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Will you be playing any of these 11 in-game Halloween 2018 events in our list? Let us know what event you are most excited for, and be sure to leave a comment if we left out a Halloween event for your favorite game that should be included!


Destiny 2

  • Event: Festival Of The Lost
  • \n

This year's Festival Of The Lost Halloween event runs through November 6th in Destiny 2. With this event, solo players or teams can head into the Haunted Forest to fight against a horde of ghouls and demons.


Furthermore, the Tower will be redesigned with Halloween decorations, and Amanda Holliday will offer daily bounties to earn Fragmented Souls, which can be exchanged for the new legendary Horror Story weapon.


Dead By Daylight

  • Event: The Hallowed Blight
  • \n

In addition to the new Shattered Bloodline DLC, asymmetric horror game Dead By Daylight just launched a big Halloween event called The Hallowed Blight.


From now till November 2nd, survivors and killers are both in a race to collect vials of special toxin from a new plant scattered across the map. Killers use them to create Cankerous Hooks, while either survivors or killers can use vials to get a special currency called Putrid Serum to unlock cosmetic pieces.


The game will also be on sale across all platforms this coming week in celebration of Halloween, so if you haven't picked it up yet, now is the time!



  • Event: Unknown / Darkness Rises Season
  • \n

All of Fortnite's Season 6 is essentially a spooky October event, as the Darkness Rises skins all revolve around Halloween costumes.


With the game currently consumed by the new Alpha Tournament, it isn't clear when or if there will be a major actual Halloween event officially starting.


Traditionally we get some pumpkin-themed weapons for both Save The World mode and Battle Royale, but for now we'll just have to wait and see what happens next week.


Pocket Mortys

  • Event: Halloween Starter Pack
  • \n

The gotta catch'em all mobile phenomena Pocket Mortys has always featured a host of scary Mortys, from the tentacled Cronenburg Morty to the ethereal Ghost Morty.


The Halloween event just went live, which throws the new creepy Pale Morty into the wild, and also includes a new starter pack offer with a ghostly Rick skin.



  • Event: Free Halloween Pack
  • \n

Hitman 2 is due to arrive next month, but for those still playing the previous reboot of this beloved assassination franchise, you too can get in on the spooky shenanigans.


The Halloween Event Pack takes you to a series of creepy featured contracts in Colorado. Best of all? This one's totally free for PS4, Xbox One, and PC players starting today!



  • Event: Monster Skin
  • \n

Everybody's favorite time wasting iOS game Hole.io is of course jumping in on the spooky fun with a few slight tweaks to the map and a new skin.


If you manage to swallow 50 ghosts that randomly spawn across the city in normal matches, you'll unlock the fancy new sea monster skin! Be on the lookout for pumpkins on the street as well, which act as easy early-game items to swallow for a size bump.


World Of Tanks Blitz

  • Event: Mad Games
  • \n

Ready for a whole new territory in a raging sandstorm, new tanks, and some crazy new modifications? You get all that with World Of Tanks Blitz October event.


Players now have access to the Gravedigger and Scavenger tanks, as well as the game-changing armor regen modification and chameleon concealment. The special modification battles will remain available until November 12th.



  • Event: Halloween Terror 2018
  • \n

Every year Overwatch players eagerly anticipate the Halloween Terror event, and it has officially kicked off again in 2018, running through the 31st. This year, Brigitte and Tracer have been added to the Junkenstein’s Revenge mode.


Besides an absolute avalanche of scary skins landing on the player base, we also get the all new PvE Endless Night mode, where players try to survive wave after wave of enemies.


Killing Floor 2 

  • Events: Monster Masquerade, Road Redemption Crossover
  • \n

As if Killing Floor 2 wasn't scary enough already, the Monster Masquerade event is ramping up the creature feature effects.


This more tongue-in-cheek event offers up the Monster Ball map, new Halloween-themed skins for characters and zeds, and several new weapons to earn. If you've been away from Killing Floor 2 for awhile, jump back right now and join the party to die for!


Furthermore, there's a crossover event coming between KF2 and Road Redemption, where players who own both games on Steam will get special in-game items.


Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians 

  • Events: Dark Glyph, Weekly Assignment
  • \n

The main Halloween event for MMEG is Trick Or Dark Glyph, which gives you immediate access to a random new dark glyph when you summon 150 creatures of 2 stars or higher.


The fastest way to farm that many 2 stars is to get epic fragments in the arena on Silver or higher, or to complete achievements in the Shattered Islands for seals and just buy epic stones directly with the discounted 3 or 9 stone packs.


Next up, the weekly assignment running through Sunday the 28th is Halloween themed and tasks you with destroying skeleton warriors. The most efficient place to farm these creatures in Tower Of Trials stage 12, where you can get 6 at a time for only 5 energy.


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4

  • Event: Seasonal Gear and Halloween Calling
  • \n

Scary seasonal gear is available to earn across all modes of the freshly released Black Ops 4 in celebration of Halloween, but that's just the start.


Zombie mode also now has the Halloween Calling, with exclusive rewards to earn through new challenges while mowing down the undead. Head over to the Zombie mode barracks to get full details.


Note that the event started and ends 7 days early for PS4 players. That means all platforms get the same amount of time to earn rewards, but PS4 players get first crack at it (and their time will end on October 27).


For my family, October is all about the frights. It's nothing but Outlast, Call Of Cthulhu, Costume Quest for the little one, and a horde of horror flicks. When we're done binge-watching the latest Netflix horror series, it's time to dim the lights, pull out the controllers, and start screaming.


You don't have to love scary games to get into the Halloween action though, as MMORPGs, freemium mobile games, and AAA shooters are all kicking off special spooky events.


Here we've rounded up 11 of the most anticipated Halloween events currently going (or coming soon) this year to add a creepy vibe to your favorite games!

Might & Magic Elemental Guardians Ultimate Farming Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/njszs/might-magic-elemental-guardians-ultimate-farming-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/njszs/might-magic-elemental-guardians-ultimate-farming-guide Thu, 19 Jul 2018 14:24:29 -0400 Ty Arthur

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians is all about the gacha grind as you farm locations for better glyphs, more seals to spend, extra crystals and potions for upgrades, and books to evolve your team.

With a limited supply of energy on hand (for those who aren't spending real world money), farming efficiently is absolutely critical if you don't want to waste your time.

Below we cover everything you need to know to farm Elemental Guardians areas and get the most rewards for the least amount of effort.

Elemental Guardians Region Farming

To get the most out of region farming, you want to earn achievements for completing X number of stages in a region with a team composed of 3, 2, or even just 1 creature, rather than a full team of 4. At the same time, combine these with stages that have specific enemies for the kill X number of creatures achievements to earn double the rewards.

While you should build up a core group of 4 creatures to unlock the advanced and nightmare stages of each region, your focus should be on 1 ~ 3 creatures that can solo any given stage to farm achievements.

