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The art of cinema and the world of video games no longer stand as completely different mediums when it comes to expression of complex and simplistic ideas. There are lessons in film that have transferred over to cut scenes, breaks in the action of a game where a movie moment fills in or progresses the details of a story.

Cut scenes can occur at the beginning, middle, or near the end of a game and by my estimation a bad scene can signal a good time for a snack or a bathroom break for gamers. For directors of the next great cinematic moment, take some cues from these games who left a long lasting impact on gamers everywhere.

Fallout and the Creation of Mantra

Fans of the acclaimed Fallout series will recognize the mantra of the series that "War, war never changes." There's been countless films about war itself, the effects of killing on the human psyche and dystopian futures, but none can capture the art of the rise and fall of humanity quite like Bethesda. Fallout focuses on a world that was threatened by nuclear war during the 1950's Cold War, but used nuclear energy for the advancement of mankind. This of course was all pushed to the edge as the ideals of over consumption and greed plagued the world.

Movie makers can often have characters repeat signature phrases, and trilogies can often call back to similar phrases. In the context of Fallout, the phrase is used to signal that regardless of the situation in any of the games in the series, one thing remains. What remains is the perils, strife, evils and selfishness that got mankind to the place it is in. Greater commentary on the dangerous nature of these qualities would do well as a warning in movies for us all to heed.

Portal and How to Roll Credits

If you've wandered into any Marvel movie in the past several years you'll know that staying until the credits are completely over is now required. We all collectively know now that just because the credits begin to roll, doesn't mean it's actually over. Other movies have picked up this trend and are probably going to have us in movie theaters for just a few minutes more for the rest of our lives.

A great way filmmakers can take advantage of this captive audience time is to make them smile. Portal is a game where the player is constantly at odds with an evil robot mainframe named GlaDos (Who is reminiscent of Hal 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.) The tone of the game is quite the contrary to this ending scene and performs a 180 in one of the most masterful ways in video games. A chance to do this might only come in more fantastical movies, but taking this to the big screen could be just as iconic; and hopefully catchy.

Kotor II: The Sith Lords Powerful Writing

Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords have arguably some of the best writing in video game history. The game sets up a world in which people begin to question the values of both the Jedi and of the Sith. Star Wars movies have yet to reach a critical, provoking moment anywhere near this and Rouge One: A Star Wars Story only slightly came close in their depiction of what it means to rebel. Movies, not just Star Wars, can take cues from this cut scene as it incorporates so many elements all at once. In this one scene the characters perceived objective comes crumbling down as the Jedi decides your fate like a kangaroo court.

Making the natural order, or those in authority actually turn out to be blinded by their own fears or misunderstandings is a lesson that can't be stressed enough. Just because an authority has done more good than harm does not make them infallible. Furthermore, Star Wars heading in a direction like this could take the idea that the force is parallel to religion and could take on the arguments we face here on Earth all the time.

Last of Us and Perfect Juxtaposition

The Last of Us provides some of the best storytelling in video games and does something movies can get right, but might often forget when it comes to stories about two rogues on a mission. Rather than just create bland pairings between our two antagonists storytellers should follow the great work of this game in character pairs. In this cut scene we see the culmination of working together as main characters Joel and Ellie get into an argument over Ellie's future.

Those who make it to the end of the game will see the power of a relationship that develops over a short period of time. Last of Us does an amazing job of pairing the two through a number of ways. We see that Joel is the classic older, yet crotchety, guy who is experienced enough to survive tough spots. Meanwhile, Ellie is a young girl with some experience of her own, but is still discovering herself and what makes her so special.

Further, we see both characters face their fears and how those can get the best of them. For a game with scenes as good as this one it was tough to choose just one, but playing the game felt more like peeking into real lives than spectating a movie, so definitely take notes on this one.

Mass Effect and Culmination of Plans

For those who have played through the story arch combined with dynamic relationships that resulted in Mass Effect 3, you'll undoubtedly recognize this cut scene as the battle for Earth. The Battle, while a cool way to think of doing space battles for sci-fi movies speaks more to the art of culmination. Move goers and gamers definitely have something in common when it comes to having to make us care about different groups or people in what we are watching.

The battle scene here was the work of three game installments and countless devotion to the hours of gameplay, but this can be transferred over to movies as well. Future films will do well to take note that you don't actually have to end every sci-fi or war type film with a final battle that solves every issue. Sometimes leaving cliffhangers and interesting threads for a future movie will bring fans along for a ride. By now we know that the bigger the blockbuster, the more likely there is to be a sequel or remake so why not let us have those moments of wonder as to where you'll take us next?

Homeworld and Haunting Introductions

Players of the Homeworld series will remember this iconic intro scene as one of the few that stays with you throughout all video game history. Movies and games have long since started introductions to desolate wastelands or futuristic movies with narration, but Homeworld moves the viewer to feel as if this was more real than sci-fi. When presenting narration, filmmakers can take heed from the design of Homeworld's intro by noting the voice over, the choice of music and sound level throughout and overall tone for this intro.

This is how sci-fi is truly meant to start out, similar to the mention of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Homeworld utilizes spaces of silence and calming voices to create an eerie feeling. With a rise in space type movies lately, hopefully lessons from this game will be taken into consideration.

Final Fantasy VII and Character Development

In any story making your characters grow in some way or learn a lesson is a given. Whether it be done in a cheesy 80's way, or by having them be altered in a way they won't even understand yet, it has to be done. Final Fantasy is a series that has become iconic if for the cut scenes alone. One of the arguably greatest character interaction takes place in Final Fantasy VII, Cloud and Zack in the seventh installment of the series.

