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Cameos; the one thing that can always make a game just that little bit better. From other video game characters to politicians, some games just can't help themselves. As we were playing Brutal LegendI noticed that there are a lot of cameos from legendary metal gods such as Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy. It got me to thinking that there have been so many over the years, and I can't remember half of them! A conversation and a half later, here we are.

With that, STG decided to make our next listicle on the theme of cameos. Since there are two types of cameos (in my book), being real celebrities and other video game characters, I opted to make it a two part edition. Check out this cool collection of Movie/Celebrity cameos in video games!

Freddy Krueger - Mortal Kombat 9

A popular character from the 80's, A Nightmare On Elm Street left many of us with horrific nightmares. Usually they were invaded by none other than Freddy Krueger himself. Armed with a razor sharp glove and the ability to kill you through your dreams, Freddy is the perfect addition to the Mortal Kombat roster. Donning his iconic fedora, red and green sweater, and razor gloves, Freddy brings his nightmare to the Netherealm. I wonder what Shang Tsung or Scorpion have nightmares about?

Michael Myers - Call of Duty: Ghosts

Another popular, 80's horror icon, Michael Myers appears as a playable character in the DLC to Call of Duty: Ghosts. Once you find the pickup, the entire ensemble is yours, along with trademark mask, axe, and Halloween theme music. Cheap thrills? Absolutely, but nothing beats slaughtering your opponents as the Halloween haunter himself.

Hideo Kojima - Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Hideo, Kojima

Kojima is the well-known creator of the Metal Gear franchise and has never hidden his love for movies. Many of his games feel like cinematic experiences and he has managed to sneak cameos into his game before. During one of the non-canonical missions in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Big Boss finds himself saving a double-agent requiring extraction. Get close enough and we see that Kojima is the spy. How meta...

Michael Jackson - Space Channel 5

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, has appeared in a few video games already and had conquered the music world at this point. The next step? Ask if you can be featured in a space dancing game. I'm not kidding. Play long enough and Space Michael becomes part of your group, saving the galaxy with his dance moves in Space Channel 5.

Mikhail Gorbachev - Street Fighter 2


Not one to give a crap about national stereotypes, Zangief is one iconic, street fighting Russian. When you are victorious in the Street Fighter 2 tournament while playing as Zangief, then president of the U.S.S.R, Mikhail Gorbachev, (along with three K.G.B agents) begin dancing the Hopak with him. I'm just going to leave it at that...

Snoop Dogg - True Crime: Streets of LA

At the time that True Crime: Streets of LA was released, Snoop Dogg was at the height of his career. Having starred in films such as Training Day (not to mention his attempt at pornography), Snoop obviously wanted to hit the trifecta so he became a playable character. Unlocking 30 Dogg Bones (or entering a cheat) allowed you to bring rap god, street justice to the fold.

Gary Coleman - Postal 2

Postal and Postal 2 are insanely weird games to begin with but once you make it to a certain book signing event in the sequel, it just gets weirder. Gary Coleman (from TV show Different Strokes) is signing copies of his book, "What I'm Talking About." He's also being kind of a jerk about it too. After flipping out because people are taking more than one signed copy, Coleman attacks the character and police with machine guns and grenades. "What CHU talkin' 'bout, Coleman?"

Bruce Lee - EA Sports UFC 2

As a reward to winning the game on Pro difficulty (or by simply paying for it), Bruce Lee is an unlockable, playable character in EA Sports UFC 2. The ultimate fighter in every aspect of the word, it was a shame to see that his style was not very well represented. A let down to be sure but I mean, come on, it's Bruce Lee for Pete's sake!

Pauly D - NBA 2K13

Everyone always talks about how the developers of NBA 2K13 included Justin Bieber as a playable character but as a former Jersey Shore fanatic (I know, shoot me), I loved the fact they opted to include Pauly D. He was, by far, my favorite person in the shore house anyway The guido wannabe was looking exactly like he did in the show but there's only one problem. He's Italian. Shouldn't he be playing soccer?

Bill Clinton - NBA Jam

Way back when NBA Jam dominated the arcades, a certain scandalous president was currently in office over in the U.S. Taking full advantage of his media popularity, Midway included Bill Clinton as a playable character (and you could also choose Hillary Clinton). We all knew Bill could play the saxophone but basketball too? He definitely picked the wrong career choice...

Spawn - Soul Calibur 2

An adaptation to the popular comic book series, Spawn was a great movie in the 90's but was received very poorly. I don't care what people say as I loved it. It seems there were plenty like me that saw Spawn himself became an awesome, playable. character. I never really liked the Soul Calibur series much, until that fateful day.

