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Fossil Echo is a challenging 2D platformer with beautiful hand drawn graphics, developed and published by Awaceb. The game was recently released on July 8, 2016, and has won many awards -- such as Game of the Show and Creative Game from Indie Games Play 6, Best Visuals from Evry Games City 2, and Official PAX 10 Selection from PAX West.

Follow the short, wordless adventure of a young boy as he climbs a tower in the middle of the sea. Why and how did he get there? These questions will be answered as he ascends the tower. Fossil Echo is inspired by works such as Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, and films by Studio Ghibli.

The 2D art style of the game is detailed, and embraces the aesthetics of animated films. There are over 15 minutes of animated cutscenes, and over 2 hours of original music. The gameplay is challenging, requiring trial and error, as well as precise movement and timing.

Check out the game on Steam or the Fossil Echo website.