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The Square Enix Collective has announced its Gamescom 2017 lineup in a recent press release. Their showcase will include five indie games that are "full of contrasts" for a broad gaming experience. 

Below is a full list of all the games that will be featured on behalf of the Collective at this year's event.

Battalion 1944

Leading the lineup is Bulkhead Interactive's Battalion 1944, a multiplayer first person shooter game. The developers are seeking to recapture older styles of FPS gameplay, where skill and stats determined victory, as opposed to powerups and other add-ons. Square Enix London's  Director of Community and Indie Development, Phil Elliot, mentioned that this game has garnered quite a bit of attention and shows how popular both retro mechanics and World War II still are for gamers.

Forgotten Anne

Also featured is Throughout Games' anime adventure Forgotten Anne. Billed as a cinematic adventure with "light puzzle platforming elements", Forgotten Anne sees you take on the titular role of Anne as she tries to stamp out rebellion in the Forgotten Lands -- a place where forgotten things from socks to letters are refashioned into magical creatures called Forgotlings.

Oh My Godheads

On a lighter note is Titutitech's Oh My Godheads, a multiplayer game born out of love for classic franchises like Worms and Street Fighter. This title offers a variation of capture-the-flag where the flag happens to be a talking stone head.

Tokyo Dark

On the JRPG side of things, there's Cherrymochi's Tokyo Dark -- a title that combines psychological and anime horror. It also builds on the point-and-click visual novel style by adding various branching story paths that are uncovered based on your decisions as the main character, as you try to find your lost mentor in the darkness beneath Tokyo. 

Deadbeat Heroes

Finally comes Upstream Arcade's Deadbeat Heroes, another multiplayer title that's a 3D brawler. The goal in Deadbeat Heroes is to stop the new wave of 1970s super criminals from having their way with London -- only you play as civilians with no crime-fighting experience. You must borrow your powers from others, while "not getting shot, sliced, lasered, exploded, vaporized, eaten…"


All of these games are part of the Square Enix Collective -- a curated platform for indie games where developers pitch their ideas, get approved for funding, and publish through Square Enix. All the titles above, and many others, will be taking the stage at Gamescom later this month.

What do you think of the Square Enix Collective's lineup for Gamescom 2017? Let us know down in the comments!

EGX 2016: Day 4 - Time To Slow Down and Take Stock https://www.gameskinny.com/fk0k7/egx-2016-day-4-time-to-slow-down-and-take-stock https://www.gameskinny.com/fk0k7/egx-2016-day-4-time-to-slow-down-and-take-stock Fri, 30 Sep 2016 02:00:01 -0400 ESpalding

The last day of EGX 2016 was a relatively slow one compared to the previous days but in a way it was good because it gave me the chance to try a few games I didn't already have scheduled, do a bit of networking and get a couple of interviews done. The first part of the day was taken up by interviewing Colin McComb, one of the main guys behind Planescape: Torment to discuss his new game Torment: Tides of Numenera. I then only had one other thing scheduled in for the day.


Mekazoo is a very bright and vibrant 3D platformer which is very reminiscent of the 2D platformers from the past. You control a group of mechanical animals (Mekanimals) as you take on an insectoid army and other mekanimals. There are four animals to control, and you only ever control one at a time by transforming into them. There is an armadillo which curls itself into a ball to move very fast and utilize cannons to blast through the air, a frog which can project its tongue out in front of him to grab on to holds to move around, and a wallaby which uses its legs to wall jump and break through floors. The other animals are a panda and a pelican, but they were not included in the demo.

Developers Good Mood Creators hope to have Mekazoo out during Q4 this year, and it will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC, Mac and Linux. It will also be available on the WiiU shortly after its initial release date.


It took me a while to play this game by Mad Fellows (an indie developer from Leamington Spa, UK) mainly because of my schedule, but I did watch it a few times as I was circulating the Rezzed zone. The aim of the game is to follow a light ribbon in time with the music and then defeat bosses in a more open environment. The controls took a bit of time to get used to, but when I did get used to them, I enjoyed the game. The music in the game wasn't exactly my cup of tea, but when it was coupled with the gameplay and needing to use the rhythm to get through, that didn't really matter to me.

