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Fortnite cosplay isn't going anywhere any time soon. As popular as Fortnite is, it's bound to dominate conventions for the foreseeable future, as well as your Halloween parties this fall. 


From the popular Soldier skin to Outlander Jesse and the Raptor skin, these have been the best Fortnite cosplays we've come across so far. 


Think we missed someone crazy important that we'd be stupid not to know about? Gotten yourself dolled up in Fortnite threads and dying to share? Comment below and let us know!


Last, but certainly not least, is Fiona Nova, a vote by the guys behind Fortnite. If you were lucky enough to make it to E3 2018 last week, you might've been able to catch sight of this cutie pie hanging out at the Fortnite booth. 


It's not always easy to get the right amount of anti-gravity matter injected into your pigtails for picture day, especially when there's a wig involved. But this lady's got Zoey's hair done up right!


With apparent effortlessness, Fiona elevates this from "straight out of the closet" into something comfy-looking and true-to-character all at once -- all with candy jewels and a peppermint hat.


Totally worth buying a Battle Pass for. 


(Image courtesy of Fortnite Twitter.)


Okay, so maybe I'm just a sucker for an (occasionally) gratuitous booty shot. Maybe I just like appreciating cool backpacks that aren't just a rainbow floatie. No one will ever really know for sure. 


What you do know is that cosplay is for creativity - a lot of the time in design as much as in construction.


Sure, we love to dissect how fluffy and/or natural-looking a set of anime bangs are allowed to be, but we also love to put our own spin on a given character design (sometimes whether or not the internet approves/calls you a thot). 


Well, nobody (or at least I hope not!) is flinging thirst accusations at amateur cosplayer Habibah for his super cool take on the male Constructor class, throwing together elements from the first trailer with pretty much all the different cool elements the Fortnite aesthetic allows. 


Check out his Imgur album with a bunch of different shots that include awesome props, detail work, and shiny LEDs. Definitely worth the browse. 


(image source: Epic Games forums)


"Best" is relative, and context is everything.


Epic Games ran an enormous Fortnite Pro-Am tournament last weekend at E3 and this was just one of the crazy sights fans could take in during the event.


Fortnite streamer CDNTheThird in a majestic Fortnite unicorn onesie (you should check out his slippers) on the shoulders of his Fortnite partner Xavier Woods -- ready to throw both t-shirts and pancakes at the crowd upon their entrance -- was a site to behold


Our world just gets weirder and weirder. I kinda love it. 


(Image courtesy of Polygon.)


All right, so the reason I love this particular cosplay of the Raptor skin is probably completely unintended, but here it is: those gloves. Seriously, the rest of it is understated, even down to the bright pop of the yellow ski mask; it looks like what you'd wear if you'd dropped into a game of PUBG


And then you see those gloves. They look like the ones currently lying on the rim of my sink, waiting for me to finish up with the rest of the breakfast dishes. It's just that last little cartoony pop, and I love it. 


(Image courtesy of Reddit.)


Sometimes it's all down to the details.


Oracle Cosplay brings a lot to the table with her modified jacket and props for days, but I'll be honest, it's the makeup that really catches my eye in this cosplay for Outlander Jess (you can see a better picture of it here -- isn't it fab?). 


It almost makes me wish it were something I could pull off in during a regular day at work. Watching someone else work it while at Gamescon is a respectable second best. 


(Image courtesy of Oracle Cosplay Facebook.)


Tabitha Lyons (also known as ArtyFakes) is one of those people who is constantly doing so much, you really have no idea how she manages to keep up with her life. Somehow in between 60 other cosplays, traveling the world, and hosting MCM Live Stage at London Comic-Con, she popped up in the array of familiar faces that surrounded the Fortnite booth at E3 last week. 


Her turn as Soldier class Ramirez includes a fairly simple class costume, it's true, but she ups the ante with props for daysssss... 


(Check out some of her other fantastic work like Wonder Woman and League of Legend's Tabby Cat Katarina)


(Image courtesy of Tabitha Lyons Facebook.)


This isn't the first time that I've oohed over War Panda Cosplay's Constructor Penny, and it won't be the last.


If you think you've seen her before, it could be because she was the jump image for the last Fortnite cosplay listicle that appeared on GameSkinny, or because this Irish cosplayer has been making the rounds through various conventions in the UK as a guest. 


The costume itself doesn't lend to the kind of bright-colored dazzle featured in her other more-famous cosplays like League of Legend's Jinx (see here) and Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn (see here). But it's simple, it's well done, I love her wig (see some progress pics here), and her pickaxe is the bomb diggity. 


Any excuse is a cosplay excuse, but the Fortnite Pro-Am was definitely a case where the streamers weren't the only ones getting dressed up for the fun of it! General attendees were coming in dressed to the nines -- and this guy's take on the Funk Ops skin is pretty darn good. 


