Dead Space

Already a gruesome story, Dead Space gives us a chance to further explore horror in movie form. The main character is stranded on a derelict ship full f dark corridors, dead bodies, and vicious alien mutations that get worse as he goes along. Along with the upfront horror, the director could play with the psychological trama going on in the characters mind while trying to deal with this horrible nightmare. This would be a definite for horror buffs to see during Halloween.

Favored Director: Guillermo Del Toro. Even this guys non horror flicks are dark and he is already breaching into gaming with the new Silent Hills game. He’d do this movie well, but bring a change in underwear.

3. Slenderman

Sure this is a wild choice, but it is most certainly fit for a movie. It might even flesh out the story and mythos that is Slenderman as a whole. Sending the main character creeping through dark rooms, finding random notes telling them to run, that creepy feeling on their neck, could make for a perfect survival horror movie. Slenderman could be the next Jason or Michael Myers.

Favored Director: Sinister director Scott Derrickson could kill this movie in sheer creepiness alone. Just watch Sinister in the dark and you’ll believe it.

2. Destiny

Sure it’s new to the gaming scene and has a while to go to prove it is worth it, but Destiny’s story alone screams movie plot. An ancient being is discovered and helps set the human race to space travel and beyond, all the while being hunted by a mysterious evil known as “The Darkness”. Add in the resurrected hero and the plucky robot sidekick and you have the basis for an interesting adventure film.

Favored Director: J.J.Abrams. I mean why not, he’s dipping into every other space adventure with Star Trek and Star Wars. By the time he’s done with those, he will have the formula down to make Destiny just right.

1. Metal Gear Solid

Now this series has systematically been working its way to be a movie, or at least it feels like it. A whole realm of espionage, warfare, advanced technology, and even dabbling in the mythical, this game has it all. Conspiracies and political agendas run high as the world is threatened. It is a great set up for a string of movies, in fact the studio director Hideo Kojima could direct. His in game cinematics are well executed and numerous enough, they even merge with in game action perfectly. It really wouldn’t be a surprise to see this as a movie at some point.

Favored Director: Kojima, like I said, he has directed his games. If he was paired with a good movie studio, he could pull it off amazingly.

Did I hit all the ones on your list? Did I come up with some new ideas you never considered? Let me know your thoughts on this top 10, or even let me know your own.

New Xbox One Promotion: Console and Any Free Game Fri, 05 Sep 2014 09:55:00 -0400 AJ_Labate

Looking to buy an Xbox One? Well, next week is your week.

Yesterday Microsoft announced that for the week of September 7th (through the 13th) that with the purchase of any Xbox One console, the buyer can choose any of the illustrious titles that are available for the Xbox One including but not limited to Titanfall, Destiny, Madden 15, Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition or Dead Rising 3, just to name a few.

However, this promotion will only be available in the United States during this time. It is currently unclear if this promotion will make its way to any other markets in the near or distant future.

There are upsides and downsides of the Xbox One promotion though.

The upside being that you can really get more bang for your buck when you purchase one of Xbox One’s Madden 15 bundle or Forza Motorsport 5 bundle, because on top of that purchase you can choose another free game! That would be 2 free games for the price of just the system itself.

Nonetheless there is a slight downside. That being that the promotion cannot be combined with any other promotions. In short, pre-orders are not included with the deal Microsoft is offering. Also refurbished Xbox One systems and used games are not eligible for the promotion.

As the Xbox One launches in  29 new markets throughout September, this will be a ploy by Microsoft to even the playing field with the Sony PlayStation 4.

Top 5 Hispanic Characters In Video Games Sun, 17 Aug 2014 14:21:18 -0400 Angelina Bonilla

Hispanic characters aren’t always represented well in video games. They are there, but they don’t always get the treatment that other groups tend to get. When asked, most people can’t even name a few Hispanic characters, let alone think of any prevalent ones in gaming culture.

However, when they are recognized, even a little bit, it can be seen as a beautiful thing, reminding us that representation is important in video games. Here are the top 5 Hispanic characters in video games.  

5. King  Tekken

King has always been a subject of discussion among players, with his Jaguar Luchador mask being the most striking part of him. Unlike other Luchadors in fighting games, King has a very interesting backstory, and most of the time is fighting in the tournament for the right reasons.

His need to build an Orphanage for the orphans is awfully endearing for a man who looks so intimidating, and his storyline is heartbreaking at times throughout the series. King even died at one point, and one of his precious orphans took up the mantle to become the new King.  For a fighting game character, King has a very good cycle of character development, and it is nice to see a game focus on a male character who is doing something for children rather than normal “Video Game Protagonist” motivations.  

