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Gwent: Rogue Mage players will encounter a strange sylvan trickster during the story campaign. They will offer you a deal, and if you agree to answer their riddles, they will reward you with random treasures. But if you get the answers wrong, you will have to give up an item of your own.

This guide will tell you the answers to all 25 Trickster Event questions in Gwent: Rogue Mage, so you don't have to guess. Answering these riddles correctly also gives the "I understood that reference!" achievement for those interested in that kind of thing. 

All Trickster Event Questions and Answers

Question and Answer #1

Question: "All it takes is a small hole for the largest ship to sink. What am I?"

Answer: Terror of the Seas.

Question and Answer #2

Question: "As for forktails, bait them thusly: pound a stake in the soil, bind a goat to it, then hide ye in nearto shrubbery posthaste. What am I?"

Answer: Forktail.

Question and Answer #3

Question: "Griffins like to toy with their prey. Eat 'em alive, piece by piece. What am I?"

Answer: Griffin.

Question and Answer #4

Question: "A fondness for shiny trinkets is not a trait unique to magpies. What am I?"

Answer: Gael.

Question and Answer #5

Question: "You can draw anything you like, my dear dwarves. But you can't build it, mark my words. What am I?"

Answer: Dwarven Chariot.

Question and Answer #6

Question: "Novigrad - where the impossible becomes possible. A professional torturer turned reverend, for instance. What am I?"

Answer: Nathaniel Pastodi.

Question and Answer #7

Question: "Don't stare in his eye, he hates that... What am I?"

Answer: Cyclops.

Question and Answer #8

Question: "Your Majesty... The princess has been touched by the curse o' the Black Sun. There's no hope, I'm afraid... What am I?"

Answer: Syanna.

Question and Answer #9

Question: "These little guys are almost cute, if you ignore the whole vicious killer aspect. What am I?"

Answer: Nekker.

Question and Answer #10

Question: "From afar he looks like a bear. From up close, well... A large bear. What am I?"

Answer: Falibor.

Question and Answer #11

Question: "An emperor also thought him an accidental king. At first. What am I?"

Answer: Svanrige Tuirseach.

Question and Answer #12

Question: "There's a lot of ways you can die in the desert. Not just from thirst. What am I?"

Answer: Caravan Guard.

Question and Answer #13

Question: "...examined panther... What am I?"

Answer: Panther.

Question and Answer #14

Question: "...Her worst nightmare can be yours too. What am I?"

Answer: Ethereal.

Question and Answer #15

Question: "As King Foltest likes to say, it's not size that counts, but whether it gets the job done. What am I?"

Answer: Foltest's Pride.

Question and Answer #16

Question: "If I tell you koshchey is death, you'll go to the creek anyway, right? What am I?"

Answer: Koshchey.

Question and Answer #17

Question: "Gregoire? That mountain o' muscle wrapped in armor? Course, I 'eard of 'im! Who hasn't? What am I?"

Answer: Gregoire de Gorgon.

Question and Answer #18

Question: "Tis but a scratch, aye? What am I?"

Answer: Drummond Berserker.

Question and Answer #19

Question: "Dh'oine can turn anything into a weapon. Even a simple wagon. What am I?"

Answer: Wagenberg.

Question and Answer #20

Question: "Escape them? In the waters of Skellige? Good luck. What am I?"

Answer: Dimun Light Longship.

Question and Answer #21

Question: "It's not betrayal if you side with the winner. What am I?"

Answer: Tyrggvi Tuirseach.

Question and Answer #22

Question: "Knut, son of Olaf? Aye, never has a jarl's moniker fit so well. What am I?"

Answer: Knut the Callous.

Question and Answer #23

Question: "Pledge your allegiance to our Emperor, Emhyr var Emreis… or die. What am I?"

Answer: Alba Pikeman.

Question and Answer #24

Question: "But we can still eat fish, can't we? What am I?"

Answer: Melusine Cultist.

Question and Answer #25

Question: "When a warrant says "dead or alive," most bounty hunters'll just kill you. Not me. Should I catch you, you'll hang, and I'll tickle your feet as you expire. What am I?" 

Answer: Djenge Frett.

Those are all Trickster Event questions and answers in Gwent: Rogue Mage. For more, head over to our Gwent hub

Is Gwent Cross Platform? Crossplay and Cross Progression Explained Fri, 08 Nov 2019 13:43:46 -0500 Ty Arthur

With so many different places to play CCGs these days, whether a game is actually crossplatform can make or break any player's decision to jump in. With the recent release of Gwent on iOS, many players are wondering if it's crossplatform or if it features crossplay. 

The answer is both a resounding yes... and a partial no. It depends on what you are really asking about crossplay in The Witcher card game's redesigned standalone version.

Is Gwent Crossplay?

Crossplay matchmaking between any platform and PC is already enabled when you join a game in Gwent. You don't have to do anything special to utilize it.

That means whether you are playing on Xbox One, PS4, or the recently released iOS version, you can hook up in a match with someone playing Gwent on PC via GOG.

Unfortunately, there isn't currently crossplatform play enabled between Xbox One and PS4 players, as Sony and Microsoft aren't ready to play that nice with one another quite yet.

That's all for randomized multiplayer matches, though. Direct matches with someone on your friends list can only take place on the same platform. You can't actively choose to play against a friend on Xbox One if you are playing on PC through GOG, for instance.

Does Gwent Have Cross Progression?

But what about sharing progression between platforms if you like to play Gwent in more than one location?

At the moment, cross progression is only possible between the iOS mobile version and the PC version by signing in with your GOG account. The developers are aware players want more options, though, and the Gwent Reddit community manager recently issued this update:

We know that you want to share progress and purchases on your account on multiple gaming platforms. We want to see this true cross-platform experience coming to Gwent, too! However, while we’re already fully supporting matchmaking between PC and other platforms, support of shared progress and purchases isn’t entirely within our control. We are very happy that it was possible to be achieved between iOS and PC out of the box, but other platforms are a more complicated matter due to the different policies that govern them.

We promise that we are not giving up on the subject of connecting all Gwent players together and enabling unified cross-progression and purchases. We will continue our ongoing conversations with platform-holders to enable Gwent players to easily switch platforms on the go without losing anything.

Looking to jump into the game but not sure of the strategy? Take a look at our Gwent deck building tips and tricks page over here!

Gwent iOS Review: The Witcher Card Game Overcomes Cluttered UI Thu, 07 Nov 2019 15:48:59 -0500 Ty Arthur

Forget about hot tub Geralt of Rivia cosplay or the weird nude card collections from the early titles. One of the most enduring legacies of The Witcher video game series will undoubtedly be Gwent.

First introduced in The Witcher 3 and since released as a heavily modified standalone CCG game, Gwent has undergone a number of major changes since 2015, including finally landing on iOS devices.

With the Netflix live-action rendition of the franchise starring Henry Cavill about to arrive, Gwent is likely to see a big boost in its player base. In other words, now is the time to jump in for some strategic battles in the grocery line  if you can handle the small screen layout.

Gwent iOS Review: What You Need To Know 

Gwent on iOS is very, very similar to its PC and console versions, so if you've already played a couple of hundred matches there, you can skip this part and go down to the next section. On the other hand, if this is your first foray into the game, stick around to find out why you should play Gwent over any other card game.

First up, besides pulling from The Witcher lore, the art is simply top-notch and the battlefield animations are extremely slick for a free-to-play CCG. On the gameplay front, Gwent is much more tactical than you'd expect. It requires you make a major paradigm shift if you're used to Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering

The layout may look familiar, with the positioning of the library, graveyard, and so on, but nearly everything else is different. Rather than aiming to whittle away an opponent's health, you are instead trying to get the most points with a limited deck pool over a series of three matches.

Rounds of Gwent are significantly less random than other CCGs, and there's no waiting to generate resources to put out your biggest cards. As soon as a card is in your hand, you can immediately play it on the battlefield. However, only one card can be played a turn.

The twist is that you need to win two out of three rounds to take the whole match, but there's a limited pool of cards available between those three rounds.

Imitating the notion of "overextending your lines" in real-world mass combat, going all-in for an overwhelming win in a single match isn't a great idea. It's often more advantageous to lose the first round because that means you'll have more cards available in the later rounds. It also means you can get a sense of the opponent's deck build and overall strategy in the process.

Of course, that strategy will change based on which of the factions you are using for your current deck, like Monsters or Nilfgaard. That's where some knowledge of Magic-style combos really helps out. If you know the basic idea of big red bruisers, black creatures that consume each other or get stronger based on what's in your graveyard, and so on, then you'll have a step on the newbies.

However, Gwent, especially in its mobile form, is all about quickly getting into multiplayer matches. Although you can endlessly play practice rounds against random AI opponents, there's no actual single-player story campaign replete with rewards for beating themed opponents. For that experience, you've got to buy the Thronebreaker game, which uses the Gwent cards but is otherwise its own standalone title.

Now that you know how it works, let's take a look at how the game changes when ported to a mobile setting.

How Gwent Differs On iOS

CD Projekt Red has touted this iOS port as "The Witcher card game in its best form," and while it is better in some ways, the GOG version is superior.

First and foremost, it's important to note that Gwent drains my iPhone battery noticeably faster than either Mario Kart Tour or Pocket Mortys. The ability to play on the go is the whole reason Gwent exists on mobile. That isn't a huge selling point if I have to be plugged in most of the time. And that's before getting into some of the issues of squishing the game down into an 8-inch screen.

Most of the redesigned areas are way, way too crowded, to the point CD Projekt literally includes a magnifying glass option. The deck builder is an extremely cluttered area, and the various reward skill trees are all a real pain to navigate on a small phone screen.

Being able to tap and hold to see what hero ability is currently equipped is difficult, a feeling worsened by how easy it is to do on the PC version. It will also likely take you a few taps to properly pull up your graveyard. In a fast-paced multiplayer game where the clock is ticking, that can be a problem.

That doesn't mean there aren't any positives. The tap and drag and double-tap mechanics work really well on iPhone, and they have are a smooth transition from clicking with a mouse.

Thankfully, you can also hook up to your GOG account and share progress with the PC version, which is really nice for existing players who have already spent money or sunk a lot of time into the game.

While the base gameplay is identical, some of the visuals and menus have changed with the condensed viewing area. Now you have to tap and hold to see card info during a match.

The iOS card view layout during a match is actually better than the PC version, with each keyword or game concept highlighted more effectively in the iOS version. Those red keywords above are much cleaner and easier to view, which is a big help to newbies. 

Gwent iOS Review — The Bottom Line

  • It's Gwent on the go!
  • Same great art, mechanics, music, and animations as the PC version
  • Card description layout is actually cleaner than the original
  • The cluttered UI makes some parts of the battlefield difficult to tap
  • The deck builder and reward trees are extremely cluttered and don't work as well on a small phone screen

The base version of Gwent is easily a solid 8/10 or 9/10 CCG. Because of some of the UI constraints found in the iOS version, as well as how fast the app drains your battery, the iOS version isn't quite as great. 

That being said, it's great to have the option to play a few rounds on your lunch break without having to boot up a computer or go home and turn on your Xbox. 

It seems like iOS is just the beginning of the mobile ports as well. While it's weird that Gwent hasn't hit the Switch or Android yet, the latter will get some love in early 2020.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Coming to Mobile Later This Year Wed, 27 Mar 2019 11:51:45 -0400 Josh Broadwell

CD Projekt Red announced today that GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, the developer's hit spin-off in The Witcher franchise, will be released on mobile devices later this year.