Aaero is scheduled to release very early 2017 and will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Flat Heroes

This was the only game I managed to play in the Leftfield Collection at this year's event. The Leftfield Collection is sponsored by SEGA and celebrates some of the best talents in the world of independent developers.

The look of Flat Heroes is basic and very trendy, but the gameplay is intense and fast-paced. The aim of each level is just to avoid what is coming at you. Developers Parallel Circles, from Manchester, UK, say:

We have focused on creating a really tight, intuitive and responsive control, allowing players to move freely around the game area in a superfluid way.

And the result is a highly polished game, easy to learn but hard to master and is a lot of fun when playing multiplayer. You can either play co-op and work your way through a series of scenarios, or you can battle against each other with the sole purpose of taking each other out.

The game is out now in early access on Steam and is available on PC, Mac OS, and Linux.

Oh My Godheads

Introducing the worlds only capture-the-head team game! Sounds like a bit of daft concept but it really isn't. Using the age-old concept of capture-the-flag, Titutitech from Barcelona, Spain, has created a game that is different, bright, and fun but still keeps to this much-loved idea.

In Oh My Godheads, you can play with up to 4 players in the team head-to-head mode, or you can play against the game's AI. Each arena is themed on a particular civilization, and the heads are of a particular deity. For example, one of the matches we played was played on the top of a pyramid and the head we were playing with was the Egyptian Goddess Bastet. So, we've established that the aim of the game is pretty simple. You score by getting the head to your base. There is a twist, however. Each head has a nasty way of screwing you over if you are the one carrying it. I don't want to go into too much detail with that though because the surprise is a much better experience!

There is currently no release date for Oh My Godheads, but it is estimated to be hitting Steam by the end of 2016. For the moment, I will only be available on PC.

As well as playing these games, I took advantage of a couple of panels in the Rezzed area. The one that most sticks with me was listening to an amazing event which happens in Sweden every year. It is something called Stugan -- a summer camp for game developers. Teams spend two months in a forest working on their projects in peace and quiet. The camp is situated in the municipality of Dalarna, somewhere between the towns of Falun and Börlange. This all sounds completely ideal to me!

So, that was it. EGX 2016 has come to pass. It was an absolutely amazing event, and I'm sure that if you could have asked everyone who attended what they thought, their answer would be "amazing!" I was blown away by the sheer amount of talent exhibited in the indie area and, although I wasn't overly interested in the majority of AAA games, the bigger games were all very popular, but at the end of the day everyone who was there was happy and having fun doing what they love. All the indie developers I spoke to were fantastic, and so very happy to stand and chat about their game and put up with all the same questions over and over again. There was so much pride in the Rezzed section, and it felt fantastic!

Anyway, now I can look forward to EGX Rezzed in March 2017 where there will be much my indie goodness, sore feet and uber amounts of networking!

EGX 2016: Day 4 - I Cubed, Sliced, and Danced...Also Other Things https://www.gameskinny.com/lgz9q/egx-2016-day-4-i-cubed-sliced-and-dancedalso-other-things https://www.gameskinny.com/lgz9q/egx-2016-day-4-i-cubed-sliced-and-dancedalso-other-things Fri, 30 Sep 2016 08:34:44 -0400 Pierre Fouquet

EGX Day 4, the final day, started with VR and ended with cubism -- in other words, it was a little geeky. But I also played a lot of co-op games, and met up with some awesome people.

Surprisingly, Day 4 was spent chatting to a lot of said people. Even though I played a decent amount of games, I spent equal time, if not more, just engaging in good conversation. I wonder how many people lost their ears?

Unseen Diplomacy

By developer Triangular Pixels, Unseen Diplomacy IS room scale VR. I have no idea how the game works, but going from one room, into a vent round a few corners, and then into a larger room without bumping into a wall is amazing.

The story of the game is centers around being a spy, but that doesn't matter when you literally crawl through a vent. To get into vents you have to pick up a screwdriver, and unscrew the screws around the vent, then you just pick it up and crawl through the vent. 

