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Anime has inspired numerous video game counterparts that allow fans the opportunity to play some of their favorite characters. Unfortunately, this does not always mean that the games do justice and provide fans with an enjoyable experience in their anime universe. While some games rise to the occasion by bringing a fun and memorable experience, some quickly turn into a headache for the player. Here is the good, the bad, and the ugly of anime inspired video games.

The Good

Some games do an amazing job of merging what makes an anime great with video game functionality that provides an overall enjoyable experience for the player.

One franchise that has managed to achieve this is Naruto, which, in recent years, has developed a successful line through its Ninja Storm titles. As a fighting game series, the Naruto games allow players to become some of their favorite characters and live out some of the most iconic moments from the TV show. The series did not start out the best, but over time has developed a good balance of style and substance that make it a fresh and fun fighting game with the anime setting that fans love. The roster of characters is one of the largest ever seen in a video game which can feel overwhelming, but it does allow a player to use their favorite character even if they were not that important in the show.

Another franchise that blends game and anime well is Danganronpa. Now this is a video game series that inspired a successful anime but nonetheless it does a great job doing both. The game is a point and click mystery adventure that puts players in a the role of a grim detective trying to figure out who is the mastermind behind the evil plot. It is unique story that somehow fits very well in the game universe. The art style is fantastic and there are many parallels between it and the show which is a good fan service. The game seems simple but offers enough intrigue to feel rewarding to the most observant players.

The Bad

Now some games do not do as well of a job at crafting a video game with anime world, which can leave players with an unsatisfying gaming experience. Usually these games try so hard to make the anime world come to life, that they miss the mark for good gameplay.

One such example of this is Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Taking place in the Dragon Ball universe, Xenoverse is a fighting game that looked great. It was very flashy and offered a unique story but that was essentially all that it had to offer. The combat of the game felt very unfair which bogs down a fighting game, where fairness can determine the outcome of a match pretty quickly. Now the game is still a fun time and does enough to satisfy fans wanting to play a Dragon Ball game but this game does not stand out without its anime elements.

One Piece: Burning Blood faces similar issues. This game offered a lot as far as fun 3D combat is concerned, but does not do a lot outside of that. If you are not a longtime fan of the series, this game is not for you. The combat is fun and wacky, which is very much One Piece, but makes little sense to anyone that is not familiar with the series. The story is also an arc of the show but does little to make the player feel as though they are living the One Piece story and are instead just watching a different format of the anime.

The Ugly

These games got the mix of anime and game all wrong. They make an attempt to provide a video game experience to an anime world and end up delivering something very far from that.

A franchise with a history of this is Sword Art Online. Sword Art Online’s universe is literally a video game so it would make you think that there is a lot that can be done, but that has yet to be the case. Fans of the series have been left with games that are repetitive and do little to build off the universe. Most are repetitive and feature frustrating combat mechanics that leave many people doing the same moves over and over again. The games have not brought the anime to life and lack any real development for the overall story. There has yet to be a saving grace in the series and we do not know if we will see one to come.

Another franchise with similar hiccups is Attack on Titan. The first Attack on Titan game, Humanity in Chains, was a disaster. The visuals were muffled, the gameplay was lackluster, and overall the game was a disservice to the anime world many fans love. It is a frustrating experience to see a world you love get bombed with an ugly video game. On a lighter note, the franchise did improve itself by offering a new PS4 title which was a much better game though still not spectacular. In the newer game, the combat was much better and visuals were cleaner but it suffered from a generally unsatisfying plot.

Some anime games know what to do and some should just stay out of games. Let us know in the comments which anime games are favorites and your worst nightmares

The Ultimate Dragon Ball Z Game Tier List https://www.gameskinny.com/symzf/the-ultimate-dragon-ball-z-game-tier-list https://www.gameskinny.com/symzf/the-ultimate-dragon-ball-z-game-tier-list Mon, 04 Sep 2017 12:06:39 -0400 Jeffrey Rousseau


Ok we went through a lot of games over the years. So you're probably wondering what does the top ten list look like right? So here goes.

  1. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  2. \n
  3. Dragon Ball Xenoverse
  4. \n
  5. Dragon Ball Z Hyper Dimensions
  6. \n
  7. Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3
  8. \n
  9. Super Dragon Ball Z
  10. \n
  11. Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans
  12. \n
  13. Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden
  14. \n
  15. Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit
  16. \n
  17. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
  18. \n
  19. Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai Another Road.
  20. \n

Well that's our Dragon Ball Z game tier list friends. Were we wrong with our tier lists? Do we missing any games? Maybe you disagree? Let us know in the comments section!

2010s (2010-Current Handhelds)

Around this time the handheld titles also saw a resurgence as well. Though no were near the level of their console counter parts. These will barely rank anywhere or will they?


In 2010 the PSP received Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team. This game like many is carbon copy average. 2015 marked the release of Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden for the Nintendo 3DS. Now, Extreme Butoden received mixed reviews from players and critics. The overall gameplay is very responsive and fine tuned. Its no surprise it was developed by Arc System Works.


2016 saw the release of Dragon Ball Fusions for the Nintendo 3DS. Fusions plays like a miniature Xenoverse but also players to fuse anyone for battle. It's pretty fun for the what if scenarios.

2010s (2010-present)

Ahh, I've wanted to get closer to the present Dragon Ball Z games. The consoles have seen some good entries and bad ones too. Around this time we're shifting over to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so there's growing pains unfortunately.


In 2010, Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi was released in 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Both of these titles suffered the same issues as most games. They were passable but barely. The story modes weren't special and gameplay awkward. Keep these below average.


Oh 2012 saw the release of Dragon Ball Z: For Kinect. This Xbox 360 exclusive should be avoided and is best used as a coaster. A month later, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai HD Collection was released. It played the same as the Budokai games but with better resolution. Eh, solidly average within our hierarchy.


2014 was the release of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. This was released on the PS3, Xbox 306 and PS Vita. This game was really just made to ride the hype of the movie at the time. Nothing impressive to see here folks.


Just when things weren't looking up 2015 saw the release of Dragon Ball: Xenoverse. This was a Dragon Ball that read like a fan dream for the PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. A RPG adventure with a custom character? Time traveling and fights within all story arcs? The gameplay was also the culmination of what worked in the past. I mean what could be better?


Oh, I'll tell you what is better: its sequel. In 2016, Dragon Ball: Xenoverse 2 was released on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. With a shift to modern consoles, its visual were improved. The game was larger the the previous. Also the game has been constantly updated as the new Dragon Ball anime airs. All your favorite characters can be teachers of your created character. You can unlock them all and the story is massive. Of course its endless hours of fun. Online versus is also very solid.


As of now Xenoverse 2 is the best Dragon Ball Z game. No game comes close. If you don't own this game and like Dragon Ball Z, something is wrong friend.

2000s Part 2(2005-2009 Handhelds)

Ok, by now you should know the handheld titles aren't anything to write home about. Yet we still have to rank the rest of the early 2000s. This time we saw releases among the DS, PSP, and a few GBA remnants.


2005 saw the releases of Dragon Ball GT: Transformation for the GameBoy Advance and Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors 2 for the Nintendo DS. 2006 saw the release Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai for the PlayStation Portable. 2007 saw the Dragon Ball Z: Harukanaru Densetsu for the DS and Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road for the PlayStation Portable.



All of these are forgettable and should be filed as painfully average. The only standout title is Another Road. It played like a nearly portable copy of Tenkaichi. Having a fighter with tons of characters, decent mechanics, and visuals on the go? This helped it stand above the others. Still average though



2009 saw the release of Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans for the DS. Now this was the best game on handhelds around this time. This was a well made RPG. It was the first in awhile too. It focused on one arc so the roster was small and time was spent of fleshing out the adventure. Fans found it fun and kids were content. Who knew a Dragon Ball Z RPG just worked? Thus this become a contender for our list.

2000s Part 2(2005-2009)

Around this time were getting into the era of the PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, & Xbox 360 offerings. Overall things were a mixed bag.


2005 saw the release of Dragon Ball Z Sagas for the Xbox. Avoid this game, its F tier. It was the only Xbox exclusive DBZ game and it left the wrong impression. Bland looking, gameplay was poor, and I could go on. Could the reason that it was developed by a Western studio be the reason? No, it was just bad.


Now things stayed a float with Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi. Yes that's quite the title. Like the name implies, Tenkaichi is an expansion of the Budokai series and played nearly the same. There were some notable changes where the gameplay was a bit more strategic. The roster was also bigger than the Budokai games. Tenkaichi released in 2005, Tenkaichi 2 released in 2006, and Tenkaichi 3 released in 2007 for all major consoles at the time.



These games are mainly average and barley reach the top ten except the third. Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi 3 should be the only one to play. No game to date had a roster so exhaustive. The gameplay was also pretty on point.


2006 saw the release of perhaps the best PlayStation 2 Dragon Ball Z game, Super Dragon Ball Z. Unlike the Budokai games, this focused more of delivering a traditional arcade fighting game experience. What this meant a small roster and more emphases on solid gameplay. So you could consider this to be the most Street Fighter like at the time. This is a top ten contender for sure. Side note: it's cool if you're forgetting what's going in the top ten. I'll have at the end for you.



2008 was the year for the modern consoles. Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 saw the release of Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit. This title was the first entirely HD title. The game had a small roster, very impressive visuals, and responsive gameplay. Unsurprisingly it played like Budokai 3 with some slight improvements. Plus the edition of online play was another bonus. This was also a personal favorite of mean as well.



Although 2008 was looking great, we got the last PlayStation 2 title Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World. So unlike the leeway made by the games mentioned before this took a backsteps. It was less linear but the gameplay designs came together poorly in execution. The game included quests and minigames unnecessarily. Fighting was very reminiscent of the Tenkaichi titles. You can leave this at the bottom. Although, it's not as bad as some game mentioned. 



We end the early 2000s with Dragon Ball Z: Raging Blast. Released in 2009 for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This title was another fully HD title. Now this is ultimately another pass. It did feature a few interesting turns with the story mode and what if characters. Sure, the game looks good and the online was solid. The downside however was the strange control scheme chosen. It often felt more difficult than necessary. Play at your own risk but trust me leave it unplayed.

2000s Part 1 (Handheld titles from 2000-2004)

Now this is list won't be as detailed as the previous section. The reason being is that all these titles played nearly the same. They were hardly standout in any capacity. For the purposes of our tier list I have to rank them accordingly nonetheless.


The Nintendo GameBoy Advance saw a lot of releases within a few years. 2002 saw the releases of Dragon Ball Z: Collectible Card Game, Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors, and Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku.


2003 saw the releases of Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Taiketsu. 2004 saw the releases of Dragon Ball Z: Supersonic Warriors and Dragon Ball Z: Buu's Fury.


Now these games are what I like to call mediocre. Aside from Supersonic Warriors(seen above), you aren't missing much with these. They're average at best and mildly entertaining. They aren't horrible but passable.