Fred Durst - Fight Club

Back when Limp Bizkit was dominating the charts and reaching popular youth, Fred wasn't satisfied. Trying to garner even more popularity, Durst asked to be included in the video game Fight Club (adapted from the movie of the same name). The movie remains brilliant to this day, but the game? Not so much. Still, pummeling the crap out of Durst still gets laughs from my end. His name was Robert Paul... I mean, Fred Durst.

Burt Reynolds - Saints Row: The Third

If there is a more manly man than Burt, I'd love you to point him out for me. With trademark moustache and all, Reynolds appears as the mayor of Steelport in Saints Row: The Third. After completing a certain amount of missions for him, Burt actually becomes part of the crew. My dreams have finally come true...

Drew Carey - The Sims: House Party

During the time that The Sims was blowing up on PCs all over the world, Carey's show, Whose Line Is It, Anyway?, was also becoming increasingly popular. The impromptu skit show even included some The Sims related segments! Maxis opted to return the love by giving him a cameo in the expansion pack The Sims: House Party. If you are successful in throwing a major party and keep a certain score up, Drew and his entourage will arrive in a limo to take part in the festivities.

Phil Collins - GTA: Vice City Stories

There is no one more iconic person to represent the 80's better than English pop legend, Phil Collins. In GTA: Vice City Stories, there are a few segmented missions based around protecting and keeping Collins alive and yes, he actually voiced the character himself. After successfully completing said missions, Phil rewards you with his rendition of "In the Air Tonight", for erm, $6000. Hey! Phil's gotta eat too!


Proving that video games and celebrities are a fantastic mix, even when it doesn't make sense at all, cameos are the stuff of much conversation. I hope you enjoyed and probably even learned about some cameos you didn't know where there. Thanks for reading our latest listicle!

So what did you think? Did I miss any major celebrity cameos you think should have been included? Don't forget to leave a comment below!

5 Fighting Game Subgenres That Have Yet to Be Explored https://www.gameskinny.com/63jea/5-fighting-game-subgenres-that-have-yet-to-be-explored https://www.gameskinny.com/63jea/5-fighting-game-subgenres-that-have-yet-to-be-explored Wed, 01 Feb 2017 06:45:01 -0500 Marc Anthony

Fighters have always been more for the competitive scene in gaming with fast-paced gameplay and entertaining matches of combat. Some genres of fighting game, however, have gone unexplored and should be incoming in the future for the common player, as well as the competitive player.

Sport Fighters

Wrestling, such as WWE inspired games, and MMA games have always been in my opinion under appreciated, but very entertaining with exciting matches as the popular real-life characters. Using real move sets are great, but mechanically have work to do.

There are many sports which are not well represented under this genre. Sports such as fencing, fist-fighting (taekwondo), and wrestling (greco-roman) are not seen in the category at all. Are people who loves these sports not allowed to be entertained? Often, movements in these games are static and unoriginal, but maybe they can take lessons For Honor's combat system.

2D Party Brawlers

These games fall under party brawlers and platform fighters; such as the Super Smash Bros franchise. However, games listed under the 2D sub-genre haven't been seen as frequently as they should have, and so have gone unexplored presently.

The 2D party brawlers should make their return into the fighter genre. They are simple to grasp for players and could be improved with more strategic elements for stage development. This, in turn, could grant more advantages to develop a brawler and make the leap into 3D. In this way, 2D could be used as a stepping stone for new fighters into 3D by getting fanbases before being developed that may possibly flop.

RPG Fighters

RPG fighters are self-exclamatory, they are fighter games with RPG elements. The very idea seems to be a good concept to delve into, but has not been developed consistently. RPG fighters force you to adapt within a game, making you use various types of styles and skill-sets, they require you to constantly change and that can be a fun new mechanic.

Being able to switch equipment and have specialized skill sets could be a new form of fighting game that constantly create new ways to play. This could even be influenced competitively, with teams being dropped in a world and win in a king of the hill style match-up where you can't flee battles.

Mech Game

Mech fighters have never been represented as a sub-genre of fighters. The basic notion of gigantic robots fighting is more of a movie thing than a game to play -- Pacific Rim may have been a good movie, but probably couldn't make a transition into a game.

Environments for such fighters would have to be shown in vast 3D environments, a basic 2D side-scroller won't give off the gigantic mech feeling. Also, it is not as easy to form a relationship with a mechanical character, because these mechs do not have human emotion within their own agendas. This relationship incentivizes players into choosing 'their' character in a video game due to this established relationship between player and character; the closest thing to mechs with emotions are the Transformers.

