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Which virtual reality (VR) system will be the best after all? Perhaps it is too early to tell. The competition within the VR products is intense.  According to Game Informer, 29 games will be released on either one of the VR consoles on March 28. Hence having more revenue streams can ensure profitability.  In addition,  VR Games for, lists all of the games and the VR platforms that they are planning to release on by March 28 as well as those released prior this date:

In a recent survey conducted by Statista, these three VR headsets have the most market shares among US consumers 19 to 49 years old.  At the moment, Oculus Rift is the market leader of virtual reality. However, it is only by a small margin because of its excellent marketing campaign and brand recognition. Samsung Gear VR was actually the first to enter the VR market with mobile integration. Unfortunately, it is losing to Oculus Rift at the moment as its more focused on competing with Apple in the smart phone market.  

According to the Sony Tokyo Game Show, reviewers think Sony Project Morpheus has better graphics than the others on the market. As for the rest, TechRadar reports that Microsoft HoloLens, Razer OSVR, HTC Vive and Google Cardboard are fighting for market share in VR technology as well.  

However, some game developers are making the most of an emerging and fiercely competitive market.  CCP Games is one of the companies using this business strategy.

As there are no definite winner in the VR system competition yet, the best strategy for such situation is to enter all markets! This means more players can play your game. For example, CCP Games, an Icelandic video game developer and publisher, is going to release Eve Valkyrie on Oculus Rift and Sony Project Morpheus while Eve Gunjack is released on Samsung Gear VR. Both games share very similar characteristics such as environment, background music and play style.

Eve Gunjack:



Nevertheless, even the VR technology itself has a competitor to worry about. Augmented Reality is a technology that is directly competing with virtual reality with its similar functionalities. It is an emerging technology that is not only for gaming, but can be used in medicine, the military, design, education and administration... fields. In conclusion, the future of VR technology and will dominate is still a mystery and the safest option is to be familiar with most of them.

Technologist using augmented reality on his hand as number pad.

CCP the company behind EVE online is making a VR mobile game... wait what? https://www.gameskinny.com/4xxj5/ccp-the-company-behind-eve-online-is-making-a-vr-mobile-game-wait-what https://www.gameskinny.com/4xxj5/ccp-the-company-behind-eve-online-is-making-a-vr-mobile-game-wait-what Tue, 04 Aug 2015 13:47:43 -0400 Duran Boskovic

CCP, a dev best known for its space accountancy MMO EVE: Online, has released a trailer for its latest romp in VR technology. The game is called Gunjack and is being developed from the ground up for VR, but the real kicker is it's for Samsung's Gear VR.  

The Samsung Gear VR for those of who don't know is a head mount for certain variants of the Samsung Galaxy note 4. When added to the Gear VR headset it makes a totally independent system (No PC or console needed) which is pretty cool. Its use for gaming is a bit questionable right now though, I have my doubts about what is essentially a mobile game for VR being anything more than an expensive gimmick.

But damn, what a gimmick.

The move makes more sense when hearing from CCP's CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson who says: 

We believe that virtual reality will be one of the major anchors video games of tomorrow. It may take some time before the general public 'adopts the technology as a whole, but we will be present on the first day.

It seems CCP really are committed to hitting the ground running when it comes to VR. Gunjack may be a tester for the market, or maybe there to drum up hype for its other VR title EVE: Valkyrie which has yet to be released.

Either way the time of full AAA VR titles are coming and CCP seem to be committed to being on the ground floor when it gets here.