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Those are our predictions for EA's E3 2017 showcase, which kicks-off the entire E3 weekend on Saturday at 11:30 AM.


The guaranteed locks for EA's showcase are all the annual sports titles, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Need For Speed: Payback. We're also likely to get some DLC announcements for Mass Effect Andromeda and Battlefield 1.


Everything else for the show is guesswork, but in making this list, it's become clear EA has a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline right now. Two other projects we left off the list is another Star Wars game from Respawn (the Titanfall developer), and the new IP being worked on by Bioware Edmonton (developer of the original Mass Effect Trilogy). It's unlikely we'll see anything from these two titles because they're still a year or two away, but it's further proof of EA's impressive list of upcoming games!


What are you excited to see from EA at E3? Let us know in the comments, and keep it tuned to GameSkinny for all your gaming news and E3 predictions!


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Visceral's Star Wars Game


Here's the big one. As much as we all love Battlefront and want the second game to be even better than the first, it's another Star Wars game from EA that has everyone's fingers crossed.


Visceral Games, the EA development team that became famous for the Dead Space franchise, has had a Star Wars game in the works for a while now. After Naughty Dog's Creative Director Amy Hennig left the developer in 2014 following her work on the Uncharted series, she joined Visceral Games to work with Todd Stashwick on a Star Wars IP. Two years later we saw our first glimpse of the game at E3 2016 -- an 8 second clip that showed a man seemingly walking out of the Mos Eisley Cantina, as pictured above.


Maybe we're still a little too early for this game to be fully revealed, especially with Star Wars Battlefront 2 already on the horizon. But this game could very well see a late 2018 release, and thus the time would be right for a full trailer. EA doesn't need to go all-out and show a 10-minute gameplay clip, but a bombastic trailer to close out the showcase would definitely leave the publisher in a strong position walking out of E3 2017.


Need For Speed: Payback


After several teases in the past week, EA finally announced the latest instalment in the Need For Speed franchise, entitled Payback.


Following on from 2015's rebooted Need For Speed, Ghost Games looks to continue the precedent of a fleshed-out story mode. Unlike the 2015 title, Payback will have animated cutscenes, and the trailer has reminded gamers of the Fast & Furious franchise.


Racers will take control of three different characters, and wage a war against a cartel known as The House. The game takes place in the fictional Fortune Valley (which seems to evoke Las Vegas), and offers open-world exploration to gamers, as well as car chases, heist missions, police pursuits, and "jaw-dropping set-pieces". We'd love to see a lot more from Need For Speed: Payback at E3!


The Sims 5


The Sims 4 launched in 2014 to mixed reviews. The first game in the series not to get rave reviews, Sims 4 suffered substantial issues at launch, which kind of killed the hype for the title.


Since then, developer Maxis has supported the game with three expansion packs, five game packs, ten stuff packs, and additional DLC. That's an impressive list of post-release content for a three year period. There were five years between the third and fourth installments in the series, but I think EA will look to regain some steam and good-will towards the franchise sooner rather than later.


The Sims 5 isn't a lock for E3 2017 but it's definitely possible. The game could be announced at the showcase with a vague 2018 release date, which could potentially even slip to 2019. I can't imagine the fifth installment being just another Sims game -- I believe EA will want to really innovate and change the formula. 


Skate 4


Despite being called the worst company in America, EA actually does make games for its fans every now and then. One example is Mirror's Edge Catalyst, the sequel to cult hit Mirror's Edge. Although the original game (and its sequel) both sold poorly, at least EA listened to its fans. 


With that in mind, I think EA would be willing to bring another fan favorite back from the dead and release Skate 4. The previous Skate game released in 2010 and received decent reviews, then returned to prominence in 2014 when YouTube sensation Pewdiepie released a hilarious video of the game and caused it to start selling again. Skate 3 became one of the best selling games of 2014 and EA was forced to reissue the game. On top of this, it was one of the most requested backwards compatible games on Xbox One, leading to it becoming available on the service in 2016.


With all of this in mind, Skate 4 seems inevitable. EA has likely looked into developing a new game in the series, especially considering there are no other skateboarding games on the market right now -- other than last year's abysmal Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5. The market is ripe and ready for a new Skate game, and E3 2017 seems like the place to do it.


