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One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3


One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 is a joy to play. Not only can you get it for around $10 to $15 (keep an eye out if you're on Switch), but it's the only game on this list where you can be a giant Minotaur with a snot bubble hanging from its nose.


Many consider this to be the definitive One Piece experience and argue that the upcoming Pirate Warriors 4 isn't doing enough to include the pre-timeskip arc. (If you've watched One Piece to around episode 500, you'll understand.) Though, only time will tell. 


There's a hefty amount of content in One Piece 3, including a giant story mode and a Dream Log, which has players moving on a 3D map linking islands together to unlock characters. There's actually some difficulty to be had, too, even if it's just dodging out of giant attacks or protecting allies from getting mauled across the map.




What Musou titles would you recommend ahead of Pirate Warriors 4? Which titles did we leave off of this list that should have been included? Sound off in the comments below and let us know! 


Pirate Warriors 4 is set to release on March 27 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Be sure to check out our early impressions of the game over here, where we said "One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 adds in huge new characters to shake things up a bit from the usual Warriors action."


Dragon Quest Heroes 2


Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is an odd duck in the mix. It's the only open-world Musou game featured, meaning players will explore an actual RPG storyline, pick up quests, and venture forth with a party. Think Final Fantasy, but if every monster was adorable and you had to kill them.


Dragon Quest Heroes: 2 is full of cheeky humor and contains one of the most colorful, pleasing art styles around. Dragon Quest has undoubtedly entered the mainstream as of late with Dragon Quest Builders 2 and Dragon Quest 11, but this title you're more likely to find in the Bargain Bin as it's rather old but by no means bad.


Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition


Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition is also a decisively meaty game and features a slew of characters and locations from The Legend of Zelda.


After completing the main story, players will find themselves venturing across Adventure Mode's various maps and slowly leveling up their characters, unlocking higher-tier weapons, and gaining new hearts. The Definitive Edition comes with all of the content from the Wii U version and is only available on Nintendo Switch.


To put the game into perspective, while Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate can take players up to 211 hours to fully complete, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition clocks in at an even meatier 343 hours. That means unlocking every character, completing every map, and maxing out their hearts. It's very unlikely most will be able to run that gauntlet.


Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate


Warriors Orochi 4 and Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate are massive games, though we recommend Orochi 3: Ultimate. It is rated higher among fans and has more content, despite being the graphically inferior title.


Warriors Orochi has always been a better version of Dynasty Warriors, so if you're looking for an upgrade, it's the easy choice. For those partial to the old characters, you'll be getting a crossover between Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors that will last you a long time. On the plus side, Warriors Orochi 3: Ultimate has 145 characters.


Musou games are like a finely aged wine. Well, a fine wine that's been smashed into the wall at a local tavern at the beginning of a bar fight.


There aren't many intricacies involved but when it comes down to it, there don't have to be. Every Musou type game has players in charge of one hero against 1,000 enemies or more. Famously beginning with Dynasty Warriors, Musou games have evolved into over time into their own genre.


On March 27, One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 will release, adding to the pile of beat-em-up comfort food. To get you ready to step back into the shoes of Monkey D. Luffy, here are four Musou games to tide you over between now and then.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide: Finding the Ethereal Stone to Upgrade the Weapon Shop https://www.gameskinny.com/oed7b/dragon-quest-heroes-2-guide-finding-the-ethereal-stone-to-upgrade-the-weapon-shop https://www.gameskinny.com/oed7b/dragon-quest-heroes-2-guide-finding-the-ethereal-stone-to-upgrade-the-weapon-shop Tue, 02 May 2017 12:18:43 -0400 Autumn Fish

So you've returned to Accordia in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 to make peace with the Queen of Ingenia, and you find the traveling dwarf weaponsmith in town. Normally he would be teaching the Weapon Shop everything he gathered from his travels by now, but he appears to be missing the materials he needs.

He asks you to drop off the materials if you find them in your travels and submits 009 Hammer and Tongs 1 to the quest counter. When you go to pick up the quest, you'll find that you have everything you need except for one Ethereal Stone.

