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Whoever thought a game about defusing exploding kitty cats (or throwing them at your friends to save yourself) would become such a powerhouse in the tabletop world?

Exploding Kittens absolutely destroyed Kickstarter records when it was first announced as a crowd-funding campaign, so it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that a mobile version is now available.

Just as the base tabletop card game has expansions, so too does the Android/iOS version of Exploding Kittens feature a variety of additional decks and avatar packs available ... for a little extra money.

But this is the Internet Age, and paying money for things is so 2000. As it turns out, there are, in fact, Exploding Kittens cheat codes that will unlock expansion passes for the much more preferable price of $0.

Exploding Kittens settings.

Working Exploding Kittens Codes

After a lot of searching sketchy sites (with more than a few pings from my antivirus software) and a couple of hours of typing in random codes to see what worked, it turns out there's only one Exploding Kittens cheat code currently active.

How to Activate Exploding Kittens Codes

To get the code working, tap the Settings button in the lower-right corner of the screen after you first load the app (and before you start an online match with a friend or random player).

From there, tap the black kitten with the "Have A Code?" text bubble, then tap the text box at the center of the screen to bring up your keyboard. Enter the code JACKANOPE! (yes, it is in all caps and includes the exclamation point at the end) to unlock some free Exploding Kittens content!

The JACKANOPE! code unlocks the Fierce Avatar Pack for free, offering up three new avatars of a sword-wielding purple octopus, a crazy bat/bear thing that's gone feral, and a soldier cat screaming about something very unpleasant and best left unsaid.

While this Exploding Kittens free avatar pack code is working now, there's no guarantee it will stay active forever, so jump on it while you still can before the developers deactivate it from the database.

The free avatar pack.

Non-Working Exploding Kittens Codes

While JACKANOPE! is confirmed to work, there are plenty of older codes that have since been culled.

You'll see these cheat codes floating around the web at sites insisting they've been updated just a handful of days ago, but after extensive testing, we can verify that none of these work now (if they ever did work at all).

It is possible they may circle back into rotation, but more likely you are just wasting your time by trying to input these non-functioning codes:

Expansion Pass Cheat Code 1 Cheat Code 2
 Party Expansion Pack  SbcBW6lN_bz  nof67JmcQW
 Animals Avatar Pack  uKVg1qZf_SC  mgNrVaO6U0
 Food Avatar Pack  c6YE7QUa_DJ  09uA2BKXix
 Betrayal Expansion Deck  uUFbX9-K_y-  3FCmFIELfU
 Avatar Pack: Science Vs. Religion  oVyLMQRn_qx  ex2MP26Ks0


 Get ready to see this screen a lot if you try the various online "cheat codes."

Have you found any other Exploding Kittens cheat codes that are actually functioning? Let us know what codes worked for you in the comments below, and we'll get them added to the list!

For those of you looking to make the jump from the mobile app to physical tabletop card games you can play with your friends, be sure to take a gander at our roundup of the best adult board and card games of 2017 right here. 

The fun can continue at your kitchen table with the Exploding Kittens follow-up title Bears Vs. Babies and a host of other ludicrously silly games!

5 Best Mobile Card Games https://www.gameskinny.com/90fvx/5-best-mobile-card-games https://www.gameskinny.com/90fvx/5-best-mobile-card-games Mon, 19 Jun 2017 09:48:13 -0400 Adreon Patterson


Building on the swiping concept of Tinder, Reigns places the player as a monarch who rules his kingdom by accepting or rejecting advisors' suggestions through playing cards. These decisions trigger ripple effects through the four society pillars -- the commoners, the church, the military, and the royalty -- by way of events. 


The game's simple control scheme and use of strategy are seen as refreshing compared to other mobile card games.




Each of these mobile card games has its own charm that sets them apart from other mobile games. But these are just the tip of the iceberg, as these types of games are proliferating fast in the mobile marketplace. What are your favorite mobile card games? Let me know in the comments!

