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Fire Emblem Heroes has had events called Grand Hero Battles every few weeks since its release. This week we are being treated to probably the best unit yet: Xander (Yes I said that about Zephiel, but Xander is even better than him!). In Fire Emblem Fates, Xander was your main character’s adopted older brother from the kingdom of Nohr.

Xander's brow is oddly huge. Just saying.

Unit Comp: Eldigan (almost identical stats)

  1. High HP, Def, and Armored Blow skill make him tanky
  2. High Attack & AoE Special make him good offensive threat
  3. Spur Defense buff helps the whole team stay buffy
  4. Cavalry have great range
  5. His weapon can counterattack RANGED foes making him one of the best units in the game.
  6. F2P


  1. Low Res & Speed make him vulnerable magic users, especially Linde & Female Corrin
  2. ANOTHER sword user

Surveying the Battlefield

Let's look at the battlefield, then we can start discussing some team compositions.


There are 5 units on the map representing a lot of diversity. You have magic and physical, cavalry and infantry. Thanks to Xander and his green mage cohort, this map is wall to wall coverage. It is going to be hard to penetrate through and you are going to be forced to face off against Xander early in the map.

The cavalry units are the hardest to kill. Xander is physically bulky (and his GHB version has an insane 61 HP), meaning you need to use magic. However, his ability to counter and kill a lot of mages thanks to his high strength leaves them vulnerable too. This means that some of the best units to use against him are the blue dragons: Nowi, Female Corrin, or Ninian. Note: Ninian is much less bulky, making her an inferior option.

However, blue units are extremely vulnerable to the green mage. In fact, I’d argue she is the most deadly unit on the battlefield thanks to her insane coverage and powerful ranged magic damage. Killing her is half the battle.

My Team Composition
  1. Ninian aka The dancer 
  2. Gunter aka The Buffer
  3. Ursula aka The Glass Cannon - I gave Ursula a Blarblade(Odin). This allows for some insane damage. You see, these weapons add whatever bonuses your unit has to their damage. Well, Gunter's Hone Cavalry grants +6 Attack & Speed to nearby horseback units at the start of the turn. This means Hone Cavalry added 6 attack. The -blade weapons then add another 12 points of damage. This adds up to a whopping 18 point damage bonus for these mages whenever they start the turn standing next to Gunter.
  4. Eldigan aka the Tank - If you use Eldigan, then you will need to remove his Fury 3 skill; it will bleed him dry in this battle. If your Eldigan has -Attack IVs, then he will need an Attack +3 (Cherche, Gordin). 
Potential Substitutes

You can sub Olivia, but you will need to make sure that everything is just right. On the enemy’s first turn, your dancer will be vulnerable. Olivia should be able to withstand one hit from the lancer. (My Ninian takes 2 hits because I have a +HP/-Speed IV version of her. But as long as your Olivia has 31 speed she will only take 1 hit.) Olivia will also need to inherit “Escape Route 3” from a 4 star Cecilia because Ninian uses that in my strategy. Note: I have not tested this because my Olivia is not level 40. But the math says it SHOULD work.

Stahl can potentially sub for Eldigan, but he will need some changes to survive. Stahl’s Ruby Sword is weaker so you might need to actually give him more strength. A slot Passive Skills, like Triangle Adept (Roy, Selena) or Attack +3 (Cherche, Gordin) should be enough to push him over the edge. Or you could give him something like Green Tomebreaker in the B slot. Moreover, without a potent attack skill (Lilina), he won’t be able to kill the cleric. Another option would be to give him a Brave Sword (Draug) and Swordbreaker (Sully). The double attack should ensure he kills the green mage, help deal chip damage to the sword users, and set up an attack skill against the cleric. However, this might take some planning and experimentation.

You could use the 3 star Xander in a similar role as Stahl. Or you could use rank up the 3 star Xander to rank 5, get his Siegfried sword, and use him to help beat the lunatic version of this mission.


I'd like you to know that my strategy is different than most. Many decide to attack the infantry units on the left and right first. That can technically work, but none of my units were quite powerful enough to pull that off -- for whatever reason, except for my horse units. However, the green mage uses a Gronnwolf + tome, which is super effective against cavalry. So I decided to press the attack hard and fast; to my surprise, this worked.

Turn 1

The first turn will be used to jostle units around. You want Eldigan near Gunter for the Hone Cavalry bonus. And Ninian will need to be close enough to dance for him. Your ultimate goal is taking out that green mage at the top. You will also move Gunter and Ursula forward, but still out of attack range; make sure they are next to one another. 


Turn 2

On the second turn, things will look a little chaotic. You will need to move Ursula up to attack and kill the sword infantry unit next to Eldigan.

Now the whole "Escape Route 3" part of the plan comes into action. Ninian can teleport behind Ursula -- where she is safe -- and dance for Ursula at the same time; do this. Then have Ursula attack the blue lance wielder.

And then have Gunter finish him off. Eldigan should be able to kill the cleric thanks to his special.

Interestingly, the small amount of damage that Ninian did post-healing is the only reason these units were able to kill this lancer. Hardy little guy. This will pose a problem for a team that uses Olivia. In such a case, you'd need to pull Eldigan away from the healer to the right.

Turn 3

Move Gunter down and then have Ursula move over to kill Xander.


Congratulations! You have now unlocked your very own 4 star Xander!

If you have any tips or suggestions as to how to improve my strategy, or if you have some strategies of your own you'd like to share, maybe you even want some help with making your own strategy, just leave a comment.

How to Beat (and Earn) Navarre In Fire Emblem: Heroes Using F2P Units Wed, 26 Apr 2017 05:06:15 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

Fire Emblem Heroes has had events called Grand Hero Battles every few weeks since its release. This week two of the former Grand Hero Battles were brought back -- Female Robin and Navarre -- to allow players that might have missed these characters to get a second chance at obtaining them. Today I will be talking about the latter, and how to defeat him with F2P Units.

Navarre himself is not an extremely notable unit. He is from the first game, as such there was no support conversation system in place. Moreover, unlike other recent Grand Hero Battle units -- Robin and Zephiel -- Navarre was neither a primary protagonist or antagonist in his game. Combine these two things together and there isn’t a ton to know about Navarre.

As a unit in Fire Emblem Heroes, he falls into the absurdly fast, but relatively weak and squishy category. His defenses are purely bad, while his HP is acceptable. His speed is one of the higher ones in the game, but his attack leaves plenty to be desired. He has an AoE, but its long cooldown and the fact that it is based on his less than stellar strength are disappointing.

His main highlight would be his passive skills: desperation and threaten speed. If you initiate combat below a certain health threshold then you automatically make your follow up attack instead of waiting for the enemy’s counter attack. His high speed, low defenses, and his Threaten Speed debuff makes it to where this should happen often. Sadly, he just doesn’t have the offensive might to really make this ability shine. And that’s a damned disappointment.

Team Composition

Let's first look at the battlefield, then we can start discussing some team compositions.

First and foremost, this map is really freaking hard. I have tried many strategies, but only a few work and usually only because I was able to cheese the enemy AI.