(Image courtesy of Community Voices.)


Not to overdo the Shadow Ops appreciation, but we had to give a shout out to Dalflicka for her bodypaint version of the character because that's a pretty distant step away from closet cosplay! 


If you're busy turning up your nose and sniffing to yourself at the degree of accuracy available to a cosplay artist through paint (or, you know, just busy going "beewwwwbbbssss!!"), rest assured that this is not her only foray in Fortnite cosplay.


You might recognize her from having seen her full Rose Team Leader cosplay (complete with sniper rifle prop) that's also made a number of top cosplay posts when she released pictures of it back in April or her bodypaint take on Brite Bomber


(image source: Dalflicka on Instagram)


How many skins are cooler than Raven? Go on, I'll wait. (It's those eyes, man. And those feathers!)


Or you could call me biased. Regardless of objectivity, nobody can deny that Raven is one of the coolest skins to come out this year, and players were falling over themselves to shell out the ~$20 for it when it released back in April.


The Raven skin is so popular in fact, that Epic Games had to release an announcement admitting they were having problems processing all the V-bucks currency purchases players were trying to make in order to trade in for the skin. As popular a game as Fortnite is, when Epic can't even handle the sheer amount of money the player base is throwing at it, it means something. 


Raven packs a pretty powerful visual punch in-game, and the effect is no different when translated into real life. Colombian cosplayer Adrian Valerian broke out all the stops to get this costume up and ready in record time. 


Talk about worth it! The feather detailing is spot on fantastic, and the lit-up eyes just work. Here's a talent to keep an eye on!


(image source: Adrian Valerian on WorldCosplay)


Brittany's (@kawaiiwaiku on Twitter) turn in the Shadow Ops Fortnite skin gets super high marks from me for its sleek simplicity. You can check out a better view of the full front of the costume here on Reddit.


A prolific cosplay model on Patreon, this is not Waiku's first go-around in the Fortnite fandom - some sharp-eyed fans might also recognize her for her turn as Teknique. (You should check out the link anyway because sometimes happy coincidences like having a similar sleeve tattoo and pink hair means you're destined to cosplay someone.)


High marks for cool makeup, wicked props, and awesome weathered-looking foam shin pad armor. Zero marks taken away because some people on the internet like to nitpick about how long her hair is supposed to be (get a liiiife). 


Russian cosplayer, streamer, and general geek-out girl Amiko-chan may possibly be more well-known for her turn in the baby D.Va jumpsuit from Overwatch (see here).


However, her turn as the Ninja from Fortnite is seriously impressive, and I have not been able to stop checking out her hair since I saw it.


If you're looking for mad skills, this girl's got 'em in spades. 


(Image courtesy of Amiko-chan Cosplay Facebook.)


If you have any interest in Fortnite cosplay whatsoever, you probably have already seen these photos floating around the internet. Rising YouTuber and streamer Gibson didn't really know what he was getting into when he started pulling together the pieces to make this costume - and it's his first one ever. 


Struck by just how cool the Drift skin looks in the game, he really just wanted one for himself. And, it seems, so does the Internet. The original Twitter post from July has exploded, now with over 10k retweets and more than 50k likes. I suspect the number has slowed, but it certainly hasn't stopped rising. 


Deceptively simple, most accused Gibson of simply buying all the pieces and wearing them. (Which, hey, outside of the inherent snobbishness of the cosplay community, would be perfectly all right.)


Rest assured, that there was certainly more work involved than a credit card, and this guy put in the effort to paint all those details on that eye-catching mask himself. (You know it's why you stopped and looked.)


(image source: Gibson on Twitter


This particular cosplay has been making the rounds on Facebook, and it's no wonder since it looks pretty fantastic!


Laura Lux is DJ down under by day, but she too has caught the Fortnite bug and has made zero bones about showing that off. That jug of slurp juice is my  favorite detail. 


(Image courtesy of Laura Lux Facebook.)


The beauty of the Fortnite aesthetic is that it doesn't have to break the bank in order to get it right. Half of the outfits look like they were pulled off the racks of Bluenotes, and another fraction from the dollar store. That works in everyone's favor, especially if they're competing! 


Cosplay fever is heating back up with the onset of fall weather, and on Wednesday's edition of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish Trials, players were challenged to creating their best Budget Cosplay within the given time limit. 


Turner 'Tfue' Tenney from FaZe brought his Jonesy default skin (which he's been popularizing over the past few months in-game) to life, complete with plain pickaxe and bandanna.


He took it one step further however by going extra with his props, posting his challenge video to Twitter - bringing out an umbrella glider as he dives for a prized llama floatie. 


