Marvel Puzzle Quest Articles RSS Feed | Marvel Puzzle Quest RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Latest Spider-man villain to join Marvel Puzzle Quest is Green Goblin Tue, 23 Feb 2016 16:18:08 -0500 KendraG

Marvel Puzzle Quest has continued its Spider-Man trend with the latest addition of Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) to the roster. 

The Green Goblin will be available starting February 25th and will join the ranks of Old Man Logan and Jean Grey as a new 5-star character.

His powers all have to do with countdown tiles, and we are promised some new and interesting dynamics to the game with his entry.

His black power, Goblin Glider, rams his glider into the enemy. However, as you as you use this power, a countdown tile will be placed on the board. The tile disables the Goblin Glider until it runs. BEWARE! If you match that countdown tile you will not be able to use Goblin Glider for the rest of the match.

His purple power is Trick or Treat, which lets the player choose a color and all tiles of that color on that board become countdown tiles. What color you choose will determine what the tiles will do. So far, we know that red damages the enemy and blue stuns the enemy.

Green Goblin's yellow power is called Goblin King. This power can be used strategically, and works very well with all his other powers. Goblin King reduces random friendly countdown tiles by a turn. The power also has a Passive ability where at the start of the player's turn, the Green Goblin turns random friendly countdown tiles into fortified tiles. Fortified tiles work similarly to Invisible Woman's bubbles and Quicksilver's locked tiles.

Green Goblin has now joined the multitude of new Spider-Man centric characters that have been taking the Marvel Puzzle Quest game by storm. One can only imagine if they will be adding more characters from Spider-Man's part of the Marvel universe. Perhaps Spider-Woman (a character actually in Dark Reign, the comic the plot of the game is specifically taken from) can finally join the ranks of the game.

Tips for for surviving the new Deadpool Daily in Marvel Puzzle Quest Tue, 23 Feb 2016 06:04:31 -0500 KendraG

If you have been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest during February, then you probably noticed an increase in difficulty in the Deadpool Dailies. If your team is in the 2 and 3-star range, then you're already very fed up with Ultron's clones and Venom's symbiotes. It's not fun, and can reach impossibility if you have not been playing for long or are a casual player. You may even be having difficulties completing it with a 3-star team.

Never fear, though, there are a few tips that might just make the difference between crushing defeat and unsatisfactory success while you wait for them to inevitably change the challenge again.

The Big Enchilada is the most important stage in the Deadpool Daily Quest.

It means the difference between just two tokens that will probably give you health packs and a new 3-star card. For those players in the 2 to 3-star transition stage, the DDQ is your lifeblood. It is the only surefire way of getting those vital 3-star cards to level up your team. With Champion levels, the Big Enchilada is important for 3-star championing levels.

If you just keep these tips in mind, getting all the rewards from the DDQ will become easier -- still a huge pain, but easier nonetheless.

2-star Storm

Without a doubt, the 2-star Storm has become invaluable for the new DDQ. With her blue power, Wind Storm, you can not only hit all enemies with a sizable amount of damage, but can stun them as well. This is amazing -- not just for whatever minions you will be against, but also for when you will be put up against Heroes or Villains.

For example, one of the Big Enchilada matches we have faced this past week has Jean Grey show up in the second wave after the first wave of Ultron's clones have filled the board with enemy strength, attack, and protect tiles. This makes it very easy for her to absolutely decimate your whole team if she can get any moves out. This is why you should finish off the first wave on a power. This means you will be the one to start on the second wave and this gives you the perfect opportunity to use Storm's stun ability and take Jean Grey out of the game for several rounds.

Your Enemy Should Influence Your Team

Having 2-star Storm on your team is something you should definitely do, but what about the rest of your team? This can really depend on who you are playing against.

For example, a few combinations that work really well on the Big Enchilada when it starts out with Ultron's clones. 2-star Captain America, Magneto, and Storm are a dynamite team against them. Magento's blue power can clear the board if leveled up completely. This can take out all the nasty tiles the they leave on the board. The best part of this trio is that while they all have useful blue powers, two of them are very good at obtaining more blue AP. Captain's blue power puts a tile on the board that grants more blue AP once it completes, and Magneto's purple power lets you put blue tiles onto the board. This can be really helpful. If you don't have one of those three, Moonstone can be a good because of her ability to turn the enemies tiles against them.