This map was designed by a sadist. The dagger users on this map are absolute beasts. The one to the far right has bow breaker, making archers worthless against him.

The one to the left is from hell. He has 38 attack and 39 speed. He has:

  • Death blow - which boosts his attack up to 44 when he initiates combat.
  • Poison strike 3 - which deals 10 chip damage post-combat.
  • Hone attack 3 - which increases the attack of his adjacent allies at the start of the turn.
  • A dagger which debuffs your Def and Resistance by 7 after combat.

I think you can tell who your biggest priority is right off the bat.

Word to the wise: if you have Kagero, then absolutely use her! She takes this map from being exceedingly difficult to being a relative cakewalk thanks to her weapon being super effective against infantry units, and her B slot passive skill -- dagger breaker -- which stops enemy dagger users from double attacking while ensuring that you get double attacks. While I do have Kagero, I wanted to concentrate on units more people have.

My Team Composition
  1. Ninian aka The dancer - Used to dance. Not much more to it than that. 
  2. Gunter aka The Buffer - Gunter is Cecilia's buffer and helps kill the healer and one of the dagger users.
  3. Cecilia aka The Glass Cannon - I made some small alterations to this unit to make her more combat ready/overpowered. I gave Cecilia a Gronnblade which she inherited from Nino, the only person to use this weapon. This allowed for some insane damage. You see, this weapon adds whatever bonuses the unit has to their damage. Well, Gunter's Hone Cavalry grants +6 Attack & Speed to adjacent horseback units at the start of the turn. This means Hone Cavalry added 6 attack. The -blade weapons then add another 12 points of damage. This adds up to a whopping 18 point damage bonus for these mages whenever they start the turn standing next to Gunter. (Using Ursula for this map might be marginally easier, but I figured Cecilia is easier to get.)
  4. Zephiel aka the tank - You must remove Life & Death from Zephiel for this to work. On this map it is really useful to have someone that can take some blows. That being said, I haven’t found anyone that truly excels at tanking this map. Zephiel works decently, but he is incredibly susceptible to the magic, is a sitting duck (but infantry would be too), and is weak against the hammer user. As far as armored units go, I am not really sure that anyone else could do it better, although Hector would help kill enemies faster thanks to his distant counter. Some of the bulky flying units like Beruka, Cherche, or Michalis can also do decent and have more mobility, but are less bulky and less help offensively.

The great part about this team composition is that it is not super specialized or hard to pull off. Ninian can be replaced by the F2P Olivia. Gunter, Cecilia, and Zephiel are also all F2P. The former two being available through daily quests and the latter being available as a previous Grand Hero Battle unit. While Nino (used for Cecilia’s inheritance) is not F2P, she is a somewhat common draw; I've drawn 4 Nino's.

Alternate Unit Suggestions

I’ve already told you that the best option for this map is Kagero. Other options, however, are units that can kill the incredibly powerful dagger users in one go. Since these dagger users have low Def, good options include most units that have brave weapons. Donnel is an F2P unit that has a brave lance, but I don’t have one at a high level. Fliers with brave weapons really shine since they can move through the numerous forest tiles undeterred. Good options include Hinoka, Cordelia, and Camilla. However, all of these units are relatively rare.


The Macro

Prioritize the dagger users. Try not to die repeatedly (with my assistance).

The Micro

The first turn is exceptionally important on this map. You can approach from two directions: the choke point of death or you can go through the trees, which is a slog. There is only one unit that you can actually bait by itself: the rightmost, and less deadly, dagger user. The dancer has to be next to Zephiel to dance for him next turn. You also need to move Gunter and Cecilia further right too, because it subtly affects where the leftmost dagger user will move.

On the first enemy turn, Zephiel will get attacked but will be okay. Have him attack once, then dance for him to attack again. End turn.

Zephiel will get hit by the hammer user. The healer will step back and heal the ax unit. The other units will press the attack.

Ignore the ax unit and move Zephiel left to attack Navarre. Then dance for him and repeat. This will kill Navarre. Now move Gunter up to attack the dagger user then have Cecilia follow suit to finish him off.

Here’s where things get messy. Zephiel will now be below half health, meaning he can get double attacked. Being in range of the healer and hammer user, he should die, but the AI chooses to heal the ax wielder instead of going for the kill. Either way, the ax wielder is dead and you are left with just a healer to fight.

The healer will aggress you, so just wait for it to come out and then use your healthy units to pick up the kill while slowly moving Zephiel out of the way.

Once the healer is dead, you have earned your lackluster Navarre. Yay!

If you have any tips or suggestions as to how to improve my strategy, or if you have some strategies of your own you'd like to share, maybe you even want some help with making your own strategy, just leave a comment.

Seriously, I would be very interested since this mission can be tough as nails.

How to Beat (and Earn) Female Robin in Fire Emblem: Heroes Using F2P Units Wed, 26 Apr 2017 04:40:46 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

Fire Emblem Heroes has had events called Grand Hero Battles every few weeks since its release. This week two of the former Grand Hero Battles were brought back -- Female Robin and Navarre -- to allow players that might have missed these characters to get a second chance at obtaining them. Today I will be talking about the former, and how to beat her using only F2P Units.

Robin was the player’s avatar in Fire Emblem Awakening. In Awakening, you could create either a male or female avatar, which included customizing their look and changing their name. However, Robin is the canonical name for the player avatar in FEA. In Heroes, there are two separate versions of Robin, a male and female version, hence the specificity. The same thing is done with Fates’ avatar/protagonist Corrin. The male Robin is a blue mage that can be obtained through the usual summoning process.

Female Robin is a green mage, meaning she is in competition with Nino and Julia for a team slot. Stat-wise, she has a relatively high defense stat, especially for a mage, but otherwise, she is rather unremarkable. Her attack is below average. Her speed isn’t bad -- she won’t be getting doubled too often -- but nor is it great (you shouldn’t expect to double foes very often). She does have a unique, if mostly unspectacular, tome that is super effective against horseback units. She is also the only unit that has blue tomebreaker, however, which can make her incredibly useful, especially for inheritance purposes.

Team Composition

The first thing to note is that the hard mission for Robin is only level 35, instead of level 40 like the more recent Grand Hero Battles. This means that you can potentially have a significant advantage against the foes on this map just by ensuring all of your units are level 40.

Now, let's look at the battlefield, then we can start discussing some team compositions.

There are 5 units on this map. 3 mages and 2 standard infantry units. There are several things that make this map particularly difficult.

  1. First, it is harder to tank magic than physical damage because even the bulkiest magical tanks are not as bulky as physical tanks.
  2. Second, there is no place you can move that will bait less than 3 units on the first enemy turn where they move.
  3. Moreover, whichever 3 enemies attack, they will be hitting you with all 3 colors. Moving to the top you have the ax wielder, blue mage, and red mage. Moving toward the bottom you have Robin, the lance wielder, and the aforementioned red mage. 

This means you have to get creative in order to hit hard and fast.