It also doesn't hurt that other players are already calling him out for looking like a Fortnite character in real life, with or without the clothes. 


The winners haven't been announced yet but... the man jumped off a bridge for this. For sheer ballsiness and questionable life choices alone, I think he deserves a medal. 


This face again! You're right, she's here because I couldn't resist giving everyone a better look at the rest of this costume that Little Jem wore at E3 2018.


Filled with a million different details that make me smile (her Rainbow Smash pickaxe and the wearing on her kneepads in particular), this chick has brought Brite Bomber to life.


I love it enough to be biased. Hey, it's worth the praise. See more shot here on her Twitter. 


(Photo courtesy of Little Gem Twitter.)


I don't know if this counts as cheating or a bargain. Two awesome cosplays for the price of one!


Sarah (or Robot Giggles, as she's known online) is a streamer, a cosplayer, and dedicated attendee at cons. In fact, she's often in cosplay at cons - and when you consider the face-obscuring, head-to-toe, high-heeled works of gaming art that she's most known for, it's exponentially more impressive.


While she is actually known for showing her face (she's a streamer on Mixer), the above are two of her most famous Fortnite cosplays: the intensely terrifying Cuddle Team Leader and the Space Marines-looking Dark Vanguard.


If you've got the time, her Instagram is worth a peek as it's chock-full of different cosplays and progress pics (including this speed cosplay of Fortnite's Huntress skin). 


(image source: Instagram)


There is a complicated love/hate relationship with the existence of the Patreon creator model, but there's no denying that it's working and even though the expectation of "lewds~" is causing rifts between Patreon and content creators, it's still working fairly well. With the explosion of Fortnite popularity, it was inevitable that an equally huge explosion of good-looking cosplay must follow.


Danish Patreon cosplayer Adeline Frost may have a host of impressive (ahem) assets in her arsenal, but her skill in putting together and making this costume herself is not the least of them. She may not have won the cosplay contest run by Gamescon earlier this year, but her Rose Team Leader entry was on point, right down to the details. You can get a better look at all angles on Instagram.


(image source: @adelinefrost on Instagram)


This one and done shot for Fortnite's Soldier is Russian cosplayer Anastasya Zelenova's apparently only ode to the battle royale genre. But it's definitely already made the rounds of the internet as the fanboys rave about her sizeable... well, assets. 


And why not? She looks fantastic, and this cosplay fits the Fortnite aesthetic with no small amount of effort put into the styling. If you want to check out even more work-intensive costumes of hers, Anastasya's take on Brigitte Lindholm (in and out of armor) is downright fantastic as well!


(Image courtesy of Cosplay Anastasya Zelenova Facebook.)


If you haven't already noticed, Fortnite is big. Like, really big.


Epic Games' battle royale fun-fest has hit its stride with gusto and everyone's playing it: your mom, your brother, your cousin, that guy you used to be friends with that always camps in CoD.


The cultural zeitgeist is absolutely obsessed with Fortnite.


Because of that obsession, it's not only the number one Twitch game on the planet, it's also a prime target for cosplayers at just about every single con there is. That's not even mentioning the costume extravaganza that is Halloween.


Since there's so much more ground to conquer, both closet cosplays and talent crafters like Little Jem (above) are working to dominate the cosplay scene by donning everything Fortnite


To celebrate their talented awesomeness, let's take a look at the very best cosplays we've seen so far. If you know of a great Fortnite cosplayer that's not on this list, let us know in the comments, and we'll add them to this list (with their permission, of course). 


(Photo by @littlejem4 on Twitter.)

How to Unlock the Stellar Tier 1 Carbide Skin in Fortnite Season 4 Tue, 01 May 2018 13:48:12 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Season 4 of Fortnite is upon us -- and that means there's plenty of shiny new stuffs to get our hands on. Alongside a ton of new emotes, dances, and items, Epic's released a bevy of brand-new outfits into the battleverse, the most stellar being the Carbide skin.

Just like we saw with the Omega skin, Carbide holds true to Season 4's superhero theme. A Tier 1 skin, this outfit might not be as coveted as Omega, but that doesn't mean you won't look totally killer wearing it. If you're a true Fortnite player, this is a must-have piece of armor for your collection. 

To get it, you'll first need to purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks. After that, you'll be able to immediately throw it on. But to really rise to the top, there's a set of challenges that'll reward you with upgrades you won't want to miss. 

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How to Complete the Carbide Armor Challenges 

Like we mentioned in our Omega Skin guide, challenges are brand new to Fortnite this season. They give everyone, specifically high-end players, a reason to continue the grind, rewarding dedication with some of the game's slickest-lookin' skin upgrades and full armor sets.

If you want to stand out when you finally get that Victory Royale, completing these challenges is a no-brainer. 

