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It wasn't so long ago that a collection of thievery-inclined felines could be sent out into the world to fill the walls of your new house with whatever weird stuff caught their fancy in HyperBeard Games' KleptoCats. For the avid collectible hunter, KleptoCats was addictive and not particularly difficult to make time for. 

A cat jumps through a portal in a house wall in Kleptocats 2 while a dog stands in the forground

KleptoCats 2 doesn't stray very far from this premise -- it's a game is chock-full of sly references, cheeky humor, a lot of cat butts, secrets, and safe codes. It'll probably also be the first game in which you ever find small, multi-colored, wiggling poops cute.

Hunting Down Secret Codes

As you send out your cats for more and more items to fill up your shed, patio, and lobby, you'll realize that some of these will come equipped with secret messages. Once deciphered, they can be entered into the safe in the shed (which you can access by going to the settings menu or actually going out into the shed) in exchange for purple gems or used to unlock purple ribbons.

Gems in KleptoCats 2 aren't difficult to get, but they can be a little tedious to accumulate unless you want to drop real dollars into the game. Your little Gem Dog will give you one for free each day you login, and they can be exchanged for coins in increasing amounts per day (e.g. the first one costs 350, the second 450, etc.) but they are the only currency the game will accept in order to unlock new cats -- so finding and taking advantage of these codes comes in super handy when acquiring new felines.

Here are all the secrets and safe unlocks currently out for KleptoCats 2!

(Note: Please be aware that you will need to have collected certain items before you can unlock everything below. Make sure you use exact spelling, capitalization, and characters!)

A sad looking cat that looks like a rabbit sits in front of a locked safe in Kleptocats 2Secrets Inside the Shed

This is the first area you discover when you start the game. Your cat will eventually find a key to the door, but it might take a few tries to let you out! There are currently 2 safe codes available in the Shed and 1 purple ribbon unlock.

The Safe Codes
  1. Written on the side of a box in the shed: secrets (this can apparently be done with either the first letter capitalized or not)
  2. A few of the secrets use Morse Code to decipher, however this one requires Braille. You'll need the doctor ID card in order to unlock it: dr.cats (include the period, no spaces)
Purple Ribbon

Before you can unlock this secret, you will need to acquire the Light Switch and the Bell Jar through your luck of the draw kitty thievery.

  1. Tap on the light switch on the wall next to the door to turn the lights off. With the lights off, you'll see some markings that glow in the dark -- the ones you want to pay attention to are the ones written on the lamp shade hanging from the ceiling. 
  2. Tap on the bell jar with the red crystals inside located on the shelf to the left of the shed. You'll be prompted to enter a code. 
  3. Tap the crystals in the pattern you found on the lamp shade: left, up, down, down, up, left

Secrets Out on the Patio

A cat sits outside next to a puddle while a gloved hand feeds it a fishYou made it out! Your cats will find you a house key soon, but you're stuck out here in the garden for a little while. There are 4 safe codes out on the patio, and 1 purple ribbon unlock

The Safe Codes
  1. You will need to acquire the Missing Poster first before you can unlock this: Good boi
  2. You will need to acquire the Patio Door Mat first for this code: nohope
  3. You will need to acquire the Tamagotchi first: (=OwO=) (these are O's, not zeroes)
  4. You will need to obtain the Pink Thing before you can unlock this code. Take a screenshot of the patio using the screenshot button in the game itself (access it through settings > screenshot) rather than your phone's screenshot buttons. A set of coordinates will appear, which will lead you to  a Vulcan: popocatepetl
    (Note: If you've already tried unlocking this previously and were unable to go through with it, the game devs have updated the game so that the coordinates show up much clearer!)
Purple Ribbon

Before you can unlock this Kleptocats 2 purple ribbon, you will need to acquire the cat-shaped flowers that appear in the bushes just under the window. To the far left, there is a pattern on the wall of different colored flowers on what looks like a musical staff. 

  1. Tap on the cat flowers and a new window with a bouquet of cat flowers will open up. 
  2. Tap the flowers in the order that was shown on the staff: purple, blue, green, pink, orange, green
  3. A shark will appear in the pond. 

Secrets Inside the House Lobby

A gleeful pink and white cat stands on a table in Kleptocats 2You finally made it inside the house! This is the last room that can currently be unlocked in Kleptocats 2. There are 4 safe codes in this room and 1 purple ribbon unlock.

The Safe Codes
  1. No unlocks required for this one. There is a Morse Code message on the wall over the stairs that translates to: The master comes
    (Note: There is supposed to have been a recent update that changed this particular code to Easter comes but it doesn't work for me.) 
  2. You will need the Ticket and the Coffee Cup to unlock this one: 20-055
  3. You will need to acquire the Telephone for this: This is not real
  4. You will need to acquire the Newspaper for the following: he here
Purple Ribbon

In order to unlock this purple ribbon in Kleptocats 2, you will need to have acquired the Runes, the Letter, and the Alchemy Pot (see above screenshot).