4. Vega  Street Fighter

Ever since Street Fighter Alpha 3, Vega has been a force to be reckoned with when it came to fighters. He’s been an assassin for quite some time, and despite his slightly tragic backstory of his mother dying, Vega is not someone you love as much as he’s someone you’d fear.

He takes great pleasure in murdering those whom he considers ugly, and will not stop until they are permanently taken out of commission. Out of all the villains in the series, next to Bison, he’s the one that has the most notoriety due to his effeminate appearance and sadistic personality. He’s a deadly assassin that will stop at nothing until he gets his way. Vega is one Spanish lover that you should never turn your back on, especially at the risk of being torn asunder by his massive claws.

3. Isabela Keyes  Dead Rising

The only female character on this list, Isabela Keyes is probably one of the best-developed characters in the Dead Rising franchise. A villain at first and an ally later on, Isabela was one of the more well-rounded characters. Out of all the characters on this list, her storyline is probably the most interesting - she’s just not given enough time to explore it fully. 

Her progression overall is very well done and unlike some other female characters that are Hispanic, she actually wasn’t just used as a plot device for the male character to get motivated.  Even if we don’t always know where her allegiances lie, Isabela is a great representation of a morally ambiguous Hispanic woman in a zombie Apocalypse.

2. Dominic Santiago  Gears of War

Dom is one of those characters that just pulls at your heartstrings the entire time you play with him. For being such an absolute beast of a character, Dominic comes off a lot more like a big squishy teddy bear compared to the other characters in Gears Of War. He has the best development out of all the characters in my opinion. When Dominic hurts, you really feel him hurting.

The guy has been through a lot with all the events throughout the Gears series, and just when we think he’s going to get a break, he doesn’t. Dominic added such a great emotional aspect to a game that could have just been about burley men shooting guns. It’s nice to see a male character have such an emotional range, especially in a game pumped full of testosterone as much as Gears of War is.

1. Rico Rodriguez  Just Cause

The Just Cause franchise might just be known as one of the most chaotic sandbox game series ever created, but it wouldn’t be near as fun if it wasn’t for Rico.  His development over the course of two games was interesting, and it was fun to hear how his humor changed throughout the series. 

The comments he makes always end up funny in some way.  It’s just that sort of dry sardonic wit that only works for certain characters do it, and it rolls off Rico’s tongue, giving him such a great demeanor. He comments on so many things, you’d think he’s Let’s Playing his own game. Rico is a great protagonist to such a fun series, and that’s why he’s number one on this list.


Hispanic characters still aren’t as well represented as they should be in games. When they're mostly represented by Luchadors, it’s easy to see what issue there may be. Nothing is wrong with Luchadors of course, but it does get annoying that they seem to be in the majority of an already small population of characters.  

It makes matters worse when some people consider characters from adaptations such as Puss and Boots and Bane viable for these sorts of lists. Hopefully, in the future, we will gain more notable Hispanic characters so those characters won’t even come to mind when a Hispanic character is mentioned. 

Dead Rising 3: Chaos Rising Releases Tomorrow Mon, 24 Feb 2014 11:46:16 -0500 Brandon Morgan

The third DLC pack for the Xbox One exclusive zombie-survival game Dead Rising 3 has been revealed and will launch tomorrow on Microsoft's latest console. Chaos Rising will feature some new playable characters and plenty of content to keep the budding survivalist going in this chaotic world.

Players take on the role of Hunter, a biker gang leader tossed into the horrific, zombie-infested world of today. It has not been revealed if Hunter will get his hands on any new weapons or vehicles with the upcoming DLC, however.

Chaos Rising is the third DLC pack to be released for Dead Rising 3, following Operation Eagle and Fallen Angel. A massive 13GB update was recently released, preparing users for the upcoming DLC. Those who opted to purchase the Dead Rising 3 Season Pass will receive Chaos Rising for no additional cost once it unlocks tomorrow. If you did not pay for the pass, you will need to pay for the content separately. It is so far unclear how much the DLC will set you back.

Dead Rising 3 is available now exclusively on the Xbox One in North America and in Europe. The third DLC, Chaos Rising, will launch tomorrow on the same platform, of course.

Be sure to get your undead killing self back into the game for more slaughtering action. New weapons will surely be included, they always are.