  • Challenge 1: Reach Season Level 10
    • Reward: Chest Armor
  • Challenge 2: Reach Season Level 20
    • Reward: Leg Armor
  • Challenge 3: Reach Season Level 30
    • Reward: Arm Pieces
  • Challenge 4: Reach Season Level 40
    • Reward: Helmet
  • Challenge 5: Reach Season Level 65
    • Reward: Entire Upper Body Armor

When you complete three of the five challenges (Level 30), you'll also unlock the Carbide Pickaxe. 

How to Grind to Season Level 65 and Beyond 

You can read our entire Battle Royale Survival Guide to find out all of the tips and tricks for scoring experience points like a master. But outside of completing as many challenges as you possibly can, here are the main tips you'll need to know for making the most of your grind to Level 65 and beyond. 

  1. Play 50 vs. 50: This is where you'll get the most EXP in Fortnite. Typically, each match is relatively quick, and getting kills here can be easy. Start here. Other modes can bog you down. 

  2. Play WIth Other Battle Pass Holders: Doing this will team you up with other like-minded and (hopefully) high-level players. Plus, you get team boosts when playing with other Battle Pass owners. 

  3. Get High-Powered Weapons ASAP: This is a no-brainer. Nab a Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, or a Shotgun early. ARs work well, too. 

  4. Get Victory Royale: Another way to look at this is "Last as Long as You Can." The longer you survive, the more EXP you'll get. This is a "Duh," but it's worth noting. 

  5. Listen Out for Double XP Events: Follow the Fortnite official Twitter here for updates on Double XP weekends and events. These can drastically decrease your grind time and get you to 100 super quick.  

  6. Don't AFK: Whatever you do, don't be that player that AFKs for experience points. Sure, it's an easy way to do it, but it's not cool. Plus, if you get reported enough, Epic will ban you -- meaning you'll have to start your grind all over again. It's just not worth it. 

Got other leveling tips that we've missed? Let us know in the comments below. We'll add them and give you credit! Be sure to check out our other Fortnite guides to get even more tips, tricks, and strategies for this hugely popular Battle Royale slugfest. 

How to Unlock the Badass Tier 100 Omega Skin in Fortnite Season 4 Tue, 01 May 2018 10:42:25 -0400 Jonathan Moore

Season 4 of Fortnite is upon us. And with that, Epic's unleashed a plethora of new Tier 100 rewards, with one of the most coveted being the new Omega skin. Not only does it look completely badass and like something right out of the Marvel superhero universe, but it's also the ultimate reward for Season 4. 

That means if you want bragging rights, the Omega skin is going to be an essential part of your collection. 

The first thing you're going to want to do is purchase the Season 4 Battle Pass for 950 V-Bucks if you've yet to do so. After that, well, it's going to be a grind. But at the end, you'll have all of this skin's upgrades (yes, upgrades). 

Below we'll go over what challenges you'll need to complete at each Season Level to customize this skin, as well as a few grinding tips to help you get to Tier 100 as fast as you can (unless you'd rather spend IRL money to get there faster...). 

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Omega Skin Challenges

Challenges are a brand-new addition to Fortnite Battle Royale in Season 4. We've never seen anything like this, but it's an update that's going to give everyone, especially high-level players, an even greater incentive to continue the grind. The base skin looks super cool, but after these upgrades, it'll look even better. 

  • Challenge 1: Reach Season Level 25
    • Upgrade: Chest Armor
  • Challenge 2: Reach Season Level 35
    • Upgrade: Leg Armor
  • Challenge 3: Reach Season Level 45
    • Upgrade: Arm Pieces
  • Challenge 4: Reach Season Level 55
    • Upgrade: Helmet
  • Challenge 5: Reach Season Level 80
    • Upgrade: Entire (Super Rad) Upper Body

Once you complete three of the five Challenges (Level 45), you'll also be rewarded with the Pickaxe that goes along with the Omega Skin. 

How to Grind to Tier 100 If You're Not There Yet

You can read our entire Battle Royale Survival Guide to find out all of the tips and tricks for scoring Victory Royale. But outside of completing as many challenges as you possibly can, here are the main tips you'll need to know for making the most of your grind to Tier 100. 

  1. Play 50 vs. 50: This is where you'll get the most EXP in Fortnite. Typically, each match is relatively quick, and getting kills here can be easy. Start here. Other modes can bog you down. 

  2. Play WIth Other Battle Pass Holders: Doing this will team you up with other like-minded and (hopefully) high-level players. Plus, you get team boosts when playing with other Battle Pass owners. 

  3. Get High-Powered Weapons ASAP: This is a no-brainer: Nab a Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, or a Shotgun early. ARs work well, too. 