2000s Part 1 Consoles (2000-2004)

So the 2000s blew up with Dragon Ball Z games everywhere. Now because of all these games we'll separate the 2000s titles by consoles and handhelds. So we'll mull over games from 2000-2004.


The first game, Dragon Ball Z Budokai, was released in 2002 for the Nintendo GameCube and PlayStation 2. This is where the 3D games take a turn for the better. We could freely move (and fly!) around arenas and fight like a traditional fighter as well. The game looked pretty good and story wise it went all the way to the end of the Cell Saga. Now, this game is pretty up there for DBZ games. In fact, it laid the blueprint for what works.


Then we have its sequel, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2 which released in 2003. This was also a multiplaform title. Now, this is slight better than the first. It has a considerable sized cast. The story goes all the way to the end of the Majin Buu saga. This can be passed up as its above average along with the first Budokai.



Now, probably the best of the early 2000s is Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3. Released in 2004 for the PlayStation 2, this title is considered one of the best by fans. As a console exclusive, all resources were poured into making it the best possible. It featured a huge (understatement!) cast of characters from BDZ, and BDGT as well. The gameplay was also refined to its smoothest. The visuals were ok though. So what should a DBZ game be? This is the answer. A top 5 candidate. 



The 2000s wasn't all that good for the Dragon Ball Z games. 2003 saw the release of Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Battle 22 for the PlayStation. This game is bad, very bad. Visually it looked horrible as they used low resolution sprites. Gameplay was pretty mindless. You would fight in giant areas (empty spaces) and just hit the attack button. There was no strategy involved. It feels like the game was just thrown together. This has to be at the bottom of the list.


So for our list we'll separate the titles by their respective decade. So as the series ended in Japan. It was the start of anime series in the West. It was also the start of game flood for the west. It was a little barren however.



Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension. Released in 1996 for the Super Famicom. Now if you were in the import scene, you knew about this game. This game even by today's standards this is one of the best titles. It played as a well-tuned traditional fighter. The roster focused on 8 characters. So more detail was provided to their sprites, animation, stage design, music, and etc. Best game of the 1990s? -- Yep, it's easily in the top 5.



On the other end of the spectrum, we have Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout. Released in 1997 for the PlayStation, the title was a 3D fighter. It was one of the first fully 3D games for the franchise. Now, this game should be something you should pass on. The roster, although packed, felt very phoned in. The game play was mediocre at best and it looked unappealing. It belongs around the bottom of the barrel, untouched.


Ahh, Dragon Ball Z. A show where you have more screaming that a heavy metal concert and more angst than a highschool. The popular multimedia series is still going strong today.


The manga series ran publication in the mid 1980s and the anime began in 1989. Since then the world has fallen in love with its over the top stories.


Over the years, the shonen series has also inspired some video games. Well, many video games actually. From the SNES to modern consoles, we've had a healthy amount of titles. Of course, we have the new Dragon Ball FighterZ due in 2018. Which looks amazing by the way.


So we figured why not have a Dragon Ball Z game tier list? So grab a drink friends and enjoy our list -- and if you don't want all the fluff between all the slides, you can find the list in full in the last slide here.

Here are 10 (of many) great titles discounted in Steam's Anime Weekend Sale https://www.gameskinny.com/7maw3/here-are-10-of-many-great-titles-discounted-in-steams-anime-weekend-sale https://www.gameskinny.com/7maw3/here-are-10-of-many-great-titles-discounted-in-steams-anime-weekend-sale Fri, 29 Apr 2016 10:31:23 -0400 Ashley Shankle

An "Anime Weekend Sale" on Steam? What the hell is that even supposed to mean? Apparently it means games with anime-style art direction, even if they're developed outside Japan.

This weekend's sale has slapped some hefty discounts on several of Steam's anime-style games, ranging from fighters and platformers to RPGs and visual novels.

Just like with any other Steam sale, there's a huge variance in quality. And if you want to find something good you have to do some digging -- which is a bit irritating this time around, considering almost all the games' Store images are eye-catching but so many are visual novels. I like visual novels as much as the next shut-in, but they're not what I turn to Steam for.

Back on point, let's take a look at some notable titles that may just be worth a purchase this weekend while they're on the cheap. These aren't the only good games on sale this weekend, but they are worth a look if this weekend's sale selection is overwhelming.


Genre: Metroidvania-bullet hell
Steam Store link
Price: $14.39 (Normally $17.99)

This Metroidvania-bullet hell hybrid is only 20% off but it's one recent overlooked release that's basically a must-play for Metroidvania fans even if they're not all that crazy about bunny girls and cute CGs. This game is gratifyingly (see: brutally) difficult, mostly due to the bullet hell combat elements.

Every Metroidvania on Steam has its own gimmicks and this one's are its disgusting cuteness and bullet dodging. It's hard to finish Rabi-Ribi and not go back for another taste at a higher difficulty.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Genre: 3D fighter
Steam Store link
Price: $16.99 (Normally $49.99)

Dragon Ball Xenoverse came out last year amidst a pretty huge wave of brand new Dragon Ball media, including the new show and Resurrection of 'F' movie.

This online multiplayer fighter is a dream for fans of the series and lets them create a character to self-insert into the Dragon Ball storyline and fight alongside the Z Fighters. Online multiplayer is fun but don't expect any semblance of balance. None at all.

Littlewitch Romanesque: Editio Regia

Genre: Raising sim strategy
Steam Store link
Price: $16.24 (Normally $24.99)

I might be biased here, considering I imported a physical copy of this game ages ago based on its art by Ooyari Ashito (all five of us Princess Maker 3 fans represent), but anyone with an inkling for raising sims or unique, cute games would find themselves at home raising Kaya and Aria in the magical arts.

This game is extremely dialogue-heavy, often too much so, but it's unique and ultimately it's hard to forget the bizarre raising aspects and overall comfortable feeling.

Umihara Kawase Trilogy

Genre: Platformer
Steam Store link
Price: $14.99 (Normally $29.99)

This is the one entry on this list that's more than one game, mostly because if you like one of them you'll like all three. The Umihara Kawase series only recently found its way outside of Japan but has been well-known among the importing community since the first game's release in 1994.

All three of these are utterly unforgiving platformers where you have to use your fishing lure and rod to grapple onto platforms and swing to your destination in hopes of figuring out the route that actually finishes the game. Give any of the three trilogy games' trailers a look, this series is hard to describe.

100% Orange Juice

Genre: Board game
Steam Store link
Price: $2.06 (Normally $6.99)

Do you hate your friends? Do your friends hate you? Do you want to learn the true meaning of hate in online multiplayer? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, 100% Orange Juice is for you.

100% Orange Juice is a card-based board game with a fair amount of unlocks, continued support from their publisher (not even the original Japanese version has online multiplayer), and a great deal of charm. It's almost a sure bet if you're looking for a game to play casually with friends, and the 4-pack is only $5.99 during this weekend's sale.

Disgaea PC

Genre: Strategy RPG
Steam Store link
Price: $15.99 (Normally $19.99)

Disgaea isn't so well-known just because it's cute. The series has been going strong since the original PlayStation 2 release, and the Steam version brings the additional content added in the Afternoon of Darkness release, elongating what even at its most base is an absolute time-eater of a game.

There's just a ton to character growth and building, not to mention the well-known and certainly reachable 9999 level cap. NIS America ironed out some of the issues Disgaea PC had at launch, making this now the best introduction to one of console game's most popular strategy RPG series.

One Way Heroics

Genre: Sidescrolling roguelike RPG
Steam Store link
Price: $.87 (Normally $3.49)

Don't let this game's tiny price fool you into thinking it's trash -- if you like roguelikes and quirky games, it's more than worth even the standard $3.49 price tag.

It's hard to stop playing One Way Heroics once you get started. It keeps you walking forward, both during runs (which most often end before you'd like) and in overall progression. This is another one that's hard to describe, but it is much better than it looks. Especially with the Plus DLC adding new content.


Genre: Shoot'em up (Shmup)
Steam Store link
Price: $9.99 (Normally $19.99)

One of developer CAVE's better-known titles, Mushihimesama stands as one of the best-known shmups out there and one of the best on Steam.

You probably know if you like shmups. If you do and haven't grabbed this one up yet, the lower base game sale price and 50% discount on the V1.5 DLC that adds the remixed Matsuri mode and the more aggressive MAX mod. The base game and the DLC are well-worth the buy for shmup fans. But let's be honest: If you like the genre, you've probably bought it already.

Tales of Symphonia

Genre: RPG
Steam Store link
Price: $9.99 (Normally $19.99)

Generally regaled as one of if not the best Tales of game in the West, the Steam version of Tales of Symphonia was the first entry in the series to make it to the platform. It's a classic and hard not to recommend.

While the game's visuals are certainly dated, it's hard not to get wrapped up in the story, characters, and battle system. Tales of Symphonia has mixed reviews on Steam due to the game being a technical mess when released, but Bandai Namco has and still is patching it to (hopefully) pristine condition.

Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale

Genre: Shop sim, action dungeon crawler
Steam Store link
Price: $4.99 ($19.99)

Is it possible to go through the Anime Weekend Sale listings and not mention Recettear? No sir, I don't think so.

One of the first Japanese games on Steam when it was released in 2010, Recettear is an exercise in stone-cold kawaii capitalism and action dungeon crawling. You own a shop, which you must stock with goods and then sell. Selling itself requires haggling and every customer is different--for better or for worse. And dungeon crawling, well...it's fun.

There is nothing about this game that is not fun. If you somehow have not played Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale yet, it's time to get to it.

There are certainly many more worthwhile games on sale this weekend than the 10 listed here. My shortlist leading up to these 10 was less "short" and more "25+ games long". If you've skimmed through this weekend's sale, which titles would you recommend? Toss those opinions out in the comments lest my wallet stay obese!

Is 2015 the Year of Dragon Ball? https://www.gameskinny.com/n434u/is-2015-the-year-of-dragon-ball https://www.gameskinny.com/n434u/is-2015-the-year-of-dragon-ball Fri, 01 May 2015 20:00:25 -0400 Ashley Shankle

How much Son Goku can one year stand? We're about to find out here in 2015, because Japan is going absolutely Dragon Ball crazy again and we're getting most of what's being released over there.

So far the biggest Dragon Ball-related release we've seen in the West has been Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the 3D fighter with an online hub world and customizable characters. While an amazing game for fans, this is perhaps not the biggest treat Dragon Ball fans are going to see.

The newest movie, Resurrection of "F", has been completely hyped up due to the focus on Frieza. A subtitled premiere was shown in Los Angeles last week, and this summer we will be getting a full theatrical release for the dubbed version of the movie.

Considering we finally got an official release for Battle of Gods in late 2014, this is just massive overload for any Dragon Ball fan. Two movies released in English in less than a year? You're killing me!