Do The Events of E3 2013 Still Matter Today? Sat, 15 Feb 2014 20:22:11 -0500 Connor Van Ligten

With 2014 settling in and the Console Wars heating up, E3 2013 already seems so far away. Compared to the mostly boring E3 2012, this most recent E3 was one to remember for the ages, for so many reasons. At this E3 a large number of shocking, unexpected, and titanically idiotic events occurred. However, three stand out, and in this article, take a short trip in the TARDIS to last June, watch these events, and then think for a moment about their importance today.

1. Microsoft Takes a Major Stumble with the Xbox One and gives Sony an Advantage in the Console Wars.

Then: Not only was the Xbox One's May reveal abysmal, its display at E3 was no better.

With restrictions on used games, daily online-check ins, launch availability in about 13 regions, mandatory Kinect, and a steep $500 dollar price tag, there seemed to be absolutely no redeeming qualities to the new console. Even the games weren't warmly received, with Titanfall the only game universally acclaimed and highly anticipated.

To make matters worse, Sony jumped for the opportunity to gain a leg up and revealed that the PlayStation 4 had no restrictions on used games, no mandatory internet, and would launch in 30 or so regions with a $400 dollar price tag. Microsoft seemed doomed as a company, and only Nintendo had it worse (we'll get to that later).

Now: Microsoft shocked the gaming industry with its unexpected "180" and initiated one of the most incredible company turnarounds in gaming history.

Nearly a week after E3, Microsoft reversed many of their unpopular policies. The Xbox One required no internet connection besides a day-one patch and could play used games. Later on, Microsoft revealed that the Xbox One did not require Kinect to function and would ship with a headset. Two of the console's critically mixed important launch games, Dead Rising 3 and Ryse, were shown at later trade-shows in a much more appealing format.

As of this writing, Titanfall is currently in beta, and has been critically acclaimed by gamers and the industry alike. Good news for Microsoft, because Titanfall will likely result in a significant console sales boost. While it's true that the PlayStation 4 is selling more units in more countries, it can't be denied how incredible it was for Microsoft to listen to feedback, regain equal ground with Sony, and have a very successful launch for the Xbox One.

We All Cried With Joy During This Moment

2. Dead Franchises Make Unexpected Returns and Games are Brought Out of Development Hell.

Then: Gamers were shocked multiple times at E3 by returns of games and franchises thought to be long gone.

Sony was met with thunderous applause during their press conference as trailers of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, now Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts III were shown, ending years of rumors and doubt, proving these games were actually in development. EA also pulled two major shockers, by revealing that Mirror's Edge was getting a sequel and a new Stars Wars Battlefront was in the works, to be developed by DICE. These reveals were met with extremely positive reactions, especially Battlefront.

Now: We've haven't had much information Post-E3 about these games.

What we now and have seen are a short gameplay demo for Kingdom Hearts a much-needed reassurance from Square Enix that yes, development on FFXV is going along nicely, Mirror's Edge 1's writer isn't returning for the sequel, and that no Star Wars games from EA will be released before 2015. It's great news that our prayers for these games have been answered, but many gamers are still left with empty hearts. There are still a major number of games that are in development hell or are waiting to be made, such as Rainbow Six: Patriots, Half-Life 3, Shenmue 3, a 2D Metroid, Doom 4, a new Sam and Max, and many others.

While it's nice for dead games to be resurrected, some should be left unfinished. For example, the XCOM FPS which turned into a somewhat tactical 3rd person shooter was only decent, Overstrike looked promising but became Fuse which ended up being mediocre, and then there's Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines - which will not be discussed. Just remember, don't set the bar too high and keep your expectations realistic.

3: Nintendo Continues To Dig Its Corporate Grave.

Then: If Microsoft's E3 was a disaster, then Nintendo's E3 was an apocalyptic level event of terrible.

Nintendo did not open their press conference to the public, which made many uneasy. During their "private screening," they once again failed to make a case for the Wii-U, which was selling horribly and already losing faint third-party support. But Nintendo knows how to make games well, and Super Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, a new Donkey Kong Country, and the highly anticipated next Smash Bros were acknowledged as great titles. However, despite the high-quality material Nintendo continues to pour out, they have not succeeded in convincing non-hardcores to buy a Wii U.

Nintendo also promised a big surprise at the end of the show. It could've been a new 2D Metroid, Star Fox, or F-Zero, it was a screen of Nintendo characters playing (read: failing) Wii Fit, which at first was a major disappointment on the level of Wii Music's embarrassing reveal years ago. Until the clip regressed into the realization that Smash Bros. is back, and the heated playground arguments of "no, Mario is better than Link" are going to resume. This was one of the only bright spots in an E3 for Nintendo that only seemed to worsen their status.

