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These are nine of our favorite Android and iOS games that don't require an internet connection, but there are obviously dozens more options out there. What are some of your top offline mobile games? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what apps we should be playing when the WiFi is down! The ones listed here are definitely all that are worthwhile.


The Bard's Tale

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $2.99
  • \n

Going from a first person pixel dungeon crawler to a third person action RPG, this humorous re-interpretation of the Bard's Tale series was ripe for a mobile port with its combat-focus and top down style.


Whether you just want to hear Cary Elwes be snarky as the bard or can't wait to get into a job as a heroic rodent exterminator, The Bard's Tale offers a ton of fun and is absolutely priced right.


The original three games are also included if you want to see where the classic dungeon crawling series started. Because this is the full PS2 game plus the original DOS trilogy, its quite a big download though, so make sure you you've got the space on your device!


Zombie Catchers

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: Free
  • \n

Here's a rarity for a mobile title: Zombie Catchers is free (of course with ads or in-app purchases) but you can still play it totally offline without an internet connection.


In terms of light mobile fun, Zombie Catchers is a real winner, putting you in the role of two intergalactic brothers looking to rid earth of a zombie invasion. Along the way you get to jet pack around levels using a harpoon gun, traps, or drones to catch as many of the shambling undead as possible.


Space Marshals / Space Marshals 2

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $4.99
  • \n

A counterpoint to XCOM or Hitman Go, the Space Marshals games are tactical without going into full fledged turn based gameplay. These are more fast paced and action packed, melding stealth and strategy aspects into a top-down shooter.


From shotguns to energy crossbows and throwing axes there's an endless string of loadouts to choose from as well, with plenty of missions to play through when you've got some time to burn.


Hitman Go

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $4.99
  • \n

While games like XCOM transfer the full console experience into mobile form, the Go series ditches all the complicated mechanics and distills major titles into more tactical, board-game style gameplay.


With Hitman Go you still need to figure out how to assassinate targets, its just done as a turn-based puzzle instead. That change is perfect for times when you don't have WiFi, and it allows for both quick matches and more challenging levels that will test your problem solving skills.


If you like the concept of taking a complex AAA game and simplifying it down into a puzzler, there's also Deus Ex Go that has a very similar execution but with a sci-fi theme. 



  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $1.99
  • \n

Looking for something way different? Lifeline offers up a twist on the classic "choose your own adventure" style of novels. Yes, this is a text game, but it will manage to grab your imagination like very few AAA graphics-intensive titles.


The only downside to keep in mind here is that the messages sent to you from a stranded spacefarer come in real time until you reach your first ending. In other words, this isn't the game to pick for a quick bout of fun, as messages will only arrive every few hours until you eventually die (or get a winning ending) and start over with new options.


From that point on, you can choose to skip the real time aspect and have new messages sent immediately.


World Of Goo

  • Platform:
  • \n
  • Price: $4.99
  • \n

Want to know why the world went gaga for the Wii way back when? Super Mario Galaxy may have played a role, but in all honesty, it was really World Of Goo. 


Figuring out how to build towers of adorable goo balls to reach objectives is way more fun than you'd think, and there's a lot of challenge here that will bend your brain.


If you dig World Of Goo's oddly charming gameplay, be sure to also check out Badmind, which has a similar physics-based concept but goes in a radically different direction.


XCOM: Enemy Within

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $4.99
  • \n

Back in the days of giant hardcover book sized car phones, or even awhile later when the Motorola RAZR was the height of flip phone style, it would have been hard to imagine full PC games making their way onto mobile platforms.


I'm consistently surprised by which titles clever developers have managed to port over to phones, and the XCOM reboot is one of the better options available.


This is the full tactical XCOM experience right on your mobile device, and with no WiFi required. Get ready to save the earth from alien invasion, just make sure not to run out of money or tick off all your allies while protecting civilians form abduction!


Dead Cells

  • Platform: iOS only (but coming to Android!)
  • \n
  • Price: $7.99
  • \n

This challenging Metroidvania style platformer saw its share of accolades when first releasing to console and PC, and now its been ported over to iOS, with an Android version due in the coming months.