  1. Combine the Runes and Letter to figure out what order to input your code in.
  2. Tap on the Alchemy Pot and select these ingredients to pop in the cauldron: Eyeballs, Claw, Mushroom, Yellow stone, Blue plant, and Claw
  3. A little cat will appear to stir the pot.

Other Safe Codes

That's all the codes available right now. The game devs do periodically throw up new codes, and if HyperBeard's other games are any indication, they also like to throw in seasonal goodies as well. Past codes have been posted on the game's Google Play store page and Apple App Store page, however the developers have hinted that more codes are likely to crop up on their other social media pages -- including the official Kleptocats 2 Twitter and Facebook pages. 

Other Gem Advice

Once you've exhausted the possibilities of getting free gems through safe codes and secrets, you're back to the old-fashioned grind for the rest of your cats. If you want to play strictly free-to-play, you have two options:

  1. Trade for gems as quickly as possible. 
  2. Send out your cats for as many items and puzzle pieces as you can (send up to three cats at a time).

Both options will take a while for you to amass anything, but the more stuff you already have, the higher the chance that your cats will bring back coins that you can then trade for gems. 

Get More Coins in Kleptocats 2

Whether or not you choose to spend your coins on letting more of your cats out at the same time, keep an eye out for these other money-making activities:

  • Floating Cats: These will either have a little video screen where you can choose to watch an ad or a floating gold cat statue that you can tap multiple times for free coin drops.
  • Poop: Yep. Each poop that appears on the floor in each of the three areas is tradable for money. Just tap on them. 
  • Share: After each new acquisition, you have the opportunity to share your new find. Just tap the button -- it will open up several options for you to share to other people, but you can honestly just backspace back into the game without doing anything more and you'll gain about a 100 coins for just one step. 


That's all of the secrets, purple ribbons, and safe codes for now. Keep checking back for any new guides on getting ahead in KleptoCats 2!

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If you're ever on the go and don't mind mobile gaming, take the time to download these hilarious but also fun games to take a midday break every now and then. Most of these games are pretty time consuming, however, so don't say I didn't warn you.

Call of Doodie - Run to the Office Toilet in Time

Call of Doodie, toilet

Call of Duty fans will note the similarities and blatant differences for this game from the name along. Call of Doodie allows players to control stereotypical office place employees as they get the awkward urge to get to the bathroom.

The game also adds in bonus doors that may or may not be the bathroom you desire, but no spoilers on that one. After playing this game I can attest that going to the bathroom has never given me such anxiety while I also try to explain what I'm playing on my phone (which is a bonus game really)!

Available on: iOS / Google Play

The Battle Cats

battle cats, cats

If you like cats but always felt there was an element of war and fatality missing from their daily activities, have we got the game for you. As weird as the game may seem, it's actually quite simple as you choose which cat you wish to send into battle and you even get to fire a cat cannon! Frequent updates continue to add to the game so be sure to keep playing; can't say this is PETA approved however.

Available on: iOS / Android

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

the simpsons, tapped out

If you can imagine The Sims meets actively satirizing the game format of The Sims, you've got this game. Created by the minds of The Simpsons TV show, Tapped Out comments on the absurdity of the game and even calls out EA a few times.

My favorite quotes are from Homer who will regularly say things like "Work?! I thought this was a video game" and "Aw, I wish this was a shooter." Throughout the game as iconic characters and locations seen on the show are unlocked, more comedy ensues as you level up.

Available on: iOS / Android

Llama or Duck?!

llama or duck, quiz

The game, as simple as it may sound, provides near endless entertainment as you ponder simple questions with even more simple pictures provided. Hold no shame in answering this free quiz game as you click through. Just remember, however that there is no more to this game than what the title says so don't fool yourself into thinking there might be.

As I played this I started to question, is there something more in this picture of a llama that might make it resemble a duck? Or perhaps I needed to think about ducks on a metaphysical level, in which there are no wrong answers, to truly get this game. Either way I will never admit how much time was spent playing this.

Available on: iOS / Android



This game is both simple and rewarding, and involves mischievous cats so what's not to love? Be advised feline owners, stray away from letting your pets get any ideas from this one. You're the owner of an apartment or home in which you go from owning items and cats. The cats don't seem to enjoy you owning the former however and take it upon themselves to mess things up. The game combines both cute and funny elements as there are plenty of cats willing to rob you blind.

Available on: iOS / Android

Clumsy Ninja

clumsy ninja, ninja

While fun, this game is no joke when it comes to difficulty as it can match the best of mobile games. You take the role of a mentor or parental figure who watches as your little ninja becomes a real warrior. The game offers challenges that keeps you involved in a mix of the cute and the funny.

