Neko Atsume Articles RSS Feed | Neko Atsume RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network How to Play Travel Frog: Tutorial & Menu Translation Guide Tue, 23 Jan 2018 12:30:36 -0500 Ashley Shankle

If you've just come to Travel Frog from Neko Atsume, you're going to find yourself more than a little confused. The game is currently only in Japanese, and it's much slower than the cat-collecting hit. Despite these two facets, Journey Frog is an easy game to get into and can be enjoyed even with the language barrier.

You wait for cat visitors in Neko Atsume, but Travel Frog is completely different. Here you send your resident frog off on adventures, after which he will return with souvenirs and pictures for you to marvel at.

Your frog may take some time on his adventures. Sometimes he will be gone for a few hours, and other times he'll be gone for a few days. I haven't figured out whether the goods you give him affect the time he's gone, but they do affect what he brings back.

The first thing we're going to go over in this guide is a translation of the tutorial the game puts you through the first time you launch it. This way you know what you're getting into and understand the flow of the game better than you would just blindly tapping through the Japanese menus.

Tutorial translation

When you first launch the game, you will be prompted with the terms of service. Tap the circled button to continue to the game.

You'll then be prompted to enter a name for your frog. This part is easy enough to understand. Enter your preferred name and continue, tapping through the menus as the game demonstrates.

Next, your frog will be preparing for his first journey when you enter the house.

The frog can take three types of items with it on its journey, those items ranging from food, amulets, and tools. This time you'll be sending him off with some food.

Three-leaf clovers are used to purchase items from the shop. The game will now prompt you to go to your front yard to collect clovers, your primary currency in Travel Frog. You can collect them just by swiping across the garden.

You can see how many clovers you have at the top left of the screen.

Sometimes you can collect four-leaf clovers instead of three-leafed ones. These can be used as amulets on journeys, rather than being used as currency. You will be sending your frog off with his first four-leaf clover soon enough.

Once you've finished collecting your clovers, the game will prompt you to go to the shop to purchase a snack to send the frog off with. The item you need to buy here is the grape scone, which is on the top left of the first page.

Let's equip some items for your frog's journey.

Equip the grape scone you just bought and the four-leaf clover you found, then press the accept button at the bottom.

Restart the app for your frog to go on his tutorial journey. You won't have to restart the app when sending him off after the tutorial.

When you restart the app and return, the game will tell you that your frog is on a journey and will return after some time.

"Your frog will head out on journeys by himself, but if you prepare him as you did here in the tutorial he may bring pictures and souvenirs home for you."

From here, you've got to play the waiting game. Your clover garden will replenish over time, and from time to time you'll have friends of the frog visit like little ol' Maimai shown below. These friends will grant you tickets, which we'll get into shortly.

I'm not sure what dictates how long your frog takes on his journeys, I haven't gotten to test enough. When your frog friend returns, you will be prompted with a red notification when you launch the game.

"It seems Kero (my frog's name) has come home."

Let's go over the rest of the game's UI and other functions.

UI and menu translations

The game's menus change based on where you are (in the yard, in the house, in the shop, etc.), so we're going to go through them step by step.

The image below shows the menus when you are in the yard. The top right takes you to the menu, and the bottom two take you to the store and house respectively.


Let's go over what's in the "Menu" first. Three new icons will appear when you tap it.

You can tap "Items" to view your food, amulets, tools, and the specialties your frog brings home.

Your "Cabinet" holds a record of all the items your frog has brought back for you. The left is item records, and the right is your photo album.

"Help" is a little more complicated.

All you need to know about this menu is what's in the options section. You can adjust the music and sound effects, as well as change your notification setting (set to "On" for notifications when your frog returns home).


The function of the store is pretty obvious, and tapping around in it is fairly easy -- so we don't need to go over that. Double-tap to buy something and all that fun stuff.

The real thing to pay attention to here is the "Lottery," which you may have overlooked completely.

You get lottery tickets after journeys and from visitors. They can be used here.

It costs five tickets for one spin, and it is very possible you'll spend five tickets to spin ... and win one ticket in return. It's something to be aware of.

That's about all there is to translate with Travel Frog, sans the items you can purchase in the shop. The game is easy to understand and follow despite being in Japanese, and you can easily have fun waiting for your frog to come home and show you what he's picked up on his travels.

The game's not just what you see here. Check out my animal friend & food translation guide to get the deets on those animals that show up at your doorstep, and my item translation guide to at least know what's in the shop and lottery.

Why bother with all of this? For spiffy souvenirs and pictures of your frog's travels! I've worked up a picture requirements guide, but for now (if you don't mind slight spoilers) you can take a look at the 12 rarest pictures your frog can bring home.

Developers of Neko Atsume Release New Game Tabikaeru ("Journey Frog") Fri, 05 Jan 2018 16:02:13 -0500 Zach Hunt

Hit-Point, the developers behind the 2014 smash hit Neko Atsume, are ready to make a splash in the mobile pond yet again. This time focusing on a frog with some serious wanderlust, Tabi Kaeru ("Journey Frog"), like its cat-collecting cousin, is only available in Japanese, and it can be found on both iTunes and the Google Play Store by searching "旅かえる."

In Journey Frog, you prepare your adorable amphibian buddy for exotic adventures by packing him some lunch, loading him up with clovers (which serve as the game's currency), and equipping him with various accessories. While he's off exploring the virtual hinterlands -- for hours on end -- you're free to go about your real-world life until he returns, usually with some goodies he came upon and perhaps even a photo from his travels. The spoils from his daily adventure can then be used to ready him for the next journey ... and so on and so forth.

Make GameSkinny your go-to lilypad for all things Tabi Kaeru, and together we'll watch him grow from aimless tadpole to seasoned amphibian adventurer.

5 Cutest Cat Care Games for Android Wed, 15 Nov 2017 11:18:23 -0500 Allison M Reilly

Because taking care of a real pet cat isn't enough for some of us, we play mobile games about taking care of digital fuzzballs without the hassles of a real-life litter box. We also play mobile games about cats because they're cute and fun! For your fair share of cuteness, here are five of the cutest cat care games for Android.

Cat Cafe ~Raise Your Cats~

As the name suggests, Cat Cafe ~Raise Your Cats~ is a game where players raise kittens with hopes of having those cats find their forever home. Once those cats are adopted, you use the funds to purchase and raise more kittens, and the cycle continues. Cat Cafe doesn't have much to offer for the cafe part of things, but raising a bunch of felines can be hard enough!

What makes Cat Cafe more interesting is that players can unlock multiple cats of each breed, creating an incentive for achievement hunters. There are also stats players can raise, like discipline and cat ratings, to increase the price of the cats and make more money. Overall, Cat Cafe is cute, but has way more to it than it appears.

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector

  • Free to Play for Android
  • In-App Purchases Available
  • Get it on: the Google Play Store

When it comes to taking care of cats, some of us like to adopt a cat or two as a pet, and some like to run a shelter or a cat cafe, like the previous game. Others, like my great aunt, like to feed all the neighborhood feral cats out of their garage. If you're like my great aunt, then you'll find Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector a lot of fun.

In Neko Atsume, players provide food and toys in their backyard for the stray cats to enjoy. Certain types of food and specific toys will attract specific feral cats. The goal is not only to have all of them spend time in your yard, but to make them love you enough to give you a memento (and you can check out our memento guide for help getting them all too). The mementos are the normal things cats like to leave behind for their caretakers, like a glasses lens or a bent bottle cap.

In the end, Neko Atsume is a great game if you want something to play a little bit at a time.

Cat Room

Cat Room is kind of like Neko Atsume, except players collect the cats in a room instead of a yard. You can customize the room and earn coins to buy new toys as well. However, where Neko Atsume ends, Cat Room is just beginning.

In Cat Room, there's a special room just for kittens, you can have a customized cat, and, on top of that, you can collect recipes to make food for your cats. Cat Room also has mini-games similar to Bejeweled and those types of puzzlers. There's a social aspect to this game that isn't found in some of the other games on this list too, as players can visit their "neighbor's" room and see their cats.

Cat Room is a little bit of everything, so it's a good choice if you like everything else these games have to offer or if you think of the cats as a perk versus a primary focus.

Bubbu - My Virtual Pet

  • Free to Play on Android
  • In-App Purchases Available
  • Get it on: the Google Play Store

If you have fond memories of playing Tamagotchi and raising a virtual pet, then Bubbu - My Virtual Pet is the game for you! Bubbu is like a Tamagotchi, but with a few more mechanics than what came with the popular '90s toy.

Besides having to feed Bubbu and give him love and attention, players have more than 30 mini-games to choose from when playing with Bubbu. These mini-games allow players to earn coins so they can purchase more food and other items. However, don't overdo it the mini-games, as that could tire out or injure Bubbu. If Bubbu is injured, then players have to play doctor, treat Bubbu, and help him recover.

If you ever wished you could care for and raise your cat more like a tiny human than a four-legged critter, then you'll want to download Bubbu.


  • Free to Play on Android
  • In-App Purchases Available
  • Get it on: the Google Play Store

CatHotel is the game for cat lovers who really do like cats...but just other people's cats. In CatHotel, players run a...well, a cat hotel, and have to cater to the needs of the individual felines. Like some of the other games on this list, the hotel is customizable. Besides expanding the hotel to fit more guests, players can choose different types of furniture, rugs, toys, and the like to make the "cattery" more comfortable.

Unlike some of the other titles, there isn't much of a collection aspect to  CatHotel. Instead of trying to get every single type of cat to stay at your hotel, it's a matter of knowing who needs what and providing those needs. But, the cats are still cute, even though they aren't kawaii.