Going a step further, the scene ties together the idea that Zack's memories are fading as the scene goes on due to the fact that he is dying while also trying his best to hold on to life. There are a litany of lessons in the Square Enix made cut scenes, but the most important is to be willing to build a character up even if he is going to die. Increasing movie tie ins like Marvel's have a Jenga tower of characters that don't ever seem to go anywhere because we have no reason to believe they'd die.

Letting a character grow on the audience and then pulling them out of the fray is a powerful move that series like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead have done so well and continue to garner praise for it. A bonus lesson for this comes in the phrase if you love someone let it go, but in film if you love a character it's okay to let them die

Batman: Arkham Knight and Winning

Few movies can do to an audience what the ending to Batman: Arkham Knight easily provided. From seamless transition between gameplay and cut scenes to the Batman overcoming all odds once again, this game carries on where future Batman movies might not. Throughout the game there are flashes of the Joker, Batman's eternal enemy, shows up and the fear that Batman is becoming just like him plays on his psyche until the very end.

The scenes above are the ending cinematic and game play, but speak to a tip that movies can pick up on. The relationship between the movies hero and villain has to be one that goes both ways to truly make an impact. In Batman: Arkham Knight it isn't just Joker's hate for Batman, but it's their mutual animosity towards the other that fosters it further.

Great villains need more than a simple motif of wanting to conquer or destroy the world, they need a reason to keep fighting their enemy and even show their own fears to make them more real. So when a hero finally overcomes a well polished antagonist, it leads us to the next lesson.

Master Chief and Bad Ass Delivery

The lesson here is to always allow your extreme, over the top and badass characters be just that. Even when they have times that show emotion or remorse for their situation, letting them have fun and just live up to their abilities can't be overstated unless it's beyond the possibilities their universe sets on them. Out of the many cut scenes of the Halo series, this one has got to be the most exemplary of what it means to be the hero -- "Return the Sender" from Halo 2.

Master Chief, the iconic suited hero of the series is always the hero. Regardless of focus he is used as the best asset of the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command. A prime example of the respect that should be shown for characters like this occurs in Halo 4 as the main antagonist transforms from calling Master Chief "human" to "warrior" by the end of the game. So when you have a character whose earned their scars and could reasonably be the one-man army, it's okay to let them sometimes.

Kingdom Hearts and Musicality

Square Enix knows how to tell a story, but they certainly perfected the music of this one. The Kingdom Hearts series follows young hero Sora as he tries to make it back home to his friends with the help of iconic Disney characters like Donald Duck and Goofy. The focus filmmakers can take are the uses of theme music as a sense of tying the story together. The series uses an instrumental song called Dearly Beloved from the beginning and in the end screen, but the final scene showing Sora nearly reunited with his friend utilizes the recurring intro song titled "Simple and Clean."

The theme of the series, most recognized in numerous trailers, constantly reminds players of the game. It's a masterful job of bringing back the theme with different reprises and remixes that make it iconic in video game history. When making a film, certain theme songs will forever be associated with a character or film. One that does this as a means of tying together the film with a great piece of music is Inception that focuses on the world of dreams in relation to effects on reality, just like Kingdom Hearts. Who knows, maybe Sora's had a totem the whole time.

Honorable Mentions

uncharted 3, nathan, drake, nate

There's just too many great cut scenes in video games not to mention these, so here's a quick list of additional reading for study


The Uncharted series is known for taking its' inspiration from the big screen for cut scenes, so what lesson could you possibly learn from them? Well, what the series does better than any other is instill a James Bond sense of danger in scenarios that make sense for the character. Nathan Drake, the protagonist, doesn't ever stray from the idea that he wants one last ride or adventure then he's hanging it all up. The fourth installment does the best job in recapturing that childlike adventure he has by literally flashing back to his childhood. Movie characters need that passion about whatever it is their doing, and the audience will enjoy finding the little quirks they may identify with.


There's nothing like being first, and being original is harder these days than ever. The tip to be taken from the legend of gaming is that sometimes silent little moments can progress the story in ways that might seem silly but ultimately get their point across.


Overall, video games can teach the film industry a lot with character development and the use of literary techniques as they are inspired by the art of film itself. The greatest films of all time incorporate different aspects like those listed above, but don't have to use all at the same time to work either. Each above can be used in its own unique ways to tie together a story with real feeling and emotions behind it.

Characters exist on screen from planning and writing, but they will stay there if they aren't given real breath and emotion that the audience can connect with. Icons don't become that way by accident, and getting back to the simple lessons of storytelling can achieve that all over again.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Find All 12 Zodiac Relics and Unlock Secret Boss Rush Mon, 30 Jan 2017 13:54:54 -0500 Synzer

There are 2 objectives in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 that involve the 12 Zodiac Symbols. You can start collecting these from certain chests after you have beaten the game once and started a New Game+.

These relics are scattered throughout each area, so you won't be able to get all of them until near the end of the Depths of Darkness area. Luckily, you can teleport to different save location by that time.

I'm going to go over each of the 12 locations, so you know exactly where to look.

Castle Town - 4 Zodiac Relics

kingdom hearts 2.8 Aquarius relic

  • Aquarius - From the save point, head into the town square and go left.
    • Follow the path, then jump on a building to see a lamp and debris you can jump on.
    • Drop down below to see a chest in front of a window.
  • Aries - Go to the town square from the save point then take your first right to between 2 buildings.
    • You will see the chest with the relic to the left behind the building.
  • Virgo - Go forward from the save point and past the town square.
    • Take a slight left and jump up the platforms to go through the broken archway.
    • The chest will be to your left as you pass through.
  • Sagittarius - This one is found on the highest point in Castle Town.
    • You can go there by following the platforms up from where the Virgo relic chest is located.