Which creature you pick will depend on the random nature of summons, but these are all solid options for solo farming contenders (either due to powerful debuff abilities, self-shielding, ability to attack repeatedly, etc.):

  • Air Stone Guard
  • Water Stone Guard
  • Water Daimyo
  • Angel Zealot
  • Earth Ninja
  • Wind Ebon Knight
  • Fire Deva
  • Earth Treant
  • Water Treant
  • Water Raksasha
  • Air Succubus
  • Fire Succubus
  • Water Ghost
  • Earth Ghost
  • Earth Minotaur

If you are looking for heal buffing creatures or creatures that can mitigate damage, there are to places in particular to play. The Air Mini Golem is farmable in Sunken City advanced stages, while the Water Arcane Bird is farmable in the Mystic Forest advanced stages. Their drop rates are low, but by farming these areas you are guaranteed to eventually get them.

Without question, the single most efficient stage to farm is Sunken City stage 6 on normal, as it gets you 4 Masaru Monks, 1 Evolved Monk, 4 Ninjas, and 1 Samurai all in one battle for only 5 energy. 

 This stage offers most bang for buck when farming achievements

By completing the achievements for those creatures, you will earn more seals, shards, and summons than in any other stage. Wasteland stage 6 on normal also offers a ton of ghosts and spectres all at once for those creature killing achievements, although the Wasteland is difficult to complete solo.

If you want to farm other creature / stage achievements, use the following table to find the most efficient paths:

Creature Location Number Appearing
Arcane Bird   Floating Islands Normal Stage 6  1
Arcane Eagle  Floating Islands Nightmare Stage 2  1
Simurgh  Floating Islands Nightmare Stage 3  2
Goblin Hunter  Wastelands Normal Stage 1  6
Goblin Trickster  Colossus Desert Normal Stage 6  3
Crossbowman Gnoll  Fire Maze Nightmare Stage 4  4
Gnoll Mages  Fire Maze Normal Stage 4  3
 Lizardman Archer   Sunken City Normal Stage 1  4
Lizardman Shaman   Floating Islands Nightmare Stage 4  3
Lizardman Warrior   Volcano Nightmare Stage 1  4
 Lizardman Warrior  Sunken City Advanced Stage 4  4
 Elemental  Fire Maze Normal Stage 2  5
 Evolved Elemental   Sunken City Nightmare Stage 2   5
 Djinn  Colossus Desert Advanced Stage 3  3
Evolved Djinn   Colossus Desert Nightmare Stage 4  4
Harpy  Floating Islands Normal Stage 6  3
 Furies  Floating Island Nightmare Stage 7  2
 Dragonflies  Ice Caves Nightmare Stage 7  2
 Serpentflies  Ice Caves Nightmare Stage 1  3
 Snakeflies  Ice Caves Normal Stage 4  2
Minotaurs  Ice Caves Advanced Stage 5  3
 Evolved Minotaurs  Ice Caves Nightmare Stage 6  4
 Young Griffins  Volcano Normal Stage 2  2
 Griffins  Volcano Nightmare Stage 3  3
 Evolved Griffins  Volcano Nightmare Stage 6  2
 Spirit Cubs  Mystic Forest Advanced Stage 1  2
 Spirit Foxes  Mystic Forest Nightmare Stage 3  3
 Kitsunes  Mystic Forest Nightmare Stage 6  2
 Centaurs  Mystic Forest Advanced Stage 3  3
 Evolved Centaurs  Mystic Forest Nightmare Stage 7  2
 Ninja  Sunken City Normal Stage 6  4
Samurai   Sunken City Normal Stage 7   2
 Evolved Samurai  Sunken City Advanced Stage 7  2
 Masaru Monks  Sunken City Normal Stage 6  4
 Unicorn Foals World Tree Mountain Advanced Stage 2  3
 Unicorns World Tree Mountain Normal Stage 5  4
Evolved Unicorns  World Tree Mountain Nightmare Stage 7  3
 Shieldguards Fire Maze Normal Stage 3  4
 Rune Sentinels Fire Maze Normal Stage 2  2
 Ghosts Wasteland Advanced Stage 3  6
 Stalkers Wasteland Normal Stage 6  6
 Spectres Wasteland Normal Stage 6  6
 Soulless Striders Wasteland Normal Stage 3  4
 Skeleton Warrior Wasteland Normal Stage 2  2
 Skeleton Mage Wasteland Normal Stage 3  2
 Wolf Cub Mystic Forest Normal Stage 1  3
Wolf    Mystic Forest Normal Stage 4  4
Silverback  Mystic Forest Advanced Stage 6  4


Elemental Guardians Book Farming

Getting a steady supply of books from the Elemental Towers or Tower Of Houses areas in the Dragonmists Isles is critical to evolving your creatures to their next level and then upgrading their skills so you can have an edge in PvP.

Fire Tower and Water Tower are often the easiest to farm because their end bosses don't use as many special abilities that drag the fights on longer. You don't usually need a specialized team or specific glyph combos to farm these areas.

On the other end, you absolutely need heal blockers (such as Water Felicore or Wind Gargoyle Whelp) for Earth Tower in order to overcome the dragon's constant self-healing. High resistance creatures or creatures with full immunity glyph sets are more useful for Air Tower to avoid the constant negative status effects in later stages.

The skill book drop rate starts at a measly 1% at stage 3 of the Towers, meaning you will get a book about 1 out of every 100 battles, which isn't helpful at all considering the energy cost to farm these areas. The drop rate then increases to:

  • 2% at stage 5
  • 3% at stage 7
  • 5% at stage 9
  • 6% at stage 10

In other words, there's no point in farming the 4, 6, or 8 stages of the Elemental Towers, since they are harder then previous stages without offering any increase in the chance to get a book for upgrading skills and evolving creatures.

When you run out of energy and need to head to the Arena, there's more opportunity for book farming if you play carefully. Getting 25 consecutive Arena wins results in an immediate 3 skill book bonus, which essentially means you automatically get to evolve your best creature.

25 wins with no losses in between sounds like a next to impossible proposition, unless you game the system. To get this achievement, make constant use of the ability to switch to the next player until you find someone with an extremely weak defense.

Be on the lookout for someone with all 3 star or low level 4 star creatures, or even someone who has recently ranked up their creatures and only has 1 creature positioned in their defense. If you are picky and use some seals to refresh the player list after rotating through 5 options, getting to 25 Arena wins doesn't take too long.

 By spending seals and seeking out weak players, you can get to 25 wins easily

More Elemental Guardians Tips & Guides

Looking to master every element of this gacha game and dominate in PvP or help out your guild with active quest completion? Check out our Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians guides here:

Might And Magic: Elemental Guardians Rerolling Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/ghixq/might-and-magic-elemental-guardians-rerolling-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/ghixq/might-and-magic-elemental-guardians-rerolling-guide Tue, 17 Jul 2018 14:45:05 -0400 Ty Arthur

Whenever there's a randomized summoning element in a mobile gacha game, there will inevitably be a temptation to "reroll" by deleting game data in hopes of getting a better starting unit.