We need more mechs who have emotions, I want more mechs with emotions. And unfortunately no games have been centered solely around mechanical fighting. It's lacking within the fighter genre and could make for a fierce competitor to other fighting games.

Cel-Shading/Anime Fighters

Anime fighters are extremely entertaining and bring in a wide range of audiences, from fans of their shows, to graphic enthusiasts, and manga readers. This genre is under-explored with only a few titles getting fighting done correctly and efficiently with fluid game mechanics, counters, and backgrounds. Many anime shows can be made into fighting games, and more of these games could be centered around other popular franchises, with their own character's move sets and a compelling storyline to match.

Many fighting game sub-genres are under-appreciated or unexplored, but some can ultimately become great sub-genres that could reimagine and reinvent fighters with their impact.

UFC 2 Free Trial Available on Xbox One and PS4 https://www.gameskinny.com/2l9zr/ufc-2-free-trial-available-on-xbox-one-and-ps4 https://www.gameskinny.com/2l9zr/ufc-2-free-trial-available-on-xbox-one-and-ps4 Wed, 06 Jul 2016 09:14:37 -0400 Pierre Fouquet

EA Sports UFC 2 currently has a free trial avaliable on Xbox One and PS4 for a limited time only. Free from Wednesday, July 6 @ 10AM PT to Monday, July 11 @ 10AM PT, the trial features 5 hours of gameplay and all the modes which are new to the second iteration of the EA Sports UFC games -- such as Knockout Mode, UFC Ultimate Team, and Live Events which now features the UFC 200 fight card.

How to play for free?

Xbox One
  1. Head over to the store page.
  2. Search the store for “EA Sports UFC 2.
  3. Select “EA Sports UFC 2” from the results.
  4. Find and select the "Get it FREE” option.
  5. Profit!
PlayStation 4
  1. Head over to the PlayStation Store.
  2. Search for “EA Sports UFC 2.
  3. Select “EA Sports UFC 2” from the results.
  4. Scroll down to the Demo category select the Trial.
  5. Select “Get Free Demo.”
  6. Profit!

EA Sports UFC 2 released a few months back in March 2016, for the Xbox One and PS4, to generally favorable reviews.

Petition for UFC 2 PC port close to 10,000 signatures! https://www.gameskinny.com/1zkkq/petition-for-ufc-2-pc-port-close-to-10000-signatures https://www.gameskinny.com/1zkkq/petition-for-ufc-2-pc-port-close-to-10000-signatures Tue, 26 Apr 2016 03:04:27 -0400 Chrisator

As some of you will likely recall, some time ago we covered news of a player petition to bring UFC 2 to PC, upon reaching 4,000 signatures. However, this small petition has grown more than twice as large since then, and is growing more and more daily.

The petition's only demand is a playable PC port for UFC 2, and considering the large overlap between the PC gaming customer base and UFC fan base, this seems like a no-brainer. In fact, considering UFC 2's slow decline since its jump to second place in the UK charts, this could be an easy way to revitalize the game.

John Smith, the creator of this petition, makes some valid points with regards to this;

There is an under-served market here. We like MMA. We like video games. If [EA] makes it, we will buy EA UFC 2 for PC... Just look at Skyrim and how well it has done and continues to do years after it's release. This thing would sell like hotcakes if it had mod support.

The expectations of most people who signed the petition are quite simple; a 1080p port capable of running at 60 FPS.

One of the petitioners, Obinna Onochie, had this to say;

Because I'm not buying a console for this. If Witcher 3, MGS V and GTA V can come out for PC. I see no reason why, you guys are holding back. [EA] release FIFA for PC. Why would [EA] give us FIFA and not give us UFC [2]?

With just under 9,600 signatures at the time of writing, the petition is growing exponentially. However, there is yet to be an official announcement from EA with regards to a UFC 2 PC version.

If you'd be interested in getting a version of UFC 2 on PC, you can find the petition here. If you've been playing UFC 2 on console, or desperately want to have it on your PC, let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Pokken snags 3rd place in UK sales, Tom Clancy's: The Division still going strong https://www.gameskinny.com/o2j92/pokken-snags-3rd-place-in-uk-sales-tom-clancys-the-division-still-going-strong https://www.gameskinny.com/o2j92/pokken-snags-3rd-place-in-uk-sales-tom-clancys-the-division-still-going-strong Mon, 21 Mar 2016 10:37:26 -0400 David Fisher

The Wii U might not be the best selling console out there, but Nintendo's new fighter Pokken Tournament has managed to snag 3rd place in the UK's weekly sales. Meanwhile, Tom Clancy's: The Division manages to stay strong at #1 in the UK, despite a loss of 73% of sales since last week. As for EA Sports UFC 2, it planted itself in 2nd place for sales, outselling its predecessor -- EA Sports UFC --  by over 53% in its first week.