  4. Get Victory Royale: Another way to look at this is "Last as Long as You Can." The longer you survive, the more EXP you'll get. This is a "Duh," but it's worth noting. 

  5. Listen Out for Double XP Events: Follow the Fortnite official Twitter here for updates on Double XP weekends and events. These can drastically decrease your grind time and get you to 100 super quick.  

  6. Don't AFK: Whatever you do, don't be that player that AFKs for experience points. Sure, it's an easy way to do it, but it's not cool. Plus, if you get reported enough, Epic will ban you -- meaning you'll have to start your grind all over again. It's just not worth it. 

Got other leveling tips that we've missed? Let us know in the comments below. We'll add them and give you credit! Be sure to check out our other Fortnite guides to get even more tips, tricks, and strategies for this hugely popular Battle Royale slugfest. 

Header media: SwagXBL

Fortnite Season 4 Brings Hefty Changes to Both Battle Royale and Save the World Tue, 01 May 2018 09:19:00 -0400 Jonathan Moore

The moment we've all been waiting for is here: Fortnite Season 4 has finally made impact. With shards of the comet raining down and changing parts of Tilted Towers forever, players will not only find that the map has changed quite considerably from Season 3, but that there are brand-new items, new emotes, new sprays, levitating rocks, superheroes, new quests, and 100 tiers of Battle Pass rewards. 

It's a lot to take in. So if you've not had the chance to jump in yet and see what the new Season has in store, continue reading to find out all the major developments with this huge Fortnite update (we even include a few tips and tricks along the way).  

Changes to Battle Royale

Most of us are here for Fortnite's BR mode, so let's take a look at that first. Seeing as the update went live in the wee hours of the morning, we're going to update this article throughout the day with more specifics on certain items such as Hop Rocks, as well as link out to some brand-new guides we're whipping up. 

However, 99.999% of this patch notes roundup is good to go, so you won't miss out on any of the essential info. 

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Hop Rocks

This is currently the item we know very little about. If you travel to Dusty Depot, you'll find the area is now called Dusty Divot. And if you look around, you'll find Hop Rocks, which allow players to levitate in a bubble of low gravity. The effect lasts about 30 seconds and is primarily for getting on top of buildings in the Dusty Divot area. 

Unfortunately, it looks like you won't be able to take it to other parts of the map right now because of its short duratation. 

Weapon + Item Fixes (Tweaks)

The crossbow has been vaulted. RIP crossbow and early-game chicanery. 

As for everything else:

  • The Rocket Launcher's reticle is now a fixed size 
  • You can see hit markers when looking down the scope
  • Your pickaxe now deals 50 more damage to Supply Llamas 

Other issues laid out in the patch notes: 

  • Fixed an issue where a weapon could have no ammo when dropping it immediately after picking it up.
  • Improved pickaxe swing responsiveness when switching from a weapon to the pickaxe and immediately holding the swing button.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Hunting Rifles from auto reloading if it was fired immediately after a reload.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed grenades to be thrown in rapid succession while sprinting.
  • Fixed an issue where aiming a grenade throw and then switching to build mode wouldn’t cancel the throw.
  • Fixed an issue with the Builder Pro configuration that caused the player's weapon to fire while trying to build in some cases.
  • Clingers will now properly cling to falling Supply Drops.
A player hiding behind pallets shoots at another player running across a warehouse floor

Gameplay Changes

If you've ever wanted to destroy the buildings on the starting island, now's your chance. On top of that, viewing distance on the starting island has been increased by 3x, meaning you can see players and their structures from much further away.

Knocking players off the island now counts as "normal fall damage," while fall damage values will be displayed in elimination feeds. 

You'll also be able to see the amount of damage being inflicted upon a player when spectating; hitboxes for player hands have been reduced, and headshots are now a priority -- even if "other body parts are in the way."  However, there is some minutia to know about that last tweak. 

  1. Headshots from above or straight on will always cause headshot damage regardless of the body part covering the head. 
  2. Headshots from below will deal normal damage if blocked by body parts. 
    • Headshot damage will only count if you're very close to your opponent. 
Replay System Tweaks and Fixes

The first Season 4 patch doesn't change a whole lot about Fortnite's new Replay System. However, it does bring with it some quality of life and UI changes. For instance, leaving replays will now take you back to the browser, while player lists have been added to replays. 

The size of the name column in the browser has also been increased, and renaming replays is now limited to 32 characters. 

UI Fixes 

Although tweaks and changes to the User Interface are often no more than quality of life upgrades, Season 4 fixes a few things that are very much worth noting. 


Players now have the ability to mark cosmetics as favorites, making searches through vast cosmetic collections easier. 