Against the ones that start with Venom's symbiotes, you might consider a 2-star Thor/Storm duo with your choice of a third. Magneto can work, but arguments can be made for Hawkeye being a star in this battle. You will need a heavy hitter against them (like Thor), plus Storm and the third one can do different things. If you use the purple archer, Hawkeye has a few very handy powers for the long haul -- including a useful passive power, Speed Shot.

You can breathe easy when it starts with your run-of-the-mill Maggia Goons.

The Hand's Ninjas can be rendered useless with a Magneto/Storm duo. You need someone who can clear the board of the attack tiles and all numerous countdown tiles that come with the ninjas. Moonstone, again, can be used in that regard. Black Widow can be used, though you should watch her health, because she can only take a few good hits before she is KO'd.

If you are still having trouble, there is one last resort...

When in doubt, boost

If you have gone through all your health packs and you are on your last three heroes, and you know you can defeat them if your cards survived a little longer, then you might have to boost.

It can be easy to forget they are there. You can find them in the three slots before the battle starts. If you really want to ensure your victory and you do not plan on using any of the character powers you have, use the Power boost, Critical boost, and + 1 to all AP.

That critical boost is a must-have if you are using Moonstone or Hawkeye. You can absolutely knock your enemies dead this time.

We have been told that these new DDQ's will be changed soon. However, we just do not know what they will become instead. This should get you through until then, though.

Happy 3-star hunting everyone.

D3 Go! responds to new Deadpool Daily Quest backlash Fri, 19 Feb 2016 10:14:10 -0500 KendraG

Players of Marvel Puzzle Quest have noticed that February, Deadpool's month and Deadpool Daily Quest's one year anniversary, has brought changes to the game. Not all was met with approval from fans. Immediately, players gathered together to complain about the new changes to Deadpool's Daily Quest on D3 Go! forums, Reddit, and more. 

The anger stemmed from the same thing: the new DDQ is unfair to new players. While many players have asked for a change in the DDQ to change things up, this was not what they had in mind. 

Completing the new DDQ has become impossible for players who have only 2-star teams. Even with the new championing system, unless you have maxed out your champions completing the daily quest is too difficult. 

David Moore from D3 Go! responded on the forums with this:

Hi everyone,

We've heard your feedback on the revised Deadpool's Dailies and Demiurge are going take another look at how things are currently playing out and tweak where necessary. We don't have a time-table yet for when a fresh balance pass will be completed, but the team hope to refine Deadpool's Daily Quests in the coming weeks.

Thanks very much for the feedback!

The game developers have listened to the outcry and will now try to fix it. They changed up the DDQ to try and bring fresh content to the game. There were other ways to do that. 

Dear D3 Go! and Demiurge, perhaps instead of changing the difficulty of the DDQ trying to satisfy jaded veterans of the game, maybe change the DDQ to something completely different. Changing the character that hosts the daily quests as well as the format of the daily quests might be a breath of fresh air instead of this.

All Marvel Puzzle Quest DLC available for free on Xbox One Tue, 09 Feb 2016 11:28:36 -0500 KendraG

On February 5th, Marvel Puzzle Quest came to the Xbox One and PS4. Not only is the game available on all new consoles, but Microsoft has offered a new deal. 

Many players who play Marvel Puzzle Quest on their phone or computer may be wondering what the type of downloadable content there could possibly be with the game. 

The console game is a completely different experience from the free-to-play game we are used to. Console players have to purchase the game in order to play it. Instead of weekly events, there are DLCs which you can purchase, or not if you have play it on the Xbox One, for new game content. 

For example, there is the volume "Science Friction" that is comprised of six episodes and revolves around the Avengers stopping the Dark Avengers from recruiting the Incredible Hulk. With this DLC comes with it the addition of the Punisher to your team. 

As you can see, this is very different from what happens in the free-to-play version of this game.  

Either way, Microsoft has offered all the DLC for free with your Xbox One game.

The 10 worst cards in Marvel Puzzle Quest Thu, 28 Jan 2016 10:34:03 -0500 KendraG


Another character that can only really be good if you play it with a good team, Invisible Woman could definitely have been a better character. She does not have the same weight as other 4-star characters and that makes her one of the worst cards in the game. 