Unravel 2


Martin Sahlin walked onto stage at E3 2015 and announced a surprise game for EA: Unravel. Sahlin and the game's adorable protagonist, Yarny, stole the hearts of everyone in attendance and watching at home. Unravel came out to a good critical reception, and EA confirmed that it had extended its contract with developer Coldwood Interactive to make a sequel.


Even though Unravel only released at the beginning of 2016, I think we could see a trailer for Yarny's next adventure -- even if it doesn't release until 2018. Unravel 2 would be welcomed by many, assuming Coldwood Interactive can improve upon the shortcomings of the original. 


Star Wars Battlefront 2


Star Wars Battlefront 2 has already been announced and revealed via an amazing trailer from EA. I expect this game to potentially open EA's showcase this year, considering there is likely more Star Wars to follow.


Carrying on from the previous Battlefront game, EA Dice and Motive Studios are looking to add to, refine, and improve the series. The multiplayer will return in a big way -- with new maps, new heroes and villains (with better animations), much-requested space battles, and the new story mode.


The story mode in Battlefront 2 was revealed in the trailer a few weeks ago, and it tells the story of Iden Versio, a hero of the Empire. Playing as Iden, you get to see the other side of the conflict, which takes place right after the Death Star blows-up at the end of Return of the Jedi. This set-up is immediately interesting and puts players in a more personal story than we've ever had in a Star Wars game.


At E3 I would expect to see a huge multiplayer battle at EA's conference, and then perhaps a 10-minute playthrough of the campaign at Sony's showcase. Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be a major factor for EA at E3, and the big fall game this year. So expect to see more than one demo.




As always, EA will spend a significant portion of its showcase on sports titles.


Madden 18 was revealed a short while ago and the legendary Tom Brady was announced as the cover star. Amazingly, this is the first time the five-time Superbowl winner has ever graced the cover of Madden, despite his team-mate Rob Gronkowski appearing twice. I wouldn't be surprised to see Brady show up at the conference.


This year's Madden will be the first on EA's impressive Frostbite engine, which will provide the game with a huge visual and gameplay upgrade. In another massive first for the series, we will get a story mode akin to The Journey in last year's FIFA, which we should learn more about at the expo.


Speaking of FIFA and The Journey, we will undoubtedly hear about the next installment in this long-running soccer series at E3, along with season 2 of Alex Hunter's career. As mentioned above, The Journey was a shockingly good mode in last year's FIFA, and another season of it will be welcomed by many.

Other Sports Games

We can also look forward to NBA Live, PGA Tour, NHL, and UFC, all of which could see new installments announced at E3.


Of all these titles, I think the least likely to see a new installment is UFC. There was a 2-year gap between the first two titles, and it's a series that doesn't need yearly iterations. As for PGA Tour however, it's been two years since we've seen a game in that series, and so it could be time -- although the last game was not well received.


Let's be honest -- usually Electronic Arts has the most forgettable showcase at E3 every year. That's not to say the company's showcase is bad, it's just that one or more of the publishers tend to blow it out of the water.


Even when writing these E3 predictions lists, EA was the publisher I was least excited to get to. However, upon putting the list together, I realized how amazing this E3 could be for Electronic Arts.


Last year, EA released Battlefield 1, UFC 2, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Titanfall 2, Unravel, and its usual sports titles. This year, the company has published Mass Effect: Andromeda, which did not fare well critically. So EA has been doing pretty well since its last E3 presentation, and its upcoming roster of releases is looking even better. 


We'll probably see some Mass Effect DLC in this year's showcase, but what else can we expect? Let's find out!

What Has Gaming Ever Done For Us! Thu, 22 Sep 2016 12:01:58 -0400 EdWade

Gaming is no longer the dominion of outsiders. Yes, there are still niche areas, but mass market games such as FIFA or Grand Theft Auto have firmly placed computer games into the mainstream and created a huge industry. When it arrives in the periphery of people with influence incredible things can be achieved, and this has happened is the case of gaming. There are so many new uses that have been born out of gaming that you might not even know about.

