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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was just recently announced to be in development for PSVR at this year's E3. With the success and support for Skyrim, it is no surprise that the game will make the leap to VR. With a remaster that came out last year, Skryim was ready for its next installment. 


Experience Skyrim as if you were there, holding your own weapons and fighting against the many enemies found there with PSVR. The fun gameplay from the original will only get better in a VR setting. Magic, shields, swords, arrows and spells will be at the tip of your finger tips this November! 




That wraps up our list of the best games currently available for PSVR. What are some of your favorites? Any games you're hoping see a VR port soon? Let us know down in the comments!


Eve: Valkyrie


Taking place in the universe of EVE, Eve: Valkyrie puts the player into the shoes of an outlaw band of galactic pirates, chasing infamy and wealth. 


Gorgeous visuals invite you into the world, and VR capabilities truly immerse you in this galactic universe. The use of the VR headset allows for a full range of motion to find enemies from every direction. The space battles feel real and challenging.


Eve: Valkyrie offers a variety of customization with weapon loadouts, different battle tactics, and an extensive collection of ships to choose from. Flying has never been so fun. 


Driveclub VR


Driveclub VR offers an amazing 360 experience for those who love racing games. With a solo campaign as well as competitive racing among friends, Driveclub VR is the best racing game currently available for VR. (And here at GS, we think the non-VR version is the best racing game for PS4.) Beautiful landscapes and amazing tracks will immerse you in a way that no other racing game can. 


The VR version also includes DLC from Driveclub, along with completely new modes and elements exclusive to the VR experience. Your street racing and car crashing days will feel infinitely more real and exhilarating with Driveclub VR. 




Farpoint, one of Sony's bigger promotions for PSVR, is a space survival story. You are tasked with meeting up with scientists who are already in space near Jupiter, right as a rupture in space sends everyone to a hostile alien world. 


While searching the world for clues about your crew and information about the world itself, you will encounter unfriendly alien creatures. Farpoint boasts the use of the PSVR Aim Controller, which allows the player to aim as if using a real weapon, as well as control your character with DualShock 4 controls. 


An innovative game like this one is definitely worth checking out! 


Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood


Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood is another horror VR experience that is sure to get your heart pumping. As an arcade-style first-person shooter, this game packs a different sort of gameplay that we don't see too often in the mainstream gaming world nowadays. 


But Rush of Blood delivers an incredibly frightening 360-degree experience, with enemies coming at you from every angle. The roller coaster ride offers multiple paths and waves of enemies that guarantees no two rides will be the same. 


If you are a sucker for horror games, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is definitely one you should pick up. 


Resident Evil 7


Resident Evil 7 is the latest entry in the Resident Evil series. A norm in the Resident Evil series, this game strays from the typical third-person shooter style. The shift to first person was implemented in order to run this game effectively in VR -- which makes the experience incredibly scary. Nothing gets your blood pumping like jump scares and dark hallways. 


Experiencing the story of Ethan Winters with the immersion of a VR headset really maxes out the spine-chilling setting and story. An incredibly creepy family has abducted you (and possibly your wife), and there is no easy way out. When you can step right into Ethan's point of view, this game will scare the crap out of you. 


Sony has recently announced that sales for the PlayStation VR have surpassed one million units. Since its launch, Sony has expressed its own surprise at the peripheral's reception. And of course, its success is somewhat because of the games released alongside it -- but it's also because the PSVR is a well-crafted and well-developed piece of hardware. In the world of VR headsets, Sony's PSVR holds its own. 


With previously released games like Skyrim moving into the VR space and new games being developed specifically to be explored in VR, now is definitely the time to see what kinds of worlds are being built! From developers like Capcom and Guerrilla Cambridge come some of the most enjoyable PSVR games out there to date -- many games that anyone can enjoy.


Here are the five best PSVR games that you can buy right now! 

E3 Evaluation: Sony Press Conference https://www.gameskinny.com/hh4e2/e3-evaluation-sony-press-conference https://www.gameskinny.com/hh4e2/e3-evaluation-sony-press-conference Mon, 01 Aug 2016 13:02:25 -0400 Dalton White I

So last month all gamers waited in anticipation for the E3 Press Conferences to show and wow us with what they have cooking for their audience. This year E3 had some solid presentations among its press conferences but also some cringe moments along the way. So basically it was the normal air and fare for E3.