Horse Team Composition
  1. Ninian aka The dancer - She is only really needed once: to allow Cecilia to take out Robin and the lance wielder on the last turn. 
  2. Gunter aka The Buffer - His primary role is always to stand next to the other horse units and buff them. On this map, he is also responsible for helping to deal with Robin. 
  3. Ursula & Cecilia aka The Glass Cannons - I made some small alterations to these units to make them more combat ready/overpowered. I gave Ursula a Blarblade, which she inherited from Odin, the only person that uses this weapon. I gave Cecilia a Gronnblade which she inherited from Nino, the only person to use this weapon. This allowed for some insane damage. You see, these weapons add whatever bonuses they have to their damage. Well, Gunter's Hone Cavalry grants +6 Attack & Speed to nearby horseback units at the start of the turn. This means Hone Cavalry added 6 attack. The blade weapons then add another 12 points of damage. This adds up to a whopping 18 point damage bonus for these mages whenever they start the turn standing next to Gunter.

This is the same team composition as the Zephiel guide. So all the same things apply.

The great part about this team composition is that it is not super specialized or hard to pull off. Ninian can be replaced by the F2P Olivia. Gunter, Cecilia, and Ursula are also all F2P. The former two being available through daily quests and the latter being available as a previous Grand Hero Battle unit. While Odin and Nino are not F2P, they are somewhat common draws. I've drawn 2 Odin's and 4 Nino's.

Fliers Team Composition
  1. Olivia aka the Dancer - Olivia is the dancer. However, unlike the previous strategy where the dancer did not get hit (and could be level 1 for all intents and purposes) in this strategy, the Dancer will get hit. This means she needs to be of a similar level to the rest of the team.
  2. Palla aka the Green Crusher - Palla is the center of this team. Everything lives and dies on her back. She has to be able to one shot the ax wielder and Robin while surviving a couple volleys from the mages. If she can not, then try leveling her further (if possible), ensuring she has the Ruby Sword, giving her an A slot Passive skill like Death Blow or Triangle Adept, or by having other allies have buffing C slot passive skills, like the Goad Fliers that Palla herself has or Olivia's Hone Attack 3.   
  3. Catria & Shanna aka the Cleanup Crew - After Palla has done her job, these two will need to help finish off the remaining units.

Disclaimer: When I used this team, they were all around level 30 to taking on the level 25 version of this map. If this team does not work for the level 35 version of this map I am sorry. I will attempt to grind Palla to level 40 to test it myself and report back, but I wanted to be able to get this guide out in a timely manner.

A non-horseback team requires different movements because they lack that coveted 3 movement range. This flier centric team comp makes up for this by being able to move onto the center water tile.

This team can also be recreated by using F2P units. Palla, Catria, and Est (who could potentially sub for Shanna) are all currently available via the Pegasus Sisters line of Quests. To get Palla you merely need to defeat a few enemies. Using Palla to defeat 5 enemies will give you Catria. Using Catria to defeat 5 enemies will give you Est. Super easy! While I use 4 Star units in this team, I am not entirely sure any of them need to be 4 stars, although it does help.

This strategy does have some wiggle room since you really only need one of the blue fliers. However, it really does rely on your units being lethal. It is essential that Palla one shot the ax wielder and Robin. If she can’t, then leveling, ensuring she has the Ruby Sword or giving her a skill to increase her damage -- such as Death Blow or Triangle Adept -- would help her defeat these foes.


Horse Strategy

Charge of the Light Brigade

The first turn will merely be jostling units so that they are all ready to make their moves on the consecutive turns.

Now you will move Ursula up toward the top to take out the ax wielder. I know it seems odd, but she is fast and hits hella hard with the boost from Gunter. This will leave her neutral against the attacking blue mage and at advantage against the attacking red mage. Move Cecilia into the choke point that Ursula previously occupied.

During the enemy turn, Ursula will kill the red mage and nearly kill the blue mage. The lance wielder will be across the water tile, and Robin will be approaching from the south.

Now move Gunter forward to attack and weaken Robin. This will weaken her enough that Cecilia should be able to finish her off. Now dance for Cecilia and have her kill the lance wielder across the water tile. Ursula will finish off the blue mage securing the victory for you!

Pegasus Strategy

By Air, By Land, By Sea? By Air over the Sea!

Much like the previous strategy, you will need to spend your first turn moving units around to prepare for the next turns.

On your second turn, you want to move Palla out one space ahead of the choke point, then have her danced upon. Moving her up to the top and attacking the ax wielder should result in a one hit KO thanks to her high strength and Ruby Sword. Move Shanna and Catria behind your dancer. (Order did not matter for me here, but it might matter for you.)

On the enemy turn, they will nearly take out Palla. Regardless, she still needs to take out Robin, so move her over the water and attack. Move your dancer down to the tile below the Palla to dance on her. Then have Palla move to the corner left of your dancer. Move your other two fliers forward, having one of them kill the red mage.

For this team I was using Olivia, which meant that the blue mage attacked her (almost killing her in the process); however, using a blue dancer might cause the enemies to act differently. The lance wielder moved forward and attacked Shanna, but she made easy work of him.

On your last turn, you merely move forward with one of the blue fliers and finish off the blue mage.

You should now have your very own Female Robin at your command.

If you have any tips or suggestions as to how to improve my strategy, or if you have some strategies of your own you'd like to share, maybe you even want some help with making your own strategy, just leave a comment.

Fire Emblem Heroes Navarre & Robin (F) Grand Hero Battles Return for a Limited Time Tue, 25 Apr 2017 05:17:00 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

Intelligent Systems is now kicking off an event "Grand Hero Battle Revival" for Fire Emblem Heroes. During this event, 2 Grand Hero Battles from the past will be made available again for an entire week, to allow you to attain them again if you hadn't already. This event officially started at 2 am MT on April 24 and will end at 2 am MT on May 2.

During this event, new quests will also be made available. The quests either reward you with another copy of either Female Robin or Navarre -- or event with orbs. Many of the quests task you with accomplishing varying difficult tasks. For instance, having Alfonse on your team when you beat Female Robin or using a Navarre to beat a level 40 Navarre. I never said they were easy or practical.

Either way, this should provide some interesting challenges while also giving you extra copies of these characters just in case you wanted to "inherit" their abilities away to other characters. In particular, Female Robin's Blue Tomebreaker is one such skill that might be useful for inheritance, especially considering how popular and powerful the blue mage Linde is.

Stay on the look out for guides to both the Navarre and Female Robin coming out within the next day.

How to Beat (and Earn) Zephiel In Fire Emblem: Heroes Using F2P Units Fri, 21 Apr 2017 06:13:13 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

Fire Emblem Heroes has had events called Grand Hero Battles every few weeks since its release. This week is the most recent battle for Zephiel, the mad king from Fire Emblem 6. Fire Emblem 6 chronologically took place after Fire Emblem 7, the first Fire Emblem game released stateside for the GBA.

In Heroes, Zephiel is a really powerful armored unit. He has the highest HP and Defense stats in the game, while also packing a good punch. He does have one of the slowest speed stats in the game, but this is made up for via his Wary Fighter skill, which means that you can not double attack him until his HP is below half.

Team Composition

Let's first look at the battlefield, then we can start discussing some team compositions.

