Persona 4: Golden Articles RSS Feed | Persona 4: Golden RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Persona 5 OST Lands on Spotify with 15 Other Persona Soundtracks Thu, 07 Jan 2021 15:37:54 -0500 Josh Broadwell

The superb Persona 5 soundtrack is on Spotify now, sitting alongside over a dozen other Persona OSTs on the music streaming platform. 

For now, it's only the original Persona 5 OST on Spotify. Persona 5 Royal's soundtrack isn't listed, though it's not available for purchase anywhere else outside of Japan anyway. The upcoming Persona 5 Scramble soundtrack is also missing, as is the original Persona soundtrack.

In their place is almost every other soundtrack from the series. That includes the entire Persona 2 Sound Collection, with a staggering 167 tracks spanning both Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, and spinoffs such as the excellent Persona Q2 and Catherine.

Here's the full list: 

Whether the Persona 3 Dancing and Persona 5 Dancing OSTs end up on Spotfiy, we'll have to wait and see, but there's a good few days' worth of tracks to be getting on with just from these.

Claim 4 Free Steam Games as Part of Sega's 60th Birthday Thu, 15 Oct 2020 16:13:11 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Sega is celebrating its 60th birthday with a bevy of free games on Steam, along with plenty of discounts. One of those free games is Streets of Kamurocho, a free Streets of Rage 2 x Yakuza mashup from Empty Clip Games only available from October 17 to October 19.

Streets of Kamurocho has players choose from Kiryu Kazuma and Goro Majima and then wander the streets of Kamurocho, pounding the pudding out of thugs along the way — the usual Yakuza material.

But all this takes place in glorious 2D. Kamurocho's iconic locations and, surprise, streets are recreated in Streets of Rage 2 style.

Along with Streets of Kamurocho, Sega fans can claim the following free games:

  • Armor of Heroes — co-op, top-down shooter, available until October 19
  • Golden Axedworking prototype of the canceled Golden Axe Reborn, available until October 19.
  • Endless Zone — combination of Endless Universe and Fantasy Zone, available from October 16 to October 19

Finally, Sega is hosting a Steam sale featuring Warhammer, Company of Heroes, Two Point Hospital, Persona 4 Golden, Yakuza 0, Alien: Isolation, Shenmue 1+2, Bayonetta, and a handful of free-to-keep games including Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The sale itself ends on October 19, and it features savings of up to 95% off. If you're a Sega fan, there's plenty worth checking out. 

Persona 4 Golden Cutscene Stutter Fix Mon, 22 Jun 2020 11:53:38 -0400 Sergey_3847

The Persona 4 Golden cutscene stutter bug has been vexing players since the game launched on Steam. But, of course, some players have already found a potential fix for the issue. The guide below will outline a fix from Steam user John Hadley, which seems to be one of the best so far. 


Persona 4 Golden Cutscene Stutter Fix

Hadley has figured out that the problem is connected with the high-quality of the cutscene video files. His solution is to re-encode them to a smaller size. Luckily, you can download all of the video files by following this link.

Once you've downloaded the archive, which is 556 MB, follow these steps as outlined by Hadley:

  1. Close Persona 4 Golden if it's running
  2. Open Steam in regular mode
  3. Go to your game library
  4. Right-click on Persona 4 Golden
  5. Select Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files
  6. Copy all three "*.pac" video files from the archive into the game's folder
  7. Rewrite the old files if needed

You also want to save the old files in a separate folder before doing this in case this method doesn't work for you.

Also, if you don't know how to switch your Steam from Big Picture Mode to regular mode, then follow these steps:

  1. Open Steam in big picture mode
  2. Go to "Settings"
  3. Select "Interface" in the Display menu
  4. Uncheck "Start Steam in Big Picture Mode" option
  5. Restart Steam

Next time you start, Steam it will open in a regular mode.

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That's all on how to fix the Persona 4 golden cutscene stutter bug. Be sure to check out the links above for more tips, or try our Persona 4 guides page.

Persona 4 Boxed Lunches Guide Fri, 19 Jun 2020 17:56:46 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Persona 4 Golden sometimes lets make a special boxed lunch for the next day. But the option to do so is not available every night, and you have to prepare each meal a certain way to get good results when you eat it.

You don't have to be an expert chef in real life to make it work, though. Our Persona 4 boxed lunch guide has the best method for preparing each meal so you don't have to worry about it.

Persona 4 Boxed Lunch Guide: How to Make the Best Boxed Lunches

Why Make Persona 4 Boxed Lunches?

Make boxed lunches in your kitchen to take to school the next day.

When you go home for the evening, you'll occasionally have Nanako pop up and say she went shopping that day (yes, an elementary school kid does your shopping for you; it's a thing). That's your cue to get busy in the kitchen, because the fridge is stocked and won't be full until Nanako goes shopping again.

Go into the kitchen and interact with the fridge; look and see what ingredients are there and what you can make. Making a boxed lunch takes up your evening, so keep that in mind if you've got something pressing you need to do, such as increasing your Knowledge for exams.

If not, it's worth spending the time making a boxed lunch because you can share it with a friend during lunch at school the next day. Doing so increases your Social Link levels with them, which ultimately saves time later if you need an extra boost to get to the next Social Link rank.

Best Method for Making Each Persona 4 Boxed Lunch

Some methods for making boxed lunches are better than others.

Here's all the different Persona 4 boxed lunches you can make and the best way to make each.

Dish Prep Method
  Broiled Fish  Wrap it tightly
California Rolls  Mix and cool simultaneously
  Carrot and Burdock Root Kinpira  Add soy sauce and mirin
  Chakin Sushi Thinned eggs
  Creamed Stew  Dump in all the cold milk
  Croquettes  High
  Curry  Simmer
  Daigaku-Imo  Deep fry them
  Fried Chicken  Potato starch
  Ginger Pork  Score it with a knife
  Grilled Fish  Strong heat but from far away
Gyoza  Olive oil
  Hamburgers  Cut a hole and look for juice
  Kakuni  Mirin, sugar & sake
  Marinated Spinach  Strain it
  Meat Stew  Simmer with a dropped lid
  Mentaiko Pasta  Mayonnaise
  Oden  Keep on a low flame and don't boil
  Potato Salad  Smash while still hot
  Pudding  Vanilla extract
  Sweet & Sour Pork  Potato starch
  Tonkatsu  Flour, egg, then panko
Vichyssoise  Add lots of milk
  Yakiniku Bento  Use soy sauce


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And that's all you need to know for making the best Persona 4 boxed lunch possible. Be sure to check out the links above for more tips, and if you're looking for more help, try our Persona 4 guides.

Persona 4 Class Answers Guide: All Exam and Class Questions Thu, 18 Jun 2020 16:55:53 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Playing as high school students in RPGs is nothing new, but Persona 4 Golden — like other modern Persona games — takes it a step further and actually makes you go to school. That means answering random questions from your teachers and taking exams. If you haven't studied, don't worry. Our classroom answers guide is here to provide all the Persona 4 class answers and Persona 4 exam answers.

Even with our handy cheat sheet, you’ll still need to read books to increase your Knowledge stat in the game itself. Otherwise, you won’t manage to score in the highest percentile on your exams, regardless of getting the answers right.

Finally, your classmates will occasionally call on you for help with a question. Answer it correctly to boost Expression and your S. Link levels with that friend.

Persona 4 Class Answers Guide: All Persona 4 Exams and Class Questions

Persona 4 Class Answers: April

There are only class questions and answers in May, no exams.

April 14

  • Question: What is the year before 1AD called?
  • Answer: 1 BC

April 18

  • Question: The word alphabet comes from the word "alpha" and what other one?
  • Answer: Beta

April 20

  • Question: How many parts are there in Murakami's "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle"?
  • Answer: 3

April 23

  • Question: What was the first economic bubble incident in the world? (or Yosuke's question to you: What's this ergonomic bubble she's talking about?)
  • Answer: Tulip mania

April 25

  • Question: What's it called when you gain more muscle after getting sore through exercise?
  • Answer: Overcompensation

April 26

  • Question: Which property of whole numbers doesn't exist? (Chie to you: I don't think I've heard of any of these?)
  • Answer: Marriage numbers

April 30

  • Question: What is the greatest canyon in the solar system?
  • Answer: Valles Marineris
Persona 4 Class Answers: May

May is the first time you have exam questions in Persona 4 Golden.

Most of May is taken up with your first exams, the midterms. There's just one normal question to answer before that and one at the end of the month.

May 7

  • Question: Do you know how Soseki Natsume translated the English phrase “I love you” into Japanese?
  • Answer: The moon is beautiful, isn't it?

May 26

  • Question: Tell me how the theory that the pyramids were built by slaves was disproven!
  • Answer: Attendance logs
Persona 4 May Midterm Exams: 5/9-5/12

The midterms are mostly comprised of questions you already answered earlier in the term, plus some extra questions based on topics covered during the term that weren't related to questions.

However, you won't be able to pass the final day of the exam until New Game+, since it requires a Level 4 Knowledge stat. Keep in mind as well that you can't do anything else during the exam period.

Midterms 5/9

  • Question: What is it called when muscles grow after exercise?
  • Answer: Overcompensation

Midterms 5/10

  • Question 1: Which of these numbers does not exist?
  • Answer: Marriage numbers

  • Question 2: Who translated "I love you" as "The moon is beautiful, isn't it?"
  • Answer: Soseki Natsume

Midterms 5/11

  • Question 1: Who said, “As soon as laws are necessary for men, they are no longer fit for freedom?” 
  • Answer: Pythagoras

  • Question 2: Which of the following is the highest mountain in the solar system? 
  • Answer: Olympus Mons

Midterms 5/12

You don't have to answer anything here, but again, unless you're on New Game+, you can't earn the top spot on the exams.

Still, you'll land in the Top 10 assuming you followed this guide. After the exam scores are posted on May 19, talk to your teacher, Dojima, and Nanako for some extra rewards. If you did end up in the Top 10, you'll get +2 for each Social Link as well, +3 if you do manage to land in the top spot.

Persona 4 Class Answers: June

There are only class questions in June.

June 8

  • Question: What sport is heikin-dai?
  • Answer: Balance Beam

June 13

  • Question: What kind of exercise is a sprint classified as?
  • Answer: Anaerobics

June 15

  • Question: Tell me what morale is!
  • Answer: Cheerfulness of a group

June 20

  • Question: What period did Japan first implement bonus pay?
  • Answer: Meiji

June 27

  • Question: What is identity?
  • Answer: Individuality

June 30

  • Question: Which one of these is the name of a real river?
  • Answer: Pis Pis River
Persona 4 Class Answers: July

July has class questions and final exam questions.

July has a bundle of normal questions to answer, and it's also time for your finals.