Characters that create a protection bubble on tiles can be just as much as a nuisance to their team as to their enemies. Invisible Woman has a good thing she does, she can make the weakest member of your team Invisible and they cannot be attacked. Her Force Field Crush (green) can only do well if you have Force Bubbles (blue) leveled up. The more that it is leveled up the better her Force Field Crush will damage.


Devil Dinosaur may have been a cool idea when they first came out, but you rarely see him now. The damage he can do can be pretty good, but compared to other 4-star characters it pales in comparison. 


His Prehistoric Arms (purple) power is about as useful as Bag-man's Switcheroo. Which is not at all. 


His other two powers only cause damage, but not as much as other 4-star characters. There are even 1-star characters that can cause more damage.


The Hulk (Totally Awesome) is not as awesome as his title insists. His green move may be amazing but his others are lackluster in comparison. 


Mastermind Excello (green) is a great power house with his high possibility of damage. His other powers however, See the Math of it (blue) creates some charged tiles and Hot Dog Stand (black) can only be used when there are not a lot of blue tiles on the field and stuns him after he is healed for a little bit of health. 


Considering that his green move can do very well the more blue tiles are on the field and his black move only works when there are less than 7 tiles on the board, his powers are working against each other. 


Vision can be useful if he has the right team. If he doesn't have a good team, his powers just feel like he is playing ring-around-the-rosy with the enemies. 


Vision is a minefield of confusion. Vision's powers really only do anything good if you have his countdown tiles already on the board. The AP needed for his moves is pretty low so it can be helpful, but he does not actually do a lot. Some damage here and there, but nothing spectacular. 


Those who have been playing since the beginning will know that 3-star Spider-man (Classic) used to be amazing. He was the card to have. 


Now he is not. 


For those who may not know, when Marvel Puzzle Quest first came out whenever any of the characters healed it was always true healing. This made a character like Spider-man (Classic) a must have character. His Web Bandages (yellow) power would keep you team healthy when you tried to fight play for long amounts of time without health packs. Now his meager health increases are only temporary and not as useful as they used to be. His other powers can stun and create Protect tiles. He is a support character, but now that he does not do true healing he has lost his usefulness.


I would take 1-star Iron Man over 3-star Iron Man (Model 40) any day. And that is saying something.


Iron Man (Model 40) is like a bleeding wound to your team. He drains AP from other colors when using his powers. And he tries to redeem himself with Recharge where after a two-turn countdown some AP is given back. Considering how much AP is needed to activate his other powers and that he will be stunned at the end of Recharge, Iron Man (Model 40) is more of a nuisance than a help. 


Sentry. Does he do anything useful? Sometimes. Is he worth the Hero Points? Definitely not.


Sentry is another character that hurts his allies as well as the enemies. His damage does not really do well until it's pointed at himself as well. Sacrifice (yellow) has it's effect right in the name. He damages himself at great length just to create a Strike tile. 


Even though they have helped Ragnarok's powers a little bit in past updates, he still is considered a pretty horrible character to keep on your team. 


Ragnarok's powers are now a little better but still underwhelming. Godlike Power (green) destroys a row but damages the enemy as well as allies. However, luckily Ragnarok's damage is sub-par and the allies are barely hurt. His other powers, Thunderclap (red) and Lightning Rod (blue), create Charged tiles. That is really all he does. 


Spider-man (Bag-man) has no redeeming qualities. He is universally called the worst card in the game. 


Honestly, I forget he is even a possible card in the game. 


Bag-man's powers are fairly useless. Switcheroo (purple) power just switches two tiles. At least when Moonstone switches tiles, the enemy takes damage as well. The Web-slinger (blue) just locks tiles and Snarky Remark (yellow) can reduce a countdown level of a tile on the board. 


He is nothing spectacular.


In Marvel Puzzle Quest, you get a lot of choices for your team. It is important to know which cards are just THE WORST. 


With this in mind, most of these cards can be really great but only if you have a good support team. 


Let's look at the first card: Carnage. Carnage is not someone you ever want to go against in PvP or PvE. However, unless you have someone on your team that gives true healing, you won't be able to play very long without losing a lot of your team's health if he was on your team. 


