Mario Articles RSS Feed | Mario RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network New Details, Screenshots of Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey VR Emerge Tue, 16 Apr 2019 13:51:30 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Some new information regarding The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's VR support and Super Mario Odyssey's new VR mini-games emerged from two different sources today.

The information about, and photos of, BOTW came from the game's technical director, Takuhiro Dohta, via a Nintendo UK blog post, while the details on SMO were provided on the Japanese Mario Odyssey Twitter page.

Dohta mentioned the idea for including VR support in BOTW came when the team was first shown concepts for Labo VR. Initially, the team wasn't completely sure how to incorporate the new features into BOTW and developed several different ideas for what might work.

Several early impressions revolved around implementing VR with combat, so players could get a new perspective on some of the game's more detailed enemies.

The main problem they encountered was combining VR with the fact that BOTW, like all Zelda games, is in third-person, while most VR experiences are designed to be played in the first-person.

However, Dohta said the team eventually decided to settle on experiencing key locations in VR as the best approach. Doing so would mean the game itself wouldn't change, remaining as the same experience for all players. It will also provide a reason for those who've already played the game to come back and enjoy it again.

The camera will be controlled via movement, though the feature can be turned off, should the player wish to do so.

As mentioned in our initial coverage, VR support will come after a small update set to launch April 25; it doesn't require a new game to enjoy as the feature can be toggled on or off at any time.

The Super Mario Odyssey VR experience will also be available April 25 and also requires a small update. The new additions revolve around a set of "bite-sized" mini-games and missions utilizing VR's capabilities of 360-degree rotation.

The Twitter translation of the tweet reads

[Playing in VR] This mode can also be played without using VR goggles. But... By all means, please enjoy the 360 ° spread [Super Mario Odyssey] using VR goggles!

Which means they're completely separate from the Labo VR Kit.

The Nintendo Labo VR Kits launched April 12, much to the surprise of many, since Nintendo only recently re-affirmed its commitment to AR, not VR.

However, the kits do adhere to Nintendo's family-friendly philosophy by not including a strap, which requires players to hold the VR Goggles to their faces

Nintendo Switch Online’s April NES Games Announced Wed, 03 Apr 2019 17:11:55 -0400 Michael House

As with every month since October 2018, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can look forward to new additions to their complimentary NES library this April.

On April 10, subscribers of the service will be able to play Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream, Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, and Star Soldier through the NES app. Nintendo accompanied the announcement of these additions with a trailer:

This update to the NES app is notable in that it will be the first one this year to add three games instead of two. All of 2018’s updates included three.

Also, when this update goes live, Switch owners will have available on their system both versions of the follow-up to the classic Super Mario Bros. Although Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels is called Super Mario Bros. 2 in Japan, Nintendo deemed it too difficult to market as a sequel outside of the region. The sequel released for other regions was included in the February update.

Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream is another game with an interesting history  though it’s a rerelease of the first Punch-Out!! game, it’s not a rerelease of the original version, which featured celebrity boxer Mike Tyson. After Nintendo’s contract with Tyson expired, the company replaced his sprite with that of Mr. Dream, an original character.

Regarding Star Soldier, it will join Gradius and TwinBee as one of the NES app's shoot 'em up titles.

Following this update, there will be nearly 40 NES games available via Nintendo Switch Online. Those looking to feel nostalgia or introduce themselves to some classics can visit Nintendo's website to see which NES games are currently on the app. 

Fortunately for newcomers to these NES titles, the app comes with features that make them accessible to modern audiences, such as the ability to save at any point and the option to choose an easier version of some games.

Nintendo Celebrates Mario Day with Switch Promotion and Mario Game Discounts Fri, 08 Mar 2019 16:35:02 -0500 Josh Broadwell

For several years now, Nintendo fans have celebrated all things Mario on March 10, dubbing it Mar10 Day, or the more formal Mario Day.

This year, the Big N itself is getting in on the celebration with several promotional deals and discounts. Among other things, My Nintendo members can spend their points to redeem some unique Mario Day themed items to hold their own celebrations.

The flagship deal in the promotion is a Nintendo Switch system plus one of five Mario Switch games for $329.99. That amounts to 50% off the selected title, which is noteworthy for being the steepest discount Nintendo has offered on its own Switch titles since the system launched.

The games to choose from are:

Most major retailers are taking part in this promotion, including:

  • GameStop
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • Target
  • Best Buy

Those who already own a Switch can still join in the fun, though. The digital versions of the five games listed above will be available for $39.99 from the same retailers, except GameStop.

These promotions begin March 10 and run until March 16.

There are other ways to celebrate Mar10 Day as well. Nintendo has added new My Nintendo rewards in honor of the day, and fans can redeem points for Mario-themed wallpapers and a Mario March calendar.

Also on offer are Mario-themed invitation cards and bingo sheets for those planning their own Mario Day gathering. Special Mario envelopes are available as well.

The Switch recently celebrated its second birthday and has succeeded beyond what many thought possible. Mario Day is a good way for Nintendo to celebrate that milestone and spread the message about its latest system to an even wider audience.

Doug Bowser, currently the Senior VP of Sales and Marketing (and future NoA president) said:

What better way to celebrate Mario Day than by playing some of the most popular Mario games on Nintendo Switch. This promotion is a great option for consumers who want to pick up Nintendo Switch and some hit games at a value price.

Looking at the list of games above, Bowser is right. Super Mario Odyssey redefines the platformerMario Kart 8 does the same for the kart racing genre, and while Mario Tennis Aces has a few drawbacks, it's the best Mario Tennis offering in years.

The Best Gamer Gear You Can Buy on Etsy Right Now Tue, 30 May 2017 15:05:43 -0400 Jerline Justo

Bonus: Will You Be the Zelda To My Link?

Price: $359
Where to Buy: Gold and Sliver Co


Jino Vazquez, owner of GoldandSilverCo, designs various types of engagement rings, many with unique bands and dazzling jewels. Along with his other amazing designs, he created this Legend of Zelda themed ring that features the Hylian crest surround by a diamond. 


If you or your significant other are ready to take the next step, this Legend of Zelda themed engagement ring is the way to take it. 




There you have it! From Destiny themed clothing to Legend of Zelda inspired engagement rings, Etsy offers a lot more gamer gear that any player would hope to find.


Even though there are thousands of products on Etsy for the gamer guy or gal, these items present the best gaming gear on the website. If you are looking to purchase something for yourself or as a gift, check these items out. 


What kind of gamer gear have you purchased on Esty? Share it in the comments below!

"Grow Up & Get a Life" T-shirt

Price: $17.95
Where to Buy: TrendingShirts


People love to speak their minds by wearing graphic T-shirts. If that happens to be you, you might want to buy this one from TrendingShirts. It's a design created with all gamers in mind -- those who both love games and humor. The red and green mushrooms from Nintendo's Mario pull the phrase together -- and the little angry mushrooms set the design off. 

Assassin's Creed Bronze Locket

Price: $10
Where to Buy: HazelWeiss


Want to show your loyalty to the Assassins? You can hunt down Templars while wearing this bronze locket crafted by HazelWeiss. The locket’s detailed emblazing of the Assassin’s sigil makes it fitting for any Assassin’s Creed fan. You can also check out Hazel's other products, which include lockets from The Legend of Zelda and Game of Thrones.

Transform Into a Pro Gamer

Price: $14.99
Where to Buy: NerdvanaClothing


E-sports athletes practice each and every day to improve their skills and take them to the next level. Although we all can’t be pros, NerdvanaClothing offers video game lovers the opportunity to look the part. Whether you want to feel like an athlete or support e-sports, this T-shirt’s red and yellow colors and logo fit anyone who appreciates competitive gaming. 

Destiny Ghost Onesie

Price: $14.95
Where to Buy: RayzGraphix6


It's hard not to be excited about Destiny 2 after seeing the recently released trailer for the game. Instead of keeping that excitement to yourself, you can share it with the little baby relative or sibling in your life with this awesome onesie. RayzGraphix6 created this design for any little Destiny fan, presenting Ghost with the words, “Little Light.”