 When an industry is worth $91.5b, double that of film, a new frontier is born. To begin with it is the games and development that see improvement from a competitive industry. Sega and Atari sit in the graveyard of that particular one. Subcultures are born from it too with huge communities burgeoning from games like World of Warcraft and entertainment like PewDiePie (47m subcribers and counting!). Eventually giants emerge to battle and progress. The latest generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony are the most powerful purpose built gaming consoles ever made. This competition and ‘arms race’ not only benefits us as gamers, but accelerates the progress of technology allowing it to expand in to other areas.

Controllers are for more than just games

One notable area which gaming has given to the rest of the world, is the controllers. There is a plethora of needs for more intuitive and tighter control over tech products, and the evolution of controllers has meant they can be used elsewhere. They have come a long way since the first ever joystick. That one for the 1958 release of Tennis for Two had a single joystick and one button. Now they are molded to your hands with a combination of buttons, joysticks and triggers.


The 3D MRI and Cat scan visualization software BodyViz uses them to help surgeons inspect a virtual part of a patient’s body. From this they are able to plan what they hope to do without the complications of moving tissue around. The Xbox controller is vital to BodyViz’s, use as its functionality allows the surgeon a fluid experience that is far superior to a mouse. Flight simulation controllers are widely used in military hardware too, especially drones. The inside of a drone operation in Iraq or Syria will look more like a gaming setup than a war room!


A recent trend in Human Resources has also been born out of gaming. Gamification is a way of training employees using the design and concepts from computer games. The competition element and the fact the trainees are ‘doing’ something means their memory retains skills more effectively and the time it takes to learn is reduced compared to simple theory. McDonald’s are perhaps the biggest company to incorporate this when training staff on a new till system. Staff members had to play against time pressures when using the till and keep virtual customers happy. This is something we could all be experiencing in the future at our own work environment!

What could VR do for the rest of the world?

The most exciting evolution from gaming has to be Virtual reality. 2016 will see the release of VR on both PS4 and Xbox, and gamers are excited to see what uses they will see in a gaming format. For non-gamers it could also see new products appearing. VR has a great use for disabled people who are not very mobile. VR technology could be used for a more inclusive doctor appointment or even to travel to places the user would never have thought possible. Online learning has always been inferior to classes in the flesh, but VR could put the student in a more inclusive environment, improving their learning experiences from afar. Training the next generation of surgeons is vital and VR is a way of not only having risk free practice, but also adding a bit more reality to their training  which could make them less prone to mistakes when they are faced with the real thing.

So while some will still attempt to dismiss gaming as mere entertainment and time wasting, just remember that the games you play today could be shaping our lives in the future.

E3 2016: EA wants gamers to play Sun, 12 Jun 2016 15:00:38 -0400 Eric Levy

E3 is finally here and, despite numerous leaks over the past few weeks, the hype is still at an all time high. EA was the first company to show their hand this year and they had a little bit of everything for gamers everywhere.

Respawn Entertainment took the stage first to show off Titanfall 2. The sequel to the 2014 first-person shooter will continue the series trend of frantic multiplayer shoot-outs and giant mech fights, while introducing some game changing mechanics, such as new titan abilities and a grappling hook that seems to come in handy in a multitude of situations. In addition, a campaign trailer made its debut. While specific details regarding the campaign are still scarce, it's clear from the trailer that the relationship between a pilot and their titan will be the core theme of this campaign. Titanfall 2 will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on October 28, 2016.

Following Titanfall 2 was Madden '17. EA debuted footage of the game in action before announcing a series of upcoming competitions and weekly challenges for both dedicated eSports players and players looking to dip their toes in the eSports community. The first competition will be taking place this week at E3 and will be broadcast on ESPN.

Mass Effect:  Andromeda was up next on the agenda. BioWare took the stage to show off a behind the scenes trailer for the game, showcasing a few new characters, including the base female model for the new protagonist. BioWare stated more information will come to light this fall. Mass Effect:  Andromeda is still slated for an early 2017 release.