There are 2 mages and 3 knights. 2 red units, 2 blue units, and 1 red unit: Zephiel. All the knights have Wary Fighter, which means you need to hit hard and fast. The two generic knights both have brave weapons, which means you ideally don't want to let them initiate combat.

My Team Composition
  1. Ninian aka The dancer - She allows mages to get in 2 hits on the Wary Fighter protected knights and she also allows units to flee after attacking. 
  2. Gunter aka The Buffer - He was there to act as a shield to the mages if something went wrong; however, his primary role was to stand next to the next two units and buff them.
  3. Ursula & Cecilia aka The Glass Cannons - I made some small alterations to these units to make them more combat ready/overpowered. I gave Ursula a Blarblade, which she inherited from Odin, the only person that uses this weapon. I gave Cecilia a Gronnblade which she inherited from Nino, the only person to use this weapon. This allowed for some insane damage. You see, these weapons add whatever bonuses they have to their damage. Well, Gunter's Hone Cavalry grants +6 Attack & Speed to nearby horseback units at the start of the turn. This means Hone Cavalry added 6 attack. The -blade weapons then add another 12 points of damage. This adds up to a whopping 18 point damage bonus for these mages whenever they start the turn standing next to Gunter.

The great part about this team composition is that it is not super specialized or hard to pull off. Ninian can be replaced by the F2P Olivia. Gunter, Cecilia, and Ursula are also all F2P. The former two being available through daily quests and the latter being available as a previous Grand Battle Unit.

While Odin and Nino are not F2P, they are somewhat common draws. I've drawn 2 Odin's and 4 Nino's. In fact, you don't even need blade weapons, they just significantly help things out. In fact, a very drastically different team comp is fully capable of pulling this strategy off.

Alternate Team Comps for This Strategy

I was also able to pull this off without a dancer while using Eldigan, but that was slightly harder. In that situation, I had to use the Draw Back that Cecilia also inherited from Nino to pull Ursula to safety. However, Eldigan is a burly unit and was able to take blows from the ax knight and Zephiel.

But, if your team composition does not rely upon a buffer, like Gunter, then you could have a sturdy unit in place of the buffer while keeping the dancer. This would probably be necessary unless you have mages that can blow past foes, like mine can.


The Macro

My strategy is very basic: use mages to kill everything while having the dancer back up the mages. You can supplement this strategy some, but for the most part, you are going to want to make sure the mages take care of the knights at range. All of the knights hit damned hard, making them hard to tank through.

The Micro

The mages are your biggest worry since they are ranged and can pelt you with magic damage. If you have a strong tank, you might be able to handle some of the knights' hits, but no one can withstand such hard hitting physical and magical blows. 

The first unit you want to bait and kill is going to be the red mage on the right. This is also the only unit that can be baited without getting hit by multiple other enemies, so almost any strategy is going to revolve around baiting him first. I moved Ursula forward to do this; she demolished him.

Enemy Mage is about to attack and promptly get wrecked. 

I get Cecilia to attack and kill the ax knight via being danced upon. I moved Ursula back after this and moved Gunter forward next to Cecilia so that she will have her Hone Cavalry bonus next turn.

The enemy mage throws itself against Cecilia and dies for his efforts. Gunter gets attacked by the lance knight, but his high defense leaves him in decent shape. Zephiel moves forward.

Now you will move Cecilia down and behind Gunter to attack and kill the Lance knight, again via dancing. Then move Gunter down, next to Ursula so that she will have the Hone Cavalry bonus at the start of the next turn. She will need it to kill Zephiel.

Zephiel will move over on his turn.

Now, move Ursula forward and attack. Then dance on her and attack again. You have now won your very own Zephiel!


If you have any tips or suggestions as to how to improve my strategy, or if you have some strategies of your own you'd like to share, maybe you even want some help with making your own strategy, just leave a comment.

The Definitive Fire Emblem Heroes Non-Inheritance Tier List Wed, 26 Apr 2017 04:19:40 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

If you’ve ever played an RPG, then you know not all characters are cut from the same cloth. This is especially true in a game like Pokemon, where developers feel the need to diversify each iteration of a particular unit. Fire Emblem Heroes is no different.

We humans love ranking things. Turn on any sports game and people will be talking about the greatest QB of all time or debating which team is currently the best. Turn on the news and people discuss policies and legacy -- No one wants to be the worst president of all time. And video games are similar in that regard. Give people a large cast of characters, like FE Heroes does, and its a ripe breeding ground for opinions.

But it's not just our love of lists that make us vulnerable. People want to know why certain units are good -- or better than others so that they make efficient use of their play time. When you randomly draw a 5 Star Peri, you want to be able to understand what type of treasure you just unlocked. So for the love of lists and Fire Emblem characters throughout the ages, I present to you GameSkinny's very own tier list.

Tier List Basics

Before we get to the tier list, there are a couple things to go over. First, each unit is notated with their weapon type and movement type next to their name. Below is a key to help you decipher it better.

Weapon Types

  1. Sw = Sword
  2. La = Lance
  3. Ax = Ax (duh!)
  4. Bt = Blue Tome
  5. Rt = Red Tome
  6. Gt = Green Tome
  7. Bd = Blue Dragon
  8. Rd = Red Dragon
  9. Gd = Green Dragon
  10. Da = Dagger 
  11. Ba = Bow & Arrow
  12. St = Staff

Movement Types

  1. I = Infantry
  2. H = Horseback
  3. A = Armored
  4. F = Flying

Note that each tier has a spectrum and that units are not necessarily in any particular order within a tier.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier 1 Heroes

The best of the best, these units are down right game breaking. They literally change the fundamental rules of the game, imparting a huge advantage upon your team. 

Hector (Ax/A), Takumi(Ba/I), & Ryoma (Sw/I)

There is one thing these first three units have in common: they can effectively counter at melee and range. There are two other units that can counter at range -- Nowi and Old Tiki -- but they are both slow and dragons. Dragons are not only weak to falchion users, which are common in arena mode but they also deal magic damage, which most mages can withstand.

Hector is one of the sturdiest, hardest hitting units in the game. His ax, Armads, ensures that he will counterattack with two hits when he is at high health. Only very specific units have an advantage over him, like Young Tiki. He firmly holds title of best ax user.

Takumi is not only an archer -- thus meaning he can attack at range -- but is such a powerful unit that he alone makes flying units significantly less viable in arena play. 

Ryoma is extremely fast and hard hitting. His Defiant Attack makes it so that he only gets stronger after falls below half HP. His special allows him to hit even harder. 

Ninian(Bd/I), Azura (La/I), & Olivia(Sw/I)
Fire Emblem Heroes

These three units also have something in common: they are the game’s three dancers/songstresses. Dancers in and of themselves are not truly all that powerful. But their Dance/Sing ability lets a unit have an extra action for that turn.

The absolutely absurd amount of versatility they add to a team makes up for their shortcomings. Almost any team can be made better by adding in a dancer because it allows you to utilize the unit on your team that best matches up against your foe at any give time.

That being said, all of them can hit for decent damage. They’re just generally squishy.