Available On: iOS / Android

Dumb Ways to Scare

Dumb Ways to Scare, dumb ways to, dumb, scary, scare

Following after the lighthearted tone but often dark implications of Dumb Ways to Die, this game takes you into a monster's perspective to scare people. Can't say if he'll ever be satisfied, but how could you when life's a scream? The game keeps you entertained by the absurdity of just trying to scare people in the most home-video type of way to just down right evil deeds.

Available on: iOS

These seven games span the spectrum of satire to just plain slapstick in their comedic material as they provide something for each type of mobile gamer. What's more important than a quick laugh however is each games ability to provide varying levels of interactivity. For example, The Simpsons: Tapped Out provides linear, story based, game play while Call of Doodie can be opened quickly and played with no long term effects. Granted playing that last game could have long term effects on your office to bathroom use ratio that we don't have the analytics on yet.

Are there any games we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

A Guide to Getting All the Bedroom Cats in KleptoCats (2/2) https://www.gameskinny.com/90q4q/a-guide-to-getting-all-the-bedroom-cats-in-kleptocats-22 https://www.gameskinny.com/90q4q/a-guide-to-getting-all-the-bedroom-cats-in-kleptocats-22 Fri, 17 Jun 2016 05:15:30 -0400 Stephanie Tang

Have you ever wanted to take a more proactive form of play with your cats in Neko Atsume

Well, I can't give you that. But what Hyperbeard and Apps-o-Rama has brought to the table gives you the next best thing: cats that depend on you for food, love, and affection as their supreme overlord and master.

In return, they turn their kleptomaniac tendencies to your advantage, filling up your empty room with all their stolen goodies. And when that isn't enough, they'll also bring you back the cash that allows you to afford more cats so that everyone can play with all their ill-gotten gains. It's a win for everybody.

(Please note that this is the second half of the All Cats list! If you want to see the rest, check out A Guide to Getting All the Bedroom Cats in KleptoCats (1/2)!)

Collecting All Cats

 You get one cat to start with, but every time you cat brings back any extra coins, you can save up to trade them for better rewards. Remember: 

  1. 250 coins can be traded for 1 purple gem.
  2. 4 purple gems can be traded for 1 new cat.

There are 100 cats to be collected in the bedroom. Here is the second half of the list!

Cat Description
   Joe: Hoards a lot of garbage in its house.
 Care: Sometimes, it forgets to eat.
 Mamba: Believes it's a super hacker in disguise.
 Conejo: Addicted to catnip.
 Neko: You'll never see it coming.
 Garfield: Hates Mondays and loves lasagna.
 Pulpy: Is an excellent swimmer.
 Morada: Its favorite color is "purrple".
 Fayer: Moustached adventurer. It doesn't like people that much.
 Chuck: Grumpy Cat's second cousin.
 Feliz: Likes to hide in random places.
 Flufs: Likes to scratch the door, just because.
 Gizmo: Please don't feed it after midnight.
 Alain: Likes to climb on top of the refrigerator.
 Chell: Likes to eat ham. Like, really likes it.
 Pepito: It's back...
 Sugar: Likes to swat the air with its paws.
 Albert: Likes to spy on the neighbors from the window.
 Jack: Hates when you touch its paws.
 Jelly: Is actually an alien in disguise.
 Pepe: Thinks it's cool, but it isn't.
 Sandi: Tried a lemon once and made a silly face.
 Spot: Follows its own tail until it gets dizzy.
Neal D.: Enjoys ruining your favorite movie by explaining scientific facts about it.
 Tanooki: Thinks it can fly.
 Rouge: Likes to eat the dog's food.
 Poptart: Enjoys ignoring you when you call it.
 Fuzzy: I is horrible. I wear fur.
 Mapache: Likes to push its head against your hand.
 JP: Thinks it's an artist.
 Bowtie: Looks fancy but it likes to drink water from the toilet.
Rocky: Likes to play with small insects. 
 Richie: Likes to pretend its is an artist.
 Cleo: *dances like an Egyptian*
 Rodriga: Alpha cat.
 Lucky: Likes belly rubs, but only 3 at a time.
Rootbeer: Great at multi-tasking. 
Gato: Loves human food. 
Barbas: You can't put a collar on it. 
Freezer: Wants to destroy the world and everything on it. 
Tigger: It is bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, and pouncy. 
 Momo: Likes to pretend it is a programmer.
 Manhattan: Enjoys being naked. 
 Natasha: Hates other cats and people too. Only likes you.
Potato: Likes to roll over to reveal its tummy. 
Clowny: "How do you call a pile of kittens? A meowntain." 
Princess: Hates when you touch its tail. 
Hips: Enjoys watching you take a shower. 
Beck: Likes to meow as if it was actually speaking. 
Wizard: This kitty is very "purrsuasive". 


