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NVIDIA announced a total of nine games that will now support its DLSS technology, with No Man's Sky being one of the biggest new additions, as it is now the first VR game to support DLSS.

NVIDIA also announced eight other games that will now support DLSS, including AMID EVIL, Aron's Adventure, Everspace 2, Redout: Space Assault, Scavengers, and Wrench

The trailer for NMS DLSS support can be seen below. 

These nine new additions now come on top of five other games being given DLSS support, and the launch of Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition for the PC. There still is the caveat that NVIDIA's DLSS technology is only supported on NVIDIA GPUs, with no word that AMD support will arrive anytime soon. 

The addition of No Man's Sky VR is especially notable because it is the first virtual reality game to support DLSS. It's exciting seeing further integration of this technology because it will only mean better framerates for games, which usually equals a better gameplay experience. Let's just hope those with AMD graphics cards will one day be able to enjoy the same benefits those with NVIDIA cards do. 

Everspace 2 Union: Contracts/Heartland Update Delivers Huge Content Drop https://www.gameskinny.com/476fw/everspace-2-union-contractsheartland-update-delivers-huge-content-drop https://www.gameskinny.com/476fw/everspace-2-union-contractsheartland-update-delivers-huge-content-drop Wed, 28 Apr 2021 12:17:05 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Everspace 2 left the hanger and entered the deep, swirling space of Early Access in January 2021. Since then, developer Rockfish has been steadily working on the first major update to the space-flight simulator and shooter RPG. The Union: Contracts/Heartland update introduces a massive cargo load of content to the game for free.

The update is currently available for both Steam and Good Old Games versions of Everspace 2

Union: Contracts/Heartland adds six new missions to Everspace 2: three primary missions and three side missions. On top of that, Rockfish said in a release that there are "addition side activities" available as well. Though many of those activities will take "place in the second star system," neither the release nor a news post on the game's Steam page mentioned what those activities are.   

The central force of these new primary missions and side missions is an old face from the original Everspace: Elek. The outlaw once again needs rescuing, it seems, and is this time in clutches of the arachnid-like Cave Crawlers. Players will need to fight their way through an underground cave system to rescue Elek, but once they're freed, they become a new companion and gain access to a number of upgradeable perks. 

The update also introduces a "new" ship class in the Bomber, which makes its return from the original Everspace. According to Rockfish, "The Bomber is a missile and mine specialist with access to unique explosive weapons and warheads." Another perk of the Bomber is its capability of regenning hull HP on enemy kill. 

For those who enjoy the puzzles in Everspace 2, a mechanic that's brand-new to the series in this release, Rockfish has made adjustments to some old puzzles to make them a tad more difficult, while also adding "new types of puzzles in combination with the second boss encounter ..."  

To get a feel for how this impacts Everspace 2, Rockfish shared a massive 15-minute gameplay video for the update that looks at gameplay, the new ship, and much more. Give it a watch below. 

The Steam news post about the update provides more insight into other parts of Everspace 2's development, including the purpose of the game's racing challenges, which the developer envisions as adding variety to the game. 

We want to provide various gameplay mechanics that you can delve into while progressing through the game in your preferred manner. Much of these side quests are optional objectives to pursue whenever you’d like to take a break from the main story campaign.

That said, we aren’t implementing all these different types of gameplay mechanics for nothing. Some super-duper loot will require top maneuvering skillz AND brainz to obtain. No worries, we’re not gonna force anyone to solve lots of complex puzzles and tight pursuit missions to progress through the story campaign à la Uncharted or Tomb Raider.

Lastly, as updates often do, this one squashes a few persnickety bugs and provides a bit of game balancing for difficulty. The full set of additions and changes can be found over in the Everspace 2 news section on Steam

According to the Everspace 2 roadmap, the next big content update will come sometime this summer. Called Zharkov: The Vortex, this update will introduce the game's third eponymous system, a new companion, new primary and side missions, and new activities and challenges. It will also increase the level cap. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Everspace 2 Early Access back in January, saying that it's already "polished and enjoyable ... an open-world space shooter where adventure awaits behind every asteroid." We praised it for its graphics, gameplay, and story. You can read our full run-down here

[Sources: Rockfish, Steam]

Everspace 2 Early Access Review: All Systems Go https://www.gameskinny.com/t4qhu/everspace-2-early-access-review-all-systems-go https://www.gameskinny.com/t4qhu/everspace-2-early-access-review-all-systems-go Mon, 08 Feb 2021 16:06:25 -0500 Justin Michael

I love space, and I love games that put me in space. Old-school titles like Freelancer and X3: Terran Conflict were some of the first games to hook me, melting the world around me away as I fought, explored, traded, and built my space empires.