Ninian has access to Escape Route, which lets her teleport to the side of any ally when she is below 50% and has a unique ability in Fortify Dragons, which gives any dragon ally that starts the turn next to her plus 6 Def & Resistance. Her attack, gives any adjacent allies +4 Def and Resistance after she attacks, meaning that she is a good defensive buffer.

Azura's Sapphire Lance helps give her a niche role on the team as someone that can help deal with sword wielders, which can be really helpful. She also has a Resistance buff, but it is not particularly useful.

Olivia suffers from being a sword user, which there are way too many of. This reduces her offensive utility. That being said, her buff is offensive oriented, which is useful for offensive minded teams. She is also the only F2P option amongst these top 6 units. While this doesn't mean make her any better, it certainly makes it easier for you to be better, which is awesome.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier 2 Heroes

These units are still great, but they aren’t quite as game-breaking as the above units.

Young Tiki (Rd/I)
Young Tiki

Young Tiki is a very good unit. She has great stat distribution, with solid stats in all 4 categories. She has an AoE that, while slow and hard to activate, can turn the tide of battle. Her Armored Blow also makes her an exceedingly tanky frontline unit. And her magic damage helps destroy some of the best tanks in the game. She absolutely demolishes Hector like no one else and for that alone she deserves to sit at the top of this tier. 

Catria (La/F)

Catria has some of the best synergies in the whole game. Armored Blow increases her def by 6 when she initiates combat. Seal Attack reduces her foes’ attack by 5-7, thus meaning she will take less damage if her foe lives to attack back. Her special, Luna, reduces enemy defense by 50% for an attack and is activated often thanks to her killer lance, which reduces the cooldown from 3 to 2. This results in her being stealthily tanky, a low-key debuffer, and a tank killer. You can’t ask for much more than that.

Lucina (Sw/I)

Lucina is just a great unit. She hits hard and fast while having just enough HP to offset her meager defenses. Her Falchion also restores 10 HP every 3rd turn while being strong against dragons. Defiant Speed makes her speed INSANE. And her specials-- Aether and Luna-- are both among the best since they both lower enemy Defense by 50% for one attack with the former restoring half of the damage dealt from said attack (while also taking longer to charge).

Kagero (Da/I)

Kagero’s greatest strength is her weapon which is super effective against infantry. This, in particular, makes her useful in the arena since infantry units are so common. However, this can also be bad when facing foes that aren't infantry.

She also has incredibly high natural damage.

She is exceptionally fragile, however, with low defense, decent Resistance, and one of the worst HP stats in the game.

Linde(Bt/I), Nino(Gt/I), & Tharja(Rt/I)
Linde, Nina, and Tharja

These 3 are by no means interchangeable, but they are all similarly fast, hard hitting, extremely squishy mages. Linde is the best of these 3 almost singularly thanks to her blue coloring making her extremely powerful against all the extremely common red units. Tharja has good skills but is slightly slower than the other two. Nino can be just as destructive as either of the other units but suffers from kinda crappy skills. Despite that, she is still a great unit.

Julia (Gt/I)

Much like the above mages, Julia falls into a "mold". In this case, her two bedmates are Lilina and Sanaki; however, Julia has the best skills/ coloring of the 3. These 3 all do exceedingly high damage paired with low speed, low to mid HP, low Defense, and most importantly very high resistance. This effectively makes them capable of trading blows with, and eventually killing the above more lethal, yet squishy mages. Julia can help bait and kill Linde. Moreover, her weapon is super effective against dragons.

Effie (La/A)

Effie is one of the BEST tanks in the game. She has incredible bulk and strength while her Wary Fighter ability, which means you can not double attack her until she falls below half health, makes her extremely hard to kill in some situations. She also has Death Blow, which gives extra damage when she initiates a battle, which boosts her already incredible damage stat.

Cordelia (La/F)

High attack, speed, and her special, Galeforce (which allows her to take a second action in a turn when activated), make her great. Combining her with a dancer can make her downright lethal. In fact, I once had a Cordelia+Olivia combo wipe my whole team. Not a fun day.

Of course, like any flying unit, she must put up with being weak against archers.

Karel(Sw/I) & Lyn(Sw/I)
 Karel and Lyn

These 2 units are incredibly similar in many ways, although there are some significant differences. They are both extremely fast with decent attack. Lyn has great resistance while Karel has great HP. They both also are strongest when below 50% thanks to their Defiant Attack skill. They also both get to have their follow-ups occur immediately after their first attack once below 75%/50% HP respectively thanks to Desperation(Karel)/Sol Katti’s weapon skill.

Their specials are the main difference between these two units. Karel’s synergize slightly better thanks to +10 damage to specials from his sword and his reprisal, which gets more powerful from lower HP. Lyn, however, has access to Astra (+150% damage upon activation) and Galeforce. Both solid skills.

Female Corrin (Bd/I)
Female Corrin

Female Corrin is a blue dragon that is deceptively good. She has decent speed, and HP and great Def, but crappy Attack and Res. She is one of the best debuffers in the game. Her attack debuffs any enemies within 2 spaces of her target for -5 Attack/Speed. And she naturally comes equipped with Seal Resistance, which also helps make up for her meager attack. She can potentially debuff people for 3 of the 4 stats. Oh, and she can also boost ally attack at the start of the turn. In short, Corrin’s buffs and debuffs, when in the hands of a strategic player, can completely turn the tides of battle.


Eirika isn’t the best unit, but she is good. Toe- to- toe against many other great red sword wielders she loses. She has good speed, but below average attack. However, she provides great buffs; at the start of the turn, any unit standing next to her gains +4 speed & +3 attack. She also has terrific mobility thanks to Drag Back, which pulls her and a foe backward after combat she initiated and pivot, which lets her move to the opposite side of an adjacent ally. Great support, mobility, and speed plus decent bulk more than overcome her low attack stat.

Tier 2.5

These units are notably better than the ones in tier 3, but they have flaws that are also harder to overcome than the better units in tier 2.

Camilla (Ax/F)

Barring her low HP, Camilla has great all around stats. In fact, only one of her stats is below 30-- def at 28. Her Brave Axe, high speed, and Darting Blow mean that she can even get in some quadruple attacks at times. Her Savage Blow also lets her get in some AoE chip damage, which is useful. Sadly, being a flyer makes her vulnerable to archers. And the propensity of red units makes her hard to use in some cases.

Ephraim (La/I)

High def, HP, and Strength make him an effective unit, but his low speed and resistance really hurt him a lot.

His debuffs are also redundant, which hurt his cause some; Seal Def and Threaten Def both debuff the same stat, just in different ways.

His moonbow skill is also exceptionally useful, which helps him become an utter powerhouse when used properly.


Eldigan (Sw/H)

Eldigan has very similar stats to Ephraim. He is assisted by a powerful AoE, Fury-- which boosts all stats by 3 at the expense of losing HP after every encounter-- and the inherent mobility of a horseback unit.

Sadly his low speed and horrible resistance leave him exceptionally vulnerable to mages, especially Linde.