FIFA '17 took the stage next, and big changes are coming to the beloved series. The new game will be sporting (...ahem...moving on) a new cinematic story mode -- dubbed 'The Journey' -- which follows an up-and-coming soccer star named Alex Hunter. Players will make decisions that effect Alex's personal life and, based on how well players do on the field, watch his fortune either rise or fall. EA went on to outline the four major areas of focus in regards to FIFA gameplay:  a set piece rewrite, an "active intelligence system," more options for physical play, and new attacking techniques for offensive players.

Following FIFA '17, EA announced its new indie publishing label -- titled EA Originals. Each year, the company will partner with and fund smaller scale game makers to bring their dreams to life. The first EA Original announced was Fe -- a beautiful adventure game by Swedish indie developer Zoink Games.

Fe is "A game without words." Players will take on the role of a lone creature in a dark forest, and will meet a variety of new creatures, each of which has their own song.  Each song the player learns will open up a new section of the forest to explore. No release date or platforms were announced.

EA then took the time to shed some light on all the Star Wars projects they're currently working on. Battlefront 2 was confirmed to be in development at DICE -- in conjunction with Motive -- and will be released in 2017. EA confirmed the sequel will contain content taken from the new movies.

EA also confirmed Amy Henning's story-driven Star Wars game will be released in 2018. They reiterated the game will be an original narrative experience and will feature a new cast of characters. Finally, Respawn Entertainment's third-person Star Wars game would explore a "different" era of the Star Wars universe. Let the rumors and speculation commence!

EA closed the show by dropping a new trailer for their heavy hitter, Battlefield 1. One major point EA is focusing on is Battlefield 1's new dynamic battle system. Dynamic environmental destruction is still present and has been cranked up to 11, while weather can change dramatically mid-match. EA also stated the "behemoth" vehicles, which include airships, armored trains, and battleships can all be piloted. And yes, there will be plenty of horses to ride in Battlefield 1 when it releases October 21st.

What did you think of EA's press conference this year? What has you most hyped? Disappointed? Sound off in the comments below, and stay tuned to GameSkinny for more E3 2016 coverage!

Game Glitches: Bet You Can't Not Laugh Fri, 29 Apr 2016 10:35:25 -0400 Kat De Shields

 ...DON'T LAUGH. How many of you have lost already? 

Excited? Terrified? Angry? This guy is an emotional enigma. 

Ahhh, game glitches. They can be a pain in the ass when encountered during gameplay, but they are definitely worth a belly laugh or two after the fact. Let's take a look at some of our favorites. The kicker: You can't laugh. See how far you make it down the list and share the one that cracked you up in the comments below!


FIFA: Look, ma! No hands!


 Just Cause 3: That Rico. Always as cool as a cucumber. 


Assassin's Creed Unity: Way to be inconspicuous. 

FIFA: When the other team scores a goal with 15 seconds left on the clock.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: Nothing like a flying sabre cat to start your day!

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Well, this is a new intimidation tactic.

The Wolf Among Us: Bigby's stage name is The Big Bad Wolf. Snow doesn't seem impressed.

The Sims: Had to include a throwback to one of the glitchiest games ever.

WWE: This takes the term "smackdown" to a whole new level. 

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim: It's not every day you see a dragon do interpretive dance. 

Star Wars: WHY ARE ALL THESE SNAKES ON THIS MOTHA-- Wait. Wrong movie.  

Can't get enough glitches? We got you covered. Check out the top ten glitches in Bethesda games, a Fallout 4 glitch showcase, and how to see your bare ass in Dark Souls 3

Just one more thing to add to your torment in Dark Souls 3. 

Got some game glitches that leave you in stitches? Don't hold out. Share it in the comments below!

*All gifs sourced from

Digital Demigods: A look at the 2020 eSports Olympics Thu, 24 Mar 2016 03:58:25 -0400 Seth Zulinski

As it opens its doors for the first time, the newly finished Monster Arena looks much like a major sports center should. The clean steel construction, a ring around it filled with vendors and food carts, bars and people. The motif is personal, sure -- great neon green claw marks flash across gigantic monitors, telling the crowd below to "unleash the beast". Even outside, though, you can hear, even feel the cheering and stomping in the stands as teams are walked in and introduced for the first day of the games. 