Carnage is an equal opportunity card. For every time he does a move against the enemy, the move is done to his allies. His Alien Instincts (black) power creates friendly and enemy strike tiles. As his level goes up, their strength goes up. Symbiote Scythes (red) power attacks the target at a high damage, but also attacks everyone else at a lower damage. At high levels that is over 2000 damage to your teammates. 


Use it well and Carnage is a beast on your team. However, if you don't prepare carefully, then he can easily ruin his own team's chances. 

4-star Nova hits Marvel Puzzle Quest: the all-new, all-different Avenger Tue, 26 Jan 2016 10:05:23 -0500 KendraG

On January 28th, as a part of The Hunt event, Marvel Puzzle Quest will be releasing Nova (Sam Alexander) as a new 4-star card.

Marvel Puzzle Quest decided to take a break from all the Spider-man content and give us someone from Nova Corps. Nova, lovingly dubbed the "Human Rocket,", will reflect the powerhouse of his nickname. 

Nova's red ability, Takeoff, launches him into the air just like Colossus. However, in a different strain, Takeoff will generate Black Strike tiles. While at least one of these Black Strike are on the board, Takeoff turns into Rocket Man, which knocks the enemy airborne and deals damage. 

Nova's yellow ability, Nova Blast, deals damage as well as creates Black Strike tiles for each ally still alive. 

Nova's black ability is something special. When using Danger Zone, be mindful of the amount of Strike tiles on the board. If there are too many, Nova will launch himself at the enemy. While this will cause damage it will also destroy all of your Strike tiles. This could have it's advantages. Of course, if you do not have too many of the tiles, it creates more. 

If you need a new character to add to your team that creates a storm of Strike tiles, then Nova may be the new card you are looking for. 

It's Squirrel (Girl) Appreciation Day in Marvel Puzzle Quest Thu, 21 Jan 2016 07:27:47 -0500 KendraG

Some of you may know that today (January 21st) is national Squirrel Appreciation Day. Marvel Puzzle Quest is celebrating it in the perfect way: honoring Squirrel Girl.

Squirrel Girl is an unappreciated character who is the strongest hero in the Marvel universe. Squirrel Girl may be a laughing stock in the Marvel universe, in Marvel Puzzle Quest she is dubbed: "Squirrel Girl (Unbeatable)."

For Squirrel Appreciation Day, MPQ has decided to honor her in a few ways. 

If you think that the Squirrel Girl Versus challenge, "Coversquirrel," just happens to lie on Squirrel Appreciation Day, then you would be mistaken.("Coversquirrel," do you get it? Easy, breezy, beautiful... Coversquirrel.)

When players log on to play today they will receive one free Coversquirrel token. That is right. We get a free token. Like most tokens it will be more likely for you to get a 2-star card. However, there is a greater chance for you to get a Squirrel Girl card than anyone 3-stars and up. 

So, go out there and have a Happy Squirrel Appreciation Day!

Ten cards you must have in Marvel Puzzle Quest Tue, 19 Jan 2016 05:43:12 -0500 KendraG


1. Do not leave home without your Thor


All three Thor cards are extremely useful. They have powers that add tiles to the board, huge damage that can hurt the whole team, and 4-star Thor even stuns. 


A powerhouse with health to spare.




Still need help making your team the best? Check out Marvel Puzzle Quest: Assembling the A-Team


2. At least one Hulk


It might be overkill to have more than one Hulk character. The Hulks all usually of red, green, black, and/or blue powers. They have powers that drain their own AP to cause greater damage. This would make it difficult to play with more than one Hulk in your team. 


3. Someone who stuns


Stunning your enemy is a great asset. It can give you time that you really need to defeat the enemy. 


Some characters that can stun are Daredevil, Mr. Fantastic, 4-star Thor, all Spider-men, and Gamora.


4. Swords and Shields


Having at least one or two characters that create strike or protect tiles is very important.


The ones that create strike tiles can help you cause a lot of damage. Some of them are Black Panther, Daken, Wolverine, Blade, and Elektra. 


The ones that create protect tiles can help you take a lot of damage. Luke Cage has a power that makes sure that at the beginning of each turn he has one protect tile on the board. Falcon and 3-star Magneto create a field of protect tiles. 


5. Healer


You need a healer especially if you like to play a lot at one time or against waves of enemies. 