Then Everspace came out back in 2016, and it blew me away. I spent over 100 hours exploring Everspace and loved every second of it. I then reviewed it after its full release, and it again proved to be a defining experience. So when I heard that Rockfish Games was making a sequel, I knew I had to play it.

Everspace 2 is currently in Early Access on Steam. As with any EA title, this one's not yet finished. As of this writing, there's no firm release date for the game. Nonetheless, here's how the game is shaping up so far two weeks after release. 

Everspace 2 Early Access Review

In Everspace 2, you play as Adam, a skilled fighter pilot working as security for a mining company operating out in fringe space. How did you get so skilled at fighting? Well you died, a lot. You see, Adam is a clone, and that puts a big colonial-military target on his back. 

After an outlaw ambush catches you off guard, you end up in a whirlwind alliance with an ex-soldier to save the life of your injured comrade and only friend. Of course, there's also the potential to earn a lot of credits in a not-so-legitimate way.

While the story is a bit cliche and a bit predictable at times, it’s still engaging. I found myself wanting to see more of it unfold which, at the current time of writing this EA review, is a bit on the short side, taking about 3-5 hours to complete. It is Early Access though, so I have no doubt that it will become much more expansive as development continues. 

Speaking of size, Everspace 2 has a significantly larger gamespace than its predecessor. Not only is there plenty of space to explore, but also there are also massive stations and planetary surfaces to uncover. If Everspace 2 already does one thing well, it's providing massive scale for its worlds and areas, giving you an expansive space to explore. 

Even simple asteroid fields tell a story; some are littered with destroyed ships and mining outpost debris, while some have barely functioning automated systems grinding away. There's a feeling of hustle and bustle when you get to a jump gate port and see ships having their cargo scanned or various drones whizzing about welding this, transporting that.

The game world feels alive and lived in, which just adds another depth of immersion to a sprawling universe. 

Everspace 2 differs from the first game in that it’s not a roguelike — it’s more of an open-world shooter with RPG elements. That is not a bad thing. Death isn’t a progress reset anymore, and instead you’ll find yourself respawning at the last autosave point — with your gear and credits intact — ready to try again.

While I'll miss the satisfaction of the roguelike runs of Everspace, I feel like the direction Everspace 2 is taking is one of more accessibility. It feels like Rockfish is trying to tell more of a story here, and honestly, I don't think the roguelike play loop would work for the open-world exploration gameplay and narrative they're trying to achieve.

Currently, there are five different ships to choose from — which I covered in my ship guide — and presently 10 primary weapons, three secondary weapons, ship modules, and numerous consumable items to choose from making for all kinds of mix-and-match to fit your playstyle.

Playing Everspace 2 with keyboard and mouse is as comfortable as it is with a controller, and I even prefer it because there seems to be more control with weapons like the rail gun; there's no feeling like sniping off drones from max distance with the precision only a mouse can give.

The dogfighting is natural and visceral in the ships meant to dogfight, like the interceptor and the striker, while the much heavier gunship functions true-to-nature— as a brick loaded down with heavy ordinance. 

Enemies come in a number of different variations; you’ll fight scout ships, fighters, bombers, and more, sometimes in small packs and other times supported by all manner of drones. Combat is challenging and rewarding, especially when you manage to survive wave-after-wave onslaughts culminating in a mini-boss battle with a Destroyer ship. 

Past those combat aspects of Everspace 2, there is plenty of exploration and some puzzle-solving pieces as well, all of which act as good changes of pace to keep gameplay fresh. While not particularly challenging, puzzles generally reward you with a strong weapon, ship module, or much-needed credits in the early game. 

Much like its predecessor, Everspace 2 also incorporates crafting, though presently not to the same degree, allowing you to craft varying levels of weapons and modules with RNG bonus effects making no two items alike. I'd love to see the crafting expanded to include consumable items as at the present time, the only way to get those is to find or purchase them.