It's the PC eSport OIympics 2020, and the fans don't mess around. 

Spanning three weeks of matches with the best and brightest electronic competitors countries have to offer, it starts off this year (and every four years after) with more bang than a Frag grenade. Nations send their very best overseas in a knock-down, drag-out brawl of digital destruction to see not only who can bring home the most Diamond Medals (or Platinum, or Gold), but to decide then and there which country has the honor to hold the next - all wrapped up in the Trophy.

Is there a respect for form? Sure. Is it about the spirit of competition, triumph, and excellence? Absolutely. 

But this is eSports, and the players are here to claim victory. Their country's pride (and their MMR) depend on it. 

A hush falls over the crowd as the Power Ceremony begins. It's tradition, lifted from the old Physical Olympics -- though each country manages it a little differently, millions are poured into the "On Button" shows. Dancers, performers, lightshows and more add their own national bend to the ceremony.

Red, White, and Blue flash over the crowd as Michael Giordan, the single highest Rated player of the last PC Olympics (and the reason we just edged out Korea for the Trophy) solemnly walks towards the Megamonitors in the center of the arena. Fireworks and lights flash over the walkway and guitar and bass pound through monolithic speakers in the ceiling as the Power Core -- an incredibly large, impossibly neon blue cylinder visible even from the nosebleed seats -- is inserted into the center of the column of screens and wires. 

A thrum of bass hits the crowd as the screens light up, flickering then stabilizing as they ascend to their place above the field. "SYSTEM ONLINE" thunders from the speakers over the arena, the lights and pyrotechnics make the dark center as bright as day, and the crowd goes wild. 

The lights dim as the MOBA week begins. League of Legends, DotA2, SMITE and more are here, spanning a full seven days of nearly nonstop play before it turns over to FPS, with the traditional game Counter-Strike leading.

CCGs like Hearthstone take over after that, in Singles and Team settings. Then Real Time Strategy has a solid five days of 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 before the miscellaneous/"retro" category finishes out.

Word is, Super Mario Maker is up for addition in 2024.  

Now, though, parents bring their drinks and children back to their seats, teenagers click off their smart-watches and drain the last of their energy drinks, and the last bits of spring are shut outside as the crowd quiets to whispers. While the Americans may be king of the Console Olympics in the fall, Spring is PC season -- and Germany's DotA 2 team is looking strong. 

The players settle into their soundproof booths as the first HUD of the Games comes to life on the megamonitors. Fans cheer and stomp as Picks and Bans are selected, but one watcher, Serena Smith, only looks on quietly. 

"See...this week is where I'm worried."

She says, adjusting her press badge before leaning forward from the reclining seat. 

"Shooters, sure. Some of the European zone teams, they can be trouble, but I trust our Players on that front. I mean hell, Michael just owned Counter-Strike last time. But MOBAs? MOBAs are Europe and Asia's game. Japan, Korea, China, Germany, France...they all have a lot of good rosters." 

The noise from the crowd nearly drowns out the speakers as FIRST BLOOD booms from the ceiling. That's extra Rating - for the Player and the Team - and judging from the HUD, it was Germany that had scored. 

"We make it out of this week alive, I'll be happy. FPS, some of the CCG games, some of the Guild Wars events… I have confidence there."

The melee continues, ending 3-1. Favor: Germany. Only four minutes have passed on the clock. 

"We just gotta survive MOBA. We can do this." 

Five months later, sitting in the Day 3 stands of the Console eSports Olympics 2020, Serena can only shake her head. On screen, Brazil is piloting Necalli into Japan’s Nash as the Street Fighter V event approaches its halfway point.

“We didn’t do it. We survived MOBA, sure, but we dropped Hearthstone when we shouldn’t have, and our poor Starcraft II team…”

As the stands cheer for a well-timed Critical Art from Nash, she shudders.

“We don’t talk about what happened to our Starcraft II team. But here? Consoles? We might be in Paris, but this is our turf. Undefeated so far in Street Fighter, we’re doing fine in Halo and Call of Duty and I think we can manage Smash Brothers.”