Pokemon Red and Blue Knitted Hat

Price: $35 
Where to Buy: Hatsbycharlotte


As much as Pokemon fans love playing Pokemon Go and Pokemon Sun and Moon, they equally love to reminisce about Pokemon Red and Blue, with its retro design and sound. Hatsbycharlotte takes the design of the 8-bit Pokemon trainer and slaps it on a knitted hat, even taking note of the trainer’s hat and backpack. Not only does the design look on point, but it exudes Pokemon nostalgia. 


Customers use Esty to find cool hand-made items all the time. Whether it's originally designed crafts or items inspired by movies, TV shows, or video games, Etsy is one of the only places on the web to find truly unique items. 


From hats to jewelry to clothing, Etsy store owners create truly awesome gamer gear for players who want to show their passion for video games. Whether it's Final Fantasy or Minecraftthese gaming items will definitely make you feel stylish and ready to game.


Without further ado, here are some Esty items created by talented artists that are definitely worth checking out, especially if you're on the hunt for some great gamer gear!

The Next Mario Game Just Got Leaked, And It's Rabbid Tue, 23 May 2017 17:26:10 -0400 Auverin Morrow

Just ahead of Nintendo's highly anticipated presentation at E3 2017, a new leak has revealed the next Mario game for the Nintendo Switch -- and it reportedly features the iconic Rabbids from Ubisoft, which spawned almost a dozen of their own games since their inception.

Earlier this week, an image leaked of a Rabbid in a Princess Peach costume. And somehow, got a hold of the full key art for the game, which you can view below: 

The publication's sources claim that this upcoming game, called Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, will debut at E3 next month, with a full release planned for August. There's been no official confirmation yet from Nintendo or Ubisoft, so we can't say for certain that this is actually happening. But it does align with rumors that circulated last year about a new Mario game that would feature the Rabbids in some capacity. hasn't been able to give further specifics about Mario+Rabbids, but the site has claimed that the game will feature turn-based battles and co-op play. This will be the first time the Rabbids have made an appearance in a console game since 2014's Rabbids Invasion

We're sure to get more details on this when Nintendo presents its showcase at E3. You can watch the Spotlight stream on June 13th, at 12 PM EST. Or stay tuned to GameSkinny for up-to-the-minute reports as the showcase unfolds!

10 Games That Defined One Gamer's Childhood Sat, 17 Dec 2016 13:47:13 -0500 Dragoncat91


In conclusion...


Here's a neat little photo I took that I call Shades of the Past, specifically for this article. Binder and box full of Pokemon cards, a Playstation 2 decorated with a Spyro drawing, and of course, those three sacred Spyro games.


Do you have any memorable experiences with the games I listed? Do you want to talk about your own nostalgic childhood games? List them in the comments below!


1: Spyro Year of the Dragon


This is no surprise, right? After I fell in love with Spyro the Dragon via the demo disk, I actually owned the third in the trilogy first. And then it was obvious that my uncle had a very important thing missing when he gave me the PlayStation: a memory card. No memory card and just a demo disk. Why did he even get the console if he wasn't going to use it to its fullest? It's a mystery.


I explained to my parents what a memory card was and why I needed one. Then I was ready to embark on the biggest and most enjoyable gaming adventure of my childhood. I went backward through the classic Spyro trilogy, which wasn't a big deal because they all had stories which were independent of each other. If you try to do that with Legend of Spyro, it won't work, you have to play those in order.


Spyro was the first game I considered myself a fan of, and it is the reason I love dragons. Lots of fond memories... lots of fun times, lots of good reasons for Spyro Year of the Dragon to be my number one!


2: Spyro the Dragon


When I first got my PlayStation handed down from my uncle, all he had was a demo disk to get me started. This game was the one that caught my eye the most, so I selected it and fell in love immediately. It was so much fun that I forgot about my bowl of ice cream until my elbow landed in the melted slush.


Later when I got to own this masterpiece, I did countless playthroughs over the years. But it wasn't until I was about twenty one that I finally completed it 100%. I haven't been able to 100% the other two classic Spyro games, but I got close.


3: Spyro Ripto's Rage


The second in a trilogy, it was the second I owned of said trilogy. When I first played it, I think I was being taught old west history in school, which taught me that the game's story has more in common with real world history than you might think!


Ripto is an egocentric little magician who arrives in the land of Avalar and decides he wants to rule it. With his army of monsters, he causes trouble everywhere. But he has a strong hate for dragons, so the locals bring a dragon to Avalar to stop him. 


Ripto's Rage is my least favorite of the classic Spyro trilogy for reasons even I don't know. I guess I just prefer the other two? But still, it's a great game and was definitely one I spent hours upon hours on. I still play it on occasion today.


4: Neopets


Just when the Pokemania in my small town was starting to die down, along came this virtual pet site. It was super addictive, and it was the first time I'd ever signed up for anything on the internet. Most everything I do online today can be traced back to Neopets. Roleplaying? Check. Foruming? Check. Web Design? Check!


I was a young middle schooler who thought I knew how the web worked, but looking back... I was, for lack of a better term, a n00b. I typed in chat speak and flat out asked people for rare and expensive paintbrushes -- the items that you had to use to change the color of your Neopet. *shudders* 


Neopets had super strict rules. You weren't supposed to use more than one account, even though just about everybody did. If you got caught, they would "freeze" you. Happened to me once... but it wasn't that bad. 


The word filter was outrageous. It didn't allow even innocent words like "itchy" and "grape" on your pet pages. And if you roleplayed, you couldn't have romance at all. Not even innocent fluffy stuff. 


I stayed on Neopets despite all that crap that would make me leave a site faster than I can say my own name nowadays. The straw that broke the camel's back is when the "No roleplaying about anything but Neopets" rule was made. "If you want to roleplay other things," it said, "there are other sites for it. Neopets is only for Neopets." And that was the end of an era. 


5: Pokemon Ruby


Don't worry, this is the last Pokemon game on the list, but it shouldn't be a surprise that the series was that big for me growing up. This was the game I had when I started to really play and compete with my friends. My best friend also had Ruby, but her little brother had Sapphire.


One scorching summer day, my friend's brother was at the swimming pool while her and I walked to the gas station for a slurpee. We made an amusing reference to the drought bringing Groudon in our game and the rain bringing Kyogre in her brother's.


We also traded, battled and once even helped each other have all three starter Pokemon in a single game cartridge. Something that would be much easier today with the Global Trade Station (GTS). Back then, we had to use cables and be right next to each other.


This was the generation of Pokemon that the GameCube games Pokemon Colosseum and Gale of Darkness belonged to. Both had story modes where you could get Pokemon not available in the Gameboy Advance games and transfer them. Not only that, but you could hook up the Gameboy Advance to the GameCube and battle in full 3D! It was the most epic and awesome thing ever.


6: Crash Team Racing


This was my Mario Kart. I never owned an N64, you see... I got a hand me down PlayStation from my uncle and I didn't need or want both.


It was, and still is, the only Crash Bandicoot game I've played, although I'm somewhat interested in playing the classic ones I missed if I can find them.

Either way, this game is fun. I'd spend hours on it because it has a story mode, and I'd also mess around in the other single player modes like the cup races. Sometimes I'd play multiplayer with friends, but not often. We were all more interested in Pokemon. It wasn't until my brother got old enough to game that I played the multiplayer mode of Crash Team Racing regularly. 


What's funny, is this is the only game of mine that he likes. (He just turned thirteen, and apparently all the thirteen-year-old kids these days like things like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto. *waves old lady cane*).


7: Pokemon Crystal


While I also had Pokemon Gold as a kid, I chose Crystal for this list for the simple reason that it was the first in the series to give gender options instead of just having a male protagonist. I wasn't bothered in Yellow and Gold, but as a female, I ended up playing Crystal the most often. I would still play it in my Gameboy Advance sometimes before HeartGold and SoulSilver made it obsolete.


Crystal also earns the "first Pokemon game that I got a shiny in other than the red Gyarados" title. Shinies, as all Pokemon fans know, are Pokemon that are a different color than usual. They are super rare, and your chances of finding one are around 1 in 8000. The Johto region's red Gyarados doesn't count because it's story based and anybody can get it.