Everspace 2 Early Access Review — The Bottom Line So Far

Everspace 2 is everything I thought it would be and more, especially in its current Early Access state. The graphics are gorgeous, the gameplay is spot on, and the story so far is fun with lots of room for growth. There's little in the way of bugs; the game loads a bit slowly, and there are subtle issues like the occasional lag between menu screens. Nothing to really complain about.

If you’re a fan of space shooters, RPGs, and open-world exploration, then Everspace 2 is right up your alley. The high level of polish and a good 15-20 hours of playtime under its belt gives you plenty to enjoy while the game continues development. Stay tuned throughout the game's run in EA, as we'll be checking back in to see how things have progressed. 

[Note: Rockfish Games provided the Early Access copy of Everspace 2 used for this review.]

Everspace 2 Ships Guide: Tactics, Loadouts, and Devices https://www.gameskinny.com/cpq39/everspace-2-ships-guide-tactics-loadouts-and-devices https://www.gameskinny.com/cpq39/everspace-2-ships-guide-tactics-loadouts-and-devices Thu, 04 Feb 2021 11:34:35 -0500 Justin Michael

Much like its predecessor, Everspace 2 has a number of ships geared up for various playstyles. From hard-hitting heavies to nimble scout ships, there’s a little something for everyone. That said, the list below looks at the Everspace 2 ships currently available as of version 0.4.16xx.

I discuss their strengths, weaknesses, and some potential tactics and loadouts. I also go over ship devices and provide some suggestions that worked for me that you may find useful. 

Everspace 2 Ships List

The Sentinel

The game sees us starting off in a Sentinel medium class fighter ship, and for good reason. This is a great middle-of-the-road option; pound for pound, it is the most versatile ship in both Everspace and Everspace 2

The Sentinel comes out of the hangar with a good balance between shields, armor, and hull strength. Additionally, its special bonus — calibration — grants a 30% duration buff to consumables. That extra time on your damage or energy boosts may be the deciding factor on making it out of the fight or seeing the death screen.

The Sentinel’s ultimate ability — static overload — is visually stimulating (wreathing the ship in arcing electricity and letting you fire electrical arcs for a duration), but I didn’t find myself using it all that often.

Tactics and Loadout Suggestions

The Sentinel is balanced to the point that you could use it in multiple roles. I played through the entire current main storyline in one.

For my loadout, I went with a thermo gun and rail gun for my primary weapons and homing missiles and mines for my secondaries. The rail gun lets you pick off pesky drones at a distance, while the thermo gun’s guided ammo helps for fast-moving ships that close the distance with you.

The homing missiles give you a hefty punch of damage, and the mines are great when enemies cluster together. 

The Interceptor

After progressing through the first few main story missions, you’ll be sent to a station where you can purchase other ships. That's where you'll get your hands on The Interceptor.

This Everspace 2 ship also falls into the medium hull category, though it has less in the way of shields than the Sentinel. Thankfully, it more than makes up for that with its loadout.

The Interceptor’s special — the power converter — allows you to automatically dip into your boost power as a secondary energy source for weapons. This is great if you’re using something like the gauss cannon or coil gun, both of which eat through your weapon energy supply quickly. 

Tactics and Loadout Suggestions

Speaking of loadout, the Interceptor can carry three primary and secondary weapons, giving you a bit more versatility. This allows you to have all three of the current Everspace 2 secondary weapons available, as well as options for short/medium/long-range engagement.

My personal loadout is the thermo gun, coil gun, and rail gun. You can soften up targets at range with the rail gun, have homing ammo for speedy ships with the thermo gun, and the coil gun packs a punch against both shields and armor. 

The Scout

The Scout is a nimble, strike-from-a-distance type of ship. It has essentially no shields, no armor, and a paper-mache hull. But what it lacks in defense, it makes up in pure sniping power and speed.

The Scout’s special power — ranger — grants it a 2% damage increase for every 100m between it and the target enemy ship. That means that with the sniper-like rail gun, which has a range of 3,500m, you can expect to do a whopping 60% extra damage per shot!

Stack that with the Scout’s ultimate ability — Shadow strike — which makes it invisible and ramps the damage up to a possible 300%, and you’re basically one-tapping most enemies.

The Scout isn’t without its drawbacks though. With one of the smallest cargo holds, it’s not the best choice for scavenging asteroid fields or derelict stations. This can be negated with some upgrades that become available later on in the main quest storyline, however.