Emote Wheel Slots

The emote wheel now has more slots! According to the patch notes, you'll be able to use any Spray or Emote in your Battle Royale matches -- as long as you own them, of course. What's more, Season 4's new "Locker Emote Slot" key and button bindings mean it's even easier to bust out your dance moves or trigger a Spray. 

Changes to Save the World

Epic has been giving Save the World a little more love lately, especially with the release of the Noble Launcher and Sticky Grenades in Patch 3.6. However, Season 4 brings a whole lot more to the table. 

Blockbuster Event -- Part 1: Origin Story

If you've been paying attention to any of Epic's Fortnite marketing over the last week or so, you've noticed that superheroes have played a prominent role. And while we don't exactly know what they'll bring to the table in Season 4, we do know they'll heavily influence the events in Save the World. 

With Origin Story, you'll join Spitfire and Lok on a journey to find Ray. Across five missions and one crazy Landmark Mission, they'll recruit superheroes to their cause. With reports coming in that new husks have invaded the area, they're gonna need all the help they can get. 

On top of that, you'll have your choice of three Legendary weapons for completing Week 1's quests:

  1. Legendary Bald Eagle
  2. Legendary Silenced Specter
  3. Legendary Crossbow
Loot Drops

Get all ze loots. Enemies can now drop crafting items, as well as other ammunition and building materials. Kill patrolling enemies and packs for the greatest drop chance. To get the rarest loot, be sure to increase mission difficulty and fight larger enemies and bosses. 

Mini-Bosses Drop Caches

Caches are new items in Fortnite Save the World, and they come in two types: Schematic and Evolution Materials. Each Cache also comes in three rarities: Rare, Epic, and Legendary. 

  • Schematic Caches -- These contain a ranged or melee weapon schematic
  • Evolution Material Caches -- These contain Storm evolution materials 

To find better caches

  • Fight tougher enemies
  • Fight bosses
  • Look for High-Rarity Chests
  • Increase mission difficulty
Loot Llama Changes

Loot Llamas now cost less

  • Upgrade Llama Cost: 50 V-Bucks
  • Weapon Llama Cost: 200 V-Bucks
  • Range Weapon Llama: 200 V-Bucks
  • Melee Weapon Llama: 200 V-Bucks
  • People Llama: 200 V-Bucks
  • It's a Trap Llama: 200 V-Bucks

The best part about the price reduction is that players who have purchased these specific Llamas before the Season 4 update will get free Troll Stash Llamas

If you have 1,000 Storm Tickets, you'll get a Neon Llama, and Mini Llamas drop 30 to 50 gold. 

New Heroes, Classes, and Abilities

Season 4 brings quite a lot of changes to Save the World's heroes. From new shadow ops heroes to new subclasses and abilities, here's what's important to know from the patch notes: 

  • New Mythic Solder “Raven” -- Subclass: Nevermore
    • Description -- a Shadowy figure who screeches deafening War Cries before eliminating prey with his dual-wielded pistols.
    • New Ability
      • Lefty and Righty -- Deploy dual pistols and light up your enemies!
    • New Perks
      • ‘Dual Debilitation’ -- Lefty and Righty applies Debilitating Shots.
      • ‘Where’s Lefty’ -- Eliminating enemies with pistols reduces the cooldown of Lefty and Righty by 1 second.
      • ‘Bang and Pow’ -- Dealing damage with Lefty and Righty causes an explosion that deals Energy Damage in a 0.5 tile radius.
    • New Tactical Perk
      • ‘Explosive Rounds’ -- Tactical variant of the Explosive Rounds Perk.
  • New 8 “Shadow Ops” Heroes
    • Soldier -- New Subclass: Double Agent featuring New Characters Vaughn and Evelynn
      • Description -- Soldier that wields dual pistols with ease, creating an explosive outcome.
      • Utilizes the newly added ability and associated perks:
        • ‘Lefty and Righty’
        • ‘Dual Debilitation’
        • ‘Where’s Lefty’
        • ‘Bang and Pow’
      • New Tactical Perk
        • ‘Cluster Bomb’ -- Tactical variant of the ‘Cluster Bomb’ dealing half the damage of its non-tactical counterpart.
    • Ninja -- New Subclass: Piercing Lotus, featuring characters Edge and Luna
      • Description -- Skilled spear warrior that makes a point to poison enemies with waves of shuriken before striking them down.
      • New Perks
        • ‘Pointy Fury’ -- Increases spear combo attack efficiency by 150%.
        • ‘Poking Holes’ -- The Ninja deals 28% more damage with spears to afflicted targets.
        • ‘Fan of Stars’ -- The Ninja throws 2 additional throwing stars. All throwing stars are thrown instantly in a spreading arc.
      • New Support Perk
        • ‘Heaviest Attacks’ -- Increases melee heavy attack damage by 10/20/30%
    • Outlander -- New Subclass: Shock Gunner, featuring characters Grizzly and Buzz
      • Description -- Weaves in and out of enemies, stunning them and finishing them off with close-ranged weapons.
      • New Perks
        • ‘Pump It Up’ -- Increases shotgun rate of fire by 35%.
        • ‘In and Outlander’ -- Eliminating 3 enemies within 10 seconds after using Phase Shift will refund the Phase Shift charge.
        • ‘Shocking Embrace’ -- Increases the duration of Shock Tower by 3 seconds if placed with a Charge Fragment.
        • ‘Run And Stun’ -- Passing through enemies with Phase Shift applies a 3-second stun.
      • New Tactical Perk
        • ‘Shocking Embrace’ -- Increases the duration of Shock Tower by 3 seconds if placed with a Charge Fragment.
    • Constructor -- New Subclass: Demolitionist, featuring Penny and Bull
      • Description -- Explosives expert who corrals enemies with Decoy before finishing them with a hail of missiles.
      • New Perks
        • ‘Faster Explosions’ -- Increases explosive weapon reload speed by 35%.
        • ‘Enduring Machine’ --  Your weapons take 60% less durability damage while on tiles affected by BASE.