Luckily, Ethereal Stones are exceptionally common in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, but you must first progress the story a bit further before you can find one. Sorry to those of you who like to complete all of your quests before continuing the main adventure, but this is just how the cookie crumbles.

How to Find the Ethereal Stone in Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Head into the throne room and sit through the cutscene where the Queen of Ingenia lays down her testimony of events to the High King of Accordia. One of Desdemona's knights interrupts the proceedings to bring urgent news of trouble brewing in the beastlands.

Upon hearing the report, the High King implores you and your team to make for Al-Khazam by cutting through No Man's Land. With that, the cutscene ends and Desdemona points out the newly opened Wild Zone gate by the Accolades and Mini Medals shop.

Once you're ready, dip through the gate to find yourself in No Man's Land. Right off the bat, you'll notice a bunch of giant, red, luminescent crystals jutting out of the landscape all around you. If you recall the image of the Ethereal Stone from your quest log, you'll notice that these crystals look very similar, letting you know that you're in the right place.

I found my Ethereal Stone by picking up stray items in the red crystal area of No Man's Land. However, they can also be dropped from Sorcerers, Shadows, and Blood Mummies.

Once you find an Ethereal Stone, turn it in at the quest counter. By the time the Quest Complete jingle finishes, Accordia's resident weaponsmith will have already learned how to craft you the next tier of equipment. Here's hoping you have the gold to afford it!

What do you think of quests that won't let you complete them until you get further in the story? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

Dragon Quest Heroes 2: What is Deftness and How to Calculate It https://www.gameskinny.com/e46yw/dragon-quest-heroes-2-what-is-deftness-and-how-to-calculate-it https://www.gameskinny.com/e46yw/dragon-quest-heroes-2-what-is-deftness-and-how-to-calculate-it Sun, 07 May 2017 18:52:21 -0400 Nick Lee

While leveling in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, players will come across the deftness stat, and the in-game description states what it it is but not necessarily what it does or how to utilize it. Luckily, we have compiled a quick guide on how to use this misunderstood stat in-game.

Deftness itself is the chance a player has to land a critical hit and the chance to steal an item from an enemy. Found by going to the menu of the game and looking through the attributes, the description for deftness tells you what it is, but not fully what it does or how to calculate it.

How To Use It

In order to calculate this attribute, you need to remember that the number associated with deftness only equates to a small percentage boost in critical chance. Critical Hit rate is calculated as Deftness / 100 + 3% (with weapon skill trait). So when it comes to raising this stat, you're going to need a high level on the attribute in order for it to actually make a difference in gameplay.

Steal rate, a useful but not necessary bonus to having a higher deftness, is calculated as (Drop Rate * 2) (1 + (Deftness – 51) / 474)

Why It's Important

The main reason deftness is an important stat is due to landing critical hits. While criticals are important in a lot of games, in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, critical hits cause MP to be restored. MP, of course, is used for more attacks, so the higher your chance of landing criticals, the higher amounts of MP you'll have at your disposal.

Players who pay attention to this early on in the game will reap more benefits in battles as they level through the game.

How To Boost Deftness and Criticals

Items in the game that will raise your critical chance, and in turn raise your deftness level, are few but essential tricks to utilize. For instance, the Tough Guy Tattoo provides a regular and spell critical percentage while also being an extremely effective damage booster. This comes in comparison to items like the Raging Ruby that lower damage but offer +5% more criticals. 

So players will have to weigh their options with the items they equip as usual, but when considering deftness certain items should be more heavily considered like the ones previously mentioned.


Though deftness is largely ignored as it takes more work to successfully level, there are items and work associated with it that make the attribute worth it. Players leveling through the game will see the effects of deftness in battle during critical moments -- and they'll be glad to have landed a critical at an all important moment.