GWENT is a free-to-play card-based RPG experience with single-player and multiplayer content. It includes a variety of characters, creatures, and items from The Witcher games as well as from the books that spawned the games.

No specific time frame was provided for GWENT's mobile release. However, Jason Slama, CD Projekt Red's game director for GWENT, said the team is working hard to make sure the mobile experience is a high-quality one on par with console versions.

Slama provided some details about the project and the development team's goals for it, saying:

We’ve been preparing long and hard to adapt GWENT to smartphones. Beautiful visuals aside, we’ve tailored much of our technology, including GOG Galaxy which powers GWENT’s multiplayer, to support mobile devices.

I think our vision for bringing GWENT to smartphones combines the best we have to offer both in terms of graphics and gameplay. I can’t wait to share more details on the subject with you later this year

Based on Slama's details, it sounds like mobile players will be able to enjoy cross-platform play with others who play the console version of the game. Whether that experience will include Xbox One and PlayStation 4 together is uncertain, since cross-platform play between XB1 and PS4 is currently not supported.

GWENT is pitched as a game that doesn't require any knowledge of The Witcher franchise to enjoy or understand. However, fans of the series would appreciate some of the more detailed inclusions in the game, such as the upcoming Crimson Curse expansion. 

You can find more details about the expansion here. CD Projekt Red also announced its release date, which will be March 28. When the mobile version launches, it will include all existing content, including Crimson Curse.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game's First Expansion Emerges Soon Mon, 04 Mar 2019 18:43:55 -0500 Josh Broadwell

The Witcher franchise stands as a prime example of Hollywood-style transmedia done right. It takes multiple storylines set in a compelling world and breaks them up across a variety of platforms — books, mainline RPGs, spinoffs, and more recently, a card game: GWENT: The Witcher Card Game.

GWENT was in beta for some time before it finally released late last year with a host of improvements based on feedback received during its testing period.

Now, not long after that launch, GWENT is getting its first expansion, dubbed Crimson Curse. The premise behind the newest step forward in GWENT is based on Dettlaff van der Eretein from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Blood and Wine DLC.

With a mysterious blood-red moon rising over the land, and its sinister light calling van der Eretain's kin to life, a new hero is needed to come forward and banish the darkness.

Crimson Curse introduces a wide variety of weapons players can use to engage in combat, along with over 100 new cards that span all of GWENT's playable factions, many of which will likely be familiar to those who've played The Witcher games.

Like all of GWENT's cards, each new card will come with two presentations, standard and animated variants.

Some of the new mechanics appearing in the game via these cards are Poison, Bleed, Vitality, and Shield. Poison and Bleed are status afflictions that sap the enemy's health, while Vitality and Shield give players a chance to block incoming attacks.

The update will also introduce Deathblow and Berserker as two features that could potentially turn the tide of battle when players need it most.

The official GWENT website gives a preview of some of the upcoming cards, with a promise of updating prior to the expansion's release. This week's set includes Harmony, Bloodthirst, and Plumard, along with short descriptions of their abilities.

GWENT requires strategy to play effectively, though, and if you're new to the game, you can check out our beginner's guides here.

Crimson Curse will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on March 28.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Celebrates Official Launch With Special Pack Tue, 23 Oct 2018 15:10:04 -0400 QuintLyn

It's official. GWENT: The Witcher Card Game has launched. The game left open beta today, finalizing its transition from a mini-game in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to a fully fledged stand-alone game with a focus on player skill.

The launch follows the release of the Homecoming update, which introduced a slew of new content, updated the game board, and fixed some mechanics.

In honor of the game's official release, CD Projekt Red is gifting everyone who participated in the game's open beta with a commemorative title. They've also announced a special Launch Celebration Pack that all players will be able to purchase for a limited time (the exact amount of time was not given).

The pack can be purchased up to five times on a single account and contains the following items:

  • 24 kegs: With 5 cards per keg, this makes for a total of 120 cards
  • 1 Legendary card: Choose from 3 Legendary cards
  • 500 Meteorite Powder: Perfect for transmuting cards into their Premium animated versions
  • 5 Arena tickets: Gain immediate access to GWENT’s Arena Mode 

For those hopping into GWENT for the first time, CDPR released a short tutorial video on how to play the game -- that can be watched right here on GameSkinny. You can also check out our slew of GWENT guides to brush up on your skills. 



GWENT Trailer Gives Players The Lowdown On How To Play Ahead of Launch Mon, 22 Oct 2018 14:21:07 -0400 QuintLyn

October 23 is a big day for CD Projekt Red's Witcher-based card game GWENT, as that's when the game will exit open beta on PC. And since release is, well, tomorrow, CDPR decided to drop a short video introducing new players to the mechanics of the game.

You can see the video in the header above. 

In GWENT, players choose between five different factions taking on the role of "commanders", leading their armies in battles that are divided into rounds. Rounds are won by obtaining more points than the opponent. Battles are won by taking two out of the three rounds.

Each faction offers players a different, unique playstyle and features very different leaders. Once a faction is chosen, players will then assemble their deck. But they'll need to be careful when doing it; the more power a card has, the higher its recruitment cost will be.

Players will need to balance power and cost in order to create a solid deck that fits within the recruitment cap. It's also important to note that decks must have at least 25 cards in them.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game boasts several mechanic elements, taking advantage of card placement on the field as well as giving players a way to become even more powerful through play and resource collection.

As expected, cards are still the most important thing here and players can acquire them either through crafting or via card kegs.

Players looking for a little more info on GWENT's mechanics than what are detailed in the video above should feel free to check out some of our GWENT for Newbies guides, including

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more news on GWENT and every CDPR as it develops. 


Merry Gaming! Your Guide to Christmas 2017 In-Game Events Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:31:58 -0500 ThatGamersAsylum


GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | Midwinter


GWENT, the digital trading card game based on the Witcher series, is also receiving a large holiday update. Much like the previous Fortnite update, it is more that the GWENT update also happens to be a holiday update than the fact that it is specifically a holiday update.


While it is technically based on the in-universe holiday of Midwinter, the over 100 new cards as well as a plethora of smaller tweaks for the user experience and a host of balancing changes for various cards shows its hand; this is a major update.


Here's a list of some of the many changes:

  • Over 100 new cards, many with new, never before seen abilities
  • \n
  • A daily quest system, because what persistent experience would be complete without one of these?
  • \n
  • A new deck builder/ card replacement screen
  • \n
  • Better visuals and card animations
  • \n
  • Increased milling values for a lot of cards (specifics found here) for the 3 days following the release of the patch, which means it should run from December 19 to December 21.
  • \n
  • And many more small additions. 
  • \n



That's all (for now), folks! There's plenty of other games in the woodworks that we're keeping an eye on whose devs have not announced clear plans, so be sure to check back often to see if any of your favorite titles are having holiday celebrations worth returning for. 


Fortnite- Survive the Holidays


Both Fornite's traditional format and its seemingly more popular Battle Royale mode, are receiving some obligatory holiday updates as well. There are significantly less substantial updates for the Battle Royale mode, so let's get them out of the way first. 

Battle Royale Mode

Battle Royale is seeing some new, albeit temporary, additions, like the snowball grenade launcher and the battle bus. There will also be emotes added in for your emotional expression enjoyment.

Save the World Mode

There are honestly a ton of various additions, small and large, to the Save the World Mode, so if you want to see them all, then check out the link. Otherwise, some of the highlights are below.

  • There is a whole new event centered around the Holiday Survival update. working your way through said event promises to reward you with a ton of goodies. 
  • \n
  • Mini-bosses have been significantly upgraded. There are new variants of the Husk, Husky and Smasher. And you can also find them in a wider variety of modes. Along with their increased difficulty, there are new and improved rewards for successfully defeating them.
  • \n
  • Survive the Storm now has 3-day and 7-day variants. There's also a new winter-themed map. You can also expect mini-bosses to drop on days 3 and 7.
  • \n
  • 4 new holiday-themed heroes: \n
    • Sarah Claus: Alchemist.
    • \n
    • Blitzen BASE Kyle: Warden
    • \n
    • Snow Stalker Jonesy: Demolisher
    • \n
    • Fragment Flurry Jess: Reclaimer
    • \n
  • \n
  • New Weapons\n
    • Including 3 Wintery Weapons:\n
      • Ralphie's Revenge: a low damage, high crit multiplier sniper rifle
      • \n
      • Frostbite: water sniper rifle that gets headshot streak bonuses
      • \n
      • Snowball Launcher: Snowballs ensare enemies in their tracks.
      • \n
    • \n
    • And a new set of "vacuum tube" weapons that use energy cells to deal nature damage, ie electrical damage with stunning effects, including:\n
      • Sniper Rifle, Auto Pistol, Revolver, Assault Rifle, Shotgun, Ball Lightning Launcher
      • \n
      • Axe, Sword, and Spear
      • \n
    • \n
  • \n
  • You can also now upgrade your heroes' rarity.
  • \n

World of Warcraft- Feast of Winter Veil


Yes, dear folks. It's time to talk about the infamous MMORPG World of Warcraft and their Winter Veil characters that are legally distinct from traditional Christmas characters by being combinations of said characters, like Greatfather Winter, who is definitely not Grandfather Time and Santa combined. Or the Abominable Greench, who is definitely not a combination of Bigfoot and Dr.Seuss' Cat from How the Cat Stole Christmas!


For this holiday season, WoW has a handful of various quests to help keep you busy in addition to the other stuff you might have going on in-game. 


Winter Veil Bosses


Throughout Azeroth, there will be bosses that are also in the holiday spirit. Beating these bosses with their special hats will give you access to their hats forever. That's right folks, you can have these chintzy holiday hats forever!


Greatfather Winter Needs Cookies and Milk


Greatfather Winter has been very busy and due to the amount of busy he has been, he needs a lot of milk and cookies. And he's recruiting you-- from Ironforge or Orgrimmar-- to go and get them for him.


Smookywood's Pastures and the Case of the Missing Shipment


A shipment has gone missing, suspected of being stolen. All we have to go on currently are rumors of Abominable Greench sightings.


Metzen Kidnapped


Metzen to reindeer has been kidnapped. The jinglepocket goblins in Ironforge and Orgrimmar have been contacted by the kidnappers, so seeking them out first should be your #1 priority.




There are also several special holiday treats added for your entertainment:

  • The Smokywood Pastures goblins have created Wintervolt machines that can change your character's colors for up to 30 minutes. What color you'll receive is anyone's guess. It's not a glitch, it's a feature.
  • \n
  • Innkeepers have surely all gotten in the holiday spirit. Maybe kissing under the mistletoe will cause something special to happen...
  • \n
  • Where you find Santa Greatfather Winter you too are also sure to find his legendary snowmen compatriots. 
  • \n
  • Early on December 25th, coincidentally the same day as Christmas in our world, the Smokywood Pasture goblins will be busy rewarding all the adventurer's with presents underneath trees throughout the land. But you best hurry, no one's names are written on them. First come, first serve.
  • \n
And More!

In addition to all of the above quests and various interesting rewards. There will be pets, toys, consumables, recipes, and achievements. For a full list of everything you can expect, check here


Header obtained from Nachomolina.




Unlike many of the games on this list, Paladins' holiday content is relatively meager. But it's the holiday season and developers seem to feel obligated to make holiday content for their persistent world games. So let's see what we've got.