(Note: Once you have collected all the inventory items in the first room, the next room (living room) will unlock for free. Save your purple gems for the cats!)

It will take a long time to collect all the cats, so remember that while you start collecting inventory items in the next room, don't forget to keep sending out your cats from the first room out on theft missions for extra cash. This will help speed up your cat collecting by a lot!

Also remember to watch those ad videos when available, you can usually watch about 15 or so a day, and you get 50 coins each time you do!

Good luck and happy collecting!

For more on KleptoCats:

A Guide to Getting All the Bedroom Cats in KleptoCats (1/2) https://www.gameskinny.com/lhyxc/a-guide-to-getting-all-the-bedroom-cats-in-kleptocats-12 https://www.gameskinny.com/lhyxc/a-guide-to-getting-all-the-bedroom-cats-in-kleptocats-12 Fri, 17 Jun 2016 05:10:48 -0400 Stephanie Tang

Cat games are addictive -- and no one knows this better than a recovering Neko Atsume player. Thankfully, Hyperbeard and Apps-o-Rama aren't about to let the catnip lie. Their hugely popular mobile game KleptoCats on the Apple App Store and Google Play gives you what Neko Atsume could be if you could play (kind of) with your imaginary cartoon cats.

The main point of the game is to fill up your large and rather empty room with as much of your cats' stolen goods as you can. 

(For tips and a full list on all the different items in the bedroom, check out A Guide to Getting the Full Bedroom Inventory in KleptoCats). 

How to Collect All Cats

The moment you start the game, it will run through a blistering roulette of all the cats available -- and you tap the screen to choose which will be your first cat. (If you don't like it as your starter cat, you have one more try.)

You have a little while before you start picking up any more. Whenever you send out one of your cats on thief missions, they have a chance of grabbing some extra cash with your item (or if you don't get a new inventory item, you'll get a sack of coins anyway).


There are two different kinds of currency in KleptoCats:

  • Coins (gold): can be used to purchase bells (call back your cat from a theft mission faster).
  • Gems (purple): can be used to purchase new cats.

Currency amounts can be found in the top right corner of your screen.

During its theft missions, your cat will bring back coins. Once you have 250, you can trade them for 1 gem. 

(Note: You can also change gems back into coins, but at a worse conversion rate. Of the two, coins are less useful and I personally don't bother wasting the coins on Bells and prefer to save them for buying new cats instead.)

Each new Bedroom cat costs 4 gems.

Collecting all the cats takes a very long time, but for the most part it is time that you don't have to spend glued to the game (when you send them off on missions).

Supplement the amount of coins that you get by playing through all the ad videos each day, which gives you 50 coins per video. (Uploading screenshots of your new cat to social media is also supposed to get you 50 coins each, but every time I've tried, it has failed to post.)

Cat Description
   Clyde: Likes to sleep all day and then go crazy at night.
   Changuito: Likes to eat bananas.
 Alex: Has an expensive bed but likes to sleep in the sink.
 Larry: Likes to sit in weird places. 
 Blacksad: Believes it's a PI.
 Sunset: Has the sunset in its tummy.
 Luna: Hates plans and mirrors.
 Jermaine: Likes to play with things that aren't toys.
 Gerard: An emo cat to reflect your teenage angst.
 Sura: Plays with bags, all the time.
 Ghost: Haunts other cats for fun.
 Leo: Dreams about winning an Academy Award.
 Harry: The cat that lived
 Chilaqui: Once tasted salsa from the floor and cried.
 Mime: Likes to watch you when you sleep. 
 1100011: Prototype of a hypoallergenic pet.
 Ximena: Loves to go after the red light (laser pointer).
 Green: Don't make it angry. You won't like it when its angry.
Maddie: Likes to sit on your hands when you are using the computer.
 Mittens: Likes to play with hair bands.
 Julio: Likes to run around the house at high speed.
 Sakura: Collects things in a hidden space behind the couch.
 Zod: Likes to slip its paw under the door crack. 
 Gren: Won't drink water out of its bowl.
 Mario: Likes to do silly things.
 Cannon: Loves to explore.
 Karen: Has a weird whisper-meow and it sounds like it's trying to tell you a secret.
 Clement: Likes to nap in uncomfortable places.
 Jared: Likes to play with its poop.
 Queso: Smells like Cheetos.
 Wero: Befriended a mouse once.
 Peeps: Is afraid of drones and the vacuum cleaner.
 Loren: Always tries to fit into things it clearly can't fit into.
 Gene: Its favorite place is under the table.
 Kinuko: fights other cats for meatballs.
 Cookie: Likes to take long walks on the beach. 
 Oreo: Loves to drink milk.
 David: Likes to look at the stars in a melancholic way.
 Browne: Likes to meow after you sneeze, like saying "bless you".
 Japon: Eats sushi all the time.
 Neo: Drinks water from a dirty fountain.
 Ichigo: Makes funny sounds when it sees birds.
 Archie: Loves to sleep. It is probably sleeping right now.
 Beast: Believe it or not, it's a selfie master.
 Godinez: It is actually super boring and doesn't really do anything notable/weird.
 Chad: Loves fish tacos.
 Ralphie: Gives massages to other cats.
 Fermin: Likes to show other animals who's boss.
 Keitaro: Likes to smell dirty socks.
 Nube: Learned how to open doors.