My first shiny was a male Koffing that I named Cross. He wasn't on my first playthrough, I don't know how many times I started the game before I got him, but I know it was in the Gameboy Advance days.


8: Pokemon Yellow


The Gameboy Color was the first console I owned that wasn't a hand me down. But the game that earned spot eight on my list actually wasn't my first game for it. My parents bought me Pokemon Pinball instead. It was okay, I told myself. I would get a "real" Pokemon game soon.


But when Gold and Silver were announced, I panicked. Why were my parents making me miss out? Along came the tears, and luckily for me, my loving aunt was there. She took me straight to the store and I got what I desired. I was kind of a strange child, but who wasn't?


Nonetheless, I've come to realize that Yellow isn't really the best choice for a kid's first Pokemon game. It makes you start with an electric type pokemon, and the first gym leader has ground types that are immune to electric attacks. They also have good defenses... that battle with Brock is up there as one of the most suspenseful fights in my gaming history.

My Pikachu had run out of power points (PP) for all of its moves, forcing it to use struggle, but somehow I managed to win... and then, like an idiot, I went on to the next route without going to the pokemon center first. Live and learn, I guess...


With the virtual console release, I've found out just how used to FireRed I am. I knew it would be archaic, but not like this. A lot of moves are stupid or useless, and the old lady with the tea in Celadon doesn't exist. You have to buy a drink from a vending machine for the thirsty Saffron guards instead. There's no healing spot in the SS Anne. These things had me scratching my head for a little bit. But other than that, strong nostalgia.




9: Super Mario World


Eventually I tried my cousin's other SNES games. He had a baseball game, Street Fighter, Zelda, a racing game... amusingly enough, I used to beat him at Street Fighter by button mashing! But when he gave me his SNES because he got a PlayStation, Super Mario World ended up being my favorite.


The experience was the perfect definition of retro -- the TV I had in my room had seen better days. It went black and clicked every once in a while, and sometimes when it came back up, Mario had died. But it was all I knew, so I didn't complain.


Looking back, I'm pretty sure I had no idea what I was doing, but man did I have fun. My cousin would come over and go straight to Bowser and beat him, while I sat there and marveled at his skill.


Recently, I downloaded a SNES emulator to revisit the game. It's not as great as it was back then. But regardless, it has earned a spot on my list.


10: Mario Paint


Likely the first game I played, so therefore, it's first on my list. My older cousin had a SNES that I would play when I was at his house. I was only around five, so Mario Paint was perfect for me. There was nothing about it that would be confusing or frustrating to a five-year-old, except maybe the fly swatting game... but I spent the majority of the time on the main coloring and drawing portions.


Twenty years later, I discovered that there's an online version of the game's music composer and people have made awesome things with it. I tried it, but alas, I'm about as musically inclined as a rock.


I've been a gamer almost as long as I can remember.


Today, I decided to put together this list and pay homage to the games that were a big part of my childhood, and likely many other kids' lives. Some are even still a big part of my life today. So let's hop on the nostalgia train and see what I (and we) loved about these classics.

Gift Guide: Holiday Gaming Sweaters Thu, 01 Dec 2016 06:00:01 -0500 Caio Sampaio

Super Mario Bros Blue Christmas Sweater

Price: $42.99


Buy it on: Merchoid


Do you want to make a gamer friend feel nostalgic this winter? This Mario sweater is a gift that will send your friend back to memories of the game that turned an entire generation into gamers.


Send you friend back to his earliest gaming moments, through the nostalgia this sweater represents. 


As holidays get near, you will need to push video games aside, in order to spend some well-earned rest with your family, after an entire year saving the world in virtual universes.


That does not mean; however, that you need to completely abandon your favorite hobby.


Take your gamer pride wherever you go, with these sweaters, that will keep you warm, whilst sending a message to your friends and family about what you will be doing throughout 2017.

Fallout: Happy Holidays Knitted Christmas Sweater

Price: $49.00


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In 2016, Fallout fans received the sequel they have been waiting for and this sweater is perfect to gift a fan of the series, especially after the year in which he got his hands on the latest entry of the franchise.


This winter is not nuclear, but this sweater will certainly help to keep things warm.

Playstation: Blue Knitted Christmas Sweater

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Do you have a PlayStation fan in your life? If you do, he certainly remembers the surge of feelings he had once he unwrapped a PlayStation console under the Christmas tree for the first time.


Bring back those fond memories from his best holiday and gift him with tPlayStation-themedemed sweater.



Classic Sonic Official Christmas Sweater

Price: $28.69


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Gotta go fast? Not this time. Your friends certainly want to enjoy this special moment of the year and this sweater is ideal for the Sonic fan in your life.


We from Game Skinny are very positive that even Sonic would like to see Christmas going by as slowly as possible this year. Why not? It's arguably the best time of year ... even for hedgehogs. 

Halo: "Wake Me When You Need Presents" Knitted Christmas Sweater

Price: $49.99


Buy it on: Merchoid


Halo's Master Chief may have Power Assault Armor to protect him from the hazards of the battlefield, but you may present a friend with a sweater to protect him from the cold weather of winter.


Unfortunately, the sweater does not include a Cortana. Perhaps next year.

Assassin's Creed Holiday Sweater

Price: $16.21


Buy it on: Yellow Bulldog


After dinner on Christmas Eve, our stomachs will be full of the marvels we have eaten. If you have a friend who is an Assassin’s Creed aficionado, he probably will not be able to perform the stunts featured in the franchise after ingesting so much food.


But he can sure look the part!


Buy him this sweater, so he may have another way to show his support to his favorite series during holidays.

Retro Zelda Holiday Sweater

Price: $38.95


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Celebrate one of the most cherished sagas of the video game industry during holidays with this sweater that combines visual elements from the Legend of Zelda franchise with the spirt of Christmas.


This unisex sweater is the perfect gift for the gamer guy or the gaming girl in your life.


The holidays are drawing near. This special time of the year brings the joy of spending some time with our beloved ones, but it is also an opportunity to display your gamer pride to your family.


There are many ways to do that, but in order to accomplish this (whilst maintaining the Christmas mood), a video game sweater is the best way to do the trick.


Whether you are looking to buy one for yourself or wanting to gift a fellow gamer in your life, we have picked some of the most notorious gaming sweaters for you to spread the joy of gaming during holidays.

The 8 Most Epic Minecraft Nintendo Creations Fri, 25 Nov 2016 02:00:01 -0500 Dani Gosha


Weren't theses creations both nostalgic and awesome? We think so!


Now it's time for you to sound off in the comments. Are you planning on getting the NES Classic Edition? Or are you like some of us and still have your original console?


Mega Man

Created by RadWalk

If you have never played a game of Mega Man, when you get your new NES Classic Edition, you need to make sure you play a round our two because this is a game with creative levels and bosses.


As a kid, I remember watching my Aunt play round after round of this, so it is great to see such an amazing Minecraft representation of it.



Created by Panda203

There are plenty of game titles that you think of when you think of Nintendo. Such include Mario, Kirby, Donkey Kong and even Zelda but you would be doing yourself a great disservice if you didn't mention PacMan. That's why included this epic game recreation.


Creator Panda203 makes another appearance on our list with their ridiculous full scale creation of the classic arcade game and if we could actually play it, we would.


Hyrule Castle

Created by Kezsonaj

If you were to ever look around at Minecraft Nintendo creations, you will happen upon a bunch of Zelda inspired pieces but the Hyrule Castle created by Kezsonaj is just out of this world.


Believe it or not, this creation is just one of several in a full scale Zelda project that took a year to make and we see why.


Old School NES

Created by Bad Breaker

In case you forgot what the NES looked like and didn't have the time to Google, Planet Minecraft user Bad Breaker created a pretty awesome replica of the special edition mini console.


Not only did the create the console, but the controller as well. If that isn't enough for you they even threw in a life size game cartridge of Super Mario. Look at the detail on that label!


Chain Chomps

Created by Gojirayoshi

Admittedly, Chain Chomps are a pain in the you-know-what but when you're far away and have a chance to look at them, they're kind of cute. In fact, they're a whole lot easier to appreciate in the world of Minecraft when they are standing still and not hopping around the screen ready to end your game play.