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods was a worthy addition to the franchise, and Resurrection of "F" looks just as good (albeit more dramatic).

Dragon Ball Super

But both Xenoverse and the new movies pale in hype in comparison to the upcoming television show Dragon Ball Super, the first brand new show in the series since GT in 1996. Not only that, but Akira Toriyama is back on board and is working on the story and characters for the new TV series -- which means this won't be a GT 2.0.

Dragon Ball Super will begin a few months after the Majin Buu arc of Dragon Ball Z and will be airing in Japan this July. Hopefully we will be seeing a timely English release while the hype thanks to Xenoverse and the movies is still strong.

2015 marks the biggest year for the Dragon Ball series in nearly 20 years. With 19 movies under its moniker, a slew of games, and four anime series this far (not counting Super), Dragon Ball seems to be as strong as ever. Here's to hoping Super is good and runs long enough to stick in fans' collective memories.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Parallel Quest Requirements Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/d9li9/dragon-ball-xenoverse-parallel-quest-requirements-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/d9li9/dragon-ball-xenoverse-parallel-quest-requirements-guide Tue, 10 Mar 2015 05:22:45 -0400 Synzer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse has a bunch of side quests called Parallel Quests, or PQ for short. Each one of them gives certain rewards and has bonus objectives. These bonus objectives are not shown until you complete them and you can only get some of the rewards by completing PQs.

Obviously, for some, this could be very hard to figure out. That's why I made this guide. This guide contains every Parallel Quest hidden objective in the game. Please visit my Beginner's Guide for anything else related to Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

This guide will cover Parallel Quest requirements including:

  • Mission Requirements - What's need to complete the quest.
  • Bonus Requirements - The two bonus requirements needed for each quest.
  • Quest Number and Difficulty - The number of each quest as well as star difficulty.
  • PQ Rewards - The rewards for each PQ.

Click the links below to jump to each section

1 Star PQs

Number and NameMission RequirementBonus Requirement 1Bonus Requirement 2
00. Parallel Quest Tutorial End Trunks' Trial Defeat all Saibamen  Defeat Raditz 
01. World Tournament Tag Team  Defeat Yamcha, Krillin, and Tien Clear in under 5 minutes  Defeat Piccolo
02. Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans! Defeat Gohan/Piccolo Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Goku
03. Saiyan Blood Defeat Piccolo/Goku Clear with Raditz's health over 50% Defeat Gohan
04. Saibamen's Revenge Defeat all enemies Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Nappa


1 Star PQ Rewards
  • 00. Parallel Quest Tutorial
    • 150 Z
  • 01. World Tournament Tag Team
    • 200 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • Sunglasses (World Tournament Anncr.)
    • Chi-Chi Costume
    • Piccolo (Demon Clothes with Cape)
    • Afterimage
    • Solar Flare
    • Energy Shot
  • 02. Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans!
    • 250 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • Piccolo's Turban
    • Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi
    • Gohan (Demon Clan Cloths., Kid)
    • Time Chasm Crystal Shard 5
    • Turn Retreat
    • Evil Ray Strike
    • Evil Rise Strike
  • 03. Saiyan Blood
    • 300 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • Your power is 5? ...Scum.
    • Don't pick on my daddy!!
    • Battle Suit (Raditz)
    • Double Sunday
    • Unrelenting Barrage
    • Kamehameha 
  • 04. Saibamen's Revenge
    • 330 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • Kieeee!!
    • I'll show you the results of my training!!
    • I'll finish up here
    • Fine. I'll go first
    • Battle Suit (Nappa)
    • Giant Storm

2 Star PQs

Number and NameMission RequirementBonus Requirement 1Bonus Requirement 2
05. Attack of the Saiyans Defeat Raditz, Nappa, and Vegeta Clear by beating all Saibamen without letting any escape  Defeat all revived Saiyans
06. Invade Earth Defeat Goku Clear with Nappa surviving  Defeat revived Goku
07. Burst Open and Mix! Defeat Great Ape Vegeta Clear in 10 minutes Defeat the Time Patroller in training
08. Namekian Dragon Balls Recover 3 Dragon Balls Clear by beating Guldo Get 7 Dragon Balls
09. Saiyan Pride Defeat Goku Clear with Vegeta's health over 50% Defeat revived Goku
10. Defeat Frieza's Army Defeat all of Frieza's underlings Clear in 10 minutes Defeat Ginyu, Burter, and Jeice


2 Star PQ Rewards
  •  05. Attack of the Saiyans
    • 370 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • I'm the strongest on Earth!!
    • Battle Suit (Vegeta, on entry)
    • Break Strike
    • Explosive Wave
    • Vacation Delete
    • Arm Crash
  • 06. Invade Earth
    • 450 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • All right, who's first?
    • Don't underestimate Earth!!
    • I'll never forgive you!!
    • Yamcha's Turtle Hermit Gi
    • Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (King Kai)
    • Kaioken
    • X3 Kaioken
    • Wall of Defense
  • 07. Burst Open and Mix!
    • 450 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • I'll turn you and your planet into space dust!
    • Welcome to the end of the line!
    • Weekend
    • Break Cannon
    • Meteor Blow
  • 08. Namekian Dragon Balls
    • 600 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • Your life is mine!
    • S-Stoooooop!!!!
    • Battle Suit (Ginyu Force White)
    • Fighting Pose C
    • Final Pose
    • Fighting Pose E
    • Ultra Fighting Bomber
  • 09. Saiyan Pride
    • 650 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • Saiyans are a warrior race!!
    • I will not lose!
    • Krillin's Cap
    • Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (Go)
    • Flash Strike
    • X20 Kaioken
    • Masenko
    • Spirit Explosion
  • 10. Defeat Frieza's Army
    • 800 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • Your body is mine!
    • Goku Wig
    • Fighting Pose D
    • Blue Hurricane
    • Fighting Pose B
    • Spinning Blade
    • Holstein Shock

3 Star PQs

Number and NameMission RequirementBonus Requirement 1Bonus Requirement 2
11. Force Entrance Exam Defeat Burter, Jeice, and Recoome Clear with Guldo's health over 50% Defeat Ginyu
12. Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force Defeat all Ginyu Force members Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Frieza
13. Tri-Race Coop Defeat Krillin, Piccolo, and Vegeta Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Frieza and revived enemies
14. Legendary Super Saiyan Defeat Goku and Krillin Defeat Krillin before Goku Defeat Super Saiyan Goku
15. The Explosion of Namek Defeat Frieza Clear in under 3 minutes Defeat the Time Patroller in training
16. Super Saiyan Legend Defeat Frieza Befriend Vegeta and clear with him alive Defeat Super Saiyan Vegeta


3 Star PQ Rewards
  • 11. Force Entrance Exam
    • 900 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • Burter is the fastest in the universe
    • We're the one and only Ginyu Force!
    • Battle Suit (Ginyu Force Black)
    • Paralysis
    • Mach Dash
    • Sauzer Blade
    • Recoome Kick
  • 12. Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force
    • 950 Z
    • Small Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • This could be fun
    • Death Slash
    • Psycho Escape
    • Recoome Eraser Gun
    • Mach Punch
    • Crusher Ball
  • 13. Tri-Race Coop
    • 950 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • You're insanely annoying!
    • Battle Suit (Krillin)
    • Battle Suit (Frieza Saga Vegeta)
    • Meteor Strike
    • Evil Eyes
    • Sledgehammer
  • 14. Legendary Super Saiyan
    • 950 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • NOW I'm mad!!!!!
    • I must protect Grand Elder Guru!
    • I'm a Saiyan, raised on Earth!
    • Battle Suit (Gohan)
    • Time Chasm Crystal Shard 4
    • Psychic Move
    • Super Saiyan
    • Explosive Assault
  • 15. The Explosion of Namek
    • 1,000 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Popporunga pupirittparo
    • As if I'd lose!
    • Why yoooou!!!
    • Death Slicer
  • 16. Super Saiyan Legend
    • 1,100 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • Let me awaken your power
    • I'll never forgive you, scum!
    • I'm Super Saiyan Goku!
    • Death Meteor
    • Super Vegeta
    • Chain Destructo-disc Barrage

4 Star PQs

Number and NameMission RequirementBonus Requirement 1Bonus Requirement 2
17. Challenger Hercule Defeat Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Vegeta Clear with Hercule's health over 50% Defeat revived Vegeta
18. Return of Ginyu Force! Defeat all Ginyu Force members Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Frieza
19. Let's Train Defeat 5 warriors Clear with Vegeta and Gohan transformed Defeat revived Gohan
20. Multiple Cell Jr. Hunt Defeat 7 Cell Jr. Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Cell
21. The Cell Games Begin Defeat Piccolo, Goku and Gohan Defeat Piccolo and Goku before Gohan Win without defeating Cell
22. Earth in Danger! Defeat Cell Defeat all enemies Defeat all revived enemies
23. Clash! Perfect Cell Defeat Cell Clear under 3 minutes Defeat revived Cell
24. Power Teams Defeat Goku and Cell Clear in 10 minutes Defeat revived Gohan and Cell
25. 17 and 18 of the Official History Defeat Android 17 and 18 Clear with Vegeta and Piccolo surviving Defeat revived Android 17 and 18


4 Star PQ Rewards
  • 17. Challenger Hercule
    • 1,500 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Who will surpass me?!
    • Hercule's Clothes
    • Full Power Charge
    • Miracle Kneel
    • Big Bang Attack
  • 18. Return of Ginyu Force!
    • 1,550 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • You must die by my hand!
    • Goku Wig (Super Saiyan)
    • Time Chasm Crystal Shard 4
    • Time Control
    • Crasher Volcano
    • Fighting Pose J
    • Mach Kick
  • 19. Let's Train
    • 1,600 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Piccolo (Demon Clothes)
    • Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (No Character)
    • Burning Attack
    • Instant Transmission
    • Super Dragon Flight
  • 20. Multiple Cell Jr. Hunt
    • 1,850 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Over here!
    • Sunglasses (Turtle Hermit 1)
    • Goku's Yardrat Clothes
    • Taunt
  • 21. The Cell Games Begin
    • 1,600 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • Set your rage free...
    • I'll never forgive you now...
    • Glasses (Cell Game Commentator)
    • Time Chasm Crystal Shard 5
    • Super Saiyan 2
    • God Breaker
  • 22. Earth in Danger!
    • 1,800 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • You won't get away with this!
    • Saturday Crash
    • Bomber DX
    • Death Ball
    • Drain Charge
  • 23. Clash! Perfect Cell
    • 3,000 Z
    • Med. MIx Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • That's enough of a warmup
    • I'm your brother
    • Android 16's Clothes
    • Energy Barrier
  • 24. Power Teams
    • 2,000 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • No more games...
    • I am... Super Vegeta!!
    • Trunks' CC Clothes
    • Shining Slash
    • Burning Slash
    • Evil Whirlwind
  • 25. 17 and 18 of the Official History
    • 2,800 Z
    • Med. Mix Capsule
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Now I'm fighting for real!
    • Oh, well done!
    • Android 18's Clothes (Skirt)
    • Android 17's Clothes
    • Energy Field
    • Super Electric Strike

