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Dragon Nest M has made its leap overseas. It's time to take up arms and enter the battle in this mobile action RPG!

This mobile action RPG has an authentic MMORPG feel, complete with quests, dungeons, PvP and PvE, as well as plenty of exciting monster and boss fights. If you're yearning to play an MMO but don't have the time to dedicate to a PC one, Dragon Nest M may be just the game you've been waiting for.

The game has six classes to choose from, each boasting a unique gameplay style as well as fun and flashy skills. Which begs the question:

Which class should you use for your adventures?

That depends entirely on your playstyle. Do you want to dominate the arena, or run through everything solo? Do you like to hit hard from a distance, or dish out melee attacks in rapid succession?

In this guide, we examine all six available classes and share which classes are the best - you'll surely find one that fits!

Meet the Classes: Basic Class Overview

Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, different specialization options, and vastly different playstyles.

You can have one character for each class, and the data gets saved (so you can even switch back and forth if you so desire), so it's worth checking each class out until you find the best one for you.

Here are some basics about the classes before you begin:


Difficulty level: 2/5

Class type: Close to mid-range tank/DPS

The warrior is a balanced sword fighter with good defense and offense (with both single and multi-enemy attacks). This is the best class for beginners for its ease of use as well as high defense and attack.

Tinkerer (aka Academic)

Difficulty level: 2/5

Class type: Mid-range DPS/support

This cutie packs a punch. Her regular attack takes the form of swift magic orbs that shoot out of her oversized cannon. She is best used from afar, and has the power to push enemies away if they get too close for comfort.

The Tinkerer's most unique asset is her ability to summon Alfredo, a steampunk robotic servant who draws enemy aggro and allows the Tinkerer to keep a safe distance. 


Difficulty level: 2/5

Class type: Close-range support

The cleric is the paladin of this game, acting as a good shield and healer. Clerics have weak attacks but they can withstand a good amount of damage and excel as a support class.


Difficulty level: 3/5

Class type: Mid to long-range DPS/support

As the name suggests, the archer uses a bow and arrow to unleash pain on enemies from a distance. This class is a good middle ground between the tank and the glass cannon, excelling at super-quick movement and attacks and skillful evades.

To play this one well, you'll need to find the optimal distance to hit from (while not being hit in return).


Difficulty level: 3/5

Class type: Close-range DPS

Go up close and personal with this class, which has strong offensive powers and great DPS but needs to be quick on his feet to evade incoming attacks.

The assassin is a versatile class, allowing users to either save up power for a strong burst attack, or attack with weaker, but much quicker, blows.

As a side-note, the assassin also has the most intriguing description: "A gentle and kind teenager accidentally gets possessed by his future self."


Difficulty level: 4/5

Class type: Mid to long-range

Finally, we come to the one true glass cannon among the classes, which also makes her the most difficult class to master.

The sorceress is a powerhouse of magic, dealing huge damage to enemies with AOEs.

Her attacks are great against a group but require a bit more maneuvering than the other classes, since many of her skills target areas, not enemies. This means you can't run-and-gun here, but rather will need to keep an eye on the enemy's movements and plan ahead. 

Dragon Nest M Class Specializations 

Once you reach level 15 in the game, you get to choose a specialization. (Further specialization paths are available at level 45, but for the purpose of this post, we'll focus on this first branch in your journey.) Which specialization you choose will affect the types of skills you get access to and the play style. 

Before making a selection, you'll have a chance to try both out with all its skills unlocked so you'll know exactly what to expect.

Here are the specializations and their finer points:


Sword Master: This specialization is the all-out sword-swinging offensive path. It unleashes a ton of power with strong physical attacks as well as the ability to block and hit back hard. 

Mercenary: A bit more varied than the Sword Master, the Mercenary is equipped with buffs and debuffs while retaining a strong (though slower) attack and some crowd-control skills which make him a great addition to any party. 


Alchemist: With the alchemist, you will unlock powerful magic attacks that rival that of the sorceress, though with an easier control (less precise aiming required).

Engineer: Perfect for a more tactical fighting style, the Engineer puts up towers and throws mechanical ducks (yes, really) into battle. This class requires you to corner your enemies right where you want them for maximum damage output!


Paladin: By far the best tank in the game, the Paladin is an aggro-hogging wall of defense, ideal for cooperative playing.

Priest: This class leads the cleric down the support route, giving him the power to heal and buff allies (and himself).


Bow Master: As the class with the longest range, the Bow Master is great in group fights and as a rear support. However, this comes at a cost: Up close, the class is pretty squishy. 

Acrobat: This specialization brings the archer closer to the action by switching out her bow for a shortbow and giving her more flexible mid- to close-range skills. Her defense is still relatively low but she makes up for it with quick escapes.