With more than 200 creatures available at launch, your success in Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians can vary wildly depending on which creatures you summon in the early game.

In this guide, we'll go over how to reroll, as well as what to look out for when rerolling. 

A Warning About Rerolling in Elemental Guardians

While Might & Magic Elemental Guardians shares a whole lot in common with any other gacha game, there is a key difference in the summoning drop rate to be aware of. You get new summons constantly, and the game revolves heavily around destroying old creatures to power up new ones.

Frankly, there's really no point in rerolling in most circumstances because you will have a constant deluge of new creatures arriving in your roster as you play. The time it takes to reroll would be much better spent just playing the game and getting new summons as you will eventually get the creature you want anyway.

Unlike many other gacha titles, those lowly nat 2 creatures can easily be ranked up and evolved to be perfectly viable combatants in any region -- and even in several tiers of PvP.

The achievements in each region -- like winning battles with two creatures, destroying specific numbers of enemy types, and so on -- usually grant you free summon crystals to get new creatures. You also get multiple free summons a day without having to do anything.

Just simply using energy and completing achievements will get you better creatures than taking the time to uninstall or use an emulator to reroll. 

However, for those of you who are used to automatically rerolling any gacha game, here's what you need to know.

How To Reroll in Elemental Guardians

You always get the same creature in the first two summons no matter what, so there's no point in trying to reroll the game's early creatures. After that point, however, the summons become randomized, so that's where you may want to reroll if you keep only receiving nat 2 creatures with poor stats.

First up, do not link your Google Play or Apple account to the game unless you are using the multiple device method (method 2) listed below! At that point, even fully deleting all data won't let you start over.

Method 1

After getting the third summon in Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians, close the app entirely and then uninstall. Next, access the internal storage on your device and navigate to the folder labeled com.ubisoft.runeguard (on Android, this is typically found in Internal Storage -> Android -> Data) and delete that folder entirely.

Now, look for a second folder with the same name -- com.ubisoft.runeguard -- in another location and delete it as well (on Android, the second folder is usually found in Internal Storage -> Android -> Obb).

If your device has a removable SD card, additional game data may be saved there as well, so navigate to the SD card folder (rather than the main internal storage folder) and delete every instance of com.ubisoft.runeguard there as well.

If your mobile OS has a folder search function, just search "ubisoft" and it should pull up all three folders at once rather than searching them all down one by one.

A screenshot showing where to delete the mobile data for Might & Magic Elemental Guardians Deleting the Might & Magic Elemental Guardians mobile data

Method 2

A second method also exists if you have multiple devices and don't mind starting over repeatedly. Download Elemental Guardians on each device and then link the game to your Google Play or Apple account.

After the third summon, switch over to a secondary device and load the game. Even if you linked your account, you will be prompted to start the main story from the beginning due to playing on a new device.

From that point forward, you will be prompted to choose which version of the game you want to keep whenever you log in, so you can go with the one that got the better summon. You will lose all progress on the version of the game you don't keep, however, so this is only helpful if you are just getting started and happen to have a couple of tablets or phones on hand.


What was your best starting pull and did you manage to get a killer nat 4 without rerolling? Let us know your best summon in the comments below, and be sure to check out our other Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians guides here:

The Most Powerful Glyph Combo In Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians https://www.gameskinny.com/pku6n/the-most-powerful-glyph-combo-in-might-magic-elemental-guardians https://www.gameskinny.com/pku6n/the-most-powerful-glyph-combo-in-might-magic-elemental-guardians Tue, 17 Jul 2018 15:11:33 -0400 Ty Arthur

With a huge array of creatures available in Might & Magic: Elemental Guardiansthere is a staggering number of possible strategies for region grinding and PvP.

While having a viable team combo is critical to winning in the arena, glyph sets are how one player sets their creatures apart from any others.

Wondering what the absolute best Elemental Guardians glyphs you should be using? Let's dive into understanding how glyph sets work and picking the one best stat to increase! 

Elemental Guardians Glyph Basics

While you will get plenty of glyphs just by playing through the storyline's Shattered Island areas, you'll need to farm the the Glyph Dungeon in the Dragonmist Isles if you really want to improve your 4- and 5-star creatures for viable PvP fodder. 

Proper glyph placement is often more important than rank, level, or even evolution. Why? Because it's often a better indicator of how well a creature will perform. If two parties with the best creatures of equal level are facing off, the team with the better glyphs will win.

Over time, you will need to change glyphs as you acquire new ones. Removing common glyphs only costs 1,500 crystals, but epic glyphs get extremely expensive, with some commanding 25,000 a pop! 

Free glyph removal usually comes around once a month as a special event, so hold off on changing your glyph sets until this event shows up -- unless you have a huge surplus of crystals at your disposal.

In some cases, common glyphs are actually better than rarer ones. While they will have fewer sub-stat bonuses, their upgrade costs are far, far cheaper, so you will end up with better stats more quickly while spending fewer crystals.

A  Glyph removal gets pricey when using rarer glyphs

How to Choose Glyphs

The main question when assign glyphs is often, "Which glyph do I choose?".  Choosing between a glyph that grants a percentage boost or flat boost isn't always clear cut. The answer is that it depends entirely on the creature.

With the nat 2 star creatures you start summoning early on, the flat boost is almost always going to better. Later, when you summon nat 4 creatures and evolve them (or upgrade creatures manually to 5 stars), the percentage glyhps end up far, far outclassing the flat boosts.

The best glyphs to utilize can vary depending on what region you are currently farming. The final wave dragon bosses in the Air Elemental Tower, for instance, tend to use negative status effects, so piling on Resistance-focused glyphs can help you survive while farming air evolution materials.

Some creatures have special attacks that gain bonuses to damage based on specific stats, like defense or total max health. In those cases, a six-glyph set based on one of those stats can be the best way to go for maximum damage output.

Those specific instances aside, there is one particular glyph combo that is far and away the best way to upgrade your creatures. It helps you dominate in the PvP arena and gives yourself an edge in any region, from the Shattered Islands to the Dragonmist areas -- and even the limited-time secret dungeons.

Best Elemental Guardians Glyph Set

To be viable as a core team that can compete, your creature stats should be around 1k+ for defense, 1.2k+ for attack, and 10k+ for HP. However, those stats should occur naturally through leveling up and evolving. 

While it would seem like the HP and/or attack stats would be the ones to bump up through glyphs, there is no question that speed is the best stat in the game. Speed affects how quickly a creature's turn-bar fills. With higher speed, you not only attack first but use turns more quickly and refresh your ability cool downs faster.