Evie's Merry Mayhem Sale

First, each day from December 19 to December 26 will have a different chest on sale. Sadly, the devs are keeping the "chest of the day" a secret until the day it's actually available and the page where its supposed to be updated hasn't been done in a timely manner. With that being said, I'd suggest just checking out the in-game store.

Paladin Holiday Calendar

Paladins is also having a so-called "Holiday Calendar". Each day on their official Twitter account they will post a new link to a new trivia question. Answering the trivia question properly will enter you into a raffle to be one of a handful of people that can earn that particular day's reward.


NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Blazing


You might be saying to yourself,"Wait, I didn't know they celebrated Christmas in leaf village." Well, quit asking questions, because there are cute child versions of Sasuke and Itachi and you don't want them to get taken awake just because of your needless questions, do you? 

Login Bonuses

Over the course of the event, which ends on December 30th, there will be login bonuses of ninja pearls, ramen, and scrolls.

Summoning Banner

The aforementioned child Sasuke and Itachi dressed in Christmas costumes will be available in their own summoning event until December 25.

Impact Mission

There will also be a new Impact mission called "Impact! The Moon Goddess” featuring Kaguya Otsutsuki. Based on the epic battle from the anime, this event will run until January 11. After clearing all of the associated stages, you will be able to get “Kaguya Otsutsuki/ Founding Goddess★5”.


The “Blazing Festival Haru&Rai” will also be running until December 29 and will feature “Sakura Haruno/Sheer Diligence” and “Kakashi Hatake/Entrusted with Hope” both of whom are potentially useful units in the aforementioned Impact Mission.

Training Grounds: NEW PvP Mode

A new PvP mode, called Training Grounds, will be added to the game, which will allow you to play against your friends.

50 Free Ninja Pearls

Lastly, if you want some free ninja pearls, then you can like the associated Facebook post and rake in all of the pearls once, or if, it hits 20k.




Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp- Holiday Event


Animal Crossing is a series that is all about lowkey interactions. You live your life, make friends, build up a house. It's somewhat mundane by the bombastic, power fantasy standards that most games adhere to. And it's for this reason that Animal Crossing's somewhat simple holiday events are befitting.

Holiday Furniture

First, there will be holiday furniture that you can craft for your humble abode. This furniture can only be made during the event, which runs until December 26th, and requires the use of candy canes. Candy canes can be obtained by fulfilling the requests of your Animal Campers, or by playing shovelstrike. Don't worry about the end date, however, as long as you start crafting your furniture prior to the 26, then you will be fine.


You can craft:

  • Festive bow tree
  • \n
  • Three ball snowman
  • \n
  • Jingle fence
  • \n
  • And more!
  • \n
Santa Wardrobe

You can also unlock different pieces of a Santa outfit wardrobe by completing timed goals. The first piece, a Santa hat, will be unlocked merely by logging into the game during the event. The other pieces you must unlock:

  • Santa Coat
  • \n
  • Santa Skirt
  • \n
  • Santa Pants
  • \n
  • Santa Boots
  • \n

Fire Emblem Heroes - Winter's Envoy


To celebrate the holiday season, Fire Emblem Heroes is bringing a new, holiday-themed banner that features a quartet of characters from Fire Emblem Awakening: Lissa, Chrom, Male Robin, and Tharja. All of whom are armored characters in Holiday theme garb.


The banner brings along with it the usual daily orb login bonus that lasts for 10 days until the banner ends on January 1st. There is also a trio of paralogue missions that are available on all 3 difficulties with each rewarding an orb. Lastly, there will be special missions available for each of the lunatic versions of the paralogue missions, with each rewarding an orb. All in all, via missions and login bonuses there are a total of 25 orbs up for grabs. 


Destiny 2's- The Dawning


Running from December 19th to January 9th, Destiny 2's event starts and ends later than many of its peers. In this yearly winter-themed holiday festival that heralds in the new year, there will be a number of different in-game items you can obtain to help put you in the holiday spirit.

Snowballs of War

In the Tower and the Farm, there will be snowballs scattered around which you can tag your friends with. In Strikes, these same snowballs can be used to stun enemies and deal damage.

It's Mayhem in The Crucible

The popular Crucible mode, first introduced in Destiny 1's The Taken King expansion, is seeing a return. This mode has abilities recharging much faster and makes kills and other actions worth more points. It's unclear whether or not Mayhem will be sticking around after the holiday event is over.

Holiday Shopping

Each of the 3 weeks of the event, Tess will have new Dawning themed items. Over the course of the event, all of the exotic Dawning themed items-- ships, ghost, sparrow, emote-- and every Dawning-themed legendary armor piece will be available at her store.

Other Goodies As Well

There will be milestones you can accomplish during the Dawning for both strikes and the Crucible's Mayhem mode.


There will also be new consumables that give boosts to everyone else you are playing with.


You can also pick up a Dawning gift schematic from the Bazaar. Crafting and gifting said schematic can give you a number of potential gifts in return. You can repeat this daily. 


League of Legends Snowdown


Runs from December 13 to January 1. 

Champion Skins

There are going to be 3 new champion skins: Ambitious Elf Jinx, Santa Draven, and Snow Fawn Poppy. Each one will set you back 1350 RP.

Naughty or Nice Missions

There are also Naughty or Nice mission variants that will be available during the Snowdown Showdown event. These missions will also have exclusive rewards such as emotes, limited-time poro skins. The website also teases "and more", but never specifies what that might be. Once you complete the “Be Naughty” or “Be Nice” mission, the other path and its rewards disappear. You’ll earn the Dravenbread emote for completing the Naughty missions and Braumbread emote for the Nice ones. Only matchmade games count for missions.


During the event, you will also be able to gift your friends a Santa Baron 2017 icon for 1,000 blue essence. While you cannot buy this icon for yourself, you can self-mystery gift champions or skins to yourself.

Snowdown Capsules
Stock up on Snowdown Capsules for a limited time. Inside you’ll find two or more random skin shards, a guaranteed Epic+ skin shard, bonus Orange Essence, and an increased chance for bonus skin shards and/or a gemstone.
Grab new emotes and flash them all year! If you already own the Re-Gifted Amumu, Snowbells, or Poro Snax Lover icons, their corresponding emotes will automatically appear in your collection. Missed out on these hard-earned emotes last year? You can grab them for a limited time with gemstones.
New Game Mode: Snow Battle Arurf
This holiday-themed reimagining of ARURF features League's coolest champions.
Poro icons and their corresponding skins will return for both game modes. And all Snowdown and winter-themed skins will be free to play in this game mode.

Elder Scrolls Online's New Life Festival


As of December 14th, Elder Scrolls Online will be celebrating its in-universe holiday: the New Life Festival. Much like our world's New Year's festivals, the New Life Festival celebrates the end of one year and the beginning of another. This event will run until January 2.

Joining The Festivities

According to ESO's official website,"In order to join the festivities, acquire the free New Life Festival Scroll from the Crown Store. Use the scroll to find the New Life Herald Breda in a tent just south of Windhelm, Eastmarch. She will give you the initial quest, “The New Life Festival", which will unlock a series of nine uniquely festive daily quests."

Bonus XP

Each of the 9 unique quests represents the festivities of one of the nine races. Completing one of these quests for the first time will unlock Breda's Bottomless Mead Mug, which will confer a 100% XP boost for 2 hours; this boost can stack with other boosts. In addition to the mug, you will also receive a New Life Festival Gift Box.

New Life Festival Gift Box Goodies

While these usually give assorted random items, like crafting materials, consumable mementos, and Wolfsbane Incense (the Skinchanger style item), this time they will also have a small chance to impart rare items:

  • Skinchanger Motif chapters
  • \n
  • New Life recipes
  • \n
  • New Life collectibles:\n
    • Sword-Swallower's Blade memento
    • \n
    • Juggler's Knives memento
    • \n
    • Fire-Breather's Torches memento
    • \n
    • Mud Ball Pouch memento
    • \n
    • Nordic Bather's Towel costume
    • \n
    • Colovian Filigreed Hood hat
    • \n
    • Colovian Fur Hood hat
    • \n
  • \n
  • A wide variety of lights, lamps, and lanterns for your home to celebrate the Signal Fire Sprint
  • \n
  • Roguish Draughts of Stealth and Escape to celebrate the Trial of Five-Clawed Guile
  • \n
Holiday Furnishings

Lastly, there will be some new home customizations you can purchase to get it into fit shape for the holiday mood, both of which can be purchased from Heralda Garscroft, the Holiday Achievement Furnisher.

  • The New Life Bonfire – Costs 10,000 gold; available once you complete the “Snow Bare Plunge" achievement
  • \n
  • The New Life Celebrant's Standard – Costs 2,500 gold; Available once you complete the “New Life Celebrant" achievement
  • \n

If you're curious to know some extra specifics, like the few places that bonus XP does not apply, then feel free to check out the official blog post, here.


Rocket League Frosty Fest CHristmas and Holiday Event


Rocket League's Frosty Fest will start December 11 and run through January 2. This event will work similarly to the Halloween event in that it will have its own currency -- and this time, it will be Snowflakes.


Snowflakes will be earned by playing matches and can be used to buy event items, decryptors, and the new Frosty Fest event crate (as of this writing, no details were offered on specific rewards).


Note: the stand-alone items you can buy are not the same items that will be available in the crate. The Frosty Fest event crate will be available as an occasional drop after matches, purchasable using snowflakes, or available using real-world money.


Call of Duty: WWII -- Winter Siege Holiday Event


While previous Holiday events took place in Infinite Warfare, the new title has been released and as such, all the Winter related content will be taking place in Call of Duty: World War II. This event will run from December 8 to January 2.


The Winter Siege Holiday event will feature:

  • Double XP Playlists
  • \n
  • A new map: Winter Carentan (free for the duration of the event)
  • \n
  • A new game mode: Gun Game
  • \n
  • One free Winter Supply Drop each week that contains winter gear. 
  • \n

There will also be five free new weapons that you can unlock by completing special orders (presumably missions or goals) during the siege. Each weapon has its own variants and collection rewards. The trailer details three guns: the Gewher 43, the Sten, and the GPMG. It also seems to imply that there will be 2 new melee weapons: a pickaxe and a knife that has brass knuckles on the handle. 




Splatoon 2 Christmas and Holiday Updates


For the holidays, Splatoon 2 is having another Splatfest, which pits two ideas against one another and forces you to vote for them by playing for them. 


In one corner, we have ugly holiday sweaters weighing in at way too many because they've become an ironic trend that's intriguing yet only mildly entertaining for like one day a year -- so it's really not worth it.


In the other corner, we have ugly holiday socks. The underdog that most people don't even remember exist until that one cousin who is way too comfortable at your house takes off his shoes and takes the phrase, "Make yourself at home" a little too seriously.


In addition to the Splatfest, there was a recent update at the end of November that added new maps, gear, and quality of life features like swapping gear between matches. Later in December there will also be a new game mode added, which has not yet been detailed. 


Interestingly, in Japan, this competition is winter outerwear vs winter innerwear. And in Europe, it is films vs books. While it makes sense that ugly holiday sweaters and socks are Amero-centric, at least Japan is still centered around the winter season. But films vs books?


SMITE Christmas and Holiday Chest


From what we can tell, SMITE doesn't seem to be throwing any large event this year. However, they do have the Holiday Chest returning. 


Perhaps what makes SMITE's Holiday Chest stand out amongst other similar chests offered for other similar titles is that the devs are donating $1 to the Child's Play charity for every chest purchased. 