Donkey Kong

Created by lilshizzy

There are so many classic and memorable scenes from NES games but hands down the challenging level of oil drums, barrels and fireballs from the original Donkey Kong has to be at the top of the list.


While the creation is missing Donkey Kong, this creative user did a fantastic job capturing the feel of the original game.



Created by Willio-the-Nineteen

Nintendo is synonymous with our favourite red hat, overall wearing pixelated plumber so of course we had to include an epic pixel creation of Mario.


This creation is not only epic but adorable as Mario stands upon a mystery box way up in the sky giving his signature peace sign. Victorious indeed, great job Willio-the-Nineteen. 



Created by Panda203

While everyone is scrambling to get the NES Classic edition, don't forget that there are other classic Nintendo consoles out there. Such includes the classic Gameboy which was a lifesaver if you were stuck in the backseat during a roadtrip.


Creator Panda203 nailed this Minecraft replica. I mean, it is so good it makes you want to go and break out the real thing and play a game of Tetris.


The console that started it all has dropped and if you're a hardcore gamer then surely you didn't wait until Black Friday to try to grab the recently released NES Classic Edition.


At just $60 the miniature replica console was flying off the shelf and with good reason as the classic Nintendo is the hub for 30 of the most classic and retro games out there.


If you're still looking to get your hands on your very own mini replica, today's Black Friday so hopefully you'll have a chance to grab one before they're sold out but until then, let's celebrate the awesomeness of the NES with these epic Minecraft Nintendo creations.

5 Best Gaming Sidekicks Sat, 19 Nov 2016 10:30:02 -0500 Janette Ceballos

Most protagonists will have a partner at some point, someone who helps them through their perilous journey, someone who offers advice or lends that special move to get the protagonist to their ultimate goals. Of course, some sidekicks are somewhat useless or work to make the situation worse.

In honor of those terrible characters, here’s a list of a few sidekicks players will be glad to have tagged along.


What better way to kick off this list with one of the most memorable of the bunch. It’s almost impossible to not recognize the little dinosaurs when you see them. They let you ride on their backs, provide a jump boost and devour enemies whole to keep their plumber friend safe.


This hot-tempered bird lives in her bear companion’s backpack, making her easily transportable. Her love of adventure makes her a great companion as she can fly, peck at enemies, and shoot eggs to attack. What makes her stand out is how she acts more like a protagonist than a sidekick. Still, she offers enough assistance to Banjo to keep them both


With many different types, each of these plant/animal creatures are able to help your mission in a variety of ways. They can survive in water, be shock-proof, poison enemies and even parasitize other creatures, handy tactics to use while on an alien planet. The fact that you can set groups of them to do a job is an added bonus.


From her sense of humor to her odd, deadpan, robotic tone, GLaDOS is a terrifying enemy and a delight to carry around in potato form. Her constant mocking of the player and intimidating threats work well to add humor to the game. While as a potato, she might not be able to help much, she’s still fun to have around.  


Midna can be considered a more fleshed-out character than a lot of companions in other Legend of Zelda games. She’s mischievous, she’s kind of cynical and she can warp you across the world. Heck, she originally intends to use Link for her own goal before later realizing that the Light Realm should be saved as well. There’s also the bonus of being the ruler of the Realm of Twilight.


Each of the characters listed add something to the overall game experience. Whether it’s humor, a story arc or just a good backup when things get dicey, these guys and gals make for great sidekicks you’d want to take along for any and every journey.

Which sidekicks do you think are the greatest? Be sure to comment and let us know!
Will the Nintendo Switch Save the Company? Mon, 24 Oct 2016 06:13:29 -0400 Rettsu Dansu

With information on the Nintendo Switch finally being revealed a couple days ago, we can finally stop the agonising process of making wild expectations about how what was once the NX could potentially save Nintendo. We all have opinions on this, in fact there's already a number of people who have already expressed their opinions, so if you're in for some more, here's mine. Let's provide some answers to three questions about Nintendo's future.

Question 1: Does the Switch Make the Same Mistakes as Nintendo has Made Before?

Consider the Nintendo Entertainment System. This was pretty big for it's day, however it wasn't powerful enough to truly present images with suitable clarity. Then consider the SNES, which provided enough technology to present images with such clarity that the art style of its games are still copied today. Then with the N64, we entered the third dimension, another massive leap. Then the GameCube, in which games were in 3D but also managed to look like they weren't made entirely of triangles.

And lastly, consider consoles that came out after the GameCube. The PS3 and the Xbox 360 were definitely powerful, but where's the leap? Sure the graphics are slightly better, but with each previous generation leap we were able to make games we never could before. In this generation, we could make the same games but bigger. Not bad, but not great. While this is an issue, it's a topic for another article.

This is an issue that I think Nintendo understood, as it was straight after the GameCube that Nintendo begun to focus on innovation in hardware instead of power in hardware. The DS with its two screens, the Wii with all of its sanity destroying issues, the 3DS with its eye destroying bullshit, and the Wii U with its iPad for a controller.

The Problems With These Innovations

It's funny to think about how we consider some of these 'innovations' as bad, especially the Wii, since this focus initially made Nintendo tons of money. It only really stopped working with the Wii U. But that doesn't mean that Nintendo gets a free pass with money making machines like the Wii and the DS.

The previously used quotations on innovations above is because there is a difference between an innovation and a gimmick. Now this definitely depends on your definition, but I'd say an innovation is something that actively improves the experience, while a gimmick creates a completely different experience, for better or for worse. There's an example I like to use that shows this through game design:

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom hearts tries to improve the formula with each individual entry. This is pretty respectable, but Square Enix usually tends to have varying levels of thought put into their 'improvements'.

Kingdom hearts 2 employs the form mechanic, which I feel is an innovation. Basically you can activate forms which change your animations, speed, and abilities. However, these changes build upon previous mechanics, you're still attacking the same way and have similar types of abilities, they're just different now. Plus, using these forms often grant you abilities outside of the forms, affecting the main gameplay and the way you go about approaching battles. This is an innovation as it is deeply rooted in the gameplay formula. It feels like Kingdom Hearts, but better.

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance employs the flow motion mechanic. You can press a button to activate flow motion which allows you to perform certain attacks. This is completely separate from the rest of the game, you're either using flow motion or you're using the main mechanics, they don't ever combine. Hence it's a gimmick, it doesn't improve gameplay, it just gives you the option for a different experience.

So Why are Nintendo's Previous Attempts Gimmicks?

Nintendo's focus for the DS was to make games that controlled by tapping and swiping. This is a completely different control scheme to the norm and was jarring to most players.

The Wii's motion controls were focused on making games more immersive by forcing the player to perform the same motions as what is occurring in the game. However, even if the technology had actually worked, it still wouldn't have been as good as Nintendo would want it. I play video games to do things I can't do in real life. I can't perform the crazy motions that Ryu performs, hence why I'm playing Street Fighter instead of fighting on the street. Applying motion controls improves a certain amount of games, but not the majority.

The 3DS mostly gets a pass, as Nintendo couldn't find a way to force you to use the 3D effect during its games. As a bonus, because the top screen is such a focus, the touch screen gets the little attention it deserves.

The Wii U has the same problems as the DS, except double. Not only is the touch screen used for all the wrong reasons, but there's also a gyroscope which is mostly used for holding up to the screen in different positions.

These gimmicks force you to play games differently, and only allows a certain set of games to be made for them. In Nintendo's attempts to make new leaps in games, they've instead restricted them.

Not only that, but despite being new and different, the biggest kick is that they simply don't make games fun. A lot of games for the Wii can be frustrating due to the dodgy sensors. They didn't just fail at innovating, but at the same time they managed to take the fun out of their games.

I feel that there's some actual good uses to some of gimmicks. Touch screens are well used for precision in areas such as menus, and the motion controls can make hectic moments like quicktime events slightly more hectic. If the games were designed with those uses in mind, perhaps they would be innovations instead of gimmicks.

So Does the Switch Make the Same Mistakes?

The Switch's big thing is that it has a screen that you can pick up and use to play games away from your console. This doesn't seem like it will affect how the system's games will play.