There are lasers to dodge, keyboards to type on, vents to crawl through, and evil overload plans to stop. Unseen Diplomacy uses the Vive as I believe HTC and Valve intended, and it's amazing.

Unseen Diplomacy is out now on Steam, and not for a lot, other than the price of the Vive.


Battlezone, published by Rebellion, is a revival of the classic tank battling game, but in PS VR and with a Tron-esque aesthetic. Boy, the art style of Battlezone is good looking! Gameplay wise, Battlezone isn't all that special -- it's a rather basic formula of dodge exploding things, and shoot your exploding things till other tanks explode. But it's still fun!

Maybe part of the VR draw is that you can look around, but it never stops being cool. The sense of presence in VR is amazing, I kinda was in that tank. When changing weapons you can see them retract and extend, and it's cool!

Battlezone is coming out on 13th October 2016, for PS4 and requires PS VR.

Sniper Elite 4

Sniper Elite 4 is the 4th in the Sniper Elite series. And, well, it's just more of the same, but with a far more open world. There are sub-objectives to complete, and the levels are massive. If you were not a sniper, the levels would be too big, but there are now far more opportunities to actually make long shots at over 700m. Read any review of Sniper Elite 3 for how the gameplay is, and you pretty much have the same game, just with the larger levels and that is no where near a bad thing.

Sniper Elite 4 is coming out in February 2017.

Conga Master

Conga Master, by developer Undercoders, is a competitive -- I think -- game about making the longest conga line. You circle around people in the party to attract them to your line, but there are a few powerups which you can get to effect the other person's congo line. Conga Master is rather fun, but I'm not sure how long lived that would be.

As a party game, it's amazing fun to mess about with your friends, but it might be a little messy in design for even that. It's not really clear what does what, but if someone at said party knows how to play, they can simply explain what you need to do in 3 words, "run around people." While I wouldn't play Conga Master on my own, I can see it being a lot of fun in a group.

Conga Master is out now on Steam.

Oh My God Heads

A mix between football, and slash-em-up games, your aim in Oh My God Heads is to take a head and run it to your goal. All of said heads are based on deities from different civilizations, and all have different negative effects on the carrier -- like reversing all controls.

You can kill enemies, and use their respawn timers to tactically plan your run for the goal. You also have bombs, but only a few, so bum rushing for the head isn't the best idea. Oh My God Heads is utter chaos, but utter hilarity, and was the only other game I walked away from with a smile -- along with PikuNiku.

Oh My God Heads is by developer Titutitech. While it doesn't have a release date, it will hopefully be out in 2017.

Flat Heroes

Flat Heroes is a platformer where you play as a cube trying to survive. You can play with up to 4 players, and while you can team up, you can also screw your friends over. It's inordinate amounts of fun, and it's a perfect easy-to-learn, hard-to-master game, and it's oh so moreish. If there is any game that I could not put down it was Flat Heroes -- I was just having so much fun with it. While it wasn't funny, or existential, or complex, or graphically groundbreaking, or made me feel like I was in the world, it kept me playing.

The "just one more" feeling reminds me of games like Super Meat Boy, or the "just a few more minutes" in games like GTA 5 -- it kept me hooked, line, and sunk. Deep on the clutches of the fishing hook, I was caught. Flat Heroes had me, and I want more! Why can't I go back to EGX?

Flat Heroes is out on Steam Early Access now, and will hopefully be out fully early 2017, by duo developer Parallel Circles -- Super Lemon Bits and InspectorRoar.

That's it for EGX 2016!

Those were all of the games I played. From having existential crises, to picking up some dude's head, even playing as an AI, or flying around along sick beats, EGX 2016 was a blast. I want to thank all of the game developers, PR people, and everyone else who took the time to chat to me or Emma about their games. I always love talking to passionate people, and boy did you guys deliver. I also got to finally meet a whole bunch of people I'd been bugging on Twitter for ages, so that was nice.

That's everything from EGX 2016 on Day 4, but make sure you check out all the other EGX 2016 coverage from both me, and Emma Spalding.