The Holiday chest costs 400 gems (roughly $8) and has 15 different items available. 12 skins -- 10 returning and 2 new -- along with a snowman ward, a winter loading frame, and a snowman avatar. The two new skins are Ice Mage Agni and Snow Day Scylla, pictured above. 


Overwatch Christmas and Holiday Event: Return to Winter Wonderland


Overwatch, Blizzard's preeminent character-based shooter, celebrates most holidays and this year is no different with the Return to Winter Wonderland celebration.


Hanzo, Junkrat, and Roadhog are confirmed to be receiving skins, but there will also be other legendary skins. However, at this time, the developer is playing coy and wants to "leave surprises for you when you log into the game". 

Seasonal Maps

King's Row, Hanamora, The Black Forest arena map. Mei's Global Snowball Offensive is still available in Antartica and now in Black Forest as well. 

New Novelty Game Mode: Mei's Yeti Hunt

Asymmetrical "boss" fight. One team has five Mei's and the other team has one Winston starring as the Yeti. Takes place in Nepal Village.


At the start of this map, the Mei's are hunting down Winston. Winston, however, is searching for powerups, which put him into a primal rage mode once he has obtained enough of them. If Winston manages to get into primal rage mode, then the hunted becomes the hunter and the five Mei's are then tasked with escaping the map. 


It's that time of year, ya' know, the time of year where everyone keeps starting their holiday articles with "It's that time of year". Yeah, that time. It's during this time that Christmas washes over everything and paints it a green and red veneer. Half the radio stations are playing Christmas music. Half the TV channels are showing Christmas movies. It's insurmountable size only continues to grow, not to be outdone by ol' Saint Nick's waistline.


And now, the video game industry has succumbed, too. Not just to the Black Friday gift giving craze, but also to the arbitrarily dress-up-your-favorite-characters-in-Christmas-clothes craze. It's wonderful, it's terrible, it's all encompassing. But most of all, it's profitable overwhelming, just like everything else about the season. That's why we're here with a compendium of all the holiday-oriented video game events going on this season. Let's jump into the list.

Best Free-to-Play PC Games Released in 2017 Mon, 13 Nov 2017 16:12:07 -0500 Brandon Janeway

This year gave us some amazing games, including a handful of free-to-play games for PC. We came up with 7 games that we think are the best free-to-play PC games released in 2017. 

Hand of the Gods

Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics is for anyone who is a fan of Hearthstone or who wants to play a strategic card game. Mixing the style of SMITE with that of turned-based card games, the game itself is free and only has players pay for additional content if they want to. Additional content comes in the form of card packs and exclusive items, but otherwise, the game can be played without spending a penny. Hand of the Gods is available here.


Fortnite is a co-op multiplayer survival game with PvE and PvP modes. The PvE campaign requires payment, but Fortnite is at its best in its PvP survival mode. This is a 100-person battle royale on a single map, with unique combat mechanics and environmental features. The PvP alone makes it a great game. You can play Fortnite here.


Dauntless is a co-op, action role-playing game where players team up to battle fearsome monsters and reap rewards. You can craft powerful weapons from your hunts and use them to take down your next kill. There are numerous weapon types to chose from, and the grim setting does a lot for the game's atmosphere. Dauntless is currently in open access, and you can access it here.

Total War: ARENA

If you are looking for a strategy game that utilizes team mechanics, Total War: ARENA should be on your radar. It thrusts two teams onto an ancient battlefield to take part in large-scale warfare. Your team will need to make use of all its resources in order to take down the enemy army. Total War: ARENA is available in early access here.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a new action-oriented MMO with a beautiful fantasy setting. The game utilizes a non-targeting combat system and a quarter-view angle to intensify the action and provide a more dynamic feel. If you are a fan of Diablo, or if you're looking for a new MMO, this game may be for you. You can play Lost Ark here

Black Squad

If you want a free-to-play first-person shooter, then check out Black Squad. The game has a standard premise of CIA vs terrorist cell, but it's a nice break from typical first-person shooters. Black Squad is very free-to-play friendly and very easy to jump into, even if you have never played an FPS before.

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game

If you are a fan of The Witcher franchise, then GWENT may be calling your name. A strategy-based card game set in the fantasy world of The Witcher, GWENT has a promising eSports field and deep mechanics that allow for a lot of player freedom. The game is currently in open beta, and you can access it here.

These were our top picks for the best free-to-play PC games released in 2017. Let us know in the comments what free-to-play game you are playing this year.


7 Best Podcasts for CCG Players Sat, 15 Jul 2017 03:44:33 -0400 ActionJ4ck

The world of collectible card games--both online and off--runs deep, and it can be hard to stay abreast of everything going on in Magic: the Gathering, Hearthstone, Yu-Gi-Oh, etc. Luckily, there are scores of podcasts out there to help you get your CCG fix delivered straight to your earbuds. But with so many to choose from, it can be hard to find out which ones are worth your time. So we here at GameSkinny have compiled a list (in no particular order) of the best gaming podcasts to listen to for CCG players.

Amidst these podcasts with a variety of hosts covering a variety of games for both competitive and expert players, you are sure to find something you'll enjoy! 

1. The Angry Chicken

Games covered: Hearthstone

This Hearthstone-focused podcast is hosted by the very likable trio of Garrett Weinzierl, William "Dills" Gregory, and Jocelyn Moffett, who possess an excellent combination of expertise on gameplay, Warcraft lore, and the competitive scene.

Their topics typically involve the latest Hearthstone news and the current state of the metagame. The hosts' extensive knowledge of the game really shows in the depth of their conversations, and it's a definite recommendation for serious Hearthstone fans. The Angry Chicken updates every Tuesday.

Learn more about The Angry Chicken right here.

2. Legend of the Innkeeper

Games covered: Hearthstone

While The Angry Chicken focuses on in-depth conversations, Legend of the Innkeeper is about helping newer and casual players learn more about Hearthstone and improve their game. It is also a great alternative for Hearthstone players who find The Angry Chicken's topics to be a bit over their head. 

Hosts Vastidious and Espo's passion also shine through on their (roughly) weekly stream on Twitch, which can be seen below.

Check out Legend of the Innkeeper here.

3. Magic: the Gathering Drive to Work Podcast

Games covered: (mostly) Magic: the Gathering

My personal favorite on this list, the Magic: the Gathering Drive to Work Podcast follows MtG Head Designer Mark Rosewater discussing various topics related to Magic: the Gathering and beyond as he drives to work in the morning.

The subjects of his 40 or so minute monologues can be as broad as the various planes of the multiverse or as focused as the impacts of tweaking the frame of a Magic card. Rosewater is very open about the challenges and intricacies of game design, so it's an especially intriguing podcast for those interested in game development or who want to see more of what goes into the making of Magic: the Gathering. Wizards of the Coast -- the company that owns MtG -- uploads two podcasts every Friday, both centered on a different topic.

Learn more about the Magic: the Gathering Drive to Work Podcast here. 

4. MTG Pro Tutor

Games covered: Magic: the Gathering

For a more community-focused MtG podcast, check out MTG Pro Tutor. Every Tuesday and Friday, host Shaun Penrod interviews a different professional Magic player on topics ranging from their start in the game to their preferred strategies.

Penrod and his guests are obviously incredibly knowledgeable about the game and frequently drop tips and advice for both casual and competitive Magic players.

Check out MTG Pro Tutor right here. 

5. TCG Buzz

Games covered: Any TCG, but with a focus on tabletop

Despite being a relatively new show, TCG Buzz is an excellent podcast choice for CCG enthusiasts thanks to the wider range of games covered by hosts Dalton and Jacob, who give off a genuine just-buddies-that-love-talking-card-games kind of vibe.

The pair tends to favor discussing tabletop card games such as Future Card Buddyfight and Yu-Gi-Oh rather than online games, which will probably feel like a breath of fresh card smell to those still faithful to physical cards. Though the podcast updates a tad infrequently--usually 2-4 weeks between episodes--their Youtube channel frequently updates with card matches and other content. 

You can find more TCG Buzz here.

6. 2 Turns Ahead

Games covered: HEX: Shards of Fate

Hosts Michael "Zubrin" Allen and Nikolas "Pentachills" Podrasky -- as well as a third, rotating guest -- discuss anything and everything related to HEX: Shards of Fate.

As admins for popular Hex site FiveShards, the group certainly knows the game well, and their close relationship with developer HEX Entertainment sometimes earns them exclusive scoops about upcoming card reveals and expansions, making it the ideal podcast for any HEX fan.

2 Turns Ahead updates weekly on varying days.

Check out 2 Turns Ahead right here. 

7. Commander's Horn

Games covered: GWENT

Hosts Dane "McBeard" and Josh "Greyboxer" provide insightful discussions into the latest patches, deck lists, and metagame strategies for the increasingly popular Witcher card game. Commander's Horn will also include the occasional guest, ranging from members of the GWENT development team to prominent streamers and community members. In addition to their weekly podcast, both McBeard and Greyboxer are also frequent Twitch streamers themselves. 

Listen to Commander's Horn here. 

Honorable Mention: The Secret Cabal

Games covered: All tabletop games

The Secret Cabal Gaming Podcast also have their own YouTube channel of the same name. Here they post reviews to tabletop games as well as great jokes by Steve.Though The Secret Cabal technically covers all tabletop games--not just CCGs--the hosting group's exceptional chemistry and good humor earn this podcast an honorable mention, especially for players whose tabletop interests are not just limited to card games.

Find out more about The Secret Cabal here.

Hopefully, you've now found a new podcast (or eight) to help you satisfy your CCG thirst while you're away from the playmat/keyboard. Feel free to let us know what you think of these podcasts in the comments section below, or suggest any great ones that you think we missed. And don't forget to stay tuned to GameSkinny for everything related to Hearthstone, GWENT, MtG, etc. 

Everything to Know About the GWENT Weather Update Fri, 16 Jun 2017 15:53:26 -0400 ActionJ4ck

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game just received some major balance changes in the form of the Weather Update. So major, in fact, that CD Projekt Red dolled out tweaks to nearly a quarter of all the game's cards. Some changes are as simple as a Power boost of 1, while others could shake up the metagame as we know it.

Though news of these drastic changes may instill you with the sense of fear and dread normally reserved for seeing Ragh nar Roog out at the start of a round, just relax. We know you have a lot of questions, but we're here to help.

Which cards got nerfed and which cards got buffed?

Quite a few, actually. You can check out the entire list of tweaks on CD Projekt Red's forums. But below, we'll summarize some of the key changes that players will want to keep an eye on, ordered alphabetically by card.

  • Clan Brokvar Hunter now has Regressing and lost Veteran.
  • Clan an Craite Warcrier now Weakens self by 1 (previously 2) for each Unit affected.
  • Drought's damage has been lowered from 3 to 2.
  • King of Beggars now possesses Regressing, meaning his Strengthen will no longer persist when placed back in the hand, deck, or graveyard.
  • Nithral now only increases Frost damage on the opponent's side.
  • Priscilla will now be shuffled back into the deck rather than placed at the bottom of it.
  • Queensguard no longer has Veteran and its Power has been reduced from 3 to 2.
  • Ragh Nar Roog's damage has been lowered from 3 to 2.
  • Reaver Hunter has been nerfed so that it now has a power of only 4 (previously 6) and will no longer buff Reaver Hunters in the player's graveyard.
  • Roach's Power has been dropped to 4 and will now only be played from the deck when the player plays a Gold Unit from their hand.
  • Savage Bear's Power has been increased from 4 to 6, but his ability will now be triggered after played Units activate their Deploy abilities. 
  • Vicavaro Medic now has Doomed.
  • Wyvern no longer has Brave and its damage has been increased to 3.