July 4

  • Question: Who said this: “Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature; but he is a thinking reed?” 
  • Answer: Pascal

July 7

  • Question: What is the beginning of “Gakumon no Susume” a reference too?
  • Answer: The U.S. Declaration of Independence

July 13

  • Question: What is the medical term for brain freeze? 
  • Answer: Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia (choice 3)

July 14

  • Question: Which famous Heian-era monk famously used a wrong version of this specific kanji?
  • Answer: Kuukai

July 15

  • Question: Which line can a typhoon never cross?
  • Answer: The Equator

July 16

  • Question: Tell me what makes the king of hearts look different from the other kings in a standard deck of cards?
  • Answer: He has no mustache
Persona 4 Finals Exam Answers: 7/19-7/23

Now it's time for your finals. Like the midterm period, you can't do anything else during the exams. Unlike the midterms, there aren't really any curveball questions here, though Level 4 Knowledge is still required to ace the last day of the finals.

Finals 7/19

  • Question 1: What is morale?
  • Answer: Cheerfulness in a group

  • Question 2: What sport is heikin-dai?
  • Answer: Balance Beam

Finals 7/20

  • Question 1: It is said, “Even Kobo made mistakes in writing.” Which Kanji did he make a mistake on? 
  • Answer: First choice

  • Question 2: In which period did Japan first implement bonus pay?
  • Answer: Meiji

Finals 7/21

  • Question 1: Which king in a deck of cards is missing a mustache? 
  • Answer: King of Hearts

  • Question 2: Who said this: “Man is but a reed, the most feeble thing in nature; but he is a thinking reed”?  
  • Answer: Pascal

Finals 7/22

  • Question 1: Which one of these is the name of a real river? 
  • Answer: Pis Pis River

  • Question 2: What is the beginning of “Gakumon no Susume” a reference to? 
  • Answer: The U.S. Declaration of Independence

Finals 7/23

The last day of the final exams requires no answers from you. Scores are posted on July 25. If you've been diligent and did manage to get your Knowledge to Level 4, you'll get a honkin' chunk of cash from Dojima for acing your finals — 40,000 Yen — and +3 for every Social Link. If not, you'll still get in the top 10 and earn +2 for each Social Link and 20,000 Yen from Dojima.

Persona 4 Class Answers: September

Back from summer, there are only class questions in September.

Enjoy your two months off from school, 'cause it's back to the grind in September.

September 4

  • Question: "Venison" is the meat of which animal?
  • Answer: All of the above

September 5

  • Question: Which of the following is a kigo for fall?
  • Answer: Brisk

September 17

  • Question: How short was history's shortest war?
  • Answer: 40 minutes

September 20

  • Question: What do you call somebody who’s between ninety and one hundred years old?
  • Answer: A nonagenarian

September 28

  • Question: What part of the human body has an apple in it? (Friend question: Do you know the answer?)
  • Answer: Throat
Persona 4 Class Answers: October

October brings class and exam questions in Persona 4 Golden.

October brings with it a new set of midterms as well as plenty of questions.

October 4

  • Question: Which of these sports also uses an anchor?
  • Answer: Tug-of-war

October 5

  • Question: Where would you find Japan on a map made in a foreign country? (Friend question: Did you know the answer?)
  • Answer: The right edge.

October 8

  • Question: Tell me what bird's name means "coward" in English!
  • Answer: Chicken

October 11

  • Question: What did Napoleon have invented?
  • Answer: Glass jars

October 12

  • Question: Do you know what vegetable was used to make the first Jack o’ Lantern? 
  • Answer: Turnips

October 13

  • Question: What kind of fish was I talking about? 
  • Answer: Ojisan
Persona 4 October Midterms Exam Answers: 10/14-10/20

Next up is a full week of midterms. Like before, you need level 4 Knowledge to pass the final day, but that shouldn't be a big deal by this point in the game.

October Midterms 10/14

  • Question 1: What part of the body contains the “Adam’s Apple”
  • Answer: Throat.

  • Question 2: Where would you find Japan on a map made in a foreign country?
  • Answer: The right edge.

October Midterms 10/15

  • Question 1: How short was history's shortest war?
  • Answer: 40 minutes

  • Question 2: "Venison" is the meat of which animal?
  • Answer: All of the above

October Midterms 10/17

  • Question 1: What is the Japanese name for “panda”?
  • Answer: Black and white bears

  • Question 2: Which bird is falsely known for being cowardly in the English phrase “to stick one’s head in the sand”?
  • Answer: Ostrich

October Midterms 10/18

  • Question 1: What was the name of the Wasan textbook that came out in the Edo period?
  • Answer: Math Girl

  • Question 2: What did Napoleon have invented?
  • Answer: Glass jars

October Midterms 10/19

  • Question 1: Which season is the adjective “brisk” a kigo for?
  • Answer: Fall

  • Question 2: What is “Dragon’s Blood”?
  • Answer: Plant resin

October Midterms 10/20

You know the drill by now. No questions for the last day of exams, and the results go up on October 24. If you aced it, you get 50,000 Yen from Dojima, +3 for Social Links, and items from Nanako and your teacher. Placing in the top 10 gets you 25,000 Yen and +2 for each Social Link.

Persona 4 Class Answers: November

November has class and exam questions as well.

You're nearing the end of the year, but there's still plenty of questions to answer and another round of finals.

November 1

  • Question: Tell me what the “figure” in “figure skating” refers to!
  • Answer: Geometric shapes

November 4

  • Question: Who can tell me what kind of bird a kanko-dori is?? (Friend question: Sorry, I have no idea)
  • Answer: A cuckoo

November 7

  • Question: Which country do you think the South Pole belongs to?
  • Answer: No country

November 11

  • Question: What desert is the Welwitschia from? 
  • Answer: Namib

November 17

  • Question: Alcohol has to do with the roots of the word “bridal.” Do you know how? (Friend question: Is that even in a textbook? The roots of “bridal”? What…?)
  • Answer: Bride ale

November 22

  • Do you know what an atlas is?
  • Answer: A book of maps

November 24

  • Question: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13... What is this sequence called?
  • Answer: Fibonacchi sequence

November 25

  • Question: There are over 130 ancient pyramids in Egypt, but do you know who’s buried in the biggest one?
  • Answer: Khufu

November 26

  • Question: Which one of these is considered a “rice cake”? 
  • Answer: Mochi
Persona 4 November Finals Exam Answers: 11/28-12/3

This time around, you'll need max Knowledge to fully pass the finals.

Finals 11/28

  • Question 1: What does French food stem from?
  • Answer: Italian Food

  • Question 2: What does the “figure” in “figure skating” refer to?
  • Answer: Geometric shapes

Finals 11/29

  • Question 1: Who is buried in the biggest pyramid in Egypt?
  • Answer: Khufu

  • Question 2: What is a book of maps called?
  • Answer: Atlas

Finals 11/30

  • Question 1: What word has the words “bride ale” as its roots?
  • Answer: Bridal

  • Question 2: What kind of bird is a “kanko-dori”?
  • Answer: A cuckoo

Finals 12/1

  • Question 1: Which country does the South Pole belong to?
  • Answer: No country

  • Question 2: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13... What is this sequence called?
  • Answer: The Fibonacci sequence

Finals 12/2

  • Question 1: What desert is the Welwitschia found in?
  • Answer : Namib
  • Question 2: Which of these is considered a “rice cake”?
  • Answer: Mochi
Persona 4 Class Answers: December

December is a chill month; there are only class questions and answers.

School goes on, despite everything else apparently going straight to hell. Here's what you need to know for this month's round of questions.

Finals 12/3

No major allowance boost for acing or placing in the Top 10 this time for big-time spoiler reasons, but you'll still get the usual boosts for your Social Links. Check under Nanako's seat at the living room table for a special item too.

December 9

  • Question: Do you know what color a fuzzy-wuzzy polar bear’s fur really is?
  • Answer: Transparent

December 10

  • Question: What determines whether a hair grows curly or straight?
  • Answer: The cross-section

December 17

  • Question: Do you know the intent behind the phrase, “Compassion is not for the good of others”? (Friend question: Huh? What? I wasn't listening... help!)
  • Answer: Compassion makes you look better

December 21

  • Question: Which Cleopatra is the one who was known as one of the three most beautiful women in the world?
  • Answer: VII
Persona 4 Class Answers: January

January starts the new year off slow with class questions.

If you're on track for the Golden or True Ending, you get extra time in January for Social Links and, of course, school.

January 10

  • Question: What are you supposed to put on top of a kagami mochi?
  • Answer: An orange

January 14

  • Question: “Toso” is a traditional drink for the new year, but what does the name mean?
  • Answer: Bury the demons

January 19

  • Question: In the Thai and Vietnamese zodiacs, which animal is used in place of the rabbit?
  • Answer: Cat

January 25

  • Question: What color is the snow that falls in Europe in the spring?
  • Answer: Red

January 30

  • Question: What’s the next unit of measurement up from a terabyte?
  • Answer: Petabyte
Persona 4 Class Answers: February

February is short, but Advance Exam questions dominate the month.

February is the last month to worry about school answers, and you'll take your Advancement Final Exams as well.

February 1

  • Question: What color were the pyramids originally?
  • Answer: White
Persona 4 Advancement Final Exams: 2/6-2/10

Max knowledge is needed to ace these advance exams, which cover material from throughout the other school semesters.

Advance Exams 2/6

  • Question 1: The word “alphabet” comes from the words “alpha” and what other one?
  • Answer: Beta

  • Question 2: How was the theory that the pyramids were built by slaves disproven?
  • Answer: Attendance logs

Advance Exams 2/7

  • Question 1: What drink name means “bury demons”?
  • Answer: Toso

  • Question 2: What is the medical term for brain freeze?
  • Answer: Sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia

Advance Exams 2/8

  • Question 1: What is the Japanese zodiac equivalent to the “cat” in the Thai and Vietnamese zodiacs?
  • Answer: Rabbit

  • Question 2: What vegetable was used to make the first jack-o’-lanterns?
  • Answer: Turnips

Advance Exams 2/9

  • Question 1: What color were the pyramids when they were first built?
  • Answer: White

  • Question 2: What gets mixed with snow in Europe that sometimes causes it to turn red?
  • Answer: The Sahara Desert sand

Advance Exams 2/10

Same as always here, except your Social Link bonuses don't matter anymore. Results go up on Valentine's Day, and then you're free from school.


That's absolutely everything you need to know about Persona 4 class answers and Persona 4 exam answers. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Persona 4 Golden guides in the coming days. Persona 4 Golden PC is now available on Steam for $19.99, but Atlus hasn't said if the Vita port will come to the PS4. 