2-star Black Widow is one of best healers for your team, but others can heal as well such as Rocket & Groot, all the Wolverine's and Daken's, and Kamala Khan. 


6. Cards for general badassery


This is for those cards that have very useful powers. 


Have you used Ghost Rider's Penance Stare? Not only was the little animation for the power one of my favorites in the whole game, the power deals a percentage of all the damage your enemy has, dealt back at them. 


This card can be based on your opinion but if the move is amazing you should keep the card. 


7. Lots of Health and Power


This is your tank. Keep your tank close when fighting high leveled opponents. 


Different tanks you can use are any Thor's, Wolverine's, Ares, and Colossus. 


8. All those annoying characters you hate playing against


Getting one or two of the characters you hate playing against might be a good idea. Even though you hate them, they may be of use to you.


This is for all those that make tiles unmovable and generally mess your plans of domination up.


I hate fighting against Gorgon, Invisible Woman, and Quicksilver.


9. At least one 1-star


If you want to complete Deadpool's Daily you will need at least one 1-star in your roster. It is a good source of ISO-8. 


10. Any 5-star cards you receive


The only way to obtain 5-star cards is through Legendary tokens. If you do not have the room to have this character added to your roster, just save up your command points. 




Really want to work on making your team perfect then check out my Marvel Puzzle Quest: Assembling the A-Team

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Assembling the A-Team Tue, 19 Jan 2016 07:44:14 -0500 KendraG

Your whole gaming experience on Marvel Puzzle Quest is completely defined by your roster. The game dishes out enemies based on your current roster, so it makes it very important to have the best of the best.

Look at yourself as a coach for your own professional sports team. Gone are the days where everyone gets a chance to be a part of the team, you will need to leave that thinking back in Elementary school. If you are going to go far, you are going to have to shape up.

This guide will help detail a handy process of picking and choosing who you keep and who will be sold for much-needed ISO-8.

Step One: Acknowledge that it will suck at first

Unless you plan on actually putting money into this free app, you will have to go through the seven layers of Marvel hell before anything good happens. Even when you pay for those special tokens, it might not give you anything good.

You start out with 1-star Iron Man given to you and after playing for a while you will have a decent 1-star team. But it is still one star.

At this stage, the Versus matches are your best friend. It may be difficult but do not pay attention to your score. You will get attacked and you will lose. It is the nature of the beast.

There is always someone better than you. If you happen to be always at the top tier with maxed 5-star characters then you probably are not worried about bringing your A-game.

You will suck, but here it is not your fault. Playing the matches that you can reasonable win will get you ISO as well as the possibility of getting more cards. Versus matches are great for accumulating your 2-star team, as well as random 3 or 4-star cards. It can happen.

That brings us to the next step.

Step Two: You are going to have to let go

The 1-star team you have been cultivating is going to teach you your next important lesson: selling your team for ISO.

You can expand your roster through Hero Points (gold coins). Know that it will be easier to expand your roster earlier on. Personally, I would recommend only using Hero Points on expanding your roster. While at first you may think that you have plenty of slots, it will quickly fill up and you will be ruing the day that Marvel has made you choose (but more about choosing later).

Now that you have started getting 2-star cards, things will become easier. Saving up ISO might become a problem. Try focusing on only three of the 2-stars you get. There are a lot of 2-stars and after a while they will become a dime a dozen. You will not have enough ISO to max level all of them. So focus on some.

With your 1-star cards that have gotten you this far, as soon as you get a viable 2-star team you should sell all but one of them. Why? Because Deadpool's Daily has one match that is specifically for 1-star cards only. The only way that you will be able to max out Deadpool's Daily and get extra ISO, is if you can win that match. I recommend keeping the Iron Man 1-star for this purpose.

Now you might have some breathing room. This is when a problem might start.

You can randomly get 3-star and 4-star cards from tokens you win in the Versus and Events. This brings us to step 3.

Step 3: *Slap* Get those stars out of your eyes

You may be hating life trying to get your 2-star team the cards it needs. You try every Versus and Event while crossing your fingers. You may even be thinking about shelling out for a Legendary Token.

But suddenly, there across the way, like Cinderella at the ball you are finally tossed a bone.