Far from the neon and flashing lights of the Monster stadium, Paris offered a theme fit for the men and women of the Console Olympics – well-set but hard and gleaming, this wasn’t the traditional eSports Stadium. It was a modern-day metal Coliseum.

The coming days and weeks would broadcast the victors and the fallen: those countries still in contention would have their flag outlined in green on the dozens of monitors scattered around the walls, while those no longer eligible for a Ratings placement would fade to grayscale before cycling to the next flag in line.

The Console Olympics were a battlefield – and the casualties were mounting.

The teams had been seated – America would be squaring off against Brazil in a best of three FIFA set for the last console match of the day. The FPS and Fighting Game segments had finished days ago, Action-Adventure had been squared away, and the sports from Madden onward were the remainder.

These were long days -- hard-fought days for the Players and their cheering fans. New friends were made here. New drinks consumed, new words picked up as the last day of the Console Olympics (and the eSports Olympic year) came to a close.

As the lights flickered over each player, as they had for both Singles and Teams events, each name was called over the soundsystem. If the songs, cheers, and chants in too many languages to count were any indication, none of these Players were alone.

The announcer’s voice boomed out into the audience, and the floor of the stadium itself flickers with an overlaid image of a real soccer field. Tickertape swings in the air with party favors and noisemakers, whole sections of the crowd are decked in body paint and national colors, and huge homemade signs swung back and forth in front of cheer drums.

After this, only one day remained for the Awards Ceremony. Then the eSports Olympics were over – at least for another four years. Serena looked out over the crowd all stomping and howling for their favorite Console Kings and Queens, four colored buttons and some joysticks deciding the future of eSports in an event every bit the measure of the Superbowl, or the World Cup, and she smiled.

“Exciting, isn’t it?”

EA Sports UFC 2: Ultimate Team announced with trailer Tue, 02 Feb 2016 04:18:08 -0500 Alex Chin

Ultimate Team, a mode featured in EA's Madden, NHL, and FIFA, will now be available in UFC 2. And the announcement came with a brand new trailer (see above). 

This mode was introduced several years ago in FIFA 09. It let users create and manage their own team. Players could buy, sell, trade, or auction off stars with thousands of other users. They earned money by playing matches offline or online, and could use it to buy card packs containing items, such as players or stadiums. 

UFC 2 will follow a similar formula. Players can create a team of up to five custom fighters. Participating in fights earns coins, which can be used to open up fight packs containing four different items--moves, attributes, perks, and consumables.

Moves are inspired by fighters' signature moves. Want Rousey's Judo Flip? Fighters' attributes include disciplines like muy tai, kickboxing, or judo. Perks are special abilities, and include things like Marathoner or Submission Specialist. And lastly, consumables boosts your fighter's individual skill in areas like health, toughness, and stamina.   

Use these four items to build your team and achieve glory in the UFC.

UFC 2 hits stores hard on March 15. For more on UFC 2 and its features, visit the official site here

Will you be playing UFC 2's Ultimate Team? Let us know in the comments below!

Parents Beware: Teen accidentally spends $8,000 on FIFA's in-app purchases Wed, 13 Jan 2016 08:33:12 -0500 Jessi_Cat

There are multiple stories of teenagers and children taking their parents credit cards to purchase games online. Usually, it’s a one-time purchase of a game that leads to hours of fun and then discipline of the child. Well, one 17-year-old found out his purchase of a FIFA series soccer game for his Xbox had racked up to nearly $8,000.

According to his family, the credit card was given to the son for emergency use and purchasing items for the family’s convenience store.

He thought his one-time purchase of the FIFA game would be harmless. Until the family found out that each time he played the game it was charging the card over and over again. The charge totaled at $7,625.88.

Lance Perkins the parent of the 17-year-old said to Fox News, “He's just as sick as I am, [because] he never believed he was being charged for every transaction, or every time he went onto the game.”

Perkins reached out to the credit card company but they couldn’t do anything about the transactions unless he wanted to charge his son with fraud. However, Xbox has agreed to look into the charges since Perkins son is a minor, but they have not heard anything from Xbox since.

What would you do if you were in this situation?