This is important, if the Switch's new feature doesn't butt into a game's features, then they can do anything they want for all I care.

Having a separate portable screen and some customisable controllers, no matter what you think about it, doesn't affect the gameplay. Unless Nintendo finds some way to force you to go outside and play the Switch, or there's some game that requires constantly changing which control style you use (I'm actually scaring myself a little here), I don't think there's a problem. This is one the biggest problems that previous Nintendo consoles had, and I think that games on the Switch will be much more approachable as Nintendo focuses on avoiding it.

This also makes it easier for Third Party developers to make games for the system, they don't have to consider how to work around the new elements. This brings up the point of Third Party support for Nintendo.


The biggest thing that gives me hope for the Switch is this picture:

Now, this picture could mean anything. Maybe these companies are just porting older games to the system, which didn't work for the Wii U, or maybe these games are small side games that won't be as good. However, what's really important is that Nintendo seems to be shoving this picture in our face.

I see this a lot in what Nintendo has presented with the Switch. No matter what games are planned, it means that Nintendo has a deep focus, this time, with third parties.

This means not only that there's a focus, but Nintendo has listened to fans, and observed the way the world has moved. If Nintendo is opening their eyes to this perhaps they could be opening their eyes to plenty of other things that fans have wanted, although this is definitely speculation.

Nintendo has always focused on making their own games, and rarely properly allows others to work with them. As less and less companies make games for their systems, the importance of third parties can be easily seen.

As long as Nintendo has a good focus on working with others, they've grown as a company.

The Wii U definitely has some quality games, but the amount of these games that came out over the Wii U's lifetime is less than the amount of quality games that came out for other systems within the past year.

As long as Nintendo has a good focus on working with others, they've grown as a company.

However, while they aren't making the same mistakes, a question still remains.

Question 2: Are they Making any New Mistakes

Sure, Nintendo seems to be learning from past experience, but they're still doing something risky, are they messing it up again?

The Portable Screen Thing is a Worry

I see a lot of people saying 'it's just another Wii U', which isn't really true. It's been confirmed that the console itself is the screen, the dock is simply a device that switches the output to a TV.

The thing that worries me is the focus on taking your screen with you. The biggest thing Nintendo needs is battery life longer than at least 2 hours. If we're talking playing the same games at a similar resolution on a machine that thin, I hardly believe it it can run for as long as it needs to.

The Wii U gamepad was thicker, and it streamed the game directly from the console so not much processing power was needed, and yet it had a battery life of less than an hour.

To be able to process the games within the screen itself, that must take up a lot of power. This console would have to be bloody beefy if it's going to work as intended.

But I Still See Some Good in this Idea

I don't like playing JRPG's on a home console or PC, they usually require too much repetition that I get bored. However, if I play a JRPG on a handheld I can really get into it, because I listen or watch something else while I grind.

This may be a unique situation, but I can totally see myself beating a dungeon while watching TV, and then putting the screen back into the console so I can watch an important cutscene on my TV.  In fact, this is something I did with my Wii U gamepad. The fact that you can choose your controllers, and most of the controllers look pretty well made, I think this could improve that experience.

And that's the thing, this looks like an improvement on the Wii U. Consider the Wii, Nintendo basically made a prototype for an idea in which Sony and Microsoft improved on. This time, Nintendo can learn from what worked and what didn't in the previous idea and build upon it themselves.

But is it an Innovation?

It doesn't quite look like Nintendo will achieve what they're aiming for.

Nintendo has recently been focused on trying to find new ways that people can enjoy games. But this doesn't really change anything. We're still playing games the same way, just now I can play the games while I'm out with my dog. And the thing is, I'm likely to get mugged because I'm carrying around a massive screen.

Nothing ruins the Switch, but nothing makes it stand out.

And because of this, the Nintendo Switch's capabilities seem to be comparable to the touch pad on the PS4 controller. It's nice to have it there but it literally changes nothing about the games.

And this asks the last question:

Question 3: Will This Save Nintendo?

The reveal made me quite optimistic about the direction Nintendo is headed. It seems to have the tone and style of the current generation, something Nintendo usually fails at. Nintendo has clearly made a change in focus.

The trailer shows many things that show that Nintendo is thinking towards really good things, such as eSports and big third party games.

However, I Don't See Anyone Doing Half the Things in that Reveal

The chances of someone playing a video game, then looking out their window to see that a party is going on, then taking their video game to play it, is about 0%.

Also, if I'm playing some basketball, and I say to the other players 'Hey, do you want to play a video game version of basketball instead?', the chances of me getting beaten up is about 100%.

This may seem nitpicky, but Nintendo is trying to sell the capabilities of this system. People like me will buy the system no matter what, I'm not missing the next Zelda (well, the one after the next). However, for Nintendo to succeed, they need to appeal to two types of people: people who play games but play on other systems, and people who don't play games at all.

The portability of the console appeals to me. All I need to do is take the screen with me, and when I want to play it all I need to do is pull off the sides, set up the screen, and I immediately have a two player experience wherever I want.

But this is appealing to someone who's already sold on the console. I find it nifty because it's going to add to an experience I'm already determined to have, but what about to people who aren't sold?

For people who play games on other consoles:

There isn't much that will move them to this console. They aren't going to spend the money on a new console simply because they can take it with them.

It could be argued that with the PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio, people are already thinking of buying new consoles and this could take sales from them. However, they already have all those games and save data for those consoles, there's even less reason to move.

Being able to take a console on the move is great and all, but has anyone really complained about needing it before? You could argue that it could be something we don't need, but generally when I'm outside, I'm most likely outside for a reason. If I'm partying with friends like that girl in the trailer, I'm probably going to continue partying. If I'd rather play video games I'd probably go home.

Yes, you could use the console the same way as a 3DS. However, considering that that screen doesn't fit in any of the pockets of my pants, I'm not going to count on it.

The most interesting thing to me is playing multiplayer games wherever I want. On a 3DS you can only play single player games unless someone else has one. With this, you have everything you need for a 2 player game in one package.

This is the only bonus I really see in the console. We just need to consider if that's enough for someone to... cough... make the switch.

For People Who Don't Play Video Games

The Wii and the DS were massive because people who weren't even into video games were buying them. It's the same situation with Pokemon Go as well.

If Nintendo wants another revolution like that, they're going to need a variety of people to take interest. Would this be enough to entice people who don't play games?

With my judgement, I'd say no. This could possibly entice people who don't have time to play games because they're always on the move, although handhelds and smartphones already cater to this.

However, if people don't play games simply because they don't like them, they aren't going to suddenly like video games because now they can play them while on the toilet.

The Wii was huge because it literally changed the way we play games. In the end it turned out to be a mess, but it definitely looked like it would be innovative at its launch.

The fact is, the Switch doesn't even look particularly innovative at this point in time. Even if it does turn out to be superb, the Wii showed us the importance of that initial reaction.

So Nintendo's in a Bit of Mess Aren't They?

Nintendo can't bring themselves back into the forefront by simply making a powerful console. The other console's definitely have their problems, but unless there's a massive difference in power, no one is going to move consoles.

Nintendo has to innovate in a hugely different way, but one that doesn't restrict the types of games played on the system.

People are too set in their ways and they aren't going to spend money for a slight increase at the cost of losing save data and a game library. Plus, technology just doesn't allow that kind of difference anyway.

They've gotta do something huge and different to bring people in, but this is exactly why the Wii and the Wii U had bad reception.

Clearly, Nintendo has to innovate in a hugely different way, but one that doesn't restrict the types of games played on the system. I don't believe the Switch strikes this balance.

I definitely believe it won't ruin Nintendo games like the Wii U did, that's a plus, but I don't see the Switch as something so massive it'll bring enough people in to sell as well as other consoles.

I still believe the Nintendo Switch will be a solid console, thousands times more solid than Nintendo's previous run, and I'll definitely buy it. However, considering Nintendo's reputation and the size of its fan base, I don't believe that it's enough to actually save the company.

14 Game-Inspired Halloween Costumes & Accessories You Can Buy Right Now Tue, 18 Oct 2016 10:46:12 -0400 Glitchieetv

Halloween is fast approaching. You may have already carved a gamertastic pumpkin, but do you need something last minute for a gaming-themed costume? Decided to create your own but running out of time? The following are some amazing video game inspired creations perfect for any costume, whether it is an accessory or a major piece. 