5 Star PQs

Number and NameMission RequirementBonus Requirement 1Bonus Requirement 2
26. Warrior's Annihilation - Future Chapters Defeat Gohan Clear with 17 and 18 surviving Defeat Trunks
27. Artificial Warriors Defeat Android 17 and 18 Clear by beating all Cell Jr. Defeat Cell and revived Android 17 and 18
28. Take Back the Dragon Balls! Recover 6 Dragon Balls Clear by beating all Cell Jr. Get 7 Dragon balls
29. 2nd World Tournament Tag Team Defeat Android 18, Goten, and Trunks Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat all enemies that appear
30. Great Saiyaman is Here Defeat Frieza and Cell Clear with Great Saiyaman still alive Defeat revived Frieza and Cell
31. Majin Chaos Defeat 30 Majin Buu (Small) Clear in 10 minutes Defeat Majin Buu
32. Super Saiyan Bargain Sale Defeat Gohan and Goku Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Super Saiyan 3 Goku
33. Namek Berserker Defeat Goten, Gohan, and Piccolo Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat revived Piccolo
5 Star PQ Rewards
  • 26. Warrior's Annihilation - Future Chapters
    • 3,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • I'll use all my strength to kill you.
    • Getting beat up makes me cranky...
    • It's curtains for you
    • You are...our last...hope!!
    • Change The Future
    • Heat Dome Attack
  • 27. Artificial Warriors
    • 3,200 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • You'll never beat an android.
    • Arrrgh! ...Kidding
    • Dr. Gero's Hat
    • Dr. Gero's Clothes
    • Freedom Kick
    • Rolling Bullet
  • 28. Take Back the Dragon Balls!
    • 4,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Bwa ha ha! Got you!
    • Android 19's Hat
    • Android 19's Clothes
    • Super Drain
  • 29. 2nd World Tournament Tag Team
    • 4,500 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Great Saiyaman Transf. Item 1
    • Android 18's Clothes (Vest & Pants)
    • Dabura's Clothes
    • Charge
    • Double Buster
  • 30. Great Saiyaman is Here
    • 4,600 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Gohan never forgives evil!
    • Gohan's High School Clothes
    • Great Saiyaman Suit
    • Justice Pose
    • Justice Rush
  • 31. Majin Chaos
    • 4,700 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Okay! Turn into candy!
    • Papparapah! Barrier!
    • Kai Kai
    • Candy Beam
    • Zigzag Express
  • 32. Super Saiyan Bargain Sale
    • 4,700 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • No fair using your left hand!
    • *Silence* Ignored...
    • It's like a Super Saiyan bargain sale...
    • Time Chasm Crystal Shard 5
    • Stone Bullet
    • Finish Buster
    • Maximum Charge
  • 33. Namek Berserker
    • 5,500 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Great Saiyaman Transf. Item 2
    • Piccolo's Clothes
    • Evil Flight Strike
    • Hellzone Grenade

6 Star PQs

Number and NameMission RequirementBonus Requirement 1Bonus Requirement 2
34. Majin Revival Defeat Hercule Clear with Majin Buu's health over 50% Defeat revived Hercule
35. Tag with Gotenks Defeat Gotenks Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Ultimate Gohan
36. Majin Banquet Defeat 3 Majin Buu Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Hercule and revived Majin Buu
37. Potara Warrior Defeat Vegito Clear with Super Buu's health over 50% Defeat Super Vegito
38. Blast the Super Spirit Bomb! Defeat Kid Buu Clear with Majin Buu surviving Defeat revived Kid Buu
39. The Cell Games Continued Defeat Gohan, Videl, and Piccolo Defeat Videl and Piccolo Before Gohan Win without defeating Cell
40. Stop Beerus' Destruction Defeat Beerus Clear without any ally defeated Defeat Whis
41. Frieza's Nightmare Returns! Defeat all enemies Defeat Gotenks before Vegito Defeat Super Vegito and Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks
42. Power of a Super Saiyan God Defeat Goku Clear in under 3 minutes Defeat revived Goku
43. Old Rivals and Dragon Balls Recover 3 Dragon Balls Clear by defeating 3 enemies Get 7 Dragon Balls
44. God of Destruction and His Master Defeat Beerus and Whis Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat revived Beerus


6 Star PQ Rewards
  • 34. Majin Revival
    • 4,900 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Angel Halo
    • Angel Wings
    • Majin Buu's Clothes
    • Innocence Bullet
  • 35. Tag with Gotenks
    • 5,200 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Yahooo! Fwee-fwee!
    • Z-Sword
    • Victory Cannon
    • Burst Rush
  • 36. Majin Banquet
    • 5,400 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • I hate you. Don't bully Hercule.
    • Innocence Cannon
    • Ill Flash
    • Pearl Flash
    • Angry Hit
  • 37. Potara Warrior
    • 5,600 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Now I'm REALLY mad!
    • Here, have something good!
    • Ill Bomber
    • Force Shield
    • Assault Rain
    • Split Finger Shot
  • 38. Blast the Super Spirit Bomb!
    • 6,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Dieeee!!!
    • Uub's Clothes
    • Vanishing Ball
    • Angry Shout
    • Super Vegeta 2
    • Super Vanishing Ball
  • 39. The Cell Games Continued
    • 7,200 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Supreme Kai's Clothes
    • Fighting Pose H
    • Fighting Pose I
    • Fighting Pose K
    • Fighting Pose G
  • 40. Stop Beerus' Destruction
    • 8,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Now...I'm FURIOUS!
    • M-My Bulma...! How DARE you...
    • Innocence Breath
    • God of Destruction's Rampage
    • Symphonic Destruction
  • 41. Frieza's Nightmare Returns!
    • 7,500 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Get serious, would you?
    • Explosive Buu Buu Punch
    • Dimension Cannon
    • Quick Sleep
    • Spirit Sword
  • 42. Power of a Super Saiyan God
    • 7,700 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Here comes payback!
    • Quit enjoying the destruction!
    • Time Chasm Crystal Shard 4
    • Super Dragon Fist
  • 43. Old Rivals and Dragon Balls
    • 9,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Okay... Here's one from me!
    • Can you keep up?
    • You mustn't do that!
    • Beerus' Clothes
    • Prelude to Destruction
  • 44. God of Destruction and His Master
    • 13,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • This isn't a game, you know.
    • Strike of Revelation
    • God of Destruction's Wrath

7 Star PQs

Number and NameMission RequirementBonus Requirement 1Bonus Requirement 2
45. Saiyan Battle Defeat Gotenks, Gohan, and Vegeta Clear in under 5 minutes Defeat Goku and revived Gohan and Vegeta
46. Evil Seeks Dragon Balls Yet Again! Recover 6 Dragon Balls Clear by defeating all enemies Get 7 Dragon Balls
47. Super-Super Ultimate Series of Battles! Defeat Goku, Gohan, and Goten Clear in 10 minutes Defeat Vegito and Gotenks
48. Gathering of the Great Evil Alliance Defeat 9 enemies Clear in 10 minutes Defeat revived Frieza, Cell, and Kid Buu
49. Saiyan Revolt Defeat Goku Clear with Raditz and Nappa surviving Defeat Vegito
50. Parent and Child Defeat Goku, Vegeta, and Hercule Clear in 10 minutes Defeat Bardock, Raditz, and Goku
51. Heated, Furious, Ultimate Battle Defeat Broly Clear with revived Goku surviving Defeat revived Broly
52. Great Ape Festival Defeat 3 Great Apes Clear in 10 minutes Defeat the Time Patroller in training
53. Dangerous Duo! Warriors Never Rest Recover 3 Dragon Balls Defeat Broly with Gohan surviving Get 7 Dragon Balls
54. Saiyan Warriors Defeat Broly Clear in 10 minutes Defeat all revived Enemies
55. Power Berserkers Defeat Gohan, Piccolo and Vegeta Clear in 10 minutes Defeat Gohan, Broly, and Bardock


7 Star PQ Rewards
  • 45. Saiyan Battle 
    • 15,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Cut it out already!
    • Training Suit
    • Vanisher Guard
    • Bluff Kamehameha
  • 46. Evil Seeks Dragon Balls Yet Again!
    • 18,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
  • 47. Super-Super Ultimate Series of Battles!
    • 16,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • I...I'm okay!
    • Buu Buu Ball
    • High Tension Turn
    • Pressure Sign
  • 48. Gathering of the Great Evil Alliance
    • 18,500 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Side Bridge
    • Ill Rain
    • Teleporting Vanishing Ball
    • Hyper Drain
  • 49. Saiyan Revolt
    • 20,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Vegito's Clothes
    • Time Chasm Crystal Shard 3
    • Shining Friday
    • Genocide Shell
    • Big Bang Kamehameha
  • 50. Parent and Child
    • 25,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • I will change the future!
    • Rebellion Spear
  • 51. Heated, Furious, Ultimate Battle
    • 30,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Kakaroooot!!
    • I can't... It's all over... *sob*...
    • I am the prince of the Saiyans!
    • You won't get away with that!
    • Gigantic Omega
    • Gigantic Meteor
  • 52. Great Ape Festival
    • 33,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • Battle Suit (Bardock)
    • Tyrant Lancer
  • 53. Dangerous Duo! Warriors Never Rest
    • 38,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • I'll take you down!
    • Pointless... Here, I'll end it all
    • Videl's Clothes
    • Broly's Clothes
    • Kamekameha
    • Final Cannon
  • 54. Saiyan Warriors
    • 40,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • You...are going down!
    • My Ki is building... Overflowing...
    • Saiyan Spirit
    • Blaster Shell
    • X 100 Big Bang Kamehameha
  • 55. Power Berserkers
    • 45,000 Z
    • High Mix Capsule
    • Ultimate Mix Capsule
    • Soul Echo Device
    • Soul Diffusion Mix Dev.
    • This is the true form of the Shadow Dragon leader!
    • Majin Kamehameha
    • Blaster Meteor
    • Riot Javelin

That's every Dragon Ball Xenoverse Parallel Quest and their corresponding PQ rewards. Please visit my Beginner's Guide for more tips and guides on the game.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide: Equipment and Accessory List https://www.gameskinny.com/4s7zs/dragon-ball-xenoverse-guide-equipment-and-accessory-list https://www.gameskinny.com/4s7zs/dragon-ball-xenoverse-guide-equipment-and-accessory-list Mon, 09 Mar 2015 13:56:04 -0400 Ashley Shankle

There is simply a ton of equipment to be found in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and hunting down complete sets (and skills) via parallel quests is one of the biggest timesinks in the game.