The best thing about the games on this list is that they're all free-to-play, so you can download all five games, and everything will still be cheaper than taking care of a real cat. Of course, the last sentence is only true if you don't make any in-app purchases. Nonetheless, there's a cat for every cat lover and a cat game for every gamer. Everyone's got to start somewhere!

Neko Atsume - How to Get the New Rare Cat, Whiteshadow Fri, 16 Dec 2016 07:59:33 -0500 Tobbpitt

Neko Atsume doesn't get many updates, but when it does, all the cat collectors come back to try to get a glimpse of the game's new cats. Just like last year we've gotten another update in winter, and this one adds yet another rare cat.

So who is this update's lone rare cat? A lone hunter, a master of stealth... Whiteshadow the ninja cat! A few cats with unique requirements have been added to the game over the past year or so, but getting him to visit is totally different from every other cat.. though it's not all that difficult.

To get Whiteshadow to visit you need one of three things:

  • Bonito Bitz (7 Gold Fish) or
  • Sashimi (5 Gold Fish) or
  • Deluxe Tuna Bitz (12 Gold Fish)

What's unique about this cat is he does not directly interact with any of the items you have set out; instead, it's only interested in eating your food and hiding out around your house. And he does it in style.

He may be a ninja, but he will come to any house remodel as long as you have the food listed above out for him to eat. He does not need the Zen remodel to visit your home, though he is most suited to it! He will make an appearance in different spots depending on the remodel you are currently using, so mix it up to see where he hides in or around your house.

Since Whiteshadow does not interact directly with the items you lay out, his profile says the goodies he's using are "Espionage activity" and "Scouting mission". He seems to be scouting out your house and spying on you (or the other cats). He is a ninja, after all.

With one of his favorite foods and some patience, you too will be able to catch a glimpse of this unique cat with an elusive personality and power level of 195. With luck you'll be able to get his memento: his prized Ninja Costume. Good luck!

5 Best Android Games from 2016 Mon, 26 Dec 2016 05:00:01 -0500 Janette Ceballos

There’s been so many great games released this year for consoles, phones and computers. Since the holidays are coming around, a new phone might be a great gift to give (or get), and what better way to use such a gift than to play fun games. For Android phones, here are a few choice selections sure to please any gamer, whether it’s because they are easy to learn, they're addictive, or they're just a great time.

Rolling Sky

To start off, we have a game that’s great for all ages. All you have to do is drag the ball on the screen left and right to avoid obstacles. It’s a simple concept, especially for mobile games, but it’s intense, quick and addicting. Nice visuals, simple controls and innovative levels bring interesting obstacles to play, always keeping you on your toes. Overall, this is a nice and challenging time-waster.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This one’s a little different. It’s a card game that requires strategic planning, creating a bit of a challenge for players in deciding what decks give them the best chance of winning. You can play against the computer or check out the Arena mode, where you fight against other players for a greater competitive challenge, if that’s more your style.

In addition to being big, the game already has a released expansion, Mean Streets of Gadetzan, which offers new cards and battle opportunities to make this card game even more irresistibly addicting.

Pocket Mortys

Fun humor, weird premise. If you’re a fan of the show, this will be a blast. Basically, it’s like Pokemon: catch, train and combine over 70 types of Mortys and battle against other Ricks for glory and prizes. You can craft items to help you in battles like healing serums. 

Just remember that it is an Adult Swim game, so it might not be suitable if you don’t like the humor of the show. Nevertheless, it’s a weird, creative battle game that provides loads of fun. 

Pokémon GO

Of course, if Pocket Mortys is too weird, but you still want to catch virtual things you can make fight each other, Pokemon GO is another good option. This monster-catching app was incredibly popular when it first released and, while it’s not as loud as it once was, the game is still incredibly enjoyable.

You can catch and level up your pokémon to fight, take over and defend gyms, which are located in real-world locations. It’s a good game when you are out for a short while or if you are a fan of the franchise.

Atsume Neko: Kitty Collector

The final game for our list is the incredibly laid back cat collector you can just check in on from time to time. Place food and toys to attract a wide range of friendly felines, each with their own personalities and mementos.

The fun of the game is in the surprise of what little kitties will visit your yard. There’s also a bit of a technical challenge in trying to collect the rarer cats and collect mementos from them. Its simple, cute graphics make this a nice game to relax with.

There you have it, five of the top-rated games available for Android.

What are some of your favorite mobile games of the year? What do you think will top the charts next year? Be sure to let us know!

Gotta Love Tubbs: Merchandise for Every Tubbs the Cat Fan Fri, 14 Oct 2016 10:36:43 -0400 Kat De Shields

Tubbs the Cat. You either love him for the gifts he leaves after he's done lounging around, or you hate him because he demolishes ALL of the food whenever he comes to visit. If you're a Tubbs supporter, we've collected the coolest Neko Atsume merchandise dedicated to the game's heartiest eater.  

For the Homemaker

It's easy to make a Tubbs keepsake a part of your home, whether you enjoy lounging on the couch like him, or stuffing your face. If you're into baking, check out this cookie cutter. With it, you can force people to stuff their cheeks with delicious Tubbs-shaped cookies. In true Tubbs fashion, make them eat every last one -- Muahaha. 

Better yet, make them eat Tubbs cookies and drink wine out of a glass or coffee mug with his iconic post-meal recline. Your anti-Tubbs friends will really hate you then. 

Tubbs is an expert on the after dinner snooze. Now, you can lounge around with him on this cute pillow cushion. Add it to your bed, couch or favorite armchair and keep this cute kitty handy for your afternoon nap. 

For the Cellphone Fanatic 

Well, let's be honest. To some degree, we're all cellphone fanatics. However, if you love Tubbs just as much as you love your cellphone, we have some great products for you. If cellphone cases are your thing, check out these cases from Etsy. In addition to picking your design, you can also customize your background color. To compliment the deal, add a phone charm key chain from Ebay. 

The Apparel Guru 

Whether it's t-shirts or hats, the clothes you wear can make a statement. Looking to make a political statement? We have the perfect shirt for you -- well, depending on what political party you affiliate with. If you'd rather see Tubbs as the Leader of the Free World, here are two must-have products.

If you want something a bit less polarizing, we got you covered. (Haha, get it?) Take a look at these Tubbs the Cat t-shirts and hats. 

 Miscellaneous Tubbs Love 

From stickers to pins to car details, here are a few more small items for a Tubbs fan. These three items allow you to rep your favorite Neko Atsume gourmand in many different places. 

If you're a fan of the flower crown filter on Snapchat, here's a sticker of a crown adorning Tubbs. Or, check out the gold-rimmed Tubbs pin and the vinyl decal below. 

Have you found any other cool Tubbs merch? Let us know what you've found in the comments!

* * *

I’m always looking for new awesome products, so please send me your favorites at Also, sign up for our Launch Commerce newsletter to receive the best deals of the week right in your inbox. 

6 Awesome Pieces Of Neko Atsume Crossover Fanart Sun, 09 Oct 2016 12:25:42 -0400 Glitchieetv


Poke Atsume


Another Pokemon inspired crossover, paulinachinea uses more variety of Pokemon in their piece. Snorlax takes the place of Tubbs, Pikachu is playing in a paper bag, butt out. Oddish is hiding in a planter with Meowth chilling next to it. Mew is playing with a ball. Vulpix and Jigglypuff are playing in the drawers with a Skitty hanging in a sock. Overall a well done crossover that is recognizable for both games. 


Which was your favorite crossover? Have any creative ideas for your own piece? Let us know in the comments!


Neko Atsume: Heroes


zachsmithson has created another amazing piece of Neko Atsume fanart. This time combining the cats with various heroes. Four panels comprise the whole piece, with each panel depicting a different scene. The top left shows off the Avengers, with the cats donning superhero costumes and battling it out. Top right is full of Dragonball Z goodness, showing off a happy Goku and Vegeta with a solemn Piccolo. Bottom left is Deadpool oriented with Colossus splayed out like Tubbs.  Bottom right is the iconic fight of Batman v. Superman. Instead of just one crossover we have been graced with four in one piece! 


Xenomorph Atsume


frowzivitch has created one of the more unique crossovers that I have seen. Taking place in the back yard of Neko Atsume with its various cats, an Alien Queen has landed. Turning the once peaceful yard into a breeding ground, various cats have been assaulted by Face Huggers. Tubbs even has a chest buster coming out. Some of the cats are still playing, with an Alien even joining in on the fun. Such a well executed and creative idea. 




Monster Atsume


Indie game Undertale has spawned a plethora of fanart all of its own. A fan of both games, fel-fisk turned the characters from Undertale into the cute cats of Neko Atsume. San sits with a bone, Papyrus is striking a heroic pose, and Mettaton is looking fabulous. Simple yet tasteful, Monster Atsume is a great combination. 


Pony Atsume


A fan of My Little Pony, artist zombie combined Neko Atsume with the tv show and ended up with Pony Atsume. Chibi ponys lounge around like the cats, including being in a box, with a plastic bag on their head, and pigging out on food. Such a bright colorful piece melds My Little Pony and Neko Atsume perfectly. 


Pika Atsume


Neko Atsume, the kitty collecting mobile game, has spawned various fan art interpretations. Among those are the many crossovers featuring characters from other games, movies, comics, TV shows, and more. The creativity of the artists knows no bounds. The following are some of the best and most unique Neko Atsume crossovers.


To kick things off, artsyury has created various Pikachu and Pichu inspired creatures hanging out on Neko Atsume items. The kitty hideaway is even Pokeball themed! This fan art is one of the cutest crossovers.