Persona 4 Golden True Ending Requirements Guide Thu, 18 Jun 2020 11:39:46 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Like Persona 5Persona 4 Golden has multiple endings. Unlike Persona 5, Persona 4’s true ending requirements aren’t that obvious — at all. You’ll know if you get the Bad ending pretty quickly; the story jumps forward from December to March, and the credits roll soon after.

Getting the True Ending in Persona 4 Golden involves a whole lot more work, but the guide below is here to lead you through the tangled web. And don't worry. Ours is a Persona 4 Golden true ending guide with no spoilers.

Persona 4 Golden True Ending Requirements

Understanding Persona 4 Golden's Endings

To get the Persona 4 Golden Ending, you'll need to max out Marie's social links.

The first thing to do is clarify what Persona 4 ending you want to get. There are five endings: Normal, Bad, Accomplice, True, and Golden.

For Persona 4 Golden, the Golden Ending is the ultimate true ending. The True Ending is a leftover from the original PlayStation 2 game, and while it's still a good ending, it's not the best. The other endings are pretty self-explanatory, except for Accomplice, which we'll get to later.

If you want the regular True Ending, then you don’t need to worry over any Social Links.

If you want the Golden Ending, you’ll need to max out Marie’s Social Link, the Aeon Arcana. We strongly recommend aiming for the Golden Ending because that’s how you’ll unlock

  • New Personas
  • An extra two months of gameplay
  • A new dungeon tying in with the game’s lore

First up, head to the Velvet Room on April 18. You’ll kick off the chain of events that lets you start Marie’s Social Link. From there, you can spend time with Marie in the real world during the day on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as holidays, unless it’s raining, in which case she won’t be there.

Head to downtown Inaba, and you’ll see her standing outside the Velvet Room entrance. As always, try to have an Aeon Persona handy to get extra points during your conversations with her. The earliest you can fuse Aeon Personas is Level 18, by performing a triangle fusion with Nata Taishi, Angel, and Pixie to fuse Ame no Uzume.

You’ve got plenty of time to raise Marie’s Social Link as well. You technically have until the end of December, but it’s best not to leave it to the last.

The only other noteworthy thing is that you’re stuck at Rank 4 until July 24, so keep that in mind.

How to Unlock the Persona 4 Golden True Ending

The conditions for the Golden Ending in Persona 4 can be done at the end of December, but should be done sooner.

There’s no other Persona 4 true ending requirements to worry about until the beginning of December, after you clear the Heaven dungeon. It’s all extremely spoiler-y stuff, so we’ll tread delicately here.

That said, you’ll know when you get to this dialogue sequence because the Investigation Team has to make some very serious choices. There are seven dialogue choices in a row you’ll be working with to get Persona 4’s True Ending, and it’s incredibly easy to get caught up and not know what’s best.

Here’s each choice you should pick (again, with no context).

  1. Pick any choice
  2. Pick “Wait a second here…”
  3. Pick “We’re missing something”
  4. Pick “Their true feelings”
  5. Pick “Something’s been bothering me”
  6. Pick “We’re missing something…”  again
  7. Pick “Calm the hell down!”

After that, time moves forward to December 5, and you’re on the right track. You might want to make a second save file here, or at least make sure your main one’s up to date, because there’s another ending split.

Shortly after, you’ll be asked to say who you think the real killer is, and you should be able to guess that by now.

If you don’t say who you think it is, you’ll get a special, slightly disturbing ending (the Accomplice Ending) that’s actually worth seeing for how it ties in with the game’s themes and character development up to that point. If you’re interested, follow it through and then re-load your save file that has you on track for the True Ending.

Choosing the right answer unlocks a new dungeon, Magatsu Inaba. You’ve got until a few days before Christmas to finish it, but be prepared. Like in Rise’s dungeon, you’ve got a double boss fight on your hands. The final bosses are Level 73 and Level 75 respectively, so you’ll need to be close to or above that level.

Persona 4 Golden: The Golden Ending

Persona 4 Golden ski trip in the Golden Ending.

With all that taken care of, Persona 4 has another possible split depending on if you maxed out Marie’s Social Link. If you didn’t, skip to the next section.

If you did max it out, you’ll see some New Year celebrations and then fall ill for several days. Once you regain consciousness, you have most of January to finish working on Social Links you might not have maxed already — except Marie. Margaret informs you Marie’s gone missing, but don’t worry about that for now.

Prioritize the Investigation Team’s Social Links. Once you max them out at Level 10, their Personas change form. After that, or if you’ve already maxed them out before January, talk to the person again the next day, and their Persona transforms into a new, third form.

Fart around until February 5, raising S. Links or doing quests or whatever you want. Try to earn money so you can stock up on items for the next dungeon, though. 

Exams run from February 6 through February 10, then the next two days are taken up with your ski trip. February 13 is the day you’ll get to go rescue Marie from the Hollow Forest dungeon, and it’s the only day you can do this. This is another case of multiple boss fights in a row at the end, all of which are at Level 77.

Completing this is technically not required for the original True Ending. But, as mentioned, the Golden Ending is the actual true True Ending, so it's worth your time to do all this.

Persona 4 Golden True Ending 3/20

The Inaba, Central Shopping district gas station in Persona 4 Golden.

Whether you cleared the Hollow Forest or just passed on Marie’s S. Link, the calendar skips to March 19 after Valentine’s Day, and it’s time for more significant choices the next day.

On March 20, you need to visit everyone you maxed out a Social Link with. They’re in the same places they were during the rest of the game, except Yukiko. Yukiko is at the Amagi Inn, but you can just take the bus to get there. 

Once you’ve talked to everyone, you’re prompted to return home to leave. Say no, or you’ll just get Persona 4’s Normal Ending. Afterward, be sure your gear is in order. You’ll be in for one final dungeon at the end of all this, and you can’t exit once you enter.

After choosing to stay, head to the Junes Food Court, and check the elevator. You’ll have more prompts to pick after that. 

  • You’ll be asked again if you want to go home. Again, say no. 
  • Then say, “I’m not finished yet.”  
  • After that, choose “Yes” 
  • And then choose, “There’s something missing”

Now, go to the Samegawa Flood Plain area and speak with Dojima and Nanako, then go into the Velvet Room to get a special item from Igor called the Clarity Orb. (If you're playing on New Game+, go back into the Velvet Room to unlock a special boss battle against Margaret).

Finally, go to the gas station at the southern part of Inaba’s Shopping District, and talk to the attendant. You’ll have several options to choose from to learn about the attendant, and there’s no danger of getting it wrong here.

After you’re done, you’ll unlock the actual final dungeon: Yomotsu Hirasaka, the place at the very beginning in the protagonist’s dreams. It’s a 9-floor dungeon with yet another multi-part boss fight at the end. This time around, the final bosses are Level 90 and come equipped with the strongest multi-target spells and Mind Charge. Keep that in mind, and cover your weaknesses. 

Once you’ve finished, you’ve completed all the Persona 4 Golden true ending requirements. Sit back, and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


That's all you need to know about Persona 4's true ending requirements, but stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Persona 4 Golden guides in the coming days. Persona 4 Golden PC is now available on Steam for $19.99. Atlus has not said if the Vita port will come to the PS4. 

Face It: Persona 4 Is the Worst of the Trilogy Fri, 01 Sep 2017 11:45:49 -0400 Selandrile

Atlus's Persona series is among the most beloved franchises of all time. Well-known and with no shortage of fans, Persona games are almost a genre unto themselves. A very specific and successful formula is rigorously adhered to: live the life of a Japanese high schooler whilst battling representations of unconscious human thought during your free time.

As with any series, some entries in the Persona franchise have been better than others. And though different fans have different opinions about which one is best, Persona 5 is definitely a front-runner for that title. But which Persona game is the worst of the series? I'd have to say Persona 4.

The Beginning of Persona

Persona 1 and 2 are so removed from the last three main series games that they were not even born in this millennium. They are so different, in fact, that I personally don't consider them as really being part of the same series as the others. It would be like comparing games from different genres.

The PlayStation 2 saw the rebirth of the franchise with Persona 3 -- a game which would come to define what a Persona title was supposed to be. Simulating what it means to be a teenager, Persona 3 has the player balance their high school life, friendships, and story-related drama all within a set amount of time. Take too long, and it's game over. Waste time or be inefficient, and expect to miss out on content and be weaker for it.

While sometimes brutal, the time-management and life/story balance were monumental in the Persona series' game design. In fact, these elements proved so popular they continue to form the core of the series to this day. The latest in the series, Persona 5, has become a global phenomenon -- catapulting the Persona series from somewhat-niche into mainstream acceptance. This near-perfect game refined what worked, removed what didn't, and introduced new, exciting elements that both fit and enhanced the entire experience.

So when you consider these factors, what makes its immediate predecessor, Persona 4, the weak link in the chain? 

The Weakest Link

With Persona 3 being so groundbreaking and Persona 5 being so excellent, only Persona 4 remains -- making it the worst of the series. It's important to note that "worst of the Persona series" is hardly an insult. Even 4, with its many problems, is an excellent game in its own right. But I believe it's the true weak link for mainly one reason.

It cannot be denied Persona 4 took the successful formula of 3, yet completely abandoned its tone. Persona 3 remains among the darkest of games I have ever played 00 topped only by a few BioWare and FromSoftware titles. The dark visuals, suffocating atmosphere, and apocalyptic plot all contributed to Persona 3 being such a unique and wonderful experience. In this third iteration, the player witnesses an hour of time frozen where humans transform into coffins, tempted to emerge to their deaths. Each midnight, this horror unfolds. Blood rains from the sky and the city twists into a monstrosity reaching for the sky. And it's hard to forget that ending -- perhaps the most bleak of any game ever. The central theme of Death is quite apparent.

Persona 5, the newest title, is also dark and quite possibly the most mature of the franchise. Clearly 5 was made with an older audience in mind, as there is an abundance of swearing, criminal, and controversial elements, as well as complex psychological themes.

Characters each have their own lives, all filled with very real-world problems. Women are held back by an oppressive traditional society. Outcasts are shuttered away, never to be acknowledged. And everywhere the game's central theme, Betrayal, permeates. Authority figures abuse their power for their own gain and the strong feed off the weak. If you remove the supernatural elements Persona 5 would play more like a real-world documentary of the worst parts of our society.

Persona 4 stands in contrast to these, as it's sort of built on fluff. That's really how the game feels -- like light-hearted fluff. It's a bit contradictory when you consider 4's main plot is about finding a murderer. Any seriousness brought by the plot is utterly ruined by the presentation. Light comedy lurks around every corner. Characters bumble through their lives with wacky issues that need solving. Very rarely do serious elements get addressed -- and when they do, it's hardly an accomplishment.