Below is a list of all the current equipment sets and accessories currently in the game, along with their stats. How to obtain each set or accessory is listed as well.

Shop inventory updates as you progress through Dragon Ball's story arcs. If you haven't beaten the game yet and see something on the list you don't see in stores, usually you will be able to buy it once you've completed the story arc that equipment is from. Sometimes it can take longer, however; just know that if it is listed as Clothing Shop here, you will eventually be able to buy it.

Each equipment set has the stats listed for a single piece instead of the full set since mixing and matching for stats (and dressing up) is standard. If you're wearing a full set, essentially multiply the numbers listed by four.

Stats are abbreviated as they are in-game. Here's a quick refresher:

  • HEA - Health
  • STM - Stamina gauge
  • KI - Ki gauge
  • ATK - Basic attack power
  • STR - Strike Super power
  • BLA - Ki Super power

All colors of Scouter and New Model Scouter are not listed because they vary in star level and color.

Clothing only equipable by female characters are not marked as such, but you can assume an outfit is female-only if it's from a female Dragon Ball character. An exception to this is Android 18's Clothes (Vest & Pants).

Listings with an asterisk next to the parallel quest number show these items will be available in the Clothing or Accessory Shop eventually, but can be farmed from PQs.

(DLC equipment added this week. 4/14)

Some accessories that are initially PQ-only can later be purchased in the Accessory Shop in case you sell yours. Some sets open up in the Clothing Shop once you've gotten one piece via parallel quests.

1-star equipment

OutfitObtained ViaStats
Gohan (Demon Clan Clothes, Kid) Parallel Quest 2 STM +1
BLA +1
ATK -1
STR -1
Tien Shinhan's Gi Clothing Shop STM +1
BLA +1
ATK -1
STR -1
 Battle Suit (Raditz) Parallel Quest 3* KI +1
ATK +1
STR +1
BLA -1
 Android 17's Clothes Parallel Quest 25 HEA +1
ATK +1
STR +1
BLA -1
Krillin's Orin Temple Gi Clothing Shop KI +1
BLA +1
ATK -1
BLA -1
 Trunks' CC Clothes Parallel Quest 24 KI +3
ATK +3
STR +3
BLA -3


1-star accessories

AccessoryObtained Via
 Sunglasses (World Tournament Anncr) Parallel Quest 1
 Goku Wig Parallel Quest 10
 Piccolo's Turban Parallel Quest 2
 Sedge Hat Accessory Shop
 Glasses (Cell Game Commentator) Parallel Quest 21
 Great Saiyaman Bandana 1 Parallel Quest 29
 Great Saiyaman Bandana 2 Parallel Quest 33
Angel Halo Parallel Quest 34
 Sunglasses (Turtle Hermit 1) Parallel Quest 20
 Power Pole "I want a rare item!" wish
 Mustache Glasses Parallel Quest 50


2-star equipment

OutfitObtained ViaStats
 Shingi Demon Battle Suit (Namekian only) Clothing Shop STM +2
ATK +2
STR +2
BLA -2
Hero Suit (Freiza Clan only) Clothing Shop KI +2
ATK +2
STR +2
BLA -2
 Buu-gi Gravity (Majin only) Clothing Shop HEA +2
BLA +2
ATK -2
STR -2
 Piccolo's Clothes  Parallel Quest 33 KI +2
BLA +2
ATK -2
STR -2
Piccolo (Demon Clothes) Parallel Quest 19 KI +3
BLA +3
ATK -3
STR -3
Majin Buu's Clothes Parallel Quest 34 STM +3
BLA +3
ATK -3
STR -3
 Yamcha's Turtle Hermit Gi Parallel Quest 6 STM +1
BLA +1
ATK -1
STR -1
 Gohan's High School Clothes Parallel Quest 30 KI +1
ATK +1
STR +1
BLA -1
 Battle Suit (Nappa) Parallel Quest 4 HEA +1
BLA -1
 Battle Suit (Vegeta, on entry) Parallel Quest 5 STM +1
ATK +1
STR +1
BLA -1
 Battle Suit (Krillin) Parallel Quest 13 KI +2
ATK +2
STR +2
BLA -2
Battle Suit (Gohan) Parallel Quest 14 HEA +2
BLA -2
 Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi Parallel Quest 2* HEA +1
BLA +1
ATK -1
STR -1
 Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (King Kai) Parallel Quest 6 HEA+2
BLA +2
ATK -2
STR -2
 Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (Go) Parallel Quest 9 HEA +3
BLA +3
ATK -3
STR -3
Android 18's Clothes (Skirt) Parallel Quest 25 STM +1
ATK +1
STR +1
BLA -1
 Hercule's Clothes Parallel Quest 17 STM +2
HEA -2
KI -2
 Karinga Tribe Clothes Clothing Shop STM +1
BLA +1
ATK -1
STR -1
Training Temple Gi Clothing Shop HEA +1
BLA +1
ATK -1
STR -1
 Chi-Chi Costume Parallel Quest 1 STM +1
BLA +1
ATK -1
STR -1
Training Suit Parallel Quest 45 KI +2
BLA +2
ATK -2
STR -2
 Uub's Clothes Parallel Quest 38 HEA +3
BLA +3
ATK -3
STR -3
 Videl's Clothes Parallel Quest 53 STM +1
ATK +1
STR +1
BLA -1
 Android 18's Clothes (Vest & Pants) Parallel Quest 29 STM +3
ATK +3
STR +3
BLA +3


2-star accessories

AccessoryObtained Via
 Pilaf's Hat Accessory Shop
 Soft Hat Accessory Shop
 Krillin's Cap Parallel Quest 9*
 Ninja Katana Accessory Shop
 Master Shen's Hat Accessory Shop
 Great Saiyaman Helmet Accessory Shop
 Glasses (Gohan) Accessory Shop
 Goku Wig (Super Saiyan) Parallel Quest 18
Dr. Gero's Hat Parallel Quest 27
 Angel Wings Parallel Quest 34


3-star equipment

OutfitObtained ViaStats
 Evil Sorcerer Battle Tools (Namekian only) Clothing Shop HEA +3
BLA -3
Ox King's Clothes Clothing Shop KI +3
ATK +3
STR +3
BLA -3
Elite Suit (Freiza Clan only) Clothing Shop STM +3
ATK +3
STR +3
BLA -3
 Dyno Woo-gi (Majin only) Clothing Shop STM +4
BLA +4
ATK -4
STR -4
 Dr. Gero's Clothes Parallel Quest 27 KI +3
ATK +3
STR +3
BLA -3
 Android 16's Clothes Parallel Quest 23 STM +3
ATK +3
STR +3
BLA -3
 Battle Suit (Freiza Saga Vegeta) Parallel Quest 13 ATK +2
STR +2
BLA -2
 Emperor Pilaf's Clothes Clothing Shop STR +1
BLA +1
KI -1
STM -1
Piccolo (Demon Clothes with Cape) Parallel Quest 1 STM +2
BLA +2
ATK -2
STR -2
 Battle Suit (Bardock) Parallel Quest 52 STM +5
ATK +5
STR +5
BLA -5
Great Saiyaman Suit Parallel Quest 30 STM +3
ATK +3
STR +3
BLA -3
Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (GO) Clothing Shop HEA +3
BLA +3
ATK -3
STR -3
 Dabura's Clothes Parallel Quest 29 HEA +4
ATK +4
STR +4
BLA -4
 King Kai's Clothes Clothing Shop STR +2
BLA +2
KI -2
STM -2
Ultimate Turtle Hermit Costume Clothing Shop HEA +3
BLA +3
ATK -3
STR -3
Murasaki-style Ninja Suit DLC1 PQ Ultimate Power,
Ultimate Saiyan
STM +2
ATK +2
STR +2
KI -2
 Kid Chi-Chi's Clothes Clothing Shop STM +3
ATK +3
STR +3
BLA -3
 Beerus' Clothes Parallel Quest 43 ATK +5
STR +5
BLA +5
HEA -5
KI -5
 Broly's Clothes Parallel Quest 53 STM +5
ATK +5
STR +5
BLA -5
General Blue Costume Clothing Shop STM +1
ATK +1
STR +1
BLA -1
GT Trunks' Clothes Clothing Shop KI +3
ATK +3
STR +3
BLA -3
 Supreme Kai's Clothes Parallel Quest 39 STM +4
ATK +4
STR +4
BLA -4


3-star accessories

AccessoryObtained Via
 Chi-Chi's Helmet Accessory Shop
 Yamcha's Sword Accessory Shop
Ox King's Helmet (Male only) Acessory Shop
King Kai's Hat Accessory Shop 
 Android 19's Hat Parallel Quest 28
Ox-King's Cap Accessory Shop 
Hercule Wig Accessory Shop
Sunglasses (King Kai) Accessory Shop 
Tapion's Sword Parallel Quest 22
 General Blue's Army Cap Accessory Shop 


4-star equipment

OutfitObtained ViaStats
 Android 19's Clothes Parallel Quest 28* HEA +3
BLA -3
Pilot Suit Clothing Shop KI +3
ATK +3
STR +3
BLA -3
 Fun Suit (Majin only) Clothing Shop KI +3
BLA +3
ATK -3
STR -3
 Narak Warrior's Costume (Namekian only) Clothing Shop KI +4
BLA +4
ATK -4
STR -4
Ancient Katas' Battle Costume (Namekian only) Clothing Shop HEA +4
BLA +4
ATK -4
STR -4
Spike the Devilman's Suit DLC1 PQ Revenge of
the Tuffle
KI +4
ATK +4
STR +4
BLA -4
Yamcha's Clothes DLC1 PQ Ultimate Power,
Ultimate Saiyan
HEA +4
ATK -4
STR -4
BLA +4
Mr. Popo's Clothes (No gloves) DLC1 PQ Revenge of
the Tuffle
KI +3
ATK -3
STR -3
BLA +3
 Ultimate F Suit (Freiza Clan only) Clothing Shop STM +5
ATK +5
STR +5
BLA -5
Berserker Suit (Freiza Clan only) Clothing Shop HEA +5
ATK +5
STR +5
BLA -5
Battle Suit (Ginyu Force White) Parallel Quest 8* STM +2
ATK +2
STR +2
BLA -2
 Battle Suit (Ginyu Force Black) Parallel Quest 11* KI +2
ATK +2
STR +2
BLA -2
Lord Slug's Clothes Clothing Shop KI +2
ATK +2
STR +2
BLA -2
Commander Red Costume Clothing Shop HEA +2
ATK +2
STR +2
BLA -2
Student Skirt Clothing Shop KI +2
BLA +2
ATK -2
STR -2
 Battle Suit (Cooler's Armored Squadron) Clothing Shop HEA +3
BLA -3
Student Blazer Clothing Shop STM +2
ATK +2
STR +2
BLA -2
 Goku's Turtle Hermit Gi (No Character) Parallel Quest 19 HEA +4
BLA +4
ATK -4
STR -4