Knockbacks can no longer interrupt Hero Ability locks; the Shockwave "crowd-surfing" has been removed; and myriad display value tweaks have been made. 

Changes to Fortnite Mobile Battle Royale

If you're playing Fortnite on mobile, you'll be glad to know that Epic has pushed some specific Season 4 updates for iOS and Android devices.

Major additions come in the additions of "Repair Building" and "Cycle Weapon" buttons; drag and drop for item inventories; and autorun. 

According to the Patch notes, this update also: 

  • Made improvements to prevent finger creep.
  • Slightly decreased aim-assist strength at further distances to allow for easier fine tuning when aiming.
  • Grenade indicators are now displayed when grenades are equipped.
  • Made improvements to low-end mobile performance by dynamically scaling background draw distances with player height.
  • Reduced object draw distance for medium/lower-end iOS devices.


Those are all of the major additions you need to know about Season 4 right out the gate. If you want to see everything that was tweaked in the newest Fortnite update, check out the official patch notes for smaller bug fixes, as well as performance, audio, and art improvements. 

And if you're looking for tips and strategies to take your Battle Royale game to the next level, check out our Fortnite guides here

Fortnite Battle Royale Introduces New and Improved 50v50 Mode Thu, 19 Apr 2018 11:59:24 -0400 Zach Hunt

For anyone who missed out on the limited-time Fortnite 50v50 mode last December, you'll now have the chance to see what all the fuss was about as Epic Games has brought back 50 versus 50 Battle Royale, along with some new improvements in the Fortnite 3.5.2 content update.

What's New in Fortnite 50v50 Battle Royale

In this second iteration of Fortnite 50v50, each team gets its own bus that approaches the map from the opposite direction as the opposing team's bus, with yours outlined in blue and the enemy's in red. From the very start, the mini-map depicts the final storm circle as well as dotted "battle lines" between the teams to indicate where you're most likely to run into enemy players. 

You're given 10 minutes to rush around and loot like mad while the storm closes in, five minutes to duke it out, and then a final five minutes of battle as the storm shrinks completely. Supply drops fall every two minutes (only in the final storm circle) and arrive in batches of three to six.

A number of additional changes have also arrived with the Fortnite v3.5.2 content update, including the introduction of the light machine gun and some tweaks to item spawns, resource gathering, ammo, and more. To even further sweeten the deal, Fortnite players can enjoy double XP from Thursday, April 19 through Sunday, April 22.

Be sure to stick with GameSkinny for more Fortnite news, tips, and guides, and let us know how you're enjoying the 50 versus 50 limited-time event in the comments below.

Fortnite Mobile -- How to Update and Relaunch Thu, 05 Apr 2018 16:40:10 -0400 Kengaskhan

Epic Games has recently released an update for Fortnite Mobile (patch v3.4) that has been causing issues for some of the playerbase, preventing them from being able to play the game. The problem typically introduces itself in the form of an “Update Required” error message, keeping the player from getting past the game's launch screen.

Fornite notification that an update and/or relaunch is required

The message could be worded a little better, but in essence it says, Fortnite Mobile isn’t up-to-date, so please exit the game and then download patch v3.4 (or whatever update is required if this problem repeats itself in the future) before you relaunch Fortnite Mobile.”

How to Manually Update Fortnite Mobile

It sounds pretty simple: Just download an update and you’re good -- especially since iOS auto-updates your apps for you. Except iOS hasn’t auto-updated Fortnite Mobile for some players, leaving many of them confused as to why their game isn't launching properly. If you’re one of those people, you’re going to have to manually download and install the update yourself.