If you go first, you can get the win by using skills that prevent the other team from functioning properly. Whether you have creatures that block healing, prevent buffs, paralyze, poison, or blind, you want your creatures going first to neutralize the opponent's team build.

Speed is also a massive boon for any creature that has a percentage chance to take more than one turn in a row, like the earth ninja. While there are more powerful creatures out there with better abilities, you can turn the tide by attacking three times in a row with high speed.

 Increasing speed is the way to get PvP wins once you have a killer team build

Picking Speed Bonus Glyphs

A creature gets a +10 bonus to speed when you group together three -- and then eventually six -- haste-type glyphs. This isn't the only way to get a speed boost with a glyph combo, however.

This issue is a common misunderstanding with new players -- the glyph type controls what bonus you get for having multiples of the same type. But any type of glyph can potentially have bonuses to any of the stats. 

For instance, if you have a tank creature with huge HP reserves, vitality glyphs are the way to go. But be sure to pick individual vitality glyphs that give speed bonuses. You get the best of both worlds this way, gaining a speed boost from the individual glyph and then a 20% bonus to health on top by using multiple vitality glyphs.

Going full speed on all glyphs leaves you weak in other areas, however, so your best glyph combo should look like this: speed/speed/speed/defense/hp/hp.


What do you think is the best glyph combo to use in Might & Magic, and what team build are you utilizing for PvP wins? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to check out our Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians guides here:


Might And Magic Eagles Guide -- Evolving Arcane Eagles In Elemental Guardians https://www.gameskinny.com/9d69i/might-and-magic-eagles-guide-evolving-arcane-eagles-in-elemental-guardians https://www.gameskinny.com/9d69i/might-and-magic-eagles-guide-evolving-arcane-eagles-in-elemental-guardians Fri, 29 Jun 2018 17:11:59 -0400 Ty Arthur

Hundreds of creatures are available to summon in Might & Magic: Elemental Guardiansallowing for myriad teams for arena PvP battles or resource grinding in the towers.

One of the most sought-after are the magic-focused eagles crafted by the wizard factions. Arcane Eagles have been a staple of the Might & Magic series for years, so of course, they make an appearance in the mobile gatcha' entry Elemental Guardians.

This time around, there are four elemental versions with varying skill load outs, and each of those four types can evolve between three varieties from bird to eagle to Simurgh.

Arcane Eagles Evolution List

All four versions of the Eagles have the Saboteur type but vary considerably in their nat star rating and special abilities. These abilities are important not just for how your team will stack up on the elements, but also in how you will craft your battle strategy.

To evolve from Arcane Bird to the Arcane Eagle form and eventually to Simurgh form, you need evolution materials of the appropriate elemental type (such as glacial material for the ice version), a number of skill books equal to the creature's nat star ranking, and 10,000 crystals.

When hitting the second two evolutions, you will get a random upgrade on the Eagle's basic attack that adds a new effect. Unfortunately, you can't manually pick this upgrade. But of the options available, the self-healing effect tends to be the best evolution available.

Fire Eagle


  • Order Bolt -- Basic attack against an enemy.

  • Crescent Burst -- Increases attack of all allies for 1 turn, and refills their turn bars by 25%. Reusable in 3 turns.

  • Elemental Reinforcement -- Attacks all enemies, inflicting moderate damage; grants elemental advantage to all allies for 2 turns and poisons all enemies for 2 turns. Reusable in 5 turns.

Elemental Reinforcement is an ability that can radically change the flow of combat, especially if you are planning ahead on your elemental match ups against the enemies in the Tower Of Houses or PvP. That alone makes the fire Arcane Eagle one of the better options for arena battles, so if you have a choice, focus on evolving the fire version over the others.

The fire version's base stats are also incredible on health and resistance fronts, making it one of the best all-around options for creatures.

Arcane Bird Base Stats:

  • HP: 2459
  • Attack: 385
  • Defense: 237
  • Speed: 72
  • Crit Chance: 20%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy: 20%
  • Resistance: 20%

Arcane Eagle Base Stats:

  • HP: 2663
  • Attack: 418
  • Defense: 257
  • Speed: 72
  • Crit Chance: 20%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy: 20%
  • Resistance: 20%

Flaming Simurgh Base Stats:

  • HP: 2969
  • Attack: 468
  • Defense: 287
  • Speed: 72
  • Crit Chance: 20%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy: 20%
  • Resistance: 45%

Arcane Fire Eagle in Might and Magic Elemental Guardians Arcane Eagle: Fire

Water Eagle


  • Order Bolt -- Basic attack against an enemy.

  • Crescent Burst -- Decreases attack of all enemies for 1 turn, 70% chance of lowering their turn bar by 20%. Reusable in 4 turns.

  • Mass Stone Skin -- Attacks all enemies and shelter all allies from 40% incoming damage for 2 turns. 75% chance of decreasing their speed for 2 turns. Reusable in 5 turns.

Although it doesn't match the flaming Eagle's base stats, the water Eagle is still a killer addition to a team, and Mass Stone Skin is a good all-around skill that has a lot of usefulness in any combat situation.

Arcane Bird Base Stats:

  • HP: 1561
  • Attack: 168
  • Defense: 120
  • Speed: 73
  • Crit Chance: 20%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy: 20%
  • Resistance: 20%

Arcane Eagle Base Stats:

  • HP: 1765
  • Attack: 202 
  • Defense: 140
  • Speed: 73
  • Crit Chance: 20%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy: 20%
  • Resistance: 20%

Frost Simurgh Base Stats:

  • HP: 2071
  • Attack: 252
  • Defense: 170
  • Speed: 80
  • Crit Chance: 20%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy: 20%
  • Resistance: 20%

A water eagle floats above a pedestal in M&M  Arcane Eagle: Water

Air Eagle


  • Order Bolt -- Basic attack against an enemy.

  • Thunderstorm -- Inflicts great damage and mutes enemy special abilities for 1 turn. Reusable in 3 turns.

  • Winded Curse -- Attacks all enemies, 35% chance of putting them to sleep for 2 turns. Reusable in 5 turns.

The air version has noticeably lower stats than either fire or water, making this a much less attractive option when you get a random summon. The Thunderstorm ability can still be helpful, however, especially if you have an enemy creature constantly vexing you with a debuffing or paralyzing ability.

Arcane Bird Base Stats:

  • HP: 1390
  • Attack: 266
  • Defense: 70
  • Speed: 77
  • Crit Chance: 25%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy: 25%
  • Resistance: 10%

Arcane Eagle Base Stats:

  • HP: 1594
  • Attack: 299
  • Defense: 90
  • Speed: 77
  • Crit Chance: 25%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy: 25%
  • Resistance: 10%

Storm Simurgh Base Stats:

  • HP: 1900
  • Attack: 349
  • Defense: 120
  • Speed: 77
  • Crit Chance: 25%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy: 50%
  • Resistance: 10%

An Air arcane eagles flies above a pedestal in the creature detail screen Arcane Eagle: Water

Earth Eagle


  • Order Bolt -- Basic attack against an enemy.