One pertinent example is Kanji -- the thug whose sensitive and caring side is held back by society's need for men to be traditionally masculine. This is a wonderful character premise, but the game Kanji's characteristics as a lead-in to a "joke" about him being gay. It ruins the spirit of the message.

Bitter Beginnings and Dull Combat

Perhaps one of the most telling aspects of Persona 4 are the protagonist's backgrounds.

In Persona 5, the sharp and snazzy Joker is the victim of an enormous injustice. Framed for assault after stopping a man from attempting to sexually assault a woman, Joker's life is destroyed and he is forced to leave the region for one last hope at education.

Persona 3 has its blue-haired protagonist witness his parents burn to death in front of him -- forever traumatizing him and desensitizing him so much to death that he almost welcomes it.

But in contrast to these rich stories, Persona 4's blandly-drawn hero moves to the countryside to live with his normal uncle and niece because his parents are working overseas. And....that's it. Keep in mind this tonal difference is before the game even starts -- and nothing ever happens in the plot to complicate this premise or bring the game in line tonally with others in the series. 

This trend carries over into nearly every facet. Persona 4's characters in general seem weaker than the rest of the series. Contrast 3's Misato to 4's Teddy and 5's Morgana. Only one is a bundle of slapstick chibi humor.

The main plot is hardly as engaging or deep, either. Discover the mysteries of the midnight hour and the horrors within Persona 3. Fight society's corruption by forcing criminals in positions of power to admit their own crimes while working to rebuild your shattered life and explore another world in Persona 5. Or finally investigate who is throwing some people into a TV in Persona 4. When you hold these plots up against each other, the comparisons speak for themselves. 

As if that's not enough, combat in Persona 4 is a literal copy of its predecessor with no improvements. You'll see the same randomized levels, the same enemy types, the same attacks, the same "weapons", etc. While you could finally choose your party member's attacks, it never was as important as the desperate flailing to hit the enemy first before battle.

And I swear, if I ever have to hear Persona 4's battle music again I may self-induce deafness. It's chirpy, joyous, pop-esque battle theme really hammers home that this is a lighter game.

I admit that enjoyment is subjective, and there are those that do not want a dark Persona game. If that's the case for you, then 4 is the only game that you've probably enjoyed because the Persona series is by its nature a dark, dark series.

I don't have anything but respect for those that enjoy lighter games. Gaming should always strive to be more inclusive, because a larger audience means a healthier industry and more quality products. 

Persona 4 diverged from the usual Persona path and 5 pulled it back on. But during that detour, it was still a great experience. That's why I'm happy to say that while Persona 4 may be the worst in the series, it's still very good indeed.

5 JRPGs So Artistic They Make You Rethink the Genre Tue, 24 Jan 2017 06:46:28 -0500 gbarber98

JRPGs are called a lot of things, but rarely are they called "artistic". Many gamers look at their colorful and often cartoonish aesthetic, and dismiss them. But from Dragon Ball Xenoverse to the Persona series, all the way to franchises like the Ni No Kuni games, JRPGs have proven time and time again that they can look like grade-A anime.

But it's not just looks that elevate a game to artistic status. Immersive worlds and the creatures or characters you find in them add another layer of depth to a "pretty" game. Final Fantasy XV is a great example of this. Its humongous monsters were stunning to look at because of the amount of detail and care that went into their design. So even in situations where you knew you were in danger, you also found yourself in awe -- and that's what art does. 

But FFXV is just one instance of an artistic JRPG. Here are 5 others that -- either because of their design, their storytelling, their aesthetic, or any combination of the three -- can be called truly artful games. 

5. Tales of Berseria

What makes Tales Of Berseria so good is the world of Glenwood -- a wasteland set in the distant future filled with large lands and islands. The Northern and Southern hemisphere temperatures range from enduring winters to everlasting summers. As you play through this game, the world totally immerses you and has new beautiful things to see at every turn.

Playing through this game, you'll run into a lot of cutscenes. And during those scenes, it's easy to forget that you're not watching CrunchyRoll because of how smooth and anime-like they are.

Tales Of Berseria releases in North America on January 24th for the PS4.

4. Nioh

Nioh takes place in the 1600's in feudal era Japan, and showcases some amazing medieval architecture. But the real artistic feel comes from the enemies you fight in the game, known as Yokai. THese monsters are very grotesque, but weirdly beautiful at the same time. The game also has a great combat system -- strongly resembling the Souls and Ninja Gaiden series -- which is so smooth that it's almost like a dance.

Nioh will be releasing worldwide on February 9th, 2017.

3. I Am Setsuna

I Am Setsuna  has a great art style, as you can see above. It takes the aesthetic of old-school Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy, and translates that into a beautiful, snow-blanketed setting. In the mostly white landscape, color becomes an important factor in the scenery and is even more vivid than it would be otherwise. And the magic animations are simply gorgeous, too.

I Am Setsuna is currently on PS4, but is also coming to the Nintendo Switch after the console releases in March.

2. Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden is one the best looking games on the PlayStation Vita. You play as a student who just moved to a new town, where a series of murders have been occurring. You and your new friends have to find out what's happening before things get worse.

The game looks incredible from start to finish, with its vivid characters and locations. And in some areas, the flawless bridging between the game and the anime is nothing short of artistic genius. 

1. Ni No Kuni

Ni No Kuni is a game about a boy named Oliver and his journey to another world to save his mother and stop a beckoning evil. This is another one that looks like a gorgeous anime you would watch on TV rather than a JRPG you'd play on a console. Many comparisons have been made between the aesthetic of this game and the beautiful animation of Studio Ghibli films.

This game is already available for a number of consoles and handheld systems, and its sequel -- Ni No Kuni II -- is set to release sometime in 2017.


These are just some of the JRPGs which demonstrate the true artistry of the genre. There are many more I could have included here, and I'm sure that many of the JRPGs coming this year will also be great works of art. And I can't wait to see them.

Which JRPGs do you think have some serious artistic merit? Let us know in the comments below!

If You're An Anime/Manga Fan, You Need to Play These JRPGs Wed, 19 Apr 2017 16:00:01 -0400 TL Bickler


You've now been given a little taste of what JRPGs have to offer. From the dark creepy horror of, The Witch's House, to the battle tactics and well rounded characters of, Fire Emblem Awakening. Hopefully we've provided a little something for everyone.


Is there any JRPGs that you'd recommend? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check out some of the other JRPG lists here on GameSkinny (such as JRPGs will be coming out this year).

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Platform: PSP, PS Vita, PS3, PC


It all started out when Estelle’s father randomly adopted a young boy named Joshua. Five years later the sibling duo strike out on their own as bracers. Bracers are a type of odd job mercenaries who do everything from escorting people through dangerous areas to exterminating monsters. But when their father goes missing, they must travel all across the kingdom to find him.



If you are a fan of Hunter X Hunter or Fairy Tail, then The Legend of Heroes is the perfect starter JRPG for you. Like in Fairy Tail or Hunter X Hunter, your job in like is taking on odd requests and helping out those in need with whatever your special skills (whatever they may be). Legend of Heroes also offers engaging characters and narrative that will keep you playing till the very end.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Platform: Wii


Join the fight for Bionis as a mechanical army threatens to invade. Wield the magical sword, Monado, and the ability to see into the future to defeat the evil that threatens your home.


Unlike Fire Emblem, this game is for anime fans who like plot driven stories like Berserk or Nanatsu no Taizai. Not that the characters are bland, Xenoblade Chronicles just has one of the most interesting back stories on this list. If you want a real time JRPG with a strong plot and a large world to explore, then give Xenoblade Chronicles a try.

Fire Emblem Awakening

Platforms: 3DS


Follow Chrome and his band of fighters to stop an enemy capable of destroying empires. Choose your party, plan your attack, and gain alliances that will strengthen your party and aid you against the enemy.



Fire Emblem Awakening is interesting mix between tactical strategy and match making game. The best story elements of the game come about when you deepen the relationship between your party members and watch their character development shine. If you like animes/mangas with major character growth (such as Akatsuhi no Yona or Fullmetal Alchemist) then this should be the next series you play.

Dragon Quest Builders

Platforms: PS4, PS Vita


You are not the hero of this world, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be saving everyone. You are the legendary builder! Years ago the evil Dragon Lord plunged Alefgard into darkness and people lost their ability to build. You must collect the necessary materials, craft a new home for them, and destroy the Dragon Lord.



The Dragon Quest series is a beloved game series for JRPG fans everywhere, and Builders is no exception. This title does not let its fans down and is a wonderful mixture of a sandbox game and an RPG. If you love chibi art and Minecraft then think of this title as a Japanese Minecraft with a story.

Persona 4: Golden

Platforms: PS Vita


It all starts with a murder that left police baffled with no clues or suspects; then a string of strange crimes occurs all over your small rural town. It isn’t long before you realize that you and your friends are the only ones with the power to solve this baffling case.



Persona 4: Golden is an interesting title that is part RPG, part high school simulator, and part dungeon crawler. If you are a Durarara!! fan, then this strange mix of RPG and mystery will definitely be to your liking. Or if you could use some variety to your PS Vita game collection, then this is a must have.

Final Fantasy VII

Platforms: PlayStation


Most believe that Shinra is one of the few good forces left in a dying world. Cloud once believed that, so he became a Shinra soldier. That is until he learned of their corruption and just how Shinra was slowly draining the planet of life energy. Join Cloud and his group of mercenaries in order to save the planet from the evil known as Shinra. Final Fantasy VII is also getting a Remake soon!



One cannot talk about JRPGs without at least mentioning one Final Fantasy game and why not go straight to the most loved game in the series. If you love animes with a steampunk worlds, like Fullmetal Alchemist or Castle in the Sky, then Cloud's world will draw you in instantly. The art style currently leaves something to be desired since it came out in 1997. But don't let the graphics hold you back for long since they are currently remaking this title for the PS4. If the current graphics hurt to much to play, try out one of the spin offs like Crisis Core.


For other Final Fantasy title recommendations, try out these games!

The Witch’s House

Platform: PC


The young Viola likes to visit an old house in the woods, even though her father has warned her to stay away. Sadly, when she learns of the sinister nature of the house -- and its only inhabitant -- it's too late. Will Viola get out alive in this ever changing house?


Lovers of the darker side of anime/manga will enjoy the creepy atmosphere in The Witch's HouseIf you like animes like Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni and old style RPGs, this should be the next JRPG you play. But the creepy factor isn't this JRPG's only selling point, this game has a dreadfully intriguing story that will suck you into the fandom as fast as your first anime did. If you like this game, be sure to check out Mad Father, IB, and Misao.

The Last Story

Platform: Wii


Take control of a band of mercenaries who dream of becoming respected knights. Work has called them to the mysterious Lazulis Island; but one small job turns into a much larger task when a young girl pulls them into the political turmoil of the small Island nation.


