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The new cooperative action RPG Killsquad combines several different upgrade mechanics for characters, their weapons and gear. One of such mechanics is called Vector, which can be leveled up and thus add better perks to your gear and weapons.

However, calculating the Vector level of either your gear or weapons is quite puzzling, as the developer hasn't given any clear clues on how this mechanic actually works.

Follow our quick guide below and learn what Vector level actually is and how to increase it.

What Vector Level Does in Killsquad

Vector level defines the bonus percent of certain perks that may influence your health or damage abilities.

For example, the base damage on weapons with Vector level and without will be the same, but the weapon with an upgraded Vector level will have a higher percent of bonus damage or any other type of perk, such as venom damage, explosive damage, etc..

Another example is the Vitamod support gear, which will not only add extra health to your character with an upgraded Vector level (eg. adds extra 2.500 HP at Vector level 38), but will also increase the healing ability of your medpacks.

So if you're wondering whether it's better to get gear or weapons with Vector level, the answer is yes. You should definitely get your gear and weapons with Vector upgrades and increase it gradually.

How to Increase Vector Level in Killsquad

There are two ways how you can increase the Vector level of your gear and weapons in Killsquad.

You can either buy the same gear and weapons from robot vendor, which will force robot to sell you a piece of gear or weapon with an upgraded Vector level every time you purchase a new piece.

Or you could upgrade your gear and weapons using special items, which you earn by completing missions. In this case different Vector items will offer different types of upgrades.

That is why it is better to simply buy the exact same pieces of gear and weapons from vendor, since you already know which Vector upgrades you will get for sure.

Hopefully, this quick guide helped you make the decision regarding the Vector upgrades for your gear and weapons, and be sure to come back soon for moreĀ Killsquad guides at GameSkinny.