4-star accessories

AccessoryObtained Via
 King Kai's Glasses Accessory Shop
 King Kai's Wings Accessory Shop 
 Bandages the Mummy's Head Accessory Shop 
 Z-Sword Parallel Quest 35
 Turtle Hermit's Staff Accessory Shop 
Sunglasses (Turtle Hermit 2) Accessory Shop 
 Turtle Hermit's Shell Accessory Shop 
 Turtle Hermit's Beard Accessory Shop 


5-star equipment

OutfitObtained ViaStats
 Bandages the Mummy Costume Clothing Shop STM +2
HEA -2
KI -2
 Dynamic Strong Suit (Majin only) Clothing Shop STM +4
ATK +4
STR +4
BLA -4
 Light Heard Suit (Majin only) Clothing Shop KI +4
BLA +4
ATK -4
STR -4
 Cosmic Suit (Freiza Clan only) Clothing Shop KI +5
ATK +5
STR +5
BLA -5
 Wild Rider Costume Clothing Shop HEA +4
ATK +4
STR +4
BLA -4
 Z Fighting Suit (Freiza Clan only) Clothing Shop STM +4
ATK +4
STR +4
BLA -4
New Hide Battle Costume (Namekian only) Clothing Shop HEA +5
BLA +5
ATK -5
STR -5
Saiyuki Costume "I want to dress up!" wish HEA +5
BLA +5
ATK -5
STR -5
 Time Patroller's Suit (No gloves) Robot NPC in PQ NPC
area gives this at
STM +5
ATK +5
STR +5
BLA -5
Battle Suit Crystal Preorder Bonus KI +1
BLA +1
ATK -1
STR -1
 Battle Suit Gold Preorder Bonus STM +1
ATK +1
STR +1
BLA -1
 Fortuneteller Baba's Clothes Clothing Shop STR +3
BLA +3
KI -3
STM -3
 Vegito's Clothes Parallel Quest 49 KI +5
BLA +5
ATK -5
STR -5
Goku's GT Gi Clothing Shop HEA +5
BLA +5
ATK -5
STR -5
Goku's Yardrat Clothes Parallel Quest 20 STR +3
BLA +3
KI -3
STM -3
Launch Costume Clothing Shop STM -4
ATK -4
STR +4
BLA +4
Battle Suit (Turles) Clothing Shop HEA +1
BLA -1
 4-Star Dragon Ball Costume Clothing Shop HEA +5
BLA +5
ATK -5
STR -5


5-star accessories

AccessoryObtained Via
 Gohan Mask Accessory Shop
 Arale-chan's Cap Accessory Shop 
 Arale-chan's Poop Stick Accessory Shop 
Launch's Wig (Female only) Accessory Shop
 Fortuneteller Baba's Hat Accessory Shop 
 Saiyuki Hood "I want to dress up!" wish
Mr. Popo's Turban DLC1 PQ Revenge of
the Tuffle
 Banshou Fan Accessory Shop 
Spike the Devilman's Head DLC1 PQ Revenge of
the Tuffles
Master Korin's Staff Accessory Shop 


Dragon Ball Xenoverse Guide: Masters and Their Obtainable Skills https://www.gameskinny.com/gxk4p/dragon-ball-xenoverse-guide-masters-and-their-obtainable-skills https://www.gameskinny.com/gxk4p/dragon-ball-xenoverse-guide-masters-and-their-obtainable-skills Sun, 08 Mar 2015 16:56:59 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Masters are just one of the many ways to customize your character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse, and they give some very powerful moves as you train with them. There's absolutely no reason not to take one.

The Xenoverse master system is fairly simple, but does bear some explanation. These mentors help you grow as a character by giving you special Super and Ultimate skills, joining you in battle, and giving you powerful Z-Souls at the end of your training.

Finding a master

Each master has a minimum level or saga for you to complete before they can be found around town. Some also require you finish training with other masters before they will take you as their pupil. The requirements for all of them are listed below.

If you meet the requirements for a master, do keep in mind their location in Toki Toki City is random and will reset when you enter a quest. It is also possible to reset their locations by creating an online lobby then exiting out of the lobby menu.

Progressing with your master

There are a few theories on what directly affects your master's progress meter, but the only solid information out there points to EXP being the determining factor. The more EXP you get in a quest, the more progress you'll make with your current master. This essentially means the higher level the quests you're doing are, the faster you'll progress.

You don't have to worry about losing your progress with one master If you want to give another one a shot. Your progress will stay the same after you switch to another master, and you can switch back whenever you want to study under them again.

If you want to check your progress with all your masters, head to the Master Info section of Play Data in the pause menu.


Masters will not only help you in battle from time to time, but will also lend you Z-Assists.

Z-Assists are more powerful forms of a master's Ultimate skill. They are triggered by using your master's Ultimate skill in battle, but not if you're using it while under a different master.

For example, if you use Gotenk's Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (Ultimate) while he is your master, it will be a Z-Assist. If you use it while someone else is your master, it will be the normal version of that Ultimate skill.

The list of each master and their obtainable skills is just below. Under that list is a list of Z-Souls you can get once you've finished training with each of them.

Masters and their skills

MentorHow to UnlockSkills
 Piccolo - Finish half of the Saiyan Saga
- Level 5
- Evil Explosion
- Super Explosive Wave
- Light Grenade
- Special Beam Cannon
 Krillin - Finish half of the Saiyan Saga
- Level 5
- Orin Combo
- Destructo-Disc
- Spread Shot Retreat
- Scatter Kamehameha
 Vegeta - Finish the Saiyan Saga
- Level 8
- Galick Gun
- Final Barrage
- Shine Shot
- Final Flash
Captain Ginyu - Finish half of the Freiza Saga
- Level 15
- Fighting Pose F
- Fighting Pose A
- Milky Cannon
- Body Change
Freiza - Finish the Freiza Saga
- Finish Captain Ginyu's master training
- Level 20
- Death Beam
- Death Crasher
- Emperor's Sign
- Supernova
 Hercule - Finish the first half of the Android Saga - Dynamite Kick
- Present for You
- Rolling Hercule Punch
- The Savior Has Come
 Android 18 - Finish the Android Saga
- Level 34
- Power Blitz
- Endless Shot
- Deadly Dance
- Dual Destructo-Disc
Cell - Finish the Cell Saga
- Level 30
- All Clear
- Gravity Impact
- Perfect Shot
- Perfect Kamehameha
Gotenks - Finish the Buu Saga
- Level 40
- Galactic Donuts
- DIE DIE Missile Barrage
- Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack
- Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack (Ultimate)
Adult Gohan & Videl - Finish the Buu Saga
- Level 40
- Eagle Kick
- Ki Blast Cannon
- Hawk Charge
- Justice Combination
 Goku - Finish the Demigra Saga
- Level 70
- After Image Strike
- Spirit Bomb
- x10 Kamehameha
- Super Kamehameha
 Beerus - Finish Goku's master training
- Level 70
- Headshot
- N/A
- God of Destruction's Anger
- Sphere of Destruction


Awarded Z-Souls

You can get two Z-Souls at the end of your training. One is given after you finish the last trial with your master (4 star), the other must be obtained by sparring with your master (5 star).

The 5 star Z-Soul does not have a 100% chance to drop during sparring, so you may have to grind for it.

  • 4 star: I'll make you a fine demon!
  • 5 star: I can't believe I shielded the brat...
  • 4 star: Release your Ki!
  • 5 star: Why is it always ME?!
  • 4 star: I... I'm a super Elite...!
  • 5 star: Heh! What dirty fireworks.
Captain Ginyu
  • 4 star: Let me show you how it's done...
  • 5 star: Aren't I nice?!
  • 4 star: My power is 530,000.
  • 5 star: That offer's expired...
  • 4 star: That was just as fierce as I expected!
  • 5 star: Eek! Waaaah! What'll I do?!
Android 18
  • 4 star: 17 and I are twins!
  • 5 star: I can't get serious here.
  • 4 star: Get mad and show your true power!
  • 5 star: A power-biased transformation...
  • 4 star: I'll beat you hollow!
  • 5 star: Now you've made me mad!
Adult Gohan & Videl
  • 4 star (Gohan): That's it! That's Ki!
  • 4 star (Videl): An ally of justice in Hercule City!
  • 5 star (Gohan): I won't forgive you, scum!
  • 5 star (Videl): No way I'll give up...
  • 4 star: I'm all psyched up now!
  • 5 star: I hope that you get reborn as someone good someday.
  • 4 star: Maybe I'll just destroy you...
  • 5 star: Before creation... comes destruction...
Dragon Ball Xenoverse: How to Get the Dragon Balls and Shenron Wish Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/4wt83/dragon-ball-xenoverse-how-to-get-the-dragon-balls-and-shenron-wish-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/4wt83/dragon-ball-xenoverse-how-to-get-the-dragon-balls-and-shenron-wish-guide Tue, 03 Mar 2015 11:45:32 -0500 Synzer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse would not be complete if you could not collect all 7 dragon balls and make a wish to Shenron. Luckily, this game lets you do just that. Getting the dragon balls involves change and knowledge. A lot of patience will also help.

Of course, you probably want to know what you can wish for too, right? Don't worry I got you covered! The wishes also don't explain exactly what you'll get sometimes so I'll save you a wasted wish by letting you know exactly what they mean.

This guide will go over getting the dragon balls in Dragon Ball Xenoverse including:

  • How to Get the Dragon Balls - The method on getting them.
  • Shenron Wishes - The full list of wishes you can get from collecting all 7 dragon balls as well as what they all mean.

How to get the Dragon Balls

There is a simple method to getting the dragon balls and you can even do it near the beginning of the game. It takes a lot of patience and time though.

  • Time Patrollers (Created Character NPCs) have a chance at giving a dragon ball.
  • You can fight them at multiple places, but the most common occurrence is at the Capsule Corp.
    • There is only a chance that they will appear and only a small chance they will give a dragon ball.
  • After beating them, watch your screen for the items you get.
    • If you see Key Item, that means you got a dragon ball.
    • They will either drop just 1 material item, 2 material items, or 1 material item and 1 key item.
  • You have to complete the quest, then you get the dragon ball as a reward at the end.

The two easiest parallel quests to do are:

  • 1 Star Quest - Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans!
  • 3 Star Quest - Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force
Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans

You can do Prepare for the Attack of Saiyans at the beginning of the game. It is also easier to do than the other one, especially if you have a higher level character.