Male Corrin(Sw/I)
Male Corrin

Male Corrin is an exceptionally well-rounded unit. But this ends up hurting him for much the same reason that it hurts Marth. While he has a nice weapon, his skills just don’t really mesh well with who he is as a character. Defense +3 and Obstruct sound like he is supposed to be a tank, but then his weapon provides +4 speed when he initiates combat. It leaves him feeling like a unit without an identity, even if he is good.

Jaffar (Da/I)

Life and Death is an odd ability for Jaffar. It helps him deal more damage and double attack many units. Yet he is still too weak to finish off many foes. Meanwhile, L&D makes him even squishier. However, his weapon does 7 chip damage after any combat he initiates while also greatly debuffing his foe. 

However, his weapon does 7 chip damage after any combat he initiates while also greatly debuffing his foe. With the help of a dancer, this can result in major damage. Moreover, his Threaten Speed means he is capable of debuffing 3 of the 4 stats.

Hinoka (La/F)

Hinoka is good, but she’s just not great. She's kinda a worse version of Cordelia. She hits hard, is relatively fast, and has a brave lance. She also has a powerful AoE, which her brave lance helps set up. Her bulk is increased with Defiant Defense.

But she isn't fast enough. And her Defiant Defense is often too little too late since she is so squishy. If she is on a team with other fliers, then she can potentially be great, since she can boost their attack and speed by 6. 

Klein (Ba/I)

Klein is like Hinoka, Raven, and Camilla. A relatively fast unit with a brave weapon that can quad attack some enemies. His special does 80% of his resistance, which would be awesome if his resistance wasn’t shit. Death Blow, which adds +6 to his attack when he initiates combat, is also great for him. Quick Riposte, while a good skill, probably isn’t extremely useful since he is a ranged unit unless it actually allows him to counterattack at a melee range, in which case it is amazing.

Quick Riposte, while a good skill, probably isn’t extremely useful since he is a ranged unit unless it actually allows him to counterattack at a melee range, in which case it is amazing.


He’s a damned fine unit. Sadly, the OG Falchion user is trumped by almost all of the other Falchion users. He is notably very well rounded.

He also sports great mobility options via Pivot and Escape Route (when under 50% HP). In fact, the first time I used one, via a Grand Battle, I was impressed by the amount of versatility he had while moving around the map. 

Olwen (Bt/H) & Reinhardt (Bt/H)
 Olwen and Reinhardt

Horseback mages are always useful because they can cover so much of the battlefield. They also both have Dire Thunder, which attacks twice in a row.

Olwen can effectively counter many mages thanks to her decent resistance and Warding Blow skill (+6 resistance when initiating attack). Her high speed also means she can sometimes get in 4 attacks. Olwen’s reposition is also a useful support skill. Sadly, she has low attack.

Reinhardt has better attack, but much worse speed. He will never 4 attack anything that is remotely close to his level. This also leaves him extremely vulnerable to anyone that ends up surviving his attacks or attacking him.

Raven (Ax/I)
Why is he carrying a sword?

Brave Axe, high attack, high speed, and respectable HP make Raven a damned good unit. His defiant speed gives him +7 speed below 50% HP, meaning he can get in quadruple attacks. Top this off with Threaten Def, and he can be an extremely lethal unit.

His Sol potentially restores HP, however, which can result in him losing this bonus. Moreover, the propensity of sword wielders in the Arena can hurt him.

Spring Lucina (Bt/I)
Spring Lucina

I am kinda split on this unit. She is very similar to Linde, one of the best units in the game, which is great. Except she trades in some damage for extra defense. That being said, her Swift Sparrow gives +4 Speed and Attack when she initiates battles, which increases her already great speed.

Her Seal Res also lowers enemy resistance by 7 making up for her smaller damage. And she has Rally Speed, which is one of the best support skills in the whole game. A better weapon would really set her up to shine.

Old Tiki (Rd/I) & Nowi (Bd/I)

Old Tiki and Nowi can both counterattack at range. They are both hardy tanks. They are mainly setback by their abysmal speed. Moreover, unlike Hector and Ryoma, who deal physical damage, dragons deal magical damage. This means that they are not going to often kill any of the mages that are pelting them from afar.


Zephiel only recently released, but already he has proven to be an extremely powerful unit. He has the highest current HP stat and one of the highest Def stats. Combined with Wary Fighter, he becomes excessively defensive and resilient to physical attackers.

That being said, his skills don't synergize well. He comes with Life & Death, but the boost only helps his attack, as his speed is too slow to ever be able to utilize it. Moreover, Wary Fighter prevents follow up attacks by either unit anyhow, so it's not clear how this would be useful. On top of that, the defensive penalties make him increasingly more vulnerable to Magic damage. This hurts his ability to keep Wary Fighter active as it requires that you be above 50% HP. For this same reason Reprisal, which gains damage as he loses HP, becomes questionable.

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier 3 Heroes

Many of these units are still worth using, but they just might not pack the same punch as the others. Either because their moves don’t synergize very well, their stats aren’t very good overall, there are other characters that do the same thing except better, or they are really niche. Some solid red units, like Seliph, are in this section because SO many other great red units are available ahead of them. Likewise, some good green units, like Minerva, are less useful because the meta leans so strongly towards red units.

  • Abel(La/H)- destroys swords
  • Alfonse(Sw/I)
  • Alm(Sw/I)
  • Anna(Ax/I)
  • Arthur(Ax/I)- destroys lances
  • Barte(Ax/I)
  • Cain(Sw/H)
  • Cecillia(Gt/H)
  • Cherche(Ax/F)
  • Chrom(Sw/I)
  • Clair(La/F)
  • Serra(St/I)
  • Azama(St/I)
  • Sharena(La/F)
  • Sanaki(Rt/I)
  • Lilina(Rt/I)
  • Est(La/F)
  • Fae(Gd/I)
  • Faye(Ba/I)
  • Felicia(Da/I)
  • Fir(Sw/I)
  • Frederick(Ax/H)
  • Gaius(Da/I)
  • Gordin(Ba/I)
  • Gunter(Ax/H) -- Hone Cavalry gives cavalry +6 Attack/Speed; Super OP
  • Gwendolyn(La/A) -- great stats; meh skills
  • Hana(Sw/I)
  • Hawkeye(Ax/I)
  • Jagen(La/H) -- great skills; horrible stats (except Godly resistance)
  • Jeorge(Ba/I)
  • Laslow(Sw/I)
  • Leo(Rt/H) -- horrible stats; great skill synergy
  • Lon’qu(Sw/I) -- best speed in the game
  • Lukas(La/I) -- much more tanky Ephraim with worse weapon/skills
  • Matthew(Da/I)
  • Merric(Gt/I)
  • Minerva(Ax/F)
  • Michalis(Ax/F) -- Iote’sShiled neutralizes “super effective” bonuses. 
  • Narcian(Ax/F) -- Great against lances, meh against everything else. 
  • Navarre(Sw/I)
  • Oboro(La/I) -- great debuffs, support skill, and defense; meh weapon, speed, and resistance.
  • Ogma(Sw/I)
  • Palla(Sw/F)
  • Peri(La/H)
  • Rebecca(Ba/I)
  • Robin Female(Gt/I)
  • Robin Male(Bt/I) -- Oh yeah. I said it. He's not that good!
  • Roy(Sw/I)
  • Saizo(Da/I)
  • Selena(Da/I)
  • Seliph(Sw/I)
  • Setsuna(Ba/I) -- Extremely fast. Hard counters Archers & Dagger users. Low damage sets her back some, however. 
  • Shanna(La/F) -- Solid abilities; High Attack and Speed; Just a little TOO squishy. 
  • Sheena(Ax/A)
  • Stahl(Sw/H) -- Niche Axe crusher
  • Subaki(La/F)
  • Sully(La/H) -- Niche Sword crusher
  • Ursula(Sw/H)
  • Spring Camilla(Gt/F) -- Only flying tome user; also only flying ranged attacker