And that's not all! This is only the first half of all the kitties you can potentially add to your collection.

You can find the rest of the list here!

For more on KleptoCats:

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(Wait! This is the second half of the Bedroom Inventory list! If you think some items seem to be missing from this article, that's because the rest are listed here!)

In this popular Hyperbeard mobile game, the point is to grow your small legion of devoted furry felines so that they can:

  1. Set out into the world and steal other people's worldly goods to properly stock up your empty bedroom.
  2. Hang around and play with all the new toys they've proudly "freed" from lesser owners. 

How to Start Collecting

There are 162 inventory items available for your cats to collect for your bedroom. In order to collect them all send your kitty out on a theft mission (this will take about 10-15 minutes usually). If you're lucky, they'll bring a brand new item to add to the room. 

(Note: As of the recent patch, your cats will no longer bring back duplicate items that are then exchanged for cash, they just bring back a sack of cash instead.)

Remember to max out your cat's affection (0-100% in the heart in the bottom right corner) by petting or feeding before you send it out, which increases your chances of new items. This is especially important since the most recent patch rolled around - it feels like your chances of getting new items have gone down. 

There are still a ton of references here... do you recognize them all?

Inventory Description
"MISB (Mint in Sealed Box)"
"My outcome doesn't look very favorable."
"Hey kitty, for real, what's with you and snakes?"
"Nice blanket."
"Just don't get any funny ideas."
"This creature lurks in the shadows."
"It's just a sticker, don't worry."
"Just some lights for the dark room."
"A broken clock is right twice a day."
"A mini swing, how fun!"
"This raidio is stuck in the same music station, they always play pop from the 80s."
"I wonder what kind of music this record plays?"
"A toy castle."
"Oh, you found the hidden snail!"
"Are you afraid of the dark?"
"Nothing to see here, just a normal mirror."
"An ancient warrior of the cat worshiper tribe."
"Oh, you found a hevafijdgeh."
"A dumpling... mmmm getting hungry."
"You can't hear the sea in it. It's broken."
"Just a cactus, with a face."
"Slingshots should be considered as weapons."
"The cat brought a hole for the floor. Yeah, that makes total sense."
"A little birdie called Dom."
"If you couldn't tell by the demon in the bottle, it is spicy."
"This moose is mini." 
"A machine built to toast bread." 
"HyperBeard dude, he likes to jump."
"If I..."
"... just ..."
"... right ..."
"Forgotten child."
"Another character from The Balloons."
"Do barrels roll?"
"Puddi puddi!"
"Above the lake."
"Below the mountains."
"Just follow the trail."
"The X marks the spot."
"You can use it to do research but most kids use it to burn ants."
"That doesn't look human, at all."
"Everyone has a Plumbus in their home."
"Is this an octopus or a cat?"
"It makes time travel possible."
"I have no way to know if it is a real spaceship or just a toy."
"All-seeing eye on a pyramid."
"A forgotten god."
"The rarest of them all."
"An invader from space."
"Hey kitty, you are naked!"
"Pink poop, that doesn't look good."
"You finally found him!"
"The Black Charro is part of our game Muertitos."
"Stinky pug, always farting. Likes to smell dogs butts."
"This brain is missing a piece."
"Experiment RDVS{R<-"
"That phone... so familiar."
"Better than a sword for some knights."
"Look at me, I'm the captain now!"
"Celleste might be escaping some space bugs.'
"This monster wants to destroy the city."
"This robot is trying to stop the monster."
"Magic stone that grants wishes, or so they say."
"Symbol of a mighty alien race."
"The creature... I see it in games all the time."
"Cute star :)"
"We knew..."
"This key looks important."
"How curious. I could use one of those right about now."
"Who you gonna call?"
"This isn't shaped like a heart."
"You take the blue pill, the story ends. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland."
"up, up"
"down, down"
"left, right, left, right"
"A space pirate's weapon of choice."


This isn't the end of the silly game and pop culture references nestled in pun-loving KleptoCats! Here's a sneak peak at some (but not all) of the stuff your cats start amassing for you in the living room!