  1. Go to the iOS App Store.
  2. Click on the Updates tab on the bottom of your screen. (There should be a red dot notification.)
  3. Fortnite Mobile should have a pending update available -- just tap the update button to install it!

Update screen on an iOS device similar to one you might see when trying to update Fortnite Mobile

After the update finishes downloading, your game should be good to go!

Alternate Solution

If your device doesn’t have a Fortnite Mobile update waiting for you, then there’s something else wrong with your game. Luckily, there’s an easy solution: just reinstall the game, and you should end up with a fully up-to-date version of Fortnite Mobile!


Once you’ve successfully updated Fortnite Mobile, you should be able to relaunch the game without any issues. If you're interested in some of our other tips and tricks for Fortnite Mobile, you can check out some of our other guides here!

How to Go from Fortnite Zero to Fortnite Hero: A Guide for Noobs Mon, 02 Apr 2018 18:02:42 -0400 Game Writer

Fortnite is the latest craze, capturing an audience of millions of players. If it's your first time playing a battle royale title or a third-person shooter (like me), here are three important adjustments to make which will help skyrocket your win rate.

Like many gamers, I flocked to Fortnite in recent months to join the massive growing community and even picked up a Season 3 battle pass that I've been steadily working through. With a background in shooters, I thought my experience would transition to Fortnite, and while I had early success with a win in my first two dozen games, my success (and Kill-Death ratio) was pitiful at best.

Recently, with a few important adjustments to my approach, I've been having more consistent results and a dramatically rising Kill-Death ratio which has in turn translated to more wins. If you have a similar game background to me, then focusing on these three things will give you that added edge next time you drop from the Battle Bus.

 One of the Fortnite stages


While we are starting with an obvious adjustment, it's without a doubt the hardest one to make, as few games can prepare you for the building element of Fortnite. That being said, it is no doubt one of the strongest adjustments you can make and key to securing kills and wins.

It's entirely possible to win a decent number of fights without significant building, but without a solid foundation, you'll quickly see the game over screen when you encounter a good player towards the mid to late stages of the game. Similarly, you'll be taking unnecessary damage in each fight, which makes later fights more difficult and lowers your chance of coming out ahead. This was the biggest adjustment for me, where I skipped on building as I was still winning fights but taking extra damage in the process.

Personally for me, this was most evident in shotgun fights, where taking an extra hit instead of utilizing a wall to block a single shot can mean the difference between 50 shield and none after the dust settles. More advanced builders can even use editing in unique ways for quick kills without chance of retaliation.

Your first two steps in completing this adjustment are ensuring you have adequate shortcuts so that you can build quickly, and even taking a few games to practice at the edge of the map, away from harm's way. For those that have Save The World, practicing is even easier with the ability to step into an empty game world.

A scoped rifle from Fortnite set against a blue backdrops with exclamation points

Unknown Health and Items

A more interesting adjustment that I haven't read much about but that was a vital mindset change for my win rate was that when you engage, you have very limited information about your opponent's weapon layout or health status.

In other games, the feast or famine that you can find in a Fortnite game (and other battle royale games) doesn't exist to the same extent, with everyone having access to the same weapons, perks, loadouts, and generally the same health. What makes Fortnite unique is that the player you encounter over the hill might have picked up five kills already and been lucky with lootdrops, which means they have full shields, full health, and a rocket launcher hiding in their back pocket as well.

Alternatively, they could be sitting on 75 health, with only white weapons in their inventory. The problem that Fortnite presents is that you don't know until you engage them. The mindset adjustment I made in regards to this was to always assume it's a fully stacked opponent, as I had a number of deaths at the hands of well-geared enemies that I simply was not expecting. 

a close-up of a Fortnite player plummeting from the battle bus

Third-Person Peeking (and Edit Peeking)

As one of the first third-person games I'd played, the idea of scanning the environment using the third-person camera was something completely foreign. Based on the gameplay of new players I've seen, few people understand the power of the third-person camera when used correctly. It's a small adjustment, but one that can give you that extra edge with little effort.

Be it looking around a corner in a house or sitting in your little fort and looking over the large landscape, third-person peeking gives you extra information about the location of enemies. An advanced peeking tactic that Fortnite also opens up is edit peeking, where you place a building piece and edit it to see through it.

If you're already a seasoned player, you've likely already mastered these three adjustments when playing Fortnite. Those looking to dip their toes in the growing ocean of Fortnite, though (particularly those without experience in this genre), will do well with these small gameplay adjustments.

Got your own tips that took you from Fortnite zero to hero? Be sure to share them below and check out GameSkinny's Fornite guides for more great tips.