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This weekend is the 10th year anniversary for Kalypso Media, and to commemorate this anniversary, Kalypso is offering a sale on all Kalypso titled games.

Some of those games are really good and worth mentioning, so here are some games we recommend in this weekend sale:


Tropico is a city-builder sandbox game that has some comedy elements in it.

There are 5 games currently in Tropico series. While Tropico 5 is the newest Tropico game and has the best graphics between all the other ones, it isn't the top rated one on Steam. In fact, Tropico 4 is the best rated game in the Tropico series. It is currently available for $3.74.

Jagged Alliance: Crossfire & Jagged Alliance - Back in Action

Jagged Alliance is one of my favorite game series. It is a turn-based tactical game that has some RPG elements in it. You control a group of mercenaries and your object is to take some key locations in the map to win. While Jagged Alliance: Crossfire, and Back in Action are not considered the best games in the series, they are the only ones in the sale right now. Crossfire is currently $7.49, and Back in Action is $2.99.

More game worth mentioning include:

The sale ends Monday, August 15th at 10AM PST.