Neko Atsume Fans Get Creative Wed, 05 Oct 2016 02:00:01 -0400 Glitchieetv


Shitty Bitz


Though not included in the game, Hobo and Glunkus have become a major part of the Neko Atsume fandom. Imagined by tumblr user suprememeep, these two cats are attracted using Shitty Bitz, a play on what the food names are in Neko AtsumeSkelefrog brings to life suprememeep's dream of the dirty cat and cat from hell in this detailed piece.


While there are hundreds of piles within piles of fan art inspired by Neko Atsume, these pieces reflect some of the game, its various aspects and major parts of the fandom. What are your favorite things about Neko Atsume?


Neko Atsume


ZachSmithson wanted there to be a space where all the cats of Neko Atsume could gather together. With only a limited number of cats being able to hang out in the yard at one time, this piece has all the cats assembled. Cute, detailed and well executed, ZachSmithson really brings out all of the kitties personalities.


Neko Atsume Peaceful Nights


Gryphon-Shifter noticed that nighttime was not depicted in the game. Choosing to showcase the serene qualities of the zen style remodel at night, the final result is stunning. Offering prints of this piece, Gryphon-Shifter has nailed this fan art.


Tubbs Want Ice Cream


Yereren has created this sweet piece. Titled Tubbs Wants Ice Cream, it highlights the hungry cat's never ending appetite. One of the larger cats in the game, Tubbs takes up the space of two cats when lounging on the giant pillow. He is the only cat that can appear at the space meant for the food bowl, causing all the food to disappear once he arrives. Looking for something different than kitty food, Tubbs begs Guy Furry for his ice cream.


Neko Atsume


Neko Atsume is a mobile game where you collect different types of cats. This is achieved by putting out various toys and treats to coax the felines into your yard. Taking the mobile gaming world by storm with its cute kitties, Neko Atsume inspired creative individuals to break out their best fan art.  


Take this simple yet tasteful representation of the game by Kiruru2592. Not only is this piece the perfect way to start off the slideshow, but it showcases some of the cats cute poses. 


Take a gander at the following four pieces and see which one is your favorite. 

Even More Neko Atsume Kitty Merchandise to Warm Your Heart Mon, 05 Sep 2016 05:00:01 -0400 Kat De Shields

We just can't get enough of those cats. Here is part two to our list of must-have Neko Atsume items to rep the cats you love. Check out our previous article for more adorable Neko Atsume merchandise

Neko Atsume Inspired Apparel 

The fact that all those cats have different personalities is one reason we love Neko Atsume. Like the cats, these shirts make a statement and also display your love for the game. 

Neko Atsume Pillows

The perfect accompaniment to your couch or bed, these Neko Atsume pillows are an adorable addition to your home decor. You can even customize the pillow to the cat of your choosing!

Peaches Face and Butt Stud Earrings

Keep Peaches close at hand with this cute, stud earrings. The other earring is a charming view of the iconic Neko Atsume kitty booty.

Sticker Variety Pack

Stickers galore of kitties hiding in boxes, items and expressions! For $8.00 you get 40 stickers to slather on notebooks, luggage and other surfaces. 

Tubbs Pencil Pouch 

Allow Tubbs to hold your pens and pencils, instead of eating all of your expensive food, with this pencil pouch. 

Vinyl Decals 

You can never have too many stickers. For the price, you get 10 different decals of the Neko Atsume cats playing with their favorite items. 

Felt Felines 

Now, you can collect cats in your own house with this adorable needle felted Neko Atsume kittens. 

Neko Atsume Bow

Complete with an alligator clip, you can use this cute piece as a hair clip or a bow tie.

* * *

I’m always looking for awesome new products, so please send me your favorites at

Irresistibly Cute Neko Atsume Kitty Merchandise to Warm Your Heart Thu, 01 Sep 2016 10:00:01 -0400 Kat De Shields

Humans love cute things, and Neko Atsume is one of the cutest games in creation. If those wandering kitties have captured your heart, read on for must grab items to display your love for the game. Be sure to check out our guide if you're still trying to collect those Neko Atsume rare cats

Lexy Neko Atsume Backpack 

Allow Lexy to charm folks as you walk by with this too cute Neko Atsume backpack. It's no surprise she's saying "give me" as she's a feline with expensive tastes. 

Kitty Figurines 

Collect the cats in real life with these kitty figurines. They'll look great hanging around your house or office. 

 iPhone 6/6s Phone Case

Keep those cute kitties with you wherever you go, and protect your iPhone at the same time, with this kawaii phone case. 

Tubbs Plushie 

Even though Tubbs eats everything up, you can't help but love him. Bat his greedy paws or give him a big hug with this plushie. 

Neko Atsume Sweater 


Keep yourself warm with a sweater covered with kittens. It's the closest you'll get to actually being surrounded by a gang of cute cats. 

Earphone Jack for your Phone

Show your love for Neko Atsume and let these kitties hang out with you wherever you go. Not only will people know you're a Neko Atsume fan, these cats will keep your earphone jack free of dust in the cutest way possible. 

Cat Cube Plushie 

Want a cube plushie of your favorite cat? Look no further than Etsy artist Arrupako. You can pick your favorite kitty and she'll design it just for you!

Pepper Fleece Hat 

Pepper is one adorable kitty with his mismatched eyes. Now, you can wear him on top of your head with this cute fleece hat. 

Peaches Vinyl Decal 


Allow Peaches to keep your computer or car company with this vinyl decal. A cute addition to any space! 

I’m always looking for new awesome products, so please send me your favorites at

Neko Atsume in-depth rare cats guide with a side of FLUFF Wed, 27 Jul 2016 12:42:51 -0400 Tobbpitt

Neko Atsume has an absolute wealth of cats at this point, most of which are your standard kitties with normal food requirements and a sizable list of items they enjoy. You've probably gotten your fair share of standard cats during your time with the game, but what about rare cats?

Rare cats come in all shapes, sizes, and adorable levels! We've gotten a few updates since Neko Atsume finally released in English in 2015, bringing such little joys as Frosty, Sapphire and Jeeves, and Bengal Jack. It would be nice to get more updates with even more rare cats, but we'll take what we can get.

I'd previously written a rare cats guide here on GameSkinny that is now slightly outdated, but if you're interested in the old format feel free to take a look. I've been at this Neko Atsume thing for a bit, having played the Japanese version months before we got it in English.

[Whiteshadow will be added here soon, but for now he's a guide page just for him!]

This time around we're having a bit more fun, with each cat given a short bio describing it along with its personality, power level, eventual memento gift, and what you can set out to get these little bundles of cute to stop by your home.

The most important thing to take away from this and Neko Atsume as a whole is to just have fun! It's a slow, relaxing game. Don't stress if you can't get the cat you want to visit, just keep setting out the things it likes and in time it will stop by for you to take a picture.

Bengal Jack

Bengal Jack is the most recent addition to the Neko Atsume kitty cast and he is just cute as a pirate cat can be. This little guy only has two things on his mind: luxurious food and treasure!

A cat with a reckless personality and a meager power level of 66, he has keen nose for the Luxury Treasure-box item and he isn't scared to share it with other cats. He'll eat a few different types of food, but his absolute favorite is the purple-canned Deluxe Tuna Bitz.

Once this swashbuckling kitty trusts you enough he'll give you his trusty Old Map as a memento.

Bengal Jack's favorite food and item(s)

Billy the Kitten

An orange tabby with a distinct Wild West style, Billy the Kitten is as cute as he is stylish. He may not be as well-dressed as some of the other rare cats that pay you a visit, but his little bandana and hat are just perfect.

Billy is probably one of the least picky rare cats, as he will eat just about anything.. except sashimi. Because cowboys don't eat sashimi. No other cat can even get close to the Cowboy Hat once this nihilistic, 250 power level bundle of fuzz sets his sights on it.

Once he has gotten himself acquainted enough with your Cowboy Hat, he'll give you a Lucky Coin as a memento.

Billy the Kitten's favorite food and item(s)

Bob the Cat

No other cat in the game has the passion for the great outdoors as Bob the Cat, even if every other cat sitting around in and around your house seems to have a penchant for wandering around outside.

An outdoorsy cat with a power level of 40, Bob will come to your house no matter the food you lay out. His one want from you is the Cat Metropolis item, which he proudly stands atop like it's his most recent mountain conquest.

Once Bob the Cat has enjoyed the view on top of the Cat Metropolis enough he will give you the Antique Compass memento item.

Bob the Cat's favorite food and item(s)

Chairman Meow

Chairmain Meow is a lot more pleasant than the real world dictator that his name is similar to. Or at least, he's a lot less harmless and a million leagues more adorable.

A boorish and militaristic kitty, Chairman Meow's reasonable 111 power level doesn't do him much good nor harm when he's taking his place at the Sunken Fireplace -- he can sit atop it even if it's already swarmed with three cats.

Once the Chairman is sure you and your house are safe, he'll give you his prized Dog Tag as a memento.

Chairman Meow's favorite food and item(s)

Conductor Whiskers

A train-loving Calico, Conductor Whiskers will only stop by your home if you have some train-like or related items set out. She seems to take after Tama, the station master cat from Wakayama, Japan who greeted station visitors and passengers for eight years until 2015.

Conductor Whiskers herself is a very vigilant kitty but only has a power level of 50 and two items she likes, so be wary of other cats coming and making use of the Twisty Rail and Cardboard Choo-Choo.

After Conductor Whiskers has been sure you're house is a safe place to play train, she'll bestow unto you a Hand-written Ticket memento.

Conductor Whiskers's favorite food and item(s)


An icy-cold cat with piercing red eyes, Frosty's all about his comfort -- as you can see in his favorite items below. While you may see this kitty on any number of items, his absolute favorite is the Snowy Pillow.