  • You have to beat Krillin, Yamcha, and Tien first.
  • After that, look at the building for the Time Patroller NPC.
    • You can also use your scouter if you don;t want to travel over there.
  • This one takes longer to know if you'll get the Time Patroller NPC since you have to beat 3 people first, but they are easy to beat.
  • This one also seems to have a lower chance at having a Time Patroller NPC.
  • After you beat the Time Patroller, go through the portal to beat Gohan and Piccolo.
  • Do this one if you are near the beginning of the game and you don't want to wait.
Fierce Battle! Ginyu Force

You can do this one after completing the Ginyu Force saga. It comes before Frieza.

  • You have to beat all 5 members of the Ginyu Force.
    • There are 2 portals, each have two members in them.
    • After beating 4, Captain Ginyu appears. Beat him to finish the mission.
  • This one is easier to get the dragon ball because you don't have to fight anyone at the beginning.
    • Just look straight ahead, or use your scouter, at the beginning. If the NPC is not there, retry until it is.
  • The quest is harder than the first one, though, and it takes longer to complete.
  • Do this one if you have a high level character and don't want to fight people at the beginning of the quest.

Shenron Wishes

Once you collect all 7 dragon balls, go to the center pavilion in the Plaza of Time.

  • You can check how many dragon balls you have by opening the menu, selecting bag, selecting item list, then go to the left for your key items.

There are 10 wishes you can choose from:

  1. I want money - You get 500,000 Zeni.
  2. I want a Rare Item - You get the Power Pole accessory.
  3. I want to dress up - You get a clothing equip set modeled after Journey to the West.
    • All the pieces increase Health and Ki Blast Supers 4 times and decrease Basic Attacks and Strike Supers 4 times.
  4. I want to be stronger - You get 5 Soul Resonance Apparatuses, and 3 Soul Spreading Synthetic Devices.
    • These are used to make strong Z-souls for your created character.
  5. I want to grow - Increases your level by 1.
    • It gives you the remaining experience needed, so don't get this if you are close to leveling.
  6. I want a new Ultimate Attack - You get Blitz Hell the first time and Minus Energy Ball the second time.
  7. I want a new Super Attack - This can be used twice and you get a set of attacks each time.
    • First time gives - Flash Bomber, Drain Field, and Thunder Eraser.
    • Second time gives - Castrol Dragon Light bullets, Godspeed Light Bullets, Whirlwind Spin, and Sleepy Boy.
  8. I want more usable characters - This can be used 3 times to unlock 3 characters.
    1. Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta
    2. Super 17
    3. Omega Shenron
  9. I want a second chance at life - Gives you all your attribute points back to put them in again.
    • Good if you want to change your stats instead of making a new character.
  10. I want to be drop dead gorgeous - Lets you change the appearance of your created character.

That's it for my guide on getting the dragon balls and Shenron Wishes. Please visit my Dragon Ball Xenoverse Beginner's Guide for more tips and guides on this game.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: How to Get Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 https://www.gameskinny.com/u22sw/dragon-ball-xenoverse-how-to-get-super-saiyan-and-super-saiyan-2 https://www.gameskinny.com/u22sw/dragon-ball-xenoverse-how-to-get-super-saiyan-and-super-saiyan-2 Tue, 03 Mar 2015 07:36:59 -0500 Synzer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse lets you create your own character, and that means you can also become a Super Saiyan. You can only do this if you choose Saiyan as your race. You can go up to Super Saiyan 2 on your created character and each has 2 methods to get there.

Some of the methods are pretty difficult and random so I'm going to help by explaining each way to get each version of Super Saiyan. I hope to clear up any confusion. Check out my Dragon Ball Xenoverse Beginner's Guide for more tips and guides on the game.

This guide will go over getting Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 including:

  • Super Saiyan - The two methods of getting it.
  • Super Saiyan 2 - The two methods of getting it.
  • Super Saiyan System - What Super Saiyan does and what it uses.

Super Saiyan

Method 1 - Available after beating the Frieza Saga in the story
  • Go to the 3-Star Parallel Quest - Legendary Super Saiyan.

  • You have to defeat Kid Gohan, Picollo, Vegeta, Krillin, and Goku.
  • To activate the bonus objective, you have to defeat Goku last.
  • When you do this, there is a low chance that Goku will turn Super Saiyan.
  • Defeat Super Saiyan Goku for another low chance at getting the Super Saiyan skill.

This is the earliest you can get Super Saiyan, but it is the hardest. Not only do you have to hope that he turns Super Saiyan, you have to hope that you beat him before Frieza dies. Then, you have to hope that he actually gives you the skill.

This is the method I used to get it, but it is very frustrating. I would only try this if you want to get Super Saiyan as early as possible.

Method 2 - Available after the Android Saga in the story.
  • This takes place after the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.
  • The Super Saiyan skill will be available to buy at the skill shop for 50,000 Zeni.

The easiest method is to just buy the skill. There is no chance in this one, just get through the story far enough for it to be in the shop.

Super Saiyan 2

Method 1 - Available during the Cell Saga.
  • Go to the 4-star Parallel Quest - The Cell Games Begin.
    • You unlock this by completing the Parallel Quest - Multiple Cell Jr. Hunt.

  • You have to beat Hercule, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Vegeta, Trunks, Picollo, Goku, and Teen Gohan.
  • You get the bonus objective, you have to beat Gohan last.
  • Just like the first Super Saiyan strategy, he will have a chance to go Super Saiyan 2 if you complete the bonus objectives, and the drop is a chance as well.

Again, I only suggest this one if you want it earlier than usual.

Method 2 - Available after the Buu saga in the story.
  • Buy from the shop for 100,000 Zeni.
  • This is the easiest method, but takes longer.

Super Saiyan System

When you go Super Saiyan, it is an Ultimate Skill and a Transformation. It costs 3 Ki bars to use.

  • It powers up all your attacks.
  • It constantly drains your Ki.
  • It gives you a golden aura and turns your hair golden.
  • Special and Ultimate attacks won't use Ki during this time.

That's right, the best part of Super Saiyan is unlimited skill use. Even though your Ki drains while Super Saiyan is on, your skill don't use up your Ki.

This is especially useful for using Ultimate skills that usually cost 3 Ki bars. Now, those cost nothing!

  • When your Ki completely drains, you leave Super Saiyan and have to fill 3 Ki bars to use it again.
  • Use an Energy charge skill to stay in Super Saiyan.
    • Energy Charge refills your ki bar as long as you hold the skill down. This can be done while in Super Saiyan.
    • There is a slight delay on start-up and at the end, so it is easy to be hit and stopped by enemies.

That wraps up my guide on getting Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2 in Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Please visit my Beginner's Guide for more guides and tips.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Beginner's Guide to Character Creation, Skills, Items, and More https://www.gameskinny.com/s4bpd/dragon-ball-xenoverse-beginners-guide-to-character-creation-skills-items-and-more https://www.gameskinny.com/s4bpd/dragon-ball-xenoverse-beginners-guide-to-character-creation-skills-items-and-more Mon, 02 Mar 2015 08:12:53 -0500 Synzer

Dragon Ball Xenoverse throws you into the game without any knowledge of what's going on or how to play. A small tutorial comes after the first two fights to teach you the controls, but many things are not explained clearly.

I'm going to help you get past the initial shock of the game and give you all the information needed to start you on your way to becoming a Dragon Ball legend.

This guide will cover the basics and beginning info for Dragon Ball Xenoverse including:

  • Basic Controls and Systems - Combat controls and some things you may not know.
  • Created Characters - The different races and what they do.
  • Attributes - What they are and how to assign them.
  • Skill Sets - What skills you can use and how to set new ones.
  • Equipment - What equipment does and how to put them on.
  • Battle Items - What they do and how to assign them.

Basic Controls and Systems

First, this game lets you create a character to go through the game. This is required and you must complete all story missions with your created character.

If you want to do normal matches, do the beginning story missions until you unlock online and offline battles. These let you just fight with any character you want.

  • There is a health bar, stamina bar and Ki bar.
    • Stamina is used for certain skills and maneuvers.
    • Ki is used for most Special and Ultimate Attacks.
  • You can move and change the camera angle in combat.
    • You can boost/dash to enemies.
  • You have a weak and strong attack. These count as Basic Attacks. Press repeatedly and in different combinations for combos.
    • Strong Attacks can be charged up.
  • There are also ki blasts, though they are not very strong or reliable.
    • Press the strong attack button and the ki blast button together to do a knock back attack.
  • You jump/fly, and descend if in the air.
  • Enemy attacks can be blocked, or vanished from.
  • You can also grab or use a charged strong attack to break guards/blocks.

Check out Ashley's Controls guide for info on how to grab and vanish.

Besides the story missions and versus battles, you have Parallel Quests.

  • Parallel Quests let you play with any character and they unlock many things.
  • You can also do Parallel Quests online with up to 2 other people.

There are also dragon balls in the game that grant wishes. Check out my guide on How to Get the Dragon Balls and Shenron Wishes for full details.

Created Characters

There are 5 races to choose from in Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

  • Majin - Buu's race.
    • Can be male or female.
    • High Defense and low stamina recovery.
    • Defense increases when Stamina is maxed.
    • Males have more health and lower movement speed.
    • Females have higher movement speed and lower health.
  • Saiyan - The only race that can become Super Saiyan (ultimate skill).
    • Low health, but high attack.
    • Attack gets stronger when health is low. All stats increase after reviving.
    • Can be male or female.
  • Earthling - Krillin's race.
    • Balanced stats.
    • Ki refills automatically and attack rises when maxed.
    • Can be male or female.
  • Namekian - Piccolo's race.
    • Low attack, but high health.
    • Stamina refills quickly and items are more effective than other races.
    • Health regenerates when low.
  • Frieza Race - Self-explanatory
    • Low attack, but high speed.
    • Can paralyze enemies with Ki Blasts.
    • Increases speed when health is low.


There are 6 attributes that affect your combat.

  • Health (HEA) - Increases your max health.
  • Ki - This increases your max Ki.
  • Stamina (STM) -  Increases your max stamina.
  • Attack (ATK) - Increases your Basic Attack damage.
  • Strike (STR) - Increases your Strike Super Attack damage.
  • Blast (BLA) - Increases your Ki Blast Super Attack damage.

Every time you level you get 3 points to spend. The max level is 80.

Skill Sets

You can set up to 4 Super Attacks, 2 Ultimate Attacks, and 1 Evasive Skill.

  • Open up the menu and select customize, then change skill set.
  • Select the slot you want to change the skill you want to change it to.
  • It even tells you the button combinations for the skill you choose.

There are 2 types of Super and Ultimate attacks.

  • Strike - Physical based attacks.
  • Ki Blast - Ki based attacks.

The damage for these are determined by your stats.


There are 6 equipment slots, 5 affect your attributes.

  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Hands
  • Feet
  • Accessory
  • Z-Soul

Upper Body, Lower Body, Hands, and Feet all increase your attributes directly. They also usually decrease other attributes.

  • Select an item to display what attributes it affects and which races can equip it.