  • Arcane Block -- Attack an enemy; prevents them from receiving healing effects for 2 turns, and 40% chance of putting them to sleep for 2 turns. Reusable in 4 turns.

  • Sand Gale -- Attacks an enemy with an attack increase based on own defense; fully increases the remaining waiting turns on their skills on cooldown. Reusable in 5 turns.

The Earth version of Arcane Eagle is easily the least useful of the four elements in all categories: PvP, Tower Of Trials/Elemental Towers, and glyph grinding.

The stats are slightly worse than the air version, and the abilities are only helpful in specific situations. Sand Gale's secondary ability only helps if the enemies are already on cooldown and don't have an ability coming up ready to use this turn. That means more micro-managing so the ability isn't used needlessly on auto battle.

There is one specific area where the Earth Simurgh excels though -- heal blocking. If you have a boss with auto-healing that you can't overcome, such as the dragons in the Earth Tower boss wave, then this bird can actually be worth leveling up to use in that particular instance.

Arcane Bird Base Stats:

  • HP: 1397
  • Attack: 261
  • Defense: 72
  • Speed: 77
  • Crit Chance: 25%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy: 25%
  • Resistance: 10%

Arcane Eagle Base Stats:

  • HP: 1595
  • Attack: 294
  • Defense: 92
  • Speed: 77
  • Crit Chance: 25%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy:  25%
  • Resistance: 10%

Earth: Simurgh Base Stats:

  • HP: 1901
  • Attack: 344
  • Defense: 122
  • Speed: 77
  • Crit Chance: 25%
  • Crit Damage: 150%
  • Accuracy:  50%
  • Resistance: 10%

The useless earth eagle flies with green wings Arcane Eagle: Earth

Have you managed to pull a fire Arcane Bird yet and evolve it all the way up to Simurgh? Let us know in the comments below!

If you still need more help with this addictive mobile game, check out our full Elemental Guardians tier list or find our complete archive of Might & Magic guides over here.

Might and Magic: Elemental Guardians Creature Tier List https://www.gameskinny.com/wh0sc/might-and-magic-elemental-guardians-creature-tier-list https://www.gameskinny.com/wh0sc/might-and-magic-elemental-guardians-creature-tier-list Tue, 05 Jun 2018 16:10:38 -0400 Ty Arthur

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians offers up a whole new way to experience the franchise as a freemium brawler that will have you collecting hundreds of monsters in your menagerie.

With so many options, the question becomes which one is the best, and how do they rank against each other? Because each creature can evolve in various ways, level up, increase skills, increase rank, and so on, it isn't always possible to have a straightforward hierarchy of "creature A is unquestionably better than creature B."

Obviously, higher-star creatures tend to be better than lower-star ones, but due to the unique abilities each creature has and the ability to evolve in different directions, some are much better at glyph farming, while others can dominate in PvP or the Tower of Trials, which is where the tier ranking comes in.

If you want to know which creatures to use where -- and how to upgrade them -- then read on for a full breakdown of every single creature currently available in the game.

Elemental Guardians Tier List

This tier list is arranged by class type in order of attacker, defender, saboteur, and support. Within those classes, each creature is ranked by usefulness in each area of the game, from S tier -- meaning it's completely indispensable and essentially the best at that category -- down to A, B, and finally C tier -- meaning it's mostly garbage at that category.

Note that the Region Farming column is averaged. Some creatures, for instance, will be slightly better or worse at the Benefit/Wrath/Strength sections of the Glyph Dungeon, but overall will fit within that tier ranking whether you are hitting the Glyph Dungeon or farming areas of the Elemental Towers. 

The final column includes a suggested best evolution when upgrading that creature to ensure it lives up to its full potential, whether in the Tower of Trials, region farming in normal battles, or fighting in the PvP Arena mode.