Frosty may appear either with or without his straw coat, but getting to see him may be hard. He's a sensitive cat and only has a power level of 5. You can use the Snowy Pillow to have a higher chance of him visiting, but it still might be hard to actually catch him in action.

Once Frosty has made himself at home in or around your home enough he'll leave you his trusty Thaw-Proof Snowman memento.

Frosty's favorite food and item(s)

Note: It's easiest to get Frosty to visit using the Snowy Pillow.

Guy Furry

Guy Furry doesn't just have a name eerily similar to a particular American celebrity chef, he also makes some nifty food when he stops by your house for a visit.. and based on his pose he may or may not be brimming with culinary confidence.

As one may expect Guy Furry is an artisan cat, and also to be expected from a dedicated chef his power level is a meager 30. You have to be lucky to catch this little guy in the act.

After Guy Furry has come and served enough sundaes and pizza to your other visitor kitties he'll leave you with his Custom Rolling Pin memento.

Guy Furry's favorite food and item(s)

Note: Guy Furry will not visit for Thrifty Bits with the Heating Stove, but he will visit for Thrifty Bits with the Glass Vase.

Joe DiMeowgio

Another rare cat with a taste for just about every food but a preference for very specific items, Joe DiMeowgio isn't too hard to get to pay you a visit. But his love of baseball means he won't stay long, he's got bats to swing and bases to run!

Despite not seeming to want to play with the other cats, Joe is a real team player. And like a team player he has a relatively low power level of 28 to let his team mates shine -- and let other cats play with the Baseball item.

Once he's had his fun in and around your home, Joe DiMeowgio will give you his prized Signed Baseball as a memento.

Joe DiMeogio's favorite food and item(s)


Kathmandu may seem a little odd but he would fit in right in a traditional Japanese court. His outfit and eyebrows definitely make him stand out from the other kitties. He's among the most regal of the cats you can meet in Neko Atsume.

Fitting his refined appearance and demeanor, Kathmandu is all about classical Japan, so naturally the only items you can lure him with are distinctly Japanese. Thanks to his 150 power level he can take and hold claim of his favorite items easily.

Once you've proven yourself to be high-brow enough for Kathmandu's taste he will give you his prized Fine Quality Writing Brush as a memento.

Kathmandu's favorite food and item(s)

Note: Kathmandu will visit for Frisky Bits with the Temari Ball, but will not visit for Frisky Bits with the Lacquered Bowl.

Lady Meow-Meow

A stylish cat like no other, Lady Meow-Meow certainly looks a lot more sassy than the cutesy Sassy Fran. This white and grey-striped cat looks like she doesn't take any lip from anybody.

Lady Meow-Meow is an absolute diva of a cat, and she knows how to throw her weight around using her power level of 100. Unsurprisingly she isn't interested in mundane items like most other cats, she only wants to sit in the finest seat to lounge under the sun.

Once she's had her fill of your personal Luxurious Hammock Lady Meow-Meow will eventually give you her prized Novelty Sunglasses as a memento.

Lady Meow-Meow's favorite food and item(s)

Mr. Meowgi

I don't know if I'd normally let a cat wielding a sword into my house, but Mr. Meowgi seems like a chill kitty. I still wouldn't leave him unattended, though!

Mr. Meowgi doesn't just wander into your home with a sword, though. His mentoring personality means he spends plenty of time sitting and meditating, perhaps occasionally doling out advice to other kitties. If anyone can do it, it's him with his 250 power level.

Once Mr. Meowgi has decided the feng shui in your home is on point he will give you his prized Odd Wooden Charm as a memento.

Mr. Meowgi's favorite food and item(s)

Ms. Fortune

Is this a famed lucky cat? Ms. Fortune certainly looks like a lucky cat with her bell collar and paw turned up toward her face. She very well may know something we don't, perhaps she knows when Tubbs will stop by and gorge himself on your hard-earned food.

Ms. Fortune is a very charismatic cat, but she's not all-powerful as you may think. Her power level is a meager 20 so she gets out of the way when other, more forceful, cats pay the Cardboard House a visit.

After she's made herself sufficiently comfortable Ms. Fortune will reveal she may in fact actually be a lucky cat by giving you her Oval Coin memento.

Ms. Fortune's favorite food and item(s)

Ramses the Great

You can't have a game centered around collecting cats and not have one that resembles the Sphinx, and Ramses is that cat. Named after the most famous Egyptian pharaoh, Ramses the Great is only visiting you for one reason: your pyramid-shaped tent.

Much like other great Sphinx characters, Ramses loves riddles and is an amazing riddler. And like a good pharaoh should be, his power level is massive at an intimidating 230.

Once Ramses the Great has spent sufficient time curled up in your Tent (Pyramid) he will grant you his greatest Elegant Staff as a memento.

Ramses the great's favorite food and item(s)

Saint Purrtrick

This is one spooky cat. Saint Purrtrick looks less like a saint and more like a Nekomata, a sort of Japanese spirit cat with two tails. His piercing yellow eyes don't make him any less spooky, either.

Saint Purrtrick is one of the less flashy rare cats, as he seems to only visit for a comfy place to sleep. Despite his basic needs his power level is one of the highest, sitting at an intimidating 222. Truly an awe-inspiring cat.

After he's spent enough time sitting in your yard and home intimidating the other cats enough he will grant you a Mysterious Stone as a memento.

Saint Purrtrick's favorite food and item(s)

Sapphire and Jeeves

These are two cats, right? Well it doesn't matter, because Sapphire and Jeeves are absolutely inseparable. Where one goes the other follows, and Jeeves seems to be a remarkable caretaker for the lovely Sapphire.

Sapphire and Jeeves always visit together, but they are separate cats with different mementos and power levels.

To fit her lady-like demeanor, Sapphire has a naive personality and meager power level of 20. Her memento is a Poetry Book. How cute!

Jeeves is much more sturdy, with a nimble personality and one of the highest power levels in the game sitting at 210. He will give you a Silver Pocket Watch as a memento once the two have visited you enough.

The two will only come for two items in combination with a number of food types, but many players seem to have them appear the most with Deluxe Tuna Bits and the Tower of Treats set out.

Sapphire and Jeeves's favorite food and item(s)

Note: Sapphire and Jeeves will visit for Frisky Bits with the Fairy-tale Parasol but will not visit for Frisky Bits with the Tower of Treats.

Sassy Fran

Who's sassy? Fran! Sassy Fran!

Sassy Fran may just be one of the cutest cats in the game and she's got a passion for one item in your inventory: the coveted Cardboard Cafe.

Her absolutely enthusiastic personality shines through in Neko Atsume as she tries to attract customers to your Cardboard Cafe, and she's no pushover with her high 180 power level.

Once Sassy Fran has ensured the cafe is a success she will give you her cutest Coffee Cup as a memento.

Sassy Fran's favorite food and item(s)

Señor Don Gato

A clear homage to Puss in Boots and one of the few regal-looking rare cats, Señor Don Gato takes pride in his ability to hunt mice. But when he has his rapier out to fence, you better keep an eye on a particular mouse-shaped toy.

 Don't take this kitty at face value. Despite Señor Don Gato's cute face he has a scheming personality, perhaps to make up for his low power level of 30. He has to overpower the Mister Mouse toy somehow!

Once he's gotten his fill of stabbing your Mister Mouse with his rapier, Señor Don Gato will give you his signature Feathered Hat as a memento.

Señor Don Gato's favorite food and item(s)


It is entirely possible this fat jerk has been eating all the good food you put out. Tubbs may very well be Neko Atsume's very own "bad guy", as he will stuff his face with any food above Thrifty Bits whenever he gets the chance. He often comes just to eat your food and leave.

The only way to deal with this finicky feaster eating all your good food is to put the good food inside instead of outside. He's just too lazy to go in there unless you have the Giant Cushion set up indoors, which he will hog all to himself like the fat 130 power level jerk that he is.

Once Tubbs has decided you are the person to mooch from in the neighborhood he'll give you some Fish Jerky as a memento of your terrible time with him.

Tubbs's favorite food and item(s)

Xerxes IX

The last on the list and perhaps most royal cat in all of Neko Atsume, Xerxes IX needs little introduction. He's a grumpy-looking cat who will accept nothing less than the best. Just look at his face -- it's impossible not to feel humbled by this majestic, grumpy kitty.

Unsurprisingly Xerxes IX has a regal personality befitting his attire and taste in items, and his 70 power level keeps some of the weaker cats from trying to overtake his kitty throne.

Once Xerxes deems you worthy he will give you his prized Pretty Stones as a memento.

Xerxes IX's favorite food and item(s)

And with that we've taken a look at all of the rare cats current in Neko Atsume, from the too-cute Sassy Fran to rough-and-tumble Bob the Cat. The game doesn't get too many updates, but when they do they always add at least one new rare cat -- and this guide will be updated in kind!

Neko Atsume - How to get the new rare cat Bengal Jack Fri, 15 Jul 2016 07:08:47 -0400 Tobbpitt

There hadn't been any new rare cats brought to Neko Atsume in several months before the other day's 1.7.0 summer patch. We'd only gotten three new rare cats since the game came out in English: Frosty, Sapphire, and Jeeves. But that's okay, because now we have one more to add to the roster: Bengal Jack!

This new rare cat is definitely the big addition in 1.7.0, though the patch also brought new items, new passive decorations in each remodel to match the summer heat, and two new normal cats.

The new patch is just enough to bring back collectors who finished their collection and need an excuse to come back (like me).

Bengal Jack is a pirate cat on the search for treasure with picky tastes, and getting him to visit your house can take a lot of guesswork.. unless you're reading this guide, then it's pretty easy.