Now: 2013 was a year for Nintendo that replicates the "is the glass half full or half empty" test.

One way of looking at it is that Nintendo made some of their best games in company history, with Fire Emblem, Pokemon X and Y, Super Mario 3D World, and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds all being high-quality titles. The other way of looking at it is that Nintendo's financial standing took a major hit, with the Wii U quickly losing what minimal steam it had sales-wise. Although the 3DS did receive a minor sales boost and certified handheld survival for a couple more years, it pales in comparison to the iPhone's popularity.

Simply put, Nintendo keeps releasing amazing titles, but the Wii U has failed to hit the gold mine in terms of consumer appeal that the Wii hit with the casual crowd (which is ironic considering the Wii U is already putting out better games than the Wii did). If Nintendo wants to stay competitive, they need to play their best cards and devise a better marketing strategy in order to state their case for the Wii U and the 3DS among these new consoles that are more powerful and are selling more units. If Nintendo can't accomplish this, then the company that single-handedly saved the gaming industry and initiated its renaissance may end up collapsing under the boot of Sony, Microsoft, and the revived PC.

It's February as I am writing this, and next-gen is only becoming more exciting.

So much happened at E3, and while you could spend an entire plane flight analyzing major events (as I did), remember that these events are the past. Much has changed since those days in June, and it's anyone's guess what could happen next. It doesn't matter whether you own an Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, or don't own a next-gen console at all, the future of the gaming is mysterious, and maybe a bit scary, but that's a good thing, and we should look towards the horizon with eager eyes and high hopes. Until we realize that we're playing DayZ and we get killed by a bandit.

Thanks for reading my article. If you have any feedback, or would like to share a then-and-now story from E3 that I didn't mention, please let me know in the comments.

The Professional Fanboy Thu, 23 Jan 2014 08:56:44 -0500 Brandon Morgan

When the announcements of the next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft came about, I was writing and eagerly watching the announcements to report on them. Before I had even known all the details, I had already made my choice. I would pre-order the PlayStation 4 and not look back.

This is exactly what I did; I saved up some money and made sure I could afford a few games along with it. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag and Battlefield 4 were all ready to go, along with my Killzone: Shadow Fall-bundled PS4.

I’ve been a Sony fanboy for so long I couldn’t even tell you the first day I knew it to be true.

I’ve owned a PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PSP, PSP Go, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and now the PlayStation 4. I love Sony and their consoles, I love the games they receive on said consoles.

I fondly remember the days of playing Socom II with my older brothers for hours on end. I would sit on their futon and shout into the headset for these older gamers to play the game instead of talking.

I clearly remember being told I could never buy Grand Theft Auto for my PlayStation 2, even after having played it at my father’s house. I ended up with it and it continues to be one of my favorite series. I never buy GTA on the PC or Xbox, always a Sony console when available. I purchased GTA V on the PS3 on launch day, when Rockstar finally gets around to a release on PS4; I will buy it again on launch day.

I never owned an Xbox, the original one, but I did buy the Xbox 360 shortly after its release.

Halo is one of my favorite first-person shooters; not because of the gameplay, but because of the world and the fiction. I intend to buy an Xbox One as well, that may have to wait a bit, however, due to funds being scarce. I won’t leave it behind though. The games, especially the exclusives, on the Xbox One look brilliant.

Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome, Zoo Tycoon, all are games I would play for hours upon hours on end. I’m even willing to pay for the Gold membership alongside my PS Plus one. I won’t forget about Microsoft, no matter how much my Sony consoles and DualShock 4 calls to me.

There is one gaming platform that tends to come out on top just as much as my PlayStation 4 does these days, however.

I built my gaming PC to handle just about whatever the industry threw at me.

That was a few years ago and it may need an upgrade quite soon, but it will be well worth it. There are just some games created solely for the PC and they shine through with those graphical boosts.

The addition of Steam Early Access and Kickstarter allows me to get ahead of development are all pluses that attributed to the “PC Master Race.” Both are brilliant ideas, each one filled with numerous games that are both incredible and unique.

We definitely need more things like this in the gaming world. But the feel of the new DualShock 4 controller and the lightbar bring me back to my PS4 every day. The ease of use a console offers is perfect for a working gamer, and Sony will continue to be my go to for consoles.

I may be a fanboy in some regards, I will almost always choose Sony to play on, but I am a professional as well. I put my work ahead of my fanboyism for the most part. Sometimes that isn’t always possible, but that’s what make each of our writing unique and our own. Readers want unique, not just more rehashed console news. Flaws bring personality into the written word.

