Mega Man X Dive Articles RSS Feed | Mega Man X Dive RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Mega Man X DiVE Pre-Registration Opens, But Not for Everyone Tue, 18 Feb 2020 11:42:53 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Remember that new Mega Man mobile game, Mega Man X DiVE, we first reported on last year?  If you don't, that's OK. Capcom's been mostly silent about it after the announcement — until now.

Mega Man X DiVE pre-registration is starting to open up, but not for everyone. Capcom Taiwan recently announced the countries Mega Man X DiVE will first be playable in next month, and the first wave is available in Asia only.

Those who want to can enter their email address to receive a special playable character for when the game does launch. It's separate from pre-registering by downloading on the Apple App or Google Play stores, but so far, I haven't received any confirmation (or robots) after registering. So it could be limited to Asia as well.

Currently, the company is evaluating feedback from its social platforms to determine the next region Mega Man X DiVE should release in, but there's no word in where that might be, let alone when.

There's little reason to think it won't release in the West eventually, especially since Capcom Taiwan is planning on more launches in the future.

Though the game will probably have microtransactions limiting which characters you can get, it's an annoyance we're willing to deal with for the chance to play as heroes and villains from across the Mega Man X universe.

At least we have the Mega Man Zero/ZX collection to look forward to in the near term. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Mega Man X DiVE news as it comes our way.

Mega Man X Dive (Mega)Busting Onto Smartphones Mon, 22 Jul 2019 11:50:18 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Capcom Taiwan released an announcement and trailer for a new Mega Man (Rock Man in Asia) title set to release as a free-to-play game on smartphones sometime this year: Mega Man X Dive.

Dive is a mashup game featuring Mavericks and characters from throughout the Mega Man X franchise. The story, according to Capcom, revolves around the "Deep Log" database. It stores all save date information for Mega Man X games, only it's gone haywire.

Along with creating a virtual entry for the player, the Deep Log is plagued with abnormalities causing the MMX timeline to skew, making various characters and enemies appear where they shouldn't.

If that sounds a bit familiar, it's because Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission used that same basic setup just a few months ago. But if we're honest, however cliched the concept might be, it works pretty well for a storied franchise with so many famous and infamous characters to choose from.

Apart from the plot, Capcom hasn't released much else about Dive. It's supposed to be an Action RPG, and graphically, it looks like an upgraded version of the PlayStation Portable's Mega Man: Maverick Hunter X revamp.

Which Hunters and Mavericks will make an appearance, how an action-platformer will be turned into an RPG, and even when the game is set to release, we still don't know.

One thing that's likely, though, is microtransactions, since this is a F2P game. Naturally, Capcom hasn't mentioned anything about that yet, but there are a couple of models we might see Mega Man Dive X follow.

One is the Dr. Mario World model of limiting how many stages players can tackle by linking them to a stamina gauge. The other is the Pokemon Masters route of tying Hunters to a random gacha and ranking system.

Meanwhile, the Mega Man X Dive has an official Facebook page — in Chinese — for those interested in keeping up with it until a Western announcement comes our way.