Fire Emblem Heroes Tier 4 Heroes

Tier 4 heroes

Let’s not lie, we all know some characters suck. These are those characters. There is honestly a spectrum in this tier: Some of them are so bad that you shouldn’t ever use them due to such horrible stats, while others could potentially be great through significant inheritance. Many of the units in this rank also suffer from having such low attack stats -- like Niles and Felicia -- that they could never kill anything. Tier 4 is also where healers come to die.

  • Barst(Ax/I)
  • Beruka(Ax/F)
  • Caeda(Sw/F)
  • Niles(Ba/I)
  • Draug(Sw/A) -- Bad skills hurt his cause a lot.
  • Raigh(Rt/I)
  • Odin(Bt/I)
  • Wrys(St/I)
  • Clarine(St/H)
  • Donnel(La/I)
  • Elise(St/H)
  • Eliwood(Sw/H)
  • Florina(La/F)
  • Hinata(Sw/I) -- Great Skills; Odd high-risk Tank
  • Jakob(Da/I)
  • Lachesis(St/I)
  • Lissa(St/I)
  • Lucius(St/I)
  • Maria(St/I)
  • Priscilla(St/H)
  • Sakura(St/I)
  • Sophia(Rt/I) -- One of the worst speed stats in the game sets her back, despite having probably the highest combined defense and resistance of any mage in the game. 
  • Virion(Ba/I)
  • Spring Chrom(Ax/I) -- Has well-rounded skills, but nothing pops out at you. Needs a lot of skill investment to really shine.
  • Spring Xander(La/H)

Tier 5

Henry. That's it.


Henry is debatably the worst unit in the game. He has great defense and HP "for a mage". But he only has 23 Attack and 22 Speed! He is bottom 10 in Attack and Speed. Being moderately tanky for a mage isn’t going to save you from that.

Interestingly enough, however, he can still kill some people. His Defiant Defense boosts his already solid defense by 7 when he is below half HP, making him a genuine tank. His ability, Ignis, also does 80% of his def to an enemy when activated, so he can potentially hit people for some real damage.


Ultimately, Henry represents what I love most about this game. Sure he is utter shit, but even the worst characters can find a way to be useful in the hands of a master tactician. And all the characters manage to feel unique; in fact, there are surprisingly few instances where two units feel functionally identical. I think this is best noted by the fact that given Henry's defense, magic damage, and color advantage that he can act as a counter to Hector. An admittedly kinda bad counter, but a counter nonetheless. And that's kinda awesome.

How Fire Emblem Heroes Continues to Excel in the Mobile RPG Space Thu, 30 Mar 2017 12:00:01 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

A 'tiny' game called Fire Emblem Heroes was released on February 2, 2017, roughly 2 months ago; it has been going strong ever since. Make no mistake: this isn’t by accident. A lot of Fire Emblem Heroes’ success is attributed to multiple things, each of which serves multiple masters.

The Setup

Fire Emblem: Heroes started off in the fast lane for success.

Fire Emblem Heroes, artFire Emblem Heroes has gorgeous art. 

Quality Helps

Fire Emblem: Heroes is helped by its genre. Turn-based strategy games are generally some of the easier games to play on mobile, because their control scheme is mostly menu based. Moreover, it is a good game. That tends to make people want to linger.

The game successfully distills the Fire Emblem experience into a smaller package with some genius game design tweaks. Characters can’t use multiple weapon types, so you are forced to utilize the weapon triangle to your advantage. Each character has their own unique weaponry and abilities instead of just being a unit of a particular class, like in mainline entries. Chance plays a much smaller role, ensuring that strategy is king. Smaller maps ensure that the more focused strategy aspects don’t potentially become overwhelming.

The Fan Base is Strong With This One

Nintendo has a strong following. I know, I know. That is a pretty controversial thing to say, but I really think they are going to make it big one of these days. Just you watch. Once they learn to make a real console -- unlike the WiiU -- they will be huge.

Fire Emblem Heroes, Lon'Qu, artLon'Qu for all my female Fire Emblem readers.

But it is not just Nintendo that has a strong following; Fire Emblem has grown in popularity a lot in recent years. So much so that it seems to be one of Nintendo’s premiere IP’s.

Thanks to Nintendo’s strong handheld presence and support throughout the years, it feels natural to have their games in your pocket. (That's why people said,"Nintendo should get into the mobile marketplace!" for years. That and the WiiU's slow spiraling death.) Heck, only 2 of the 9 stateside Fire Emblem releases have been on consoles.

Change is a Good Thing

Intelligent Systems has made-- and continues to make-- a lot of intelligent (See what I did there? Never miss the chance to ruin your own innuendo.) adjustments to the game since its release to ensure that it will stay fresh and fun.

Fire Emblem Heroes, NinianNinian is a dragon, a dancer, and my bae. 

Additional Content

Since release, there have been many events. An event that rewarded you a character upon completion ended just a few days ago. There have been 4 of such events in total. 

Multiple sets of new characters have been added (in fact, more new characters were just announced). This has always brought a new set of maps along with it. Purely story related missions were added as well. There was even a large, weird tournament style competition that lasted a little over a week. (My March Madness bracket had Lucina winning; I was correct.)

Last but not least, a whole system that allowed characters to inherit abilities from other characters was added. This drastically increased the amount of depth, customization, and replayability the game has to offer. All of this doesn't even include some of the smaller additions that have been made. 

Bettering the System

Fire Emblem Heroes, dragon girl, kickassKickass dragon girl is kickass. 

The developers have also done a good job fixing the game. They are adding a feature that allows you to move your units around between the predefined starting positions on the map. (Currently, you might start a map and have units in horrible positions that could potentially cost you the match.) This fixes one of my major gripes with the game.

They also changed how many hero feathers -- which are used to rank up characters for some reason -- you earn from the Arena to help ease the slow grind (although it is still pretty damned painful).

Living On the Edge: Working Against F2P

Fire Emblem Heroes is an F2P game. At its heart, some of its conventions have been potentially problematic. But IS has helped ease a lot of the F2P concerns by reducing many of the hurdles and penalties inherent to the genre. Orbs, which are used to purchase characters, are regularly given out freely. And the aforementioned addition of various free characters and missions (which also reward orbs) help ensure that you are at least getting some good heroes for your trouble. The stamina cost to play levels in the training tower has stayed at half cost since the game was released. And soon the max stamina will be increased from 50 to 99.