Naturally, from forums to the live Twitch chat, there always seems to be a tremendous amount of competition between gamers who prefer different consoles. Sometimes it’s nice to see fellow gamers sticking up for their preferred systems but more often than not there are forms of bias, harsh words and annoying spammers present as well. For this set of E3 Evaluations, the plan is to comment and judge on the content and overall tone of the press conferences. Did they impress gamers and give their loyal fans something to look forward to or did they drop the ball this year? We finally come to the last, but certainly not least, with Sony’s presentation. Did Sony end E3’s set of conferences’ on a high note or did it leave much to be desired?

Starting off with some class

Sony set their own unique tone by starting up with a full orchestra. An orchestra which provided background music for most of the trailers and introductions which is saying a lot as Sony’s conference was almost non-stop back to back trailers and reveals.

Sony's Orchestra

It was nice to see Sony deviating from the usual E3 conference formula of trailer followed by a speech and cutting straight to what their fans want to see. The orchestral prelude might have gone a bit longer than was necessary but it still seemed epic in scope.

The epic music was the perfect setup for the next God of War game. The reveal was a big surprise to the audience who audibly gasped at the appearance of an older Kratos in a new environment with enemies from Norse Mythology.

Not much was revealed about whether the player will be Kratos for the entire game or if the boy, apparently Kratos’s son, featured in the trailer might be playable as well. Safe to say that God of War seems to be a “new beginning” for the series with a smooth new look in a brand new world.

The exclusives keep on coming

Following right on God of War’s heels was The Last Guardian, which finally revealed that it would be hitting store shelves on October 25th. The trailer also showed off that Trico, the friendly griffin-like creature, isn’t the only one of his kind. After The Last Guardian was a very lengthy gameplay session of Zero Dawn: Horizon. The game looks gorgeous, and its environment appears as a unique mesh of post-apocalyptic meets Far Cry Primal.

Aloy, our heroine, proved herself to be a skilled hunter and fighter as she fought the mysterious “Corrupted” with a variety of unique weapons and traps. The game also seems to incorporate a dialogue wheel when Aloy talks to NPCs. Personally, it reminded me of the dialogue setup found in Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Here’s to hoping that Aloy gets to make important and divergent choices like the heroes of Bioware.  

The Potential of Sony’s VR

Sony showed off some interesting selections with their VR games as well as the release date of PS VR on October 13th. All of the games appealed to their fans’ inner nerd with games like Star Wars Battlefront: X-Wing VR and Batman Arkham VR where gamers can “wear the cowl”. They also showed off Farpoint which seems to be a 1st person space survival game which looked beautiful despite all the apparent dangers in the unknown, but hostile, environment.

The VR experience connected with “Play as Prompto” from Final Fantasy XV seemed interesting but more difficult to wrap my head around. Resident Evil 7’s gameplay looked interesting, and it appears to be a good match for VR with its terrifying atmosphere. For the most part, Sony’s line up for VR was surprising and decently solid.

A fan favorite being remastered

When Shawn Layden came out to the theme of Crash Bandicoot, a few audience members seemed to become a little more focused on the conference. When he announced that Crash Bandicoot, Crash 2 and Crash Warped were being fully remastered from the ground up for PS4 the audience’s loud cheers gave a strong confirmation that the Sony audience is ready for Crash again.

Crash Bandicoot Reveal

With all of Sony’s new exclusives and VR, it’s nice to see a good respect for the classics from Sony’s humble beginnings.   

More Unexpected Appearances

In the latter half of the conference, there were some really big surprises that dazzled the audience. Hideo Kojima, the creator of the Metal Gear series, has had a rough year with the strenuous events between him and Konami. However, his entrance during the Sony conference was nothing short of magical.

After his flashy arrival, Kojima announced the next game he is working on is Death Stranding. The game appears to feature Norman Reedus, and the trailer oozed with the bizarre yet gorgeous tone that Kojima is known for.

A Spiderman game swooped in much to many fans surprise. It is going to be developed by Insomniac Games, the minds behind the Ratchet and Clank series. The trailer was short but from what was shown New York seems bright and colorful and the web-slinging looks similar to the system used in Spider Man 2 aka a whole lot of fun.

Spiderman New Costume

It appears that the iconic Yuri Lowenthal will voice Peter Parker/Spiderman. Personally, any game that uses the web-slinging physics from Spiderman 2 is a welcome addition to the PS4.

Sony's Finale and Overall Tone

Sony’s ended their conference with a new game, Days Gone. The gameplay shown had an environment and tone similar to The Last of Us with a post-apocalyptic vibe and emphasis on survival. Days Gone, like The Last of Us, also has zombie-like enemies but SIE Bend Studio’s version of the undead seem to move with a horde like a mentality similar to the zombies from the film World War Z.

Days Gone Zombie Horde

The trailer ended on a note that lacked any “oomph” that the ideal last trailer of an E3 conference should have. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best way to end your conference especially after a solid lineup preceding it.

