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New studio Hollow Ponds announced Loot Rascals, an isometric rougelike about "friendship, loss, and redemption in outer space", yesterday. In this game, you play as a survivor of a space shuttle crash, whose only goal is to escape the planet and get back into outer space.

As with all rougelikes, this task is easier said than done. In order to escape, you must first search the planet's surface, represented as a hexagonal grid, and battle a strange assortment of aliens and robots. By defeating robots, you'll gain loot in the form of "schematic cards" which will let you unlock new abilities. The ones you decide you don't need you can convert into healing resources.

The place where Loot Rascals really stands out is with its online multiplayer. Enemies can loot you, and when they do, your card will end up in another player's game. Whenever you defeat an elite enemy, you'll gain one of these looted cards with the option to keep it or return it to it's rightful owner. Either way, there's a chance that a player's "Holographic Agent," a computer controlled copy of themselves, will turn up in your game, and whether you kept or returned their card will determine whether they'll want to help or fight you!

Loot Rascals is planned to release early 2017, but in the meantime you can watch the trailer above or check out www.lootrascals.com for more details.