The Last Story has got to be one of the best JRPG to come out on the Nintendo Wii. Anime fans will love the art style that renders wonderfully on the Wii and the characters will make you smile and cry as you follow them around Lazulis Island.


This title is a good place for Akatsuki no Yona fans to start. It has all of the political intrigue (if not more) and lovable characters set in a fantasy world. Akatsuki no Yona fans will also enjoy the similar love story of a knight (or knight wanna be) and his princess. 


It all starts with a friend or relative introducing you to your first anime. Next thing you know you've become addicted to all things Japanese. You not only sing along to your favorite J-pop songs, but you even know what a few of the phrases mean. Things are no longer cute, they're kawaii. Your sibling isn't stupid, they're a Baka.


You fell in love with Japanese culture through anime and manga, but why stop there? Japanese role playing games (JRPGs) offer plenty of titles that hold the same beautiful art style, awesome characters, and creative stories you've come to love with in anime and manga. If you haven't taken the jump into JRPGs, then why not start with these awesome titles?

5 PlayStation Vita games for any new owner Wed, 28 Oct 2015 22:04:22 -0400 Daniel Williams_2179

The PlayStation Vita. Sony's little console that could. This portable console has not been the greatest success for Sony when it comes to hardware sales, and has been overshadowed by the Nintendo 3DS. But the Vita is still a great portable console to buy, with some amazing games available for it.

So what should you buy if you are interested in picking up a Vita? Well I have gathered together 5 games that would be a great start for anyone to pick up if they are thinking of buying a PlayStation Vita. 

1: Rogue Legacy

To start off this list we have Rogue Legacy. This platformer is a great start for any new Vita owners. The rogue-like nature of the game means it can be played in short bursts, so it's great for playing on the go. The visuals look really nice, as well. The addictive nature of leveling up your character and seeing how far you can get into the castle before you die, will keep you playing hours on end.

2. Freedom Wars 

If you have played Monster Hunter, then you already know what this game is - only it has more guns, mechs, and a grappling hook. Freedom Wars is based in a dystopian future where you must work off your one million year prison sentence by collecting supplies and saving people for your city or Panopticon. The combat is brilliant, fighting the mechs (called abductors) is always fun because of their variety, and there are loads of weapons to use and upgrade. This game is great for those who don't mind putting in the extra hour or two to get that rare material drop. Just make sure you bring a friend along for the ride.

3. Shovel Knight 

Shovel Knight is an amazing game, and a callback to the 8-bit era. It has brilliant platforming, an amazing soundtrack and beautiful 8-bit visuals. This game is perfect for all those who want to relive a time when the NES was at its peak and platformers were gamers' bread and butter. Plus the protagonist wields a shovel - who doesn't want that?

4. Killzone Mercenary 

Now we go from a game that looked like it came out for the NES, to one that looks like it could have come from the PlayStation 3. Killzone Mercenary is one of the best AAA games available for the Vita. The visuals look amazing for a portable game. The Vita control scheme was nicely implemented, with good use of the touch screen. And the online isn't too bad either. If you are a fan of FPS games, this is for you.

5. Persona 4 Golden

Can't leave this one out. This port of the PlayStation 2 game Persona 4 is the main reason I'm glad I picked up a Vita. The turn-based combat is sound, with a wide selection of personas to use for the main protagonist. The main story and social links kept me coming back for more. Each character you meet is memorable and are developed nicely. Persona 4 Golden is a game any RPG fan should give a shot. It fixes a lot of the problems with the original and adds so much more to play through.

These aren't the only games a Vita owner should pick up.

Uncharted Golden Abyss and the Dangan Ronpa series also come to mind, but from my experience with playing the Vita, the five games above should be up there on a list of games to pick up compared to others. 

So what are you waiting for? If you have been thinking of picking up a Vita or have already got one and are not too sure what games to get, now you have a starting point.

Top 5 Games in my Backlog I'll probably never Play Sun, 18 Oct 2015 08:42:53 -0400 Logan Moore

If you consider yourself a "hardcore" gamer, there's a good chance that you have extensive backlog of games that you want to play, but most likely never will. Also known as the Pile of Shame.

I have one of these dreaded backlogs myself; it's full of fantastic games that I'll probably never finish. Here are the top 5 games in my backlog that I am dying to play, but probably never will. 



I have wanted to play Okami since it was a PS2 exclusive. For some reason when I was younger, I never purchased the game and forgot about it. Luckily, it ended up coming out again on the PS3, and this time I swore that I wouldn't miss out. I purchased the game from the PSN Store when it went up during a flash sale, and I've had it downloaded on my PS3 since then. I have never once booted the game up, and I often forget that I even own it. Sadly, I doubt that I'll ever get the chance to go back and play the game I've heard so much about.

Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden

When I bought my PSVita a few years back, Persona 4 Golden was a Day One purchase. I had heard so many good things about the game and was ecstatic to get my hands on it. I played the game for roughly 10-12 hours and greatly enjoyed my time with it. For some reason, though, I just stopped playing it and never went back. I absolutely loved everything about the game - from the characters, to the combat, and even the story. Despite this, I still haven't made an attempt to go back and pick the game up again in almost a year. I'm hoping that I can finish the game before Persona 5 releases, but right now, it's looking doubtful. 

Ni No Kuni

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

I didn't know much about Ni No Kuni until it had already been out for a while. For me, this was one of those games where word of mouth really sold me on the idea. After so many friends suggesting that I buy the game, I decided to go out and purchase it. Just like Okami though, it has done nothing but sit on my shelf since then.


Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance

I've always been a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts games and when KH 3D came out, I purchased it on Day One. That was 3 years ago. I have only put the game in my 3DS maybe once or twice the entire time that I've owned it. For some reason, I just never felt like I was in the right mood to play. Luckily, the game will be getting re-released in the Kingdom Hearts 2.8 collection on PS4, so maybe I will finish it after all.  



I have never been a person who has played the Dark Souls games. However, when Bloodborne came out, I decided that I would give the game a shot. I still have yet to do that. Currently, I think that it's still wrapped in the original cellophane that I purchased it in. I want to get into this series of games so badly, but I don't know if I have the time commitment to do so. Maybe one day I will finally get the chance. 

These are my five games, but what are yours? What games do you have sitting in your backlog that you may never play? Let me know in the comments!

What You Should Really Do With Your PS Vita Wed, 25 Mar 2015 19:14:57 -0400 Elijah Beahm

So, due to the recent lull in big releases for Sony's little handheld, some people would tell you to trade in your PS Vita. Allow me to offer a counter argument as to why you most definitely should keep your PS Vita. I've had mine for roughly two years now, and still use it regularly, so here's how to get the most of your powerful little handheld.

1. PlayStation Plus

While it might only seem necessary for PlayStation 4 owners, PlayStation Plus is a key thing for any modern PlayStation gamer; especially on the Vita. With a Plus subscription, you regulary get anywhere between two to four games for your Vita every month.

Considering the cheap price point of Plus alone makes getting titles for your handheld that much simpler. The fact it often gives you downloadable Vita games near or at launch, along with cross-buy Vita versions of games you also receive on PS3 and/or PS4, is a huge bonus. This is how I got CounterSpy and The Swapper on my Vita.

The titles included are also not limited to smaller games. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royal, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, WipeOut, and Gravity Rush were all made available to me thanks to Playstation Plus. I also get serious discounts with Plus and was able to get Killzone: Mercenary at the pittance of only $9, while physical copies still retail at over $20.

So get PlayStation Plus, and your concerns about not having games to play on your Vita vanish away. From fantastic indies like Hotline Miami and Don't Starve (both of which I actually prefer on the Vita over their PC and console versions), to hardcore titles, there's plenty to keep you going.

2. Video Streaming

Now I know what you're about to say -- "My tablet can stream video!" You are correct that the functionality is available, but I still cannot deny I've found my Vita does a far better job at it. Having immediate tangible controls on top of the touch interface gives me the best of both worlds, and viewing YouTube on my Vita is fantastic.

On top of this, your Vita can play console games via PS Now. So, you can rent from over a hundred games, including some really good ones like inFamous 2 and Of Orcs & Men, and have them streamed to your Vita. The library continues to grow and they're even letting people pay a subscription fee to just stream whatever they want for a set amount of time.

Tablets have attempted this in the past with streaming services, but short of spending a costly amount of money to get a dedicated controller for your tablet, it is incredibly hard to play and control. You don't have this problem with the Vita because it has two anlaogue sticks and nearly every button and feature the PlayStation 3 and 4 have.

Oh, and did I forget to mention you can stream your physical and digital PS4 games from your PS4 to your PS Vita? Well you can! And while I haven't gotten to try it yet other than with a PS Classics on my PS3, I've heard plenty of praise for the feature.

3. The Core Library

As I mentioned, the PS Vita has a fair amount of solid games. The dual analogue sticks have allowed for genuine shooter experiences with Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Killzone: Mercenary, Unity 13, Borderlands 2, Freedom Wars, and most recently Deadman's Cross. Role playing game fans have Persona 4: The Golden, Dragon's Crown, Silent Hill: Book of Memories, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD, Soul Sacrifice, and more.

That's only two genres and you have enough games to keep you busy for months, as more titles are released. None of the titles mentioned above are indie games either. On top of that, Borderlands 2 and Persona 4 aren't the only awesome ports to go along with the regular Vita exclusives. Sly Cooper HD, Ratchet & Clank HD, and Jak & Daxter HD are all on the Vita, so you can play your PlayStation 2 favorites on the go. You can also play most PSP and PlayStation 1 games.

Yes, including Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron and it's 16 player multiplayer!

So when it really comes down to it... the PS Vita does have a decent library at this point. In fact, by comparison to the PS4, it has a higher success rate with its exclusives and offers around 90% backwards compatability with most digital PSP games. It's not something any of us were counting on, but it is what it is.

Even without the older games and re-releases, the core set of games for the Vita are good enough to carry it through. I know we all are having fun singing the death bell for the Vita because "it has no games", but weren't we doing the exact same thing for the Wii-U? And before that, the 3DS? And before that, the PS3?  Let's try to keep a realistic perspective here.

4. Second Screen Capability

I already mentioned how I used my Vita for video streaming, but that is not the only functionality it offers. You see, for the longest time I was a skeptic of the idea of "Second Screen" gaming. Yet, I cannot imagine playing on my PlayStation 3 without it now.

Instead of a long pause and delay as I go back to the XMB, I can instantly check my trophies and send messages over PSN at the touch of my finger tips. I can Google a walkthrough if I'm having trouble in a level. I can have a Skype call with fantastic video quality, and carry them with me wherever I walk in my house. And like with the Video Streaming, I can still use actual buttons and not just depend on a touch screen if I don't want to.