Costume Accessories

Minecraft Weapon Set

It can take time to create the perfect Minecraft weapon to accompany your costume. Not only can this set of sword and pickaxe be a cosplay prop, it can also be a fun toy for children to play with long after Halloween is over.

Harry Potter Wands

Who doesn't want to be a wizard? Slip on some robes and you are pretty much ready to go. But who will really know you are able to cast spells unless you have your wand? 

Luckily, Etsy has these great replicas available for your next trip to Hogwarts.

Pikachu Ears Headband

Pikachu wouldn't be Pikachu without the ears. Rosy cheeks and yellow attire may make you look more like an overly warm Charlie Brown than the iconic Pokemon without them. So don't forget the ears!

Pokeball: Full Scale Replica

Have a Pokemon Trainer, gijinka, or other related cosplay? Looking to set it apart from every other costume in the neighborhood? A Pokeball is a must to help sell the look. A high quality Pokeball will really reel in the candy -- especially with post-Pokemon Go and pre-Sun & Moon hype going strong. It could even help you win you that costume contest. Whichever you value more.

Three Dogs' Gloves

Three Dog is an iconic figure from Fallout 3. He even makes an appearance in Fallout Shelter. Looking to copy his look but don't have the time to craft his gloves? The above item is perfect for you.


 Joker Costume Onesie

Looking to dress up your baby but not sure where to go for a great costume? This Joker onesie is perfect to dress up your little bundle of joy while keeping them comfortable. Onesies also provide great opportunities to layer. Try layering a Batman outfit on top with a peek of the Joker underneath, representing Batman's transformation into his nemesis in Batman Arkham City

Baby Sushi Costume

Loved the Lickitung sushi game from Pokemon Stadium? Dress your baby up as a piece of sushi and remember the good times you had.

*Caution: Babies are not meant to eat. Costume only. Watch out for spicy sushi.*

Monkey Costume

Monkeys are adorable. They are mischevious. They throw poop at you in Don't Starve. One of the main sources of poop in the Shipwrecked DLC, monkeys are one of the more annoying creatures in the game.

Whether your little creature is annoying, they will most certainly be adorable with this costume. Hopefully poop-throwing does not ensue while the veil is thin. 


Goldeen Freddy Fazbear Costume Set

Five Nights at Freddy's has already spawned many terrified screams. Spread that terror to your friend's party with this Golden Freddy Fazbear costume set. Ears, hat, and a bow tie with collar make up the most important aspects of the costume. Pair that with tan colored clothes and boom -- instant costume!

Scorpion Costume

Always wanted to yell "Get Over Here" at someone to scare them? Now you can be extremely intimidating in a full Scorpion costume from Mortal Kombat. Prepare to fight in Otherworld at the next Mortal Kombat tournament when wearing this realistic costume.

Dark Alice in Wonderland Costume

Have a love for Alice in Wonderland? Like dark things? American McGee's Alice is perfect for you then! Never played it? You need to. But in the meantime, this Alice in Wonderland costume from the game is just waiting there, calling your name. 

Ash Ketchum Trainer Hat and Gloves

You want to be the very best like no one ever was? Grab this set of Ash gloves and hat to become a Pokemon master! Jeans, shirt and vest not included, but can easily be found in your everyday apparel.

Skyrim Master Robes of Destruction

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim contributed quite a lot in the way of costumes. From various legendary armors to regular clothing item, there is a plethora of inspiration to chose from for Halloween apparel. Those seeking to master destruction spells can adorn themselves with these magnificent robes and wow all the neighborhood kids.

Mario Newsboy Hats

Mario and his compatriots have long been staple Halloween costumes. Easy and open to various interpretations (but still instantly recognizable), their hats are what sells the costume. Chose from 5 variations covering Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, and Fire Mario. 

What other awesome gamer gear have you found for this Halloween? Let me know in the comments below!

Paper Mario: Color Splash - How to get Plum Park's second Mini Paint Star Thu, 13 Oct 2016 00:25:43 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Plum Park may be one of the areas I remember best in Paper Mario: Color Splash, and if you've made it all the way through and gotten the first Mini Paint Star in the area you very well may agree. It's the second area you come across that's a little challenging and three iconic characters from the series (one of which being hidden) make an appearance.

It's all fun and games until you can't find a Mini Paint Star, though. And Plum Park's second one is nowhere to be seen when you make your way through the park the first time around.

Once you purify the park's waters via a Petea pummeling the park's waters become safe to traverse and the flowers that were closed when the water was poisoned are now in full bloom, which is exactly how you got the first Mini Paint Star.

The second one is also inside a blooming flower but even if you wander the park a couple times over you're not going to get a single glance of its location nor are you going to hear the sparkling sound. Instead you've got to pay attention to what walkways are available.

When you first enter Plum Park make a right at the entrance garden just as you did when the water supply was poisoned.

Now here's the hard part:

On this screen, look just below the bridge for a lily pad and jump on it. What's that you see? The edge of a Mini Paint Star?

Jump on the next two lily pads and then onto the flower to grab it up.

I may have lied about this one being hard to get. It is one of the easiest to get in Color Splash and is only two screens into the area. There just aren't any indicators it's nearby.

Let this serve as a reminder to keep your eyes open for small hints and hidden walkways. I'll remember Plum Park for a few reasons, none of those reasons being this Mini Paint Star.

Paper Mario: Color Splash - How to get Chateau Chanterelle's Green Mini Paint Star Thu, 13 Oct 2016 00:19:37 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Chateau Chanterelle may be one of the smallest areas in Paper Mario: Color Splash, but it plays some key parts in your adventure during the early parts of the game. Hosting two Mini Paint Stars and a vital item to progressing at one point, you're probably going to be coming here one or two more times than you'd like.

Getting the first Mini Paint Star in Chateau Chanterelle is easy enough, but what about the green one you see on top of the barn? Also pretty easy, provided you have a keen eye.

First things first: Make your way through the professor's house and out to the Princess's house -- Princess's house being the doghouse out in the backyard.

Press A at the front of Princess's house to slip inside, once you do so walk right and head up.

You'll come to the area behind the barn that's closed off from the outside (you can paint the gate to make it usable). From here you can check the two barn doors to see what's inside, which you should definitely do.

To get to the Green Mini Paint Star you need to make sure both barn doors are closed, then get in the right position to use the Cutout ability.

Getting in the right position can take a bit to align just right. If you're having trouble take a look at the image below to see where Mario should be standing to make the Cutout work.

Cut out the dotted line, walk on up, and voila! You now have another Mini Paint Star to add to your collection and have opened up another area.

This won't be the last time you're here at Chateau Chanterelle, but next time you're here on more cryptic business. Don't worry about that for now, just keep pushing forward with Huey and finding those Paint Stars.

Paper Mario: Color Splash - How to find the Bone to beat Iggy in the Golden Coliseum Mon, 10 Oct 2016 11:49:11 -0400 Ashley Shankle

The fight against Iggy at the Golden Coliseum is interesting if nothing else. Like most of the bosses in Paper Mario: Color Splash you need a specific Thing in your deck of cards to best him, and if the admittance Shy Guy is any indication that Thing is a Bone. He does say it enough, after all.

Wandering around the Coliseum, you meet some Shy Guys trying to find a weapon they stole from Marmalade Valley. It's obvious this weapon is the Thing you need, but if you travel to Marmalade Valley to find another Bone to take to the fight a Toad will tell you it's been stolen. You can't buy a new one from the Wringer in Port Prisma either, and the know-it-all Toad tells you the item is in the Golden Coliseum.

From here you head back to the Coliseum and speak to the admittance Shy Guy inside the Golden Coliseum he asks if you're bad to the bone. Normally you'd say yes -- that seems like the natural thing to do -- but instead you need to respond with "I.. I don't know..." and the Shy Guy sends you on your way.

Now you can finally explore the area to find the Bone.

From here you need to go back outside the Coliseum and go left toward the spectator area, which was closed before you declined to fight but is now open.