The World Within - 5 Zodiac Relics

  • Pisces - This one is in the mirror to the endless staircase.
    • As soon as you enter the mirror, turn around to find the chest with the relic.
  • Gemini - This is in the hall with many columns.
    • You have to find specific columns that you can attack, then examine it to turn upside down.
    • After you have done this twice, go forward until you see an upside down chest, then turn right to see the chest with the relic.

kingdom hearts 2.8 zodiac relics

  • Cancer - Go to the where the mirror to the endless staircase is located, but don't go in.
    • There is a chest in the area behind the mirror.
  • Leo - This one is in the mine area mirror.
    • Go until you reach the second mirror you need to interact with. The chest is to the right of that mirror.
  • Libra - This one is in the mine area mirror.
    • Go until you reach the platforms that form a star symbol when lined up.
    • Jump on the platforms to the next area with a bunch of heartless.
    • You will find the relic in the chest to the right in that area.

Forest of Thorns - 2 Zodiac Relics

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 zodiac relics

  • Taurus - Follow the path from the first save point until you see the first small log you can grind on.
    • Go down to the left instead of on the log to find the chest with the Taurus relic.
  • Scorpio - This in the same spot as the first flower for objective 34.
    • Follow the path past the first save point until you reach a fork in the road.
    • If you go straight instead of turning right, you see a clearing.
    • The Scorpio Relic is in the chest in the clearing.

Depths of Darkness - 1 Zodiac Relic

  • Capricorn - This one is near the end of the level with the huge white light.
    • You will find the relic in a chest to the right when you reach this point. It is on a pillar.

Secret Boss Rush

Once you gather all of the relics, a mirror will appear in the middle of the main room in The World Within. This completes objective 43, but objective 42 requires you to go in and defeat all the enemies.

These are very hard fights so I suggest trying this at a high level.

That's it for my guide on finding all 12 Zodiac relics in Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Check out my full guide of objectives for help with anything else.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Find Each Area's Lingering Memory Sun, 29 Jan 2017 17:19:26 -0500 Synzer

There are four objectives in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 that involve finding Lingering Memories. There is one memory in each of the four worlds you visit throughout the game. So although it's more practical to get each memory during your initial playthrough, you can always revisit any of worlds at any time if you miss a memory.

But, to keep you from doing that, here are the locations of each memory in Kingdom Hearts 2.8.

Castle Town

This memory is on the roof of a building near the center of town. You can find it straight ahead of the save point. If you haven't gotten it already, it looks like a green glass slipper.

The World Within

This one is on the second column to the left of the save point in the main room. You will need to jump on platforms behind it and to the left to be able to reach it.

Forest of Thorns

This one is right behind the third Darkside you must fight after the long log ride. Continue past the save point until you reach the stone steps and the second Darkside. 

Go up the stone steps until you reach the top. Instead of continuing, take the path to the right that leads down to reach the third Darkside and lingering memory. 

Depths of Darkness

kingdom hearts 2.8 lingering memories

As soon as you get here you engage in a boss battle, with King Mickey as your ally. When the fight is over, you'll see a save point a short distance ahead. Continue past the save point for a little bit and you will start a fight with three earth cores. 

As soon as you make it here, go right and turn around to see a path that leads down. Follow the path until you reach the bottom, then turn around to see the lingering memory in the shape of a heart on the wall.


Those are all the lingering memories you need to find for the objectives in Kingdom Hearts 2.8. If you need help with any others, check out my full guide for Every Objective in 0.2!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Find the 3 Flowers for Objective 34 Sun, 29 Jan 2017 10:55:48 -0500 Synzer

One of the objectives in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is to find three flowers that represent Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather in the Forest of Thorns. These are easy to miss if you don't know where to look, so we're going to show you all three locations so you can easily complete objective 34.

You can get these flowers even if you missed them and went on to the next world during your first playthrough. JTo access the Forest of Thorns area, just go to a save point and teleport to one of the save points in the Forest of Thorns. I've already picked up the flowers, so you won't see them in the screenshots below -- but these are the locations in which you'll find the flowers.

Finding the First Flower

kingdom hearts 2.8 objective 34

This flower can be found after the first optional swirling log ride. Go down the path through some red thorny vines until you reach a fork.

Continue straight instead of going right to reach a clearing where you fight heartless and get a chest. The flower is to the left as you enter.

Finding the Second Flower

kingdom hearts 2.8 objective 34

This flower can be found after defeating the second Darkside following the second save point. After completing the long log ride where you must dodge the Darksides' attacks, you'll come across the second save point.

Follow the path straight until you reach stone steps to the right and a Darkside in the middle. The flower is to the left of that Darkside in a dead end.

Finding the Third Flower

kingdom hearts 2.8 objective 34

Finding this flower is a little tricky to explain, so look at the minimap in the screenshot to get a better idea if you get lost.

When you reach the part right before going through the gauntlet of Darksides, turn back around and take the left path instead of the path to the right (where you came from). 

You will continue down the path until you see the flower to the right. You will have to destroy vines to get to it.


That's all three flowers needed to complete objective 34 and get the Minnie Ears (Blue Bow) for the Wardrobe. For help with anything else, check out our guide on all the objectives in Kingdom Hearts 2.8!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Review: All aboard the Hype Train Mon, 30 Jan 2017 13:53:36 -0500 Synzer

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 delivers on its goal to get people excited for Kingdom Hearts 3. Plus, the other games and media included are very fun, too. 2.8 features an HD remaster of Dream Drop Distance, previously only on Nintendo 3DS; a new playable episode of Birth By Sleep; and a movie that explains the events before the Keyblade War.