This is on top of the capability to use certain apps previously only available to tablets, such as for Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Director's Cut and GTA V.

When it comes down to it, I am happy with the Vita. Sure, I'd love it if we got more action games and Sony was better supporting it; anybody who has the handheld wants that. But as the system is now, there are plenty of ways to have fun and enjoy yourself. I'm not sure if I can call the Vita a success, but I also wouldn't call it a complete failure. It's opened the door to AAA handheld gaming, and I look forward to seeing what comes next. Until then, I'll be getting back to playing on my Vita.

Image Credits: DualShockers, AU PSN, Pocket-Lint, US Playstation, GamerInvestments, PC Mag, Forbes

15 Best PS Vita Exclusive Games Wed, 25 Mar 2015 06:03:28 -0400 Farrel Nobel




You all knew this one was coming at some point in this list. Tearaway is arguably one of THE BEST games on Sony's handheld. Period. It's a game that's made for everyone.


What makes this game so interesting and so much fun is the claymation-esque and paper-like aesthetic to the game. The way the game uses everything the Vita has to offer from the front touch screen, front and rear cameras and even the rear touch pad just showcases how great and, more importantly, fun games on the Vita can - AND SHOULD - be. 


Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remastered


It was a good move porting this PS2 classic to Sony's Vita. It allowed long-time fans of the Final Fantasy series to play one of the series' best games on their handheld, with enhanced graphics and other oh-so-sweet remastered soundtrack. If you even have the slightest interest in trying out JRPGs, or just RPGs in general, Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD is the way to go. 


Gravity Rush


Gravity Rush is a game about a superhero who can bend and shift the laws of gravity allowing her to do things superheroes do.. like fly and kill bad guys. 


The beautiful setting and how it manages to successfully combine the essence of western superheroes with a JRPG setting and mechanics sets this game apart from all the other exclusives out there. It might not have the best looking graphics but the story, characters, and gameplay are what you come to this game for. 


Soul Sacrifice Delta


Soul Sacrifice Delta is more than another action adventure game. One of the mechanics that makes this game unique to others is its "save" or "sacrifice" option, where you could sacrifice people to gain more experience points or save them to have them fight alongside them. The choice is not as simple as you think. 


This is one Vita exclusive that we'll definitely be seeing more of in the future. 


Muramasa Rebirth


This port from the Wii came long after it's original and has been a success on the Vita. With it's great art style and even more impressive combat, Muramasa Rebirth compliments Vita's catalogue of exclusives well adding another incentive for non-Vita owners to consider getting one. 


Take part in this 20-hour journey that takes place in Japan during the age of demons and mystical blades.


Dragon's Crown


Dragon's Crown is arguably one of the best action adventure games on the PS Vita. Don't let the 2D nature of this game fool you, gorgeous hand-drawn characters and environments and it's plethora of quests and other things to do in this game make Dragon's Crown a must have for any Vita owner.


Did I mention there's 4 player co-op? 




It might not be exclusive, but I included Guacamelee! in this list because of how essential this game is to the Vita experience. 


Equipped with wrestling moves like the suplex and piledriver, help Juan save El Presidente's daughter from the clutches of evil in this gorgeous and quirky adventure. It's got nice combat, great looking dungeons, and an art style like no other. 


Sound Shapes


It might look like another indie puzzler and it might also be available on the PS3 and PS4, but trust me, Sound Shapes is a game that's meant to be played for the Vita. It hits all the right notes with it's pick up and play feel to the whole game. 


Complete the challenging levels that blend platforming and music into gameplay. This is one game you're going to want to have on the go. 


Ragnarok Odyssey Ace


Remember that one crazy successful MMORPG Ragnarok Online? Yeah, those were the good ol' days. 


Well, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace isn't quite the same thing. It takes on more of a Monster Hunter aesthetic where you hunt together with friends to take down huge beasts, and craft newer and better weapons and armor. 


In a nutshell, imagine Monster Hunter but in a Ragnarok Online re-skin. Pair up with 3 other friends and go nuts!


Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited


If you miss the days of tactical tile-based strategy games then you might want to look into Disgaea 4. It's everything you want out of a strategy RPG. The combat system is deep, even grinding is actually fun to do, the characters are funny and lovable, the story is quirky and filled with comical dialogue and the gameplay is challenging. 


It's a strategy RPG gamer's dream all in one cartridge. 


Wipeout 2048


One thing that I'd like to see on the Vita because it would go well as an on-the-go type of game is racing games. 


And what better racer than Wipeout 2048 for said game. This futuristic ship racer takes full advantage of the Vita's graphical capabilities. The controls are tight, visuals look beautiful and the maps look amazing. This is probably the best racing game on the Vita. 


Tales of Hearts R


Finally, a Tales of game comes to Sony's Handheld and a pretty good-looking one at that. For those who may not know. Tales of Hearts R is a reimagining of it's Nintendo DS version all complete with a 3D world where you can run around the battle map. No more left-and-right-only situations! 


If you're looking for a good JRPG game, Tales of Hearts R is one worth looking into. 


OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood


Perhaps you don't enjoy huge AAA titles that try to do too many things to make the best out of the PS Vita's hardware; that's where you'll get hooked with OlliOlli2.  


This is a new take on the skateboarding game genre that requires your complete attention and focus. Truly enjoying this game's gameplay is about pulling off the sickest stunts and getting that perfect landing after a long chain of moves. The controls are sharp, gameplay is tight and extremely fun. 


Uncharted: Golden Abyss


Golde Abyss is your chance as a PS Vita owner to play as Nathan Drake on the go. This installment of the successful series by Naughty Dog explores the origin story leading up to the first Uncharted title of the trilogy. It doesn't look anywhere as good as the PS3 titles, but it looks pretty darn gorgeous for a handheld game. 


Persona 4 Golden


If you didn't get the chance to play this game on the PS2 then the PS Vita counterpart will serve you just fine. Go through the life of a new high school kid while exploring secret dungeons collecting different personas. The story is great with some good voice acting. A solid JRPG experience indeed. 


It's 2015 and you just bought a Vita huh? Or maybe you think you skipped some good gems? Here's THE list of the PS Vita exclusive (or PlayStation systems exclusive) games you could consider playing if you've got the handheld.


I do have to note that there isn't suppose to be any particular order to this list so please refrain from going nuts if I didn't put your favorite game in the top 5 or so. And feel free to comment below on the games that I missed, or games you feel should be on this list. 

What You Should Do With Your PS Vita Sun, 22 Mar 2015 15:38:36 -0400 Farrel Nobel

Ahh yes, the PlayStation Vita. So much hope, so much hype, and as expected, it doesn't match up to consumer expectations. (Those expectations weren't even really high, mind you.)

The Vita debuted back in 2012 with big ambitions. Launch titles like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Killzone were supposed to be the cannonball dive that Sony needed to jump back into handheld market. Sadly, although these were very good games for the PS Vita (amongst other notables like Gravity Rush and Tearaway), this cannonball dive turns out to be just a tiny splash on Nintendo's radar. 

The 3DS is the main competitor for Sony's handheld system, and the odds are heavily against them. The 3DS has amounted a vast catalogue of games, and not just Mario & Luigi ones either. There was Bravely Default, Fire Emblem: Awakening and the classic Mario Kart 7. Sony's handheld tried to put up a fight with some great titles like Uncharted and Persona 4. But sadly, I just don't think it's enough. 

I'm not writing this to take a cheap shot at Vita owners and tell them their product is a failure. I myself have owned and played the Vita quite a lot, and finished their good games within a few months. Sadly, after the wave of good Vita exclusives passed, there wasn't much else for the handheld. Most of the JRPGs are all in Japanese, and the PlayStation Plus service didn't really crank out any worthwhile games for the Vita either.


Hell, the new Tales of Hearts R is just a (pretty good) remaster/remake of the DS version of the same game.

I really wanted to like the Vita, I really did. I was hyped up to play the games it had to offer. And honestly, I had a good time with them. I'm sure that I made the Vita's asking price worth it with the (unfortunately limited) number of games that made Vita stand out. And if anyone is thinking about getting one, I would recommend it to them only if they want to play the exclusive games. Frankly, all their other games, especially the indie titles, are all just ports from another platform (mostly PC and mobile). Perhaps if there were more Vita-only games, the system would be more successful. 

So what should you do with it?

 The answer for me was simple. Trade the Vita for a 3DS. There just weren't enough original Vita games to keep me invested. If you've played Vita games like Persona 4, Final Fantasy X/X-2, Uncharted, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, (which is coming to the PS4, another blow to the Vita) Dragon's Crown and Borderlands 2, then you've experienced the best that the Vita has to offer. Everything else is just indie games that you could probably play on your PS4, or PC. 

I know it sounds like I'm hating on Sony's handheld, but I'm just trying to help gamers make good decisions for their entertainment.

I'm sorry (but not sorry) to all the Vita owners who disagree with me, and if you believe the Vita's an awesome handheld with plenty of great games to come, then good for you. But I'm betting I'm not the only one who has bought the PS Vita and is disappointed with the lack of content compared to the 3DS. I just had the sense to recognize when I've made a bad purchase and need to make a change. I hope all you gamers can too. 

PlayStation TV Set for October 14 Release Mon, 22 Sep 2014 09:39:27 -0400 mchiu

Sony's PlayStation Blog reports that the PlayStation TV is set for release on October 14, 2014. The streaming and downloadable games platform will ship with 700 titles from the get-go, including titles such as Killzone: Mercenary, Persona 4 Golden, and Metal Gear Solid, with plans to continue expanding the library.

The PS TV is actually a relatively small unit that can fit in palm of your hand. To me, it looks like it is the "Roku" of PlayStation games. The unit will be able to stream and download select games from the PS Vita, PSOne, PSP, PS Minis, and the PlayStation 3. (through the PS Now service) Additionally, PlayStation 4 titles will be playable through the unit via the Remote Play feature, for those who have an existing PS4 already in the home. A list of the streamable and downloadable games can be found here. Strangely, PS2 titles seem to be missing from this list.

For those who haven't bought a PS3, or for those who want to play PS4 in another room without needing to buy another PS4, this may be a good alternative with an MSRP of $99.99 for the standalone unit, or $139.99 for a bundle that includes a Dual-Shock controller, 8GB memory card, and The Lego Movie Videogame.

The only other thing I would like to see included in the unit would be streaming media apps such as Twitch, Netflix, etc., however, in a world of Smart TVs, Roku, and other connected devices, this would just be a minor setback compared to the ability to just be able to play PS3 games. With the unit being so small, I wonder if it would be possible to play my games in a hotel room when I'm on a business trip?