You've got to make your way from the third level of the stands to the first, which is a downward trip filled with blank spots to paint, disgruntled fighters to combat, Fuzzies to dodge, and cards to pick up.

The entire trip is hard to describe but it's easy to figure out which way you're supposed to go from here -- though you will have to use an Unfurl Block at one point, and you need to go behind the stairs on the first level of the stands (check the signs on each floor).

On the ledge outside the first level of the stands you'll notice a spot where there are two blocks that fall when you step on them with two Fuzzies patrolling the area. Let the block to the left without spikes under it drop you, then walk left.

Finding the Bone from this point on is easy. When you reach the spying Goomba, walk right for a save point and the Bone.

Bottle Opener

You can also find a Bottle Opener in the Coliseum's spectator area, which also requires you to adventure around the first floor of the area but without purposefully falling as you did to get the Bone.

You don't need the Bottle Opener to beat Iggy, but it's good to go ahead and grab it now.

As for Iggy himself, be sure to use the bone once he and his two minions are out on their chariots. Iggy will call out his minions once he is at half health, and on the turn right after he won't be present. Do not use the bone until all three enemies are on the field.

Paper Mario: Color Splash - Where to find the spike to open Kiwano Temple Sun, 09 Oct 2016 12:33:01 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Once you open up Kiwano Temple in Paper Mario: Color Splash you've found a fair amount of Mini Paint Stars and have opened up a lot of areas, so figuring out where you're supposed to get the spike to open the door to the temple can be a bit of a brainteaser.

Kiwano Temple is a pretty spiky place so your first instinct is probably to try to scour the area, but the exact spike you need is elsewhere.

Luckily the spike isn't too far away, nor is it too hard to get. Remember that huge spike on the professor's desk at Chateau Chanterelle? That's the key you need to get into Kiwano Temple, and the professor will be happy enough to give it to you.. once he's not depressed anymore.

The professor is still face-down wallowing in his own emotions since Princess, his now-giant Chain Chomp companion, has run away. You've got to figure out how to get him out of his funk and it seems bringing back his beloved Princess is the only way to do so.

The professor's assistant Toad mentions that Princess might come back if she smells her favorite snack, and if her rampage in the excavation site at Marmalade Valley is any indicator her favorite snack is bones.

You should still have the Bone card in your inventory. If not head back to Port Prisma's Harbor District and squeeze a fresh bone for your card collection. Now head to Chateau Chanterelle.

Go into the backyard and press the Y button to use Cutout on these two boards next to Princess's house.

Place the Bone card in the Cutout slot and wait for Princess's return. After it's all said and done the professor will give you the Sharp Spike on his desk.

All you have to do now is head back to Kiwano Temple, brave the spikes, and unlock the door to continue your quest to collect the Paint Stars and return color to Prism Island.

Paper Mario: Color Splash - How to win at Toad Shuffle Sat, 08 Oct 2016 08:00:59 -0400 Ashley Shankle

The Five Fun Guys are putting on a show at Bloo Bay Beach and you're invited.. to be scammed!

After finding all five of the quintuplets they ask if you'd like to participate in Toad Shuffle, a game that would normally be easy if the Five Fun Guys weren't blatantly cheating. Unfortunately you need to win to get the Blissful Beach Key.

The yellow Toad host always hands the key to the Toad who got stuck in the clam and crumpled the top of his head. Logically you as the player should easily be able to pick the crumpled Toad, right?

Unfortunately the event is rigged against you. No matter how well you pay attention and try to look for the key to change hands during the dance you just can't pick the right Toad when it comes time to choose.

At this point in the game Paper Mario: Color Splash has already had you put your mind to the test and come up with some less than obvious solutions to the game's puzzles and Toad Shuffle is no different.

The yellow Toad specifically tells you not to touch the Five Fun Guys but you're going to need to in order to win at Toad Shuffle -- don't worry, the yellow Toad won't say anything. Don't stress about hitting other Toads by accident, either. Once you paint the crumpled Toad the other paint disappears.

After the yellow Toad hands the key to the crumpled headed green Toad, whack on him with your Paint Hammer to mark him as the Toad with the key. Then let the Toad Shuffle commence as usual.

The Five Fun Guys will try to trick you once again but your keen puzzle-solving and painting skills have trounced their trick: the host Toad quickly accepts you've bested them at their own game and hands over the Blissful Beach Key.

Now you can continue on your way over to Blissful Beach and keep searching for those Paint Stars.

Paper Mario: Color Splash - How to open the hatch at the very start in Port Prisma Sat, 08 Oct 2016 05:00:02 -0400 Ashley Shankle

There are a lot of puzzles to unravel in Paper Mario: Color Splash and the very first one is thrown in your face within the game's first few minutes in Port Prisma. Luckily the game's very first puzzle is easy peasy as long as you have a keen eye.

When you arrive in Port Prisma and walk into the town square you come across what looks like a hatch with five colored off-shoots and three colored orbs in the middle. You have to light up the three orbs to unlock this hatch and progress.

The red and blue orbs are easier to figure out than the yellow, but here's how to light all three orbs and keep pushing forward in Color Splash. (Sorry, I took screenshots after finishing each task.)

Red orb

Go to the back brick wall of the square and look for a red brick sticking out of the wall. Jump under the brick to knock it back up into place to light the red orb.

You can see the red brick after being knocked into placed in this image.

Blue orb

Go to the front right side of the square and look for a set of four bricks sticking out of the ground. Press the B button and hammer the bricks back into the ground to light the blue orb.

Mario is facing the bricks in this image after hammering them.

Yellow orb

Go to the front left side of the square and take a good look at the flowerbed at the very front of the screen. Notice how the middle one looks a little off? Jump up onto the flowerbed and hold the A button next to the odd flower to set it right and light the yellow orb.

The middle flower is key.

As mentioned this puzzle is very simple! But I myself wandered around for a couple minutes trying to figure out how to light the yellow orb. Hopefully this short guide saves you some time so you can get on with the game and restore the color to Port Prisma and its surrounding areas.

Easy Video Game Inspired Halloween Costumes Thu, 29 Sep 2016 09:45:06 -0400 Glitchieetv




Another Minecraft inspired costume is the Creeper. Using the same items as before, except with a creeper printout, you can have this heart stopping costume the day of Halloween. If you do not have a printout, you can always do various shades of green construction paper. To really bring the costume to life, pair with green clothes. 




Steve from Minecraft is an easy costume to put together and one that can be done with the aid of children. Using simple print outs, glue, a cardboard box and scissors, you can create a Steve head for adult or child. Pair with blue clothes and voila, instant costume. 




90's kids will remember Tamagotchi, the travel sized game where you had to take care of a pet. I would play for diligently for a week then it would get shoved into a drawer somewhere. This is a fun and simple costume, mostly comprised of a few pieces of cardboard, construction paper, a fake chain and matching clothes. Most of these supplies are probably lying around your home, but the dollar store will most certainly have them if you need to purchase them, keeping the cost nice and low. 


Tetris T-Shirts


Tetris is one of the most recognizable games. Whether you have played it or not, you know colored blocks falling means Tetris. Follow this handy tutorial by Erin of In Between Laundry to make your own Tetris t-shirts. 


Naked Sims

The Sims

The Sims are one of the easiest costumes around. Stick a green plumbob on your head and you are ready to go. For those looking for something a bit funnier or more creative, the naked sim is the way to go. These ladies had the right idea, wearing skin tone attire and embellishing their pixelated bodies with bath items like the rubber ducky.  


Pac-Man and Ghosts


Pac-Man being followed by ghosts equals multiple costume ideas in one slide. The  ghosts are relatively easy, being crafted out of sheets and white and black fabric for the eyes. Pac-Man can be crafted from multiple pieces of cardboard, construction paper/paint. Easy, iconic, cheap. Extra points for a fun costumed game of tag. 


Mario and Luigi


Mario and Luigi are Halloween costume staples. With a wide assortment of ways they can be crafted, all you really need are their iconic hats and red or green attire. These two lovely ladies went with a more classic approach, with white gloves and suspenders, denim shorts and colored shirt. 