Dead Cells is a "rogue-lite" with permadeath where twitchy skill is king and developing fast reflexes will keep you from having to start over yet again. It works well enough on a phone screen, but there's also controller support if you need an extra edge to get past the harder segments.


Battleheart 2

  • Platform: iOS and Android
  • \n
  • Price: $3.99
  • \n

Sitting comfortably in a great little niche between a time waster and a full fledged RPG, Battleheart 2 knows exactly what it is and exactly how to keep you interested without a WiFi connection.


The heart of the experience is all about building up a cadre of heroes to engage in constant battles, but the combat has been broken down to revolve around tapping and dragging on a mobile device. The system works much better than it has any right to, and Battleheart 2 is something you could get addicted to over a PC or console game.


The original Battleheart still stands up as a legitimately fun game to play when you have no WiFi as well, and its a buck cheaper on either platform.


It's every mobile gamer's nightmare -- the dreaded night without WiFi! Whether your local service provider has an outage, you're on a long flight, or just in line at the grocery store where you don't have great wireless service, there are still plenty of games to play without an internet connection.


Obviously we won't be listing any gachas or MMOs that require a constant connection to a server, but you won't even miss 'em with this list of the best offline mobile games.


We've found 9 killer games in every genre available for iOS and Android that you can play as long as you like without needing to connect to the Internet. 

Deus Ex Go complete guide to beating levels 8 - 14 Mon, 22 Aug 2016 04:36:47 -0400 Ty Arthur

After covering the opening seven levels of the mobile stealth/puzzle game Deus Ex Go, its time to move onto the next segment and complete out the first major arc of the game's storyline. If you need help on other parts of the game or a refresher on how the mechanics work, be sure to also check out:

Deus Ex Go Level 8

Hacking computers is first introduced in this area, allowing you to take control of objects like turrets to advance through a level.

From the start point, head right, down, and then left until you are on the yellow hacking triangle. Tap your circle and drag it across the lanes to your intended target: in this case, the turret on the right. Taking control of the turret on the right automatically kills the guard.

 Hacking a turret

Tap your circle again and this time take control of the turret on the left so it won't attack you when you pass by. Now head all the way to the far lower-right corner and pick up the blue invisibility augmentation, but don't activate it yet as it only lasts a single move.

Go back to the hacking terminal and re- hack the turret on the right. This has to be done as the right side turret has two circles' worth of movement in front of it, which can't be bypassed with a single move of invisibility.

Go back up so you are just one circle to the left of the left side turret's line of sight. Activate your invisibility and move right and then head right and up to exit the level. With the right turret hacked it won't shoot as you move upward.

 Using invisibility to move by the turret without activating line of sight

Deus Ex Go Level 9

A new element is added in this level of red lanes that can't be crossed until they are hacked. Move right and then down to the first yellow hacking terminal. Like with the turrets, tap your circle and then drag up to hack the middle red lane and create a passage.

 Hacking lanes

Now move up to the second yellow hacking terminal and hack the lack to the left so you can move back towards the beginning section of the level.

 Hacking the left lane

Go left and down back to the lower hacking terminal and hack the left side lane. This will make the center lane inaccessible as it turns back red, but that's OK because the top lane is still open. 

 Two lanes hacked but no way through the center yet

Go back up and then left to the top terminal. Now just hack the center lane and you have a clear path down and towards the exit on the right side.

Deus Ex Go Level 10

This one's sort of tricky, but there is a way through with a little hacking magic. Go up to the middle lane, which triggers the guard's Titan shield and starts his charge towards you. Instead of going up to the invisibility augmentation, go down instead to the hacking terminal.

Reaching the hacking terminal

Hack the center red lane, rather than the one on the right that leads to the exit and is blocked by the guard. Now head back up to the middle lane and go up again to the invisibility augmentation when the guard charges. Don't activate it yet though.

Move down one circle and then right one circle so you are on the hacked yellow lane. Now activate your augmentation and move down on circle, placing you in the guard's path. Since you are invisible, you can now move right and stealth kill the guard.

 Stealth killing the guard

Now return to the lower lane and hack the red lane on the right, which clears a path to the exit.