How to get Bengal Jack to visit

Bengal Jack is one of the few rare cats that will only show up for one item -- at least, I've only had him show up for one item so far, and that is the new Luxury Treasure-box.

The Luxury Treasure-box costs 20 Gold Fish, which is a pretty fitting price for an item luring a swashbuckling cat. 

While the Luxury Treasure-box lures other kitties in and that can be a bit worrying considering Bengal Jack's power level is a meager 66., you don't have to worry since he will stop by to peek into the box even if there's another cat in it.

My significant other and I have had Bengal Jack visit with Ritzy Bits and Deluxe Tuna Bits foods.

I'm not sure yet if he can visit with other foods, but if you find out please comment and let me know.

And last but not least, Bengal Jack is a unique cat -- just like all the other cats -- and has a reckless personality along with the appearance of a pirate. The adorable scourge of Neko Atsume's seas!

Neko Atsume - What the heck is this pig on my deck? Thu, 14 Jul 2016 14:36:34 -0400 Tobbpitt

If you updated Neko Atsume today to get your hands on the new rare cats, you surely noticed the little "piggy bank" sitting calmly on your deck. 

Isn't it a cutie?

This little guy isn't a new animal companion to keep your cats company, but he does have his use... at least in the world of Neko Atsume.

The pig is known as a katori buta in Japanese, which in English translates to "mosquito pig". It's a common Japanese household item that has a special use: killing mosquitos.

(Image source)

Japanese-style houses often keep their doors and windows open during the summer, and mosquitos can be a real issue just like anywhere else. The ceramic katori buta helps deal with these pests via a special type of coiled incense you place inside the pig and burn to kill nearby mosquitos.

Neko Atsume is developed by a Japanese studio, which is why we see things like the distinctly-Eastern temari ball goodie item and the temporary katori buta for the summer. It's a cute cross-cultural addition to the game and makes the heat outside seem to make its way into the game.

You can get katori butas even if you're outside Japan via retailers like Amazon and most of them are cute as buttons, but their prices really vary. For instance this white glazed cherry blossom print pig and clover print sitting pig are about $60 while this miniature black pig is only $25.

So in case you forgot outdoors is swarming with mosquitos in the summer while you're comfy inside with your phone and virtual cats, Neko Atsume's katori buta is here to remind you they're an irritating issue during the hotter months!

The katori buta in Neko Atsume does not have any bearing on your gameplay, but it is a welcome seasonal addition that not only adds to your cultural awareness but makes it feel more like summer while you're pushing along with your cat collection.

(Image source)

Want to know how to get all the rare cats in Neko Atsume? Read my rare cats guide here!

6 Apps For the Neko Atsume Lover Thu, 26 May 2016 18:26:06 -0400 cactusjudy

Are you a fan of Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector? If so, you're not alone. Since its initial release on October 20th, 2014, the popular gaming app has reached more than 10 million downloads. With a 4.6-star rating on Google Play, this cute and easy game has provided countless hours of entertainment for millions worldwide. However, if you, like me, have already attracted all of your feline friends to the yard (I just need mementos from Sapphire and Jeeves, and then I am dooooone), you might be wondering what to do with life after Neko Atsume. Well, never fear cat collectors! Several apps, riding off of the popularity of Kitty Collector, have burst onto the scene, guaranteeing countless hours of casual fun and procrastination! So, without further ado, here are 6 (free) apps, available on both iOS and Android, tailored to the lover of Neko Atsume:

1. Boku to Wanko: Doggie Collector 

This game is exactly what it sounds like: Neko Atsume, but with dogs! Buy toys and food to attract a total of 42 dogs to your yard, and then keep them coming back so you can eventually collect their "treasure." What's nice about this app is that each dog's profile lists how many more minutes they need to spend in your yard before they will bring you their treasure, so you don't have to inwardly groan when Tubbs eats up all of your Ritzy Bits for the 86th time without leaving a memento. What's not so nice is that the interface is pretty clunky in comparison to Neko Atsume's, and the English translation is definitely not top-quality. Still, if you like cute dogs and catchy background music, or want the added excitement of chasing away thieving stray cats from your yard, Boku to Wanko is a solid choice.

Note: The English version of Boku to Wanko appears to have not yet reached iOS as of the publication date of this article. Stay tuned!

2. KleptoCats 

But why would you waste you hours staring at pixelated images of inferior dogs when you could be basking in the glory of more cute cats? Or, even better, sending out such cats to do your evil bidding steal random stuff to fill up your room? This is the basis of KleptoCats: send your cat out to steal a random object, such as a taco or a Pokeball, collect coins and gems from your cats and mini-games, and use them to buy accessories and new cats. With 100 cats and 162 objects to collect, KleptoCats is sure to provide countless hours of kitty kleptomania. Just be warned: the amount of time it takes for the cats to steal a new object grows exponentially each time, so you'll want to find something else to do while you wait for your favorite little thief to come home.

3. Hamster Collection 

Like Boku to WankoHamster Collection is more or less Neko Atsume with hamsters. Buy toys and hamster food to attract hamsters to your cage, then pet the hamsters in order to raise their affection level. Hamster Collection also includes a "Behavior List" for each hamster, humorously detailing their interactions with different toys. Unfortunately, if you want to add more hamsters to your cage, you have to play "Hamster Gatcha," putting seeds left by visiting hamsters into a vending machine in order to receive a new hamster. The English translation is the same low-quality of Boku to Wanko, but the animations and illustrations are a significant step-up, so if raising hamsters is your forte, consider adding this game to your collection.

4. Alpaca World 

 Alpaca World is probably the game on this list that marks the most significant departure from the mechanics of Neko Atsume. In this alpaca collection game, you take your alpacas into the wild in order to battle wild alpacas, resulting in level-ups and items such as colored wool that can be sold in the game's town. You can also use rope to "catch" new alpacas for your farm, buy alpaca accessories, and breed baby alpacas using two alpacas of the opposite gender. Basically, think Pokemon, but with alpacas. It's a fun and addicting game, and worth it if only to watch cute little animated alpaca butts flopping up and down as your colorful friends run through the hills. 

5. Notice Me Senpai!

Marking a return to the tried-and-true Neko Atsume formula, Notice Me Senpai! finds you running a cafe designed to attract cute and eccentric senpais with high-quality coffee and a variety of pastries and decorations. Notice Me Senpai uses a Harvest Moon-esque hearts system: after a random number of visits, your senpai will gain a "heart," for a total of five. At 2 hearts you can choose a nickname for your senpai; at 3, senpai leaves you a cute little note, and at 4 or 5, a special memorable event will occur between you and senpai. With quirky boys (and a goat?!), fun anime references (gourmet club senpai is named Souma), and a relaxing atmosphere, Notice Me Senpai is this author's favorite Neko Atsume knock-off. (Though that might just be my inner otaku speaking.) 

 6. 10 Billion Wives

And, last but not least, we have 10 Billion Wives, for those who would rather collect waifus than senpais. In 10 Billion Wives, the goal is to get hitched to as many women as possible. After you wed a new wife, she will take her place endlessly marching across your screen, thus generating more "love." (That's how treadmills work, right?) Once you have attained a certain amount of love, you can level up your wife or buy her accessories, thus increasing her love-production levels, or purchase a new wife. The more wives you get, the more love you make! Yeah, please don't try this in real life. But if you've ever had a burning desire to try out polygamy and marry a CEO, Oni, or Tsundere, then this game was made for you!


Well, that's it for now, folks! There are certainly other games like Neko Atsume out there that the author has yet to try, and if you have any more recommendations, please comment below! Happy cat/dog/hamster/alpaca/senpai/waifu collecting! 

Customize your house in Neko Atsume via remodeling! Tue, 10 May 2016 17:50:54 -0400 Tobbpitt

What's there to be said about Neko Atsume remodels? Well, how about the fact they're the only substantial way you get to customize your house and yard. That's a big deal, especially if you want your cat collecting experience to be just right.

Remodeling your house and yard is part of progression in Neko Atsume but it doesn't have a huge impact on your gameplay. Each remodel has the same amount of spots to place items and two food bowls, meaning none have advantages over others. The expansion, which you have to get before you can remodel your home, is what really brings some quality of life improvements with more item spots.

The one real gameplay benefit to remodeling comes from the fact item spots are in different locations for each remodel, which means you can have better and more customized photo opportunities with your cats. This may seem like a tiny benefit, but it's a must for gung ho cat collectors!

So what's up with remodels?

Remodels are pretty much the only way you can really customize your house and yard outside of items and each player has their own preferred house style. While they all do look different and have their item spots in different areas, they are very much the same in actual function.

There are currently six total house style options in Neko Atsume. The first is the classic style that you start with. 

When you first start out only half of the Classic Style is available. You have to first get the house expansion, which costs 180 Gold Fish and effectively doubles the amount of items you can place in your home, before you can remodel. 

After you've gotten the expansion you are able to finally buy your first remodel.. for a price!

The five buyable remodel options all cost 280 Gold Fish but your first remodel is only half price at 140 Gold Fish. Make sure you get the remodel you like most first! You don't want to have to stare at a house you don't like until you can save up 280 Gold Fish.

The Modern Style remodel very much fits its name, being of a more blocky, bold-colored modern art style of decor sure to please minimalists.

The Zen Style remodel is far more subdued and instead is styled after expensive traditional Japanese houses, making it one of the more relaxing remodel options.

The Sugary Style remodel is one of the more off-the-wall options. Your house is made of sweets, from the foundation and walls all the way up to the bushes around your house. Definitely one of the more unique remodels but not for everyone!