Ubisoft's strange MMO-Style TPS has received quite a bit of success, breaking consistently breaking Ubisoft sales records to date

Considering Nintendo's latest fighter started fairly late into the sales cycle, it's quite amazing that it appeared on the charts at all. Nintendo has been faring poorly overall, however, as NintendoLife reports that the company's only other two games in the Top 40 are The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD in 30th place, and Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer in 40th.

The drop in sales for Twilight Princess HD and Happy Home Designer are nothing short of expected. The Animal Crossing spinoff has been around since mid last year, and it is surprising that it's still selling at all, considering the mixed reactions from fans and critics. As for the Zelda title, the sales did surprisingly well considering it is a re-release of a last-gen title - that itself was a re-release of a game from the generation before that.

Nintendo will hopefully earn another spot in the Top 40 sales chart with the release of Hyrule Warriors Legends on the 3DS later this week. There has been news of DLC coming to the Wii U version as well, including new characters originally thought to be exclusive to the 3DS version. Perhaps the portability of the game will be enough of a selling feature for the 3DS title, but the DLC for Wii U may hurt Hyrule Warriors Legends' sales. But that's just my unscientific prediction, of course.

Player petition to bring UFC 2 to PC reaches 4,000 signatures https://www.gameskinny.com/ogpsj/player-petition-to-bring-ufc-2-to-pc-reaches-4000-signatures https://www.gameskinny.com/ogpsj/player-petition-to-bring-ufc-2-to-pc-reaches-4000-signatures Mon, 21 Mar 2016 05:16:30 -0400 Chrisator

EA Sports' UFC 2, which was released on March 15th of this year for PS4 and Xbox One, is yet to have a PC version. The previous installment of the game, which did not fare very well, also lacked a PC release, despite having both an iOS and Android version. 

UFC 2 seems to be a big step up from its predecessor, however. The game looks and feels much more realistic, houses a larger number of fighters, and provides for many different fighting styles. The combination of striking and ground game seen within the game, is also a step up from all previous martial art games on the market.

This is likely why PC gamers are hoping for a PC release, or at the very least a PC port. John Smith has created a petition on change.org for this very purpose, and has reached 4,100 signatures at the time of writing.  

"We would like EA UFC 2 to come to PC. There is an underserved market here. We like MMA. We like video games. If you make it, we will buy EA UFC 2 for PC."

--Petition for PC port of UFC 2

He goes on to state that simply being able to play on 1080p resolutions with 60 FPS would be enough, so long as the players gain access to the actual game.

With EA developers often only looking at their own forums for fan feedback, it is uncertain how effective this petition can become. However, if you are also interested in a PC release for UFC 2, you should probably sign the petition here. Or for more information on the game, check out the official UFC 2 page.

EA Sports UFC 2: Ultimate Team announced with trailer https://www.gameskinny.com/1jxzq/ea-sports-ufc-2-ultimate-team-announced-with-trailer https://www.gameskinny.com/1jxzq/ea-sports-ufc-2-ultimate-team-announced-with-trailer Tue, 02 Feb 2016 04:18:08 -0500 Alex Chin

Ultimate Team, a mode featured in EA's Madden, NHL, and FIFA, will now be available in UFC 2. And the announcement came with a brand new trailer (see above). 

This mode was introduced several years ago in FIFA 09. It let users create and manage their own team. Players could buy, sell, trade, or auction off stars with thousands of other users. They earned money by playing matches offline or online, and could use it to buy card packs containing items, such as players or stadiums. 

UFC 2 will follow a similar formula. Players can create a team of up to five custom fighters. Participating in fights earns coins, which can be used to open up fight packs containing four different items--moves, attributes, perks, and consumables.

Moves are inspired by fighters' signature moves. Want Rousey's Judo Flip? Fighters' attributes include disciplines like muy tai, kickboxing, or judo. Perks are special abilities, and include things like Marathoner or Submission Specialist. And lastly, consumables boosts your fighter's individual skill in areas like health, toughness, and stamina.   

Use these four items to build your team and achieve glory in the UFC.