Everything included in this package has direct ties to what will happen in Kingdom Hearts 3, but they also do well as standalone titles.

What I Liked Most About Kingdom Hearts 2.8

Kingdom Hearts 0.2

Kingdom Hearts 0.2, The Birth By Sleep Passage, is my favorite part about this game. It is something we haven't played before and it is running on the engine Square is using for Kingdom Hearts 3.

It is readily apparent to anyone that has played Kingdom Hearts, even the Dream Drop Distance Remaster on the same disc, that the graphics are better here, while the gameplay is more engaging. The first magic spell you cast will have you in awe -- and the controls are so fluid you won't want to stop combat.

kingdom hearts 2.8 combat

You get to play as Aqua, so that gives you a break from Sora or Riku for a bit. The best part about the game, is that there is plenty of replay value. This is good since it isn't a full game and won't take you more than an hour or 2 to beat.

There are 51 objectives you can complete in the game to unlock costume pieces to dress Aqua. Many are not even possible until your second playthrough by using the New Game+ option.

Dream Drop Distance

Dream Drop Distance is also great for those that haven't played the 3DS version. It has a unique concept to the series as you can switch between Sora and Riku at will, or by the drop gauge depleting.

You see 2 sides of a story, similar to the original Birth By Sleep. There are also monsters called Dream Eaters that you can create and raise to fight with you. Speaking of Dream Eaters, the remaster adds some new ones.

Everything that required touch screen has been reworked for PS4, so no worries there.

What I Disliked About Kingdom Hearts 2.8

The Kingdom Hearts X Back Cover movie was actually pretty good, but it left me with more questions than answers. It was good and bad since I really want to play Kingdom Hearts 3 now to hopefully find out more, but there is no telling when it will release.

kingdom hearts x back cover

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 was great and had more content than I thought, however, it also made it harder to play Dream Drop Distance. Dream Drop Distance is still a great game, but the engine for Kingdom Hearts 0.2 is so superior that it makes Dream Drop Distance look obsolete.

Plus, the whole game's purpose to give us something to do while we wait for Kingdom Hearts 3, but we don't even have a release date yet. If possible, I recommend playing through Dream Drop Distance before 0.2 to really appreciate it.

The Verdict

I would not suggest this game if you have never played Kingdom Hearts because the story is such an integral part of the series. If you want to just play the extra chapter, you can without playing previous games.

You can read the whole story of Birth By Sleep in-game, which takes place before the first game. Anything else is related to Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, so I would definitely play those first.

Any fan of Kingdom Hearts should pick this up, but that is the target audience. Some people complain about it being $60, but I don't think that's a problem. This is a better-looking version of a 3DS game, a new movie, and a new chapter running on a new engine. 0.2 is more than just a demo, though not a full game. Overall, it is still well worth the price.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Find All the Secrets in The World Within Sat, 28 Jan 2017 08:41:42 -0500 Synzer

The second world you go to in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Fragmentary Passage is the mirror world. Here, there are 3 objectives that involve solving mysteries and secrets. The game does not tell you how to solve these mysteries and secrets since you are supposed to figure it out yourself.

But don't worry: We've figured it out for you, so just check below if you're having trouble finding any of them.

How to Solve all 3 Mysteries in The World Within

  • Objective 27 - -Solve the mystery of the World Within and win the battle.
    • This is the mirror to the left of the save point that takes you to an empty room.
    • Hit all of the candlesticks to turn the room dark and spawn the enemies.
    • Defeat all the enemies to complete the objective.
  • Objective 28 -- Uncover the mystery of the World Within and obtain a special item.
    • This is the second mirror to the right of the save point that takes you to a room with many chests.
    • Only one of the chests has the item. When you open one of the chests, the rest disappear.
    • Look through the mirror before going in to find the real chest.
    • The real chest will be closed when you look in the mirror, while the rest will be open.

kingdom hearts 2.8 how to find the secrets in the world within

  • Objective 30 -- Discover the secret in the mirror tied to the mysterious rocks.
    • This is in the mirror that takes you to the mining area where you need to find all 7 gems for objective 29.
    • The third mirror puzzle has 3 platforms, where 2 of them have markings.
    • Examine the mirror when the 2 platforms form a star symbol to complete this objective.
    • This also leads you to Gems 5 and 6 for objective 29.

Those are all the secrets you need to uncover for the objectives in The World Within. Be sure to check our full guide on the Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Wardrobe Objectives for help with any that are giving you trouble.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Where to Find All 7 Gems for Objective 29 Sat, 28 Jan 2017 08:27:51 -0500 Synzer

The second world you go to in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Fragmentary Passage is The World Within. This has many mirrors that lead you to different areas. One of the mirrors leads you into a fragmented mine area from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

Objective 29, Gem Gatherer, involves picking up 7 gems while in this mining area. Some of them are easy to miss, so I'm going to explain how to get all of them.