You open a token and the usually silver rectangle of a 1-star or 2-star card is replaced with a golden one. Excitement fills your veins and you click repeatedly to see what you won.

It's a 4-star card.

You may be thinking: “Yes! Now all those people who beat me in the Versus will quiver in fear” or “Events will be easier now. Maybe they are boosted this event!”.

However, I am going to deliver some rough news. It is not always a good idea to keep them.

Getting a character with the base level of 70 will greatly affect who you will be playing and how difficult this game will be from here on out. It will always be difficult to get more cards on them. A maxed out 2-star card will always be more useful on your team then this 4-star card with one power on them.

Not all 4-star characters are going to be worth it.

Sometimes it may be really difficult to sell this 4-star card. Especially since they all are really nice looking. I like just looking at the Elektra one sometimes.

If you have the roster space and nothing of worth in rewards then go ahead and add them if you want, just know that things might not go as planned in the future.

3-stars are where it is at. There is a reason that the most available cards are 3-stars. It is a nice medium that also can be a resourceful powerhouse.

Why don't we do a comparison? Lets take one of my favorite cards: Thor. However, Thor 4-star will have only the one card to show what you are in store for.

2-star Thor vs. 3-star Thor vs. 4-star Thor

Red: 1115 max vs. 2132 max vs. 630 + 137 for each Charged tile (If you don't have her power that creates charged tiles, or Ragnarok's, then that is useless.

Yellow: 796 plus 9 green tiles vs. 2486 plus 9 green tiles vs. 356 team damage

Green/Blue: 2206 to target + 1103 to others vs. 4518 to target + 2259 to others vs. Makes 3 Charged Tiles

That green power for 3-star Thor packs quite the punch.

So now lets get to the point that we have all been waiting for. When you get all the characters fates in your hands as you assemble the A-Team of Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Step 4: Gather your party and venture forth

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Your team needs to reflect how you want to play and if you can get your A-Team to cover all the power colors, even better.

Your 2-star team will not be that difficult to decide on. But do decide on 3 to 4 2-star characters and keep them. Sell all the rest.

The dynamic duo of the 2-star team that most anyone would recommend is Black Widow and Thor. That does leave a third character to fill your team. Personally, I fill that space with Ms. Marvel.

Ms. Marvel not only has a black power that attacks (taking advantage of Black Widow's passive black power that steals AP from the other team) but her red power can destroy enemy shields. This is incredibly useful against Bullseye, Falcon, and 3-star Magneto.

BAM. You have your 2-star team. You spend time maxing them out. On the way you will find higher level cards.

What to pick?

This is when you should start taking notice of all those people you play against in the Events and Versus. Even more so when you get to play as them. Take notice of their powers, which hurt the most, which keep the other team alive for as long as possible, who you generally curse at showing up against you.

When you win 3-star and up cards you will have to make a choice. Is the precious space in your roster going to be taken up by this card?

So here is a checklist you should go through:
  • What is the power for the card you won? Is it good?
  • Are the other powers good as well?
  • Who could they team up with?
  • How often will their cards show up?
  • Is it needed in a current event?
  • How many cards do you have for them in your rewards?

For example, let's talk about why I decided to delete my 3-star Bullseye in exchange for 3-star Captain America.

I had won my 3-star Bullseye early on, back when my roster was still in the single digits. I had thought at the time that Bullseye would be useful. And at the time he was, he was boosted in the event and made it easier to win more.

However, soon enough Bullseye got pushed down in my roster as he was inundated by better characters.

Now fast forward to when my roster is 27 cards. I have over 20 cards in my rewards and I am nowhere near close to getting enough Hero Points for an expansion.

What do I do?

Looking through the cards, I narrow it down to the characters that have at least two cards already in my rewards. They will get priority. There was: two cards on Elektra, two cards for 3-star Human Torch, two cards on Sentry, and two cards for 3-star Captain America.

The two cards for Elektra were not ideal: both were Double-Double Cross (purple) that creates three enemy strike tiles. I keep 4-stars with useless powers for as long as I can before they expire. If I get more of their cards or happen to get an open space that has no one ready to fill it, then I recruit them.

That leaves only the 2-stars left to decide through. Sentry is pretty useless for my style of play. That only leaves Human Torch and Captain America.

The deciding factor?