Tactics and Loadout Suggestions

The name of the game with The Scout is snipe and move. The rail gun is a must for the Scout since it has the longest range in the game presently. The mine launcher would also be a great choice as a secondary to finish off ships that might close the distance before you can finish them off.

The Striker

The Striker is a close-range brawler meant to be in heat of the battle. With slightly lower shields than the Sentinel, it does boast slightly more armor and hull health, as well as three primary weapon slots.

Its special ability — close combat — gives it a 5% damage buff for every ship within 500m, capping off at 30% bonus damage. Coupling this with the Striker’s ultimate ability — quantum tether — you’ll be able to link all the nearby enemies together to spread out the damage done, effectively hurting all enemies in the area while being able to focus on one at a time. 

Tactics and Loadout Suggestions

The Striker is a force of chaos meant to be in the middle of the fray, so a good weapon loadout would be the scatter gun, thermo gun, and autocannon as primary weapons. The gauss cannon could also be a good choice since its rate of fire increases the longer you fire it.

It would also do well with both missiles and rockets in the secondary weapon slots. 

The Gunship

The Gunship is an absolute unit with thick armor plating and high hull hit points. The downside is that it basically has no shields to speak of, and it has the slowest speed of all current Everspace 2 ships. It does have the largest cargo hold and four primary weapon slots but again suffers from only two consumable item slots.

The Gunship’s special ability — arsenal — allows gives it what essentially amounts to a double fire rate, but that's counterbalanced with double energy consumption as a trade-off. The ultimate — an automated turret — is a bit lack-luster compared to the other ships already mentioned in this list. 

Tactics and Loadout Suggestions

The Gunship is essentially a brick with guns strapped to it. Handling is sluggish and movement is slow, but if it hits, it'll turn enemy ships into space debris.

As for a potential loadout, thermo guns feel like a must; the homing ammo will be a godsend for all the fast-moving ships around you. The scatter gun and autocannon might not be bad either for their sheer amount of output.

As far as secondary weapons go, I’d consider doubling up with two sets of rocket pods, because the name of the game is overwhelming force when it comes to this ship. 

Ship Devices

While each ship has its own special and ultimate ability, each ship is capable of also mounting two ship devices. These devices fall into two categories:

  • Warfare devices
  • Support devices

These devices also feature their own form of upgrading as you gain levels. Personally, I feel that each ship should be running the energized boost device. It’s a great way to escape when you’re swarmed, great for repositioning as the Scout and Gunship, and great if you jump into a fight you’re unprepared for. It’ll get the distance you need to jump out nine out of 10 times. 

As far as the rest of the ships go, I used the following devices in my secondary slot:

  • Sentinel: Annihilator Virus for when I found myself surrounded and wanted to damage all enemies, then boost away
  • Interceptor: Missile Defense System to help deal with getting swarmed by vipers and bombers in the later sections
  • Scout: EMP Generator to stun enemy ships that get too close, allowing me to escape or reposition
  • Striker: Quantum Entangler to punish enemies for damaging my ship while in the thick of combat
  • Gunship: Nano Transmitter for helping repair hull damage a ship would take if enemies got through the absurd volume of fire

Hopefully, this Everspace 2 ships guide has given you some helpful knowledge when it comes to picking a ship to main. I’d love to know what builds you’re running on what ships, so if you feel like sharing, please drop a comment down below!

Everspace 2 Crafting Guide: Everything You Need to Know https://www.gameskinny.com/nu367/everspace-2-crafting-guide-everything-you-need-to-know https://www.gameskinny.com/nu367/everspace-2-crafting-guide-everything-you-need-to-know Thu, 04 Feb 2021 11:34:54 -0500 Justin Michael

Everspace 2 crafting is an important part of the open-world space shooter’s gameplay. Though you can buy, find, take, or be rewarded weapons and modules, crafting items for the stat boosts means Uncommon tier (and higher) crafted items can end up with some pretty useful boosts.

These boosts scale as you craft higher tiers and include enhancements like increased damage against enemies of a higher level, less energy usage, reduced damage taken, and more. All perfect for upgrading your ship. 

This guide tells you everything you need to know about Everspace 2 crafting, even if the system is rather simplified in the game’s current Early Access build.