That would be awesome!

List of the Best 9 RPGs I Have Ever Played Sat, 19 Jul 2014 11:53:35 -0400 zoLo567


Final Fantasy VIII


Final Fantasy is easily my favorite game series. It was the series that got me into RPGs, and has easily consumed the most of my time out of any series. While many of the Final Fantasy titles are amazing titles, the one I hold dearest to my heart has to be Final Fantasy VIII.


Final Fantasy VIII stands out from the other titles in the series through the Junction and Draw systems. Summonings are equipped to characters, and magic is stockpiled rather than having a traditional mana pool. Abilities are given to characters through the equipped summonings, and magic can be applied to the characters stats, giving them much needed boosts. This helps Final Fantasy VIII stand out from the rest, and gives the game its own character.


Maybe it is the romantic in me, but I also love the story that Final Fantasy VIII presents. It is a love story first and foremost, and helps lead to some awesome set pieces. Overall, this is an amazing game, and has always been one that stands out to me among all other RPGs.




Persona 4 Golden


Persona 4 Golden surprised me. I had heard of the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series before, but had never played the series. I went in not knowing what to expect, as I picked up the game looking for a new title for my PS Vita. What I jumped into was one of the greatest gaming experiences I have ever had.


The story, the characters, the battle system, and the music all shine through, creating a tight game that has a lot to offer. Being the "Golden" edition, much is added from the original version of the game, and helps to create a more solid title.


The story is a great murder mystery, which will take a few twists along the way. All the characters have their own quirks, and are all likable. The music is poppy, yet fits the many different moods that you will come across in the game. Those moods are also refreshing, as the game lets players take breaks from the seriousness and have some lighthearted fun.


With characters you care about, a story you want to see through, and a battle system that keeps fresh and entertaining throughout, Persona 4 Golden is one of the better RPGs from the last decade, and a must own title for all Vita owners.


The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess


I have played a good number of The Legend of Zelda series. While they are all great games, none stood out to me like Twilight Princess has.


Everything about The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is amazing. The art style, combat, music, and the story all scream great, and can be considered some of the best of the past console generation. The ability to become a wolf stands out from the rest of the Zelda series, and leads to some great segments.


The story itself also shines in its own right, and helps push the game along at a great pace. The atmosphere for this game is a bit on the darker side, separating it apart from most of the other Zelda titles. I would consider Twilight Princess to be the star of the Zelda series, and an amazing experience for those looking for a great RPG, or a great game in general.


Mass Effect 3


Few game series get progressively better with each entry, with the newest game passing over its predecessors. Mass Effect is one of those few series.


Mass Effect 3 took everything from the previous Mass Effect games and improved on them. The combat was refined, and feels tight and entertaining. Anyone who loves shooters will find that combat matches that of other action games, while differentiating itself with the use of powers and great use of third person.  Game play is almost flawless, and anyone can jump in and be able to enjoy the action going on.


While the ending was controversial, the rest of the story is great. Your choices do have weight; events will play out differently and character's fates will change depending on the actions that you take. This can make you think, as you try to keep everyone alive, or try kill off the characters that you do not like. Mass Effect is a great series for RPG and shooter fans alike, and Mass Effect 3 is definitely the best of them all.


Kingdom Hearts II


I was curious when I heard that Square Enix was making a game that combined both the Final Fantasy series and the Disney universe. The result was Kingdom Hearts, a series that definitely stands out above all the rest.


While Kingdom Hearts is a great series, Kingdom Hearts II is the best entry so far. Just about everything in this game is amazing. Combat is deep and rewarding, and the story is great. Kingdom Hearts takes a lot from Final Fantasy and Disney, yet keeps its own personality.


The story finds a way to work its way into many different Disney worlds, yet stays on track and moves at great pace. The music is also great, with some memorable pieces, and the characters keep their respective personalities from their established franchises. Kingdom Hearts II is an amazing game overall, and appeals to more than just Disney and Final Fantasy fans.


Pokemon Red/Blue


I remember first picking up my first Pokemon game. It was a gift from a friend, and it became one of my favorite handheld titles.


While the mechanics of the series have evolved over the years, I consider Pokemon Red and Blue the best in the series. Back then, I had no idea what to expect from the game, and everything that I discovered felt more and more magical.It is what established what has become one of the greatest franchises ever, and is a game that every Pokemon fan should experience at least once in their gaming career.


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim


When I think of big games these days, I always think of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. With a huge open world and so much content, it is hard to complain that you cannot find anything to do in this game.


While the story is intriguing, I found myself lost in the huge world that is Skyrim. From raiding dungeons, battling dragons, and taking the long way to a destination, there is a lot to do. Along with a great battle system and game mechanics, Skyrim is a solid game. It is hard to say that you have done everything in this game, and many will not have a problem with that.


Tales of Graces F


I picked up Tales of Graces F because I liked the overall art style. Sometimes when I do this I am left a little disappointed, but that was not the case with this game.


Of course, the art work is great, but the game offers much more than just that. This is especially true of the combat system. Combat is where Tales of Graces F shines through, and while seemingly simple, can be deep and rewarding.While the story does start slow, it picks up, and moves along nicely. This is especially after the prologue, which picks up steam at the end of that segment.


Tales of Graces F is a solid RPG for those who want a great JRPG to play.


Fable II


I had picked up Fable II on a whim. I had heard of the first Fable, and decided to give the second game a chance. What I got was a RPG that I felt was both deep and enjoyable.


There is a wealth of content in this game. There is much to see, jobs to perform, families to raise, and missions and quests to undertake. There is a lot to find, and it can take awhile before you see everything. The story follows the "chosen hero" path, yet fits in some great moments and twists that keep the story from feeling too cliche.


There is also a lot of player choice. Your actions will affect the appearance of your character, as a noble hero will be fair with a clear complexion, while a corrupt hero will be pale with a flawed complexion. Even your stats will effect how your hero looks, allowing you to twist and shape your character even more. It also effects the people around you (such as your dog companion), and can encourage you to go down a certain path.




When it comes right down to it, RPGs are my favorite video game genre. I have been playing them for as long as I can remember, and many of my greatest gaming memories come from these games. From the characters, the music, the stories, and the game play, I love everything about RPGs.


This is a list of what I consider to be some of the best RPGs that I have played, and are titles that I would recommend to anyone looking to get a RPG fix.

Persona 4 Golden Review: This Game is Golden Thu, 15 May 2014 20:54:09 -0400 zoLo567

I am a huge fan of JRPGs. Many of them have great stories, interesting characters, and great combat. But every once in a while, a certain JRPG comes along that really catches my eye, one that I feel really does stand out from the rest. Persona 4 Golden is definitely one of those titles. As port of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (which I will admit I never played), the game features a lot of extra content and a graphics boost. With a great cast, awesome story, and a ton of content, Persona 4 Golden really shines through the rest. The game lives up to its name, and is definitely a must play.

In Persona 4 Golden, players take control of the new kid in town.

Having just moved from the big city into the countryside, you don't get much time to adjust when people begin to get murdered. He soon finds a connection between the murders and an urban legend called the "Midnight Channel", and sets out to figure out what is going on. The story is great; there a lot of twist and turns, and the story always continues at a great pace. Players will not sit still, and will always be moving forward.

Another great thing about the story is that it does not always take itself too seriously. There are some great breathing points, and these points really help to develop the personalities of all the characters. There are some hilarious scenes, and they help show different sides of the characters. It is nice to take a break from the intensity, and be able to really get to like the characters in the game.

It benefits to be social

Persona 4 Golden not only has a great story, it also has a great cast. Most of the characters are likable, and all have central conflicts that they are going through. You are able to form relationships with many of the characters, called "Social Links." As you spend time with characters and get to know them better, you level up the Social Link. Leveling up the Social Link helps the character in battle, and gives them new abilities. Players are also able to become involved with many of the female characters, leading to some interesting cut scenes. 

Persona 4 Golden also introduces a couple new Social Links, as well as an entirely new character: Marie. Marie is easily intertwined into the story, and I liked her as a character. As a Social Link, getting to know Marie will benefit the player well, and help them later on. It is good to get to know all the characters, and see the benefits of being social.

Much to see, much to do

When you first load up Persona 4 Golden, you will notice how gorgeous this game is. The game really shines on the PS Vita's OLED screen, and has some real eye candy. The town of Inaba has an atmosphere of its own, and looks really nice. The settings that the game takes helps to set the mood of many of the scenes, and it all looks great. The atmosphere always sets the mood, from bright and sunny to dark and ominous. Inaba looks great, and is vibrant and colorful. Overall, this is a beautiful game, and is great to look at.

When it comes to Inaba, there is a lot to do. There are many places to visit, and much to see. As you explore, you will run into NPCs who will give you side quests, helping to make sure you always have something to do. There are a lot of spots to see, and travel is fast and easy. At night you can sneak out to some of these locales, which change at night and offer new stuff to see and do. At a certain point in the game, players unlock the scooter, which gives even more areas to visit. Inaba has more to see than one can do in a single play through, helping encourage players to tackle a new game +.

Personas and combat

Along with side missions and different settings to unlock, players are able to unlock the namesake of the game: Personas. Personas are the summons that characters are able to use in battle, borrowing their power to get through dungeons. You are able to fuse Personas, creating new summons with new powers. Personas can carry on abilities, making sure that players use the right materials. As you progress through Social Links, certain types of Personas gain boosts in experience, and some of them unlock through these links. Fusing stands as one of the focuses of the game, and helps to bring in strategy in battle.

Battle takes place in randomly generated dungeons, which all carry a certain theme. Battles in Persona 4 Golden are turned based, and have a sort of rock-paper-scissors element to them. There are different elemental types to attacks, and using the correct element on an enemy can stun them. This brings in strategy, as you have to know which attacks to use and which characters you want to take into battle. Certain pairs of characters are also able to team up and do combo attacks. Battle is quite intense, and players must adjust their strategies for any hope of victory against tougher enemies and bosses. Overall, combat is satisfying, and it requires mare thought to it than just crashing through dungeons recklessly.

Persona 4 Golden has more than just dungeon crawling. There is plenty of extra content to see during playthroughs. There are several different endings, and choices you make will impact which ending you will see. There is also a lot of extra content to check out by watching your tv in-game, or through the main menu. This content includes bonus artwork, live performances of the game's soundtrack, and videos. Players unlock much of this by progressing through the game, and cannot unlocked through a single play through. This is one of the many things that helps encourage more than one play through, as there is a lot to see and do in this game.

All in all, Persona 4 Golden is a really solid game.

There is no such thing as a perfect game, but this game does come close. With a beautiful setting, awesome story and characters, and great combat and dungeon exploring, Persona 4 Golden is one of the best games that I have played. If you own a Vita, this is a game that you cannot miss. It is definitely one of the best games to come from this generation.