So where does that leave the GWENT metagame now?

Well that's hard to say, what with the patch being up only two days now. Right now the consensus among players seems to be that Monster decks have the all-around strongest potential right now, with Dagon Fog Monsters being a particularly strong deck choice. Meanwhile, Skellige Axeman decks with Savage Bears seem to be doing well -- even despite the nerfs to Clan Brokvar Hunter.

On the flip side of the coin, the nerfs to Reaver Hunter is seen by many as the nail in the coffin for Northern Realms decks, leaving them almost entirely outclassed. Likewise, many of the stronger Nilfgaaard cards appear to have been generally weakened.

That all being said, we will likely be seeing a lot of new deck types and combos over the coming weeks as players have more time to wrap their minds around these changes and formulate new strategies. Expect to see some classic decks fall and new ones rise as the dust settles around this patch.

Oh no, all of my best cards got nerfed to oblivion! I'm ruined!

Perhaps, but not all hope is lost. Until June 18th, the nice guys at CD Projekt Red are letting players mill some of the newly nerfed cards for extra Scraps, so hopefully you can still pick up the pieces of your shattered dreams and cobble them together into something not totally worthless. The list of cards that this bonus applies to can be found on CD Projekt Red's forums

It's also worth noting that players who spent real money on Card Kegs will receive 30 Scraps per Keg bought as compensation for all the changes taking place with this update.

That should be all you need to know to jump back into GWENT after the Weather Update. Be sure to keep checking in with GameSkinny for GWENT guides news, and more.

Gwent for Newbies: How to Build a Pure Damage Skellige Deck Thu, 15 Jun 2017 16:02:42 -0400 LuckyJorael

Gwent, the card game from CD Projeckt Red, released in open beta three weeks ago -- and it’s made a splash with digital card game lovers around the globe. There are lots of factions, decks, and playstyles for fans to try their hands at, and a number of different strategies that will help you dominate your opponents.

We’ve already talked about the Monster faction and their two favorite styles, and the Skellige faction’s penchant for bringing units back from the graveyard.  Today, we’ll go over the best Skellige cards to deal out more damage than your opponent can take.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a guide to get you top-ranked in the leaderboards, and it isn’t an explanation of how to play.  If you need help with that, you can check out our Gwent beginner’s guide to get started on the right foot.

How to Build a Pure Damage Deck for the Skellige Faction in Gwent

Damage is nothing to sneeze at in any card game.  If you can deal out enough damage to your opponent’s units, you’ll constantly have the upper hand and leave your opponent scrambling. With that in mind, I built a deck to make sure your opponent can’t place, boost, or strengthen units fast enough to keep up with you.

Here's my damage decklist up front, using Harald the Cripple as the leader:

  • Gold (4/4)
    • Hjalmar
    • Madman Lugos
    • Triss Merigold
    • Vabjorn
  • Silver (6/6)
    • Iris
    • Manticore Venom
    • Merigold’s Hailstorm
    • Myrgtabrakke
    • Prize-Winning Cow
    • White Frost
  • Bronze (15)
    • Berserker Marauder x3
    • Clan Brokuar Archer x3
    • Clan Tuirseach Axeman x3
    • Savage Bear x3
    • Swallow Potion x3

Harald the Cripple is an amazing leader for damage. Once he comes in, he’ll do 5 damage to any non-Gold on the board -- and if that kills that unit, he’ll do 4 damage, repeating the process with one less damage each time if he kills whatever you deal damage to. When set up correctly, Harald can take out 5 creatures on your opponent’s side, reducing their overall Strength by a whopping 15!

Hjalmar is a massive gold, but spawns a 5-Strength Lord of Undvik on your opponent’s side of the board. Seeing as how this deck is centered around damage, the spawned card shouldn’t be any trouble to deal with -- giving Hjalmar a 10-Strength boost once you do. Madman Lugos makes a return in this deck from the previous Skellige deck; his ability to throw a bronze into your graveyard for damage is great. Your best bets for Lugos are Berserker Marauder or Savage Bear, depending on what you and your opponent have on the board.

Triss Merigold is a fairly basic Gold card, but a valuable one. Seven strength and five damage create a good swing for you. Vabjorn is a fun gold; he’ll kill any damaged unit that’s been reduced to 2 or less Strength, making him a good finisher.

Iris, this deck’s only Disloyal card, creates a nightmare scenario for your opponent. With the damage you can dish out, getting rid of Iris isn’t a problem, so boosting every unit on your side of the board by 3 is fairly easy to do. Myrgtabrakke is a miniature Harald the Cripple that deals 2 damage, 2 damage, then 1 damage. You choose the units to damage -- so you can focus and deal 5 damage or spread the damage out to trigger other cards, like Vabjorn.

Manticore Venom might seem like a situational card, and you’ll want to get 5 enemy units adjacent to each other to make the most out of it, but don’t hesitate to use it on 3 or less units to get rid of problems.

Merigold’s Hailstorm might also seem situational, but the wonderful thing about it is that it ignores armor. Save Hailstorm for situations where an opponent drops down lots of armored units, preventing you from immediately damaging them with other cards.

Keeping with the damage theme, White Frost places down two Frost effects on two separate rows. This is the deck’s only weather effect, but it just compounds the damage you’re already doing with other spells and cards.

Prize-Winning Cow is pretty much the icing on the cake for this deck. With all the damage you’re doing to your opponent, it can be easy to forget that you want to pump up your own strength. Make sure to use Swallow Potion and Iris to boost the cow, and then damage it yourself with Clan Brokvar Archer, Myrgtabrakke, and any other cards you have that don’t specifically target enemy units. Each damage the Cow takes will spawn a 6-Strength Chort, which potentially has 10 Strength if you’re more than 6 behind your opponent. Even if your opponent kills your Cow, you still get a Chort out of it.

Savage Bear gives you free damage to whatever units your opponent puts down, Clan Tuirseach Axeman has 2 armor and gets a Boost every time you damage an enemy unit, Clan Brokvar Archer can damage any unit you want, and Berserker Marauder can be an excellent unit if you’ve damaged a lot of the other side’s units. The focus of your Swallow Potions should be Prize-Winning Cow, but don’t be afraid to use them on other units if you need the extra Strength.

That wraps up our guide to a pure damage Skellige deck in Gwent.  In our next guide, we’ll take a look at Nilfgaard!  In the meantime, what’s your favorite damage card?  Let us know in the comments! And be sure to check out the rest of our Gwent guides for more tips and deck lists.

Gwent for Newbies: How to Build a Skellige Resurrection Deck Wed, 07 Jun 2017 15:59:13 -0400 LuckyJorael

Gwent, the card game from CD Projeckt Red, released in open beta two weeks ago -- and it’s made a splash with digital card game lovers around the globe. There are lots of factions, decks, and playstyles for fans to try their hands at, and a number of different strategies that can lead you to victory.

We’ve already talked about the Monster faction and their two favorite styles: Weather decks and Consume decks, so now we're moving on to the Viking-inspired Skellige faction. Today, we’ll go over the myriad of cards that play off of Skellige’s ability to easily Resurrect units from your graveyard.

Keep in mind, this isn’t a guide to get you top-ranked in the leaderboards, and it isn’t an explanation of how to play. If you need help with that, you can check out our Gwent beginner’s guide to get started on the right foot.

How to Build a Resurrection Deck for the Skellige Faction in Gwent

Resurrection is a great mechanic for any card game.  Who doesn’t want to get their units back from the dead? The Skellige faction capitalizes on this notion by actively sending units to the graveyard by discarding them from your deck or hand, enabling units to grow while in the graveyard, and allowing units to trigger abilities from discarding or resurrecting.

Here's my Resurrection deck list up front, using King Bran as the leader:

  • Gold (4/4)
    • Cerys
    • Ermion
    • Madman Lugos
    • Renew
  • Silver (6/6)
    • Draig Bon-Dhu
    • Holger Blackhand
    • Morkvarg
    • Restore
    • Sigrdrifa
    • Svanrige
  • Bronze (15)
    • Clan An Craite Raider x3
    • Clan Dimun Pirate x3
    • Priestess of Freya x3
    • Queensguard x3
    • War Longship x3

Image Source King Bran

King Bran as the leader gives you three discards from your deck, and strengthens them, to boot – remember, strengthening a unit gives them a new base power, so they can’t be Reset. By discarding units to your graveyard, you set up the rest of your deck. (More on that with specific cards to come later in this guide.)

Image source Cerys

Cerys plays off all the Resurrecting you’re about to do -- her counter will go down whenever you Resurrect something, and if she’s in the graveyard when the counter hits zero, poof! She’s automatically back on the field. Ermion basically lets you mulligan a couple cards for new ones (possibly even golds), with the added benefit of throwing units into your graveyard that you want in there. 

Image source Madman Lugos

Madman Lugos is great for this deck: he’s nothing but beneficial for you, as he pitches a Bronze unit into your graveyard, and deals damage to an enemy unit equal to their base Strength. Clan Dimun Pirate is your best bet here, with 6 Strength -- though he won’t be in your deck if you already played one, due to his ability. Clan An Craite Raider is your next best bet, damage-wise. 

Image source Renew

Renew is a simple choice for this deck, as it lets you take any unit from any graveyard and put it straight into the field (and if Cerys’ timer is at 1, you get a twofer!). You’ll most likely use Renew on your units, unless there’s something spectacular in your opponent’s graveyard – remember to look there, as well!).

Morkvarg is wonderful discard bait, as you just can’t keep him down (until he’s weakened too much), so discarding him is only to your advantage. Sigrdrifa is a 3-Strength version of Renew, limited to your graveyard. Restore isn’t fully in-line with the rest of the deck -- it doesn’t Resurrect, but it does Discard, and nets you a potentially powerful unit from your graveyard to play next turn.

Draig Bon-Dhu sets up units for Resurrect by strengthening them, and Holger Blackhand works much the same, though you have to destroy a unit with his 5-damage attack, first. Svanrige gives you a new card (possibly a gold), and discards a card for you (thanks!). 

Most of the Gold and Silver cards in this deck work with the Bronze cards: three Queensguards are wonderful in your graveyard, as Resurrecting one will get you all three. Clan An Craite Raider refuses to stay dead (and triggers Cerys’ counter). Clan Dimun Pirate throws his fellows into the graveyard, ready for Resurrection. And Priestess of Freya resurrects your dead Bronze units.

Image source War Longship

The final piece to this deck is War Longship. You’re doing all this discarding, after all, and War Longship will reward you for it (above and beyond strengthening units in your graveyard). Every time you Discard a card, War Longship deals 2 damage to a random enemy. The card synergy here is top-notch, and you can expect War Longship to deal some decent damage – if your opponent doesn’t kill it first.

That wraps up our guide to a Resurrect deck in Gwent. In our next guide, we’ll take a look at Skellige’s pure damage potential.  In the meantime, what’s your favorite Skellige unit to throw in the graveyard?  Let us know in the comments!

Gwent for Newbies: How to Build a Consume Deck Thu, 01 Jun 2017 17:20:15 -0400 LuckyJorael

Gwent, the new card game from CD Projekt Red, has just released in open beta -- and it’s already made a splash with digital card game lovers around the globe.  There are lots of factions, decks, and playstyles for fans to try their hands at, and a number of different strategies that can lead you to victory.