Everspace 2 Crafting Categories and Rarity Tiers 

As of version 0.4.16xx, crafting falls under three categories:

  • Primary weapons
  • Secondary weapons
  • Ship modules

All categories work in a four-tier rarity system of common, uncommon, rare, and superior following the color-code of gray, green, gold, and purple respectively.

How to Unlock Crafting

In order to unlock crafting, you'll need to equip a cargo unit on your ship of choice either by finding or buying one from a trading outpost. From there, you need to dismantle weapons and modules that you get through exploration or combat, or as rewards.

Dismantling an item is as simple as hovering over it in your inventory screen and holding down the "X" key on your keyboard.

Each item you dismantle gives you a random assortment of crafting parts, as well as crafting experience, that you can use towards unlocking crafting blueprints. 

It’s worth noting that you’ll only get XP towards blueprints of the level of the item you dismantle, so no XP for rare blueprints from breaking down common items. You also can use the XP freely for blueprints of any of the three regardless of the items dismantled to get the points. 

The great part about crafting is that it’s essentially a looping system that sustains itself.

You gather items, dismantle them, and then craft new ones you want. If you don’t get what you want from your freshly crafted item, you can simply dismantle it and try again with slightly diminishing returns on crafting materials. 

With the game still being in Early Access, some of this information may be subject to change, so I’ll update it as more crafting options and items are added to the games.

I’m personally hoping that we can get the addition of consumable item crafting added into the game as well; I’ve had more than one death on account of being out of nano repair bots.

But that's that on Everspace 2 crafting. Stay tuned for more on the open-world space shooter in the coming months as new things are added in Early Access, leading up to the game's full launch. See you soon, space cowboy.

Everspace 2 Developer Update Showcases Planetary Locations, Ship Devices, More https://www.gameskinny.com/h5e0n/everspace-2-developer-update-showcases-planetary-locations-ship-devices-more https://www.gameskinny.com/h5e0n/everspace-2-developer-update-showcases-planetary-locations-ship-devices-more Fri, 01 May 2020 15:20:26 -0400 Daniel Hollis

Developer ROCKFISH Games has provided a look into further developments with the highly-anticipated Everspace 2, which is set to hit Early Access later this year.

Despite the development team working from home, development is well underway. The team recently share new concept art for the game, as well as ship designs, ship devices, and planet locations.

Everspace 2 Ship Details

In a press release shared by the developer, four new ship designs have been unveiled: 

  • The Outlaw Viper: This ship is able to switch to a drone position, unraveling its armor to unleash devastating scatterguns.
  • The Carrier: This ship is low-mobility, but it is able to release an array of fighters and drones to assist it in battle. It also contains a strong security system that prevents sabotage.
  • Outlaw Dreadnaught: This beast of a ship is heavily armored and packs a powerful arsenal of barrel bombs and plasma-thrower turrets. Players will have to fly inside it to take it down.
  • The Colonial Light Cruiser: This is a slick ship that can sneak through space with its stealth mode, equipped with rapid-firing rail gun turrets and EMP bombs.

The update also explained how ROCKFISH is working to vary ship design in Everspace 2. To prevent a sea of generic-looking ships, the team is expanding the designs for primary- and sub-ship classes, making each variant easy to distinguish for players.

Additionally, thanks to new modeling and texturing techniques, ships will look sharper inside and out. Adding to that, players will have the ability to customize ships to their liking through a range of color decals.

Everspace 2 Ship Devices & Device Modes

ROCKFISH has also expanded the way player progression works in Everspace 2, through ship devices and device modes. Now, once devices have been discovered, they will remain unlocked for players, and they can be used when the player wishes to use them.

There's also the inclusion of device modes, which are passive abilities that can further upgrade devices. To unlock these upgrades, the player must level up or complete missions to unlock special tokens, which in turn, allow the player to customize their loadout to their playstyle.

Everspace 2 Planet Locations

It's also been revealed that a small amount of hand-crafted of explorable planets will be included in Everspace 2 in an effort to expand the story and provide some large-scale set-pieces. 

The roguelike formula previously seen in the original Everspace has been dropped this time around, allowing ROCKFISH more control; it's also created a more tailored experience for players against being a purely procedurally-generated world.

The full update can be seen here, which provides all the concept art for the ships and a look at some hi-res player ships. Also be sure to check out our Everspace 2 gameplay from Pax West to see the game in action.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Everspace 2 updates in the coming months! 