Exploding Kittens 

Evolving from the crowdfunded original card game, Exploding Kittens, the mobile version allows multiple players to draw cards until they draw an Exploding Kitten, causing them to explode and lose the game. Players can have as many or as few cards as possible during their turn, but they must end their turn by drawing a card. 


This version adds new content and mobile-exclusive card types to the game while allowing cross-platform play between all mobile versions.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Based on the beloved anime series, Yu-Gi-Oh!, players take on the roles of Yami Yugi or Seto Kaiba in order to duel other players in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. As players move forward, characters from the series can be unlocked, which leads to more competitions in the virtual "Duel World".


The game grabs old fans and newcomers with its accessibility and simplification of traditional card game rules (like the original Yu-Gi-Oh! card game). It even goes as far as having the original voice actors voice the characters.

Clash Royale

Much like Hearthstone, Clash Royale is based on an ever-popular gaming series -- Clash of Clans. The game combines three game genres -- collectible cards, tower defense, and multiplayer battle arena -- in an extravaganza of strategy as players destroy each other's towers and collect trophies to move up the arena food chain. As the game progresses, players can enter tournaments and become members of leagues with other players. 


Clash Royale has received praise from critics and fans alike for its easy gameplay, graphics, and fast-paced action.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft


As previously mentioned, This latest entry in the beloved World of Warcraft series allows two players to take the strategies and tactics of the original game, but in the form of a card game. Each player tries to reduce the other's life in a quest for gold, rewards and other prizes.


Hearthstone is championed for its simplicity, gameplay, and attention to detail, but major emphasis was placed on the feel of a traditional card game and the lack of interference during a player's turn (things that plague other mobile games).


The game is so popular that it has spawned an annual worldwide tournament, in which the best of the best compete for prize money. 


Mobile card games are all the rage these days, with old and new games for any and everybody.


But this craze isn't new -- their forefathers, collectible card games, were an even bigger phenomenon in the 1990's with the rise of Wizards of the Coast and Magic: The Gathering.  The trend cooled off in the late 1990's before a resurgence in the 200's with the introduction of Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! to mainstream popularity. Then CCGs went from physical to digital with the rise of franchise games from Blizzard and Wizards of the Coast.  


And now, we're seeing games like The Elder Scrolls: Legends pushing the bounds of card game mechanics and bringing the beloved world of Elder Scrolls to a new format. This card game sets itself apart from its peers by using field lanes, minion trades, and board building in two different gameplay modes. 


What other mobile card games are doing something different from the CCGs of yore? The next few slides will highlight five games that are breaking the mold, which definitely makes them worth your time. 

The 8 Best Multiplayer Android Games https://www.gameskinny.com/8vwf1/the-8-best-multiplayer-android-games https://www.gameskinny.com/8vwf1/the-8-best-multiplayer-android-games Thu, 26 May 2016 03:30:02 -0400 RobotsFightingDinosaurs


Riptide GP2 ($1.99, with in-app purchases)


My editors would probably be unhappy with me if I just ended this slide by saying "It's Hydro Thunder but on your phone", so I'll offer a bit more explanation. As you might expect, Riptide GP2 is a futuristic jet-ski racer. It features a surprisingly deep and lengthy single player campaign, as well as some impressive visuals for a mobile game.


Riptide GP2's multiplayer is top notch as well, offering both "VR Challenges" that allow you to race your friends' ghosts in time trials, as well as more traditional head to head action. If you're a racing fan, there are few games that are this responsive, tight, and fleshed out, especially at this price point.


What are some of your favorite multiplayer games on Android? Please sound off in the comments and let us know of any we might have missed, besides the Jackbox Party Packs because even though you play those on your phones, that totally doesn't count. 