This was during the Unstable ISO-8 event where 3-star Captain America was boosted and a required character. I could easily pick up at least one more of his cards before the week was done. And with this boosted character added to my team, it would be a lot easier to reach the points required in the even to receive him.

And thus, Captain America took the place of my 3-star Bullseye, who had only one card on him and had been completely useless.

And as luck would have it, using Captain America helped me get enough Hero Points to expand on my roster and add Elektra. 

And that is how you decide your team.

Your roster may seem huge, but it will get pretty crowded as Marvel adds more and more cards to be had.

If you need more help on how to choose your team, check out my Top Ten Cards You Must Have In Marvel Puzzle Quest.

Everyone's favorite Spider-man comes to Marvel Puzzle Quest Thu, 14 Jan 2016 11:00:21 -0500 KendraG

Marvel Puzzle Quest is getting a new 5-star hero: black suit Spider-man. That is right. The same Peter Parker that appears in Spider-man 3 is coming to Marvel Puzzle Quest

Amidst the addition of Miles Morales and Eddie Brock to the roster, Marvel decided they could not have too much of a good thing. Spider-man (Back in Black), the more aggressive and intimidating of the Spideys, is making his debut with style.

With dance moves like these, it makes sense that Spider-man (Back in Black) would be at the highest star level. 

Spider-man (Back in Black) will get a blue, purple, and green power. Automotive Artillery (green) has Spider-man lobbing a car and ignoring protect tiles to deal a huge amount of damage. 

Getting a new card in game is not the only new thing. Previously, 5-star cards only obtained Legendary tokens. Now there will be a new Legendary comic pack that will only include the newest 5-star cards. 

Marvel Puzzle Quest gets an upgrade for Champions Thu, 07 Jan 2016 18:18:20 -0500 KendraG

If you updated your Marvel Puzzle Quest app, you might have noticed a new word box pop up.

And then promptly exited out so you could get in on the event before it ended. 

Here is what you need to know about the latest update.

Marvel's answer to several problems posed by players is the new Champion system. Starting with maxed characters, at 2 star or higher, you can pay a one-time fee of ISO to make it a champion. 

Now what does being a Champion entail, you may ask? The most important aspect of having a Champion is that with every additional card you obtain of them, and you can level up that character past the max. This helps those of us stuck using our 2 star team while hounding the system for all the 3 star and up cards we can get. (I ended up getting two 4 star Mr. Fantastic cards just trying to get a 3 star Daken and I was not excited at all.) 

The Champion level max is set at 50 extra levels for 2 star cards and 100 extra levels for 3, 4, and 5 star cards. 

So keep all those extra cards you find yourself getting.

Another aspect that will make players rejoice is you can now redistribute your cards on them. Did not like your power distribution?

Want to have five cards on Johnny Storm's Fireball instead of the three you had? Make him a Champion and you can redistribute his powers as many times as you want. 

Moral of the story: save up your cards, save up your ISO, promote your characters to Champion.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign available now for consoles Mon, 19 Oct 2015 03:00:27 -0400 Travis Shuman

It's somewhat of a rarity these days to find solid, quality video game titles in the app stores. iOS games are made by literally anyone who feels so obliged, and so many are either extremely poor quality or an attempt to copy the success of another title with a sub-par clone.

Marvel and D3 Publisher aimed to change things two years ago when they released what has now become their 'match-3' hit Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign. Featuring a constantly growing roster of heroes and villains from the Marvel universe, the game has done exceedingly well throughout the years, and D3 has continued to support the game with constant updates and in-game events that keep things fresh.

Seeing this, it's no surprise that they've decided to bring their puzzle hit to consoles. Marvel recently released a trailer for the console version, which shows off a much more functional layout overall, while still keeping all the aspects players have come to know and love about the game.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign is available on Playstation3, Playstation 4, and Xbox One now for $14.99.

Marvel Puzzle Quest: Your New Favorite Mobile Game Wed, 30 Jul 2014 07:04:58 -0400 Josh Squires

Marvel Puzzle Quest is one of the best mobile gaming apps available. Combining the addictive match-3 puzzle style of traditional Puzzle Quest games, this app turns it up a notch by employing the Marvel Universe.