For more on KleptoCats:

Kleptocats stolen items description guide (Part 1) https://www.gameskinny.com/v9oo1/kleptocats-stolen-items-description-guide-part-1 https://www.gameskinny.com/v9oo1/kleptocats-stolen-items-description-guide-part-1 Mon, 20 Jun 2016 07:32:12 -0400 Stephanie Tang

Taking up where Neko Atsume left off, mobile game dev HyperBeard and Apps-O-Rama joined forces to bring us KleptoCats, the masterminds that give us the answers to several of life's important questions: 

  1. What does it look like when you fit 100 small cats into one tiny bedroom?
  2. What would happen if cats decided they weren't the supreme overlords of the universe and were actually dependent on your love and affection?
  3. Exactly what is it possible for a cat to bring back to your home all on his lonesome?

In this game, you send your pet cat off into the wilderness to steal new objects to help fill up your very empty bedroom. With some time (and in-game currency), you can also acquire new and funky-colored cats - to hang out and play with your ill-gotten gains, or to send off on thieving missions of their own. 

How to Start Collecting

To collect every inventory item (162 in total), you will have to send your selected kitty out on a theft mission. The cat will leave, on average for 10-15 minutes, and bring you back its new conquest (as of the recent patch, instead of a duplicate item, it will bring back a sack of coins).

Once you've started stock-piling a bunch of different items, it's a good idea to max out your cat's heart (0-100% in the bottom right corner) by petting it or feeding it before you send them out in order to get a higher chance for a new item and not a duplicate. 

Here are all the things that your kleptomaniac kitty minions are able to fit into your bedroom.

How many references do you recognize? 

Inventory Description
"Lemon-shaped bag used to play a game called football."
"Cats like to eat fish, according to cartoons."
"Timid ghost that hides when you look at it."
"How many tickles does it take to make a squid laugh? Ten-tickles."
"A mythical animal that has magic powers or farts rainbows, I can't remember."
"People say you could actually save data in these things."
"Gifty is a special character from our game The Balloons."
"That's a lot of gold."
Just a shield, you never know when it could be useful.
"It isn't an actual pirate hat, it's part of a costume."
"This spider doesn't give you powers, so be careful."
"Wait, is this a real gnome?"
"Just a regular red bull, mostly ornamental."
"It resembles something else, but it is just a chicken."
"This happens when cats think you can't get your own food."
"A memento of the past."
"BrainCube is the main hero of another one of our games."
"Pizza is always good."
"This controller brings back a lot of memories."
"Delicious japanese food :9"
"Delicious mexican food :9"
"Even cats like chicken."
"What is this doing here? It belongs in a museum!"
"This is sushi from Japan."
"A paw full of dollars."
"Don't eat that, it's not good for you."
"I wonder what movie it watched..."
"An envelope? Can cats write letters?"
"It's broken, you can't solve it."
"You can't really drink from it, I tried."
"It's just a plushy, don't worry."
"Just a hair ball, nothing to see here."
"Did you find one or lose one?"
"A tangerine!"
"Legend says it was a ball made for baskets.'
"Who is this Babe Ruth fellow?"
"What is a crab doing here? We are not even that close to the sea..."
"Haha! Silly cat, this is a computer mouse."
"Kids, eat your vegetables."
"Well excuse me, Princess!"
"Be careful around that, it's really dangerous."
"I think this is a Kaban, an old Japanese coin."
"Famous item used to spelunk."
"Is this a toy or does this belong to a mad scientist?"
"I think this is for dogs, not cats."
"This key is too big for a door."
"Kitty, you are not fooling anybody, you are not a dog."
"Can't tell if it is a magic 8-ball or a regular one."
"The resemblance is uncanny!"
"Just one sock! Where is the other one?"
"OMG! It found a red one and a blue one."
"This looks like a dead bird, but it is actually a character from The Balloons."
"... And my axe!"
"It is a toy, but if you make it bigger it could be a real boat."
"...another cat?"
"Gotta collect 'em all!"
"Fus Ro MEOW!"
"It's just a soda can and it is empty." 
"One shoe... that's useless."
"I wonder if people still use things like this."
"I'm not touching that."
"Another snake! What is it with you and snakes?"
"Perfect, I just need 6 more."
"That's nice, it was getting really hot in here."
"A painting from the famous painter "Pablo Picatzo"."
"A luchador mask!"
"A transparent electric lamp containing a viscous liquid in which a brightly colored waxy substance is suspended, rising and falling in irregular and constantly changing shapes."
"Just a regular alien psychic invader."
"I really hope these belong to me."
"A glass of water."
"This knife is used to cut fancy meat."
"An implement with two or more prongs used for lifting food to the mouth or holding it when cutting."
"I don't think this lamp works."
"Do you also have the key to the chest?"
"Is this grandpa's iPod?"
"Good read about ninjas and cats."
"Every good wizard needs one of these."
"There's no way around that."
"From the author of "Obey your cat"."
"You can use this thing to catch stuff."
"Good for breakfast!" 