Exploding Kittens ($1.99, with in-app purchases)


If you missed out on its wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, Exploding Kittens is a card game kind of like Russian Roulette. The idea is that you get a whole bunch of ridiculous cards with rules and actions on them, and in an effort to ensure that you don't draw an exploding kitten and get knocked out of the game, you play them. It's a great party game if you have the physical cards, but now it's on Google Play as well.


The game is the brainchild of Matthew Inman (of The Oatmeal), so if you're a fan of the webcomic, this one is a no brainer. As games go on, they get intense, frantic, and ridiculous, especially if you're playing with people in the same room as you. Highly recommended


NBA JAM ($4.99)


If you missed it when it came out, NBA JAM: On Fire Edition was a worthy successor to/remake of the arcade game we all know and love. It featured updated rosters, new game modes, and the over-the-top gameplay that captured our hearts back in the '90s.


And now it's on Android. The most recent update added local and online multiplayer, so that you can slam with your friends both in the same room and across the country. It runs smoothly-- especially if you are linked up with your opponent via bluetooth or a local wi-fi connection.


Also, on a personal level, I just love that they got the original announcer from the first game to do voice overs for the game. Boomshakalaka!


Adventure Time: Card Wars ($0.99, with in-app purchases)


You guys remember that episode of Adventure Time where Finn and Jake play a card game? Well, it's a real card game now. And it's also a pretty sweet mobile game.


Like Hearthstone, Card Wars plays a lot like a simplified version of Magic: The Gathering, the Pokemon Trading Card Game, or any other creature based card game. Card Wars, however, is easier to learn and master than a game like Hearthstone. It's ideal for the mobile landscape, and there's a surprising amount of content here even before you count the expansions that have been released since the game came out. Again, turn-based games like this are absolutely ideal for Android, so do yourself a favor and floop your pig online.


Worms 4 ($4.99, with in-app purchases)


You guys remember Worms, right? Well, lucky for us, Team 17, the series's developer, has re-released most of the Worms games on Android. 


Worms 4 is the most recent entry in the series, and it comes complete with synchronous online multiplayer, so that you can blow up your pals online. For those of you who aren't familiar with the series, it's a tongue-in-cheek turn-based strategy/warfare type game, where you are given control of a squad of a few motley worms with the goal of wiping out the opposing team. The real draw here is for the madcap fun of each match, fun that is compounded by ridiculous pun-based (and referential) weapons like Hailey's Comet, a weapon that launches a small child at your enemies. It's hilarious, and above all, it's just plain fun.


Ingress (Free, with in-app purchases)


So Pokemon GO isn't out yet, and therefore I can't really include it on a list. But what is out is Pokemon GO's spiritual predecessor, Ingress. This game offers an incredibly unique multiplayer experience in the physical world, requiring travel and exploration for success.


In general, the game is about joining factions and exploring real world environments to claim landmarks for your team, gather items, and gain experience. What makes Ingress so great is that its community is so huge and welcoming. In most cities worldwide, there are groups to join that play the game together and coordinate their actions to help their team operate more successfully. It really is a completely different multiplayer experience, and it's worth checking out, especially if you need some fresh air. 


Spaceteam (Free, with in-app purchases)


Spaceteam might not only be one of the best multiplayer Android games I've ever played, it might be one of the best multiplayer games I've ever played in general. The gist is this: you and 3 friends are piloting a spacecraft, and instructions are sent to your phone telling you what to do, what knobs to turn, what levers to pull, what switches to switch.


The twist is that all players have different panels, so communication is key. Players must work together as a Spaceteam to ensure the ship's flight is smooth, and when the game adds in gameplay modifiers like replacing all the text with symbols, or flipping everything upside down, things can get pretty crazy.


Generally, Spaceteam sessions consist of 4 friends in the same room yelling things like "Flush the Grax Senneler" at each other for about 5 minutes. It's a great time. And hey, the in-app purchases aren't necessary either-- they just add cosmetic effects to the game and unlock various modifiers and extras. Definitely give this one a look.