Chaser: A skilled ninja-like assassin, the Chaser has two types of skills you can choose to specialize in: the long-ranged physical damage-dealer and the close-ranged, quick and devastating offensive path. 

Bringer: The Bringer uses light and dark powers to either buff and heal or debuff and damage, respectively. Being such a well-rounded class means it can do many things decently, but excel at nothing specific. It may take some more skill to bring out the best in this one.


Elemental Lord: As the name implies, this specialization focuses on offensive fire and ice elemental attacks, much of which can stack for massive DOTs. However, the longer casting times make the Elemental Lord an easy target during casts.

Force User: This class gives up some of its power in favor of providing support to others. Using dark and light magic, the Force User can debuff and immobilize foes, as well as teleport away in a pinch.

Best Dragon Nest M Class for PvE

Now that you know a little about each class, we can move on to the good part: which class should be your main?

While your choice should depend largely on your playstyle, some classes are definitely better than others for certain tasks.

If you play MMOs for the story (believe it or not, you're not alone!), prefer to keep to yourself and not interact with others, and generally want to focus on the PvE aspect of the game, your best bet is the warrior.

It might be a cliched answer, but it's true: it's hard to beat the tried and true attack and defensive prowess of this skilled fighter. The warrior and both of his later paths have crowd-control skills, with the Mercenary being especially good for solo and party fights due to its decent de/buff abilities.

The warrior also has a high defense so he can do well without backup, and some powerful single-enemy skills that are great against bosses. You just can't go wrong with this class for solo play.

Best Dragon Nest M Class for PvP

If, on the other hand, the idea of making your way up the PvP ladder is exciting, you'll do well with a quick character with good defense who can withstand the ranged powerhouses.

Judging our recommendation on the top-ranked arena leaders, the two best classes for PvP in Dragon Nest M are the warrior (Sword Master specialization) and the cleric (Paladin specialization). The warrior can dish out strong mid-ranged attacks, while the cleric can take a lot of beating, making them both ideal for the arena.

However, based on further research, we also recommend the sorceress (Elemental Lord specialization) as a strong third contender. This class is harder to master, but once you do, you can be (theoretically) unstoppable!

Best Dragon Nest M Support Class

Want to help your party and guild-members get through raids and special dungeons? You're looking for a good support class.

Honestly, all the classes are well-balanced and do well on their own or together. Every class has its own party buffs, and most have a good variety of single- and multi-enemy attacks.

However, the one class undeniably created specifically to be a good support is the cleric (Priest specialization). Use this class if you like to hold the team together and lead them to victory!

Of course, we're not saying the other classes aren't awesome: In fact, they're balanced well enough that any class, in the right hands, can be played right to the top. Try them out for yourself and choose the one that's best for you!

And stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Dragon Nest M guides!

Dragon Nest M - Level Unlocks and Beginner's Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/u4tz8/dragon-nest-m-level-unlocks-and-beginners-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/u4tz8/dragon-nest-m-level-unlocks-and-beginners-guide Thu, 07 Jun 2018 15:41:37 -0400 Littoface

Dragon Nest M has come to the West, and it's brought its authentic MMO goodness with it! Whether you're a veteran of the game from its PC years or you simply stumbled onto it while browsing new mobile games, no doubt the unique style and strong community have drawn you in.

Feeling lost and confused? Need a few pointers before you dive headlong into this addictive mobile action game? You've come to the right place!

In this beginner's guide, we'll go over some combat basics, a few general tips, and all the level unlocks you need to know about up until level 15.

Ready, set, attack!

General Tips for Dragon Nest M

Before you begin, here are a few things you should know about the game:

Character selection

Players can have one character from each class, but items can't be transferred between characters. Each class has its own unique playing style, and the prologue gives you the chance to try them out with all their top skills, so check them out and pick the one you enjoy the most.

You can't change the general appearance of characters, but you will have the option to customize them with outfits, sprites, mounts, and lots more, so the more you play, the more uniquely you the character becomes.

At first, your character's name will be randomized, but don't worry -- you'll get the chance to change this name at Level 5.

Semi-automatic gameplay

For passive playing, Dragon Nest M has a few automatic features, but these are only partially autonomous.

You can run towards quests and quest destinations by tapping on them -- to stop, simply walk in the other direction.

Characters attack continuously if you hold down the attack button, and most longer attacks can be canceled by dodging and redirected by moving the character (so if you find your attack about to miss because the enemy moved, just change direction and land that hit!).

UI and camera settings

You can also change how the camera behaves by switching between 2.5D (fixed) and 3D (trailing), and you can even alter the sensitivity through your character menu (tap on your icon).