How to get the 7 Gems in The World Within

  • Gem 1 -- This one is to the left of the first mirror you come across in the mine area.
    • It is located on a rock.
  • Gem 2 -- This one is located to the left of the second mirror you come across in the mine area.
    • After you interact with the first mirror, it forms a platform that you can jump to. The second mirror is on the next platform.
  • Gem 3 -- This one is located on a low platform by using the second mirror.

kingdom hearts 2.8 how to find all 7 gems

    • Look in the second mirror to see a platform going up and down. When you see it reach the very bottom, examine to stop it there.
    • Go across the platform to get this gem.
  • Gem 4 -- This one is located in a group of boxes after the long path past mirror 2.
    • Interact with the second mirror when the platform is raised so you can jump to the next area.
    • Destroy any group of boxes you see and you'll find the gem.
  • Gem 5 -- This one is located in the area after the 3rd mirror puzzle where you fight heartless. As soon as you reach the next platform, you'll find it in boxes to your left.
    • This puzzle involves 3 moving platforms, where 2 of them have markings on them
    • If you line up those two platforms to complete a star, you will be able to reach the next area, and complete objective 30 while you're at it.
  • Gem 6 -- In the same area as Gem 5, go to the right when you get there instead of left.
    • You will find the gem on a rock near a pillar.
  • Gem 7 -- This is the trickiest one to get. The final mirror puzzle has 2 sides and involves a revolving ramp.

kingdom hearts 2.8 how to find all 7 gems

    • If you go to the opposite side, where the exit is, you will notice a shiny gem to the left of the mirror
    • You must interact with the mirror when the ramp is over the gem so you can run up and take it.

That's how you get all 7 gems for Objective 29, Gem Gatherer, in Kingdom Hearts 2.8. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below! If you need help with any others, check out our guide on all of the objectives.

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: Every Wardrobe Objective in 0.2 Fri, 27 Jan 2017 13:05:59 -0500 Synzer

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 gives us a glimpse of Kingdom Hearts 3 from the Birth by Sleep Fragmentary Passage. You won't be collecting new keyblades and equipment, but you can change how Aqua looks with the Wardrobe.

You unlock several wardrobe pieces, 51 to be exact, by completing Objectives during the game. Most of them are locked when you start, but get unlocked as you progress through the game.

You can only complete an objective if it is unlocked, even if you know how to complete it. Many unlock after your first playthrough, and it is a good idea to wait until then to complete most of them.

I'm going to list every objective in the game, where you can complete it, and what you get from it. There will also be links on some of the harder objectives to detailed guides on completing them.

Objective and Wardrobe List

Dark World means you can complete it anywhere. Any other location means you have to be in that zone to unlock it.

  • Objective 1 (Dark World) - Defeat 30 shadows
    • Reward - Figaro (Head)
  • Objective 2 (Dark World) - Defeat 45 Flutterings
    • Reward - Coil (Pink) Pattern
  • Objective 3 (Dark World) - Defeat 40 Flame Cores
    • Reward - Cyber Antennae (Head) 
  • Objective 4 (Dark World) - Defeat 30 Neoshadows
    • Reward - Antennae (Head)
  • Objective 5 (Dark World) - Defeat 20 Water Cores
    • Reward - Mecha (Blue) Pattern.
  • Objective 6 (Dark World) - Defeat 20 Earth Cores
    • Reward - Classy (Yellow) Pattern.
  • Objective 7 (Dark World) - Reach Level 60
    • Reward - Royal Pauldron (Arm)
  • Objective 8 (Dark World) - Reach Level 70 
    • Reward - Divine Back (Back)
  • Objective 9 (Dark World) - Reach Level 80
    • Reward - Venus Tiara (Head)
  • Objective 10 (Dark World) - Defeat 5 Heartless using Counter Blast
    • Reward - Flawless Wings (Back)

 kingdom hearts 2.8 objective 10

  • Objective 11 (Dark World) - Use Fire magic to defeat 30 heartless
    • Reward - Cyber Blades (Back)
  • Objective 12 (Dark World) - Use Ice magic to defeat 30 heartless
    • Reward - Blades (Back)
  • Objective 13 (Dark World) - Use Lightning magic to defeat 30 heartless
    • Reward - Mystic Pauldron (Arm)
  • Objective 14 (Dark World) - Use Ice Magic to create a rail then ride the rail a long distance.
    • If you move forward while casting Blizzaga, you will create a rail.
    • You can complete this easily by going to the area behind the save point in Castle Town.
    • Go down the steps and cast Blizzaga towards the long bridge, then hop on and ride until the end.
    • Reward - Flawless Arm Guards (Arm)
  • Objective 15 (Dark World) - Freeze and Shatter at least 5 heartless
    • Reward - Grace (Purple) Pattern
  • Objective 16 (Dark World) - Use magic an enemy is weak against to deal extra damage
    • Reward - Voltaic Arm Plate (Arm)
  • Objective 17 (Dark World) - Defeat 5 heartless while in midair.
    • Reward - Radiant Ornament (Back)
  • Objective 18 (Dark World) - Earn an Excellent Rating 6 times in a row using Shotlock. Check out my guide on completing this easily.
    • Reward - Diamond (White) Pattern
  • Objective 19 (Dark World) - Use a Style Change to defeat 50 heartless
    • Reward - Diamond (Green) Pattern
  • Objective 20 (Dark World) - Activate Spellweaver's Finish command
    • You activate Spellweaver by doing normal attacks until a Style Change appears. 
    • Continue to attack until the Finish command comes up.
    • Reward - Classy (Blue) Pattern