Hearthstone (Free, with in-app purchases)


One of the challenges with multiplayer games on mobile platforms is that data networks offer wildly different speeds depending on your provider and location. A great way to get around that is to make your game card-based.


You likely don't need me to tell you what makes Hearthstone so great, but in case you missed the boat on it when it came out, Hearthstone is a card-based game, slightly similar to Magic: The Gathering, but much simpler. It's easy to pick up but hard to master. Once you do, however, it's incredibly satisfying to cut a swath through your friends' decks and demolish your foes online.


Now, of course, paying for the in-app purchases nets you better cards, sure, but many classes don't really need those types of cards to succeed, relying instead on combos and sly tricks with common cards. Premium cards are never absolutely necessary, and that's a nice touch.


It wasn't that long ago that pundits were lamenting the future of gaming, claiming that mindless mobile games would saturate the market, dooming both handheld gaming and console gaming alike.


Thankfully, they were all wrong.


The mobile gaming landscape is incredibly varied, offering -- quite literally -- something for everybody. Perhaps most impressively, multiplayer is no longer just limited to seeing if you can beat your friend's high score on the leaderboards. There are plenty of Android games that offer a deep and engrossing multiplayer experience.

Exploding Kittens Destroys Records https://www.gameskinny.com/orhyp/exploding-kittens-destroys-records https://www.gameskinny.com/orhyp/exploding-kittens-destroys-records Fri, 20 Feb 2015 17:47:29 -0500 Landon Sommer

Now that the campaign is complete, the card game Exploding Kittens has made plenty of Kickstarter firsts.

Highest Funded Gaming Project. Ever.

With over $8.7 Million in backing, Exploding Kittens stands as the 3rd highest funded Kickstarter ever. They even beat out the OUYA game system that earned nearly $8.6 million and a few movie projects including Veronica Mars. The only two projects it didn't beat were a cooler that acts like a portable refrigerator and a customizable watch using E-Paper. Exploding Kittens is now the top gaming project on Kickstarter edging out the OUYA and smashing previous gaming records of the Conan board game from Monolith Board Games at $3.3 Million and Wasteland 2 at $2.9 Million.

The Most Backers.

Most of the top-funded projects on Kickstarter hover just over 60,000 backers. Exploding Kittens gathered 219,382 backers for their project. That number can include $1 donations that don't even get a copy of the product, but so do the measly 60,000 backers the other projects earned. They were also able to unlock 30 stretch goals during their campaign. That and the fact they were 87,000% funded are both side effects of their original goals more than records they could set.

Kindest Kickstarter Ever?

There isn't really a way to weigh this one, but the design team decided to share their love of cats and donated pizza parties to cat shelters across the country as a thanks for the work those people do. Over 50 shelters were donated pizza and surely a few cats actually ate a slice.

Picture is direct from kickstarter

Through all the funding goals, the game became two games with a NSFW version that was going to be an expansion becoming a full-size game on its own.

Other Records Smashed.

  • It only took two days to become the most funded card game
  • They raised $2 Million in 24 hours and $3 Million in 3 days
  • 10,000% funded with $1 million in less than 7 hours

The creators cite a large part of their success to the abilities of Matthew, creator of The Oatmeal, and his fan base for running away with the project. Congratulations to the Exploding Kittens team! Remember, records are made to be broken!

The Kittens Who Made Kickstarter History https://www.gameskinny.com/vmh65/the-kittens-who-made-kickstarter-history https://www.gameskinny.com/vmh65/the-kittens-who-made-kickstarter-history Mon, 09 Feb 2015 17:44:07 -0500 Neej Yang

Exploding Kittens, a card game designed by Elan Lee and Shane Small and illustrated by Matthew Inman--The Oatmeal--has blown up on Kickstarter and more. There are 56 cards in this little deck of kittens along with some instructions in a box.

Since its campaign launched on January 19, Exploding Kittens has attracted more than 120,000 backers, a record for the fundraising platform, who have contributed more than $5 million for a card game. 