Deus Ex Go Level 11

From the level's start, move up, right, and then down to access the yellow hacking terminal. Hack the red lane to your right, which turns the top lane red and causes the guard to be stuck in his current position.

 Freezing the guard in place in a red lane

Move to the terminal on the right and hack the top red lane back into a yellow lane so the guard can keep moving. Move two circles to the left so the guard returns to his original position.

You now have a clear path to move up, right, and up to reach the exit. The guard will give chase, but he'll be far enough way that he won't reach you as you move on the center lane.

 Outrunning the guard to the exit

Deus Ex Go Level 12

Head up to the terminal and hack the red lane on the left side of the map. The top guard will give chase, but you have plenty of moves to go left and then up to the invisibility augmentation.

 Hacking the left side

You will notice when you reach the top that your hacked yellow lane turns red again - that's because the guard hit the terminal and undid your hack. From the augmentation circle, move down to stealth kill the guard in the way. Now go down and back to the right, but stop just before reaching the terminal.

Activate your invisibility and then move onto the hacking circle and hack the right side red lane, opening a path to the exit. Since you were invisible on the hacking circle, the guard won't give chase and won't ruin your hack on the way up and right to the exit.

 Hacking while invisible

Deus Ex Go Level 13

Move right and then down so you are on the bottom lane and out of the center guard's line of sight. Head right and then up to access the terminal. Hack the turret to kill the guard on the center lane.

 Using the turret to kill a guard

Next, hack the top red lane so the top guard can get through. You'll notice the lane is now open to turret fire though, so don't go on it! Instead, move one circle to the left to get in the guard's line of sight and force him to chase after you.

 Forcing the guard to chase

The turret won't kill the guard since  you no longer have it hacked and it isn't seeing you. That's OK though, as we're going to game the system a bit. Move down and then back up so the guard turns around and starts moving towards his original position. 

From the terminal circle, hack the top lane again to turn back red so that the guard can't pass and return to his starting spot. Move down one circle so the guard moves up and is now blocked. Now hack the red lane on the right and you have a free and clear path. Since the guard is facing up, he won't see you and can't chase.

 Reaching the exit

Deus Ex Go Level 14

At the level's start point, move right two spaces and then down one space to stealth kill the guard. Part way through, a cut scene will trigger that advances a story plot.

 Taking out the guard

Move down and then left and hack the center right lane so it turns yellow. Now move right and then up to the top hacking terminal and hack the turret so it won't shoot at you when you break line of sight.

 Hacking the turret

Move up and towards the left to grab the invisibility augmentation. You still don't have a clear path to the exit yet, so go back down to the bottom hacking terminal and hack the red lane on the right to turn it yellow. Move up to the top hacking terminal and hack the center red lane to turn it yellow as well.

The turret will no longer be hacked at this point, but that's OK because you have the invisibility augmentation. Move up to the center point so you are one circle beneath the turret's line of sight and activate your invisibility.

 Turn invisible at this point on the map

Now just move up and to the right to reach the level's exit. Congratulations, you've now completed the first major story segment of Deus Ex Go! Be sure to comment below if you have any tips on completing these levels in fewer moves or by utilizing different hacking techniques! 

Deus Ex Go complete guide to beating levels 1 - 7 Sat, 20 Aug 2016 11:54:04 -0400 Ty Arthur

The Deus Ex stealth experience has officially been transported into a mobile format, tasking you with sneaking through a gigantic corporate headquarters to track down a contact and learn some nefarious secrets.

The entire point of this app is to discover how to get through each increasingly difficult level through trial and error, so you are sort of killing your own fun by looking up a walkthrough. Might we suggest reading our guide to how the mechanics work instead? That explains all the basics you need to know to puzzle out every floor's course on your own.

If you're hit the wall though and are experiencing some serious frustration with a specific level, below we cover step by step how to pass the first seven levels in the fewest number of moves.

Deus Ex Go Level 1

This one's as simple as they come and only serves to teach the basic mechanics, although there's no tutorial so it is  possible to lose the first time or two while figuring out how the turn system works.

To beat this level, move up to the top-left circle (just to the left of the guard facing away from you), which will make the guard on the far right chase after you.