Don't want the UI cluttering up your screen? You can hide most of it! Just click on the arrows in the upper right and left corners to make the quest menu and the various event and activity icons disappear.

Find the hidden goodies!

The daily rewards here are plentiful and not always as in-your-face as other games, but they're worth finding, so take the time to find them. Every time you unlock a new feature, explore it thoroughly!

Equipment and skill distribution

Don't worry about how you distribute your skill points: You have infinite free skill point resets until level 30 (yes, you can use it multiple times, not just once!).

Equipment is fairly straightforward, but it can be easy to forget about it, so we felt it worth mentioning: Don't forget to actually equip your equipment!

Community features

One of the best parts of Dragon Nest M is the community feel of it. In the spirit of the PC MMO that it stems from, the mobile game is strong on community interactions and has a vibrant and talkative user base (there's even an option for voice chat!).

Here are just a few things to keep in mind about it:

  • If you have any questions, ask! Someone will be happy to help. The community, at least on the server we tested, is extremely noob-friendly.
  • In the chat, clicking on a user's icon allows you to look at their guild, challenge them to a sparring match, invite them to a party, and more.
  • As soon as you can, join a guild! Be on the lookout for recruitment notices, or just check out the guild list (once you unlock it) for a guild that seems to suit your playstyle. Guilds give you special perks (you can increase your attributes, which carries over even if you leave) and give you access to more daily rewards and the slightly disturbing minigame of Clown Poker (just… why?).
  • Certain special events encourage player interaction. For instance, currently, the Charisma event has players giving each other roses for helping out, being nice, or just because.
  • You have a limited amount of free times you can use the World Chat per day (presumably to prevent spamming), so use them wisely! Some players will respond to a question via DM, though, so you can still get plenty of help.
  • You can even customize your chatbox with special items if you feel like being fancy!

In short, be friendly!

The Beginner's Guide to Level Unlocks in Dragon Nest M

Now that we've gone over the basics, you're ready to play.

But wait, where are all the options? Shops? Crafting? The aforementioned guilds?

Don't panic, you're not confused.

Dragon Nest M has a unique way of introducing players to the game. Instead of bombarding you with all the different options, shops, and special menus, you begin with the very bare bones of the game. As you level up, you unlock new features.

This process goes on until the high levels -- for instance, cooking isn't unlocked until level 32!

Below, we've put together a beginner's guide to leveling and what it unlocks up until level 15. Here are all the important unlocks you'll need to know:

Lvl 1

In the very beginning, all you can access is the options menu (by tapping on your icon) and the character menu (by tapping on the icon on the bottom right).

Lvl 2

Unlocks the skills menu.

Lvl 3:

Unlocks auto-attack.

Lvl 5:

Unlocks your first piece of equipment, the first daily reward (in the upper right-hand corner), and the ability to change your character's name (tap on the character's icon).

Lvl 7:

Unlocks your first sprite, which fights alongside you and offers special buffs.

Lvl 9:

Unlocks the closet, which allows you to equip outfits (appearance-changing equipment).

Lvl 10:

Things pick up from here. This level unlocks:

  • The "Mall," which gives you access to certain shops and markets.
  • "Benefits," where you can get daily free rewards.
  • "Rewards," where you can collect achievement rewards.
  • The "Sprite Shop," where you can collect daily free food, summon new sprites, buy goodies for them, and more (access it by clicking on the sprite icon on the bottom right).

Keep in mind that the rewards and events change, and some of the items that you can get now may only be here for a limited time.

Lvl 12:

Unlocks your first team buff and the Team Abyss, which is a team dungeon where you can get crafting items and a lot of EXP, as well as the following features:

  • Daily events, which you can complete for special rewards.
  • "Strengthen," which acts as a sort of checklist for strengthening your character (go here if you're having trouble in battle).
  • The Daily Carnival, a limited-time event which allows you to complete a certain number of quests in order to unlock a fabulous sparkling llama mount. (It's so fabulous.)
  • The auction, where you can buy from and sell to other players.

Lvl 13

Unlocks crafting. You can now also enhance or dismantle your equipment.

Lvl 14

Unlocks the option to join a guild and spectate (but not participate in) PvP matches -- the ability to participate in matches is unlocked at level 16.

You also get access to the current temporary events (at the time of writing, this is the Charisma Expert quest we mentioned earlier, a Guild Contest, and a Nest Challenge). This is also the place where you would go to input gift codes received from other players or social media.

Lvl 15:

Unlocks class specialization, which allows you to choose a path for your character.

Note: Your initial choice is irrelevant!

During the Trial, you'll have the chance to try both paths and see how each path plays. Following this fight, you can choose whichever path you prefer.


Now that you know what to expect, get going and play the game! And stay tuned to GameSkinny for all your Dragon Nest M news, guides, and updates.