 Kingdom Hearts 2.8 objective 20

  • Objective 21 (Dark World) - Equip an item in all wardrobe slots, then activate Spellweaver's Finish command
    • Reward - Ribbons Pattern
  • Objective 22 (Dark World) - Equip an item in a Wardrobe slot
    • Reward - Mecha (Pink)
  • Objective 23 (Castle Town) - Hit 20 streetlamps
    • Reward - Grace (Blue) Pattern
  • Objective 24 (Castle Town) - Climb to the highest point. (Check out my guide on how to get there.)
    • Reward - Wings (Back)
  • Objective 25 (Castle Town) - Watch for a meteor shower. The above objective is the same place you need to go to complete this one.
    • Reward - Arm Guards (Arm)
  • Objective 26 (The World Within) - Defeat all the heartless in the room
    • Reward - Mecha (Yellow) Pattern
  • Objective 27 (The World Within) - Solve the mystery of The World Within and win the battle. My guide on all mirror world secrets will help you complete this and objectives 28 and 30.
    • Reward - Stitching Pattern
  • Objective 28 (The World Within) - Uncover the mystery of The World Within and obtain the special item.
    • Reward - Arm Plate (Arm) 
  • Objective 29 (The World Within) - Find 7 jewels in the mines where the Seven Dwarfs work. Check out my guide for the locations of all of these.
    • Reward - Marie (Head)
  • Objective 30 (The World Within) - Discover the secret in the mirror tied to the mysterious rocks
    • Reward - Lace (Crystal) Pattern
  • Objective 31 (The World Within) - Perform a spin during the fight with Phantom Aqua.
    • Reward - Royal Tiara (Head)
  • Objective 32 (Forest of Thorns) - Defeat the 3 Darkside that stand in Aqua's way.
    • Reward - Diamond (Blue) Pattern
  • Objective 33 (Forest of Thorns) - Destroy 50 ivy branches.
    • Reward - Coil (White)
  • Objective 34 (Forest of Thorns) - Find the 3 flowers that represent Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Check my flower guide to find all of them.
    • Reward - Minnie Ears (Blue Bow)

 Kingdom Hearts 2.8 objective 34

  • Objective 35 (Depths of Darkness) - Link with King Mickey 5 times
    • Reward - Minnie Ears (Red Bow)
  • Objective 36 (Castle Town) - Defeat the Demon Tower with Spellweaver's Finish command
    • Reward - Cheshire Cat (Head)
  • Objective 37 (Castle Town) - Open all 9 treasure chests in Castle Town
    • Reward - Coil (Yellow) Pattern
  • Objective 38 (Castle Town) - Find Lingering Memories
    • Reward - Pulse Blades (Back)
  • Objective 39 (The World Within) - Open all 13 treasure chests in The World Within.
    • Reward - Minnie Ears (White Bow)
  • Objective 40 (The World Within) - Find Lingering Memories
    • Reward - Warrior's Arm Plate (Arm) 
  • Objective 41 (The World Within) - Defeat the 3rd phantom Aqua without taking damage
    • Reward - Lustrous Wings (Back)
  • Objective 42 (The World Within) - Enter the mirror that appears in the middle of the 12 Zodiac symbols and win all battles.
    • Reward - Tiara (Head)
  • Objective 43 (The World Within) - Find and restore the light of the 12 zodiac symbols
    • Reward - Pauldron (Arm) 
  • Objective 44 ( Forest of Thorns) - Open all 12 treasure chests in the Forest of Thorns
    • Reward - Classy (White) Pattern
  • Objective 45 (Forest of Thorns) - Find lingering memories
    • Reward - Pulse Antennae (Head) 
  • Objective 46 (Forest of Thorns) - Use Rail slide to dodge all the Darksides' attacks without taking any damage
    • Reward - Lustrous Arm Guards (Arm)
  • Objective 47 (Forest of Thorns) - Defeat the Darkside support the Dark Orb without taking any damage.
    • Reward - Lace (Floral) Pattern
  • Objective 48 (Depths of Darkness) - Open all 6 treasure chests in the Depths of Darkness.
    • Reward - Grace (Pink) Pattern
  • Objective 49 (Depths of Darkness) - Find the lingering memories.
    • Reward - Iron Ornament (Back)
  • Objective 50 (Depths of Darkness) - Link with King Mickey to defeat the Demon Tower.
    • Reward - Polka Dots Pattern
  • Objective 51 (Destiny Islands) - Defeat the Demon Tide on Critical Mode.
    • Rewards - Criss Cross Pattern

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 objective 51

That's all of the objectives and the Wardrobe rewards in Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Be sure to check back for more links or detailed info on some of the harder objectives. If you have a question about a specific objective, let me know!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Easily Complete the Excellent Aim Objective Wed, 25 Jan 2017 09:12:12 -0500 Synzer

One of the objectives in Kingdom Hearts 2.8 is achieving an Excellent rating 6 times in a row using the Shotlock command. This can be difficult, especially if you happen to mess up on any of them. Luckily, there is a much easier way to get this done that involves saving.

Excellent Shotlocks

If you don't know, you can hold the R1 button to start the Shotlock. This will continually lock onto an enemy, or multiple enemies, until it either maxes or the bar runs out. Then, you must press X to initiate it.

  • If you locked on the max number of times, then you will get extra shots afterwards.
  • 2 circles will appear, with one shrinking to match the other.
  • You have to press X when both circles match perfectly to get an Excellent.

kingdom hearts 2.8 excellent shotlock

The problem is that you can only do this 3 times per shotlock. You also will only get this chance if you have a full gauge. Normally, you would have to build the gauge back up then try again and hope you get 3 more in a row. But luckily, there is an easy way around this.

Go to a Save Point

Save points will not only let you save the game, but refill your HP, MP, and Focus bar.

  • All you need to do is get 3 excellent shotlocks, then head to a save point.
  • This will refill your bar so you can immediately do it again.
  • You will also want to save your game. Now if you don't get all Excellents, you can just reload your game and try until you do.