We've already talked about how to build a Weather deck for the Monster faction, but that's only one of the two mechanics that you can lean on if you like to do the Monster Mash in Gwent. So this guide will go over how to build a Consume deck to swallow your opponents whole. 

Keep in mind, this isn’t a guide to get you top-ranked in the leaderboards, and it isn’t an explanation of how to play.  If you need help with that, you can check out our Gwent beginner’s guide to get started on the right foot.

How to Build a Consume Deck for the Monster Faction in Gwent

Consume is a fun, flavorful mechanic that really makes you feel like a Monster (in a good way).  Whenever you play a monster with Consume, usually as a Deploy ability, you’ll have to tell it what to eat.  Once you do, whatever the Monster consumes will go to your graveyard (or be banished, if it was already in your graveyard), and your new Monster will be Boosted by the Strength of whatever it ate (with a couple exceptions, which we’ll go over). 

For you impatient types, here’s the Consume Deck list up front, using Unseen Elder as the leader:

  • Gold (4/4)
    • Ciri: Dash
    • Kayran
    • Regis: Higher Vampire
    • Royal Decree
  • Silver (6/6)
    • Giant Toad
    • Grave Hag
    • Katakan
    • Necromancy
    • Olgierd
    • Prize-Winning Cow
  • Bronze (15)
    • Arachas Behemoth x3
    • Celaeno Harpy x3
    • Ekimmara x3
    • Ghoul x3
    • Nekker x3

Source: Unseen Elder

Let’s explain my choices here.  Unseen Elder as the leader gives you a unit that won’t go down to Scorch, even though he’s going to have one of the biggest Strengths on the board.  Additionally, his ability specifically states that he’s Strengthened, not Boosted, so his new Strength isn’t affected by abilities that Reset units. 

Kayran is similar, but he’ll eat something from your hand.  If you don’t mind losing another Gold from your hand, Ciri: Dash is probably your best bet, since she’ll just get stronger and go back into your deck, anyway.  With that in mind, you can use Royal Decree to pull out any of your three Gold units. But Ciri: Dash will probably be your best choice, especially if you save it until round 3, where she should have bounced out of your graveyard at least once already.

Source: Kayran

Regis: Higher Vampire is a great first-round pick, as he can immediately get rid of a decent bronze from your opponent’s deck -- but be careful using him against Skellige decks, as they like to pull things out of their graveyard. 

Source: Ciri: Dash

Katakan and Ghoul both like to eat the dead, but it’s Grave Hag you need to use at the right time.  She eats everything in your graveyard, but only gets boosted by 1 for each unit consumed -- so she’s a better second- or third-round pick, and only after you’ve sent out ghouls and Katakan. 

Source: Regis: Higher Vampire

The only other strange option is Giant Toad. You can use him as a budget Kayran, eating Ciri: Dash, and drawing a card (even Ciri again, if you’re ridiculously lucky!). 

Finally, we have all the cards that support the Consume mechanic.  Olgierd is fun to use during the second and third rounds, as he keeps coming back to get eaten.  Prize-Winning Cow isn’t used to its full potential in this deck, but it’s a really good boost to your overall Strength.  If you play it right, you can get 10 points off of consuming the cow and spawning the resulting Chort

Arachas Behemoth spawns Arachas whenever you Consume something, and takes a damage each time -- but the rounds should be short enough that you won’t kill it.  Similarly, Nekker loves to see others use Consume, and grows everywhere except in the graveyard.  You’ll want to try to only play one Nekker at a time, since you’ll always summon another when the first one dies. 

Lastly, we have Celaeno Harpy, which spawns two Harpy Eggs.  Consume the eggs, and your unit will get boosted by 6 -- not 1 -- and a Harpy pops out.  If you get lucky, the Harpy will spawn next to a Nekker or another Harpy Egg, netting you another Nekker or another Harpy!

That wraps up our guide for creating a Consume deck in Gwent. In our next guide, we’ll take a look at Skellige’s strategies and main themes!  In the meantime, what’s your favorite tactic to use for a Monster deck?  Let us know in the comments!

Hearthstone to Gwent: A Guide to Mechanics for Transitioning Players Wed, 31 May 2017 12:28:53 -0400 Craig Snyder

If it wasn't for Hearthstone, Gwent probably wouldn't be the public beta success that it is right now. Until Hearthstone's release in 2013, card games were not terribly prominent in the mainstream gaming community, and they were mostly shunned as a niche that a lot of gamers didn't really care about or take seriously. But that's all changing now.

Many professional Hearthstone players, like Lifecoach, have come out and said that Gwent is the better game. Is it? Can the two even be compared? Hearthstone and Gwent are two completely different games, and I'd argue that the most significant similarity between the two is the simple fact that each game uses cards and decks to face off with an opponent. Other than that, they're two completely different CCG experiences. If you're a Hearthstone player trying to transition over to Gwent, here are some of the most important differences you're going to encounter.

The Goal (Or Win Condition)

In Hearthstone, you win a game by depleting your opponent's health to 0. Gwent takes on a much more traditional and simple approach. Whereas Hearthstone cards have multiple elements to them, you're only really looking at a single number on a Gwent card -- and that number effectively is a score of "points" that you're gaining by playing the card. If your opponent has a 7 and a 5 on board, you immediately know that if you play less than 12 points worth of cards, you're losing.

There's no health total in Gwent -- and unlike Hearthstone, there are three rounds to a match. The multiple rounds are what prevent it from being strategically optimal to just dump as many cards as you can from your hand onto the board.

No Mana Pool

Hearthstone cards' associated cost is mana. Mana does not exist in Gwent, but there's still an associated cost. On your very first turn in Gwent, you can play your most powerful card. Deck and hand size are also resources in Hearthstone, but it's the main resource in a Gwent match.

Knowing how to win a round by the smallest margin while retaining the largest hand size is key to becoming great at this game.

Passing is a Core Mechanic

Passing a turn in Hearthstone usually only occurs if you don't have any cards available to play at your current mana total, or if you already have a sufficient enough commitment to the board from the previous turn. In Gwent, I'd argue that passing is probably the core mechanic that makes the game so much more complex and strategic than Hearthstone.

In Gwent, passing a round is effectively forfeiting all remaining turns and allowing your opponent to play cards to their heart's content. Passing while you're ahead means you're unwilling to commit any further to the board and you're challenging your opponent to match you, and passing while you're behind is a forfeiture of that round.

The tug-of-war that goes on through each round of Gwent is gauging if your opponent has committed more than they should have, and if conceding a round to them will give you a resource advantage going into the next two rounds.

Deckbuilding is Different

In Hearthstone, we knows decks as being able to have duplicates of all non-Legendary cards (whereas we can only have singles of Legendaries). Gwent is very different and consists of three card types:

  • Bronze: up to 3 of each, 15 total
  • Silver: 1 of each, 6 total
  • Gold: 1 of each, 4 total

This means that no matter what, at the very least your deck will consist of 10 single copies of cards. However, should you choose to have a deck of 25 cards (as you can have up to 40), having three of a single Bronze card means that over 10% of your deck consists of that one card. That's incredibly more consistent than Hearthstone and allows for a gameplay experience that feels relatively similar each game.

Complimenting this is the fact that Gwent games start off with players having 10 cards in their hand, not three or four like in Hearthstone. The design of your deck in Gwent is arguably much more meaningful than in Hearthstone due to these factors.

RNG Isn't Brutal

In Hearthstone, if your opponent plays Knife Juggler on turn #2 and then two cards on turn #3, one of two things is going to happen:

  1. Your early-game minions are going to get sniped and you completely lose board control (and probably then the game).
  2. You're going to get lucky and then you can effectively trade your minions into your opponent's low-value minions and overwhelm them due to their small hand size.

In Gwent, you don't live and die by RNG. RNG is a small element of the game that can definitely effect the outcome, but cards aren't going to have such overbearing random effects that games will be entirely decided by them.

A good example is Reinforced Trebuchet. Every turn, this card will remove 1 strength from a random non-Gold enemy unit. Removing strength from on-board units and completely killing off an early-game minion, as Knife Juggler does in Hearthstone, are extremely different. Gwent's style of RNG is more conducive to feeling like your game experience wasn't just completely ruined by some card with a random effect.


As you can see, Hearthstone and Gwent is kind of an "apples and oranges" situation. They're both card games, but other than that you're going to see some pretty extreme differences. And if you're making the transition from Hearthstone to this new Witcher 3-inspired CCG, you'll want to take special notes of the mechanical discrepancies so you don't find yourself on the losing end of a match.

Need some help getting started in the game? Check out these other Gwent guides to help you get started:

Gwent for Newbies: How to Build a Weather Monster Deck Tue, 30 May 2017 18:17:05 -0400 LuckyJorael

Gwent, the new card game from CD Projekt Red, has just released in open beta -- and it’s already made a splash with digital card game lovers around the globe. There are lots of factions, decks, and playstyles for fans to try their hands at, and a number of different strategies that can lead you to victory.

If you're playing the Monster faction, there are two main themes that you can align your deck with to make it as strong as possible. And in this guide, we're going to focus on the Weather deck style and what cards you should be including if that's the way you want to play. 

Keep in mind that this isn't a guide for getting you top-ranked in the leaderboards, nor is it an explanation of how to play. If you need help with that, you can check out our Gwent beginner's guide to get started on the right foot.


How to Build a Weather Deck for the Monster Faction in Gwent

Weather effects in Gwent slowly strip the Strength from your opponent’s units -- giving you the long-game advantage, or forcing your opponent to limit their options in regards to unit placement. 

To start building your Weather deck, you’ll want to play the single-player portion of the Gwent beta until you beat Dagon, the second Monster leader.  Dagon’s Deploy ability puts a Frost, Rain, or Fog effect on the board, which fits right into our theme.

Dagon, a Monster LeaderImage source: Dagon

The three basic weather types all have cards in the form of Biting Frost, Impenetrable Fog, and Torrential Rain -- all of which are decent picks for your deck. 

What really makes them shine (figuratively speaking) is the Silver card Aeromancy, which allows you to play a Weather card from your deck or your graveyard.  Both choices are good, as pulling a card from your deck increases the likelihood of drawing a Gold weather card -- and in the later stages of the game, pulling from your graveyard lets you pick a Weather effect your deck might be out of already. Aeromancy

Image source: Aeromancy

Silver and Gold cards are better versions of the standard Bronze Weather effects, like White Frost, Ragh Nar Roog, and Drought (2-row Frost, 3 damage Fog, and 3 damage Rain). There's also Skellige Storm, which damages units at the end of a row by 3, 2, and 1. 

The only issue with these cards is their lack of synergy with other Monster cards.  Foglets move onto your board as soon as a Fog effect hits (even from your graveyard), but nothing will happen if you use the more-powerful Drought instead.  Likewise, the beefy Ancient Foglet won’t receive its start-of-turn buff without a Fog effect on the board. 

Best Card Picks for a Weather-Centric Deck

Primarily, you want to look for units that also cause weather effects. Wild Hunt Hounds lay down a Frost, for example. A Woodland Spirit spawns 3 Rabid Wolves and Fog -- that’s a total of 8 Strength, not considering any Foglets summoned to the board!. And the Water Hag has the option of clearing Weather from your side of the board, doing 3 damage to every enemy unit in a single row, or throwing some Rain down on your opponent.