Everspace 2 Gets New Drones, UI On Run Up To Closed Alpha https://www.gameskinny.com/f4blu/everspace-2-gets-new-drones-ui-on-run-up-to-closed-alpha https://www.gameskinny.com/f4blu/everspace-2-gets-new-drones-ui-on-run-up-to-closed-alpha Fri, 31 Jan 2020 12:50:04 -0500 Ty Arthur

Development on single player space shooter Everspace 2 is moving ahead at light speed and is set for a closed backer Alpha release in late April. Today the crew released a new update to Kickstarter backers revealing extra UI elements and space hazards.

The roguelike space title now has two additional drone enemies to tangle with -- the deadly Outlaw Sniper Drone (seen below) and explosive Detonator Drone. If you aren't quick, either can take out your pilot with ease!

This latest update notably includes some major UI tweaks and the addition of several new menu screens:

  • Station Home - see at a glance which interactions and services are offered for docked ships
  • Storage - split off from the inventory screen for better item management
  • Ship Dealer - offers detailed view mode of any nifty new ship you plan to buy
  • Job Board - check out what jobs are available for pilots and their difficulty levels
  • Ship - modify and view a ship's properties and upgrades

You can read the full update and check out all the new screens over here. Want to know more? Be sure to check out our rundown of the Everspace 2 presentation at Pax West for a look at 40 minutes of play. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Everspace 2 development news in the coming months!

PAX West 2019: Everspace 2 Touts Big Budget, Bigger Promises https://www.gameskinny.com/k7w0p/pax-west-2019-everspace-2-touts-big-budget-bigger-promises https://www.gameskinny.com/k7w0p/pax-west-2019-everspace-2-touts-big-budget-bigger-promises Fri, 06 Sep 2019 13:10:51 -0400 Mark Delaney

Space was once heralded as the final frontier, but for video games, it was one of the first. It's also been one of the most common. There's no shortage of games that take players to the vast reaches of our universe or create entirely new ones from whole cloth. 

After the success that was Everspace, an indie roguelite space shooter, developer Rockfish is going even bigger for the recently-revealed sequel. 

With a Kickstarter launching in just a few weeks, there's still a lot we don't know about Everspace 2, but after 40 minutes of playtime at PAX, plus a few cheeky teases from the developer hanging out with me as I played, here's what we do know.

If you were a fan of Everspace, there's a lot to take in regarding the sequel.

For starters, I immediately noticed that the visuals were nothing short of magnificent and the UI was crowded with objectives to chase. It's all part of the bigger, better Everspace Rockfish is building.

The developers I spoke to were visibly elated with what's ahead. Maybe that's because the Kickstarter looks poised to be a hit given the passionate community surrounding the game. Maybe it's also because of the teases they alluded to while I was playing, like how the company name on the wing of my spaceship reading "Rockfish" was a placeholder for a highly-requested new feature.

Another much-requested feature was for the series to move away from roguelite elements and into a fully-realized universe with RPG elements. Rockfish is delivering on that promise and as their booth was full of one newbie (see: me) and a whole bunch of passionate fans, it seemed they had made the right choice.

Rockfish stressed that while the series is moving into RPG territory, the core of what fans still want from Everspace remains intact. Things like deep customization returns and goes deeper. Mission variety is laudable again, and actually more so, they claim. The story is meant to feel more robust as well, and will even explain in-universe how the world's roguelite mechanic has disappeared.

Unlike other hardcore space sims, Everspace 2 will retain the series' arcadey physics, too, which were on display for me a few times when I outright crashed into space debris.

Ultimately, it feels like every facet of the game is getting an upgrade to something much greater than Rockfish could've imagined. They've found success, and rather than rest on their laurels, they look to be going bigger across the board, all while listening to their most passionate fans' suggestions.

It feels like a game made not just for the community but, to a healthy extent, with the community. And at their heart, the people at Rockfish seem to be just as excited as their biggest fans.

Everspace 2 will come to Steam Early Access next year before migrating to other platforms in 2021, making it the first game I know of to have announced a 2021 release window.

There are other surprises in store according to whispers I heard during my demo, but I'll let Rockfish spill those space beans on October 2nd when their Kickstarter goes live.

For more coverage from PAX West 2019, be sure to head over to our PAX West 2019 hub