A Mobile Game With Serious Replayability

While many people tend to tire of popular mobile games after several weeks (or months, depending on the game and the player), you'll likely find Marvel Puzzle Quest more difficult to put down. Each week the game is updated with a new addition to its Story Mode, a feature that really helps the game to stand out from the crowd. The constant influx of new content keeps things fresh and interesting.

All of Your Favorite Marvel Superheroes

Utilizing the Marvel Universe cast of characters (including the Dark Avengers and several iterations of popular Marvel superheroes) Marvel Puzzle Quest offers panel by panel action with no shortage of clever quips and witty comebacks. The dialog in the game is arguably just as entertaining as the game is itself. Each weeks' update enlists much-loved characters such as Loki, Deadpool, and Captain America, with the opportunity for high-scoring players to earn the featured character and add them to their character roster—which is another amazing feature of the app.


Your character roster allows you to purchase various Marvel superheroes to comprise your team of three which will battle through the story mode or versus mode. Characters are purchased with Recruiting Tokens earned from completing rounds in story mode. The more you play the more characters you have access to. Premium character packs are available as well and can be purchased with your Hero Tokens—in-game money that is a limited resource in the game but can be purchased with real-world funds.

How Gameplay Works

Marvel Puzzle Quest gameplay Actual gameplay involves matching colored tiles that, once matched, deal damage to your CPU opponent according to the points each color is worth, multiplied by the number of tiles matched. Bonuses are given for larger matches and match-ups of five or greater results in “Critical” tiles that offer major damage bonuses when matched with two or more tiles of a given color.


As you play each round the colored blocks you destroy and stored and sorted by color. By amassing certain colors in specific amounts you'll be able to unlock the special abilities of each of the superheroes on your team. Special abilities can do everything from restore health to moving blocks on the board or dealing crushing amounts of damage. Like any good battling game, some characters even have damage over time (DOT) abilities.

More than Just Another Tile-Matching Game

If that's not enough to hold your interest, there are weekly leaderboards for both story and versus modes. Top ranking players earn rewards of various in-game assets such as Iso-8 crystals (used to level your characters) or Recruiting Tokens. In short, if you're willing to put in a little time each week you can make great progress in the game for free—you'll never have to spend a dime to complete a mission or stay competitive. Marvel Puzzle Quest also features "Alliances", or the ability to team up with friends (or strangers) to complete objectives and earn greater rewards.

Players can also expect to see certain characters disabled for specific battles. This can occasionally result in some matches being unplayable if the player doesn't yet have the required characters. It's all part of keeping the user invested in the game. 

What else could this game possibly offer? Is there more? The answer is an emphatic and resounding "YES". New features and functions are also added to the game. Patches go out on a fairly regular basis. The latest patch, R58, added a lot of cool features on top of adding a Deadpool story arc (and adding him to the overall character roster--much to the delight of Marvel fans such as myself). Full patch notes are available in this forum post on the publisher's website.

App Store User Feedback for Marvel Puzzle Quest

Mobile Game Reviews Marvel Puzzle QuestReviews of the app in both iTunes and Google Play stores are largely positive, averaging about 4.3 stars. While the majority of reviews are positive, negative reviews point out that the game can, at times, be difficult. This stems from heightened level requirements in end-stage weekly story modes where the game has in fact been made more difficult to accommodate players who have reached higher levels. It's fun to win, but its more enjoyable if that win is somewhat challenging.

Before You Download

If you're looking for a great mobile game that doesn't require a major time investment, this is a great app to try. Playing on a Droid Razr Maxx for hours (in one epic stint, 3 hrs.) at a time doesn't put a noticeable drain on battery life. While that may not be the case for all phones, it should be for most newer models. So next time you're stuck in a doctors office or the waiting area at your local mechanic's, you can go in confident that you'll not be bored and you won't get stranded with a dead device killed off by yet another battery sucking succubus app. The only caveat regarding Marvel Puzzle Quest is that the automatic download of the weekly update is a bear. It's often a large file and even on a wi-fi connection it can make your phone sluggish. On a 4G connection it's gonna take some time.


If the information above doesn't quite convince you, you can also rest assured in the knowledge that your friends won't be able to make fun of you like they did when they caught you playing Candy Crush.


Marvel Puzzle Quest is available on mobile devices via the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores and on PCs via Steam.