Woodland SpiritImage source: Woodland Spirit

Keep in mind, however, that you’re limited to 4 Gold and 6 Silver cards. And you can only have one copy of each card, so you can’t throw multiples of Water Hag, Aeromancy, or the higher-level Weather cards all in at the same time. 

Synergy in Weather Decks

We’ve already talked about Foglets and Ancient Foglets, and the remaining cards work well with Frost.  Nithral – another Wild Hunt unit – boosts the damage Frost does by 1 (for a total of 2), but be careful!  He’s a flat boost to the entire board -- so if your opponent lays down a Frost on your side, it does 2 damage as well.  

Ice Giants get a whopping +5 boost to their strength when Frost is on the board, but take 5 damage when your opponent clears all the Frost from the board. 


Image source: Imlerith

Imlerith (a Gold) deals 4 damage when he hits the board, or deals 8 damage to a unit affected by Frost.  Caranthir, another Gold card, moves 5 enemies to the same row he’s on (on your opponent’s side of the board), and throws down Frost on their side.  He’s a great way to make sure your opponent’s units get hit by your Weather effects.  Jotunn does a similar stunt, only he moves 3 adjacent enemy units and damages them by 2 -- but he can move enemies into an area already affected by Weather.  Geralt: Aard (Gold) also moves enemy units around, but he pushes 5 adjacent units up one row (Melee to Ranged, Ranged to Siege) and damages each by 2.

CaranthirImage source: Caranthir

Here’s a sample list I’ve put together for a weather deck that uses Dagon as the leader:

  • Gold (4/4)
    • Geralt: Aard
    • Imlerith
    • Caranthir
    • Woodland Spirit
  • Silver (6/6)
    • Scorch
    • White Frost
    • Aeromancy
    • Jotunn
    • Water Hag
    • Nithral
  • Bronze (20)
    • Foglet x3
    • Ancient Foglet x3
    • Wild Hunt Hound x3
    • Ice Giant x3
    • Biting Frost x3
    • Impenetrable Fog x3
    • Clear Skies x2

This list might not have the brute strength of other lists, but the Weather effects can wear down your opponent’s units quite effectively -- and cards like Geralt: Aard, Jotunn, and Caranthir let you shift enemy units into Weather effects.

In our next guide, we’ll take a look at Monsters that like to eat each other for fun and profit using the Consume mechanic!  In the meantime, what’s your favorite tactic to use for a Monster deck in Gwent?  Let us know in the comments!

Gwent Beta Impressions: A Unique CCG With Great Potential Wed, 17 May 2017 17:38:18 -0400 Sergey_3847

Gwent was first conceived in The Witcher books by Andrzej Sapkowski, but it was strongly augmented for The Witcher 3 mini-game. Later, the community literally begged CD Projekt Red to release a standalone CCG based on Gwent, and here it is, available for free to all those who managed to sign up for the closed beta.

Gwent is a very unique card game that requires a completely different approach than most CCGs available on the market today. The main win condition may sound really simple -- all you need to do is overpower your opponent with your units. But the way to get there is what makes Gwent a true challenge.

Let’s take a deeper look at the current state of this unusual but incredibly interesting card game!

Factions, Archetypes and the State of Meta

At the core of Gwent stand five factions: Northern Realms, Scoia'tael, Monsters, Skellige, and Nilfgaard. Each of these factions has its own leaders and passive abilities that support their corresponding decks. One thing that immediately stands out when you start playing Gwent is the sheer amount of various archetypes that exist in the current meta.

This kind of diversity creates solid competition, as you don’t really know what to expect from your opponents apart from the obvious Gold and Silver cards that are widely included in certain decks. Also, the addition of RNG-heavy cards causes the current state of Gwent to fluctuate, which brings it ever closer to its main competitor: Hearthstone.

But don’t take it wrong that the wrong way: Gwent is still far away from the RNG-fiesta that is Hearthstone, and it has always been. CD Projekt Red carefully monitors the events happening on the Gwent ladder, and while the game is still in the closed beta, the cards get nerfed on a regular basis.

For example, one of the strongest archetypes in Gwent has been Foltest Northern Realms, but due to recent changes, it’s not as good anymore, and its rival faction -- Skellige -- is currently at the forefront by taking solid wins against Henselt, Control Scoia'tael and Monsters decks.

But again, the situation may change as soon as the game enters open beta, which should start on May 24. This means that another batch of cards will get nerfed and the meta will once again change.

Unique Elements and Mechanics of Gwent

Although the state of the meta changes all the time, there are certain elements of Gwent that stay the same, and it is possible to use them to your advantage. One such mechanic is Spying, which gives your opponent a powerful unit, but in return, you get some sort of enhancement on your own board state.

This is something you don’t see in any other CCGs, and it is really cool to trick your opponent into thinking that you give them more power. Then, if you play the Calveit Nilfgaard deck, you can order your spies to move back to your side of the board and gain massive advantages in one turn.

Another cool mechanic is Weather Effects, which can be played either on your opponent’s side to neutralize their forces or on your side to buff your own units. One of the most powerful deck in Gwent is Dagon Monsters, which uses these weather effects to such an efficiency that it makes it a bit too powerful, to be honest.

You can also change the value of the cards with the help of the Henselt leader from the Northern Realms faction. It turns seven adjacent units into Gold units, and that immediately makes them immune to all sorts of effects, including weather effects. All of this truly makes Gwent an original card game with its own right.

Gwent is a Skill-to-Play game

Every card game needs players to buy and craft more cards, and Gwent is no exception. The current pool of cards is already pretty remarkable, and many new players may feel the urge to spend money to get the best cards as soon as possible.

But in reality, there really is no such need. In the case of Gwent, your credit card is not the best card, since it is a very skill-based game. If you play really well, then a well-made budget deck can get you far up the competitive ladder.

For example, a cheap Consume Monsters deck that utilizes Vran Warriors and Arachas Behemoths in the early game and Nekker Warriors in the late game. This deck has only one Gold unit -- Geralt -- and the deck performs exceptionally well. But as mentioned earlier, it still requires a skillful player to win match-ups.

On the other hand, if you like to play control variants, then prepare to spend some cash. These types of decks require tons of Gold and Silver cards, and at the same time, can be really hard to pilot.

Prepare for the Reset

Gwent is definitely headed toward a bright future, especially after its recent emergence on the eSports scene with the latest Challenger tournament that, surprisingly, has seen lots of professional Hearthstone players in it. Or maybe not surprisingly at all, since Hearthstone has gotten a bit stale lately.

Gwent, on the other hand, really offers something fresh and unusual, which attracts players who would like to see some real challenge, and not just a series of random outcomes. So, in case you didn’t manage to register for the closed beta, wait for a couple of weeks and start playing Gwent in open beta.

As of now, all registrations for the closed beta of Gwent have been terminated, so what does it mean for every one playing? Well, most likely, you can expect a complete reset of the servers, meaning that all the progress, including your card load will be fully deleted.

But don’t get upset, CD Projekt Red will give you all of your purchased kegs back, which will let you restore your collections to their original form. Here’s what you’ll get in more detail:

  • Every Card Keg you purchased -- we will return you the amount of Kegs you bought with real money.
  • Card Kegs for Player Levels -- starting from level 5, you get 2 Kegs every 5 levels.
  • Card Kegs for your rank -- 2 Kegs for each rank.
  • All end-season rewards.
  • All items granted as gifts from CD PROJEKT RED (like the gift premium Geralt card).


That's it for now. Make sure to check out our Gwent Beginner's Guide to get started in The Witcher CCG the right way. 

Have you had the chance to play Gwent? Will you sign up for the open beta? Express your opinion in the comments below.

Gwent Beginner's Guide on Deckbuilding and Winning Tactics Tue, 16 May 2017 11:40:51 -0400 Sergey_3847

The standalone Gwent card game is a slightly different experience than the one found in The Witcher 3. It offers a whole new perspective on deckbuilding, decision-making, and leveling up. The game has been in closed beta for some time now, and everyone who has received the invitation can start playing it for free.

But before playing, you must know what it takes to create your first competitive deck, how to play it well using winning tactics, and how to take your deck to the upper echelons of success. This guide will help you start playing Gwent in the right manner, which will hopefully prevent you from making too many mistakes.

How to Build Your First Deck in Gwent

Before building any type of deck in Gwent, you must first introduce yourself to all five factions that are currently available in the game. Each faction has its own advantages and dedicated archetypes. So take some time in the beginning and play all starter decks in casual format to get the feeling of each faction’s abilities.

You can open your Kegs and spend Ore to buy more cards, but don’t craft anything using Scrap yet. After you play with each faction’s decks, you should decide which one you like the most, whether it’s Skellige and Northern Realms that rely on base strength, Nilfgaard that draws you more cards, Monsters that produce and buff tokens, or Scoia’tael, which lets you choose who plays first.

After you make your decision, you can mill the cards of other factions, and in this way, you will have enough Scrap to craft your first competitive deck for the faction of your choice. Focus on your deck and train as much as you can. In time, you will have enough Ore and Scrap to start building another deck.

As soon as you reach level 10, you will be able to climb the ladder against other top players. The rewards will get bigger and you will get more Scrap to craft more and better cards. At that point, you won’t need to mill anything anymore. Instead, just keep all the cards that you open and focus on playing more matches.

Deckbuilding Tips and Tricks

Each deck in Gwent may include up to 4 Gold cards and 6 Silver cards. Gold cards are especially important, as they usually decide the result of each match-up. What;s more, they are immune to most effects in the game. Silver cards are just as effective, and you should try to fill all the available slots in your deck with these powerful cards.

The most powerful neutral Epic card in Gwent is Geralt. It costs 200 Scrap to craft, and it is the best possible investment in the beginning of your run. You can use it in any type of deck, and it will always play a significant role in every match-up.

But besides Geralt, you will need to play some other cards, too. The minimum requirement is 25 cards per deck, and the maximum is 40. It is wrong to think that the more cards you have, the better your deck is. On the contrary: try not to overextend; keep your decks at 25 cards -- in this way, you will have a larger chance of drawing your most powerful picks.

One of the most fundamental win conditions in Gwent is the card advantage. So, when it comes to Common cards, be sure to include effects that draw you more cards. For example, Elven Mercenary is a cheap card with premium effect, as it draws another card from your deck, although a non-Golden one.

Another tactic to draw all your special cards sooner involves playing cards with the Discard effect, such as Clan Dimun Pirate. It removes all other Dimun Pirates from your deck, and this increases the chance of drawing your Gold cards.

Winning Tactics for Gwent


One of the most controversial but truly powerful tactics in Gwent is Spying. It involves Disloyal spies (e.g. Prince Stennis) that play on the side of your opponent, but give you something in return -- usually, more card draw. You should play them in the second round (after you win the first one), which you will lose, but as a result, gain more cards for your victory in the third and final round.

Igni and Scorch

Geralt: Igni is one of the strongest cards in Gwent, and that is why you should always play around it. Igni destroys the strongest non-Gold units on the enemy’s row, if that row has 20 or more strength in total. This means that you should never put more than 19 strength on one row.

Scorch (which destroys the strongest non-Gold units on the battlefield) is another dangerous card that you should always be aware of. Try not to play two or more powerful cards with the same strength, or they will most likely get destroyed.