Final Verdict

Like Microsoft, Sony covered a lot of ground in their conference. They released game after game, many of which were surprises to their live audience and those online streaming the conference. Sony gave its fans back to back trailers and reveals without any of the sometimes pace-killing and awkward speeches in between. The live orchestra was amazing and added a unique sense of style to the conference, and Sony just kept on moving forward with game after game.

The conference wasn’t flawless. Like all E3 conferences it had some low points where the excitement died down like when it showed a trailer for Skylanders or Lego Star Wars Episode VIII. These moments were few though and didn’t take away that much from the overall presentation. As usual Sony and Microsoft were neck and neck this year with the quality of their conferences. Of the two I’d have to say that Sony gets the A-. Microsoft played it safe with their games, with series they are known for, and their overall presentation didn’t deviate from previous year’s exhibitions. Sony’s conference was fast paced and took a chance at being different, and it paid off.

And that’s all of the E3 Conferences of 2016, do you agree with my evaluations? Any comments or arguments? If so, please leave a comment and stay tuned to Gameskinny for more gaming news. If you want to see the conference yourself, you can check it out on YouTube.

Upcoming PlayStation VR games that will Immerse you in a different world https://www.gameskinny.com/a1by5/upcoming-playstation-vr-games-that-will-immerse-you-in-a-different-world https://www.gameskinny.com/a1by5/upcoming-playstation-vr-games-that-will-immerse-you-in-a-different-world Thu, 21 Jul 2016 05:59:43 -0400 Phil Fry

With the announcement of PlayStation VR headsets coming this October, there are many games new, and re-makes alike that are getting the virtual reality treatment. In this article, we take a look at upcoming titles that will immerse you in different worlds that will feel almost too close to actual reality. 

1. Dead Secret

A horror narrative-driven game by Robot Invader, Dead Secret promises to immerse players in a captivating mystery that will leave them frightened to the core by the virtual reality experience. Available currently for Gear VR, this title is a must play for PlayStation 4 owners when it comes to PSN. 

2. Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin

Double Fine's cult classic platformer, Psychonauts, is not only getting a long awaited sequel, but a VR side-story experience that takes place right after the events of the first game. In Psychonauts, players take control of the character Razz, who possess psychic abilities, so utilizing these powers for yourself through VR is sure to be a cool experience. 

3. Tethered

This upcoming RTS game by Secret Sorcery Towers will be a PlayStation VR launch title, and it will offer a unique "god-mode" game in which players will control "Peeps" and build their world during the day. At nighttime, however, monsters visit the land and the player must prepare the Peeps to defend themselves and their creations. 

4. White Day: A Labyrinth Named School 

Originally released in 2001, this first-person survival horror game is currently being remade for PlayStation 4 and VR. The game focuses on students trapped in a Korean school that was once a Hospital during the Korean War. Supernatural events start to unfold, and players must progress through the game by conversations, and sneaking through the school attempting escape from multiple forces that want you dead. 

 5. Farpoint 

Announced at E3 this year, Farpoint is a first-person shooter survival game that takes place in a sci-fi setting. Whilst on a mission to pick up scientists studying an anomaly near Jupiter, players are transported through this anomaly to a hostile alien world. This game will immerse players in an other worldly location, VR bringing them into unfamiliar territory. 

6. How We Soar 

Debut game by developer Penny Black Studios will give players the VR experience of riding the mythical flying creature of the phoenix. The game's artstyle is reminiscent of picture book illustrations, and the game is drive by a narrative in which players uncover information about "The Author." For anyone who's ever wondered what flying on the back of a giant bird must be like, How We Soar will offer this unique and magical experience. 

7. Batman: Arkham VR

The Batman: Arkham games gave players and Batman fans alike, the experience of being the masked marauder himself. Releasing in October of 2016, Batman: Arkham VR will take this experience one step further by immersing the player fully behind the bat mask. Will you the world's greatest detective, or just some backwater junior cop who's only investigated a snapped toothpick?

8. Ark: Survival Evolved

The popular MMO sandbox game with dinosaurs is receiving the VR treatment for the PlayStation VR. Now players will be able to craft items, make buildings, and tame prehistoric creatures through their VR headsets. This title is sure to be a hit when it re-releases with VR, because who wouldn't want to ride a dinosaur in virtual reality? I can't hear anyone... which is good.

PlayStation VR is set to release October 13, 2016. This list touched on some of the noteworthy games that will be available in VR, but there are many more games out there that will also be seeing a VR treatment. The next few years will surely show a heap of creative, and new, ideas as virtual reality becomes more of a mainstream way of experiencing video games.