It is probably easiest to do this in Castle Town, but any save point will work. I actually did it initially in the Forest of Thorns. Completing this objective grants you the Diamond (White) Pattern.

That's all for my guide on easily completing the Shotlock objective in Kingdom Hearts 0.2. Let me know if you have any questions!

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Guide: How to Reach the Highest Point in Castle Town Wed, 25 Jan 2017 07:52:58 -0500 Synzer

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 has many challenges for you to complete, and some are not obvious. One of them requires you to reach the highest point in Castle Town, the area you start in.

It is easy to reach, but you must know where to look. You also need to have have unlocked double jump, air glide, and destroyed the 5 gears. This is also the same place you can view the meteor shower. I'll go over that as well, because you won't find it by randomly looking up at the sky.

Reaching the Highest Point

The above video shows an alternate route to the spot, but I'm going to explain the easiest way to get there.

  • Head to the north of the map, from the save point.
  • Jump up the ledges and go through the broken arch hallway.
  • You will reach the area that leads down to where one of the gears was at.
  • Instead of going down, jump up on the ledges to the left that lead up.
  • Follow that path all the way up and around.
    • Eventually, you will need to double jump and air glide to reach the other side.
  • Continue until you reach the last platform.

If this is your first time there, you will complete the challenge and see a chest. The Wings will be available in the wardrobe as well. The camera will also automatically focus to where the meteor shower happens, but you could still miss it.

Watching the Meteor Shower

The most important thing to know is that your character must be facing the meteor shower, not just the camera.

I actually had my camera on the right spot for a while, but Aqua's back was turned so it never happened. The header image shows the exact location to look at for the meteor shower.

Just face there after reaching the top until it zooms and and gives you the completion. This unlocks the Arm Guards in the wardrobe.

That's all you need to know to get these 2 objectives completing in Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Let me know if you have any questions!

Kingdom Hearts 3: Sword in the Stone World Confirmed? Fri, 20 Jan 2017 06:08:07 -0500 Unclepulky

There are many Disney worlds that people would like to see make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3. Some of the most popular requests are a Toy Story world, a Frozen world, and worlds based off of the Marvel and Star Wars universes.

As of now, the Disney worlds which are 100% confirmed to be in the game include a Tangled world, a Big Hero 6 world, and the return of Hercules' world as well. Thanks to end of Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth By Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage, we know that Sora, Donald, and Goofy's first destination on their new adventure will indeed be Olympus Coliseum.

However, it's possible that KH 0.2 also revealed an entirely new world that we haven't seen yet -- the world of Sword in the Stone.

When Kairi is speaking with Master Yensid, he tells her that she'll be training in the way of the keyblade alongside Lea...under the tutelage of the wizard, Merlin.

Merlin was one of the main characters in Disney's The Sword in the Stone. So should we get the privilege to play as Kairi or Lea, then odds are we'll get to explore a world based on this movie.

While this is currently all we have to go on, there is a live-action Sword in the Stone film currently in pre-production. If that's a project that Disney cares about, the big mouse may want to promote it by putting a Sword in the Stone world in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Do you think we'll see an Arthurian world in Kingdom Hearts 3? What other worlds would you like to see? Let me know in the comments!

Kingdom Hearts 3: The Characters Are Set on Stage Thu, 19 Jan 2017 07:00:01 -0500 Unclepulky

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue has been released in Japan, and is just days away from being released internationally. This game is actually made up of three separate games.

First, there's a HD remaster of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. While not the best entry in the series, it does have some great moments, and it's vital to play in order to understand the story going forward.

Next, there's Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover. Rather than being a complete game, this is actually a series of HD cinematics based on the game Kingdom Hearts χ.

And lastly, there's the main reason most people are interested in this collection: Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage. This game primarily follows Master Aqua in the Realm of Darkness, the events of her adventure running parallel to the first Kingdom Hearts game. However, we also check in with Sora and the rest of the gang following the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

So, with Kingdom Hearts 3 set to be the next installment in the franchise, let's go over where all of our heroes are going to be at the beginning of the Xehanort Saga's final chapter.


Lea is the Somebody of Axel, a former member of Organization XIII. Following Axel's death in Kingdom Hearts 2, Lea was resurrected. 

At the end of Kingdom Hears 3D: Dream Drop Distance, he saved Sora from becoming Xehanort's vessel, and, to the rest of the cast's surprise, turned out to be a keyblade wielder.

Many fans speculate that Lea will be one of the seven wielders of light in the final battle. Now, there's further credence to this theory as, according to Yensid, Lea has gone off to undergo training with the wizard Merlin. ("The Sword in the Stone" world confirmed?)


Sadly for young Ven, his situation has not changed.

At the end of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Ventus clashed with his evil replica Vanitas. Ventus was victorious, but at a cost.

He lost his heart, which would end up in Sora, leaving him in a coma. To hide him from Xehanort, Aqua locked him away in Castle Oblivion. Aqua promised that she'd be back to wake him up, but before she could, she was trapped in the Realm of Darkness.

Only if Aqua returns to the Realm of Light will Ventus be able to see another day.


Like Ventus, nothing has changed about Terra's situation. However, we now know more about it than we did previously.

At the end of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Master Xehanort possessed Terra, and consumed his heart in darkness. 

Many of us thought that Terra was gone for good. However, as we learned from his interaction with Aqua in the Realm of Darkness, he heart is strong enough to keep itself from being completely consumed by darkness.

So, while Terra is still possessed, there remains a chance of getting him back.

Roxas and Xion

I've lumped these two together for a few reasons.