The Western Style remodel brings that wild west feel to Neko Atsume, complete with cacti, tumbleweed, and saloon decor! Oddly enough this is one of the more popular remodel options among Japanese players. Whodathunkit?

The Rustic Style remodel isn't too far off from the Classic Style but Rustic is more of a Western-style home than Classic. The sure bet for anyone who wants their Neko Atsume house to be as close to their own real life home as it can get.

Two things to note about remodeling

The first is the fact Tubbs won't go inside to eat your quality food. That's right, that tubby feline won't touch your hard-spent cat foods if you don't put the expensive stuff outside. He's lazy but this definitely works to your advantage.

The second is all cats will vacate your home when you remodel. Keep this in mind before you push the button to apply new decor, otherwise you could miss out on some hefty Gold Fish from rare cats.

That's all there really is to know about Neko Atsume remodels. If you'd like general information on the game's rare cats you can check out my Neko Atsume rare cats guide. Keep up the cat collecting, my fellow feline fans!

Next-Level Neko Atsume: Cute Stuff for Exceptional Kitty Collectors! Fri, 25 Mar 2016 04:55:10 -0400 Stephanie Tang

That's it!

Just remember, you may think it ends when you've collected every last photo, and been given every last momento but it never does. It never does.


And neither will the cute merchandise. You're always going to keep finding more. But you're still going to love it when you do.


(see also The Science Behind Why Neko Atsume Is So Addictive)


Happy collecting!


(Image source)


Now if any of the other cute things have you mourning your own lack of creativity, try these cross-stitch patterns on for size! You can download them instantly and the block colors make them super easy for beginners. 


I personally like these ones from AllerzFishOutOfWater which you can get for $3.50 USD each. 


If the cup was too tiny for your taste, check out this adorable water bottle with a twist cap and a sleeve.


I lost the original Amazon marketplace link, but you can find it here on carousell for $17.50 USD. 


At the risk of wearing too much of a good thing, check out these adorable leggings featuring Snowball and a ball of yarn. 


You can find them here on Redbubble for $59 USD. 


Worlds collide in this cute T-shirt that proves the TARDIS really is bigger on the inside... even if it's made out of cardboard. 


You can find it here from Etsy seller SuperCuteAwesomeStuf for $21.80+ USD (shipping varies). 


Snowball is the first cat that visits your yard in Neko Atsume - and as such holds a rather special place in my heart. Especially when you stick them in a planter to be strung on a zipper of a backpack, jacket, or journal. 


You can find it here from Etsy seller dazedcrafter for $10.50 (shipping varies). 


With eight different styles to choose from, these cute little critters can be made into either magnets or pin-back buttons to dress up either your fridge or your backpack.


They're a little pricier than other pins on the Etsy market, but they're also a lot more interesting. You can find them here for $1.80 USD (pin) and $2.30 USD (magnet) (shipping varies) from Etsy seller BlackCatsButtons. 


Who doesn't love more things to hug? 


This 10" handmade plushie is made of felt and can be customized to any Neko Atsume cat and ball color you want. Note that it will take 1-2 weeks in order for the seller to make it. 


You can check it out here from Etsy seller Rabetto for $46.50 USD (shipping varies).




Everybody loves stickers, and these are designed to work to fancy up your journals or to personalize your luggage. These waterproof stickers come with about 40 per pack and measure between 2-4 cm. 


You can find them here from Etsy seller LookFantastic4U for $8 USD (shipping varies). 


Keep your keys company with this cute laser-cut acrylic keychain featuring an original design of Peaches on a sheep cushion which measures 1.2x1.5". 


You can find it here from Etsy seller poffe for $6.50 (shipping varies). 


If you want to keep your obsession as subtle as you can, check out this Neko Atsume-inspired pincushion, styled just like one of the cushions you can purchase for your favorite cartoon cats. 


It's made from fleece and measures about 3 inches across and you can find it here from Etsy seller ButterscotchBiscuit for $5 USD.


Alternatively, you can also buy it as a bed for a small pet for $28 USD!


If phone charms aren't enough, jazz up your phone itself with a cute case and a kitty print. You have the choice of going for a print like the one pictured above, or even simpler with a single cat lounging away at the bottom. 


Currently it looks like these cases are only being offered for iPhones, iPads, and Samsung devices (check to see if yours made the list!). 


You can find them here from Etsy seller RealDesignRocks for $10.95+ (shipping varies). You'll have to browse through the other listings for different designs. 


These versatile little guys are at once phone charms (that hang from the headphone jack) but can also double a screen cleaner for smudges!  


You have a choice of the five cats shown:

  • Sunny (Tobimike-san)
  • \n
  • Pepper (Odd-san)
  • \n
  • Pickles (Shirosaba-san)
  • \n
  • Peaches (Cream-san)
  • \n
  • Tubbs (Manzoku-san)
  • \n

They sell for $6.99 USD (shipping varies) here from OtakuMode. 


Neko Atsume has made cat butts cute again.


Where before we were pretending they didn't exist or contemplating the existence of the Twinkle Tush (you don't have to click the link, it literally is a jewel that hangs down and hides your cat's butt from view), you can now laugh at the sight of the wiggling little x as your animated cats rummage their way through cardboard boxes. 


Celebrate this with this adorable earring set that looks like it combines cat games with a Portal gun.


You can find it here from Etsy seller InBetweenStars for $7.50 (shipping varies) a pair. 


These tiny little needle felted cats can be customized how you like it, and in one of three different poses. 


They're not very big (depending on the pose, they measure between 8-10 cm) but they are super cute and the seller is excellent at paying attention to detail. 


You can get one here from Etsy seller ClawsandFangs for $18.89 USD (shipping varies) each. 


Doll it up with these cute-as-a-button hair bows for a day in the sun. While I highly wish this adorable print came in a skirt or a dress, I'd settle for taming my inner six-year-old with a set of these pinning my hair back.


You can find them here from Etsy seller dexlarprice for $3 USD each (shipping varies). 


More pillows!


This time looking much more cat-shaped, these handmade fleece pillows are 12x8" and you have a choice of which Neko Atsume cat you want to grace your sofa arm. Or, if you've already got a feline staking out its claim over there, you can also choose to customize it to be just like your own cat so long as you provide a reference picture. 


Note that the wait time for making and shipping these pillows can take up to 5 weeks. 


You can find them here from Etsy seller ClarusCrafts for $40 USD (shipping varies). 


All cute things are better in cubes. This is perhaps not proven by science, but it certainly feels that way from practice. And now you can get any cat (you'll have to message the seller if you really want one of the rares) from Neko Atsume handmade to plush, cube-y perfection.


These toys measure 6x6x6" and you can customize it with your own cat variant if you want to as well. Note that since they are handmade, they will take 2-3 weeks for the seller to make even before they start shipping. Plan ahead if you want to make one of these a gift!


You can find them here for $30-40 USD (shipping varies) each from Etsy seller Arrupako. 


There's nothing so personal as the prime retail space on your laptop and what you choose to clutter it up with. What better way than with a cute decal?


Keep it simple with a single large cat on the cover (like Peaches shown above) for $3-4 USD (shipping varies) here from Etsy seller RosieTorchez.


Or if you want to go all out, check out this 10-piece set of vinyl decals here from Etsy seller LeTanuki for $4.36-7.23 USD (shipping varies). 


Fleece hats!


I love wearing weird things on my head and winters up here in the Great North can get pretty chilly. 


Though Google promises me that Spring is really here, we've just finished weathering a bout of snow and freezing rain and I haven't quite felt the need to put away my mittens just yet. Those of you in the northern parts of the US are probably feeling a similar need to stay bundled up - and what better way than with a hat that'll keep others smiling at the same time?


You can check out this cozy little thing (and other Neko Atsume cat variants) here on Etsy for $20 USD (shipping varies). 


I have a weakness for tiny things (Re-ment owned my soul for a very, very long time) and these Neko Atsume mini-figs are no exception.


The set pictured above is the official Bandai release, which I believe you need to purchase separately and come in blind boxes with a little stand-up set and sheet of stickers. The set I've linked is a Chinese knock off version but with all figures included. 


You can find this here on eBay for $34.99 USD (+$2.99 shipping). Unfortunately, I couldn't find a store link for the official set that wasn't already sold out, but will update if I do. 


Can you think of a more satisfied-looking animal than this little kitty right here? 


This little Tubbs pendant measures 20x9mm which is perfect for stringing on a necklace, although perhaps a little too big to attach to a bracelet.


Note that while the listing states that it's made of silver, this is probably in reference to the color and not the material itself. Those with metal allergies should be wary, although if you string it on your own chain (since it doesn't come included), it shouldn't cause much irritation. 


You can find it here on eBay for $19.99 USD (and free shipping). 


Similar to the other rubber animal coin purses that have filtered stateside from China, this particular variant is a nod once again at our favorite tubby white kitty. 


This cute little guy measure 4x3x1" and is no slouch when it comes to carry capacity.


You can find it here on eBay for $12.99 USD and free shipping.


If you can't be separated from these happy cat faces for even a single second, check out one of these Chinese Neko Atsume-inspired kitty shoulder bags (with a little tail charm!) 


They measure about 10" so you should have a fair amount of space for all the usual purse goodies you need to keep at your side. 


You can find them here for $11.79 USD (+$4.99 shipping) each on eBay.


Now here's a set you may have to break up and share amongst your friends!


Featuring some of the rarer cats in the game, these 13 different phone charms (attachable either by cord or by earphone plug) from China only seem to come in a set. They're sturdy little things made of rubber, so they're much easier to clean and keep clean too. No smudges on these cat faces!


You can find them here on eBay for $27.99 USD (+$4.99 shipping). 


These animal anti-dust earphone jack plugs have been around for ages, but when have they been more appropriate than now in the height of the kitty craze?


