PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Articles RSS Feed | PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Street Fighter 5, PUBG Are Free on PlayStation Plus in September Wed, 26 Aug 2020 20:21:23 -0400 GS_Staff

August is almost over, and that means Sony has revealed September's free PlayStation Plus games. One's is part of a venerated fighting game franchise with decades of legacy behind its name, and one's a watershed shooter that catapulted the battle royale genre to the highest heights of popularity. 

We're talking about Street Fighter 5 and PUBG

Subscribers can start adding the games to their digital libraries on September 1, and they have until October 5 to nab them before they disappear. As always, the games were revealed via a post on the PlayStation Blog. 

Street Fighter 5 may not be the most beloved game to carry its famous name, but the fighter has come a long way since its maligned 2016 release. Capcom made steady improvements to the experience in the game's subsequent editions, including 2018's Arcade Edition and this year's Champion Edition. The roster now stands at 40 fighters, though it began with only 11. 

Unfortunately, though, the version of SF5 that will be available for free on PS Plus in September is the original version of the game. Upgrading to the Champion Edition, the best edition of the game, is a separate charge, and will set fans back $24.99. 

Street Fighter 5 isn't the only game that's improved since it first released, but with PUBG, you'll get access to the most recent updates and enhancements straight out of the gate. That includes the latest addition: the MG3 seen above. 

Currently in Season 8, PUBG is now a household name. It's not the only battle royale available, but it's one of the most consistent and widely played. There are plenty of ways to kill enemies, with dozens of rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns, and more at your disposal. 

Maps have changed considerably since the game first launched, and even for legacy players, there's a lot to experience. 

August's free games, Fall Guys and Modern Warfare 2: Campaign Remastered, are currently available until August 31.

Fall Guys is a wonderfully different take on the battle royale genre. Where PUBG is all about guns and mayhem, Fall Guys is all about mini-games and ... mayhem. It's the American Gladiators of battle royale. Of course, Modern Warfare 2 needs no introduction. 

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more on PlayStation Plus and the games that hit the service each month. 

The Spooktacular List of Games with Halloween Events 2019 Mon, 07 Oct 2019 12:56:55 -0400 Josh Broadwell


Ark: Survival Evolved


Running from October 22 to November 5 on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Ark's Halloween event is scarier than a velociraptor opening a door. Fear Evolved 3 brings a ton of ghoulish surprises to the survival game, including pumpkins, skeletal dinos, and more. 


There are "new items to collect, cool skin costumes to try out, and a Blood Moon casting a pale shadow over it all." Players will be treated with increased XP, harvesting, and breeding rates. Here's a list of everything you can expect: 

  • New cosmetic items: Jack O' Lantern Mask, Hockey Mask, Headless Neck Stump, Halloween-inspired Dino Colorization Candy and event-themed undergarments (tops and bottoms)
  • \n
  • New emotes: Panic, Spooky Dance and Zombie
  • \n
  • Event-themed wild dinosaur spawns
  • \n
  • Randomly spawning gravestones, scarecrows and pumpkin patches
  • \n
  • A candy corn-themed supply drop brings an abundance of useful Halloween treats for players, surprises like berries, cooked meats, heal brews, veggie cakes, consumable buffing soups, dino Halloween candy and dino skins from past Halloween events.
  • \n
  • The environment and trees to be Halloween themed
  • \n

Two Point Hospital


Not to be outdone by Tropico 6, Two Point Hospital also has a Halloween event going on right now. Of course, the hospital sim was already kinda' spooky with ghosts floating about, but things are even more terrifying with the "boo-tiful update."


From now until November 1, players can decorate hospitals with Halloween bits and bobs, listening to scary music over the hospital PA, and duck boisterous bats in the hallways. 


Certain illnesses will even get Halloween-themed updates, such as Lightheadedness getting renamed Firghtheadedness, with patients sprouting pumpkins for heads instead of lightbulbs. 


those who don't already own the game can grab it for 66% off on Steam until November 1. 


Tropico 6


Even city-builder Tropico 6 is getting in on the Halloween festivities. From now until November 7, players will see new content updates bringing Autumn foliage, pumpkins, Halloween palace decorations, and a themed main menu to the game. 


The update is live across all platforms, including PS4, Xbox One, and PC. El Presidente is in the spirit. 




Elder Scrolls Blades


The Elder Scrolls Blades is celebrating the spooky season with the Witches Festival. New quests have been added to the game alongside a spell overhaul, new Nightmare Town, and brand-new decorations. 


The 1.4 update includes myriad fixes to combat, weapons, armor, items, and more. It even squashes a few pesky bugs. But(!), it doesn't squash spiders, which feature heavily in because Halloween. 


Creatures lurk in dark caves and mysteriously abandoned villages dot the land. Are you brave enough to venture out into the land of the living dead? 


Mortal Kombat 11


Fighting game fans can celebrate Halloween with one of the most macabre fighting games around: Mortal Kombat


The free Halloween-themed event starts on October 25 and runs through November 1. There will be four new boss fights, all with spoopy modifiers such as witches and bats and pumpkins. There are even new terrifying Brutalities to be had. 


The Masquerade Skin pack will retail for $5.99 and include skins for Jade, Kabal, and Liu Kang. 


Hitman 2 Halloween Escalation Contract


Hitman 2 is even getting in on the Halloween shenanigans with a special, Halloween-themed Escalation Contract. This new contract is included as part of October's free content update for those who downloaded the Hitman 2 Starter Pack, and it takes place in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.


Along with the obligatory skeletons, pumpkins, and other spooky accouterments, the Contract includes special rewards for those who manage to survive the horror-filled wasteland that awaits them: the Tactical Wetsuit and Bat Shuriken.


The Contract is live now, and you can check out the event's official trailer here.


Gears 5: Pumpkin Ball and More


Gears 5 is bringing Pumpkin Ball back for Halloween this year, which is basically a pumpkin version of dodgeball, and it's also giving you the chance to earn a special Frankenstein skin by winning 13 matches of Pumpkin Ball before the event ends on November 4.


This isn't your typical game of dodge, er, Pumpkin Ball, though. Players automatically revive unless you target specific, zombie-like weak points, including the head or the universal weakness to massive explosions.


The event started on October 22, with more planned sometime this week as well, so stay tuned for more info as it becomes available.


Elder Scrolls Online: The Witches Festival


The Witches Festival returns once more in Elder Scrolls Online, bringing with it a gaggle of ghoulish goodies for your Halloween pleasure. The event starts October 24 at 10am EST and ends November 4 at the same time.


One way to get the party started is earning tons more XP, and to do that, you'll need to complete "The Witchmother's Bargain" quest from the Crown store then use the Whistle you get as a reward.


The Witches Festival has plenty more on offer as well, including Festival-themed collectibles and costumes, Dremora Plunder Skulls (complete with new items) earned through defeating special bosses once per day, and the Glenmoril Armor set.


See the set in all its glory, and find out all the details about The Witches Festival here.


Mario Kart Tour Halloween Event


Mario Kart Tour is joining in the spooky fun this season, with some sort of Halloween event centered around a Luigi's Mansion course. The official tweet announcing the event only said we can get tricks and treats out of it.


Sort of unrelated to the event, but not really because it is Luigi's Mansion after all, is the announcement that Luigi is coming to Mario Kart Tour as of now. (Apparently, he lost his keys and couldn't get there when the game first launched).


Much to Luigi's undoubted dismay, the Halloween event is adding King Boo as a playable character too.


Don't Starve: Hallowed Nights 2019


Klei Entertainment's lovable death simulator Don't Starve Together's Halloween 2019 event is the return of Hallowed Nights, starting October 24. The Klei blog post announcing the event's return said it'll largely include the same things as last year, with a few new treats and tricks.


That means Candy items, Halloween Decorations, and Trinkets you can give to the Pig King for Candy. Candy is good in Don't Starve, because unlike other food items, it never spoils.


Last year's Hallowed Nights also introduced the Mad Science Lab, where you could engineer a number of potions with a variety of positive effects — but at the expense of your sanity.


Though not technically part of Hallowed Nights, October 24 is when we'll see Wurt the Merm make her debut in Don't Starve as well.


Dragalia Lost: Halloween Fantasia 2


Dragalia Lost's popular Halloween Fantasia event returns as the game's big Spooktober event, bringing with it new items, quests, and summons. It all kicks off at 2am October 18.


First is the Trick or Treasure! Facility Event, which introduces Nightmare difficulty, new items to obtain, and more. It's accompanied by a new set of Daily and Live Endeavors that'll run through October 31 as well.


Thanks to Perfectly-Nintendo distilling the patch notes, we also know the special Halloween Fantasia summoning event will include the following:

  • Halloween Mym (Adventurer)
  • \n
  • Halloween Maritimus (Dragon)
  • \n
  • Halloween Lowen (Adventurer)
  • \n
  • Halloween Odetta (Adventurer)
  • \n

and a few more, all of which will be available until the end of Halloween.


Sea of Thieves: Fort of the Damned


Things are taking a decidedly spooky turn for Xbox One and Windows 10 players this month in Sea of Thieves. The game's monthly content update this time around is, naturally, Halloween related, and it's no barebones update either.


Old Boot Fort has been overrun by the forces of evil, turning it into the Fort of the Damned, managed by the Shadow of Fate Skeletons.


This fort can be activated as long as the requirements are met, and it brings with it new Voyages, new Contracts from Duke, and some big rewards. More importantly, these additions aren't just for October; they'll continue on as a permanent part of the game.


There'll also be new arena rules, new items and pets from the Emporium, and even a new way to play Shanties. The full details are here.


Fallout '76 Mischief Night


Fallout '76's Halloween event this year is Mischief Night, letting you take full advantage of the day to wreak utter havoc on Whitespring. Mischief Night kicks off at noon EST on October 26 and runs until the same time on November 5, and it begins "every hour, on the hour." It's a public event, which means free fast travel too.


You'll start off at the Mischief Pyre near the Springhouse Gazebo, and after hearing about the rogue Eyebot JES-2R's dark plans, you're in for a quick tour of the resort area.


From there, you can destroy property and vehicles, vandalize buildings, risk getting tricked at one of the treat bowls, and basically do whatever your little black heart desires — as long as the Whitespring Elite Security Force doesn't catch you.


Complete JES-2R's missions to earn rewards, and wearing or crafting your own costume helps further your progress towards unlockables.


Check out the full details here.


For Honor's Otherworld 2019 Event


For the past two years, Ubisoft's For Honor has hosted an event centering around the Otherworld concept, with plenty of spooky challenges, quests, special rewards, Halloween versions of familiar characters, and of course, loads of lootable gear.


The event usually runs well beyond Halloween too. As yet, like with many others, there aren't any concrete details about For Honor's Halloween event, but we'll update as soon as we find out more.


Hearthstone Hallow's End: Doom in the Tomb


Blizzard finally lifted the lid on Hearthstone's Hallow's End 2019 event. This year's special Halloween event is Doom in the Tomb; it starts October 8 at 10 a.m. PDT/1 p.m. EDT and runs for three weeks until October 30 at 9 a.m. PDT/12 p.m. EDT.


As always, there'll be unique Tavern Brawls with rewards for completing missions under a certain time, plus trials in the Haunted Temple for both good and E.V.I.L. to overcome. Naturally, the Headless Horseman will be making his appearance as well.


Some of the Tomb's treasures might seem familiar to longtime players as well, with classic cards like the Druid, Imp Gang Boss, and Imp Burglard making a return.


There's a lot more involved, and you can read about it plus all the rewards on offer here.


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Dark Arts Month


While Harry Potter: Wizards Unite might not generate quite the same levels of interest as Niantic's other AR mobile game, it's still got plenty to offer for Dark Arts month.


Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Part 1: October 8-14

  • A new quest featuring the spine-chilling Brilliant Death Eater and an Azkaban Escapee
  • \n

October Community Day: October 19

  • Expect more uncanny creatures including Vampire, Werewolf and Doxy oddities appearing more frequently in the game
  • \n

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Part 2: October 22-28

  • A new sinister quest featuring the Brilliant Sirius Black and a Dementor
  • \n

Exclusive Halloween Quest: October 31

  • Get ready for an exciting and exclusive Dark Arts-themed Wizarding Challenge Fortress Chamber and quest with limited-time rewards.
  • \n

More details will be announced on the game's Twitter and Facebook pages throughout the month.




Those are most of the games hosting Halloween events this year. Be sure to bookmark this article and check back throughout the month for updates and new games. 


Killing Floor 2: Grim Treatments


Tripwire Studios' Killing Floor 2 Halloween event is already underway, with the launch of Grim Treatments earlier this month.


Grim Treatment is a free update that brings in a variety of Halloween Zeds, up to their ears (or whatevers) in blood and gore, a brand-new map in the form of Ashwood Asylum, special cosmetic items, and Nuked Objective Mode.


Nuked has special quests and cutscenes, but the main objective centers around the attempt to rescue a small child in the aftermath of nuclear fallout, and of course, there are plenty of Zeds trying to stop you.


League of Legends The Harrowing 2019


The Harrowing is basically an institution in League of Legends. It's a yearly fright-fest that ties in with the game's lore, focusing on the Black Mist and, well, death. Because it's Halloween.


The big draw in The Harrowing tends to be the special Champion skins on offer, plus various ranks of gear, and plenty of other additions to get you in the Halloween spirit.


So far, there's absolutely nothing about this year's Harrowing, but since we're well into October now, that'll likely change soon.


Star Wars Battlefront 2 Halloween Event


There will, in fact, be a Star Wars Battlefront 2 Halloween event this year. Shared on EA Star Wars' official Twitter account, the event will begin on October 23 and end on October 31. 


The event might not feature ghouls and ghosts, but it will allow players to earn 2X experience for the entire period. That includes all game modes. 


The event will center around the Ewok hunt on Endor, which, unsurprisingly, will be at night. 


It's worth mentioning that Battlefront 2 will have events the entire month of October, even though there is only one Halloween-themed event. 

  • October 4-6: Battle Point Event
  • \n
  • October 11-18: Community Quests
  • \n
  • October 18-20: Battle Point Event
  • \n

Dead by Daylight Withering Blight Event


This year's Dead by Daylight Hallowed Blight event, called Withering Blight, was leaked during the Stranger Things event over the summer. That said, only the existence of the Halloween event was leaked. Since then, we've learned a little bit more. 


The event will run from October 22 to November 1. Not only will it bring "spooky decorations" to the world of Dead by Daylight, but items from Halloweens past, including: 

  • The Will O' Wisp flashlight
  • \n
  • The All Hallows' Eve lunchbox
  • \n
  • The Pustula Petals offering
  • \n

Per the game's official blog: 


You can find these limited-time items scattered throughout newly generated Bloodwebs and in chests for the duration of the event. You will keep any leftover items and be able to use them year round, but be warned: Any unused Pustula Petals will stay in your inventory, but will not be useable after the event period. 


Following feedback from the Hallowed Blight event last year, Pustula Petals will instead create a pair of event Hooks and Generators for each Offering used. Survivors who burn one of these Offerings will receive bonus Bloodpoints whenever an event Generator is powered, and Killers receive a bonus each time a Survivor is hooked on a special event Hook. If you don’t burn an Offering, you’ll still receive some bonus Bloodpoints, but not as many as those who do. 


The event will also bring new challenges and rewards to Dead by Daylight. Putrid Serum will be a new currency for the event, which can be used to acquire cosmetics. Though there are a finite number of these items in the event, finding them all will net you "six hallowed cosmetics."


Last year's event featured an adrenaline-filled rush to gather antitoxins to fend off an army of mutated creatures bent on destroying everything in sight, plus the slightly less tense inclusion of new items and gear.


Rainbow Six Siege Halloween Event


Last year, Ubisoft treated us to the Mad House Halloween event in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, and while the company's been silent so far about this year's Halloween event, a set of rather frightening looking skins was recently leaked.


obutu3_ posted a video on YouTube showing off new skins for Doc, Ela, and Vigil, among others, all of which are pretty obviously meant for Halloween.


If it's anything like last year, expect to see plenty of Halloween decorations around the Rainbow Six Siege world and, hopefully, see the previous year's skins available again as well.


Call of Duty Halloween 2019


Just like we can count on a new Call of Duty game every year, we can count on a Call of Duty Halloween event, too. Only — Activision hasn't announced one yet.


Last year's was all about Black Ops, and the year before focused on Infinite Warfare. This year saw Call of Duty Mobile finally launch, so it's possible any new event could center around that since Modern Warfare won't release until October 25. Of course, we could also see something in Black Ops 4 ... 


Either way, these usually involve the same thing: new skins, stickers, and gear, all won through reaching specific tier levels and completing certain missions.


Stay tuned for more.


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Halloween Event


Harry Potter and Halloween are perfect matches for each other, not least because something interesting — or deadly — always happens on Halloween.


Hogwarts Mystery will be no different this year. The game's official Twitter account teased the game's Dark Arts Month earlier this month on Twitter.


We know what's going on with Wizards Unite, but we're still in the dark about Hogwarts


PUBG Mobile and The Walking Dead


PUBG Mobile is getting its own Halloween crossover event with The Walking Dead in the form of daily boardgame missions.


Players can log in every day to complete special The Walking Dead-themed missions to unlock a special version of Daryl Dixon's motorcycle, plus enter for a chance to win a new iPhone 11.


More details about the events and giveaways are going to be shared on Twitter through the month.


PUBG Halloween 2019


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is getting a special set of Halloween skins this year. They're pretty much what you'd expect from Halloween costumes, too, ranging from The Wizard of Oz-themed Kansas and Scarecrow sets to pirate gear, and more, though the, er, happy Lion costume has received some changes since it first launched.


These costumes will all be sold individually and can be bought as sets for a discount.


Crash Team Racing Halloween Grand Prix


Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled has made a name for itself by offering regular Grand Prix events, and it's a theme Beenox is continuing with a special Halloween-themed event: the Nitro-Fueld Spooky Grand Prix.


Top on the list is the return of Nina Cortex as a new playable character, complete with new karts and a brand-new track. There'll be missions and challenges to complete, tiered rewards to earn, skins, items, and lots more.


The Spooky Grand Prix kicked off on October 4 and runs through November 3, and you can find out all the specifics here.


MapleStory Hallowkitty Event


MapleStory's usual Hallowkitty event is back in full force this year as part of the Fabled Melody content update, but it won't start until October 23 at 7 p.m. EST.


It's a big event, too. There's a disco-themed set of Halloween items to purchase:

  • Hallows Disco Chair: Ghost: 1,500 Mesos. Untradeable.
  • \n
  • Hallows Disco Chair: Mummy: 15 Million Mesos. Untradeable.
  • \n
  • Hallows Disco Chair: Frankenstein: 15 Million Mesos. Untradeable.
  • \n
  • Hallows Disco Chair: Vampire: 150 Million Mesos. Untradeable.
  • \n
  • Hallows Disco Chair: Skull: 150 Million Mesos. Untradeable.
  • \n
  • Hallows Disco Chair: Master
    • Non-Reboot worlds: You can obtain the Master chair through the Ghoulish Meso Cascade Mount event.
    • \n
    • Reboot world: 1,500,000,000 Mesos. Untradeable.
    • \n
  • \n

And there are plenty of disco activities, too, with stat growth rewards for hanging out and greeting friends, plus costumes you can earn.


Finally, there is a Halloween-themed monster hunt event, complete with daily missions and plenty of rewards. You can check out the full details here.


Destiny 2: Festival of the Lost 2019


Festival of the Lost is back once more as Destiny 2's Halloween event in 2019. What's more, New Light players — those playing the new free-to-play Destiny 2 version —can take part in Festival of the Lost, so long as their power level is at least 770.


As always, Eva Levante is your host, and she brings with her all manner of Halloween decorations and costumes. And candy. Lots of candy, which you'll earn and can use towards rewards like the Braytech Werewolf Legendary Auto Rifle.


Weapons will serve you well in the Forest trials, 15 minutes of terror fighting against monsters galore, but there's plenty of Halloween customization for those who just want to make some haunting memories for the future too.


You can see all the details here.




Borderlands 3: Bloody Harvest


Borderlands 3's Halloween event is part of a brand-new content update, and, as always, it's called Bloody Harvest. Bloody Harvest starts October 24 and lets you take on haunted enemies, challenge a new boss, earn rewards by completing challenges, and, of course, don new skins for your Vault Hunters. What kind of Halloween would it be without dressing up, after all?


You can see the full details in the event's announcement video below.


Overwatch Halloween Terror 2019


Now that it's actually begun, Blizzard released details about this year's Overwatch Halloween event. Dr Junkenstein makes his return, changing all the heroes into spooky Halloween versions of their usual selves and bringing along new weekly challenges as well as the usual Junkenstein's Revenge seasonal brawl.


Here are the full details:

  • Weekly Challenges are back for Halloween Terror, allowing you to unlock limited-time rewards by winning nine games.
  • \n
  • Rewards include the Legendary Demon Hunter Sombra skin, as the final earnable skin in the 3rd Weekly Challenge.
  • \n
  • Emotes
  • \n
  • Player Icons
  • \n
  • Sprays
  • \n
  • Voicelines
  • \n

5 Legendary Skins 

  • Pharoah Ana
  • \n
  • Warlock Ashe
  • \n
  • Demon Orisa
  • \n
  • Will-o’-Wisp
  • \n
  • Scorpion Widowmaker
  • \n

3 Epic Skins

  • Inferno Junkrat
  • \n
  • Vampire Baptiste
  • \n
  • Gorgon Lucio
  • \n

Final Fantasy XIV: All Saints' Wake 2019


All Saints' Wake returns for Final Fantasy XIV's Halloween 2019 event, and yes, the spoopy Moogle carriage is included.


If you're looking for some Final Fantasy Halloween fun, head to Gridania Woods from October 17 to November 1 to check out the Continental Circus and its special Ahriman attraction, which is something you'll have to see to believe, or so they say.


As always, there's a bevy of in-game items to earn during the event, but here are some of the highlights:

  • \n

    Circus Resonator mount - this unique voidsent was bred by the Continental Circus

  • \n
  • \n

    Pumpkin Carriage - embrace the spirit of the season with this spooky - but regal - outdoor furnishing item

  • \n
  • \n

    Fantastical All Saints’ Wake Advertisement - a notice that will be a welcome reminder about this year’s spooktacular event.

  • \n

If you didn't get around to last year's event, you'll get the chance to purchase some of the special themed items you missed out on.


The full announcement is here.


Rocket League Haunted Hallows


Psyonix has revealed new information regarding Rocket League's Halloween 2019 event. This year, things get a little peculiar with the game's Stranger Things crossover during the Haunted Hallows event. 


The Farmstead map gets transformed into the Upside-Down, reminiscent of the opening portions from Stranger Things Season 2. The map is now steeped in red with the Mind Flayer lurking in the background. 


The event runs from October 14 to November 11. During that time, players can earn unique toppers, banners, titles, decals, avatar borders and more. These fiendish flourishes will be available for a certain number of Candy Corn, which players can earn by playing matches. 


There are even golden pumpkins that hold special surprises. 


Pokemon GO Halloween 2019


Pokemon GO's 2019 Halloween event kicks off soon, on October 17 at 4pm EST/1pm PST and runs through November 1 at the same time.


The first big feature of the event is adding Darkrai to five-star raid events, which you can find out more about here


There's going to be more Shadow Pokemon at your local PokeStop. Specifically, you'll have a chance to see

  • Weedle
  • \n
  • Kakuna
  • \n
  • Beedrill
  • \n
  • Electabuzz
  • \n
  • Magmar
  • \n
  • Lapras
  • \n
  • Mareep
  • \n
  • Seedot
  • \n
  • Nuzleaf
  • \n
  • Sableye
  • \n
  • Trapinch
  • \n
  • Cacnea
  • \n
  • Shuppet
  • \n
  • Duskull
  • \n

If you're not quite sure what to do with these Shadow Pokemon once you catch them, check out our Shadow Pokemon and Purifying guide.


Additionally, Yamask will make its debut, along with its shiny variant (if you're lucky), amidst a slew of other Ghost types that will be more common, like Gastly and Murkrow.


Other Pokemon, including Cubone, Pikachu, Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur, might appear in raid battles donning special Halloween costumes.


And on top of that, there's a range of Halloween-themed avatar items is coming to the Style Shop, including a Pikachu onesie, Litwick cap, and Mimikyu bag.


You can see the full details here.


Apex Legends Fight or Fright


Respawn Entertainment will be adding a bevy of Halloween goodies and tweaks to Apex Legends with the first ever Fight or Fright event, starting October 15 and running through until November 5.


Fight or Fright introduces new cosmetic items for weapons and Legends, some of which can be obtained through completing special, limited-time challenge missions.


King's Canyon is getting a spooky, night-themed makeover, but it's the new mode Shadowfall that brings the biggest change.


Legends who fall in battle will be reborn as zombies and receive new abilities, like a vicious melee attack and, in true Titanfall fashion, the ability to run up walls.


Once the field only has 10 living Legends left, the game changes to an escape mode. It's a race for the 10 Legends to make it to the evacuation ship while the undead zombie Legends do all they can to stop the evacuation from happening.


You can head over here to check out the full details and get a glimpse at some of the skins.


Fortnite Halloween 2019


Epic Games hasn't yet announced any Halloween events for Fortnite, but fans are expecting something soon. Expectations were heightened when Twitter user HYPEX posted information gleaned from datamining, reportedly showing at least part of the Halloween skins that might be added to Fortnite sometime this month. 


HYPEX is a well-known dataminer in the Fortnite community, but as always, it's just a rumor until Epic confirms the information.


Bloodborne: The Official Return to Yharnam


Bloodborne's Halloween event is fully organized by the Bloodborne fan community. It's an unofficial official event (just go with it), and rules are determined on the Bloodborne sub-reddit based on which suggestions get the most upvotes.


Currently, the rules include choosing and creating a specific costume, like the Grim Reaper or Masked Hoonter, and using the invasion and resonance bells as often as possible.


The event started on October 5 at midnight and runs all the way through November 5. This is still very much an event in the making, so it's bound to change as more rules develop.


This is Halloween — well, almost.


This is early October, which means it's time to get ready for all your favorite games to kick off their spooktacular Halloween events.


From Fortnite and Apex Legends to Call of Duty, Hearthstone, and even Star Wars Battlefront II, there's a lot going on this Halloween.


We've gathered together a sampling of some of the biggest Halloween events set to start sometime this month. While not every game has begun its festive happenings yet, we will continue updating this piece all month, so check back regularly for more information as it pops up.

How to Use the Flare Gun in PUBG Wed, 04 Sep 2019 17:03:53 -0400 Ty Arthur

Gameplay tweaks and new items are always landing for battle royale titles like PUBG, with one of the latest weapons causing a bit of confusion for players: the flare gun.

The infamous weapon was previously available in PUBG Mobile and as a limited-time event item in other versions, but it is now standard on all maps for all versions with tweaked mechanics.

Want to know where to find a flare gun and how to use it for maximum effect? Let's take a look!

Flare gun drops are totally randomized and can potentially spawn in any location on any map, from Erangel to Miramar and beyond. Keep in mind that the half grip attachment looks surprisingly like a flare gun, so it's very easy to mistake the two.

Sadly, it doesn't deal any actual damage to another player; the flare gun is useless as a last-ditch weapon if you're surrounded. Instead, it calls in a care package airdrop.

You can't call a care package until after the first blue circle. This is to prevent an early advantage. But you can still fire the gun before that point, which is a waste of a flare.

What's in Airdrops? 

There's some confusion in what airdrops provide and where they land, as players are consistently getting a vehicle instead of the gun package they are expecting. Here's what you get based on where you fire the PUBG flare gun:

  • Inside safe zone white circle  weapon/item pack
  • Outside safe zone white circle  armored UAZ off-road vehicle

Note that there was a bug where firing a flare gun would cause a vehicle to sink, but that was recently patched out.

In some cases, you might not get anything at all, however, as each match has a maximum number of available drops. If multiple flare guns spawn, they may all be used already by the time you grab yours.

Be careful where you launch a flare outside the safe zone, though: it's possible for the vehicle to land in a place you can't reach or drive away from!

Keep in mind that anyone near your location gets an on-screen text indicator that a care package is incoming, and the flashing yellow flare gun care package icon will be visible to anyone on the map.

In other words, the flare basically summons enemies in addition to a package.

Of course, there are ways to use this to your advantage, like firing the flare gun into an open field while hiding out in a sniper's nest with a clear line of sight to where the care package will land.

Finally, some particularly petty players have started taking ammo but leaving the gun so that no one can fire it and get the package.

If you come across a flare gun without any ammo, be on the lookout for nearby players and make sure to take their loot, as they probably have your flares.

Be sure to check out the rest of our PUBG guides over here.

PUBG Not Authorized Xbox One Error Explained Tue, 03 Sep 2019 19:47:44 -0400 Ty Arthur

While the always-online digital revolution has brought a host of new multiplayer experiences to console players, needing to connect to a server to start a match comes with its own problems. If you've seen the infamous "Not Authorized" 2019 PUBG error on the Xbox One, then the limitations of modern battle royale titles become more apparent.

Unfortunately, the Not Authorized Xbox One error isn't actually an issue with your PUBG account or anything on your console, so there's not much to be done. Uninstalling and reinstalling won't solve the issue, and neither will creating a new account.

The problem seems to happen more often around holidays and during the summer, prime times when higher numbers of players are connecting simultaneously, which indicates its simply an issue of server overload or a straight up outage.

Some players are occasionally able to connect to a different server by fully powering off their Xbox One and then turning it back on. Note that for this to have any chance of working, you need to complete the full shutdown process through the main menu, instead of just going into the typical low power mode by pressing the power button on the front of the console.

If restarting your console doesn't resolve the issue, check the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds outage map and the down detector page for the Xbox Live service. It's good bet you'll see your area of the world lit up with outage reports. 

In those cases, there's nothing to do but wait and submit a report to Xbox so they can see the issue and work to resolve it.

If it's any consolation to PUBG players who can't get into the game right now, battle royale rival Fortnite has been experiencing a similar problem on the Xbox One lately.

To see the latest updates on the current server status and info on potential workarounds or estimated time frames for resolutions to the problem, be sure to check the Xbox Support twitter page.

PUBG Cross-Play Coming Soon to Xbox One and PS4 Mon, 19 Aug 2019 13:05:29 -0400 Josh Broadwell

ID@Xbox's Chris Charla announced PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) will be getting cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The feature is expected to roll out sometime in early October after a testing phase in late September.

The announcement came as part of Xbox's Gamescom 2019 presentation, wherein PUBG's season four was also revealed.

PS4 and Xbox One are the only platforms included in this new update. PUBG Mobile is still its own thing, and PC players won't be able to enter matches with console players since the aiming capabilities are completely different on PC than console.

The move is important for a few reasons. There's the obvious benefit of players being able to enjoy the game with their friends who own a different console. However, it also means there will be more players across the board in general, which increases the chances players will be matched with others near their own rank.

For an online game, especially one like PUBG that isn't exactly a spring chicken, keeping the player pool alive and growing is vital.

This new change is another sign that PUBG does things at its own pace. Where once, it was in a fight to the death rivalry with Fortnite, which already introduced cross-platform play on all platforms, it focuses more on improving the existing experience and special events than it does on outright competition.

It's also an important step for Sony. Earlier this year, the company got a bit of flak for refusing cross-platform play or, at the very least, being somewhat picky about which games were eligible for it.

Implementing cross-play in PUBG isn't indicative of a complete change of heart, but it's certainly a step in the right direction for the once-recalcitrant Sony.

What with Nintendo and Microsoft growing ever closer and Sony finally realizing players have friends who own other consoles, it seems we've entered a new era of competitive cooperation in the games industry.

GameSkinny Weekend Download: Console Tariffs, Canceled WoW Successor, New PUBG, More Sat, 29 Jun 2019 09:00:01 -0400 GS_Staff

This week, Nintendo teamed up with Sony and Microsoft in a rebuttal against the Trump Administration's proposed console tariffs, and PUBG Corp confirmed a new game in the franchise is in development. 

We also published a few fantastic reviews on games such as Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Samurai Shodown, Steel Division 2, The Sinking City, and Crash Team Racing. Of course, we've got a handful of guides on many of the latest releases. 

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy. It's the weekend. What else are you gonna do? Play video games? 


  • Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft Issue Formal Protest to Trump's China Tariffs
    The proposed console tariffs would disrupt supply chains and pass higher costs onto consumers, executives say, which would ultimately ripple outwards and harm the economy on the whole. Read more

  • Canceled WoW Successor Project Titan Dev Troubles Revealed at Gameslab
    Project Titan may have seemed a myth at one time, but its reveal and cancellation in 2014 left many wondering what happened. Read more

  • Niantic Makes It Easier to Get Spell Energy in New Wizards Unite Update
    Obtaining more Spell Energy from Inns and Challenges in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite just got a bit easier thanks to a new, feedback-driven update. Read more

  • Niantic Partnering with AT&T, Simon for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
    The first Wizards Unite real-world event has begun, offering additional rewards and special quests to entice you out of the house. Read more.

  • Riot Blocks League of Legends in Iran, Syria In Response to U.S. Sanctions
    Recent tensions between the U.S. and Iran are considered the primary cause for the block, with money concerns potentially being at the root of the decision. Read more

  • The Next PUBG Game Is in The Works, Headed by a New PUBG Studio
    New studio Striking Distance isn't developing a PUBG sequel; instead, it's set to be a completely new take on the series. Read more

  • WorldGaming Network Announces Second Annual Rocket League Championship
    The Rocket League WGN North American Championship kicks off online June 29. Read more

  • Epic Games Giving Employees a Two-Week Summer Holiday
    The Fortnite developer is granting a fortnight-long holiday to its employees but promises in-game issues will be addressed should they arise during this time. Read more

  • Tyler "Ninja" Blevins Won't be at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup
    Blevins failed to earn the necessary points during qualifying matches, but still maintains his status as a top Fortnite streamer — with all the pros and cons that entails. Read more.  

  • Full-Sized C64 Maxi Remake Gets Price and Release Date
    Retro Inc and Koch Media's full-sized Commodore 64 reboot features multiple ways to play, a built-in library of games, and even a fully functional keyboard. Read more

  • CastleMania Announces Release Date for N64 HDMI Accessory
    The retro craze shows no signs of slowing down, with the latest device being a plug-in that hooks your N64 up to a modern TV set and doubles the console's visual output. Read more

  • Pokemon Masters Introduces Real-Time Battles and Sync Pairings
    The upcoming Pokemon mobile game puts a new twist on classic battle mechanics, though there's still no firm release date. Read more

  • FFXIV Getting a Live-Action Television Adaptation
    Hivemind, the company behind Netflix's The Witcher adaptation, is working on the project and hopes to honor the franchise's legacy through exploring FFXIV's myriad themes, locations, and people. Read more

  • New Switch Model Processor Could Be Behind Mini and Pro Rumors
    Nvidia's Mariko chip could provide a range of improvements in keeping with the Switch Pro rumors we've heard so far. Read more

  • Nintendo Opens Door for N64, GCN Games on Switch Online
    Nintendo's Shuntaro Furukawa says the company is considering avenues for providing access to its classic games library. Read more


  • Samurai Shodown Review: Unapologetically Old School
    Samurai Shodown is a throwback to arcade fighters and the series' first entry in a decade. It is solid without a lot of frills. Read more.
  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Review — A Masterful Symphony
    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night stands as one of the best Vania games of recent memory, and one of the most satisfying games of 2019 so far. Read more

  • Steel Division 2 Review: A Bigger and Better War
    Steel Division 2 proves to be a much better game than its predecessor in terms of graphics and mechanics, even if it still needs to solve a few balancing problems before it can be called "definitive." Read more

  • Logitech G502 Lightspeed Review: Reinvigorating a Classic
    Logitech's recent knack for reviving old products with modern perks reaches its pinnacle with the G502 Lightspeed Wireless. Read more. 

  • Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled Review: A Nostalgic Joy Ride Needing Just One Repair
    When Crash Bandicoot wasn't jumping on crates of wumpa fruit and spin-attacking turtles and wizards, he was racing aliens around the track in a stylish buggy. Crash Team Racing (CTR) has long been regarded as one of the best kart racers of its time, if not of all-time. Read more

  • The Sinking City Review — Solve Crimes And Go Mad In This New Gold Standard For Lovecraft Games
    With a distinct lack of hand-holding, in-depth investigative mechanics, and a solid mix of open world design with mythos monsters, The Sinking City is the standard for Lovecraftian games. Read more


  • We're Giving Away 5 PS4 Codes for Team Sonic Racing
    SEGA was awesome enough to give us 5 PS4 keys for Team Sonic Racing. Now, we're giving them to you! Read more

  • The Top 20 Minecraft 1.14.3 Seeds for July 2019
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  • Guy Plays Dark Souls 3 Using Nothing But Raw Meat
    This might be one of the most weirdly inventive ways anyone has played Dark Souls 3. Read more

  • E3 2019, Oculus Quest, & Chart-Toppers — How VR is Becoming Mainstream 
    2019 is huge for the world of virtual reality, here's a summary of how this once gimmicky platform is becoming less niche. Read more

  • Mario Kart Tour Needs to Course Correct on Course Correction
    Invisible walls and course correction threaten to sink what is an otherwise amazing mobile port. Read more

  • Game Developer Makes Andy's House From Toy Story in Far Cry 5
    The lovingly re-created scene is just one of four dozen custom-made Far Cry 5 maps. Read more

  • Dying Light 2 Preview: Making Decisions Matter In The Zombie Apocalypse
    Techland walked us through how important your decisions will be to the outcome of the world in Dying Light 2. Read more.


  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Swimming Guide
    Learning how to swim in Bloodstained isn’t as simple as just getting in the water. Find out how to do it in our swimming guide. Read more

  • An Early Game Battlemage Build for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
    Learn how to build your own Battlemage to conquer the demon hordes in this guide for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Read more

  • Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Shard Locations Guide
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  • Samurai Shodown Full Character Move List
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  • How to Change Your Code Name in Wizards Unite
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  • Harry Potter Wizards Unite Greenhouses: How to Grow and Gather Ingredients
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  • Harry Potter Wizards Unite: What Does The Spectrespecs Lens Do?
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  • How To Use Dark Detectors in Harry Potter Wizards Unite
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  • Harry Potter Wizards Unite Master Notes For All Potions
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  • The Importance of Portkeys in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite
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  • Dota Underlords: The Best Heroes to Recruit in Any Match
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  • Dota Underlords: The Best Items to Shoot For Every Match
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  • The Sinking City Best Skills Guide
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  • The Sinking City Side Case And Main Quest Locations
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  • The Sinking City Guide To Solving Cases And Finding Supplies
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  • Risk of Rain 2: How to Unlock the New Character Rex
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  • How to Beat Prince Wiggletail in World of Warcraft
    Here is the exact location and a couple of methods on how to beat Prince Wiggletail in Rise of Azshara, a new update of Battle for Azeroth. Read more

  • How To Receive All The Free Play Passes In Judgment
    Running low on play passes? Luckily, if you find all 6 free play passes, you can play Dice and Cube for free! Here's how to get 'em. Read more

  • How to Find Nargacuga in the Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Beta
    Nargacuga's hidden in this round of MHW Iceborne beta testing. Here's how to take the guesswork out of finding it! Read more

Check back next weekend for another roundup of news, reviews, guides, and features. Be sure to check previous weeks for more content: 

The Next PUBG Game Is in The Works, Headed by a New PUBG Studio Wed, 26 Jun 2019 11:17:40 -0400 Josh Broadwell

PUBG Corp. made two big announcements today. A new PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) development studio called Striking Distance is opening in San Ramon, California, and the next PUBG game is currently under development.

Some of this news comes from Striking Distance's CEO, Glen Schofield, who also revealed the studio's birth and his role in making it a reality on Twitter.

Schofield is no stranger to starting new studios or taking series in new directions. His background includes co-founding Sledgehammer Games and leading development for Call of Duty: WWII, Modern Warfare 3, and Dead Space. He has also won several awards from the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts for his work.

PUBG Corp's CEO, C.H. Kim, said bringing Schofield on board and creating Striking Distance is part of the company's overall vision to expand its creative portfolio by developing new international, collaborative teams.

Striking Distance is wasting no time getting a new project off the ground, either. The next PUBG game is already in development, and while Schofield said the process is still in its early days, the game will likely not be a battle royale game.

Instead, Schofield wants to explore the PUBG universe in more depth and suggested in a tweet that the game will be driven by its original narrative.

The move is in keeping with PUBG creator Brendan Greene's vision for the franchise as well. Earlier this year, Greene told that he had no interest in creating a PUBG sequel. Everyone knows what they want out of the battle royale genre, so the goal is moving on to make something different.

While it doesn't seem Striking Distance is directly connected to Greene's Special Projects branch of PUBG Corp., it seems it's certainly carrying out Greene's vision nonetheless.

Moreover, it's a spot of good news for the series after a run of bad international press earlier in the year, when it was banned in Nepal, India, and Iraq.

Godzilla Crossover Event Roars Into PUBG Mobile Wed, 22 May 2019 13:53:14 -0400 Josh Broadwell

PUBG Mobile is getting another crossover event soon, this time with the Godzilla franchise.

The event comes before the impending release of Godzilla: King of Monsters on May 31. However, the PUBG x Godzilla crossover doesn't have a specific date just yet. Currently, it's scheduled for "sometime" in May.

There isn't much May left, so presumably, it will be within the next week or so.

So far, Tencent and PUBG Corp haven't released many details about the event itself either. Players will uncover "ominous in-game clues" related to Godzilla's imminent arrival, and it may or may not have something to do with the various other monsters that will be showcased in the film: Rodan, Mothra, and King Ghidora.

PUBG and its mobile variant are no strangers to crossovers and special events. There have been several this year already, including a spy-themed event, a TERA crossover, and, for PUBG Mobile, a Resident Evil crossover.

Each crossover introduces a new gameplay mode or element, such as timed enemy encounters or special loot drops, along with plenty of exclusive skins, weapons and cosmetics.

The Resident Evil 2 remake event introduced a new battle royale mode with some interesting mechanics as well. Battles took place over the course of several days and nights, and all players were prone to attacks from RE characters during the day. At night, though, Tyrants and zombies came to life (or not-life, as the case may be) and added an extra survival element to the mode.

It seems possible this Godzilla crossover would do something similar, given the phrase "gargantuan twist" used in the original announcement. That might mean players have to avoid giant monsters and the Big Lizard itself while trying to take out opponents or may have to cooperate Pokemon GO Raid-style before turning against each other again.

We'll update once more information becomes available.

PUBG Mobile Encouraging Responsible Play with New Management System Wed, 15 May 2019 09:59:05 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Tencent and PUBG Corporation are rolling out a new system for PUBG Mobile today, simply called a "Gameplay Management" system.

It's designed specifically for players under 18 and should help curb excessively long play sessions by promoting a "sustainable and balanced" experience.

Players who begin PUBG Mobile will need to confirm their age before starting the game. If they are under 18, then they'll be required to acknowledge an advisory message about the gameplay. Messages reminding the player to take a break will show up periodically.

The messages reminding players to take a break aren't too different from the messages delivered to Monster Hunter players of all ages in games like Monster Hunter: Generations. The goal is essentially the same as well: promoting responsible time management decisions and develop a more positive mindset in general.

The system is expected to release globally, but in stages. So far, it's been implemented in North African and Asian regions, including Nepal and India, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq, among others. No word yet on when it will make its way to the U.S., though.

As the Gameplay Management system becomes more widely available, Tencent and PUBG Corp. will launch education initiatives informing players about the Gameplay Management system and how it works. They'll also actively accept feedback and use it to improve the system over time.

PUBG Mobile is the first mobile game to implement a management system like this, and it's not a very surprising move. Recently, the game has received a generous helping of negative attention, mainly overseas, and several countries banned it either permanently or for a short time, including India, Nepal, and Iraq.

The general theme in each case of game bans was how the game encouraged distraction and took up too much valuable time. Interestingly, several of the cases in Nepal weren't limited to under 18s, and we're awaiting comment about whether this new Gameplay Management system will only target minors or if it will include messages aimed at adult players as well.

GameSkinny Weekend Download: PUBG Banned Again (Again), PS5 News, New Star Wars, More Sat, 20 Apr 2019 10:19:40 -0400 GS_Staff

It's the weekend again, and GameSkinny's Weekend Download is back. 

Here's most of everything we published this week in one easy to digest roundup, including news about Iraq banning PUBG and Fortnite, Sony unveiling PS5 info, the next Star Wars game from Respawn, and Assassin's Creed Unity being free until April 25. 

We also take a look at a new GameStop promotion that may make trade-ins finally worthwhile; how to be a badass in World War Z with a handful of nifty guides; and spend some time talking about new games, like Dragon Ball, Outward, God's Trigger, Katana Zero, and One Finger Death Punch 2

As usual, we've added links in case you find a headline that tickles your fancy and want to read more. We've also broken things down by category to make it easy to find what you're looking for. And finally, we've left out posts that are now meaningless because the event or sale has already ended. 

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy.  


  • Sony Details Next-Gen Hardware, Doesn't Call It PS5 (Yet)
    Sony's new system wasn't given a new name and isn't guaranteed to be the PS5 at launch, but it will have a solid state drive and backwards compatibility, among other things. Read more

  • Microsoft Announces Xbox One S All Digital Console
    The new digital-only Xbox One S comes with 3 pre-installed games and foregoes console saves in favor of cloud saves. Read more

  • Assassin's Creed Unity Free on PC to Raise Awareness for Notre Dame Fire
    PC players can download Assassin's Creed Unity for free from the Ubisoft store until April 25. Read more

  • New GameStop Promotion Allows Players to Return Games For Full Store Credit
    GameStop's new "Guaranteed to Love it" program offers players a 48-hour return window on new games — starting with Days Gone. Read more

  • Iraq Latest Country to Ban PUBG, Adds Fortnite
    The move comes shortly after Nepal banned PUBG, but despite a different governing body and country instituting the ban, the reasons remain ultimately the same. Read more

  • Tencent Will Distribute Nintendo Switch in China
    Nintendo is poised to break into the Chinese console market thanks in part to a partnership with Tencent. Read more

  • Sega Genesis Mini's Second List of Announced Games Is Fantastic
    The Sega Genesis Mini's got some Disney games announced, plus more surprises in it's 40-game total library. Read more

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Launches on November 15 for PS4, XB1, and PC
    Jedi: Fallen Order is a narrative based game set in the Dark Times, and today's trailer and panel revealed a host of new deils about the story, characters, and gameplay. Read more

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fatallen Order Official Art Book Available for Pre-Order
    The Art of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is companion art book for the upcoming game from Respawn Entertainment. It is currently available for pre-order. Read more

  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Release Date Announced
    The Ultimate Alliance 3 release date is almost exactly a decade since the last game in the series and is the latest offering in a year full of Marvel media.
    Read more

  • Is Capcom Hinting at a Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Remake?
    A series of tweets has fans wondering whether Capcom might be leading up to a RE3 Remake announcement soon.
    Read more

  • New Details, Screenshots of Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey VR Emerge
    Breath of the Wild's technical director opens up about the inspiration behind VR support, and the Mario Odyssey Twitter page tells how you can enjoy SMO's VR mini-games.
    Read more

  • Capcom Brings The Classic Arcade Experience Home With New Arcade Stick
    Play all your favorite old-school Capcom arcade games the right way in the comfort of your own home.
    Read more

  • Conan Exiles Gets Treasures of Turan DLC and New Season Pass
    Treasures of Turan brings a multitude of new items and gear to Conan Exiles, while the season pass gives players access to the three additional DLC packs expected to release this year.
    Read more

  • Population Zero Void, Technocrat, and Xenobiote Factions Detailed
    Enplex outlines Population Zero's character progression routes and what players can expect from the game's three initial factions.
    Read more

  • Kitana Busts Out The Blade Fans In The Latest Mortal Kombat 11 Trailer
    Kitana joins the ranks of Mortal Kombat 11 characters, and she is mad.
    Read more

  • Reggie Fils-Aime Steps Down Today as Doug Bowser Steps In as NOA President
    Doug Bowser steps in as Nintendop of America's new President today, with Reggie Fils-Aime starting his hard-earned retirement.
    Read more

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.0 Incoming With Stage Builder, Joker Details Revealed
    A surprise info dump from Nintendo unveiled Joker's fighting style and a range of other new tidbits for SSBM Ultimate's 3.0 update.
    Read more

  • Jump Force DLC's Final Lineup Announced, Includes All Might
    The My Hero Academia character will join others from Naruto, Bleach, and more when the DLC fighters make their way to Jump Force soon.
    Read more

  • Sanrio X Tetris Collaboration Announced, Games and Merchandise Planned
    The partnership will produce a new online game coming soon, along with the potential for a wide range of other licensed goods based on both brands. Read more

  • Mojang's Minecraft Movie Is Just A Few Years Away
    The Minecraft movie has a fixed release date. But fans are going to have to be patient.
    Read more

  • Changes Inbound for Elder Scrolls Online, Including Game World, PvP
    Elder Scrolls Online PVP updates and Cyrodil updates detailed in PTS notes for Elsweyr.
    Read more


  • Outward Review: Slow and Steady Wins the Race
    Outward isn't revolutionary, but there's a lot to be said for the sense of achievement the game grants in both single and multiplayer. Read more

  • One Finger Death Punch 2 Review — Laser Focused Kung Fu
    One Finger Death Punch 2 is a deep, rhythmic fighting game that attempts to replicate the feel of classic kung fu movies. Read more

  • God's Trigger Review: Earn Your Way into Heaven with Ultraviolence
    Heaven's under new management. It takes a little while to come into its own, but 'God’s Trigger' is a decent weekend’s worth of splatterpunk entertainment. Read more

  • Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission Review: Its Own Anomaly
    Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission is split between a great card-based combat system and not-so-great everything else, but it's still fun for series fans. Read more

  • Katana ZERO Review: Modern Beauty
    If I have one complaint about Katana ZERO, it's that there's not already a sequel. Read more


  • Tales of an Interview with Unbound's Alien Pixel Studios
    We got the chance to speak with Unbound's designer, Sergiu Craitoiu, about the game's origins, inspiration, and the struggles and joys of being an indie developer. Read more

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Will Be The Best Star Wars Game In The EA Era
    Our Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order reactions? All early signs, including Cal Kestis himself and the strong attention to detail, point to Respawn and EA finally giving Star Wars fans the game they want. Read more

  • Hands-On: Feeling the Burn With the Indie Roguelike Card Game ‘Deck of Ashes’
    Some people may write off Deck of Ashes as a quick cash grab, but as it turns out, it's got some tricks all its own. This new roguelike card game just hit Steam Early Access. Read more

  • Hades Brings a Narrative Change to a Monotonous Genre
    Roguelites are everywhere, but Supergiant Games' take on the genre is influenced by their narrative traditions, giving purpose to the endless loop that they tend to offer. Read more

  • The Nintendo Switch eShop Needs Some Sort of Review System
    There's no consumer-friendly reason for the Nintendo Switch eShop not to have some sort of review system. Read more

  • Etherborn Early Impressions: The Meditative Puzzle Game
    Altered Matter's Etherborn is a beautiful puzzle game that will make you work to solve it. Read more

  • Classic Galactic Conquest Could Revitalize EA's Modern Battlefront Series
    DICE's modern Battlefront series forewent the original titles' galactic conquest mode, a mistake that may have cost the modern titles their full potential. Read more


  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Pre-Order Guide
    Looking to snag your copy of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? Look no further, because we've rounded up all the Jedi: Fallen Order pre-order and pre-order bonus information you need. Read more

  • World War Z Class Tier List PvE: Characters From Best to Worst
    Can't decide which PvE class to choose in World War Z? This class tier list will quickly outline the best possible character in the game and which players they're best suited for.
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  • World War Z Class Tier List PvEvP: Characters From Best to Worst
    World War Z's PvEvP multiplayer mode has a total of 10 classes, but not all of them are equal. This list ranks the available classes from best to worst.
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  • Best Weapons for PvE and PvEvP in World War Z
    Be prepared for all types of combat in any mode with the help of this guide to World War Z's best weapons. 
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  • Best Character Builds for World War Z's Campaign Mode
    Character builds can greatly impact your time in World War Z. This guide shows you a few optimal builds and what skills you need.
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  • How to Make Gold in Elder Scrolls Online
    Gold is essential in the Elder Scrolls Online. This guide has a few tips to get you started quickly.
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  • How To Find Sea Urchins in My Time at Portia
    If you need a steady supply of spines for crafting and completing commissions, this guide shows you exactly where to go to harvest large numbers of sea urchins quickly.
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  • My Time at Portia: Helping the Color Blind Sanwa
    Not sure how to get the color blindness correcting glasses or who to give them to? We walk you through this quest from beginning to end to increase your relationship with the barber Sanwa! Read more

  • Kenshi's Best Base Locations Detailed
    Not sure where to start building your base so you are immediately killed by bandits or run out of resources? We show all the best starter locations!
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  • How to Find Your Risk of Rain 2 Save Location and Behold Loads of Stats
    RoR2's save location is pretty easy to find, and worth it for the look at your sweet stats.
    Read more. 

Check back next weekend for another roundup of news, reviews, guides, and features. 

Iraq Latest Country to Ban PUBG, Adds Fortnite Fri, 19 Apr 2019 15:07:51 -0400 Josh Broadwell

Iraq is the latest country to make headlines for banning PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). The country banned the battle royale alongside Epic Games’ Fortnite.

According to the original Reuters report regarding the ban, the Iraq parliament issued the prohibition while citing reasons similar to those of a Kathmandu Court's recent decision to ban PUBG in Nepal. Other games were mentioned as falling under the ban, though they were not named in the report.

The official resolution from the Iraq parliament  stated the ban is:

[...]due to the negative effects caused by some electronic games on the health, culture, and security of Iraqi society, including societal and moral threats to children and youth.

The resolution regarding PUBG and Fortnite means that internet providers cannot stream the games and are prevented from making transactions related to the games as well.

According to the Reuters report, the Iraq parliament did not provide references to psychologists, specific cases of unrest or violence, or reports from local authorities.

The ban on PUBG and Fortnite is the new parliament's second piece of legislation, the first being a budget from January. One of the main voices calling for the ban was Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr.

The reasons why PUBG and, now, Fortnite are banned vary depending on which country institutes the ban, but they ultimately boil down to the same thing: causing violence in impressionable youth.

It's difficult to know whether a non-battle royale game would cause quite the same effects, though. For example, when China contemplated banning PUBG in 2017, the issue was violence, but it was because the violence promoted individual conflict and not working together. Tencent's team-based shooter game was acceptable since it promoted cooperation, regardless of violence.

al-Sadr issued a statement with similar sentiments as well, telling youth:

What will you gain if you killed one or two people in PUBG? It is not a game for intelligence or a military game that provides you with the correct way to fight

All of this is just the latest round in the ongoing global debate over whether violence in video games affects young people.

Studies on both sides have support for their respective arguments, of course, and it doesn't seem likely this discussion will quiet down any time soon — especially if more countries follow suit and implement their own bans.

GameSkinny Weekend Download: PUBG is a Crime, Weedcraft Lights Up, PSN IDs Change, and More Sat, 13 Apr 2019 09:30:01 -0400 GS_Staff

It's the weekend again, and GameSkinny's Weekend Download is back. 

Here's most of everything we published this week in one easy to digest roundup, including news regarding Nepal's criminalization of PUBG; the release of Weedcraft Inc; Nintendo teasing new Smash stuffs, PSN IDs finally changing, and much, much more. 

As usual, we've added links in case you find a headline that tickles your fancy and want to read more. We've also broken things down by category to make it easy to find what you're looking for. And finally, we've left out posts that are now meaningless because the event or sale has already ended. 

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy.  


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    PUBG might be a crime in Kathmandu now, but the ruling masks other, fundamental issues in Nepalese society. Read more

  • Nintendo Quietly Teases Stage Builder for Smash Bros. Ultimate
    A new Nintendo Switch commercial casually shows Stage Builder mode for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in a way that suggests it might not have been an accident. Read more

  • PSN Online ID Change Rolls Out for All PS4 Owners Today
    PlayStation 4 owners can change their PSN Online IDs starting today, though a range of potential issues remains from the test period. Read more. Read more

  • Inside Xbox Coming April 16, Promises Rage 2, Pre-E3 News, and More
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  • CD Projekt Red Hiring Release Manager for GWENT, Cyberpunk 2077
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  • Overwatch's Storm Rising Event Will Run April 16 to May 6
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  • Surviving Mars: Green Planet Expansion Announced, Brings Terraforming
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  • NISA Bringing Utawarerumono: Zan to PlayStation 4 Fall 2019
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Check back next weekend for another roundup of news, reviews, guides, and features. 

Nepal Makes Playing PUBG a Crime, But Is It Just a Scapegoat for a Larger Problem? Fri, 12 Apr 2019 13:08:58 -0400 Josh Broadwell

The Kathmandu District Court officially outlawed Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) in Nepal on Wednesday. The ruling forbids internet and mobile providers from streaming it and makes playing it an offense punishable by prison time.

This turn of events comes not long after India outlawed the game in select cities for a few weeks in March.

The rationale behind the ruling is essentially the same in both cases. Authorities and parents fear the battle royale game encourages violent tendencies in youth.

That explanation comes from the Kathmandu court. It's based on a complaint filed by Nepal's Central Investigation Bureau, which itself was inspired by complaints and reports received from the Teku Metropolitan Crime Division (MCD); Teku is a populous and prominent district in Nepal's capitol city Kathmandu.

The MCD allegedly received numerous reports from parents stating their children were becoming distracted and aggressive after playing PUBG. According to these reports, aggression usually took the form of throwing their mobile phones at someone or at the ground when asked to stop playing.

The MCD Chief and Superintendent of Police, Dhiraj Pratap Singh, said "When we consulted with psychiatrists, they also said that the violence in the game can make people aggressive in real life,” though didn't refer to any specific psychiatrists the MCD consulted.

Another concern parents cited was that children were less likely to focus on their studies and responsibilities at school and home.

However, the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) provided a reason different from the Kathmandu Court. NTA director Sandip Adhikari said "We have ordered the ban on PUBG because it is addictive to children and teenagers."

Adhikari also said there have been no reported incidents connected to the game, seemingly contradicting the MCD's reports and official complaint.

In other words, PUBG isn't causing mass outbreaks of violent children in the city. The problem is actually on a completely different level.

Nepal's Little Angel’s College of Management said students became distracted and hyper while playing, but the primary concern noted was that students:

...informally complain about being late for college as they play the game all night. PUBG itself cannot be blamed. But because of lack of time management, it impacts people (especially young ones) negatively.

Nepali Sansar, a digital news site focused on Nepalese news and its relation to the rest of the world, spoke with Psychologist Gopal Dhakal about the problem. Dhakal said some psychologists had even received complaints of decreases in production from professionals who are playing PUBG.

He also mentioned the root of the problem lies in a lack of education from teachers and parents about time management and proper internet use.

Using a sensational problem to mask underlying, fundamental issues isn't completely unheard of in Nepal.

For example, last year, the country outlawed pornography as a means of addressing the rampant sexual violence problem plaguing its cities. It was a way to publicly acknowledge a facet of the issue without taking other action to correct attitudes against women or the numerous issues in the justice and social systems that mean cases of violence go unreported.

The internet issue goes further than it might initially seem. Nepal has recently seen a boom in its film and entertainment fields. Yet like many other countries, and even states in the US, economic increases from burgeoning film industries don't affect the entire population.

Most of Nepal remains very poor, though access to the internet has increased regardless. PUBG is a free-to-play game, and games offer a distraction from normal life. It doesn't take a large leap of reasoning to see how the two connect.

The lack of education about using new technologies isn't uncommon. In fact, a similar issue related to smartphone and social media use is a hot topic in Western society now. So it's difficult to see how banning the game can help people cultivate responsible digital habits and understand how to manage their free time and responsibilities more effectively.

Moreover, like what happened when China banned PUBG, people who want to play it will find ways to, and the perceived issues associated with the game won't disappear until the factors driving people to seek distraction without regard for how it affects their lives are addressed.

PUBG’s Survivor Pass 3: Wild Card Now Live on PC Fri, 29 Mar 2019 09:18:18 -0400 Josh Broadwell

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' third Survivor Pass has made its way to PC, complete with new challenge missions and spy-themed rewards. It runs until June 4 at 10 p.m. EDT.

Much like the recent Apex Legends Season 1 update, Survivor Pass 3 offers players multiple ways to earn rewards.

There are free rewards earned through completing missions and leveling up your season pass experience. Those who wish to access rewards from higher levels without completing as many missions can purchase level packs that increase levels by 5 ($4.99), 20 ($19.99), or 30 ($29.99).

Rewards range in nature from new costumes and poses to experience and BP in varying amounts. However, Survivor Pass 3 is themed around spy gear, so players can expect to see plenty of themed outfits like the ones shown in the trailer.

New rewards are unlocked at every level, and there are more than 60 new items to obtain.

Those who want to experience the full range of Survivor Pass 3's rewards can purchase the Premium Survivor Pass itself for $9.99, which grants access to exclusive missions and rewards, including the Form Fitting Dress (Red), Survivalist Backpack, Space Ranger Pose, Floral Print Shirt, and Beach Shorts (Textured).

Survivor Pass 3 includes more than 200 missions spread out over the course of the event's 10-week lifespan. There are special Beginner's missions designed for players just getting started, as well as Challenge Missions meant to test your mettle with specific weapons, along with the regular Daily and Weekly Missions.

Each mission is active for 7 days, and the missions will be updated every Wednesday.

Should players decide to purchase the Premium Survivor Pass later during the event, they'll immediately gain access to all rewards up to your current level and still have the remainder of the event to earn rewards from higher level tiers.

Currently, Survivor Pass 3 is only available on PC, though it will come to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions at some point in the future.

PUBG Mobile Being Temporarily Banned in Some Indian Cities, Players Arrested Thu, 14 Mar 2019 16:04:18 -0400 QuintLyn

Over the past few weeks, police in Rajkot, India, have been arresting players of the popular battle royale game, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Specifically, it appears the ban is for PUBG Mobile, which released worldwide in March 2018. 

The arrests come after a notification issued on March 6, banning the game. As of this writing, three other cities, including Gir Somnath, Bhavnagar, and Surat have also allegeldy issued bans. 

As expected, the bans are being issued over concerns that the game encourages violence and is addictive, causing children to perform badly in school.

The Rajkot ban was announced via social media, along with a ban on the Internet hoax known as the "Momo challenge".

Interestingly, it seems this is a limited-time ban, running from March 9 to March 30. During this time, anyone can file a complaint against people playing the game at their nearest police station.

The ban is reportedly being enforced under a section of the Indian Penal Code that punishes anyone whose actions are seen as causing "obstruction, annoyance or injury". The code allows for up to a month-long prison sentence and a small fine.

Since the ban became official, the Rajkot police have arrested 16 players.

Three of these players were arrested near the police headquarters, with officers reporting that they "were so engrossed in playing" that they didn't even notice they were being approached.

Also arrested was a group of undergraduate students and their younger friends. There were six in all.

The police also seized the players' phones for investigative purposes.

It seems that those currently being arrested are also being bailed out by the police. Although they will have to go to a courtroom trial for not complying with the ban notification. 

Brendan Green Steps Down From PUBG Development Direction To Focus On Special Projects Wed, 13 Mar 2019 11:51:41 -0400 QuintLyn

Brendan Greene, otherwise known as the PlayerUnknown in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, is stepping down from his position as the game's director of development.

However, that's not to say he's leaving PUBG Corp. Rather, Greene has decided to focus his energies on a new division of the company, simply titled PUBG Special Projects.

Greene formally announced the change via his Twitter account early this morning, stating that in addition to his new duties, he will continue to help with PUBG as a consulting creative director. This position will allow him to step in when he needs to, but otherwise give him time to concentrate on other initiatives.

As for his position as director of development, that will be taken over by Taeseok Jang.

In the tweet, Greene also announced that going forward, he, and the new division, will be based in of Amsterdam, Netherlands. There, he intends to make a "new life for himself." He added that he is "pretty excited" to finally have an official gaming room for himself again.

As for PUBG Special Projects, it will focus on research and game development. The division will experiment with "new technologies, pipelines, and gameplay."

The announcement also states that the division will "explore new possibilities of interaction and connection within the game space."

Online experiences and spaces can connect us in ways I only dreamed of when I first sat in front of a computer some 30 years ago. And it is those dreams of connecting others that is driving our work at PUBG Special Projects.

Since PUBG Special Projects is an all-new division, there are currently 13 positions open in the Amsterdam office; 10 of those are with Special Projects.

Anyone interested in applying can do so by visiting the PUBG careers page

PUBG Corp. Confirms PUBG Map Remasters Are Inbound Fri, 08 Mar 2019 10:02:15 -0500 QuintLyn

Last week, a member of the PUBG subreddit shared a series of images detailing changes to the battle royale's first map, Erangel. The data-mined  images, which weren't confirmed by the PUBG team at the time, showed that the island would see increased Tier 3 loot locations and elevation changes.

Now, some of the changes seen in those images have been confirmed by PUBG Corp. In fact, according to a post on the game's website, the uncovered changes to Erangel are just the beginning. The company is currently working to improve all of the game's maps as well as loot balancing.

The PUBG team plans to test the changes players have uncovered soon, although just how soon hasn't been specified as of this writing.

The company does note that since these images have leaked, the final changes won't likely fully represent everything the team is working on. That said, the company does believe what is in the works is fairly solidified, as the company added that it is excited for players to see what it has planned in its entirety.

When testing on the upcoming changes does begin, PUBG Corp. plans to do so in conjunction with the PUBG community, using feedback to make the map as engaging as possible.

Of course, it's important to note that when developers tell players that leaked images are a "snapshot" of what's being worked on, it means that there is probably more that players haven't managed to get their hands on, and how much more is often questionable.

Taking that into account, it may mean that the leaked change plans may not even make it to live testing. The final product could be something very different.

What prompted these changes, other than making things more fun, wasn't stated in PUBG Corp's post.

But considering the game now has quite a bit more competition than it did when it first launched, and that a large portion of that competition is free-to-play, it's not surprising the development team would be looking to make their game more appealing to players again.

Tera x PUBG Crossover Event Live Now Tue, 05 Mar 2019 12:30:44 -0500 Josh Broadwell

The recently announced Tera PUBG crossover event goes live today, and Tera players, on PC and consoles, will be able to enjoy it for the next 30 days — in other words, until April 5. This collaboration between En Masse Entertainment and Bluehole brings numerous PUBG-themed item drops, crates, and rewards, among other bonuses, to the "true action combat" MMORPG.

The air-dropped loot and surprise crates will only appear in the Northern Arun provinces, so Tera players interested in the promotion should focus their efforts there. What the crates consist of is a surprise until opened — they might contain event rewards, such as Battle Points, or they could hide popori that are waiting to seize the opportunity and attack.

If random crate drops aren't your thing, you can still earn event-themed rewards and Battle Points by logging in for at least one hour per day during the event as well as completing dungeons or defeating open-world bosses. There will also be special PUBG-themed bosses and enemies, but they only spawn for two hours each day.

Battle Points can then be spent in Tera's in-game "PUBG shop," which features special, PUBG-themed cosmetic items. There are also an array of helpful, event-related consumables available at the shop.

After scouring the lands for monsters and event loot, players should plan to return to Highwatch, Tera's hub city. There, they'll notice the hub looks a bit different, as it'll have a PUBG theme until the end of the event. This includes the addition of planes and trucks to the area.

This collaboration isn't the first time the two companies have worked together. In fact, En Masse and the PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole, worked together to alpha test and market PUBG back when the game first made its mark on the industry.

Between the rise of Apex Legends and Fortnite, it's been a while since PUBG has made headlines. The gaming scene is constantly shifting, and developers always need to look for ways to stand out from their competition. Perhaps, instead of competing directly with the battle royale titans, PUBG will now focus on events and special collaborations like this to make its mark.

PUBG Celebrates Horizon Zero Dawn Anniversary With Special In-Game Skins Wed, 27 Feb 2019 16:27:54 -0500 QuintLyn

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been hosting some interesting crossovers as of late, including a recent event that brought PUBG cosmetics to the fantasy MMO Tera. Today, another crossover has been announced, and this one will take place in the battle royale itself.

With the second anniversary of Guerrilla Games' open-world adventure game Horizon Zero Dawn occurring tomorrow, the PUBG Corporation has decided to partner with developers, Guerrilla Games. Beginning March 5, PUBG players who own the game on PlayStation 4 will be able to receive Horizon Zero Dawn content for completing various tasks in game.

Some of the content can be obtained simply by logging in. Specifically, every player that logs into PUBG (on the PS4) during the event will receive the Horizon: Zero Dawn Eclipse Top.

Other items will require that players achieve certain goals in order to receive them. This includes the Eclipse Mask, which is granted to those who play 10 games of PUBG during the event, and the Pan that comes from killing 10 opponents with the crossbow. 

Finally, one item has to be purchased. That is the Eclipse Kar98k, which is available from the store for 8,000 BP.

To create these items, PUBG Corporation worked closely with Guerrilla Games on the concept, design, and production elements. This assures the new items will fit within PUBG while still maintaining that Horizon Zero Dawn feel.

Of course, this isn't PUGB's first crossover with open world games. Prior to this, PUBG players were blessed with crossovers in which they received Uncharted and The Last of Us content.

This upcoming event will last until April 5, so PlayStation 4 PUBG players have plenty of time to hit all of the goals. More information on the crossover items, including what went into creating them and how to obtain them, can be found on the PUBG website.

Battle Royale Breakdown: Fortnite, PUBG, Blackout, Apex Legends — Which One Should You Play? Wed, 27 Feb 2019 09:00:01 -0500 John Schutt

Battle royale.

It began as a manga, then it was a movie, and then it was a mod for a military simulation game. But now? It is a full-blown phenomenon.

The battle royale genre has become so ubiquitous that even people who know nothing about video games are familiar with the name of its heaviest hitters. You know them, too: FortnitePlayerUnknown's Battleground, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode.

With Respawn Entertainment's new Apex Legends, there is yet another contender in the genre, which may leave some players asking a question: Which battle royale should I play?

For fans that want to know which game is worth their time, money, frustration, and joy, there are three factors to consider. Once these factors are understood, players can choose the title that is best suited for them.

Let's dig in and see what each has to offer, as well as what types of players each game are good, and bad, matches for. 

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is the newest kid on the block, and it is Respawn Entertainment's answer to everything battle royale. It's clean, smooth, and offers innovations that make it one of the most refreshing takes on the genre in years.


Gunplay in Apex Legends operates at the smoothness we've come to expect from Respawn's games — like expensive butter on an even more expensive dish.

Amidst the gunplay in the four titles analyzed here, I unequivocally prefer the version in Legends. On a purely technical level, nothing beats it. 

Every gun sounds like it could take your arm off — the mechanical sounds are crunchy and visceral, and the incidentals (charging, cocking, casing ejection) are a pure joy to listen to. More than that, every weapon has a personality, much in the same way a PUBG weapon does, but the difference here is the travel time.

In Battlegrounds, you don't wait too long to hit someone at even the farthest distances, but Legends demands a lot of lead from its players. I've heard more than one player mention how the travel time messes with the aim they've come to expect from other titles.

Regarding the various categories of guns, I don't think there's a single one without a game-changer. Even the trash-tier options are viable in certain situations, and the meta is still so in flux that we haven't completely nailed down the god setup everyone should use all of the time.

Overall, the gunplay in Legends is leagues above even what you find in Black Ops 4's Blackout mode, but the skill ceiling is higher. That means that actually "gitting gud" takes a level of dedication and investment many players might not have the time for.

If I could level any criticism against Respawn's instant hit, it would be that players below a certain skill level are just going to lose, a lot, and accessibility is one way battle royale titles make their bones. But hey, it hit 25 million players in a week, so what do I know?



There are a few things that make Legends something of an odd duck when it comes to the loot game:

  1. Each main landing area is rated by the level of loot you find there. That means that the safe, low-rated landing options won't get you everything you might need for later in the game.

  2. The game features a cargo ship. You will have to race against the rest of the lobby for it, and it's filled with good stuff for a squad.

  3. Many of the heroes have abilities that make looting a risky proposition.

These factors make it hard to pin down exactly where Legends sits amidst the other three games listed here. It has elements of all of them and some new ideas of its own that none of the other battle royales can boast.

Like Fortnite, each combat zone is open enough to mean that there is nowhere to hide when searching for loot. Legends takes this a step further by adding Bloodhound's pulse ability to the mix.

Like Black Ops 4, going from gearing up to giving the beat down happens in one smooth motion. However, you're more likely to find a single gun and take the fight to the enemy, rather than fully gearing up, in Legends.

And like PUBG, the loot that you find is just half of the equation. Legends' movement and hero abilities make even the worst guns usable.

Overall, the loot game in Apex Legends is the best kind of insanity. You can take it slow or kill the whole lobby in 10 minutes, and you can do so with both ease and style.

The Hook

This one's easy: the heroes. While I could talk about the ping system, or the team-based mechanics, or the movement all day, the ability to pick a character and build your playstyle around their kit, sets Legends apart from any other BR on the market.

Plus, every character is so different from a usability standpoint. As we talked about in our Apex Legends character ranking, different heroes have different uses and effectiveness, but they also have personality that you can love or hate. And that's valuable.

People love a good story, and if you are attached to a particular character's personality, that makes using their abilities more fun. You can project a little of yourself onto them in ways our other contenders don't allow.

The abilities also create opportunities for new types of gameplay, and different playstyles, depending on how you choose to use your character's kit. Like Fortnite, you can set the pace of an engagement with the press of a button, but rather than changing the world around you, you're using an ability that forces your enemies to rethink their strategy.

Of course, they can do the same to you, so the unpredictability makes playing Apex Legends a real treat.

A Good Match For:

Battle royale veterans and newbies alike. Legends iterates enough on the formula that everyone will have a learning curve, but everyone has something to offer their squad here.

Not A Good Match For:

Players that want an easy experience or don't like hero shooters. Apex Legends is a surprisingly deep game and takes time and plenty of dying to master. And if you don't want in-game characters changing how the game's played, Legends is not for you.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout Mode

Made in just six months, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout mode dominated the battle royale space for months, giving Fortnite its first real taste of competition. It offers its players the refined Call of Duty experience with plenty of attention paid to every aspect of the BR genre. 


Shooting in Call of Duty has always felt good, and Treyarch has had ample time to hone their gun mechanics to a razor's edge. That fact is as true as ever in Blackout, and, thanks to generous recoil mechanics and plenty of weapon lethality, this entry might be the most accessible battle royale experience on the list.

Like Apex Legends, but to a lesser extent, Blackout's gunplay feels smooth. Every gun on offer, even the joke ones like the lever action or the Ray Gun, handle like dreams. There's plenty of punch behind every trigger pull, and Call of Duty's trademark hit marker sound gives the player instant feedback, regardless of how close or far away an enemy is. 

Weapon usability is also fairly uniform across each class. Every category of weapon has some use.

Overall, the gunplay in Blackout is smooth, punchy, and powerful. That's not surprising based on the series' long history of top-notch mechanics, but nowhere in the franchise has it been this clean, except maybe Modern Warfare 2


Like the shooting, the looting experience in Blackout is smooth. While the availability of the best guns varies by location, no matter where you land, you're bound to find something to give you an edge. 

The transition from a landing, to grabbing the bare essentials, to taking on squad after squad is intoxicating because it doesn't feel like there's been a transition at all. It just sort of... happens

Blackout sits somewhere between PUBG and Fortnite's loot games. Because of the general effectiveness of most of the guns in Blackout, the first thing on your mind does not need to be finding something to get you past the first fight.

Additionally, once you know where to drop at each location, you can establish a route to take you to your initial setup each time.

The Blackout difference is in its speed. You very well might have all of an area to yourself, but with the movement options available to every player and plenty of vehicles, you could have someone on top of you far sooner than you expect. Fortnite is similar, but the destructible environments add that extra layer Blackout lacks.

The reduced complexity doesn't hurt Call of Duty's battle royale mode, because it brings some of the PUBG suspense and tension. You'll know how many people landed with you, not where they are or what they've picked up, and in many cases have no easy way to get to them quickly, even if you have a good guess. Every engagement becomes cat and mouse, with the roles shifting almost every second.

Overall, Blackout's loot game is Silky/10. Just don't let the smoothness fool you. You will die, and quickly.

The Hook

Much like PUBGBlackout is relatively free of gimmicks or complicated mechanics. It's saving grace is the core gameplay powering it: sleek, deadly Call of Duty design.

Optimal movement is essential, and because it's so fast and fluid, players of multiple skill levels can get in and out of trouble with a grace only Apex contests. But even Respawn's effort lacks a certain elegance when it comes to moving around the map. Acceleration becomes a problem, and there's a certain heaviness to some of the movement.

Not so in Blackout. Here, everyone on the map can duck, dodge, dip, dive, and dodge with the kind of style no other battle royale currently offers. 

If there were one aspect of this BR that gives it something of an edge, it would be the perk system. Putting Call of Duty-style perks into an otherwise even playing field was a risky move, and the balance is still a little wonky. However, like making your own cover or using a specialist ability to get out of cover, activating the right perk at the right time can and will win you fights and matches.

Which, of course, is the point.

A Good Match For:

Call of Duty and battle royale fans, or fans of any shooter with a fast pace and smooth feel.

Not A Good Match For:

People looking for major innovations on the established formula. Blackout is BR done well, and it has a few neat tricks up its sleeve, but it does little to push the genre forward like Fortnite or Legends.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

The game that started the current craze, PUBG may have lost its crown as king, but it remains one of the most played games on PC. Nothing flashy here, just pure gunplay on an enormous map.


PUBG's gunplay couldn't be any less like the other titles on this list. It's heavy, sometimes sluggish, and often hard to control. The bullets travel deceptively fast, the feedback is almost purely visual, and the guns themselves can be a little awkward in even the most skilled hands.

What sets PUBG apart is in its consistency. Thanks to its relatively small selection of weapons, when you pick something up, you instantly know what it will feel like to shoot. Once you get a handle on travel time, you can be accurate to stupid distances.

Once you've got the setup you want, you'll know what distances you're best suited for, provided there's no lag (a rare enough thing, I know). Even when few engagements are entirely on your terms, you can have total control of the gun in your hands.

As for the weapons themselves, each of them has a unique character, but weapons within a specific type have a similar feel.

Overall, PUBG's gunplay is responsive, reliable, and weighty. It's a technically proficient system that deserves immense praise for the precision the game requires of its players. While it's difficult to master, those who do are terrors no one will see coming.


There is no tiered loot in PUBG. There are worthwhile places to drop and bad ones. No one will know what you have until they kill you or you get close enough to see their models or hear the actual report of the gun. The weapon you pick up at the start of the game could very well stay with you the entire rest of the match, either because it's a meta weapon or just one you like.

As mentioned above, PUBG is all about consistency. You know what you'll be getting the instant you see a gun. Minus a few attachments, the gun you pick up will work pretty much the same way every time.

That's a real positive. Unlike the other entries on our list, there's very little about Battlegrounds to surprise players, whether they're new or old. Yes, someone who just bought the game won't necessarily know whether they want to use an M16 or an AK, or even the benefits or detriments of either, but they will quickly realize if they like what they have or not.

All that takes some of the bite out of the initial head game of where to drop, what to pick up, where to hide, and so on. 

What it doesn't do is remove the tension. That lack of extra thought only serves to heighten the stress. In Fortnite, you'll probably hear the side of a building go down. In Blackout, you can juke this way and that to avoid fire. In Apex, the heroes have abilities to get you out of a jam.

In PUBG, you have what the game gives you and nothing else. Did that guy who landed across the way find a better gun? Armor? Two guns? Pair those few unknowns with the slower, more measured movement and the looting before a gunfight becomes an exercise in willpower, more cat and mouse than a shoot-em-up.

Overall, PUBG's loot game is Simple is Best/10. Learn it. Live it. Love it.

The Hook

What is the secret sauce that propelled PUBG to the top of the Steam charts, where it remains to this day?

Perfect pacing.

As we've discussed, Battlegrounds doesn't have a lot of fancy tricks to keep players engaged. Its guns are its guns. The movement is sluggish and heavy. The loot game creates tension but lacks flair.

Instead, PUBG fine-tuned the pace of each match until it couldn't take another tweak, then released it into the wild to let players learn how to approach each match.

The ramp up and slow down in this game is a sight to behold. Without additional considerations to make, gameplay can be measured, thoughtful, and precise. The chaos of dropping in a high-population area might feel different than taking the safe route, but no matter where you land, the cat and mouse game feels the same. Your only difference? How many cats and how many mice.

A Good Match For:

Shooter fans who want a streamlined experience built on solid foundations, that feels weighty, takes skill, and creates tension at the best moments.

Not A Good Match For:

Those looking for a fast, smooth, forgiving experience. PUBG has never offered its players favors, and the sluggish movement can be incredibly offputting for some.


Where would the battle royale genre be without Fortnite? It's a question we may never have a satisfactory answer to, but there is no denying the absolute powerhouse that Epic Games has created. From the introduction of building to its constant content updates, it's only in recent days that this game has had any competition for its long-held crown.


The only game on the list with hitscan weapons, Fortnite offers an experience filled with "snappy" gunplay. You aim at someone with anything except a sniper or a shotgun at-range, and you will hit them from any distance.

Hit feedback is instant, colorful, and satisfying, though only to a moderate degree. Where Fortnite shines is in the movement from weapon to weapon. Draw times are fast across the board, making combo-style shots both a breeze and incredibly fun to pull off.

On the whole, Fortnite's gunplay is tight, responsive, and fun. It won't win any awards for innovation, but there's no denying that the technical aspect of pulling the trigger and watching enemies perish is incredibly solid.

The Loot

Fortnite's loot metagame revolves around the tier of loot you can find, and often about who picks up the shotgun first in a given zone. Because of the building mechanic (discussed in more detail below), where you land is also about more than just the guns you want to find. It's about maximizing your materials early on so you can make the cover you need to win. 

Combine those two factors and you have a particularly deep pool of decisions to make at the start of every match. While there are better zones to drop than others, no one will guarantee you get what you want every match.

Because almost everything is destructible, nowhere is safe, no matter where you are on the map, adding another layer of complexity the other three games on our list don't have. 

Add in the sheer volume of every sound in Fortnite and the number of considerations you have to make at every moment is staggering. 

Fortnite further differentiates itself by having dead enemies explode out their loot like confetti, making it both tantalizing to you and everyone within eyeshot. Sure, trading out your green burst rifle for a gold AR is nice, but did someone see you take it, and do they have a sniper rifle?

Overall, Fornite's loot game is Complicated/10. And that's a good thing.

The Hook

This one is obvious: building and environment destruction. Unlike the other three games on our list, every player on the map can determine their terms of every engagement. