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Saint's Row IV: How the Saints Saved Christmas


What else can top the events of the original Saints Row IV? Oh how about saving Christmas? Everyone's favorite gang is back at it again, to save Christmas from who else but Santa Claus? In this DLC exclusively for Saints Row IV, the boss isn't in the spirit of Christmas, but worse than that, he doesn't feel like saving Santa. So the Saints must cheer him up and show the true meaning of Christmas (not that true meaning).





A futuristic Shaudi meets with the gang and tells The Boss that the future is in trouble, and he must save Santa Claus and the spirit of Christmas from Santa Claws, an evil creation from Zinyak. The gang must go to the North Pole and stop Claws from his evil deeds. Successfully completing three missions in the game means the gang will be erased from Santa's Naughty List.




Santa means different things to different people, and there's no denying his video game appearances certainly embody this concept. From a giant sumo wrestler to dreadful impersonators, developers have taken quite a few liberties with the jolly old elf over the years. What's your take on these different appearances for Santa? Post your comments below, and thanks for reading!


Dead Rising 4


Being trapped in an environment filled with zombies sure can turn ordinary people into crazy maniacs. In Dead Rising 4, Frank is at it again. When Frank goes into a field of Christmas trees, he sees dead elves around Santa's Workshop. At first, Frank is in shock and is puzzled over seeing this, until Santa Claus, or Sadistic Claus, is overheard. While listening to him, an electric fence surrounds and traps Frank inside the workshop where he gets attacked by elves.





Sadistic Claus comes equipped with an electric axe, and it ain't easy to defeat him. It's not quite the cheerful, loving Santa Claus we all know, but hey, everyone has a dark side. Right...?


World of Warcraft


In a world filled with elves, goblins, warlords, witches, dragons, and other fantasy characters, World of Warcraft would be wrong not to include Santa Claus in some form or another, and players got a real treat for the holiday season last year. In a very special update for the Christmas season, World of Warcraft celebrated Christmas with weapons, outfits, festivities, and other holiday themed items. But of course, it wouldn't be Christmas with Santa Claus, or in the game, GreatFather Time. Now, if you find GreatFather Time in the Highlands, you will receive a special gift of 500 Resources for upgrades, weapons, and other things you might need for the game. Ol' Saint Nick sure knows how to fill everyone with joy.


Clay Fighter 63 1/3


So, if you see Frosty The Snowman on the front cover on this game, who do you believe will also appear in the game? (No, it's not Bigfoot). In Clay Fighter 63 1/3, Santa is not an unlockable character under normal conditions, but if you play through whole game as Mr. Frosty, you get to unlock Santa Claus, better known as "Sumo Santa," and his sumo outfit. Which is both blessing and curse.





Santa Claus can attack opponents with his over-sized belly by slapping it around in the face of his opponents. Even though he is overweight, he can jump really high and even kick people in the face. His power-up feature is, of course, slapping his belly in his opponents face multiple times, really fast. This is a weird game to begin with, but playing as barely-dressed Santa and beating opponents with his massive gut certainly is a unique take on the holiday theme.


Bully: Scholarship Edition


To those who never played Bully: Scholarship Edition, here's the scoop. The scholarship edition features more missions and activities than the previous Bully game released, and one holiday-themed one in particular. When it's Christmas time in Bullworth, Jimmy can roam the streets and see what kind of trouble he can get into. Back behind an alley, Jimmy stumbles upon Saint Nick.....peeing. It appears Santa's real name is Rudy, who is just a drunk, homeless guy. But Rudy gives Jimmy the task to fix up his back alley way as Santa's Workshop anyway.





In the first mission "Miracle on Bullworth St.", Rudy tells Jimmy that there is another Santa Claus who is an imposter, and Rudy wants Jimmy to destroy the imposter's workshop set, and Jimmy gets to beat up elves in the process. Then there's the "Rudy The Red Nosed Santa" mission. Jimmy has to collect ornaments for the workshop, while trying not to get attacked at the same time, and has to take pictures while kids sit in Santa's lap.


The days are shorter, the temps are falling, and many children everywhere are planning on leaving sweets for an elderly home invader -- yep, it's Christmas time again! There is nothing like opening presents, decorating houses and trees, watching our favorite Christmas movies, and leaving milk and cookies for jolly ol' Saint Nick himself. But Santa Claus doesn't only appear once a year. Sure, he's in M&M and Coca-Cola commercials, but he also appears in video games. We aren't talking about Animal Crossing, Jingle-type Santa Claus here, though. Whether he is a playable or non-playable character, he has definitely left his mark, and some of these might surprise you more than others.

5 Best, Most Spine-Tingling Horror Games for the Xbox One Mon, 24 Apr 2017 08:00:02 -0400 Randall Ghost




Arcane asylum, weird situations, and you are a journalist investigating the mystery of what is behind it all -- this is the basic setting of Outlast. Your character is too young and too bold, rushing into unknown places with a night-vision camera. Most of the time you will see everything through it. Outlast is scary, atmospheric and -- I must say from the first-hand experience -- incredibly stressful.


The main kick of the game is that you don’t have any means to protect yourself from the enemies. Once you attract their attention, your task is to run and hide, hoping they will not find you. The higher the level of difficulty, the fewer batteries for your camcorder. And of course, once you have none, your enemies become more persistent and determined to find you.


Do you agree with any of these picks? Which Xbox One horror games do you think are the best? Let me know in the comments below!


Among the Sleep


Among the Sleep is your lovely yet scary psychological horror, regrettably overlooked by many players. In this game, you become a young boy, who wakes up in the middle of the night in an empty house with no one around.


Your task will be to collect memories of your mother, while your teddy bear guides you. The game is enthralling and terrifying at the same time with all the creepy monsters and some plot twists that will make you feel sad. It has more adult themes than you could predict at first glance, which actually justifies parental control.


Layers of Fear


Layers of Fear is another horror game that proves you don’t need combats and monstrous enemies to feel terrified. It is based on a psychedelic story of an artist going insane. The game perfectly captures all the chilling details of the process. Just as the main character, you are roaming about the artist’s house, which is literally a maze with numerous rooms and doors coming out of nowhere.

You circle around, constantly returning to the initial spot. Hence, it makes you question everything you’ve seen. Layers of Fear has the genuine background, and might seem light at first, but you would be surprised with its thrilling atmosphere.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


The latest part of the series, Resident Evil 7 is probably the best horror game in the generation. The terrors of the survival horror, which made the whole series popular are back again in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. As ever, it is the first-person horror game. Yet, there are some new gameplay features and mechanics to enjoy.


The plot might seem a bit cliché for a horror game, but it would not disappoint you. You play as Ethan Winters, whose wife went missing years ago. Following her trail, you get to the Baker Family plantation with a single task – rescue your wife and manage to stay alive. With well-crafted battle scenes and breathtaking cinematics, this game would bring you a lot of jump scares to suit the overall terrifying atmosphere.


Dead Rising 4


Do you feel like living in a city taken over by a zombie horde? Then Dead Rising 4 should be the first choice for your Xbox One.


If you take the series' iconic character Frank West, you will experience the zombie slaughter taken to the new level with lots of guns and zombies to kill. The game has all the tasty things gamers love about the medium -- the open world, great single player campaign and quite nice multiplayer mode. You can get a plentitude of emotions from Dead Rising 4. There is a bit of humor, chaos, and, of course, violent missions.


Video games are known to induce a roller-coaster of emotions, providing diverse experiences for gamers. Holding your gamepad tight, you can feel happy, sad, or thrilled -- that is what makes games so compelling. Fear is not an exception. Horror games cater to all of us, especially those who think that a good fright makes us feel alive.


In that vein, here is a list of the creepiest and scariest horror games for the Xbox One -- in no particular order. Now switch off the lights, put your headphones on, and get ready to be horrified!

Dead Rising 4 Steam Release Date Announced Wed, 22 Feb 2017 12:20:55 -0500 asilris

Capcom has announced that Dead Rising 4 will be releasing on Steam next month. The game's availability via steam brings an end to Windows 10's 90 exclusivity period.

The survival horror action game will be available March 14.

Dead Rising 4 brings photojournalist Frank West back to Willamette, Colorado. Sixteen years have passed since Frank survived the events of the original Dead Rising. Frank discovers the city is overrun by holiday decorations and zombies, including the rebuilt Willamette Memorial Megaplex Mall. Along with his former student, Frank will have to unravel the mystery behind the second outbreak in Willamette.

Not only will Frank have to face the undead, he will also encounter a mysterious para-military organization. Survivors are also scattered throughout the city, providing the hero much needed help or hindrances.

Dead Rising 4 has brought more character and weapon customization to the series. Several holiday themed weapons can also be crafted, such as the ornament gun, electric wreath, and acid Santa.  Willamette is also now a sandbox environment open for players to explore, scavenge and survive.

Dead Rising 4 was previously launched on Xbox One and Windows 10 in 2016 on December 6.

Fans of survival horror and action games can look forward to it's release soon.

Dead Rising 4 Mission Guide: This Filing System Is So 1985 Tue, 27 Dec 2016 23:35:39 -0500 Ty Arthur

Frank West is back on the case in Dead Rising 4 and ready to discover why there's another zombie outbreak in Willamette -- and why a group of shady, high-tech mercenaries are already on the scene!

Most of the missions are quite straightforward, but one quest objective in particular has been causing players some serious grief. During Case 2 - Invasion Of Main Street during the Investigating Obscuris section you will eventually head to the Willamette City Hall Archives located in Old Town.

In the basement section while your mission objective reads Investigate The Archives you'll see a sub-heading labeled "This filing system is so 1985."

It's this part that has been vexing many players, as the mess of a filing room is filled with nearly identical looking cabinets and shelving, and there's not a clear indication of where you are supposed to be looking. Sure, it's the zombie apocalypse and all, but somebody really needs to organize that filing room!

This Filing System Is So 1985 Completion

The easiest way to complete this objective is to head to the corner of the basement where Paula is standing next to a map on the wall and some shelving. Turn around so you are facing away from Paula and towards the wall of regularly spaced filing shelves.

Don't worry about searching each section manually, because you are going straight to the objective. Walk forward from Paula, but instead of going down the section of shelving you are currently looking at (which has two tall standing filing cabinets and a knocked over filing cabinet against the wall), turn right and then immediately back left to go down the very next section over instead.

Head Down This Section Across From The Table

You will know you are in the right section because a partially knocked over table covered in boxes will be behind you as you walk forward, and ahead at the end of the wall will be four shorter filing cabinets standing upright.

Turn your camera's night vision setting on so you can see hidden clues. What you are looking for is the small white filing cabinet second from the right, and you want to point your camera towards the bottom of the cabinet. While looking there, eventually the "open" command will appear.

Opening the cabinet and then taking a picture of the evidence will remove the "This filing system is 1985" objective and also complete the "Damn, all the files are gone except..." mission objective.

This Filing System Is So 1985 Objective Location

That's it! You've saved yourself an hour of frustrating searching with no map blip telling you where to go. With the "This filing system is so 1985" objective completed you are now ready to move on to the next part of the story at Dodd's Drug Store.

If you are going for a completion run through of Dead Rising 4, don't leave the archives basement quite yet though. Head down that hallway on the right side all the way to the back room to find a little piece of Capcom memorabilia -- a costume of Haggar from the Final Fight series that you can pick up and wear for the rest of the game.

Need More Help?

From a horde of hilarious outfits to hidden locker keys, mysterious graffiti tags, and vehicle weapon blueprints, there are collectibles and secrets galore to be found across Willamette!

If you haven't found everything Dead Rising 4 has to offer yet, be sure to check out our other walkthroughs here:

The 3 Most Enjoyable Ways to Kill Zombies Dead in Dead Rising 4 Mon, 19 Dec 2016 05:30:02 -0500 Justin Michael

While this is the fourth installment in the Dead Rising series, Dead Rising 4 isn't like its predecessors in a number of ways. Chiefly, players of the other games will notice that there is a major gameplay element missing from DR4 -- the timer system. But where it may be lacking in some departments, the game makes up for it in others. In this case, DR4 has stuck to the tradition of allowing you a number of fun ways to dispatch the shambling hordes of undead running amok in the game's world. So, let's take a look some of the most enjoyable ways to kill zombies in Dead Rising 4.


The Barbed Wire Bat (and other melee weapons)

I know that for some of you out there, this weapon might come a bit too soon on this list, but it's tried, tested and gets the job done. I don't know what kinda' assholes you dealt with before, but I'm a man of my word -- and the word is that the bat does work when you need to crack a few skulls.

Additionally, there are a number of other great melee weapons in the game that are both new, as well as ones that we've become used to seeing in the Dead Rising series.

The Exosuit 

Looking to create maximum mayhem in as little time as possible? Do you wish you had the strength to rip parking meters out of the ground? How about punch a car really hard and really freakin' far? 

If so, look no further. I present the Exosuit! This lovely piece of military hardware allows you to do all the things mentioned above AND more! It's up to you to keep track of your suit's remaining charge, though... lest it fail and the undead zed rip you to shreds. 


The Stealthie (stealth kill selfie)

Finally, the selfie is useful for something more than just duck-faced pictures. Introducing the Stealthie, a stealth kill that is also hilarious memento of you and your unsuspecting quarry. 

Imagine, if you will, slyly slinking up behind your brain-dead foe with your camera in hand, snapping a photo with them still unaware and then smashing their head into the ground like a rotten tomato. This is what it's like to take a Stealthie. In other words, it will become my signature move once the zombie apocalypse finally happens -- and it should be yours, too. Until then, I can practice in Dead Rising 4.

In fact, there are a lot of crazily insane ways to kill zombies in DR4 and of course, this list doesn't cover every single on of them. However, these are our three most enjoyable was to make sure the undead stay dead. 

Oh, and if you're looking for the best tips and tricks to get you through the beautiful chaos that is Dead Rising 4, make sure to check out our guides: 

We'd love to hear from you on the matter. What are some of your favorite weapons and Exosuit upgrades? Let us know in the comments below!

Dead Rising 4 Complete Guide Collection Wed, 14 Dec 2016 02:00:01 -0500 Ty Arthur

There's a ton to do across Dead Rising 4's open, sandbox world of Willamette, and with the story timers removed, there's a lot more leisurely time to see all the sights and kill all the zombies!

From finding and photographing zombie graffiti to tracking down Capcom Easter egg outfits, putting together ridiculous weapon combos, and even leveling yourself to an absurd degree, you could get lost in all Dead Rising 4 has to offer without some guidance.

It's a good thing we've been putting together guides on nearly every aspect of the game from beginning to end, covering any secrets you need to know if you want to survive the latest zombie outbreak.

All along the way of course you'll be decking out Frank in silly costumes and hobbling together zombie crushing vehicles with these guides in hand.

Full List Of Dead Rising 4 guides:

That's all the guides we have on Dead Rising 4 at the moment. Do you have a question or need help with another area of the game? Let us know in the comments below and we'll get on putting together more Dead Rising 4 walkthrough content!

Dead Rising 4's Craziest Outfits, Weapons, and Cut Scenes Wed, 14 Dec 2016 06:00:01 -0500 Ty Arthur

From the hearse / trebuchet combo that is the Sling Rot vehicle to a weed whacker with knife blades attached that creates a spinning death wheel, Dead Rising 4 is filled to the brim with crazy weapons, outfits, and even cut scenes.

Frank West returns in style in this installment of the series, which is even more over-the-top than anything that's come before. Below we round up some of the most ridiculous examples found throughout the game -- all adding up to a hilariously deadly time! 

Colonel Park Shows The Wrong Photo

About a half an hour into the game, there's a story cut scene where Frank is meeting with Colonel Brad Park about the zombie cover up situation in Willamette.

Colonel Park means to show a photo of Frank's journalistic protege on his phone, but accidentally presses the wrong button and instead shows a beefcake who sent a naughty selfie. Awkward...

     Woops, honest mistake!

Frank Goes Cosplaying

Every Dead Rising game features absolutely ludicrous outfits for the main character to try on, including quite a bit of Capcom memorabilia from across that company's varied gaming history. Megaman, Final Fight, and more all get costume entries at one point or another.

One such outfit in Dead Rising 4's nonsense lineup clearly wasn't meant for a male to wear, but that's certainly not going to stop Frank from trying on a Darkstalkers Morrigan costume...

 Frank's got that junk in his trunk!

Dino Costume

It's maybe not as sexy as Morrigan, but both the dinosaur and shark costumes make this game absolutely hilarious as they get covered in obscene amounts of gore while you wield an array of zombie destroying combo weapons. Get them bloody enough, and they go from silly to truly terrifying!

 Just wait till this gets a little dirty!

Ice Chain Gun

Dead Rising can always be relied on for some crazy weapons (I'm partial to the teddy bear sentry gun from part 2), and Dead Rising 4 keeps up the tradition admirably.

One ranged weapon in particular worth looking out for is the ice chain gun, that literally freezes zombies solid so you can shatter them to pieces. Physics and realism are not a known staple of the series.

Freeze, don't move!

Magic Wand

Yep, that's a real, functioning magic wand. Why are there spells in this universe? Who cares -- its funny! The wand doesn't just damage and knock back zombies, it also occasionally turns them into gingerbread men and giant candy canes. Isn't Christmas a magical time of year?

Expecto Patronum! Wait, no, that's not this one...

Return Of The Trike

If there's one thing Dead Rising has taught us, its that zombies are deathly allergic to children's tricycles! It's a little known fact that being slightly bumped by trikes will actually kill a zombie as easily as a bullet to the head.

 There just are no words for this nonsense.

The Selfies

Besides bringing back the camera mechanic from the first game, Dead Rising 4 adds in a few new twists, like the ability to take a range of hilarious selfies with the undead! Run up to one and give it a shot to see if you can get something sillier than this.

 Nice shot Frank, just watch your fingers man!

What did you think was the most crazy and silly moment from Dead Rising 4? Let us know in the comments section!

When you're done dying of laughter, if you need to find some guide material for the game, be sure to check out our walkthroughs here:

Dead Rising 4 Guide to Finding all Zombie Graffiti Tags Tue, 13 Dec 2016 16:38:07 -0500 Ty Arthur

Much like the Zombrex posters from the second game in the series, the return of Frank West in Dead Rising 4 sees more wall art to hunt down for all you completionists!

This time around you need to find a series of zombie graffiti tags left on walls and bathroom stall doors across the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. Every five tags you properly photograph nets you some bonus PP, so its worth hunting 'em all down.

Still need more help with other aspects of the game? Be sure to also check out:

Zombie Tag 1

This tag is in the Amazon Food Court area and is found by heading into the back section of the Mamma Supina restaurant.

Zombie Tag 2

By the mall emergency shelter in the small tunnel near the center of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex, you can find this tag in a side room on the wall by some boxes.

Zombie Tag 3

Inside the Virago Hotel, head up the left spiral staircase in the entrance room and then out onto the awnings where you can see out on the area below with the windows on your left. The tag is at the far end of the path on the wall.

Zombie Tag 4

After grabbing the last tag, go up the right spiral staircase in the entrance Virago Hotel room, then go up the shorter staircase to a long hallway filled with hotel rooms on either side.

Head inside the open door on the left side far down the hallway (marked as the Virago Standard Room on your map). The tag is in the back of the room to the right side.

Zombie Tag 5

At the Miami Boardwalk, jump up the gigantic orange stairs in front of the broken chain wall so that you can run along a ledge. Take a right and run all the way until you have to jump over a small fence, then keep going until you have to jump over a second fence.

Just ahead is an open window you can jump inside. On the far left end of the room you can find this zombie graffiti tag.

Zombie Tag 6

Also at the Miami Boardwalk, go into the Rhiannon Ferosh store and check the stock room on the left side. The tag is on the wall behind the door. 

Zombie Tag 7

In Caribbean Cove, go around behind the giant red pirate ship to find a small door offering entrance to the ship's interior. Take a left and you'll see the tag inside the dressing room straight ahead.

Zombie Tag 8

Also in Caribbean Cove, head over to the area to the left of the giant pirate ship and run up the short yellow steps into the door marked "No Public Access." Run up the five flights of stairs and go out the door, then turn right to see the tag on the wall.

Zombie Tag 9

After the last tag, go back down to the main area near the pirate ship. Facing away from the ship, go forward to the yellow walled area marked "Guest Services."

Run up the staircase to the right of the sign, then turn right and jump up on the ledge. Move forward along the ledge until you can go into an open window on your left to find this tag.

Zombie Tag 10

In Caribbean Cove head to the White Rook Protection store. Turn right into the side room to find the tag next to some filing cabinets.

Zombie Tag 11

On the far east edge of Caribbean Cove is a hallway with a North Pole Town sign on the wall. Just after the sign, go inside the bathroom to your right and you will see the tag on the stall door at the end.

Zombie Tag 12

At the southeastern area of Caribbean Cove is an escalator right by a map directory sign. Head down the escalator and then go forward through the exit doors. The tag is just to the right of the doors.

Zombie Tag 13

Travel to Kiichiro Plaza and look for the Kuan's Bubble Tea store. Go down the hallway just next to the store and enter the Employee's Only door to your left. The tag is on the wall on the left side after walking forward through the door.

Zombie Tag 14

In Kiichiro Plaza go inside the Oh-San's Sun & Moon Sushi shop to find this tag in the back of the store.

Zombie Tag 15

In Kiichiro Plaza, head up the stairs inbetween the two red blob face signs. At the top of the stairs by the Zen sign, turn around to see a lit sign on the wall. It's hard to see because of the lighting, but the tag is actually on the first sign and it will become visible when you pull out your camera.

Zombie Tag 16

In Central Plaza head down the bathroom hallway and enter the women's bathroom on the left side. The tag is on the wall opposite the line of stalls.

Zombie Tag 17

In the north end of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex (just before Medieval Town), head inside the Keetos Mountain Equipment store. The tag is in the back through the Employees Only door.

Zombie Tag 18

Head to the Colombian Roastmasters coffee house in the Willamette Memorial Megaplex and go through the door into the stock room to find this tag on the left wall by the giant fridge and counter.

Zombie Tag 19

Head over to the Spa Afrodisia store and go down the left hallway with the broken mirrors to find this tag on the left side wall.

Zombie Tag 20

In the Medieval Town section, head up the stairs next to Baron Von Brauthaus, but instead of going all the way up, turn left at the first landing and jump up the hay bales to reach a ledge. Run forward and then jump the gap through an open window to find this tag at the far side wall.

Zombie Tag 21

From the previous graffiti tag, jump out the window to the left of the tag and go forward, jumping over three more gaps. Go through the broken stained glass window and turn left to run down a stone hallway. At the end of the hallway turn left and go onto a new ledge.

Jump over the wood barrier at the end of the ledge and head inside the window on your right. Jump through another window at the end of the room for, you guessed it, yet another ledge. This time you're at the end though, as the tag is on the wall to your right.

Zombie Tag 22

At the south end of Medieval Town / north end of Central Plaza, head inside the Alessandro Dante store. The tag is inside the dressing room section in the far room on the right side.

Zombie Tag 23

In Central Plaza, go to the North Pole Town Square. The tag is on the back side of the small green building marked "North Pole" in the center of the area.

Zombie Tag 24

Also in Central Plaza, go to the McQueen Portrait Studio and check the back room to find this tag on the wall.

Zombie Tag 25

Head to the west side of Central Plaza and go up the escalators to the second floor. From the top of the escalator, you can see this tag on the far wall to your left (if you are going up) next to a Santa's sleigh display.

That's every single tag we've found so far - let us know if you come across any others we should add to the list!

Dead Rising 4 Complete Locker Key Locations Guide Tue, 13 Dec 2016 00:39:04 -0500 Ty Arthur

To get the best combo weapon blueprints in Dead Rising 4, you need to find a variety of hidden locker keys scattered across the map (separate from the Zom-B Safe keys that open new safe house locations).

Located in the Willamette Memorial Megaplex and beyond into the various areas of the city itself, locker keys give access to a bunch of goodies you'll want to unlock to fully experience all Dead Rising 4 has to offer!

Unfortunately, most of the keys are in different areas than the lockers they open, so you'll have to do quite a bit of traveling to find all those blueprints, but the results are well worth the effort.

Below we cover how to find every single locker key in the game. Need more help with other aspects of the game? Be sure to also check out:

Baron Von Brauthaus Locker Key

Found at the Medieval Village map section of the Megaplex, this locker key is sitting on a table inside the middle of the Burger Fiefdom store.

Baron Von Brauthaus Key

Big Buck Hardware Locker Key

Leave the mall behind and head to the Old Town section at the sound end of the map to find this locker key. The key is located in an empty lot near Big Buck's Hardware and is on the ground next to the giant metal dumpster.

      Big Buck Hardware Key

Construction Site Locker Key

On the east side of the map in the section between North Peak and Old Town you can find the Tornado Convenience Shop and gas station. The key is inside the convenience shop by the ATM.

Construction Site Key

El Mode Design Locker Key

This locker key is located in the security office for the Virago Hotel, located not too far from where you find the Zom-B Safe key in the bathroom. The key is on the floor by a chair in the security office.

          El Mode Design Key

Freebirds Gun Shack Locker Key

Head over to the North Peak section of the map and enter the Glitter Dolls Night Club. The key is on the bar counter near the stairs and flashing strobe lights.

Freebirds Gun Shack Key

Froztee's Locker Key

Travel to the Amazon Food Court in the Memorial Megaplex and look for a giant bar section near the middle. The key is on the circular bar counter.

Froztee's Key

Kippax Cement Locker Key

On the west side of the North Peak area is a car repair store called McKenize Auto Shop. Head inside and you can find the key on the counter just before the door that leads into the back garage.

          Kippax Cement Key

Pirate Cove's Restaurant Locker Key

Travel to the Caribbean Cove section of the Willamette Memorial Complex and head up to the second floor, then walk to the far south wall. The locker key is sitting on a body by the curved staircase.

Pirate Cove Key Location

McKenzie Auto Locker Key

This locker key is found inside the Zom-B Safe room inside the McKenzie Auto store itself.

McKenzie Auto Key Location

Obscuris Locker Key

Outside the front of the Central Plaza in the Wilamette Memorial Megaplex, look for a military tent. The main storyline will automatically prompt you to head to this location during the first Case, so it should be simple to find.

Obscuris Key Location

Have you come across any other Dead Rising 4 locker keys while exploring the zombie outbreak of Willamette? Let us know about them in the comments section so we can get them added to this master list!

Dead Rising 4 Best Glitches and Exploits for Infinite PP / Scrap Tue, 13 Dec 2016 00:36:46 -0500 Ty Arthur

To become the best zombie killing machine possible, Frank will need to earn lots of PP (the Dead Rising equivalent of EXP) to unlock new skills and piles of Scrap to buy vehicles or equipment.

If you don't like doing things the old fashioned way and earning your level ups, there are methods of working smarter rather than harder and very quickly leveling (or becoming quite rich) by taking advantage of exploits.

Dead Rising 4 features a series of glitches or odd design choices that mostly cause problems - the Investigate The Rumors mission in particular seems to be bugged - but there are a few helpful exploits available by taking advantage of the game's checkpoint loading system, allowing you to earn large amounts of PP and scrap very quickly.

Below we cover the best methods currently available that hopefully won't be patched out anytime soon.

Need more help with Dead Rising 4 outside of bugs and glitches? Be sure to also check out:

Unlimited PP Glitch

In Case 3 of the main story campaign during the Tracking The Signal mission objective you will find a room where you can pick up an Exo suit. Grab the ice machine directly behind the Exo suit and combine them, then head out of the house through the garage to find a horde of zombies waiting to be frozen to bits.

Keep firing off the combo suit's freeze effect to very quickly earn an absurd hit streak, since you will hit large numbers of zombies with every charge attack. Your multiplier will rise exponentially very, very quickly, resulting in rapid level gain. Feel like gaining 10, 20, 30 levels in just a few minutes? Have at it and keep firing!

 Icing zombies to reach high levels quickly

Here's the catch though: you don't want to run out of zombies (thereby dropping your hit streak) or leave the area. Before you reach a new checkpoint, just simply go into the menu and re-load the last checkpoint... keeping your level but respawning all the zombies. Rinse and repeat with the Exo suit / ice machine combo to gain as many levels as you want.

There are several other areas with similar exploits available, like the church in West Ridge that also has an Exo suit and a vacuum power up that sends 10 - 20 zombies flying to their messy deaths with each hit.

Quick Scrap Gain Exploit

Go to an area with an ATM nearby, then reload your check point so that you see where you are spawning and don't leave that area or advance the plot so you keep respawning in that same location each time you load the checkpoint.

To make this work, find a checkpoint that is as close to an ATM as possible to save time. The idea here is to get as much Scrap as possible with as little effort spent as possible. Run up to the ATM and crack it open to get the Scrap, which will be a variable amount each time. With luck, you'll earn 3 - 5k Scrap each time.

Immediately afterwards, just reload the checkpoint again and repeat the process. You will will always keep the scrap you harvest, but the ATM will be loaded with scrap again when you load the check point - meaning you can quickly earn large amounts of Scrap without having to kill tons of zombies or search across the map for new ATMs.

It's the apocalypse, so it's not like the bank needs the money...

These are best Dead Rising 4 exploits and glitches we've found so far - let us know if you used them, and be sure to offer up any other helpful bugs you've discovered for faster leveling!

Dead Rising 4's True Ending and a Timed Mode to Return... With DLC Sun, 11 Dec 2016 13:58:17 -0500 Ty Arthur

Removing time limits, changing how health works and allowing players to build any combos on the fly are all major changes to the zombie killing series that arrived with the freshly unearthed Dead Rising 4.

While those who enjoy a less frustrating experience have welcomed the changes, many hardcore fans who have been around since the first game long for a return to what made the series unique in the zombie universe.

Those fans will finally get a chance at a more classic Dead Rising experience in the not-to-distant future, but for a price.

Dead Rising 4 Timed Mode And A True Ending

Remember that utterly absurd Overtime Mode from the original Dead Rising and various modified versions in the sequels? A new rendition of that play mode is coming... if you buy the DLC. 

Adding impetus to pick up the impending expansion is that the game's actual true and final ending can only be seen through this DLC. If you've finished the campaign, (SPOILERS .. if you haven't) you'll know the ending is a cliffhanger that doesn't quite resolve the story and leaves Frank in a very precarious position. 

Tiered endings providing differing amounts of information depending on how far you actually made it to the end aren't anything new to the series, of course. That's been occurring since the first game, with the "true" endings only becoming available if you wade through increasingly difficult end game content.

But never before have Dead Rising players been required to buy the ending with a separate purchase.

As it stands, the only way to get a classic timer experience and the game's full, complete ending is to buy the season pass or get the Deluxe Edition of Dead Rising 4. The season pass will run you $19.99, while the Deluxe Edition is a more intimidating $79.99.

Frank Rising DLC

Part of the season pass will be the "Frank Rising" DLC, set to conclude's Frank's story after being apparently left for dead in Willamette. There's no release date yet on that piece of the season pass, however.

However, there's a potential upside here for PS4 owners who are going to have to wait a year before playing -- by that point, it may all be bundled together, cheaper than buying the Deluxe Edition for Xbox One!

What do you think of the decision to gate the game's real ending behind a DLC paywall, and do you plan on picking up the Dead Rising 4 season pass?

Need more help navigating the current world of Dead Rising 4 before the DLC arrives? Be sure to also check out:

Dead Rising 4: Finding All the Vehicle Combo Blueprints Sat, 10 Dec 2016 09:29:19 -0500 Ty Arthur

Combo weapons are an essential part of the Dead Rising experience, as are ridiculous vehicles (who didn't have a hilarious time riding over zombies on a trike in the second game?).

Now the two have come together, with a variety of vehicle combo weapons available for Frank to construct in Dead Rising 4. But before you can start building absurd vehicles to crush zombies though, you'll first have to find the proper blueprints.

Below we cover how to find each vehicle combo blueprint throughout the game.

Need more help navigating the world of Dead Rising 4? Be sure to also check out:

Bogey Monster

Construction: Go Kart + Shopping Kart

This vehicle combo weapon blueprint doesn't require anything crazy to earn: it's just sitting on a counter waiting to be picked up.

To find the Bogey Monster construction blueprints, head to the Willamette Memorial Megaplex and up to the second floor of Caribbean Cove (near Kiichiro Plaza). The blueprints are found on the counter of the Homerunners store near the cash register.

 Bogey Monster Blueprints

Creep Fryer

Construction: Food Truck + Enduro Bike

This one takes a little more effort to find, as it's in a locked panic room. Head over to the top map portion of North Peak and you will find a safe key sitting on the back steps of the Glitter Dolls Nightclub.

From there, go down the stairs to the lower level and use the key to access the panic room near the bathroom area. The blueprints are found inside the panic room bunker on a cot.

 Creep Fryer Blueprints

Cryonic Commando

Construction: Antique Car + Snowmobile

During the Infiltrating the Dam mission you will travel to the upper map portion of West Ridge. Look for a warehouse building that isn't marked on your map next to the fireworks stand. Head inside and grab the blueprints sitting on the hay bales right by the door.

Cryonic Commando Blueprints


Construction: Go-Kart + Shopping Kart

You actually have to work a bit for this one and can't just pick up the blueprints sitting on the ground like normal. Travel to the go-kart track in Miami Boardwalk section of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex.

Get in one of the go-karts and race around the track twice to activate the go-kart challenge. If you beat the record time, the center caged off area will unlock and you can grab the blueprints.

Kill-O-Watt Blueprints


Construction: Mower + Kid's Bike

Another one found in the Willamette Memorial Complex, you can grab the MowerHawg blueprints by heading into Medieval Town and the Ye Olde Toybox store. The blueprint is clearly sitting on the counter in plain view.

MowerHawg Blueprints

Sling Rot

Construction: Hearse + Tow Truck

The blueprints for this hilariously morbid combo vehicle can be found at the far south end of the Old Town map. Look for a chapel (unmarked on the map) near a cemetery and an emergency shelter. The blueprints are on the steps right by the railing.

Sling Rot Blueprints

Tread Maker

Construction: Tractor + Wheel Chair

You can't grab this one until Case 5 in the main story line when you head to the Hudson Dairy Farm section of West Ridge. Go to the upstairs bedroom and look in the closet with your camera to locate a hidden office area where you can grab a key. Now head down and unlock the garage with the key, where the blueprints are sitting on a shelf.

         Tread Maker Blueprints


Construction: Military ORV + ATV

During Case 2 of the main storyline you will meet up with Jessa in a garage. The blueprint is on the car hood right next to where the conversation takes place.

Those are all the Dead Rising 4 vehicle weapon combo blueprints we've discovered so far! Let us know if you've managed to find any others in your return to Willamette!

Dead Rising 4 Easter Egg Costumes Guide Thu, 08 Dec 2016 23:38:31 -0500 Ty Arthur

A new Dead Rising means new ways to make Frank West look absolutely ridiculous while he rides his killer tricycles and wields electrified axes against untold millions of zombies. You've got to look your best while waging war against the horde!

While there are plenty of the standard outfits and suits you'd expect to find in a mall or a home wardrobe to be discovered while playing, Capcom also threw in quite a few Easter egg outfits nodding to the company's other game franchises.

Below we cover how to find all the most interesting Dead Rising 4 Easter egg costumes from series like Megaman, Final Fight, and Darkstalkers.

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Bass Costume

This Megaman b-side character gets his own Capcom Easter egg outfit found (predictably) in a Capcom themed store. To grab this outfit, head into the Willamette Memorial Megaplex and enter Kiichiro Plaza. The outfit is sitting in the front left side display case window of the Jap-Pop! store.

The much more stylish Zero costume (see below) is in the same plaza and can be grabbed right afterwards if you take the escalator up to the King Hiro Arcade store on the upper level.

 Bass Costume

Captain Commando Costume

You will be directed to search inside houses during the Working With Hammond mission during Case 4. Inside the Prawp Residence found in West Ridge, head through the kitchen door to a basement area with some couches and projector screens set up.

On the left side of the room is a treasure trove of Capcom memorabilia, including masks, weapons, and even an standing arcade. At the far left side of the collection is the Captain Commando costume ready for the taking.

You should probably grab some of the Street Fighter masks on the wall just round out your collection as well!

 Captain Commando Costume

Mike Haggar Costume

The Investigating Obscuris mission in Case 2 tasks you with taking pictures for Paula at the Willamette City Archives in Old Town.

Before leaving the building, go into the back through a small hallway with a giant stack of filing cabinets. Sitting against the wall is a costume of Mike Haggar from Final Fight.

It's a series that isn't referenced as often these days, but you can display your side-scrolling beat 'em up knowledge proudly with this shirtless outfit!

 Mike Haggar Costume

Morrigan Costume

This sexy little Darkstalkers getup (well... until Frank puts it on, anyway) is found on an outfit stand in front of a shelf of books in the center of Tetro's Comics and Collectibles. You can find the store on the upper left side of the buildings in the Old Town map. Want to really ruin all the game's cut scenes? Put this costume on and play through to the end.

 Morrigan Costume

Zero Costume

Megaman's more awesome counterpart Zero also has a costume you can nab in the Kiichiro Plaza section of the Willamette Memorial Megaplex. Go inside the King Hiro Arcade store on the upper floor and hang a right.

Just inside the store in the corner (between two red walls) is the prominently displayed Zero costume waiting to be taken and worn. You can nab this one at the same time as the Bass costume as they are in the same plaza.

 Zero Costume

There are almost certainly going to be even more Easter egg costumes scattered across Dead Rising 4's massive map - these are just the ones we've found so far. Let us know about an you come across that we missed in the comments below!

How to Save Manually in Dead Rising 4's Revamped Autosave System Thu, 08 Dec 2016 10:28:38 -0500 Ty Arthur

Journalist/zombie death master Frank West has returned to Willamette to uncover another undead conspiracy with Dead Rising 4

While players have been glued to their screens slaughtering zombies by the thousands since the moment it launched (well, if you don't have a PS4 or only do Steam gaming that is...), there are a few changes that have left franchise fans scratching their heads.

Dead Rising 4's Save System

Most notably is a revamped save game system, which has completely changed from the series staple of heading into a bathroom and choosing from a limited number of save slots.

While previous games were meant to be played repeatedly, starting over from time to time while retaining your character upgrades so you can better meet challenges, Dead Rising 4 is much more of a straightforward and accessible experience.

There are no more save rooms, and instead the game will auto save frequently by displaying a black and white square at the top-right corner. This has caused some problems for players, especially because of how focused the game is on exploration and picking up items you don't want to lose before an auto save.

Save Symbol In Action

Manually Saving In Dead Rising 4

While the game does auto save frequently enough that you won't often lose progress, there may be times you want to specifically save immediately to drop out. Although you can't pull up a menu or go to a location to save, there are a few ways to game the system and force an auto save.