Complete with Neko Atsume x cat butts, these charming little critters can keep all your handheld electronics company wherever you go - and they can take the wear and tear of daily use and pocket scratches too. Don't forget that most of us have more than just our phones - there's our 3DS, tablet, and laptop too!


You can find this set of four here on Amazon for $6.14 USD and free shipping. (Unfortunately unavailable for those of us outside of the US.)


Nothing says appreciation like filling your kitchen with the things you love most. This charming little cup is plastered with all the cute, smiling kitty faces you may already know by heart. 


Those of you interested in getting one should note that this sturdy little thing is a cup, not a mug, so it may not be your go-to for early-morning coffee. It is also smaller than you may expect (check out the customer photos for a good comparison!).


You can find this here on Amazon for $4.13 USD (+$4.93 shipping). 


Some people might grow out of stuffed animals... and to such people I say bah


This charming (and pretty huggable-sized) 13.4" Tubbs plushie is just the thing to take along with you when it comes down to the really hard choices in life - dessert, yes or yes?


An inspiration, truly.


You can find this messy eater here on Amazon for $11.20 USD and free shipping.


Once upon a time, I had a dream of being a Japanese wifey who could make any number of cute bentos for - let's face it, I was a teenager - my own adoring self. That dream died a quick death when I realized it meant getting up an hour earlier, and required laughably small portions of food (who has time to cut and wash an entire tomato, just to take exactly one slice out of it?)


The Neko Atsume cookbook promises dishes that are a lot more functional without sacrificing any of the cute. Do note that it is written entirely in Japanese without any English translation - but who knows if you'll find some neat ideas just by checking out the pictures?


You can find the book here on eBay for $27.99 USD and free shipping. 


Kitty up your desk the right way with this set of Chinese Neko Atsume-inspired mini figures that comes with a little flower pot landscape and a wooden bench for your six cat figures (one of them is actually the gray and white pair pictured above) to lounge, hang, or nap on however you want to arrange them. 


You can find them here on eBay for $7.88 USD (and free shipping).

So. Cute.

This is literally the first and only thing that you can possibly say the minute you start up Neko Atsume and find yourself face-to-face with a backyard full of cats. 


Fresh out of Japan, the cat game phenomenon has hit the western app market by storm (it's not hard when the app is free on both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store) and the franchise didn't take very long to follow suit.


The Japanese market is known for pushing out as many cute things as it possibly can, and Neko Atsume is no exception. Combine that with the ingenuity of Etsy sellers around the world, and you've got a list of things any kitty collector would be proud of. Check out the following slides for some of our favorites at any budget!

5 cute games like Neko Atsume to fall in love with Thu, 24 Mar 2016 03:39:17 -0400 Tobbpitt




Now, I never wanted my virtual cats to turn to a life of crime and I certainly never wanted to run a cat crime ring, but that's where I am.


Kleptocats has you send out your horde of cats to steal and bring back the riches they've stolen. A few days in and you start to feel like a hoarder, a few months and you may be a hardened criminal.


Kleptocats is cuter than cute and has a ton of items for you to send your cats out to bring home. Sometimes you play minigames, sometimes you pet's all in good fun, right?


This game doesn't take a ton of time each day to play and I can't deny that dressing my cats up is pretty fun. It definitely needs more minigames to pass the time while you wait for your kitties to bring home the bacon, but as it stands there's plenty to gawk at if you want a different type of cat collector game.


Kleptocats is available on both Google Play and iTunes.


Boku to Nyanko


Does the name sound similar? The image above eerily similar to a slide just a few clicks behind this one? I would think so, considering Boku to Nyanko is basically Boku to Wanko but with cats -- which is pretty much just a Neko Atsume clone. But there's no denying any of these games are cute.


Boku to Nyanko works almost identically to Boku to Wanko, in that more than one of a breed can be at your home at a time and the game requires a little more time than Neko Atsume to keep track of. 


This one's perfect if you love Neko Atsume but are just done with it and want more to do. If you've gotten all your Mementos and are itching for a new cat collecting game, this is your best English bet.


Boku to Nyanko is only available on Google Play.


Hamster Collection


Japanese kids really like hamsters, so you see a ton of cute Japanese games about hamsters, but not all that many in English. Well, except Hamster Collection.


Whether you like hamsters or not, it's hard to deny the cuteness overload this game throws in your face.


Hamster Collection is pretty close to Neko Atsume in terms of gameplay, but requires a bit more effort on your part. Not enough to be an inconvenience, but enough to keep you engaged.


This is a definite contender for anyone who wants a game similar to Neko Atsume, but with a bit more to it. And who doesn't like to pick up virtual hamsters and pet them? Monsters, that's who.


Hamster Collection is available in English on both Google Play and iTunes.




I tried to promote this game in my cute Japanese Android game roundup last year, and I'm at it again: You should probably play Nekonoke if you like cute cats in your video games.


Unlike the other games on this list, Nekonoke is more a tapper game than an idle game, asking you to keep tabs on it often to rake in money. And how do you make money, you ask? By tapping hairballs off your cats, of course!


Nekonoke's charm lies not only in the adorable kitties, but also in the too-cute music and slow but real sense of progression. It takes a while to really progress because cats and furniture, not to mention their upgrades, get expensive fast. But that's part of the fun that keeps you coming back.


Nekonoke is available on both Google Play and iTunes in English.


Boku to Wanko


What if you took Neko Atsume, but instead of cats you collected dogs?


That's pretty much the premise of Boku to Wanko: It's Neko Atsume with dogs. Lots and lots of absolutely adorable dogs, and they don't take all that much time to befriend.


In some ways Boku to Wanko can be considered a bit of a knock-off -- after all, it's not all that unique -- but it's really the only animal collecting game for dog lovers. It's not perfect, but it gets the job done.


Things work a little differently in this game. The dogs don't have names --instead they are breeds. Sometimes cats come by and steal their food, and each breed has a set timer for how long they have to stay at your house before they give you a gift. 


It's too cute to ignore, and if you like dogs this game is probably your best bet.


Boku to Wanko is currently available in English on Google Play but its Japanese-only on iTunes. Check out my easy guide for signing up for a Japanese iTunes account if you're interested.


Yeah, Neko Atsume is great but.. doesn't it get boring after a while?


Don't get me wrong, cat collecting is great fun, but there are only so many cats. After you've seen them all and been honored with every Memento, there's not much left to do in Neko Atsume. So why not try something new?


There are a ton of cute animal games on Google Play and iTunes, more than ever now that Neko Atsume's risen to the top of the cat game charts. If you've been at it for a while, there's no reason not to give one of these other adorable games a try. You may just like them, especially if you have a weakness for collecting adorable animals.

The Science Behind Why Neko Atsume Is So Addictive Sun, 13 Mar 2016 14:08:08 -0400 Stephanie Tang

Cats are cute.

--Okay. So maybe that's not science, but unless you are a cold, unfeeling monster, you have watched a cat video or cat .gif (not of one being set on fire) and you have smiled. 

And unless you've been living under a rock, you've heard of "the cat game" that everyone is talking about. You might even be one of those go-getters that picked it up and powered through in Japanese long before the English version hit your respective app store. 

But you did it because cats are cute, and then you decided that you needed to see and collect them all. Didn't you?

Neko Atsume is the surprising new hit of the season -- and the obvious aside, it's hard to really pinpoint the reason why.

It's a waiting game like any other - you set out food and toys, and you tab out of the game to wait around and see if any cats come to visit. Nothing happens if you simply sit there and watch your yard. 

The simplicity of the game is is what makes it so accessible to so many people, and helps account for its popularity worldwide. Japan has a (well-earned) reputation for capitalizing on cute things in some of the most imaginative and lucrative ways possible - an entire franchise of Re-ment-like toys, stuffed animals, and other cat merchandise has already saturated the market over there - but we can't quite say the same thing about the North American state of affairs.

(Although who knows? We saw how well Angry Birds did, and Pumpkin is so much cuter than Red.)

Traditionally, the idea of video game addiction was applied to MMO gamers. It was usually the community aspect that gamers craved to the point of distraction; doing something that was challenging but they felt good at doing, that offered them flashy lights and thrilling music every time they leveled up (oh, accomplishment!), and doing it all with people just like them.

The good news, of course, is that more or less, most countries with first world infrastructure acknowledge video game/internet addiction for those people who actually have a problem. The bad news is that it's just new enough that most people don't know how to see when and if there really is a problem.

(See The Direct Approach: China Takes on Teen Internet Addiction for a rather extreme method of authoritative counter-measures to addiction in China.)

In the early years, World of Warcraft wasn't a game, it was a warning to those of out of the loop, an injunction never to be like one of them. Nowadays, when WoW subscription numbers have dropped significantly, the warning is still there: don't be one of those people who simply can't let go. 

This stigma against multi-player gamers has endured, unfortunately, and only now are people beginning to realize that most of the stereotypes of he mouth-breathing neckbeard are untrue. It wasn't just WoW,; everyone touched a multi-player game (from Counter Strike to Maple Story) even semi-seriously were often tarred with the same brush.

(see also Are You a Video Game Addict?)

It's only in recent years that the mobile market has really taken off - and in doing so, introduced the rest of the world to gaming, which up until now, didn't really care for controllers or WASD keyboard configurations. It's made playing a game for a long time okay, where more people are in the position to understand when you profess to spending a crazy amount of time playing a game.

Of course, the rise in mobile games has also led to a number of factors that influence gamer habits. The kind of game that succeeds in the mobile market is far removed from what you would normally play on PC or console, and mobile app companies have been quick to realize this. What makes mobile games popular?

