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It wasn't so long ago that a collection of thievery-inclined felines could be sent out into the world to fill the walls of your new house with whatever weird stuff caught their fancy in HyperBeard Games' KleptoCats. For the avid collectible hunter, KleptoCats was addictive and not particularly difficult to make time for. 

A cat jumps through a portal in a house wall in Kleptocats 2 while a dog stands in the forground

KleptoCats 2 doesn't stray very far from this premise -- it's a game is chock-full of sly references, cheeky humor, a lot of cat butts, secrets, and safe codes. It'll probably also be the first game in which you ever find small, multi-colored, wiggling poops cute.

Hunting Down Secret Codes

As you send out your cats for more and more items to fill up your shed, patio, and lobby, you'll realize that some of these will come equipped with secret messages. Once deciphered, they can be entered into the safe in the shed (which you can access by going to the settings menu or actually going out into the shed) in exchange for purple gems or used to unlock purple ribbons.

Gems in KleptoCats 2 aren't difficult to get, but they can be a little tedious to accumulate unless you want to drop real dollars into the game. Your little Gem Dog will give you one for free each day you login, and they can be exchanged for coins in increasing amounts per day (e.g. the first one costs 350, the second 450, etc.) but they are the only currency the game will accept in order to unlock new cats -- so finding and taking advantage of these codes comes in super handy when acquiring new felines.

Here are all the secrets and safe unlocks currently out for KleptoCats 2!

(Note: Please be aware that you will need to have collected certain items before you can unlock everything below. Make sure you use exact spelling, capitalization, and characters!)

A sad looking cat that looks like a rabbit sits in front of a locked safe in Kleptocats 2Secrets Inside the Shed

This is the first area you discover when you start the game. Your cat will eventually find a key to the door, but it might take a few tries to let you out! There are currently 2 safe codes available in the Shed and 1 purple ribbon unlock.

The Safe Codes
  1. Written on the side of a box in the shed: secrets (this can apparently be done with either the first letter capitalized or not)
  2. A few of the secrets use Morse Code to decipher, however this one requires Braille. You'll need the doctor ID card in order to unlock it: dr.cats (include the period, no spaces)
Purple Ribbon

Before you can unlock this secret, you will need to acquire the Light Switch and the Bell Jar through your luck of the draw kitty thievery.

  1. Tap on the light switch on the wall next to the door to turn the lights off. With the lights off, you'll see some markings that glow in the dark -- the ones you want to pay attention to are the ones written on the lamp shade hanging from the ceiling. 
  2. Tap on the bell jar with the red crystals inside located on the shelf to the left of the shed. You'll be prompted to enter a code. 
  3. Tap the crystals in the pattern you found on the lamp shade: left, up, down, down, up, left

Secrets Out on the Patio

A cat sits outside next to a puddle while a gloved hand feeds it a fishYou made it out! Your cats will find you a house key soon, but you're stuck out here in the garden for a little while. There are 4 safe codes out on the patio, and 1 purple ribbon unlock

The Safe Codes
  1. You will need to acquire the Missing Poster first before you can unlock this: Good boi
  2. You will need to acquire the Patio Door Mat first for this code: nohope
  3. You will need to acquire the Tamagotchi first: (=OwO=) (these are O's, not zeroes)
  4. You will need to obtain the Pink Thing before you can unlock this code. Take a screenshot of the patio using the screenshot button in the game itself (access it through settings > screenshot) rather than your phone's screenshot buttons. A set of coordinates will appear, which will lead you to  a Vulcan: popocatepetl
    (Note: If you've already tried unlocking this previously and were unable to go through with it, the game devs have updated the game so that the coordinates show up much clearer!)
Purple Ribbon

Before you can unlock this Kleptocats 2 purple ribbon, you will need to acquire the cat-shaped flowers that appear in the bushes just under the window. To the far left, there is a pattern on the wall of different colored flowers on what looks like a musical staff. 

  1. Tap on the cat flowers and a new window with a bouquet of cat flowers will open up. 
  2. Tap the flowers in the order that was shown on the staff: purple, blue, green, pink, orange, green
  3. A shark will appear in the pond. 

Secrets Inside the House Lobby

A gleeful pink and white cat stands on a table in Kleptocats 2You finally made it inside the house! This is the last room that can currently be unlocked in Kleptocats 2. There are 4 safe codes in this room and 1 purple ribbon unlock.

The Safe Codes
  1. No unlocks required for this one. There is a Morse Code message on the wall over the stairs that translates to: The master comes
    (Note: There is supposed to have been a recent update that changed this particular code to Easter comes but it doesn't work for me.) 
  2. You will need the Ticket and the Coffee Cup to unlock this one: 20-055
  3. You will need to acquire the Telephone for this: This is not real
  4. You will need to acquire the Newspaper for the following: he here
Purple Ribbon

In order to unlock this purple ribbon in Kleptocats 2, you will need to have acquired the Runes, the Letter, and the Alchemy Pot (see above screenshot).

  1. Combine the Runes and Letter to figure out what order to input your code in.
  2. Tap on the Alchemy Pot and select these ingredients to pop in the cauldron: Eyeballs, Claw, Mushroom, Yellow stone, Blue plant, and Claw
  3. A little cat will appear to stir the pot.

Other Safe Codes

That's all the codes available right now. The game devs do periodically throw up new codes, and if HyperBeard's other games are any indication, they also like to throw in seasonal goodies as well. Past codes have been posted on the game's Google Play store page and Apple App Store page, however the developers have hinted that more codes are likely to crop up on their other social media pages -- including the official Kleptocats 2 Twitter and Facebook pages. 

Other Gem Advice

Once you've exhausted the possibilities of getting free gems through safe codes and secrets, you're back to the old-fashioned grind for the rest of your cats. If you want to play strictly free-to-play, you have two options:

  1. Trade for gems as quickly as possible. 
  2. Send out your cats for as many items and puzzle pieces as you can (send up to three cats at a time).

Both options will take a while for you to amass anything, but the more stuff you already have, the higher the chance that your cats will bring back coins that you can then trade for gems. 

Get More Coins in Kleptocats 2

Whether or not you choose to spend your coins on letting more of your cats out at the same time, keep an eye out for these other money-making activities:

  • Floating Cats: These will either have a little video screen where you can choose to watch an ad or a floating gold cat statue that you can tap multiple times for free coin drops.
  • Poop: Yep. Each poop that appears on the floor in each of the three areas is tradable for money. Just tap on them. 
  • Share: After each new acquisition, you have the opportunity to share your new find. Just tap the button -- it will open up several options for you to share to other people, but you can honestly just backspace back into the game without doing anything more and you'll gain about a 100 coins for just one step. 


That's all of the secrets, purple ribbons, and safe codes for now. Keep checking back for any new guides on getting ahead in KleptoCats 2!