There You Have It

All you need to do to make a hit mobile game is, create a good game that is based on a popular IP, while continually adding high-quality content, fixing existing flaws, and never allowing its F2P roots turn into parasitic cancer. Simple right? No, but Fire Emblem Heroes proves it can be done.

Fire Emblem: Heroes Spring Event Introduces Easter Themed Content Wed, 29 Mar 2017 05:03:39 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

Earlier today Nintendo of America teased spring themed content. In a quick turn of fates, Nintendo has revealed Fire Emblem Heroes' future Easter themed content -- in all of its bunny-fulness. This will include 4 existing characters in new outfits, as well as "paralogue maps and special quests." This will all be coming soon, on March 30th, which is only a little over a day.

Interestingly, all the characters will be bearing new weapon types. Chrom, traditionally a sword wielder, is now using an ax. Lucina, also traditionally a sword wielder, will be using a Blue tome. Xander, who usually uses a sword, will be wielding a spear, specifically a giant carrot (that's a sentence I never thought I would write.) And Camilla, who usually wields an ax, will be using a Green tome. This gives her the distinction of being the first unit that is both flying and able to use magic in Fire Emblem: Heroes, which I find intriguing.

It is currently unknown exactly what the "paralogue maps and special quests" will consist of. If everything follows course, you should expect 3 paralogue maps available on all 3 difficulties, which reward an orb each (for a total of 9 orbs).

What do you think? Is Easter Themed Fire Emblem content cool, or are they taking fanservice too far? Let us know in the comments below. Let's get a healthy debate!

No, Super Mario Run Does Not Signal the End of Classic Nintendo Fri, 02 Dec 2016 07:00:01 -0500 Janette Ceballos

Mobile gaming appeals to developers since it is a huge market that can reach a wide audience, host a number of different genres, and be sold at cheaper prices than most console titles. It’s no wonder the gaming titan Nintendo has decided to expand into the platform. Many suggest this signals a shift in Nintendo’s focus that could potentially lead to the decline of home console games. I disagree.

Nintendo’s been focusing on mobile games, that’s true. Miitomo updates and the upcoming Super Mario Run are proof of this, alongside announcements for Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem mobile games. There’s no doubt that Nintendo is tapping into this market, which is a decent strategy for the company, but the popularity and hype around Super Mario Run doesn’t mean Nintendo will drop everything else to create freemium phone games. There are two main arguments that support this reasoning.


The company is known for their home consoles, building years of experience developing engaging and memorable titles for these systems, and understands that there is still a huge demand for this style of gaming. When the NES mini released, it sold out on the first day. That’s how much people enjoy home consoles. The Nintendo Switch, which features a mobile option, will most likely be played at home rather than on the go due to the layout of the system and the possible games it will have. If Nintendo were to abandon any focus on console games and systems, it would only serve to alienate long-time fans who might be hesitant to try the mobile games.


There’s also the likelihood that the mobile games Nintendo releases will not be as extensive or content-packed as their console counterparts. Super Mario Run itself seems to have an automatic run mode where all you do is tap the screen to jump and Miitomo is more of a social media app. It doesn’t seem likely that any mobile game the company makes in the near future will be full-length games, along the lines of Mario Kart 8 or Splatoon.

I can, however, see the mobile games as a form of integration between the mobile platform and home gaming. The apps could be tie-ins or similar to DLC, providing a preview of the gameplay or extra content for the main titles.

For example, the Fire Emblem app could show off the tactical aspects of the franchise. Being free would mean more people could get an inside look into how the game would function without having to spend a lot on a game they may not enjoy. In another way, the Animal Crossing app could include a feature where stopping near certain locations would reveal a downloadable item that could be transferred to the main game. There's a huge possibility to how the platforms could work together to enhance the Nintendo franchises.

Nintendo’s always been a bit odd, doing and creating weird things other companies on the same level wouldn’t at the time. They’ve expanded into new territories before: 3D, interactive figurines, motion controlled-games, a home/mobile hybrid console. Overall, Nintendo knows what works, what’s safe, and what makes money. There’s always going to be a demand for console games that push the limits of what gaming can do. Expanding into a mobile platform isn’t the end; it’s just something new, something extra.

Upcoming iOS Games You Might Want to Pay Attention To Sat, 30 Apr 2016 08:16:00 -0400 Robert Guthrie

Mobile gaming is only getting better, and there are some really awesome games coming out this year that you might not be aware of. Ranging from strategy to adventure to RPG and everything in between, these games are challenging the status quo and expanding the medium. Here's what we're excited about:

Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing for iOS

Release date: Q3 2016

We don't know a whole lot about these games because the announcement only came a few days ago, but this can only be a good thing. Nintendo is expanding its mobile gaming operations and appears to be doing some interesting things involving networking and cross-over between platforms. Even if these are just standard ports to iOS, it will still be awesome to have Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing available on a mobile device.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Release date: TBD

Billed as a "Hearthstone-killer", The Elder Scrolls: Legends is Bethesda's entry into the insanely lucrative world of mobile card games. Whether or not it will unseat the reigning champion remains to be seen, but it looks very interesting. And if you're a fan of TES lore and setting, this is going to be something you want to pay attention to.

Torchlight Mobile

Release date: TBD

Torchlight is probably the best Diablo clone in a long history of clones, and in some ways has even surpassed its inspiration. It's a fun and fast-paced isometric ARPG that can be dangerously addictive, and now it's coming to mobile. We don't know a whole lot about how it will play or what it will look like, but the cartoony style and fast-paced action of Torchlight will definitely translate well onto a mobile device. This is definitely something that will be worth looking into when it launches.

Pokémon Go

Release Date: TBD 2016

Nintendo has been unveiling some pretty ambitious projects, and Pokemon Go is absolutely one of them. Combing real-life locations with Pokemon battling, this is some kind of crazy augmented-reality hybrid that promises to be, if nothing else, really interesting. This a whole new type of game that hasn't really been tested, so it remains to be seen whether or not it's actually going to be fun or successful, but the idea of collecting and battling Pokemon while out and about in the world is one that definitely has some appeal. If Pokemon Go works, it could change the way we play games, and that's something to be excited about.

Those are the upcoming games that we're most excited about. Did we miss something? Is there a game on your radar that you think is worth watching for? Let us know in the comments!

Nintendo confirms Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem for mobile Wed, 27 Apr 2016 13:22:19 -0400 Bradalay

Nintendo has confirmed two new mobile games based on their popular IPs Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem, aiming for a release this Fall.

The announcement was made via Business Wire alongside details of the Nintendo NX release date. Though few details were shared, Nintendo did confirm they would contain "prominent game elements, and the game content will tie closely into Nintendo’s dedicated games business" in comparison to Miitomo.

Fire Emblem will create a more "accessible" title in comparison to the main series, and Animal Crossing will be designed to connect to future titles. More details will be revealed closer to release.

Miitomo, Nintendo's first smartphone application, launched in March. It has amassed over 10 million users worldwide and shortly after release topped the free app chart in various stores in the United States. A celebration event will take place April 28th until May 8th.

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