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Atlus USA has announced that it is working with game developer FuRyu to localize and release RPG Caligula in North America and Europe next Spring. The release will be download-only for the PlayStation Vita, and will feature the game's original Japanese audio. 

Famtisu describes Caligula as a "next-generation school juvenile RPG" that focuses in on modern issues such as pathology, trauma, and unfulfilled desire. In the game, a virtual idol called μ lures people into a virtual reality called Mobius with her songs, because she believes humanity is continuously suffering while in the real world.

The story focuses on nine high schoolers who form a "Going Home Club" because they want to escape Mobius and go back to the real world. The game's title refers to the "Caligula Effect," which states that the more someone is denied something, the more they will want it. 

Caligula's staff includes Director Takuya Yamanaka, scenario writer Tadashi Satomi (Revelations: Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Persona 2: Eternal Punishment), and illustrator Oguchi.

The game will release in Japan on June 23 for the PS Vita.