What is in Dead Rising 3's Massive 13GB Update? Mon, 20 Jan 2014 18:21:47 -0500 Fathoms_4209

Users are a little confused. The impatient are still waiting for the damn thing to download.

Strangely enough, Capcom hasn't provided us with the details of the latest update for Dead Rising 3. And that's too bad, 'cuz we really want to know what's included in that gargantuan 13GB file.

It started when Xbox studio manager Mike Ybarra jumped on Twitter to say:

We know the game's first batch of downloadable content, Operation Broken Eagle, is slated to release on January 21. There are four packs included in that expansion, so perhaps this big ol' update is in preparation for that DLC. The only saving grace is that downloading the update doesn't actually add 13GB to the game's installed size. Therefore, it won't do a number on your available system memory.

Still, it's a little weird that Capcom hasn't given us any information. For 13 gigs? You better say something.

Remember when games didn't NEED updating?

Yes, I understand. We get more content and as such, that expands upon a great experience. I get the concept. With that out of the way, I have to say that I kinda miss the days when games were complete when you bought them. It was over. The developers weren't going to be able to do anything else. What you got was what you got. That's it. There's a blissful simplicity in that system, don't you think?

We didn't get any DLC and devs couldn't fix bugs but then again, we didn't have to deal with 13GB updates, either.

Top 10 Console Games of 2013 (Xbox/PlayStation) Mon, 30 Dec 2013 15:16:55 -0500 Escrudo


 Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag


Well there it is. Assassin's Creed IV is number 1 in my Top 10 Console Games of 2013.


It is here for near enough the same reason that Dead Space 3 is at number 2. It surprised me. I was put off buying it because I strongly disliked Assassin's Creed 3, but I bought it during Christmas sales. I didn't play it for a few weeks after but when I did start playing it, I couldn't put the controller down. Aesthetically pleasing, fantastic gameplay mechanics, good storyline and plot. I regret not buying this game at launch, never mind not playing it for two weeks after buying it.


Think I'm missing a few games of this list. Look at the below list at games I considered for this list, the reason why I dismissed them and what spot they would be in.

  • Ryse: Son of Rome - Short game. Feels more like a tech demo to show off the Xbox One. - Spot 8
  • \n
  • Bioshock Infinite - Very good game. Only missed out on the list due to my lack of interest post game. - Spot 6
  • \n
  • Pokemon XY - It's a Pokemon game. Yes it is good, it's just the same thing with added features (Seems familiar?). - Spot 7
  • \n
  • Beyond: Two Souls - I've never played the game so it wouldn't be fair on where it would be placed. - Spot 6
  • \n
  • Saints Row IV - Again, I've never played it. I've only ever saw videos of it. - Spot 5
  • \n

Have any comments on my list? Let me know. It would be interesting to see other people's opinion and their choices for the list.


 Dead Space 3


Coming in 2nd position on the podium is Dead Space 3. Why is this here you ask? Due to it's co-op play. I was very pessimistic about it all when it was announced but the truth of it is that it's one of the best co-op games I have played for a long time, along with Borderlands. The whole game can be played in co-op mode with none of the story being taken away from you. That is why it is in my number 2 spot. For surprising me and giving me a good co-op game.


 Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon


And at number 3, we have Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. It was going to be Far Cry 3 in this spot, but then Google Auto Complete reminded of this gem. What was the developers smoking?. Whatever it was, they made one heck of a game. This game is where it is in my list because of its humour and gameplay. It's not everyday you get to shoot Blood Dragons with a bow and arrow whilst in a '80s view of the future.


Diablo III


Having never played a Diablo game, I didn't even think of picking this up until my birthday (3rd September), when I got handed a pre-order slip and a gift card for my local GAME shop for Diablo III. Yeah it's a shortish game, but allows for multiple playthroughs, which for me, didn't get boring like it usually would. I enjoyed the game very much, despite how short it was, hence its place as my 4th spot.


Tomb Raider


2013 saw the reboot of Tomb Raider with her origin story, and I see it into my number 5 spot for my Top 10 games of 2013. OK sure, the game felt repetitive from time to time, and I felt lost half of the time, but it is still one of the best games I have played this year. It was nice to see and origin story for Lara, and Square Enix did it well. I look forward to its next-gen version in the coming months.


Dead Rising 3


Come join us at the 6th spot Dead Rising 3. I'm very surprised by this game and I will tell you why. Normally when a game dev says "No loading screens," that means no loading screens, we will just be loading everything in the background and let it affect your gameplay. So I thought the same would happen again. Boy was I wrong. The game is great when it comes to flowing through different areas with all the different assets on screen. 


Zoo Tycoon


This had to go on the list, and so it is. Zoo Tycoon at number 7. It's weird. I don't actually have a bad thing to say about this game, yet it is only 7th in my list. The game itself is very aesthetically pleasing, the gameplay flows really nicely, controls are lovely.... Nope, not a bad word against this game. 




The Last Of Us


 Joining us at the 8th spot is The Last Of Us. It's a brilliant game. I had a lot of fun playing through it, well the majority of the game anyway. The level design, plot and graphical aspects of the game was absolutely fantastic, I was just put off by the gameplay. For some reason, it didn't stick with me.


Grand Theft Auto V


That's right. In at number 9 is Grand Theft Auto V. Surprised it's not higher up in the list? Don't get me wrong, the game is fantastic. The online play is fantastic. I just put it down after 3 weeks of playing out of boredom. I can't even play it now for longer than an hour at a time. I looked forward to online with the heists and everything Rockstar had promised, yet it wasn't in there.


Minecraft (Retail Release)


I'm not going to say a lot about Minecraft, but it does start off my list at number 10. This game has given me endless hours of fun of just messing around and building stuff. It's just a shame that the console versions are behind on the PC versions.

Xbox One Ad Promoting Sexism Sun, 08 Dec 2013 20:04:22 -0500 Reilly C.

Sexism in videogames and the games industry has recently been brought to the forefront of media attention. Once-unknown blogger Anita Sarkeesian and her site Feminist Frequency have leapt into the limelight to market heavily upon showing people how to change existing characters; how to make role models rather than sex symbols. However you may feel about her, she has brought many good points to the table about how women should or could be portrayed in videogames; but what about the things she and many others don't notice? What about the other side of the table?

While it may seem strange, men can be offended by improper portrayals of the male gender as well. Crazy, I know. I was watching something on YouTube when this ad (shown above) popped up and left a bad taste in my mouth.

My problem is that no one cares about the reverse sexism on display in this video. This is a blatant jab at guys saying, "Hey, what if the girl was acting like some bro-dude douche bag? That would be funny right?"

Let me make something clear: I have never treated my wife like this ever. Not when we first met, not when dating, not after our vows. Regardless of if you are male or female, this behaviour is gross and unappealing. The fact that they are framing it that all men act that way is just as insulting.  

(Might I add that it never SAYS it is her Xbox. In fact, the Xbox One's Kinect can identify people in the room and simply log them in just by them walking in.) 

If this had been a guy acting like this to his girlfriend, Microsoft would have already been beaten down with hate mail, the video would have been taken down and an apology sent out. But because it's the other way around, the girls are getting their laughs and defending it.

There is is no equality here.

I am not demanding a response or an apology from Microsoft; I just think that there needs to be more of an equal response from the female side at least admitting that the girlfriend in the video was acting like an asshole. Male or female, she was being a royal dick.

Maybe this sounds petty and seems like I am looking too much into this. I most likely am getting frustrated over nothing and should learn to take a joke for what it is.  Maybe, just maybe, I am being a little too sensitive about all of this. 

But this is my solution:

How about next time this sort of thing pops up, we realize that no one is outright attacking anyone and allow companies to start marketing upon a crowd based upon their insecurities. In the future, we can strive towards not cashing in on people's anger and manipulating a market to think a certain way through power.

How about we all take a step back and realize we are playing videogames. I will play a bald, beefneck space marine or an overly sexualized female if I feel like it BECAUSE I ENJOY THE GAME!

If anyone reads this, just learn to take a joke. Excuse me as I stop wasting my time talking about this garbage and go play a game.

Good Guy Microsoft Gives Free Game To Those With Broken Xbox Ones Wed, 27 Nov 2013 19:39:02 -0500 MyNameIsProjekt

Microsoft has recently announced that they will be offering a free first-party video game to Xbox One owners affected by hardware issues.  This announcement was released shortly after reports were released about some Xbox One's suffering from faulty disc drives.

The faulty disc drives would make a sickening, grinding sound when a disc was inserted into the Xbox One and the game would not play.  This problem had left several gamers with no way to play their hard copies of any game, but any downloaded games would work just fine.

Luckily for Microsoft, they are well-trained in how to deal with console issues after the infamous "Red Ring of Death" plagued many of the early versions of the Xbox 360.  Microsoft took care of many of the issues without charging their customers but it was still frustrating to not have your console while it was being repaired.

This go-round, Microsoft has established their "advance exchange program" so that gamers will be sent their replacement console first, and then they send in their faulty console.  This makes it more convenient for the customer and is a savvy move on Microsoft's part.

"While a replacement console is on its way, we want to ensure that our advance exchange customers can stay in the game.  We will provide each of them with a free digital download of one of the launch titles published by Microsoft Studios."

To make this arrangement all the better, Microsoft will be giving out a downloadable versions of either Forza Motorsport 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son of Rome or Zoo Tycoon.  This is awesome because faulty disc drives are not a problem for downloadable games, so gamers can play their free game until their replacement console arrives.

Of course, this now presents Xbox One gamers with the decision of which game to get for free and that is a tough choice.  I reviewed Ryse: Son of Rome yesterday and wrote about how the game is a bit disappointing, so my decision would be narrowed down to three games.  From there, I would probably avoid Zoo Tycoon because those games are not really my style; which leaves two really fun games left with Forza Motorsport 5 and Dead Rising 3 to choose from.

While it is unfortunate for those who received Xbox Ones with faulty disc drives, it is awesome to see Microsoft come through like they have.  I have had two Xbox 360s go down with problems and Microsoft was nice enough to send a free month trial of Xbox Live Gold, but this new deal is much more appealing.

Microsoft Makes The Jump Into Next-Gen With The Xbox One Mon, 25 Nov 2013 21:58:20 -0500 MyNameIsProjekt

The Xbox One was released on November 22, 2013 and I was lucky enough to get my hands on one early Friday morning.  My local GameStop actually opened two hours early on Friday morning and I had my Xbox One hooked up by 10:30am EST.

I had followed the Xbox One closely since its first announcement and I was one of the people disappointed by Microsoft's controversial decisions about the Kinect, used games, and 'always online' functionality that was announced at E3 2013.  So disappointed in fact that I had commented that I would not be buying an Xbox One due to the decisions made by Microsoft.

Microsoft soon back pedaled on their decisions due to the negative response they received in the days following E3, and when Microsoft announced the launch date for the Xbox One I was admittedly very excited.  Now, after a weekend of getting to know the Xbox One I can give an honest review of the console.

The Console Itself

First off, the Xbox One is a probably one of the biggest consoles released in recent memory.  The area I had set aside for my Xbox 360 S was not big enough and I had to make room for the Xbox One due to its size.  Also, the console is not exactly light either and it is my goal to not have to move the Xbox One unless it is necessary (based on the console's weight and the fact I do not want to break it...)

The Xbox One features buttons that are similar to those on the Xbox 360 S where a sensor picks up when you place your finger near the button to activate it.  I was taken aback when this happened when I first cut on my Xbox 360 S years ago, and it is something I am glad to see return on the Xbox One.  Not that pressing a button is a taxing event but there were times when my Xbox 360 Elite would slide when I pressed the button, and if it slide off my desk and fell to the floor...not a pleasant thought.

The white Xbox symbol is the Power button and the disc eject is right of the disc drive.

One of the interesting features of the Xbox One is that it has a HDMI out port that sends the signal to your TV or monitor, and it has a HDMI in port that allows you to run a HDMI signal into the Xbox One as well.  This port is intended to allow gamers to run their cable boxes through the Xbox One and use the Xbox One as a media hub.  This is not a feature that I have taken advantage of because I use a monitor to game, but I might run my Xbox 360 through the Xbox One if I even want to play some of my older games.

Xbox One: Better With Kinect?

The Kinect is also quite large and is surprisingly heavy for its size, but the stand that the Kinect sits on is a bit of a disappointment.  The Kinect is meant to sit between two to six feet off the ground, so it could ideally sit on my TV but the stand does not sit well on my TV.  And the last thing I want to do is have my Kinect fall off my HDTV and hit the it sits on my desk and tends to get in the way.

However, Microsoft has said for months about how the Xbox One was going to work better with Kinect...but does it, really?

"Don't mind me...just going to sit here...and watch you."

Actually, besides being awkwardly in the way the Kinect really does make my Xbox One experience more enjoyable.  It may sound gimmicky but being able to control aspects of the console with voice commands works great, and is something that makes me feel way cooler than I really am.  Who can put a price tag on that?

Another cool feature of the Kinect is that when you turn on the Xbox One the Kinect can sign you in if you are in front of the camera.  When you set up the Xbox One for the first time, the Kinect will see what you look like and it will be able to recognize you later on.  This is a feature that I would not complain about if it were not a possibility but it is definitely something that is kind of neat.