And guess what - this is only half! There are 80 more items that you can collect in the first room, and you can find the rest of them by checking out this article

6 Apps For the Neko Atsume Lover https://www.gameskinny.com/aor2v/6-apps-for-the-neko-atsume-lover https://www.gameskinny.com/aor2v/6-apps-for-the-neko-atsume-lover Thu, 26 May 2016 18:26:06 -0400 cactusjudy

Are you a fan of Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector? If so, you're not alone. Since its initial release on October 20th, 2014, the popular gaming app has reached more than 10 million downloads. With a 4.6-star rating on Google Play, this cute and easy game has provided countless hours of entertainment for millions worldwide. However, if you, like me, have already attracted all of your feline friends to the yard (I just need mementos from Sapphire and Jeeves, and then I am dooooone), you might be wondering what to do with life after Neko Atsume. Well, never fear cat collectors! Several apps, riding off of the popularity of Kitty Collector, have burst onto the scene, guaranteeing countless hours of casual fun and procrastination! So, without further ado, here are 6 (free) apps, available on both iOS and Android, tailored to the lover of Neko Atsume:

1. Boku to Wanko: Doggie Collector 

This game is exactly what it sounds like: Neko Atsume, but with dogs! Buy toys and food to attract a total of 42 dogs to your yard, and then keep them coming back so you can eventually collect their "treasure." What's nice about this app is that each dog's profile lists how many more minutes they need to spend in your yard before they will bring you their treasure, so you don't have to inwardly groan when Tubbs eats up all of your Ritzy Bits for the 86th time without leaving a memento. What's not so nice is that the interface is pretty clunky in comparison to Neko Atsume's, and the English translation is definitely not top-quality. Still, if you like cute dogs and catchy background music, or want the added excitement of chasing away thieving stray cats from your yard, Boku to Wanko is a solid choice.

Note: The English version of Boku to Wanko appears to have not yet reached iOS as of the publication date of this article. Stay tuned!

2. KleptoCats 

But why would you waste you hours staring at pixelated images of inferior dogs when you could be basking in the glory of more cute cats? Or, even better, sending out such cats to do your evil bidding steal random stuff to fill up your room? This is the basis of KleptoCats: send your cat out to steal a random object, such as a taco or a Pokeball, collect coins and gems from your cats and mini-games, and use them to buy accessories and new cats. With 100 cats and 162 objects to collect, KleptoCats is sure to provide countless hours of kitty kleptomania. Just be warned: the amount of time it takes for the cats to steal a new object grows exponentially each time, so you'll want to find something else to do while you wait for your favorite little thief to come home.

3. Hamster Collection 

Like Boku to WankoHamster Collection is more or less Neko Atsume with hamsters. Buy toys and hamster food to attract hamsters to your cage, then pet the hamsters in order to raise their affection level. Hamster Collection also includes a "Behavior List" for each hamster, humorously detailing their interactions with different toys. Unfortunately, if you want to add more hamsters to your cage, you have to play "Hamster Gatcha," putting seeds left by visiting hamsters into a vending machine in order to receive a new hamster. The English translation is the same low-quality of Boku to Wanko, but the animations and illustrations are a significant step-up, so if raising hamsters is your forte, consider adding this game to your collection.

4. Alpaca World 

 Alpaca World is probably the game on this list that marks the most significant departure from the mechanics of Neko Atsume. In this alpaca collection game, you take your alpacas into the wild in order to battle wild alpacas, resulting in level-ups and items such as colored wool that can be sold in the game's town. You can also use rope to "catch" new alpacas for your farm, buy alpaca accessories, and breed baby alpacas using two alpacas of the opposite gender. Basically, think Pokemon, but with alpacas. It's a fun and addicting game, and worth it if only to watch cute little animated alpaca butts flopping up and down as your colorful friends run through the hills. 

5. Notice Me Senpai!

Marking a return to the tried-and-true Neko Atsume formula, Notice Me Senpai! finds you running a cafe designed to attract cute and eccentric senpais with high-quality coffee and a variety of pastries and decorations. Notice Me Senpai uses a Harvest Moon-esque hearts system: after a random number of visits, your senpai will gain a "heart," for a total of five. At 2 hearts you can choose a nickname for your senpai; at 3, senpai leaves you a cute little note, and at 4 or 5, a special memorable event will occur between you and senpai. With quirky boys (and a goat?!), fun anime references (gourmet club senpai is named Souma), and a relaxing atmosphere, Notice Me Senpai is this author's favorite Neko Atsume knock-off. (Though that might just be my inner otaku speaking.) 

 6. 10 Billion Wives

And, last but not least, we have 10 Billion Wives, for those who would rather collect waifus than senpais. In 10 Billion Wives, the goal is to get hitched to as many women as possible. After you wed a new wife, she will take her place endlessly marching across your screen, thus generating more "love." (That's how treadmills work, right?) Once you have attained a certain amount of love, you can level up your wife or buy her accessories, thus increasing her love-production levels, or purchase a new wife. The more wives you get, the more love you make! Yeah, please don't try this in real life. But if you've ever had a burning desire to try out polygamy and marry a CEO, Oni, or Tsundere, then this game was made for you!