  Take out the top guard as the lower guard turns around 

While the lower guard is still red, kill the top guard from behind. Keep going to the right as the lower guard returns to his original position. Since he's facing left, he won't see you coming from above, allowing a stealth kill from the side.

 Kill the lower guard from above as he's looking the wrong direction

Deus Ex Go Level 2

This one's a bit of a wild goose chase that teaches you how to use the turn based movement to your advantage to get past an enemy. Head right and then up to the center circle, which will trigger the guard to turn red and give chase.

Move to the far left to keep the guard chasing after and then go up and turn right. Keep moving back and forth along the top row until he returns to his original position, then move down to the center row on the far left side, initiating another chase.

Since he'll run all the way to far left end, you have time to go right and then down as he's running the wrong direction.

 Move past the guard while he's running towards the left side wall

Deus Ex Go Level 3

The third level brings in the invisibility augmentation, which you have to use in conjunction with the turn based chasing mechanic from the last level. At the start move up one circle to grab the invisibility augmentation, then immediately deploy it by tapping the triangle in the top-right corner and then tapping your own circle.

Move right one circle - since you are invisible, the guard won't see you. You can move up and stealth kill him, but it's not necessary and just wastes a move.

 Moving invisibly past the first guard

Instead, go right one circle and then up one circle, which will initiate a chase. Immediately go to the right side to break off line of sight (remember that guards can't see sideways - only the direction they are looking). Move down and then back up to force the guard to start returning to his original position.

 Waiting for the guard to go back where he started

Now return to the center lane and move up one circle. When the guard hits his starting point, he turns around and sees you again, initiating another chase. Move to the left to break line of sight, and then go up and grab the second invisibility augmentation.

Move down one circle and activate invisibility. Keep in mind it is only active for one single move, and its useless if the guard has already spotted you. Go right, which uses your invisible move and places you just below the unsuspecting guard, then move up to stealth kill him and exit the level.

 Using invisibility to kill the guard

Deus Ex Go Level 4

This one requires a little extra thought into how each guard will move every turn. Head right and then up, triggering line of sight with the left guard. Don't go for the invisibility augmentation yet though, as you can't reach it  before the guard kills you. Instead head up, triggering the guard on the right.

 Caught between a rock and a hard place!

Move up, then go right and immediately move back left so you are back at the top most point of the center lane. Move back down one circle. The guard on the right will see you again and give chase, but it doesn't matter because you are moving down to the lane with the invisibility augmentation.

Since the left guard is still running back to his original starting position, you now have time to dash to the left and pick it up before he hits you.

 Always use the guard's movement restrictions against them

After grabbing the invisibility augmentation, the left guard will turn around and see you. Head right and then up again so you are on the top lane, at which point both guards will be giving chase. Move left and right on the top lane repeatedly until the right guard is back in his starting position.

When you are standing on the top-right circle, activate invisibility and then move down one, which lets you go past the right guard without being seen. Now you can go down and exit the level. Again, you can kill the guard while invisible, but this wastes a move.

 Now he can't see you!

Deus Ex Go Level 5

This is another wild goose chase level where you have to plan your moves correctly to get just ahead of the guard as he chases. Move onto the center lane so the guard sees you and then hide by moving down onto the lower triangle.

Move up and down the left side of the lower triangle repeatedly until the guard is past you, then head back up to the center lane. When the guard turns around and chases again, move up onto the top triangle.

 This chasing gets sort of silly.

Head over to the right side of the top triangle so you are directly above the guard - remember that he can't see you as you are on his side. Now just move directly down to stealth kill him and exit the level.

 These guards have absolutely no peripheral vision.

Deus Ex Go Level 6

This level introduces a new mechanic - using guards against each other. As it turns out, guards block each other's lines of sight, and a stationary guard actually blocks a running guard from moving, allowing you to sneak past.

Move up, left, and then up all the way to the top lane. You will be tempted to try to stealth kill the center guard - don't do it. As soon as you enter his circle, the top guard will automatically move down and kill you.

 Don't go center, go the top route instead.

Move over to the right so the center guard sees you and starts chasing. Immediately go back left and then down to the center lane. With the center guard still moving, the guard on the right will see you and start giving chase.

 Getting the far right guard's attention

Now move back up to the top lane. You'll notice the charging right guard is stuck trying to move past the stationary center guard. Go to the far right again to force the center guard to give chase. Why are we doing this? Because now the guards will be reversed - when the center guard returns to his starting position, the guard from the right will now be stuck on the left and unable to move, allowing you a path through.

 The guard is now stuck on the left side.

Move down to the lower lane and all the way to the right. The path is now clear to go up and right to the desk, which is the level's finish point.

Deus Ex Go Level 7

This level introduces turrets, which kill you as soon as you enter their line of sight, unlike the guards that have to chase first. You can use turrets to your advantage though by positioning guards in the appropriate way.

Move down one circle to grab the invisibility augmentation, then move down again to get the guard's attention.

 Getting the guard to give chase

Whatever you do - don't move down yet! The turret will automatically see you and fire. Instead, activate the invisibility augmentation while the guard is chasing you and then move down, preventing line of sight with the turret.

Move to the right out of the turret's line of fire. Now move right and left repeatedly (without entering the line of fire for either the right or left turret) until the guard is on the circle just above you.

 Mirroring the guard's movements on the lower lane

While both you and the guard are exactly one circle to the left of the right-hand turret, move one circle to the right. This puts you in the turret's line of fire, but since the guard is above you, he will get hit instead. Now you can simply move right and up to finish the level.

 Using the guard as a human shield! 

Congratulations, you beat the first seven levels! Let us know in the comments section if you figured out how to complete of these floors using fewer moves or if you found any other strategies for distracting guards. Next up we'll be covering levels 8 -  14!

Everything you need to know to play Deus Ex Go Sat, 20 Aug 2016 08:24:21 -0400 Ty Arthur

Well would you look at that – a Go game that has nothing to do with Pokemon and will almost certainly lead zero people to walk into landmines or tumble off cliffs. Rejoice humanity!

Although it has Deus Ex backgrounds and animations, this is essentially a puzzle game where you are figuring how to move across the board in the least number of moves.

Along the way you can nab yourself 24 different achievements and the sense of accomplishment for beating some truly brain-twisting levels. Here's the real kicker though: if you manage to perfectly complete each level, you actually unlock content in the impending full game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.

Completing the story mode from beginning to end, clearing every single level with the minimum required moves, and completing weekly puzzles all offer up Praxis Kits you can use in the upcoming PC/console game if you link your Square Enix account to Deus Ex Go.

     Free console swag for playing a mobile game? Yes please!

For specific help on completing each level, check out our guides to:

How Deus Ex Go's Mechanics Work

The game really throws you right in with no tutorial of any kind, just expecting you to figure out how to play by losing repeatedly. Forget that nonsense, we're going to show you how to live the whole way through from beginning to end!

Deus Ex: Go is turn based, so although its about stealthing your way through a gigantic corporate megaplex, you have plenty of time to consider your next move - always use it and think before acting!

The basic idea is to reach the end of a level, whether that be an elevator to the next floor or a desk filled with corporate secrets. Tapping a circle moves you one line over and utilizes a turn. Littered across the circles will be guards on the lookout for assassin thieves just like you, and they also move one circle per turn.

 Each circle uses a turn, and breaking line of sight initiates a chase

As soon as you enter a guard's line of sight (at any distance), he activates a Titan shield and becomes invincible, then starts charging and will move one circle towards you each turn. If you leave line of sight or run away far enough, the guard will turn around and head back to his starting position.

The entire basis of the game is predicting the guard movement so you can get around them (or kill them) and reach the end point. You have to either outrun a guard to the end point using the level layout to your advantage, or instead position yourself in such a way that you can get on the side or behind a guard and launch an attack.

Moving into a guard's circle when they haven't seen you initiates a stealth kill, but in most cases you don't have to kill guards to reach the end, and can instead just move around them if you're thinking ahead.

Mastering Turn Based Movement

The most important thing to keep in mind when planning your movement is that guards only notice if you cross directly in front of their line of sight – they don't see you if you come up from the side. 

To reach the end of a level you have to think about where the guard will be after you move, so keep in mind it doesn't use up a turn to pivot and turn around. In other words, if a guard hits a wall, he will immediately go back to the previous circle he was on in the next turn, so don't get in his way. They will also immediately see (and kill) you if you are following behind a guard when he hits a wall and turns around.

 Luring guards into specific locations is how you create a path to the end

When you find yourself in a difficult position and it seems like there's nowhere to go, sometimes the best move is to go back where you just were to force the guard to move.

When there are too many guards to get through an area, you have to use them against each other to create a path.

If a guard is running one direction, he remains still when another guard is in his path, no matter how many turns you use to move. This gives you openings to get through until the blocking guard sees you and moves.

     The second guard will stay in that position until the first guard moves

A guard will also only chase the direction he's facing, so use sideways movement to your advantage. For instance if a guard hits a wall and turns around, you can move next to him and he won't see you unless he is directly facing your current circle.

Special Abilities And Terrain Features

In some cases there's just no path through the lines to the end, which is why you have to utilize special abilities and features like turrets.

The blue triangle offers an Augmentation power that turns you invisible for a short time, letting you slip past guards (or sneak up and kill them). Activate invisibility by tapping the blue triangle in the upper-right corner and then tap the circle you are standing on.

It's important to remember that invisibility offered by the blue triangle only lasts for one move, so you have to strategically plan how to use it, as your second move will trigger line of sight for guards.

You can take out a guard from the front while invisible if he is stationary, but if he has his shield activated and is moving into the same square as you, the guard takes precedence and you'll have to start the level over.

 Invisibility lets you move in front of a guard's line of sight without dying

Even better than invisibility, turrets kill guards even if they have their Titan shields activated, but they will only fire if you enter the turret's line of sight.

Unlike other guards, turrets see you and fire even if guards are in the way. This can be used to your advantage, such as luring a guard to run along one lane of circles while you shadow beneath on a lower lane, triggering a turret to kill the guard for you.

    By moving forward, the turret will kill the guard running to the right

Besides turrets, there are also computer terminals to hack that are marked by yellow triangles. To hack the terminal, just enter the circle and tap your space. Drag your finger along the path you want to use to hack an object, and then tap the yellow triangle with a white X mark to exit the hacking screen.

Be sure to consider your hacking path carefully, because a guard passing through a hacked circle will disrupt the hack and you'll have to go back and do it again. Before hacking any object, pay attention to where the guards will be running when you cross their line of sight in a few turns. When a turret is hacked it turns yellow and will no longer fire at you, but it will still fire at a guard chasing after you.

 Hacking turrets to kill a guard

Calculating turn order is incredibly important, so remember that hacking a terminal or activating invisibility doesn't cost a turn (although moving into the terminal's circle does use a turn).

To succeed in any given level, always think in terms of the next turn and where the guards will be, instead of where they are. Sometimes you have to go on some truly wild goose chases, luring guard after guard after guard on seemingly pointless chases until there's that one open spot letting you reach the end.

Don't worry if you mess up though, as there's no downside to losing (other than having to restart the level), so experiment until you figure out the proper path to take and hit the minimum moves required.

With these Deus Ex Go tips in mind you have tall he tools necessary to figure out each puzzle level on your own, but some are more frustratingly difficult than others, so next we'll be covering how to get through some of the more vexing levels.

Square Enix is bringing Deus Ex Go to Mobile Devices Next Week Fri, 12 Aug 2016 13:51:30 -0400 Jeremy Brown

The next highly anticipated release of August for many is Eidos Montreal's new Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but if you can't wait until it releases on August 23, you can join Adam Jensen's world sooner, albeit in a more pocket-sized size and scope.

Square Enix is releasing Deus Ex Go on August 18, set in the same universe as Mankind Divided but in the gameplay style of the rest of the Go series, which include Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go. This time around in the turn-based puzzle series, infiltration and Jensen's augmentations are meant to bring new wrinkles into the series puzzle foundation.

If you are interested, check out the reveal trailer Square Enix released earlier this summer. From what we can tell, the game is still a Go game through and through, with a simple but slick Deus Ex aesthetic.

Deus Ex Go releases on August 18, for iOS and Android tablets and phones.