Auto saves take place anytime you complete a mission or side activity, so that's a reliable way to get a save. It also frequently saves after shooting a photo, since the game needs to keep track of how many points the photo netted Frank, and you can get an auto save after dying.

Unfortunately its not as reliable as pulling up a save menu screen as with most other games, but with a little effort you can essentially get the same result.

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Dead Rising 4 Achievement Guide: Idol Worship Thu, 08 Dec 2016 00:15:11 -0500 Ty Arthur

It's been a long wait, but there's finally a fourth main entry in the infamous Dead Rising series, marking the return of original hero and fan favorite Frank West (read our review here).

While sadly the PS4 crowd will have to wait a full year before getting to join in the ludicrous zombie slaying fun, Xbox One and Windows 10 players can now start decimating the undead horde and nabbing some nifty achievements along the way.

The obnoxiously grindy Zombie Genocider of course returns, along with the even more ludicrous (and very misleadingly titled) Left 100,004 Dead 2 achievement, which actually tasks you with killing 200,008 zombies in a single playthrough.

If hours upon hours of running over zombie crowds doesn't exactly sound like a fun time for a measly 20 gamerscore, don't worry, there's plenty of achievements available that don't require nearly that much time sink.

Dead Rising 4 Idol Worship Achievement

One such achievement is Idol Worship, bearing the sad but amusing description "Find the Frank West Statue. Didn't there used to be more of these?"

Turns out the people of Willamette don't quite remember Frank as the hero he likes to think of himself as, and there's only a single monument to all his hard work from the first game still standing. Finding this offbeat and hidden little gem nets you a rare achievement and 30 extra gamerscore.

Idol Worship is hard to find on its own but incredibly easy to pick up if you know precisely where to look -- and that's where we come in! Below we cover exactly how to find the statue so you don't have to spend hours fruitlessly searching.

To get started, head through the shuffling zombie masses to North Peak and locate the North Peak Fire Hall building at the top-left corner of the map area

Idol Worship achievement location

While facing away from the Fire Hall (the one with the single string of Christmas lights and a fire truck sticking out of the garage) and looking towards a line of buildings in front of you, head forward towards the back of a building that has a chain link fence and a large cargo truck.

Jump up on the truck's cab and then onto it's roof so you can gain access to the top of the building just behind the truck.

 Gaining roof access to reach the Frank West statue

From the building's rooftop, turn left and run across to the next roof with a flaming barrel located near the front. Ignore this area and immediately cross the wood plank offering access to a third rooftop on the other end of the block from where you started.

This rooftop should have a large AC unit with a blue tarp over it, and just to the left will be sitting a bare mattress and a bloody body. Take a gander at the edge of the mattress to find the Frank West statue waiting to be picked up.

Finding the Frank West Statue

All kinds of questions come to mind -- why was someone sleeping on the roof, and what were they doing with that Frank West statue? Considering how many giant stuffed animals can be found in the game, it seems like an odd thing to snuggle up to at night during the zombie apocalypse...

 Is there anything more satisfying than the achievement noise?

Now that you've got that one down, there's plenty more Dead Rising 4 achievements to still grab.

Looking for more help? Check out our guide to getting the Faaantastic! achievement with an S-Rank photo and be sure to let us know about the hardest achievement you've managed to unlock so far while cracking the case in Dead Rising 4!

Dead Rising 4 Achievement Guide: Shooting an S-Rank Photo Tue, 06 Dec 2016 23:27:09 -0500 Ty Arthur

Gone from the series since the iconic first game, taking photos of ridiculous zombie mayhem has returned in Dead Rising 4, offering plenty of opportunities for photographic evidence of the outbreak... or to snap some selfies with explosions in the background.

There are different levels of photography, with varying point score increases depending on specifically what is going on within in the frame. Unlocking the Faaantastic! achievement requires taking an S-Rank photograph anywhere within the game, which is activated by crossing the 5,000 point threshold with a single snapshot.

Best S-Rank Photo Location

There are many different areas where it's possible unlock this achievement, even from the earliest parts of the game, but there's one location where you can most reliably nab an S-Rank photo with the least effort possible.

To get this perfect photo and unlock the achievement, first head over to Kichiro Plaza in the Willamette Memorial Complex and walk up to the Ja-POP! store (found to the left of the stairs and behind a giant Santa sleigh display).

An easy location to get an S-Ranked photo

Everything in the store is Capcom themed and (obviously, since this is a Capcom game) is worth loads of bonus points. Here's where you get your S-Rank pic quickly.

If you stand directly in the store entrance so that the entire room is within your snapshot, you can very easily net more than 5,000 points and get an S-Rank photo.

Just make sure that the E. Honda (yep, of Street Fighter fame) character cut out and arcade stand are in the center so you get everything in the room within a single frame and can see both side walls.

Framing an S-Rank Dead Rising 4 Photo

There are plenty of other locations to get S-Rank pictures besides this simple method. To get high enough point scores, just try to have the most possible enemies (alive or dead) in the frame at one time.

You can actually unlock the Faaantastic! achievement even earlier in the game when you pick up the first blue print by simply taking a picture of the horde of zombies blocked by the glass.

Let us know how high a photo score you've managed to get, and where you unlocked your first S-Rank pic!

Is Dead Rising 4 coming to the PS4? Tue, 06 Dec 2016 15:26:17 -0500 Ty Arthur

One of our most anticipated game sequels set to arrive this year, the fourth Dead Rising entry has finally landed just in time for the 2016 holidays, but only via the Windows 10 store or on Xbox One, leaving Steam gamers and PS4 players in the lurch.

While Xbox One owners have been having a blast with this gore-soaked experience that takes square aim at the absurdity of Black Friday consumerism, those with a certain other console are left with nothing but coal in their stockings.

This apparent launch day oversight has left many fans asking... is Dead Rising 4 coming for the PS4? 

Sorry, no power suits or lightning axes for PS4 players... yet

Dead Rising 4's Timed Exclusive Release

While originally announced as an Xbox One / Windows 10 exclusive, there's a major caveat there, and hope is on the horizon for Sony fans. Dead Rising 4 may have finally ditched the mission timers (much to the delight of long-time fans), but the game's console restriction most definitely has a ticking timer on it.

Microsoft has revealed a few tidbits in a recent press release worth noting. Specifically, Dead Rising 4 is set to be a Windows 10 exclusive for a mere 90 days, meaning in early 2017 you should be able to grab a copy at Steam, hopefully with some crazy trading cards attached.

PS4 users have a longer wait though, as the Xbox One console exclusivity is slated to last for a full year! Sorry Sony fans, but there won't be any absurd zombie killing sprees for you (at least not in Willamette with a returning Frank West) until the end of the year 2017.