We have some ideas about other mobile games. King's mobile mogul casual and colorful match-3 Candy Crush Saga is a perfect example about realizing what attracts their audiences and keeps them.

And yet, that isn't a very satisfactory explanation about the popularity of Neko Atsume is it?

After all, the cat game is much more passive than Candy Crush - you don't really need to do anything, simply check in from time to time, and refill the food bowl. If you have a few more minutes to spare, collect your fish rewards and buy some new toys to set out. It also doesn't require much in the way of cold hard cash to keep playing - nor does it do much to encourage spending money. You can pay to buy more golden fish if you want, but you get plenty of silver and gold fish as rewards already, and there is a good exchange mechanic in the store to trade between silver and gold fish. 

That's the thing about mobile games though, 0.15% of mobile gamers bring in 50% of the market's revenue according to 2012 Forbes data. Most people aren't addicted to the same degree that this fraction of a percent is (where it affects the state of their pocket in a big way). And yet even if we're not shelling out the cash, it's the majority that sincerely appreciates when the app creators haven't designed the game expressly to mask Micro-Transaction Simulator 2016.

Neko Atsume is so popular and so well-liked because it's so laid back. You just check in once in awhile for up to 30 seconds at most before going back to you day. There are no wait timers. There aren't any quests. There aren't any annoying ads unless you choose to tap on them. You don't feel compelled to stare at it, but you're willing to keep it going. It's a good, harmless, adorable game that people simply can't get enough of.


It's' like playing a Pusheen game without any Pusheen in it. 

Are there downsides though?

As with all things, certainly, there could be. The most obvious harm is to your bank account - the internet is full of anecdotal evidence and news stories about kids who play phone games and end up charging thousands of dollars to their parents' credit cards because they haven't quite got the hang of using or earning real money. 

But that's only a part of it. 

A mobile game habit doesn't hurt you physically in the same way as it would other addictive substances (e.g. cigarettes, alcohol, hard drugs), but it affects your brain in a similar manner, especially when you have to do without: 

  • Addictions target the brain’s reward system and flood it with dopamine. When we play, we feel happy.
  • Since playing is now associated with reward, our brains remember this action as something necessary to repeat in the future.
  • Over time, a person can produce less and less dopamine with the activity, so the brain craves more time spent with the addiction.
  • Because of the lower dopamine levels when not playing, withdrawal symptoms set in, including depression, restlessness, difficulty focusing, mood swings, and nausea.

This perhaps isn't necessarily the case with Neko Atsume. There isn't nearly as much of a push to win as there is in other games (3-star mechanics, for example) or beat your friends in any way. The most it encourages you to do, is to post your cat photos on Twitter to share with your friends. 

So maybe that's another reason why we like it. Even those players who are super invested and have filled their catbooks with photos and have collected all the mementos don't spend nearly as much time in this game as one might in any other. They don't have to spend as much money. They spend so much time away, withdrawal symptoms aren't triggered in quite the same way if they are separated from it. They play it because it's a game that's fun, but still fairly safe to obsess about. And in today's mobile market, that's a rare find indeed.


Boku to Wanko guide - English item translations Sun, 24 Jan 2016 16:59:10 -0500 Tobbpitt

Boku to Wanko is quickly shaping up to be the dog-based alternative to Neko Atsume, if you can deal with the game being in Japanese. Trust me, you can. 

Luckily enough the language barrier in Boku to Wanko isn't too bad. You just need to know how to navigate the menus -- and BAM! There you are, you know how to play. It's just as easy as Neko Atsume, but if you're trying and having trouble check out my Boku to Wanko translation guide to get started.

If you already know how to play but want to have a little more insight into what you're doing with your visitor doggies, I've got just the thing for you. All the items you can buy have been translated, so you know exactly what you're giving those pups to play with.

The items below can all be seen in the in-game shop and each one attracts different breeds to your house. Try them with different types of food to attract both rare and common breeds to rack up those Bones and Golden Bones. 

Item image Item name and price
  Soft Ball
10 Bones
  Dental Bone
40 Bones
  Afro Wig
10 Golden Bones
15 Golden Bones
  Baby Bottle
30 Bones
20 Bones
  Barrel Mug
40 Bones
  Hair Gel
30 Bones
15 Golden Bones
50 Bones
20 Bones
30 Bones
  Black Shoe
60 Bones
25 Golden Bones
  Ferris Wheel Toy
150 Bones
40 Bones
30 Bones
60 Bones
  Charcoal Grill
30 Golden Bones
  Picture Book
70 Bones
  Dancing Flower
150 Bones
  Robot Dog
40 Golden Bones
  Rugby Ball
150 Bones
  Automatic Ball Thrower
240 Bones
  Plush Monkey
80 Bones
30 Bones
360 Bones
360 Bones
  Toy Piano
240 Bones
  Pea Pod Cushion
150 Bones
  Dice Cushion
150 Bones
  Rotating Fan
360 Bones
240 Bones
150 Bones
  Hula Hoop
150 Bones
80 Bones
  Toy Train
540 Bones
  Garden Pool
600 Bones
  Saigo-san Statue
60 Golden Bones
720 Bones
  Rotating Flying Toy
480 Bones
  Minicar Track
540 Bones
Boku to Wanko - English guide to get you started dog collecting Wed, 13 Jan 2016 05:11:36 -0500 Tobbpitt

If you ever thought you could go for Neko Atsume but with dogs, Boku to Wanko is just sitting on Google Play and iTunes for you to sink your teeth into.

I don't think I would say Boku to Wanko isn't a rip off of Neko Atsume, but that's okay. Dog lovers needed their own game in the same vein, even if it came from different developers.

Though it may be similar, Boku to Wanko is different in some ways:

  • Dogs can visit your yard even when you are playing the game
  • Each dog doesn't have an individual name, instead you see the breed
  • Multiple dogs of one breed can visit your yard at a time
  • Gold Bones (think Neko Atsume's Gold Fish) seem to be harder to get
  • Mementos are given after a dog has spent enough time visiting you 
  • You simply double-tap a dog to take a picture
  • Cats will sometimes wander into your yard and eat your dog food and you have to tap them away
  • Dogs' weight, gender, and time spent at your home are listed instead of power level, times visited, and personalities
  • Boku to Wanko is currently only in Japanese

If you waited until Neko Atsume got an English release, you just might have a tough time dealing with the Japanese menus in Boku to Wanko. Luckily enough, the language barrier isn't too high and the game is easy enough to play without any Japanese knowledge -- as long as you know the game basics.

Navigating the UI

Boku to Wanko is even easier to navigate than Neko Atsume, which is a plus if you're coming into it without knowing a lick of Japanese. Here's a look at the yard UI and the translations for what each main button does:

Buy Gold Bones - You can buy Gold Bones using real money here.

Inventory - Lists the items you have and lets you remove or add them to your house/yard.

Shop - Where you buy toys, food, and can exchange between Bones and Gold Bones.

Notebook - A log of all the dogs that have visited you so far with their information.

Gifts - This is where you collect Bones dogs have given you as thanks for letting them visit, like sardines in Neko Atsume.

There are also the camera and volume buttons to the top right, which are fairly self-explanatory. Tap on the food bowl to buy different types of foods, which I will be translating further down in this guide.

Inventory menu translation

The inventory menu is very simple and only lists the goods you have along with a remove and place option, depending on whether or not you already have those items laying out.

When you tap 'Remove', you will be asked if you're sure you want to remove that item from the yard.

At the top right is also a button to the shop so you don't have to exit your inventory before you go shopping. Very convenient! 

Shop menu translation

When you tap on 'Shop' from the yard screen, you're prompted with three options:

Toys - You can buy toys to lure dogs into your home to take pictures of them! Oh wait, that's the whole point of the game, isn't it?

Area Expansion - Just like Neko Atsume, you can expand your view to put more toys out for your doggy friends, with one being 120 Gold Bones and the other needing 180 Gold Bones.

Bone Exchange - Here you can exchange Bones for Gold Bones. You can trade 500 Bones for 10 Gold Bones or 10 Gold Bones for 250 Bones.

The shops themselves are easy to navigate and don't need any translations of their own here.

Notebook translation

The Notebook in Boku to Wanko is familiar yet.. different. 

The types of information shown here are definitely different from Neko Atsume. The most important bits to watch here are the 'Minutes spent at your house' and 'Amount of minutes left to get the memento' translated bits. 

In Boku to Wanko, a dog must spend enough time hanging out at your house before it will give you a memento. The amount of time needed until this happens can be seen next to the question mark at the bottom of a dog's Notebook entry. This makes it a little easier to get mementos, but it can take a long time.

The other parts of the Notebook aren't as important, but they are translated above.


Getting Bones and Gold Bones is important to keep progressing, and they come pretty fast in Boku to Wanko. Just head into the Gifts screen then exit to claim any Bones the dogs have left for you.

Dog food translation

You want to know what you're giving your dogs, right? Tap the dog food bowl to be taken to the dog food menu.

You must buy food before you can place it. The game will tell you to buy the food first if you press 'Place' on a food you don't have.

Each food draws different breeds to your home and each one lasts a different period of time.

  • Dry food (Free) - Lasts 12 hours
  • Bone-shaped bolo (30 Bones) - Lasts 8 hours
  • Jerky (3 Gold Bones) - Lasts 4 hours
  • Meatballs (12 Gold Bones) - Lasts 3 hours
  • Rabbit-cut Apples (5 Gold Bones) - Lasts 3 hours

It's important you know the times they last so you can make sure to come back and restock the bowl once the time runs out.

Boku to Wanko will hopefully get an English translation one day, but for now hopefully these translations will help you get started with your own adorable dog collection!