For more tips and tricks on Dragon Quest Heroes 2, check out these other guides: 

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide: How to Unlock Sage and Gladiator (and Locked Chests) https://www.gameskinny.com/1d9qe/dragon-quest-heroes-2-guide-how-to-unlock-sage-and-gladiator-and-locked-chests https://www.gameskinny.com/1d9qe/dragon-quest-heroes-2-guide-how-to-unlock-sage-and-gladiator-and-locked-chests Tue, 02 May 2017 05:08:18 -0400 Autumn Fish

In Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Teresa and Lazarel can change between 5 classes (Warrior, Martial Artist, Mage, Priest, and Thief) after reaching a certain point early in the game. However, as it turns out, whoever you pick as the main character can unlock two extra classes with more available weapons and skills: Sage and Gladiator.

Luckily, unlocking these hidden classes is as easy as leveling a couple of your other vocations and reaching a certain point in the story. However, remember that you must level these vocations on your main character otherwise it won't count towards unlocking the hidden classes.

How to Unlock Sage in Dragon Quest Heroes 2

In order to unlock the quest for Sage, you must first level both the Mage and Priest classes to 20 on your main character. Just head to the highest level region you have unlocked with the best weapon you can buy and go to town -- level 20 should come relatively quickly.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide How to Unlock Sage

Once Mage and Priest are at 20, head to the abbot that changes your class and he'll acknowledge your accomplishments and submit 014 Knack of All Trades: Sage to the quest counter.

You have to reclaim Accordia before you can access this quest. Be sure not to pick it up until you're absolutely ready because you'll only have 15 minutes to complete it.

Once The Battle of the Wildwood is unlocked, head to the Accordia inn and make your preparations -- you need to tackle this quest without party members as a Mage or a Priest otherwise it won't count. Pick up the quest when you're ready, Zoom to the Overgrown Graveyard, and enter The Battle of the Wildwood.

You'll notice the goal isn't to complete the battle but rather to kill 250 enemies. For this reason, it's best if you ignore any larger creatures and focus on taking out as many trash mobs as you can. The room in the northwest of the map has a healthy collection of mobs for slaughter. When the enemy density starts to thin out, simply teleportal out and come back for a fresh batch.

Evac the moment you complete the quest and turn it in to unlock the Sage class. Head back to the abbot and you'll find Sage available exclusively on your main character. It starts at level 1 and has proficiency with Wands, Heavy Wands, Staves, Bows, and Whips.

How to Unlock Gladiator in Dragon Quest Heroes 2

To unlock the quest for Gladiator, you have to level both Warrior and Martial Artist to 20 on your main character. Grab the best weapon you can and head to the highest level Wild Zone available for some quick experience. Feel free to queue up for Story Battles or Dimensional Dungeons as well, but don't expect too many multiplayer hits.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide How to Unlock Gladiator

Head to the abbot in Accordia once Warrior and Martial Artist are level 20 and he'll acknowledge your feats and post 013 Knack of All Trades: Gladiator to the quest counter. Remember that you must have reclaimed Accordia before you can receive this quest

Once The Battle of the Great Divide (S) is unlocked, head back to the Accordia inn and make sure you're playing as a Warrior or Martial Artist without any party members otherwise nothing you do will count towards quest completion. It's not impossible at level 20, but I suggest being at least 28 or 30 before heading in, in the case of injury.

Grab the quest, Zoom to Redrock Road, and enter The Battle of the Great Divide (S) when you're ready. Note that you don't have to complete the battle, you just have to kill 250 enemies before the 15-minute quest timer is up. The southwest corner of the map is packed full of trash mobs, so go to town there. When the enemies grow sparse, simply run up to the center of the map and loop back and they'll all have respawned.

Remember, especially on this map, to avoid the large enemies and focus on the trash mobs. The monsters here are strong and you really don't want to be wasting time. As soon as you've killed all 250, Evac the battle and turn in the quest to unlock Gladiator. It starts at level 1 with weapon proficiencies in Dual Swords, Sword and Shield, Spear, Axe, and Claw.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide How to Open Locked Chests

How to Open Locked Chests in Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Can't figure out how to open locked chests? If you've stuck through this until now, you've probably noticed a pattern. That's right, unlocking chests is as simple as getting Thief to level 20 on your main character. Before you can obtain the quest for the key, however, you must reclaim Accordia from the clutches of evil.