There's been no official statement from Capcom that Dead Rising 4 is specifically going to get a PS4 release date, but the fact that Microsoft went out of the way to state a length of time on the Xbox One exclusivity makes it clear the game will be ported to some other console.

PS4 seems like the obvious choice, so hopefully next Christmas will be very merry for the Playstation fan base indeed.

Dead Rising 4 Rises to the Occasion and Takes a Bite out of Christmas Wed, 07 Dec 2016 04:00:01 -0500 Ty Arthur

Dead Rising was actually the first games I personally bought for the 360 way back when, and alongside Gears Of War, is a series that personally exemplifies the Xbox experience for me.

Regular readers probably noticed Dead Rising 4 wasn't mentioned in our look at the state of horror in 2016 -- and that wasn't just because it hadn't come out yet. For all the blood, guts, and undead mayhem, Dead Rising has never been a horror series, but rather a comedy one... perhaps until now.

Returning To Consumer Hell

While Frank West returns to his old haunt Willamette in this entry, there's quite a few changes to the formula this time around, including a darker feel to the story and some of the locations (like an incineration room some psychopath setup for zombie test subjects),

             Oh dear, that's not good.

The story has really never mattered before, but this time it's more front and center, beginning with a nightmare as Frank deals with a lack of fame after cracking the case in the first game.

This time around he also brings along a fellow journalist acting as his moral compass, complaining about immorality and atrocities committed by your enemies while Frank cracks wise and kills untold hordes of zombies.

Why on earth would Frank go back to Willamette you ask? Well, he wouldn't, and is lured there against his will, warning his companion things will go terribly wrong. Those dire predictions are of course ignored, and then all hell breaks loose just as Frank arrives. All that bluster is just for show though... Frank loves this stuff as much as the player.

 There's a new mystery to unlock below and on the streets of Willamette.

Obviously something shady is going down again in Willamette, and only Frank can find out the truth, all while mowing down a couple of hundred thousand zombies along the way.

I'm Dreaming Of A Blood Stained Christmas

Frank is in over his head at the beginning, getting into a fist fight with a zombie with no weapon at hand, but within minutes you will be absolutely gore soaked as the kill counter increases (with some impressive blood effects on the clothing).

Quickly you'll find new ways to hobble together ridiculous combo weapons to more efficiently deal a second death to the undead masses, and yes, the absurd wrestling combo moves make their triumphant, blood-splattered return.

 Oh Lord this is so satisfying.

While the second game had a casino focus and the third was about shifting away from malls into a town, Dead Rising 4 has a strong Christmas / holiday consumerism slant. A rendition of "O Christmas Tree" during an animated cut scene showing the city's downfall as the infection spreads in particular really drives the theme home.

Changes To The Series

Once you are finally set loose in the open world to cause mayhem as you please, long time fans will notice some pretty big changes. Of particular note are that escort missions and timers are gone, which is a welcome change from days of yore.

People have complained that those elements made Dead Rising what it is, but they honestly made the series memorable in a very bad way. As far as I'm concerned, removing the most annoying and frustrating parts of a game series is a good thing.

The camera snapshots from the first game are resurrected, but with more of a story component this time as you seek out clues to get the real scoop on what's going on.

    Finding clues... or taking ridiculous selfies with zombies, either works.

As usual, there are crazy powerful weapons to be built but there are even more combos this time, including many vehicle-style weapons you drive over or through zombies.

Most importantly, Frank can build combos on the fly absolutely anywhere from a radial menu rather than a workbench. As long as he has the parts, the combo can be built.

No more searching for a workbench while wading through seas of zombies!

While the story is a little less ridiculous and more serious this time around, the gameplay certainly isn't.

As usual, the option is there to dress Frank in the most absurd, ridiculous outfits ever, and they're even more cringe-inducing than many of the oddball entries from the earlier games.

You can definitely add some levity to the story cut scenes while having Frank dressed like Morrigan from Darkstalkers, or in a hilarious shark suit that will get absolutely covered in buckets of blood.

 That'll fit just fine!

The Bottom Line

Dead Rising 4 is the easiest of the bunch, as the difficult has been lowered a bit from previous games. Some gameplay issues return to frustrate however, like unsatisfying gun usage (literally anything else is a better weapon), and occasional difficulty in picking up cluttered items and quickly switching between them. 

Those are just downfalls you've got to deal with for the incredibly fun experience of running over / slicing through / blowing up / pounding to bits / electrifying as many zombies as you possibly can, though.

The humor is still there as Frank throws out the quips fast and furious, and its downright impressive just how many zombies they can get on the screen at one time.

While a few of the core elements have changed, they have really changed for the better, and in terms of pure gameplay, Dead Rising 4 is among the best the series has ever seen.

        If a lightning axe doesn't convince you to play, nothing will!

New Dead Rising 4 Trailer Shows Off Wacky Arsenal Wed, 21 Sep 2016 05:19:17 -0400 Brawler1993

On the surface, the Dead Rising seems like your typical zombie video game fare, but anyone who's played the games will tell you that it's far more over-the-top and goofier than you may think. And with this new trailer for the upcoming fourth entry, Capcom seems set on letting you know that it'll be even crazier than usual.

Dead Rising 4 will see Frank West return as the lead and even sees him heading back to Willamette Parkview Mall - the setting of the first game - only to find the place once again swarming with the undead.

While the trailer does show off the usual fare (mowing down hordes of zombies), you can also enjoy hearing Frank's snarky responses to everything around him as he wields all manner of weapons; from traditional shotguns to flamethrowers -- and even a suit of armor that lets him rip things in half. It's as glorious as it sounds.

Dead Rising 4 will be released worldwide this December on Xbox One and PC as a temporary exclusive.

Dead Rising 4 Gamescom 2016 gameplay trailer Tue, 16 Aug 2016 08:06:43 -0400 Jeffrey Rousseau

Today at Gamescom 2016, a new gameplay trailer was revealed for Dead Rising 4. In the trailer we see returning protagonist Frank West survive another zombie adventure. In the video we see Frank using the series' trademark weapons made from everyday household items.

Dead Rising was originally released in 2006 and developed by Capcom. The first game was created as a survival horror beat em up. The first title starred photo journalist Frank West as he finds himself trapped in a mall. 

As the series went to have sequels, the series' developers changed as well. Although each title has changed protagonists, the game has retained its tongue and cheek humor in light of the constant danger.

The new gameplay features Frank using some new weapons -- armor armed with a freezer, holiday themed dynamite, and a flaming hedge trimmer. The returning hero still retains his humor that both fans and critics have enjoyed with the series.

Fans of survival horror and Dead Rising can look forward to its release this December.