First, and most obviously, they're best friends. Also, for the time being, it seems that their characters arcs were complete, and have no way of returning to the series. Lastly, they're both fan favorites.

When we last saw Roxas, he'd permanently become a part of Sora, accepting his fate with a smile.

Xion's story on the other hand had a much more tragic end. A failed replica of Roxas created from Sora's memories, Xion had to die in order for all of Sora's memories to be returned to him. However, it was worse than just that. When Roxas was forced to kill Xion, everyone, Roxas included, forgot she ever existed.

It's more than likely that Roxas will return in KH3, but I certainly hope that, at the very least, he finds a way to remember Xion. And if it were up to me, I'd find a way for them to see each other again.

After all, who else will Roxas have ice cream with?


 In Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, Kairi was a damsel in distress. However, thanks to her meeting Aqua during the events of Birth By Sleep, she's a keyblade wielder.

We knew from the end of Dream Drop Distance that Kairi would be training in the way of the keyblade in order to bolster the ranks of the forces of light. This has led many to believe that she will be one of the seven wielders of light.

As of the end of Kingdom Hearts 0.2, we now know that she'll be joining Lea in training under the wizard Merlin. Given her history with Axel, ergo, her being kidnapped by him, it should be fun to see the two interact.

Who knows? Her resemblance to Xion may be enough to may be enough to make Lea remember her.

Master Aqua

Aqua's had a rough life.

In Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Aqua was living a peaceful life with her best friends Ventus and Terra. And then, immediately after achieving her dream of becoming a keyblade master... everything went to Hell.

Her and her friends were put through a series of hardships, and by the end of the game, Terra was possessed, Ventus was in a coma, and Aqua herself was trapped in the Realm of Darkness.

As we now know thanks to Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep - A Fragmentary Passage, Aqua hasn't aged a day due to having been living in the Realm of Darkness for 12 years. In addition, where as most people would have gone mad living alone for over a decade, Aqua has managed to keep her sanity, to the point where she actually played a major role in saving the day in the original Kingdom Hearts.

Aqua is still trapped. Once she's freed though, the darkness will have a new force to reckon with.

Master Riku and King Mickey

While KH 0.2 explained what Mickey was doing during the original Kingdom Hearts, it really isn't relative to what's going on now.

Riku on the other hand has firmly taken his place as a keyblade master, having passed the Mark of Mastery exam in Dream Drop Distance.

Since Sora has his own business to attend to, Mickey has chosen Riku to come with him to FINALLY free Aqua from the Realm of Darkness, and that is where the duo will be at the start of KH3.

The two have always had a strong friendship, and it'll be great to see more of it.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy

One of the biggest things people have been wondering about is how and why Sora is going to be a level one weakling at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Well, now we have an explanation.

As it turns out, when Xehanort tried to turn Sora into his vessel in Dream Drop Distance, he ended up stripping Sora of most of his power.

Not the best explanation to be honest, but it's better than nothing.

Regardless, Yensid still believes Sora to be their strongest weapon against the darkness. As such, he's sent Sora, along with Donald and Goofy, off to regain his strength.

And according to the very end of KH 0.2, KH3 will begin with the trio riding in the gummy ship off to Olympus Colosseum.

Also, in the English dub, Sora has hit puberty... hard.


It's weird.

Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts 3? What are you hoping to see from these characters? Let me know in the comments!

Sony TGS 2016 Conference keynote Tue, 13 Sep 2016 06:02:11 -0400 Jeffrey Rousseau

Earlier today, Sony held their 2016 Tokyo Game Show press conference. During the conference, they discussed release dates for hardware, showed games, and discussed PSVR.  [Note: Unless noted otherwise, the release dates mentioned will be for Japan only.]

President of Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan/Asia, Atushi Morita, led the conference. To begin the show, it was announced that the PlayStation 4 Pro will release on November 10. It was also revealed that all PlayStation 4 consoles will receive updates to be HDR capable.

The conference also showed a new trailer for the latest Final Fantasy as well. Along with the trailer, a special Final Fantasy XV edition PlayStation 4 slim model was revealed. The lunar edition console will launch November 29 along with the game. 

Of the games shown during the feature was the new SaGa title, Scarlet Grace. This JRPG will release December 15 for the PS vita. Sony also revealed that Japan will be seeing new colors for the PS Vita -- metallic silver and metallic red -- on December 1.

A new Gundam VS.  title was announced for the PlayStation 4 -- Gundam New Federation vs. by Bandai Namco. The new title will continue the series' tradition of featuring various robots battling each other. 

Various Square Enix titles were given concrete release dates for next year. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 will launch on January 12 and Nier: Automata will launch a month later on February 23.

Spike Chunsoft then revealed a new release date for Danganronpa 3. The latest entry in the Danganronpa series will launch in January 2017. The game will also feature a female lead character -- a first for the series. 

Kou Shibusawa, general producer of Koei Temco Games, took the stage to reveal that Nioh will launch February 9 as a worldwide release. Nioh has been in development for nearly a decade. This year, the samurai action game has seen two demos. Player feedback has also helped improve the game for quality purposes. 

Sony has also shared that with PSVR, they hope to create more than just games. With PSVR they showed a variety of footage for music videos, documentaries, and more. It was announced that additional PSVR preorders will available for fans in Japan.

Hideo Kojima then took center stage to share some details on his newest game, Death Stranding. The title will feature some online elements and will be open world as well. Kojima also shared that the game will support 4K resolution.

To close out the conference, confirmed that Gravity Daze 2 will be launching On December 1.

Fans of Sony can look forward to more release and content going forward.