Well, that's it for now, folks! There are certainly other games like Neko Atsume out there that the author has yet to try, and if you have any more recommendations, please comment below! Happy cat/dog/hamster/alpaca/senpai/waifu collecting! 

5 cute games like Neko Atsume to fall in love with https://www.gameskinny.com/qnnnh/5-cute-games-like-neko-atsume-to-fall-in-love-with https://www.gameskinny.com/qnnnh/5-cute-games-like-neko-atsume-to-fall-in-love-with Thu, 24 Mar 2016 03:39:17 -0400 Tobbpitt




Now, I never wanted my virtual cats to turn to a life of crime and I certainly never wanted to run a cat crime ring, but that's where I am.


Kleptocats has you send out your horde of cats to steal and bring back the riches they've stolen. A few days in and you start to feel like a hoarder, a few months and you may be a hardened criminal.


Kleptocats is cuter than cute and has a ton of items for you to send your cats out to bring home. Sometimes you play minigames, sometimes you pet them...it's all in good fun, right?


This game doesn't take a ton of time each day to play and I can't deny that dressing my cats up is pretty fun. It definitely needs more minigames to pass the time while you wait for your kitties to bring home the bacon, but as it stands there's plenty to gawk at if you want a different type of cat collector game.


Kleptocats is available on both Google Play and iTunes.


Boku to Nyanko


Does the name sound similar? The image above eerily similar to a slide just a few clicks behind this one? I would think so, considering Boku to Nyanko is basically Boku to Wanko but with cats -- which is pretty much just a Neko Atsume clone. But there's no denying any of these games are cute.


Boku to Nyanko works almost identically to Boku to Wanko, in that more than one of a breed can be at your home at a time and the game requires a little more time than Neko Atsume to keep track of. 


This one's perfect if you love Neko Atsume but are just done with it and want more to do. If you've gotten all your Mementos and are itching for a new cat collecting game, this is your best English bet.


Boku to Nyanko is only available on Google Play.


Hamster Collection


Japanese kids really like hamsters, so you see a ton of cute Japanese games about hamsters, but not all that many in English. Well, except Hamster Collection.


Whether you like hamsters or not, it's hard to deny the cuteness overload this game throws in your face.


Hamster Collection is pretty close to Neko Atsume in terms of gameplay, but requires a bit more effort on your part. Not enough to be an inconvenience, but enough to keep you engaged.


This is a definite contender for anyone who wants a game similar to Neko Atsume, but with a bit more to it. And who doesn't like to pick up virtual hamsters and pet them? Monsters, that's who.


Hamster Collection is available in English on both Google Play and iTunes.




I tried to promote this game in my cute Japanese Android game roundup last year, and I'm at it again: You should probably play Nekonoke if you like cute cats in your video games.


Unlike the other games on this list, Nekonoke is more a tapper game than an idle game, asking you to keep tabs on it often to rake in money. And how do you make money, you ask? By tapping hairballs off your cats, of course!


Nekonoke's charm lies not only in the adorable kitties, but also in the too-cute music and slow but real sense of progression. It takes a while to really progress because cats and furniture, not to mention their upgrades, get expensive fast. But that's part of the fun that keeps you coming back.


Nekonoke is available on both Google Play and iTunes in English.


Boku to Wanko


What if you took Neko Atsume, but instead of cats you collected dogs?


That's pretty much the premise of Boku to Wanko: It's Neko Atsume with dogs. Lots and lots of absolutely adorable dogs, and they don't take all that much time to befriend.


In some ways Boku to Wanko can be considered a bit of a knock-off -- after all, it's not all that unique -- but it's really the only animal collecting game for dog lovers. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done.


Things work a little differently in this game. The dogs don't have names --instead they are breeds. Sometimes cats come by and steal their food, and each breed has a set timer for how long they have to stay at your house before they give you a gift. 


It's too cute to ignore, and if you like dogs this game is probably your best bet.


Boku to Wanko is currently available in English on Google Play but its Japanese-only on iTunes. Check out my easy guide for signing up for a Japanese iTunes account if you're interested.


Yeah, Neko Atsume is great but.. doesn't it get boring after a while?


Don't get me wrong, cat collecting is great fun, but there are only so many cats. After you've seen them all and been honored with every Memento, there's not much left to do in Neko Atsume. So why not try something new?


There are a ton of cute animal games on Google Play and iTunes, more than ever now that Neko Atsume's risen to the top of the cat game charts. If you've been at it for a while, there's no reason not to give one of these other adorable games a try. You may just like them, especially if you have a weakness for collecting adorable animals.