Once you're caught up, head down the stairs past the save counter and talk to the old man next to the cat on your left. Next, talk to the burly man by the save counter with an exclamation point over his head and he'll mention that the Orb Shop has a special item in stock. Head over to the Orb Shop and scroll down until you reach a listing that is completely blank and buy it for 3,000 gold coins.

After buying the orb in the blank space, head to the quest counter and pick up 012 An Honor among Thieves. The dungeon can be found in Ingenia. You'll get the key that opens locked chests if you manage to sneak through the dungeon without being seen. It's difficult, but I have every faith that you can make it through. Enjoy the loot!

The benefits to leveling all of your starting classes to 20 is staggering. Imagine how strong you'll be after investing in all of your cross-vocation passive skills. Simmer on that for awhile.

Has leveling all of your classes ever been more enticing than in Dragon Quest Heroes 2? Let us know in the comments section below!

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Review -- If the Warriors Team Made an RPG https://www.gameskinny.com/sd3do/dragon-quest-heroes-2-review-if-the-warriors-team-made-an-rpg https://www.gameskinny.com/sd3do/dragon-quest-heroes-2-review-if-the-warriors-team-made-an-rpg Sun, 30 Apr 2017 10:00:01 -0400 Autumn Fish

I've come to an impasse. I'm stuck on a boss rush not far from the final boss of Dragon Quest Heroes 2. The monsters have grown ridiculously strong over the past few missions, multiplayer on PC is barren, and no one that could help me was online. I weighed my options carefully: grind gold and experience to prepare for the boss rush or finally crank out this review.

Yep, here I am to talk about my experiences with Koei Tecmo and Omega Force's latest Warriors game. Let me start by saying I was shocked by the leap from a menu-based hack-and-slack to a semi-open world RPG hack-and-slash.

It's incredible being able to (somewhat) freely explore a game while mowing over enemies with iconic Musou-style combat. Dragon Quest's whimsical worlds and charming human/monster relationships really compliment this change, too.

But is Dragon Quest Heroes 2 worth a shot? Spoiler: Hells yes, it is. Especially if you're a Warriors fan -- or action RPG fan in general! But first, let's get down to the juicy details.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 -- Colorful Characters and Flashy Combat

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Review Main Characters

You start the game by deciding whether you want to main the dual sword-wielding Lazarel or the sword and shield-wielding Teresa. Their weapons have nearly identical movesets, and you can't switch party members until later on, so you're not given much variety for a while.

Thankfully, they can change classes before long, so I suggest choosing the one you're more inclined to walk around town as since you're pretty much stuck playing them throughout the entire story. I'm not even sure if they can ever be evicted from the party, which seems pretty counter-intuitive for a Warriors game.

Despite that, I still had a blast playing as the main character. Being able to change weapons and vocation really goes a long way toward breaking up the monotony of being stuck with a character during certain sequences.

Of course, you're not completely glued to the main character. You can still cycle through the characters in your four-man party while out in the field. You can even join multiplayer dungeons and help others with their story battles as anyone from the colorful cast.

You may want to, as well, since everything has its own levels and skill trees. The main characters even have a couple of rows in each of their class skill trees that grant passive bonuses to all of their vocations, which makes leveling them all a rather seductive goal to shoot for.

How do the characters play in combat?

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Review Combat Controls and Performance

The iconic Musou- style combat is, of course, the staple here, with the traditional light attack into heavy attack combos. Players can even access an array of MP-eating spells and let loose a powerful tension burst when they're really fired up.

There are all sorts of weapons, too. I had never played a Warriors game with real archers, mages, or priests before, so these types of classes and weapons put me off at first, but I wound up really appreciating their individual styles of combat after I got over not having combos anymore.