Memoirs of a Real Gamer: Stress Meets Escapism Mon, 17 Mar 2014 12:31:34 -0400 Aneudys Tejeda

This is a very personal piece I’ve been wanting to write about for a while but never really knew how to structure into a coherent article. So I’m going to just write out my thoughts and feelings and see where it takes me. This is not an argumentative article– I’m not discussing pros or cons. This is merely me opening up and getting my thoughts written to help me get some stuff off my chest.

Let’s face it, life is complicated. Sometimes, even for the most optimistic person, life can get overwhelming. For this, we resort to escapism. Escapism is defined as the avoidance of reality by absorption of entertainment or in an imaginative situation or activity.

Have you ever been in a situation when you just wanted to get away from everything?

Some resort to their hobbies, be it fitness, drawing, or just drowning out your thoughts with music. I, however, resort to video games. I’ve been playing video games all my life and it has played a major part--otherwise I wouldn’t be writing for this site if I wasn’t so passionate about not only games, but the industry as a whole.

Like the Pavlovian theory of conditioning, video games were my reward when I was well-behaved, like when I got good grades or when I graduated. I was conditioned around video games like a dog drools at the sound of a bell. I’ve always related with games. When life got stressful or when I was bullied, I would just tune people out, thinking “I can’t wait to get home and play.”

Video games have also gotten me through the toughest times in my life, whether I knew it or not.

I remember playing Marvel vs Capcom on PlayStation as a kid. My brother rented it for me to play since I would spend all my tokens at the arcade on this game. I was up late, about to get ready to head to bed. I can even remember what shirt I was wearing and who I was playing as, this is how significant this moment was to me.

Suddenly, I hear my mom crying in the living room. I walk out to find out that my grandfather had passed away. I was only 7 at the time, so I don’t think I understood the concept of death at that age. I didn’t know how to approach my mom either,  I just knew she was upset. My dad and my brother were there, and I had walked away. I went back to my room to keep playing. It may seem cold, looking from an outsider’s perspective, but realize I didn’t know how to handle the situation and for that I turned to video games.

Fast forward about 9 years and I’m in a similar predicament. I’m just watching a movie when I jolt up to the sound of my mom’s cries once again. This time it was my close uncle. I would spend summers in New York with him and my cousins. Better able to handle the situation, I was there for my mom and when I went back to my room I shut off the movie and played video games for a few hours. It’s always my go-to when I’m upset, and it helps.

By the time I was 19, life had thrown me some curve balls.

I was working a physically demanding job which added bills, rent, and a girlfriend  to the equation. When balancing my work and social life left me no time to play, I was left feeling more stressed. The only time I had to play was late at night, but then this caused me to lose sleep and produced more internal problems; I felt disconnected from the world and people in general.

Looking into the current state of my life, I am at the crossroads of some serious life decisions in front of me. My parents are possibly splitting up and moving, I’m paying half the mortgage on a house I don’t know I want to live in, and I’m working two jobs at the moment: one being physically demanding at times, and the other mentally demanding. I’m also dealing with a break up after 3 years, and trying to find the time to write. The one that gets to me the most is trying to be social when at times I would want nothing more than to be alone.

Lately I’ve been getting into Persona 4 Golden, which is a JRPG that revolves around building social links and balancing time spent training, working, playing sports, hanging out with friends, and maintaining a relationship with a girlfriend. You only have so much time in a day and, at times, it feels like you can’t always have it all. As you’d imagine, the game is very relatable to this juncture in my life.

With my Vita that I got for Christmas and a PS4 I got no more than a month ago, I find myself overwhelmed–PlayStation Plus keeps offering free games, and my backlog is probably nearing 50+ entries. I’ve reached a point where even games are beginning to feel stressful. I sometimes feel I’ve lost interest in them. Other times I find a day when I have four hours to be productive and get things done, but rather use it to play. In those four hours, all my worries go away–until I realize I should probably have done something on my to-do list.

I often wonder if I rely too much on video games, or if my time management skills aren’t as good as they used to be.

While some people throw themselves into their work or other hobbies, I'm concerned that maybe video games have gotten me this far as more of a sedative to my real world problems. It could be possible that things have reached such a breaking point that maybe video games can’t help me, and I just have to learn to deal with my problems. But every so often, a game comes by that shakes that thought.

Last year I came across a game by the name of Doki Doki Universe, a game no one really played but I highly recommend because it brought a tear to my eye. The game is simple and has a child like wonder to it: it asks you psych questions using funny kid-drawn cartoons, and at the end of all these mini three-question exams, it would tell you what kind of person you are.

It had pinpointed a lot of attributes about me I would never have imagined a game to capture. From my right brain creativity, to movies I like and all these other tiny things in between. This came at a time, as I mentioned before, when I felt disconnected from everyone, yet here is this video game that is prying into my brain and gets me. It was an odd reassurance that video games can still make me feel something.

It wasn’t that long ago that I decided to pursue what I hope to one day be a professional career in video game journalism.

Before then, I had wanted to make games before coming to the realization that I have zero skill in programing or drawing. When I came to my parents senior year of high school with this, they almost didn’t want to believe it. My brother came to me and said, “That’s cool, but what are you gonna do for real?” I’ve felt I’ve never really had the support of my family with this. Granted, I’m happy I didn’t pursue game design and found myself writing instead, but even now it still seems to be looked down on by my family. I only have myself to look at for where I want to go with my future, and that scares me in a time of uncertainty.

I just wanted to reiterate this; it was never meant to be a an opinionated piece; this was just my inner thoughts and feelings about where I am in my life and how video games have been there for me before and continue to help me get by. I’m still stressed out about a lot of things going on though; this is probably the most emotionally confusing time in my life. All the while I’m still thankful for the small moments I find to play. More importantly, I’ve found a new release in writing--not only about video games, but just my personal thoughts in general. I take solace in the fact that I can still find things to help me try to get through these trying times.

Persona 4: The Golden: Why It's Awesome Fri, 31 Jan 2014 20:26:23 -0500 Bradley Sanders

Some may have played the original Persona 4 back in the days of Playstation 2, and it was a stellar game. Persona 4 managed to find a sweet spot in balancing its 'going to school living the life of a teenage high school student' with its addictive and complicated combat system. 

One would think porting this already amazing game over to a poorly selling Playstation Vita would be a bad idea right? Ha ha... WRONG! In comes Persona 4: The Golden, with better graphics, even more things to do and with all the awesomeness that made the original great, but on a smaller (actually better) screen.  No longer would the many hours of dungeon crawling and simulated high school dating and school work be contained to just our home consoles. 

So what makes Persona 4: The Golden so awesome? Watch the video above to find five things my friend and I found as our top things about Persona 4: The Golden. Not going to lie, it's more of a funny video making fun of the craziness and silly little things in Persona, but it all comes from the same great place of why Persona 4: The Golden is awesome. Enjoy.

My Top 5 Writer's Block Activities Tue, 08 Oct 2013 16:48:00 -0400 Max Jay

Here I am - sitting in front of my screen staring blankly at was just moments ago a completely blank page. The stupid little cursor is endlessly winking at me, as if you say, "hey man, you have literally nothing to say right now." 

The problem is I really don't. Uh oh.

Writer's block is a pain. Unfortunately it's something all wordsmiths deal with at one point or another, and it is currently my time. Usually I'm never at a loss for words, much to the chagrin of my family and friends - who then need to tell me to shut my mouth. But lately, instead of text flowing from my fingertips at the keyboard, I've just been met with the blank stare of a new document.

It's a really uncomfortable feeling, and as a result I've been procrastinating like a true pro. So here's my favorite things to do while trying (and failing) to write.

**This is who I've become!**

#5 Staring Blankly

This is typically my first step in the self-hating process of my writer's block. I pop open a new file - which would usual cause me to regurgitate nonsense on to a page for several minutes, only to be edited into something readable later. However, the blank is all I can muster right now.

**What can I say? The kid gets it.** 

#4 Get Frustrated and Watch TV

I consider myself one of the lucky few that can get more work done while watching TV than in complete silence. Silence weirds me out, guys. It's just too silent - you know what I mean?

So I'll pull Netflix or Hulu up on my TV and pick some mindless show to play in the background. Lately my go-to has been The League, not that it really matters (shout out to The League). On most days this will weirdly distract me into a stream of consciousness and a writing flurry; sometimes resulting in some of my favorite work.

But for the past week I've just been watching The League on repeat.

Don't get me wrong: It's a great show. Every episode is funny every time, even though I legitimately hate sports. However, using it as a tool is useless if I still can't write anything. It is the worst.

**Written by someone with writer's block: Fact.**

#3 Make an Excuse to Drive Somewhere

I usually like driving. It kind of clears my head while simultaneously giving me the time to listen to my beloved podcasts. 

The problem in this situation being that I don't really have anywhere to go. So maybe I'll drive to my mom's to see my dog or steal some food or do some free laundry (thanks mom). But what I really should be doing is painting word pictures (which is sometimes what I call writing in my head to make it sound fancier). 

**The proven enemy to productivity.**

#2 Go Down the Rabbit Hole that is the Internet

We've all been here. It starts innocently enough. You'll say, "I wonder what the most powerful monster in game X is." You'll mosey on over to Wikipedia for a simple answer and all of a sudden you'll be so deep into GIFs making fun of sad people or memes about Jack Trenton that it's too late to turn back. It's a sorry fate, for sure, but one of which we are all guilty.

Just stay away from that Facebook vortex folks: It's a truly terrifying place to end up.

**I've done so many amazing things in the pas two weeks (in Persona).**

#1 Play Video Games for WAY Too Long

We all love games - that's why were here in the first place. The major caveat of that is that we are easily distracted and sucked in. 

The big lie of video games is that you feel as though you're accomplishing something, when in reality you are literally accomplishing nothing at all. It is a completely justifiable time vortex that I love and will participate in for the rest of my life.

Sometimes, though, you'll discover a perfect storm. My perfect storm in this instance is the fact that I discovered the joys of Persona 4: Golden just as my writers block was setting in. Over the past 2 weeks, I've dumped in close to 100 hours on that game, and I have yet to complete my first play-through. 

Needless to say: Persona is not helping me cure my block, but I'm having a hell of a good time playing the game.


Hopefully within the next few days my block will begin to lift, like the frustration of some poor constipated person who has also been blocked up for weeks (pardon the joke: I just said what we were thinking).

What do you guys and gals do when you have a block of some sort in your life? Do you perhaps binge on french fries, or maybe run a mile or two (show off)? Sound off in the comments down below and maybe we can get together and have miserable blocks of creativity on a regular basis together!