Neutral Cards

When crafting new cards, don’t make a mistake and spend your Scrap on Ciri and Decoy. You can get both of them as a reward for reaching levels 18 and 20, respectively. Instead, use it to craft universally powerful neutral cards that can be used in any deck. Here are a few of the best ones:

  • Yennefer: The Conjurer -- removes 1 strength from the strongest opposing non-Gold units.
  • Ocvist -- removes 1 strength from all of the opponent’s non-Gold units, and then returns to your hand.
  • Aeromancy -- spawns either Biting Frost, Impenetrable Fog, or Torrential Rain.


In the end, play a lot and learn as much as possible about the most popular archetypes in the current meta (as this is a beta build of the game, there may be some aspects that eventually change). But when you know what your opponents have in their decks, it will be easier for you to play around the most dangerous traps.

Come back soon for more Gwent guides at GameSkinny!

It's in The Cards: Which CCG Will Dominate in 2017? Thu, 15 Dec 2016 16:59:00 -0500 Justin Michael

My first experience with Collectible Card Games was when I was about 9 years old. Pokemon was all the craze at the time. I remember playing, and mostly losing, with my friends during recess at school. I wasn't particularly good at the time and, to be honest, never got very good at CCGs. Still, I always found them to be an enjoyable social gathering.  

While the social aspect has changed a bit with the number of CCGs that can be found online nowadays, they are still as popular as ever. With contenders like Gwent, the fun minigame from The Witcher franchise of games, to Elder Scrolls: Legends, Bethesda's CCG based off of the similarly named series' lore, the choices are many. With so many options out there, what game will be the most popular?  


If you haven't heard of Hearthstone by this point then, I'm not sure where you've been for the last 2 years. This free-to-play CCG from Blizzard Entertainment is based on the preexisting lore of the World of Warcraft franchise. 

One of the cool technical aspects of this game is the fact that it has cross-platform play, allowing players to compete against each other across operating systems and hardware platforms. The game is a widely hailed success and enjoys a near permanent position in the top 10 most viewed games on

With its already sizable fanbase, it's hard to see Hearthstone losing any momentum in the race for domination in the 2017 CCG scene. But, that's not to say that there isn't going to be some competition. 

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

I'd be lying if I didn't say that I've easily spent 10 hours in The Witcher 3 playing and hunting down rare cards for my Gwent deck. There was just something enjoyable about coming back from slaying a Griffon and sitting down in the tavern to a game of Gwent or, even better, emptying a nobles coin purse and wiping their smug look of self-importance off their face.

Gwent the CCG allows you to choose from a number of the franchise's factions for building your deck. Each faction has its own strengths and weaknesses. It's as much of a deck building game as it is a strategy game since there are 3 rounds to a game.

As of right now Gwent is currently in a closed beta on Windows and Xbox One platforms

Elder Scrolls: Legends

For those that don't know, I am a HUGE fan of the Elder Scrolls games, of which I've written a number of articles. So, it should come as no small surprise that if there were one game to rule them all, I'd want it to be this one.

Not only is the artwork amazing but, the combat is just as challenging, if not more so, than Hearthstone and the strategy runs deep. You start off with 3 cards in your hand and 1 point of Magicka, which increases ever turn until a natural cap of 12.  

Battle takes place in 2 separate lanes and there is a rune system. As you or your opponent lose health, you can draw a card and choose to play it there on the spot, possibly turning the tide in your favor. 

If there was a game that I was going to get into, it would be Elder Scrolls: Legends but that's also due to my partial bias towards the amazing lore of the series. The game itself is currently in open beta with plans to have its final release sometime in 2017.

SMITE Tactics

SMITE Tactics, like the other games listed above, is a CCG but with a twist. It also features tactics-styled play. What does that mean? Well, once you've built your deck, you play them into a battlefield where the minions are summoned and you control their movement in the game world. Here's a video that showcases some of what I'm talking about:


While not a new concept ,this is something a bit different from its competitors and adds another layer of depth and strategy to the game by making your tactical decisions as important as your deck building choices

I know that there are a lot more games out to cover but these are the 4 major contenders to be the biggest CCG for 2017. So, if I had to pick one game to be the best over all the others. One game, that will blow us away in 2017, I would have to go with Elder Scrolls: Legends.

I know that I'm biased but it just stands out to me as the most interesting for the games. If I wanted to play Gwent, I'd fire up The Witcher 3 and have a romp with my already amazing deck. I'm not too invested in the lore for World of Warcraft as I am for Elder Scrolls so I'm not too interested in Hearthstone, and I'm only now getting back into SMITE so ES:L is the game for me. 

What game do you think should be on this list? What game do you think will be the top CCG? Let me know in the comments below!

The Battle of the CCGs: Gwent vs. Hearthstone Wed, 09 Nov 2016 08:12:39 -0500 Sergey_3847

Gwent was first introduced as a mini card game in The Witcher 3, and there were no plans for it to be its own game . However, the huge success of The Witcher 3 and tons of positive comments on Gwent persuaded the developers to make it into a standalone free-to-play card game in the vein of Blizzard's Hearthstone, which is based on World of Warcraft lore.

But it has very little in common with Hearthstone. Gwent is a very different card game, and those who enjoyed it before will not be surprised to see almost the same game from The Witcher 3, but with a little bit more to it. Gwent also has a single campaign that can only be purchased with real money, so if you want that aspect of gameplay, you will have to dig into your wallet.

Now, let’s see how these two games -- Gwent and Hearthstone -- differ from each other in terms of gameplay mechanics.

The Rules of the Game

Gwent screenshot

Unlike Hearthstone, which has only one round per match, the match-up in Gwent consists of two or three rounds, depending on the game. At the end of each round all the cards get wiped from the board, unless certain effects have been used previously to keep the units intact.

Every game begins with a mulligan that allows you to change 3 cards. There is no concept of mana in Gwent, meaning that you can play any card you want, but only one for a turn. If you have no more cards in your hand, and your overall power score is lower than that of your opponent’s, then you lose the round. If you lose two rounds, you lose the game.

It is interesting to note that card units don’t fight each other on the board like you would expect in Hearthstone. The only way you can reduce their stats is to apply special effects that either serve as AOE or target one specific unit. The removed units go to the graveyard and can be revived using certain abilities.

All this makes the battles in Gwent a little less interactive than the ones you can experience in Hearthstone. On the other hand, currently Gwent has almost no RNG involved, except of the card draws. So, if you’re tired of the randomness of Hearthstone, then Gwent will serve as the breath of fresh air for you.

Gwent screenshot

While in Hearthstone you either play aggressively or defensively, in Gwent you don’t really need that kind of mindset. All you need is to figure out how to stay with more cards in hand for the future turns.

For example, you can intentionally lose one round when you see that your opponent has dumped most of his cards, and then win the final round by putting forth all of your power on the board, thus leaving the opponent no other choice but to forfeit.

This makes Gwent a bit more complex than Hearthstone when it comes to decision making. So, it will most likely attract players who like the strategic element of card games rather than the tactical one.

Deck Building

Gwent screenshot

In order to build a deck in Hearthstone you need to choose one of the nine classes (Druid, Shaman, Warlock, etc.) and draft a 30-card deck with 2 possible copies of each card except legendaries -- which can be drafted only once.

Gwent introduces a completely different system -- it offers four factions with different abilities: Monsters, Northern Realms, Scoia’Tael, and Skellige. One more faction will be added later, and it will be Nilfgaard. If you’ve played The Witcher 3, then all these names will be very familiar to you.

Now, it is important to mention that each faction is represented by the Leader card. It can be used only once throughout the entire match-up as a sort of hero ability. Usually these abilities are quite powerful.

Each faction also has a special perk. For example, Monsters allow you to leave units of creatures on the board after your turn is over; Skellige adds one point of power to each unit in your hand every round; etc.

So, in order to build a strong deck you need to take all this into account, while in Hearthstone you don’t always consider your Hero Power when you build a deck, unless you choose to play as a Rogue.

Gwent screenshot

There are four types of cards in Gwent: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Leader. You can have minimum 25 and maximum 40 Bronze, 6 Silver, 4 Gold and 1 Leader cards in your deck. However, since you get to play the entire match-up with the same ten cards in your hand, it is highly important to keep the amount of cards in your deck at its minimum to have a higher chance of drawing the right cards.

You draw two new cards on the second round and one more on your third round, so don’t expect to get a new card after each turn like in Hearthstone. This will really make you evaluate every turn -- since if you use your cards carelessly, then you may easily get punished and lose the game.

Every good deck in Gwent should have at least a few board effects, such as Clear Skies that allows you to remove various unwanted weather effects from your board (e.g. Fog or Freeze). Another good effect to have is Scorch that can help you destroy the strongest non-golden unit from the board.

Buying Kegs and Crafting Cards

Gwent screenshot

Acquiring cards is the most common aspect of both Hearthstone and Gwent with almost no differences except one -- when you open a keg (similar to packs in Hearthstone) in Gwent you get four cards on the first batch, and you can choose another one from the second batch that consists of three more cards.

This adds a little bit of spice to the whole “pack opening” concept in Gwent. But other than that, there are no more differences. Gwent uses Ore for buying kegs and Scraps for crafting cards.

There are no daily quests in Gwent, but you do earn Ore for every victory. Also, every time you level up and say “Good luck” to your opponent, you get additional Ore. When you collect 100 Ore, you can buy one keg. And of course, you can buy kegs with real money (see the screenshot above for prices).

Scraps also can be earned by winning match-ups and opening duplicate cards that can be milled, or better to say “scrapped.” Then, when you have enough Scraps, you can start crafting cards and adding them to your decks.

The list below shows how much Scraps you get for milling cards in Gwent (sorted by rarity):

  • Common Card - 5 Scraps
  • Common Premium Card - 25 Scraps
  • Rare Card - 10 Scraps
  • Rare Premium Card - 50 Scraps
  • Epic Card - 50 Scraps
  • Epic Premium Card - 200 Scraps
  • Legendary Card - 200 Scraps
  • Legendary Premium Card - 800 Scraps

The following list shows how much Scraps you need to craft cards in Gwent (sorted by rarity):

  • Common Card - 30 Scraps
  • Common Premium Card - 200 Scraps
  • Rare Card - 80 Scraps
  • Rare Premium Card - 400 Scraps
  • Epic Card - 200 Scraps
  • Epic Premium Card - 800 Scraps
  • Legendary Card - 800 Scraps
  • Legendary Premium Card - 1600 Scraps

As you can see, it is cheaper to craft cards in Gwent than in Hearthstone. Consider that in order to craft a legendary in Hearthstone you need 1600 mana, while in Gwent you only need 800 Scraps. The same goes for Golden Legendaries, which are the same as Legendary Premium cards in Gwent -- where they are twice as cheap.


Gwent definitely offers a very interesting concept of a digital CCG and there is an already established fanbase coming from The Witcher 3. But the real question is: Can Gwent attract many other new players? Can it ultimately compete with such a beast as Hearthstone?

The answer is: Probably not. Simply put, Gwent is not as interactive as Hearthstone, as it doesn’t allow for a fast-paced gaming experience that so many people like about Hearthstone. This means that it will get very boring very soon for most new players.

Another question is: Will Gwent become competitive on the eSports field? The answer is the same: Probably not. If it can’t gather a huge playerbase, any ambitions concerning eSports are pointless. So, let’s just wait and see how the game evolves, and maybe it will have the chance to offer something more than what we have already seen in The Witcher 3.

What do you think about Gwent? Do you like it more than Hearthstone or less? Leave your feedback in the comments below.