Speaking of not having combos anymore, Dragon Quest Heroes 2 features a new way to battle called Quick Controls. When using this mode, you can just press buttons and your character will automatically decide what to do. They'll even cast spells on their own. It's terrible if you want any semblance of control over what you're doing, but great for those who might be inexperienced with action games.

Mowing down hundreds of enemies is as fast paced as ever -- except when it's not, particularly when you're playing on PC. Now don't get me wrong, the console version's can't keep a steady frame rate either, but at least they have the decency to dip in order to keep up with the pace of combat.

The PC port locks its framerate in a way that makes me feel like I'm auditioning for the next Matrix movie whenever my computer decides it can't handle all of the frames. I mean yeah, it's nice not to deal with the framerate diving in combat, but I would have preferred not to be stuck at 30fps just because the rig I tested it on cannot handle a solid 60.

In the end, it's just a nitpick, and the game ran fine after I found a setting that worked. If only finding the right setting wasn't such a pain. They really could have designed the menus better...

Dragon Quest Heroes 2's Barren Multiplayer and Nightmare UI

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Review Nightmare RPG UI

Remember how I told you about how this made the jump from a menu-based action game to a semi-open world action game? Well, a lot of the conveniences of a menu-based system disappeared along with it.

After the first few instances of the game, you're prompted to save before being spit out into your first Wild Zone. This open area could take a while to explore, and if you're playing on PC, you may have to suffer through it with a poor framerate until you reach Accordia, where a Priestess can save your progress and return you to the title screen.

None of these options are in the pause menu, which is a little strange for a modern game, but I'm willing to wave those off as an homage to the series. I was more peeved that the graphics options on PC were hidden exclusively on the main menu, so you couldn't adjust them to cope with the framerate issues mid-game.

Additionally, I find the Misc menu to be an odd mess that unnecessarily hides things like your quest log, the game manual, and a gaggle of different settings. I didn't realize the quest log was even there for half the game, I simply assumed I had to go to the quest counter to view them.

Ah yes, the quests ...

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Review Multiplayer Gameplay Quests

You'll be running around Wild Zones in Dragon Quest Heroes 2 like a chicken with its head cut off to complete all manner of traditional RPG quests. Slaying monsters, collecting items, slaying monsters like this, collecting items like that.  You get the picture.

There is certainly a benefit to completing (some) quests, however. Turning in certain quests can do things like clear the paths connecting Wild Zones and upgrade your healstones, monster medal holder, and weapon shop. A couple late game quests will even unlock the Gladiator and Sage main character classes.

There's not much else to do in the Wild Zones other than travel to the next battle, which is the instanced skirmishes players have come to expect out of the Warriors games. Many of them consist of varied but interesting RPG scenarios rather than full-scale battles, but they're enjoyable nonetheless.

If you're having trouble with a battle, you can send out a call for help to invite other players into your story mission. They get double experience, gold coins, and proficiency, so there's something in it for everyone. 

It would be a great feature if the online multiplayer wasn't so barren -- at least on PC. You'd have better luck finding a friend who's already beaten the game to help -- since, you know, they can only help you if they've completed the level before.

And yes, the Dimensional Dungeons are just as difficult to find matches for. You're better off running those multiplayer maps solo. At least you can still get your daily Bonus Ball for that sweet, sweet 2x experience bonus.

It's a really fun game to play online, even with randos, but the lack of players utilizing the multiplayer features really hinders its ability to shine. If you manage to get connected, the experience is seamless. Unless, of course, you hit lag, then the frames will freeze periodically until either someone disconnects, causing the entire party to disband, or everybody suffers equally through it to the end of the dungeon.

Can you do anything other than murder monsters in Dragon Quest Heroes 2?

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Review Story Cutscenes PC audio desync

The answer is most certainly no; mowing down mooks (trash mobs) and triumphing over boss monsters is what this game is all about.

Although, there is a pretty decent story. Without getting too much into it, I found myself rather unexpectedly tearing up during some big reveal moments. I didn't even realize I was that invested in the story. There is beauty in simplicity.

