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It looks like Dragon Quest XII is in development.

During today's Dragon Quest Walk announcement, Executive Producer Yuu Miyake mentioned the next mainline game in the series is being prepared by creator Yuji Horii.

It's been two years since Dragon Quest XI was released in Japan, meaning it is about time Square Enix came clean on the next true iteration to the series. During the announcement, Miyake stated:

"As for Dragon Quest XII, it is currently in preparation for development with [Yuji] Horii. It's still a ways off, but I wanted to announce something about it."

It's good to hear hat the next mainline entry is on the way, but chances are we won't see it in the West for another few years. Even Dragon Quest XI, which was released in North America just last year, was released a year prior in Japan. It's going to be a long road to XII, and further to XII in English.

The real meaty announcement today is Dragon Quest Walk, a series AR title with an incredible trailer. Based on the text at the end, "The whole of Japan will be turned into DraQue," there very well may be no plans to bring it West. Nonetheless, that trailer is really something else!

Dragon Quest Walk Coming to Android and iOS https://www.gameskinny.com/1sc2q/dragon-quest-walk-coming-to-android-and-ios https://www.gameskinny.com/1sc2q/dragon-quest-walk-coming-to-android-and-ios Mon, 03 Jun 2019 11:48:11 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Square Enix followed through on its promise of unveiling a new Dragon Quest experience today (Tuesday in Japan) by announcing Dragon Quest Walk.

It's a brand-new, Pokemon GO-style mobile game developed by Colpol for iOS and Android that brings the quirky world of Dragon Quest close to home.

Note that for now, the game is only set for a Japanese release.

There wasn't a great deal of information shared along with the reveal trailer, but the game's primary theme is moving forward, both in the player's adventure and in life. Like Pokemon GO, Dragon Quest Walk is an AR game with a map and events based on the player's surroundings.

The map has various levels to it. There's a zoomed out version that appears very similar to a traditional Dragon Quest in-game map, but zooming in appears to place a Google Maps overlay on it, with major landmarks, restaurants, and other areas of interest showing up on the game's map.

Over the course of their journeys, players will encounter townsfolk and monsters and engage in combat. A gameplay reveal video released alongside the trailer gives an idea of how combat will work in Dragon Quest Walk, and it seems like it won't be pared down either.

Players can take on a number of quests from specific landmarks and can also opt-in for more challenging fights against what appear to be boss monsters. The menu system also shows players can spend crystal-like items to unlock new quests or activities, so chances are, there will be microtransactions in Dragon Quest Walk.

Another feature is My Room. Players will get access to their own room, which isn't too surprising given the feature's name, and they can decorate that space with all kinds of furniture and items they pick up throughout their adventure.

With Pokemon GO's massive success and complete integration into The Pokemon Company's plans for the franchise, it's no surprise to see another hugely popular Japanese franchise get the mobile AR treatment.