Exploding Kittens passed its initial funding goal of $10,000 in the first twenty minutes. It was 1,000% funded in the first hour. The best-selling version of the game is the NSFW as it includes different sets of cards for those with more adult taste and humor.

I caught up with Shane Small, one of the co-creators of the ground-breaking game Exploding Kittens

Team Exploding Kittens has received an incredible amount of love from fans as well as financial support, Shane Small could not even imagine the rollercoaster ride Exploding Kittens has been, stating:

"In my wildest dreams, it would hit $300,000. I didn't think it would even hit that. For it to skyrocket like it did to hit $3 million in 3 days, it was well beyond my expectations."

And while the game is where players try to avoid drawing a card in which a kitten accidentally sets off an explosion by walking across a keyboard and launching a nuclear bomb, or chewing a grenade. 

The kittens can be diffused with catnip sandwiches, a laser pointer or belly rubs, or diverted with “action cards” that involve the powers of back-hair, goats, and magical enchiladas.

Originally, Exploding Kittens was going to be a digital game before Shane and Elan had realized that the concept would work better as a card game. He explained how, if Exploding Kittens were a digital card game, it would be a multiplayer card game in which you could play with multiple people, of course, some aspects would have to be revamped. As Shane puts it, "We just want to make a great game. We believe it is a great card game."

"We just want to make a great game. We believe it is a great card game."

There is a possibility in the future that there will be one, but as of right now, Shane is just focusing on the card game, getting it released as soon as possible while working on translating the game into different languages. Shane has expressed, "It is my top priority right now." Team Exploding Kittens wants the card game to be accessible beyond just English speakers.

Along with these different editions of the game, there could be different illustrations for the different regions... Sushi-Kitten, anyone?

And while there is a lot of things in store for Exploding KittensShane tells me there could be a cartoon, web series, different games of all sorts and even plush toys! The interest is out there and when they are ready to explore it, we will definitely know.

As to what we can expect out of the card game that made Kickstarter history? Kittens, explosions, hairy backs and sometimes, goats.

If you are interested in learning more about their game, you can do so on their Kickstarter page here.

The Oatmeal Creator's Exploding Kittens Is The Fastest Funded Kickstarter, Ever https://www.gameskinny.com/164qv/the-oatmeal-creators-exploding-kittens-is-the-fastest-funded-kickstarter-ever https://www.gameskinny.com/164qv/the-oatmeal-creators-exploding-kittens-is-the-fastest-funded-kickstarter-ever Thu, 29 Jan 2015 05:57:42 -0500 Landon Sommer

There is a new king of Kickstarter projects and it's a card game called Exploding Kittens a game by Matthew Inman (creator of webcomic The Oatmeal), Elan Lee, and Shane Small. 

The game has already destroyed nearly every Kickstarter record to date. In under 20 minutes, the game already reached its $10,000 goal. In an hour, the game was over $100,000. It reached $3 million in the first three days and has now averaged about half a million dollars in funding each day. The game currently sits as the 7th most funded Kickstarter campaign of all time, behind giants like Reading Rainbow, the Veronica Mars movie, Pebble, and Coolest Cooler.

The game still has another 20 days to go.

Exploding Kittens is a game of taking risks. Each turn, you draw cards from the top of the deck. If you draw an exploding kitten, you have been eliminated from the game. You can attempt to defuse the situation by shining a laser light in the right direction or throwing him some catnip, and you will survive for one more turn. You must use your cards in-hand to force the other players to draw more cards or skip turns so that you can avoid pulling an exploding kitten.

The reasoning behind the game's success might be inexplicable, but it does have a certain small charm in the fact that it's a game where kittens do silly things like chew on a grenade or walk across a keyboard that happens to be connected to a nuclear launch computer.

This Kickstarter will likely be the new funding champion for a long while once its next twenty days have completed.