On the other hand, the tears in my eyes could very well have been due to the constantly desynced voices during cutscenes on the PC version. I don't know what was up, but sometimes the desync was hardly noticeable and other times it had to be 3-5 seconds off. Trying to watch a cutscene with desynced audio is what true pain feels like.

Verdict -- A flawed RPG that's an exhilarating action game

There are a lot of flaws here, but if you can muscle past them, you have a brilliant Warriors game that goes the extra mile to give the player an unexpected level of freedom. Even if it stumbles a bit, I think it's still to be commended.

It's certainly not the first action RPG, and it's certainly not the best. But boy is it ever a treat to Dragon Quest and Warriors fans alike.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is out now for PC and Playstation 4. The Nintendo Switch version is as of yet unconfirmed for the west.

What do you think of Square Enix's new Musou-RPG hybrid? Sound off in the comment section below!

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Guide: Main Character Classes and How to Change Them https://www.gameskinny.com/50bs1/dragon-quest-heroes-2-guide-main-character-classes-and-how-to-change-them https://www.gameskinny.com/50bs1/dragon-quest-heroes-2-guide-main-character-classes-and-how-to-change-them Wed, 26 Apr 2017 05:15:38 -0400 Autumn Fish

The main characters of Dragon Quest Heroes 2, Lazarel and Teresa, are able to freely swap between five different classes, though you wouldn't know it from the basic character creation. They're both stuck fighting as a Warrior until you unlock the ability to change vocation after your first major battle.

How to Change Your Class in Dragon Quest Heroes 2

Once you defeat Cesar, the Prince of Donisia, head to the Accordia Inn and speak with the holy man in the corner to change Lazarel's and Teresa's classes and even reallocate skill points the entire party.

Before you dive right into the class of your dreams, however, there are a couple of things you should know first.

Facts About the Class System

All five classes are completely independent of each other. This means that all of the progress made in one vocation is essentially meaningless when you play another. When you switch away from Warrior for the first time, everything starts at from the beginning..

Classes have their own levels, stats, skills, weapons, spells, and abilities. Weapon proficiency is virtually the only thing other classes really benefit from. Figuratively everything is reset to square one and you must grind it out again if you hope to stand a chance during your story missions. Keep this in mind before you decide to change your class.

Main Character Classes of Dragon Quest Heroes 2

The five character classes offer unique skills and abilities that make them distinct even though some of them share weapons.

  • The Warrior, as you'd expect, is an up-in-your-face powerhouse that wields Dual Swords, Swords, and Axes. It has crowd control abilities and skills that increase its defensive prowess. No other class shares any of its weapons.
  • The Martial Artist is an agile harasser that lays on the heat with Staves and Claws. Its skills and abilities focus on maximizing damage and self-healing.
  • The Mage is a ranged caster that focuses on blasting enemies with their Wands, Heavy Wands, and Whips. They debuff and destroy enemies with spells and abilities and quickly replenish their mana for another barrage.
  • The Priest or Priestess is a healer that assists in the onslaught with Wands, Spears, and Staves. Their spells and abilities focus on buffing and healing the party in critical situations.
  • The Thief is a swift trickster that tears through the enemy with Claws, Whips, and Bows. Its skills and abilities focus on stealth and evasion in order to continue fighting another day.

Go ahead and give your new classes a whirl in the newbie Wild Zones. You're sure to find something you like among the mix. Make sure to buy any weapons you don't have from the vendor in town.

Dragon Quest Heroes 2 Classes Character Creation

Now that you know how to customize your character in Dragon Quest Heroes 2, what classes are you playing? Share your builds in the comment section below.

Final "Meet the Heroes" Video Rounds Out Dragon Quest Heroes II Cast https://www.gameskinny.com/ty00q/final-meet-the-heroes-video-rounds-out-dragon-quest-heroes-ii-cast https://www.gameskinny.com/ty00q/final-meet-the-heroes-video-rounds-out-dragon-quest-heroes-ii-cast Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:54:53 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

Dragon Quest Heroes II, the sequel to Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below, is set to release for the PS4 and PC on April 25 in the US. Leading up to this launch date, Square Enix has been releasing "Meet the Heroes" videos, which detail various heroes from across the series that will star in DQH2. Today's video -- the last to be released pre-launch -- details the last 3 of 15 heroes that are coming with the base game. 

The 3 heroes shown in this video are all from Dragon Quest IV, which was remade for the DS. We see Alena, the warrior princess, Kiryl, the princess' guardian, and Torenko, the humble merchant. The former two characters were included in the previous game, but Torenko is a newcomer. 

Many of the moves on display for these characters highlight their natural traits -- whether it be Alena's flurry of fists or Kiryl's healing spells. One of Kiryl's moves even pokes fun at Thwack (an instant kill spell that rarely ever worked in spite of multiple casts).

Many of Torenko's moves are comical and a little badass. One move has him yanking 2 handheld crossbows out of his vest and spraying enemies with them. Other moves have him calling on a large group of townsfolk to assist in running monsters over.

As the video shows, we're seeing new life brought to all these characters. Old 8-bit and 16-bit heroes are being brought into the modern 3D era with full voice acting. It'll be interesting to see how this translates to their presentation in the full game. 

Get Ready To Slay Some Slimes with Dragon Heroes II Next Year https://www.gameskinny.com/itez3/get-ready-to-slay-some-slimes-with-dragon-heroes-ii-next-year https://www.gameskinny.com/itez3/get-ready-to-slay-some-slimes-with-dragon-heroes-ii-next-year Thu, 08 Dec 2016 05:40:18 -0500 Jeffrey Rousseau

Today, Square Enix officially announced Dragon Quest Heroes II. The action RPG will be released for the PlayStation 4 April 25, 2017.

The sequel to Dragon Quest Heroes will feature a brand new story. The narrative stars two cousins who are knights charged with saving the world. Along the way, players will be joined by both heroes (such as Dragon Quest VI's Terry) and heroines (such as Dragon Quest VIII's Jessica) from past entries the franchise.

The sequel will feature new multiplayer options for players as well -- like the ability to create parties of 4 to combat armies of monsters and larger foes online.

The JRPG series has featured turn-based battles since its debut in 1985. Dragon Quest Heroes developed by Omega Force; a division of Koei Temco, is an expansion on the series' brand. It was created as an action title where players could experience the world from a different perspective. The first Dragon Quest Heroes was received well by both critics and fans alike.

Fans of action RPGs can look forward to Dragon Quest Heroes II next year.

Dragon Quest Heroes II Promises Big Battles, Bigger Fighters https://www.gameskinny.com/ekmhm/dragon-quest-heroes-ii-promises-big-battles-bigger-fighters https://www.gameskinny.com/ekmhm/dragon-quest-heroes-ii-promises-big-battles-bigger-fighters Fri, 27 May 2016 06:21:00 -0400 Jacob San Antonio

Square Enix's Dragon Quest Heroes was an action-packed nostalgia bomb for longtime fans of the JRPG franchise. For the upcoming sequel, Square Enix hopes to improve on the core gameplay that drew fans in. New screenshots of Dragon Quest Heroes II released in Famitsu show the return of giant enemies, with a fun new twist: now players will get their own giant monster to wreak havoc on the battlefield. When giant enemies appear, players can fight back with a giant of their own. Introducing Atlas, the giant cyclops.  

Atlas the cyclops, your new gigantic best friend

Along with giant battles, Dragon Quest Heroes II returns the frantic hack and slash gameplay at its core. Players can expect to fight their share of slimes, golems, and familiar boss monsters in every battlefield. Screenshots have also revealed Heroes II's "four fiends," powerful monsters standing between the players and their journey to return peace to the world.

Dhuran, not your best friend.

Dragon Quest Heroes II launches in Japan on May 27, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.