The Z-soul is special. There are many things it can do, but think of it as a passive ability that has special conditions to activate. These are "souls" of characters.

  • Example: One of Tien's Z-souls is called, "Fine. I'll go first".
    • This has a low chance to activate at the start of battle and auto charges Ki for a short period of time.
    • It also increases Stamina and Basic Attack, and lowers Strike Supers.

Battle Items

You can assign and use 4 items in battle.

  • Even if you have multiples of the same item, you can only assign it to one slot.
    • You can also only use each item once each battle.
    • They remain assigned as long as you have items left.
    • If you run out, you have to assign it again when you get more.
  • Battle items can do things like recover health, stamina, Ki and revive when KO'd.
  • There are also items to recover your teammates as well.

That's it for the basics of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Let me know if you have any questions about this or anything else I might have left out.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse PC: How to Play without Connecting to the Xenoverse Server https://www.gameskinny.com/hzxfa/dragon-ball-xenoverse-pc-how-to-play-without-connecting-to-the-xenoverse-server https://www.gameskinny.com/hzxfa/dragon-ball-xenoverse-pc-how-to-play-without-connecting-to-the-xenoverse-server Sat, 28 Feb 2015 09:18:46 -0500 Ashley Shankle

If you've been sitting there at the "Connecting to XENOVERSE servers" screen on PC with no relief, there is a way to get around that issue that puts you in offline singleplayer instead of needing to connect to the servers.

This only works on the Steam version of the game, unfortunately, but it does work. The downside is you will not be able to interact with other players. The upside is that you can still play the game, albeit by yourself. It's better than nothing!

In order to play Dragon Ball Xenoverse without going through the servers, you need to set Steam to offline. You can do this via the menu at the top of the Steam client like so:

From here, it will relaunch Steam. You will not be able to see your friends online,  but you can play Xenoverse without any connection issues. You should close the game before setting Steam itself to Offline Mode.

When you want to reconnect to Steam's servers, simply click on 'Steam' on the top of the client and click 'Go Online'.

Hopefully this helps my fellow Dragon Ball Xenoverse players on Steam avoid getting stuck in the connect screen and actually play the game.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse: How to Add Friends to Favorites https://www.gameskinny.com/hggjm/dragon-ball-xenoverse-how-to-add-friends-to-favorites https://www.gameskinny.com/hggjm/dragon-ball-xenoverse-how-to-add-friends-to-favorites Fri, 27 Feb 2015 16:36:28 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Fun is best with friends, and duking it out in Dragon Ball Xenoverse is no different. Unfortunately adding other players to your Favorites list can be confusing unless they're standing right in front of you -- and chances are they won't be doing that on release weekend.

The game's servers have multiple Toki Toki instances, meaning there's a high chance you and a friend could be logged in and in the same area, but not be able to see or interact with one another.

To get around all that, you can simply use the Find Player function in the Player List as long as you have some information on your friend's character. Here's how:

1. Open your menu and go to Player List.

2. Choose Find Players

3. Input your friend's character information and search

You need three pieces of information to do this properly:

  1. Your friend's character name
  2. That character's race and gender (if applicable)
  3. Whether they are lower, higher, or about equal to you in level

Keep your friend's character name in mind so you can find them in the search results, otherwise you'll be out of luck!

After finding them, press the corresponding button to add them to your Favorites (A button on Xbox 360, Xbox One; X button on PS3 and PS4; Enter on keyboard). And with that, you're done! You can now find your friend in your Favorite List under the Player List menu.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Controls: How to Vanish and Throw https://www.gameskinny.com/24vn3/dragon-ball-xenoverse-controls-how-to-vanish-and-throw https://www.gameskinny.com/24vn3/dragon-ball-xenoverse-controls-how-to-vanish-and-throw Fri, 27 Feb 2015 16:05:38 -0500 Ashley Shankle

Dragon Ball Xenoverse's special move system is one of the most simple out there, but controls outside of that can be a bit iffy thanks to the game's minimal tutorial.

Thanks to the pretty not great tutorial, remembering how to grab and how to vanish can be a headache -- and you definitely don't want to sit there and test out button combinations in the heat of battle. Both actions are critical to progressing through the story and in multiplayer, so you need to have them at your disposal.

One would think this would be a simple topic, but more than one of my friends have had trouble remembering mid-fight. I assume they're not the only ones.

Let's make this simple. Below are the button combinations for both actions on all versions of the game, with the three control schemes. The PC version has controller and keyboard and mouse support, and keyboard controls can be customized.

How to grab or vanish on PS3 and PS4

Controller Type A
  • Grab - L1 and Circle
  • Vanish - L1 and X
Controller Type B
  • Grab - X and Circle
  • Vanish - X and R1
Controller Type C
  • Grab - R1 and Circle
  • Vanish - R1 and

How to grab or vanish on Xbox 360 and Xbox One

Controller Type A
  • Grab - Left bumper and B
  • Vanish - Left bumper and A
Controller Type B
  • Grab - A and B
  • Vanish - A and right bumper
Controller Type C
  • Grab - Right bumper and B
  • Vanish - Right bumper and left bumper

How to grab or vanish on PC

Xenoverse PC players using keyboard and mouse have the luxury of rebinding their keys, which in itself is pretty nice. They also have the option of using an Xbox 360 controller, which uses the same inputs as it does on the console.

If you do rebind your keys, know this combination:

  • Grab - Guard and Ki Blast
  • Vanish - Guard and Jump

If you leave the keys at their default, that translates to:

  • Grab - E and Q
  • Vanish - E and Spacebar
Weekly Weekend Round-Up: Feb. 27 - Mar 1 https://www.gameskinny.com/fek9c/weekly-weekend-round-up-feb-27-mar-1 https://www.gameskinny.com/fek9c/weekly-weekend-round-up-feb-27-mar-1 Fri, 27 Feb 2015 18:26:39 -0500 Eric Nicolai

We have been blessed with yet another week of new releases. This means that the gaming marathon of the weekend can now begin. Just because there are new games launched though does not mean that you will be playing these games specifically, but here are a couple that may chip away hours of the weekend.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Although I have not been a fan of the Dragon Ball games this one looks to be interesting to say the least. This Dragon Ball RPG seems to have solid gameplay and changes up the simple fighting mechanics that we have seen from prior Dragon Ball launches. I can only assume that an RPG will have enough content to fill a weekend.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empire

Dynasty Warriors is another series that has come a long way. This installment of the game seems to offer the same hack and slash that it is recognized for. Dynasty Warriors is always fun for a bit of time and could be throughly enjoyed for a few weekends in a row.

Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart

Hyperdevotion is a prime example of a JRPG that the vita has to offer. This game like any RPG will take a good amount of time to beat. If you are a completionist chances are you will be doing more than one playthrough and that could be very time consuming. The end result is this game will be very time consuming and probably eat more than a weekend.

As always game hard and enjoy yourselves. Personally I will be finishing up The Order 1886 because I got distracted when starting the game and haven't had a chance to finish it.

What will you be playing this weekend? Comment below.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Launching on Steam Today https://www.gameskinny.com/pss7k/dragon-ball-xenoverse-launching-on-steam-today https://www.gameskinny.com/pss7k/dragon-ball-xenoverse-launching-on-steam-today Thu, 26 Feb 2015 09:33:39 -0500 Ashley Shankle

I am super hype for Dragon Ball: Xenoverse, and if you're into Dragon Ball Z and even slightly into fighting games, you should be too.

If you're a console gamer, you saw a release for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on Tuesday. PC gamers are finally getting a Steam release today, at around 6PM EST/3PM PST. Time to get hype!

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse isn't just another DBZ fighting game. It's got a complete story mode going through the series timeline and inserting yourself into some of DBZ's most iconic fights, where you have to save the heroes and the day. It also has an online hub world, and few multiplayer options (including 3v3 battles).

The most exciting part of the game is the iconic battles, but players also have a fully customizable moveset as well as five race options. Earthlings, Saiyans, Majin, Namekians, and Arcosians (Freiza Clan) are all playable, customizable races; and there are hundreds of moves to mix and match to your liking or needs.

You can grab Dragon Ball: Xenoverse right now for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One for $59.99. The PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC versions can be nabbed up for $49.99. Are you ready to go SSJ or kioken? I know I'm ready to go female Majin and kioken all over the place, I tell you what.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Will Have Season Pass & New Characters Announced https://www.gameskinny.com/7w67q/dragon-ball-xenoverse-will-have-season-pass-new-characters-announced https://www.gameskinny.com/7w67q/dragon-ball-xenoverse-will-have-season-pass-new-characters-announced Fri, 23 Jan 2015 18:22:46 -0500 Dustin Frisch

Bandai Namco has announced a Season Pass for Dragon Ball Xenoverse, as well as detailed new characters set to appear in the upcoming game. The $24.99 Season Pass will include access to three different add-on packs:

DLC Pack 1 (Available in March 2015)

  •     3 playable characters: GT Goku, Pan & GT Trunks
  •     4 Time Patrol quests
  •     12 Quests
  •     15 Special Moves for the players’ avatars
  •     5 costumes

DLC Pack 2

  •     Exclusive Playable Characters
  •     Quests
  •     Special moves
  •     Costumes

DLC Pack 3

  •     Turtle Hermit set (sunglasses, Turtle Hermit’s Shell, Turtle Hermit’s Beard, Turtle Hermit’s Aloha Shirt)
  •     Jaco the Space Patroller playable character
  •     More highly exclusive content

Each pack can also be purchased separately just for $9.99.

As for the new characters, Mira and Towa, the game’s antagonists, managed to get their hands on a number of Dragon Ball Z characters and turn them into evil foes. These include: Gotenks, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, Androids, and even the Great Apes. They also made Vegeta join the Ginyu Army, and granted Nappa the ability to transform into a Great Ape.

Also new in today’s update are Omega Shenron and Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse will launch for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on February 24th in North America and February 27th in Europe.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Release Date Set in Japan https://www.gameskinny.com/jafle/dragon-ball-xenoverse-release-date-set-in-japan https://www.gameskinny.com/jafle/dragon-ball-xenoverse-release-date-set-in-japan Sun, 19 Oct 2014 13:45:53 -0400 Brian Spaen

A release date and a couple of playable characters have been announced for the upcoming Dragon Ball fighting game, Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Anime News Network reports from a Japanese magazine that the fighter will be released on February 5th, 2015 for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and the PC in Japan. There is no current date set for the Western release, but it's officially coming to North America perhaps later next year.

Vegito, Super Saiyan 4, Goku, and Vegeta characters will be playable in the game, which will feature in-match transformations, but it's possible players will be able to choose their level of transformation before the match.

This will be the first Dragon Ball game that will be on the new generation systems and the PC. The only other Dragon Ball games released on PC were an MMORPG in 2010 and a couple of open-source sandbox games.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the 15th fighting game in the Dragon Ball franchise and is published by Bandai Namco Games.