While not game inspired per say, these console costumes are definitely fun. With a bit of ingenuity and creativity, you can take a cardboard box or Styrofoam ball and turn it into your favorite console. Easy and inexpensive, perfect for the last minute costume maker. 


Halloween time is upon us. Costumes hang from the shelves and children are clamoring for candy. Whether you procrastinate until the last minute, can't decide on a costume or are looking to save some money this year, these easy costumes inspired by your favorite video games are sure to be a hit. 

5 Amazing Retro Video Game Tattoos Thu, 01 Sep 2016 12:50:25 -0400 Glitchieetv

Tattoos are one of the ways people use to express their love for something. With many of the millennial generation growing up with some of the first video games and consoles, it makes sense that many of them would show their love for fond childhood memories with ink. Below are five amazing tattoos inspired by retro video games.

Chrono Trigger-Artist Unknown

Chrono Trigger first released in 1995 on the SNES. An instant hit, it sold more than 2 million copies within two months in Japan. It also met with critical success in North America, where it has been a classic. This tattoo of the Chrono Trigger logo is well executed, an excellent homage to an RPG-staple.

The Legend of Zelda-Artist Unknown

The Legend of Zelda is a timeless retro game. With multiple titles in the series, the story that began in 1986 has continued to ensnare hearts. These tattoos, done in an 8-bit style, are a cute couples tattoo that captures the romance between Link and Zelda. 

Spyro the Dragon-Artist Unknown

Spyro the Dragon first charged through enemies in 1998 on the Sony PlayStation. With top of the line graphics and lovable characters, Spyro made a home for himself with gamers. This Spyro tattoo captures all of the dragon's fighting spirit.

Retro Themed Tattoo-Artist Unknown

This tattoo does not simply pick one retro game to exhibit. Inside, this composition showcases symbols from Mario, Tetris, and Pac-Man all revolving around the original Nintendo Entertainment System controller. 

Retro Gaming Totem-Artist Unknown

Here is another example of a tattoo that chose to feature multiple games instead of just one. Including Pong, Frogger, and Megaman this totem of Retro games is a creative take on expressing ones love for them. 

Do you have any amazing retro video game inspired tattoos? Let us know in the comments? Know any of the artists or people who own the tattoos? Let us know so we can credit them!

10 lesser-known SNES classics to remember (and play) for its 25th anniversary Tue, 23 Aug 2016 09:58:42 -0400 Ashley Shankle

The Super Nintendo will forever be remembered fondly -- not only by those who had one during its lifespan but by retro gamers and 2D game fans for decades to come. Its game library is revered as one of the best, packed with lengthy RPGs and high quality action titles that are still gaming staples today.

On August 23rd, 1991 the Super Nintendo hit the North American market with a mere five launch titles: SimCity, Gradius III, F-Zero, Pilotwings, and the still-coveted Super Mario World. While not the largest of launch line ups, these games continued to be popular throughout the console's lifespan -- and you'll be hard-pressed not to find a SNES owner without at least two of them in their library today.

The early to mid-90's was an exciting time to play video games as a kid. Gaming magazines were plentiful and were always packed with strategy guides and new info on upcoming hyped titles, the console war between Nintendo's SNES and Sega's Genesis was going strong, and incremental graphical upgrades made a world of difference.

Gaming culture during the Super Nintendo's hey day was a different beast from what it is today. You don't have to miss it to appreciate the games that came out at the time, but it certainly helps.

Today during its 25th anniversary I urge you (even my fellow Sega kids) to hook up your console, load up your preferred emulator, or hop onto the Wii U Virtual Console to give the Super Nintendo the attention deserves. The 10 games below may not be talked about the most, but some are bound to fall through the cracks when a console has as many good games as the SNES did throughout its lifetime.

Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals

Between the two Lufia games on the SNES, Rise of the Sinistrals is by far the better game (and a prequel to the first). Its Zelda-esque puzzles and dungeons aren't particularly difficult, making this a great starter JRPG for newcomers -- and its overall quality and fun-factor make it a fun adventure even for seasoned veterans. If you haven't played this oft-overlooked gem, you should.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Still one of my co-op go-tos, Zombies Ate My Neighbors isn't a SNES exclusive, but it's still a bundle of fun. Equipped with your trusty water pistols, you and (hopefully) a partner have to push through dozens of increasingly difficult and creatively-designed levels to survive the hordes of horror movie-theme monsters and just maybe save your lazy, oblivious neighbors.

Super Mario RPG: Legend of The Seven Stars

You may hear about this one from time to time, but Mario fans tend to bring up the later-released Paper Mario 64 and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door more often. Nonetheless Super Mario RPG, developed by then-powerhouse Squaresoft, is such a well-made blend of turn-based RPG, humor, and amazing music it's impossible not to recommend to anyone who loves Mario or is interested in good SNES RPGs.

Super Castlevania IV

This may be a retelling of the original NES Castlevania, but Super Castlevania IV is still heralded as one of the best in Konami's long-running series. With 8-directional whipping action for combat and platforming, a number of other weapons, iconic music and a slew of frustrating and difficult bosses, it's easy to see why this is still regarded so highly among the wealth of Castlevania titles we've gotten over the years.

Secret of Mana

Another classic Squaresoft title, Secret of Mana still stands as one of the most memorable action RPGs on the SNES and its gameplay holds up today (though in some respects it is a little slow). This game is definitely an adventure and it sets the stage for the rest of the Mana series. The beginnings of Mana lore and ring menu-based skill/item usage get fleshed out here, and it's wonderful progressing playing both solo and with up to two friends.

The Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse

Say what you want, but there were a lot of great Disney license games during the SNES/Genesis era -- and this is definitely one of them. The platforming here is a bit slower than some better known titles, but it's solid as can be and the game's outfit system in which Mickey's abilities change based on outfit keeps things interesting and fun. This isn't the absolute best Disney game of the era but it is definitely up there and it's a blast.

Kirby's Dreamland 3

Did you expect Kirby Super Star? Kirby Super Star is an amazing game, don't get me wrong -- but people tend to forget the third Kirby's Dreamland game is on the SNES, much less exists. This iteration of the series improves on its predecessors in every way, from controls and pastel drawing-style visuals down to the array of abilities Kirby can acquire. Not only that but Kirby can make friends with six different animals, each with different abilities that change up the gameplay significantly. All in all one of the most charming on this list.

Illusion of Gaia

An oft-forgotten gem of an RPG, Illusion of Gaia takes much of what were staples of the genre at the time and tosses them aside for its own systems. Gone are EXP and equipment, instead are incremental stat increases, rare healing herbs, and a huge emphasis on story. There really isn't much bad to be said about Illusion of Gaia except the official North American version skips much of the controversial dialogue and themes seen in the original Japanese release.


Another RPG worthy of being mentioned 20 years past its prime, Terranigma is actually the second in a spiritual trilogy, of which Illusion of Gaia is the third game (the second being Soul Blazer). Terranigma is generally considered the best of the three, if not one of the best games on the console. It's top-notch in pretty much every regard and is loads of fun to boot. The only problem here is there was never an official North American release -- luckily both Europe and Australia saw this beauty released in English.

Super Smash TV

Smash TV found its way onto a lot of consoles with Super Smash TV on the SNES and Genesis being the graphically superior options. No matter what it looks like, it's downright fun. A twinstick shooter without a single crap to give, Super Smash TV on the SNES is a brutal exercise in your ability to stick it out and shoot'em the hell up through a sadistic gameshow packed with high-tech surprises (thanks for the VCR) and more baddies than you'll know what to do with. It's amazing fun solo but even better with a friend, but don't come in expecting something deep. This is arcade-style fun through and through.

As mentioned before these may not be the first games you think of when you imagine the Super Nintendo library, but that does not demerit these games. The SNES was packed to the brim with games good and bad, and it had a staggering ratio of good to bad titles.

In a time where investors and research groups dictate what's to come and mainstream gaming is all but homogenized, it's an ironically fresh breath of air to sit down and play older titles that tried all the new things they could with the technology available or attempted to perfect the art of their respective genres, all the while maintaining that fun factor that not only made these games fun at release but keep them entertaining over 20 years later. That's what makes retro games live on today, and that's exactly why classic and 2D gaming will never die.