Creature Role Tower of Trials Region Farming PVP Best Evolution
 Young Griffin 
Griffin /
Blazing Griffin
  Attacker  C  B  C Drain enemy health
 Young Griffin 
Griffin / Winter Griffin
  Attacker  C  C  C Drain enemy  health
 Young Griffin 
Griffin / Storm Griffin
  Attacker  C  C  C Drain enemy health
 Young Griffin 
Griffin / Mountain Griffin
  Attacker  C  C  C Drain enemy health
Serpently / Fire Dragonfly
  Attacker  B  C  B Remove helpful effect
Serpently / Icy Dragonfly
  Attacker  B  C Remove helpful effect
Serpently / Thunder Dragonfly
  Attacker  B  C  B Remove helpful effect
Serpently / Mountain Dragonfly
  Attacker  B  C Remove helpful effect
 Deva / Flaming Asura   Attacker  S  A  B Mute enemy ability
 Deva / Winter Asura   Attacker  A  A  A Mute enemy ability
 Blackfang Rogue / Blazing Assassin   Attacker  A  B  B Poison enemy
  Blackfang Rogue / Mountain Assassin   Attacker   B   B  B Poison enemy
 Wolf Cub
Wolf / Icy Silverback
  Attacker  B  B  B Drain enemy health
Daimyo / Flaming Shogun   Attacker  C  B  B Recover turn after attack
Daimyo / Silver Shogun   Attacker  A  A  S Recover turn after attack
 Daimyo / Adamant Shogun   Attacker  S  A  S Recover turn after attack
  Raksasha / Blazing Rakshasha Raja   Attacker  B  B  B Decrease speed, increase damage
Raksasha / Freezing Rakshasha Raja   Attacker  A  B  A Decrease speed, increase damage
Raksasha / Storm Rakshasha Raja   Attacker  A  B  A Decrease speed, increase damage
Raksasha / Mountain Rakshasha Raja   Attacker  A  B  B Decrease speed, increase damage
   Kabuki Ninja / Blazing Ninja   Attacker  C  C  Sleep effect
Kabuki Ninja / Mountain Ninja    Attacker   C  C   Sleep effect
  Bunruku Samurai / Flaming Samurai    Attacker  B  B  A   Stun effect
 Bunruku Samurai / Freezing Samurai    Attacker  B  B  B  Stun effect
 Bunruku Samurai / Thunder Samurai    Attacker  A  B  S Increase damage
 Bunruku Samurai / Adamant Samurai     Attacker  B  B  B Increase damage
   Succubus / Blazing Lilim   Attacker  B  B  A Increase attack based on speed
 Succubus / Ice Lilim   Attacker  B  B  B Increase damage
 Succubus / Tempest Lilim   Attacker  A  B  B  Increase damage
 Succubus / Mountain Lilim   Attacker  C  B  C Increase attack based on speed
Lava Dragon / Ruby Dragon       Attacker  B  B  B Increase attack based on speed
  Basilisk / Flaming Basilisk    Attacker  B  B  B Increase attack based on speed
 Basilisk / Freezing Basilisk    Attacker  S  S  C Increase speed
 Basilisk / Lightning Basilisk    Attacker  S  A  B Increase speed
 Basilisk / Hulking Basilisk    Attacker  B  C  Increase speed
Giant / Lava Einherjer    Attacker  C  B  B Decrease attack / stun
Giant / Winter Einherjer     Attacker  B  B  C Stun effect
 Witch / Winter Sorceress   Attacker  B  B  B Poison enemy
 Witch / Storm Sorceress    Attacker  B  B  C Poison enemy
 Blade Dancer / Blizzard Dancer   Attacker  B  A  B Stun effect
  Blade Dancer / Storm Dancer   Attacker  B  A  C Stun effect
 Imp / Breeze Familiar   Attacker  B  B  C Chance to lower max HP
 Imp / Forest Familiar   Attacker  C  C  C Chance to lower max HP
Thunder Crusher / Alabaster Dragon    Attacker  B  A  S Remove beneficial effects
Centaur / Mountain Centaur    Attacker  C  B  C Stun effect
 Rune Sentinel 
Rune Guardian / Fire Warden
 Defender  B  C  C Chance to recover turn
 Rune Sentinel 
Rune Guardian / Earth Warden 
 Defender  C  B  C Chance to recover turn
  Rune Sentinel 
Rune Guardian / Icy Warden
 Defender  C  C  C Chance to recover turn
  Rune Sentinel 
Rune Guardian / Tempest Warden
 Defender  C  C  C Chance to recover turn
 Shieldguard / Volcanic Guard  Defender  C  C  C Increased attack
 Shieldguard / Winter Guard  Defender  B  B  C Increased attack
 Shieldguard / Tempest Guard  Defender  C  C  C Increased attack
 Shieldguard / Mountain Guard  Defender  C  C  C Increased attack
 Stoneguard / Fire Knight  Defender  C  C  C Taunt enemy
Stoneguard / Ice Knight   Defender  B  B  B Taunt enemy
Stoneguard / Silver Knight   Defender  C  C  C Taunt enemy
 Stoneguard / Iron Knight  Defender  B  C  C Taunt enemy
 Mini Golem
Golem / Lava Golem
 Defender  B  B A Increase attack based on health
 Mini Golem
Golem / Frost Golem
 Defender  B  B  B Increase attack based on health
 Mini Golem
Golem / Tempest Golem
 Defender  B  B  C Increase attack based on health
 Mini Golem
Golem / Stone Golem
 Defender  C  C  C Increase attack based on health
Treant / Ember Treant   Defender  A  A  B Poison enemy
Treant / Winter Treant    Defender  A  A  B Poison enemy
 Treant / Forest Treant   Defender  B  B  B Poison enemy
 Masaru Monk / Flaming Masaru  Defender  B  B  B Blind effect
  Masaru Monk / Freezing Masaru  Defender  A  A Blind effect
  Masaru Monk / Ethereal Masaru  Defender  B  A  B Blind effect
  Masaru Monk / Forest Masaru  Defender  B  A  C Blind effect
 Minotaur / Volcanic Minotaur  Defender  B  B  B Poison enemy
  Minotaur / Ice Cave Minotaur  Defender  B  B  A  Poison enemy
 Minotaur / Storm Minotaur   Defender  C  B  B Poison enemy
  Minotaur / Mountain Minotaur  Defender  C  C  C Poison enemy
 Crusader / Ardent Paladin  Defender  B  B  B Stun effect
 Crusader / Serene Paladin  Defender  B  B  B Stun effect
 Crusader / Adamant Paladin  Defender  C  C  C Stun effect
 Juggernaut / Burning Ravager  Defender  C  C  B Counter-attack
Juggernaut / Frost Ravager   Defender  B  B  A Counter-attack
 Juggernaut / Storm Ravager  Defender  B  B  A Counter-attack
 Juggernaut / Rocky Ravager  Defender  C  C  B Counter-attack
 Cyclops / Burning Cyclops  Defender  C  C  C Damage shelter
  Cyclops / Oceanic Cyclops  Defender  B  B  C  Damage shelter
  Cyclops / Thunder Cyclops  Defender  B  B  B Damage shelter
  Cyclops / Forest Cyclops  Defender  A  A  C Damage shelter
 Mauler / Fire Crusher  Defender  B  B  B Increase critical chance
 Mauler / Ice Crusher   Defender  B  B  B Increase defense
  Mauler / Thunder Crusher  Defender  B  B  B Increase defense
  Mauler / Forest Crusher  Defender  C  C  B Increase defense
 Colossus / Fire Titan  Defender  B  A  S Prevent beneficial effects
  Colossus / Frost Titan  Defender  A  S  B Prevent beneficial effects
  Colossus / Storm Titan  Defender  B  A  B Prevent beneficial effects
  Colossus / Adamant Titan  Defender  B  A  B Prevent beneficial effects
 Ebon Knight / Fiery Death Knight  Defender  B  B  C Taunt enemy
 Ebon Knight / Freezing Death Knight   Defender  C  C  B Stun effect
  Ebon Knight / Lightning Death Knight  Defender  A  A Stun effect
  Ebon Knight / Granite Death Knight  Defender  A  A  B Stun effect