More importantly though, the Kinect serves its purpose in several of the Xbox One exclusive titles such as Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 where voice commands actually perform in-game moves.  The moves can still happen with button presses in some situations but others are triggered only by voice commands through the Kinect, and it makes having the Kinect more worthwhile.

Overall, the Kinect is something I might not have purchased separately (if it were possible that is), but is something that I am glad to have now that I have used it.  I like it so much that I might even invest in a proper stand for it so that it can fit better onto my TV.

The Xbox One Controller

The last piece of important hardware for the Xbox One is the newly redesigned Xbox One controller that Microsoft invested so much time and money on.  But how has Microsoft's investment turned out?

Well, the Xbox One controller is very similar to the Xbox 360 controller in general shape and feel but the changes are clear.  Firstly, the Xbox One controller is slimmer than the Xbox 360 controller due to the smaller battery compartment and it is weighs less as well. 

The bigger changes are in the thumb sticks and the triggers on the controller as Microsoft has made some significant changes in these.  The thumb sticks of the Xbox One controller are taller than those from the Xbox 360 but they are also smaller in diameter.  This change takes some time to get used to and it makes first-person shooters a little more difficult to play at first.

The triggers have also been redesigned as the RB and LB bumpers have been increased significantly in size.  There is no longer any gap between the bumpers and the triggers and it does help the controller feel a little better in my hands.  The LT and RT triggers are also slightly larger and feature a more dramatic curve to them than the Xbox 360 triggers did.

The triggers also feature their own rumble motors in them to give players feedback in-game with the new "Impulse Triggers."  In first-person shooters, firing a gun will cause the triggers to rumble and it is a pretty cool feature.  Forza Motorsport 5 uses a similar mechanic in that the triggers will vibrate whenever you accelerate or use the brakes.

Generally speaking, the Xbox One controller improves upon the finer points of the Xbox 360 controller while still keeping the best parts.  Some of the changes take some time getting used to but overall I like the Xbox One controller more than the 360 controller.


I have really enjoyed learning the new changes that Microsoft has made with the Xbox One and have also enjoyed using my Kinect to operate the console.  I was skeptical about how the Kinect would work with the Xbox One but Microsoft has done an excellent job incorporating the two together.

The newly redone controller takes some time to get used to but feels good to hold.  The more compact design is lighter and the bulky battery pack of the Xbox 360 is a thing of the past.  And finally, the new Impulse Triggers add another dimension of feedback for gamers and is something I hope game companies use more in the future.

Microsoft earned itself some serious criticism with some of its controversial plans for the Xbox One, but it has released a very good next-generation console.  I look forward to seeing what Microsoft has planned for the future and remain pleased with my purchase of an Xbox One.  I give the Xbox One a nine out of ten in terms of the console's functionality and its peripherals.

I will begin to review Xbox One games starting tomorrow so if there is a game that you would like to see me review, then let me know in the Comments below!

Launch Title Letdown: What Happened to Exclusives? Sat, 23 Nov 2013 01:51:59 -0500 Brian Armstrong

We've had a week with the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One is finally here as well, but now that we've had some time with the games, how are you feeling about them? Amazing graphics? Slick presentation? Maybe so, but in my opinion, these launch lineups are big disappointments.

Third-Party Games Are Great, What Happened to the Exclusives?

I don't necessarily mean that all the games are bad, but what I'm more focused on are the first-party exclusives. Sure Forza Motorsport 5 is amazing and Resogun is a pleasant surprise, but beyond those, I feel like the Sony and Microsoft put forth merely a decent lineup of titles. The third-party games like Assassin's Creed IV, Battlefield 4, Need for Speed: Rivals, and NBA 2K14 are all excellent, and make for plenty of great games to play on your new console. But the exclusives are lacking. 

Not Enough to Keep Me Coming Back for More

Killzone: Shadow Fall, for example, is a beautiful game that runs at a buttery smooth 60 frames per second. But the depth of the game really isn't there. The single player campaign is ok and the multiplayer is stale, so there really hasn't been a whole lot of reason for me to come back to it. Dead Rising has never been a series that appealed to me, and the newest entry is no exception. Granted, I don't own an Xbox One, but I have spent a significant amount of time with the games, and I haven't been blown away.

Like I said, Forza is amazing, and Resogun will last me a long time. The third-party games are solid enough to help make these launch lineups some of the best ever. But I'm disappointed in the efforts of the first-party studios. I feel like they could have given us a Halo or Fable or Uncharted or Gran Turismo. Had these games been available at launch we may all be singing a different tune.

The future is no doubt bright for these two consoles, filled with many great games, both first and third party. But as far as launch lineups go, I'm not impressed.