UFC 2 hits stores hard on March 15. For more on UFC 2 and its features, visit the official site here

Will you be playing UFC 2's Ultimate Team? Let us know in the comments below!

Mike Tyson playable in EA Sports UFC 2 https://www.gameskinny.com/56wkx/mike-tyson-playable-in-ea-sports-ufc-2 https://www.gameskinny.com/56wkx/mike-tyson-playable-in-ea-sports-ufc-2 Fri, 22 Jan 2016 16:14:36 -0500 Alex Chin

EA just unveiled Mike Tyson, one of the most iconic boxers of all time, as a playable fighter in their upcoming game, EA Sports UFC 2.   

Tyson will be available as an unlockable fighter when the game releases March 15. Players will have to make it to the Hall of Fame in career mode to unlock him. Those who don't want to wait can pre-order the game and receive day-one access to Tyson, as well as UFC Hall of Famer Bas Rutten and "The Gracie Hunter" Kazushi Sakuraba. 

Tyson is available in two versions: "Iron" Mike Tyson, the youngest, baddest Heavyweight Champion in boxing history, and Legacy "Mike Tyson", complete with his tribal face tattoo.

2 versions of mike tyson

The former world champion will fight as both a light heavyweight and heavyweight, and packs the highest punching power of any fighter in the game.  

To get early access to Tyson's unreal knockout power, be sure to pre-order EA Sports UFC 2

EA Access announces trial dates for 3 popular titles https://www.gameskinny.com/lxisg/ea-access-announces-trial-dates-for-3-popular-titles https://www.gameskinny.com/lxisg/ea-access-announces-trial-dates-for-3-popular-titles Fri, 15 Jan 2016 18:02:13 -0500 Chan Moore

Getting access to games before the rest of the community is always a plus, EA Access has delivered on just that for its Xbox users. The developer has released the dates for Early Access to three of its games. And the selection has a little something for everybody.


This is a physics-based puzzler where you play the role of Yarny, a small creature made of (you guessed it) yarn. The goal is to use the character's body to create lines that help you solve puzzles by climbing, swinging, crossing, and even hitching rides as you progress through the game. 

Release date: 1/4/16

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

This is a game most of us know and love. You have to strategically use various plants that have different weapon classes to defeat an army of zombies who want to destroy green life as we know it. This new iteration boasts a new zombie version of Garden Ops (called Graveyard Ops), 6 new plant and zombie classes, and a new game mode called Herbal Assault Mode.

Release date: 2/18/16

EA Sports UFC 2

In this mixed martial arts fighting game, you can get in the ring and pin, knockout, or make your opponent submit. This new title claims to be more realistic than its predecessor, with some added features. A few of them include "player deformation", a new "Knockout Physics System", and an Ultimate Team mode to give things a more dynamic feeling. The career mode has gotten some changes as well, including the addition of female fighters -- a first for the series.

Release date: 3/10/16

EA Access is available for Xbox One owners, and costs $4.99 per month, or $29.99 per year. As if it couldn't get any better, you will also gain free access to other big name EA titles as well. Click here to see a comprehensive list.

So check out the service if you have an Xbox One and let us know what game your playing right now!

Madden Curse is blamed for Ronda Rousey's KO https://www.gameskinny.com/6ijnw/madden-curse-is-blamed-for-ronda-rouseys-ko https://www.gameskinny.com/6ijnw/madden-curse-is-blamed-for-ronda-rouseys-ko Mon, 16 Nov 2015 05:19:09 -0500 Stan Rezaee

The defeat of Ronda Rousey by Holly Holm at UFC 193 has shocked the sporting world and now many gamers are quick to attribute the knock-out to the infamous "Madden Curse."

Many gamers and sports fans are blaming Rousey's first defeat to the infamous Madden Curse given that it was announced two days before the fight that she would appear on the cover of EA Sports: UFC 2.

The Madden Curse is an alleged superstition among sports fans that an athlete will have a poor season or suffer an injury after appearing on the cover of Madden NFL. It all started in 1999 when EA Sports replaced John Madden with Garrison Hearst.

The curse has become such a big deal to fans that bookies have created odds on how likely an injury will occur to the player after appearing on the cover. However, there is also a large number of fans who dismiss the curse as being nothing. 

Even though the curse has only affected football players, some fear that it's spreading to other EA Sports games.

According to Nick Schwartz of ForTheWin, that Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson had some bad luck after appearing on the cover of EA Sports: UFC. Most notable was Gustafsson two defeats while Jones failed a drug test and was suspended.

Despite her loss, EA Sports has announced that Rousey will remain on the cover of EA Sports: UFC 2.