Sphinx Kitten
Sphinx / Lightning Sphinx 
 Defender  C  C  C Decrease enemy defense
 Vampire Knight / Ethereal Lord  Defender  B  B  B Drain enemy health
 Angel Zealot / Exalted Justicar  Defender  B  B  A Confuse effect
 Mountain Dragon / Emerald Dragon  Defender  C  C  B Decrease enemy accuracy
Sprite / Blazing Queen
 Saboteur  B  B  B Prevent enemy healing
Sprite / Winter Queen
 Saboteur  C  C  C Prevent enemy healing
Sprite / Storm Queen
 Saboteur  C  B  B Prevent enemy healing
 Gargoyle Whelp
Gargoyle / Lava Gargoyle
 Saboteur  C Petrify enemy
  Gargoyle Whelp
Gargoyle / Icy Gargoyle
 Saboteur  B  B Petrify enemy
  Gargoyle Whelp
Gargoyle / Silver Gargoyle
 Saboteur  B  A  C Petrify enemy
  Gargoyle Whelp
Gargoyle / Stone Gargoyle
 Saboteur  B  B Petrify enemy
 Sphinx Kitten
Sphinx / Fire Sphinx
 Saboteur  B  B  B Decrease enemy defense
  Sphinx Kitten
Sphinx / Frost Sphinx
 Saboteur  C  B  B Decrease enemy defense
  Sphinx Kitten
Sphinx / Stone Sphinx
 Saboteur  C  C  B Decrease enemy defense
 Djinn / Flaming Djinn  Saboteur  B  B  C Decrease enemy resistance
  Djinn / Forest Djinn  Saboteur  B  B  C Decrease enemy resistance
 Ghost / Darkfire Spectre  Saboteur  B  B  B Poison enemy
  Ghost / Chilling Spectre  Saboteur  A  B  B Poison enemy
  Ghost / Howling Spectre  Saboteur  A  B  B Poison enemy
  Ghost / Crypt Spectre  Saboteur  B  B  C Poison enemy
 Harpy / Flame Fury  Saboteur  B  A B Decrease enemy attack
Harpy / Hail Fury   Saboteur  C  C Decrease enemy attack
 Imp / Flaming Familiar  Saboteur  B  B  B Reduce enemy's total health
  Imp / River Familiar  Saboteur  A  B  C Reduce enemy's total health
 Arcane Bird
Arcane Eagle / Flaming Simurgh
 Saboteur  A  A A Heal self
Arcane Bird
Arcane Eagle / Frost Simurgh 
 Saboteur  A  A  A Heal self
 Arcane Bird
Arcane Eagle / Storm Simurgh
 Saboteur  B  B  B Heal self
 Arcane Bird
Arcane Eagle / Earth Simurgh
 Saboteur  C  C  C Heal self
Manticore / Fire Scorpicore
 Saboteur  B  B  B Poison enemy
Manticore / Icy Scorpicore
 Saboteur  B A  B Poison enemy
Manticore / Lightning Scorpicore
 Saboteur  A  A  B Poison enemy
Manticore / Mountain Scorpicore
 Saboteur  A  S  B Poison enemy
 Witch / Fire Sorceress  Saboteur  B  B  A Poison enemy
 Witch / Earth Sorceress  Saboteur  C  C  C Poison enemy
 Blade Dancer / Flame Dancer  Saboteur  B  B  A Stun effect
  Blade Dancer / Vine Dancer  Saboteur  B  A  A Stun effect
 Vampire Knight / Darkfire Lord  Saboteur  B  A  S Confuse effect
Vampire Knight / Chilling Lord   Saboteur  A  A  A Confuse effect
Vampire Knight / Crypt Lord   Saboteur  A  A  A Drain health
 Goblin Shaman / Flaming Hexxer  Saboteur  A  A  S Remove beneficial effect
 Goblin Shaman / Forest Hexxer  Saboteur  A  S  S Remove beneficial effect
Necromancer Disciple / Fire Deathlord   Saboteur  B  B  A Lower turn bar
Necromancer Disciple / Ice Deathlord    Saboteur  C  C  B Mute enemy effects
 Necromancer Disciple / Thunder Deathlord   Saboteur  A  A  S Lower turn bar
 Necromancer Disciple / Venom Deathlord   Saboteur  A  S  A Lower turn bar
Faceless / Blazing Faceless   Saboteur  S  S  S Remove beneficial effect
Faceless / Winter Faceless    Saboteur  B  B  A Remove beneficial effect
 Kabuki Ninja / Freezing Ninja  Saboteur  C  C  C Increase damage based on speed
Kabuki Ninja / Thunder Ninja   Saboteur  B  B  B Sleep effect
 Ice Dragon / Sapphire Dragon  Saboteur  A  S  A Decrease speed
 Daimyo / Frost Shogun  Saboteur  A  A  A Get a second turn
 Soulless Marionette 
Soulless Strider / Thunder Stalker
 Saboteur  B  B  C Decrease enemy resistance
 Blackfang Rogue / Lightning Assassin  Saboteur  B  B Poison enemy
 Deva / Thunder Asura  Saboteur  A  S Mute enemy effects
 Deva / Earth Asura  Saboteur  B  B  A Mute enemy effects
 Lesser Elemental
Elemental / Forest Elemental
 Saboteur  C  C Increase beneficial effects
 Spirit Cub
Spirit Fox / Flaming Kitsune
 Support  B  B Shield self
 Spirit Cub
Spirit Fox / Icy Kitsune
 Support  A  S  B Shield self
 Spirit Cub
Spirit Fox / Storm Kitsune
 Support  B A  B Shield self
 Spirit Cub
Spirit Fox / Vital Kitsune
 Support  B  B  A Shield self
 Bright Fawn
Sun Deer / Flaming Patriarch
 Support  B  B  B Lower turn bar
 Bright Fawn
Sun Deer / Frost Patriarch 
 Support  C  C  C Lower turn bar
 Bright Fawn
Sun Deer / Ethereal Patriarch 
 Support  C  C  C Lower turn bar
 Bright Fawn
Sun Deer / Forest Patriarch 
 Support  B  B  C Lower turn bar
 Unicorn Foal
Unicorn / Flaming Unicorn
 Support  B  A  C Lower turn bar
 Unicorn Foal
Unicorn / Frost Unicorn
 Support  C  B  C Lower turn bar
 Unicorn Foal
Unicorn / Lightning Unicorn
 Support  A  A  B Lower turn bar
 Unicorn Foal
Unicorn / Forest Unicorn
 Support  B  B  C Lower turn bar
 Nymph / Flaming Muse  Support  A  A  A Decease enemy accuracy
 Nymph / Water Muse   Support  B  C  B Decease enemy accuracy
 Nymph / Thunder Muse   Support  C  C  C Decease enemy accuracy
  Nymph / Earth Muse  Support  B  B  C Decease enemy accuracy
 Holy Sister / Ardent Priestess  Support  A  A  B Mute enemy abilities
  Holy Sister / Serene Priestess  Support  S  S  A Mute enemy abilities
  Holy Sister / Exalted Priestess  Support  B  A Mute enemy abilities
  Holy Sister / Adamant Priestess  Support  B  A  C Mute enemy abilities
 Druid / Flaming Druid  Support  B  S  A Heal self
 Druid / Winter Druid  Support  B  B  B Increase speed
 Druid / Storm Druid  Support  A  A  C Increase speed
 Druid / Forest Druid  Support  B  B  C Increase speed
 Angel Mystic / Ardent Hierophant  Support  S  S  A Increase attack based on enemy health
 Angel Mystic / Serene Hierophant  Support  S  A  S Increase attack based on enemy health
 Angel Mystic / Exalted Hierophant  Support  S  S  S Increase attack based on enemy health
 Angel Mystic / Adamant Hierophant  Support  B  A  B Increase attack based on enemy health
 Angel Zealot / Ardent Justicar  Support  B  B  S Health shield
 Angel Zealot / Serene Justicar  Support  B  B  S Health shield
 Angel Zealot / Adamant Justicar  Support  S  S  S Health shield
 Goblin Shaman / Freezing Hexxer  Support  A  A  A Remove beneficial effect
 Goblin Shaman / Tempest Hexxer   Support  S  S  B Remove beneficial effect
 Harpy / Storm Fury  Support  C  B  C Decrease enemy attack
 Harpy / Mountain Fury  Support  C  C  B Decrease enemy attack
 Crusader / Exalted Paladin  Support  A  A  S Stun enemy
Faceless / Emerald Faceless   Support  A  A  B Remove beneficial effect
Faceless / Tempest Faceless   Support  B  A  B Remove beneficial effect
Sprite / Forest Queen
 Support  A  B  C Prevent enemy healing


What do you think of our Might And Magic Elemental Guardians tier list? Would you rearrange any creatures to place them higher or lower on the list? Let us know your favorite creature grouping and best Elemental Guardians strategies in the comments section below!

Still getting a grip on all the game's different elements and creature types? Be sure to check out our Might & Magic beginner's tips and strategy guide.

Might and Magic: Elemental Guardians Beginner's Tips and Strategy Guide https://www.gameskinny.com/gjnmw/might-and-magic-elemental-guardians-beginners-tips-and-strategy-guide https://www.gameskinny.com/gjnmw/might-and-magic-elemental-guardians-beginners-tips-and-strategy-guide Fri, 01 Jun 2018 21:31:23 -0400 Ty Arthur

From turn-based strategy to first-person RPG and even onto collectible card game, the Might & Magic franchise has been through just about ever genre out there. With Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians, the series now makes the inevitable jump to freemium mobile brawler as well.

If you've ever played Summoners War or Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, then you already know the ins and outs of how this game will work. The exact same ideas are all present here, just with Might & Magic creature names tacked on.

There's all the same tropes you are already used to juggling -- summoning randomized units from crystals, upgrading with groups of runes, leveling/evolving creatures, and so on. For the most part, if you've got experience with any kind of creature-summoning mobile RPG, then you can jump right in and do fine.

There are a few key differences that can be used to get an edge up, however, and that's what we're going to focus on here with these Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians tips.

Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians Battle Strategy

Landing random high-star creatures, of course, is the best way to get ahead, but focusing on opposing elements will keep you going when your stable of creatures is tiny and filled only with 1- and 2-star weaklings.

You can actually see the specific makeup of each wave of enemies ahead of time when choosing a mission, meaning you should plan your unit groups based on what enemies you face. On the Team Selection screen, always make sure to tap that View Enemies button in the lower-right corner!

Once you build up a large stable of creatures by grinding a few missions, it becomes incredibly easy to put together a group composed of opposing elements to annihilate each wave.

 Viewing enemy types before a battle

During a mission, units don't heal between waves, so having a creature  that can directly heal, apply a regeneration effect, or remove negative status effects in every team is critical if you can't take down a wave in one or two turns.

While choosing your team lineup, poisoning attacks are incredibly useful in nearly all missions or PvE situations, so work on leveling those types of creatures, when you get them. If you manage to nab a creature who can poison multiple creatures at once, that should be your go-to monster at the start.

As you level up, synergy should be key. Putting together creatures who can reduce cooldown with creatures who can revive, regenerate, create immunity, or cause negative status effects on enemies is key. Its better to have four creatures who work well together and are lower star rating than to have four "solokings" who are individually powerful but don't interact strongly.

Best Early Creatures

While everyone is on the hunt for killer nat 4 creatures like dragons, faceless, and angel zealots, there are several 2 star monsters that absolutely annihilate the competition and can be useful all the way to the end game.

In particular, the "basilisk bros" combo of water basilisk + air basilisk can hep you cruise through the Tower of Trials and even tackle much more powerful PvP Arena times.

The air basilisk steals 70% of an enemy's turn bar and poisons them whenever it scores a critical hit. With some frenzy glyphs to increase his critical hit percentage chance and haste glyphs to increase speed, this effectively means he can prevent at least one creature from ever getting a turn in each wave.

That ability becomes significantly more powerful when combined with the water basilisk's skill to freeze all enemies. When properly outfitted with haste glyphs, you can ensure the water basilisk always goes first and freezes all enemies. With the air basilisk then repeatedly stealing their turn bars, your opponent may not ever get a chance to have a turn at all!

There are plenty of teams built around those readily-available 2 star units that can complete absolutely all of the content in the entire game.

When you get into situations where an event boss wave (or the Nightmare wave 7 Ar-Kenos end boss) simply have too much health to overcome, don't discount 2 star poisoning units like fire assassin

She can poison, heal block, and increase the duration of negative effects (like poisoning and heal blocking). When properly protected by other healing or shielding units, she can destroy even seemingly-invincible enemies.

Elemental Guardians Arena Strategy

The PvP Arena is a whole different story, especially if you want to earn plenty of bonus summons. You get more reputation points for racking up streaks of wins, which is hard to do in the higher tiers.

When setting your Defense here, its actually better to put one weak, low-level creature to keep you in a lower tier. Then put together your best team for the attack phase of the Arena.

This seems counter-productive, but the higher tiers -- even as low as Bronze 3 -- are filled with highly synergized teams that can annihilate you quickly.

Until you have an absolutely killer lineup of randomized summons, its better to stay in the lower tiers so you can win more frequently and use more Arena reputation points to buy shards.

If you haven't pulled a shaman, faceless, vampire, deva, dragon, angel zealot, or colossus, then you probably aren't ready for the higher tiers. 

When you hit the Silver tier, you start getting epic shards as you build a streak, which makes it easy to constantly summon new creatures.

No matter what your attack team consists of, in nearly all cases speed is key for your Arena team. If you go first, you have a much better chance of winning against the AI, since you can freeze / paralyze / terrify the enemy, or have your team use buffs to become immune against the opponents negative status effects.

Glyphs and Farming

As you progress and get more units and items, glyph placement can be the difference between victory and failure. Putting haste glyphs on your healers or debuffers is helpful, as is keeping accuracy glyphs on your debuffing creatures, while life stealing glyphs work wonders either on big, tanky creatures or any monster that deals area effect damage to all enemies.

Besides glyphs, you need skill books to evolve and skill up your creatures. Books start dropping at level 3 of the Elemental Tower and level 3 of the Tower of Houses on the Dragonmist Isles. They also drop more frequently in levels 5, 8, 9, and 10 of the Towers, so those are great farming locations. 

Besides getting them in the towers, skill books occasionally drop when you release unwanted creatures. In most cases you should keep all your lame 1 stars to feed them to stronger monsters when raising skill ranks, but if you are desperate for a skill book you may want to release a group of nat 1s and hope to randomly get a book.

To constantly get more summons, books, chests, and energy, you want to complete achievements and build up win streaks in the Arena. By completing achievements (such as "kill X number of pixies" or "kill x number of samurai") and playing in the Arena, you can effectively keep playing indefinitely and never run out of energy.

For a full run down on how to farm effectively, check out our complete guide to farming achievements here.

 Checking drop availability in a mission

Those are all the basic Might & Magic: Elemental Guardians strategies you need to know to get started completing missions and competing in PvP. Do you have any other good starting tips and cheats for newbies? Let us know your best strategy in the comments below!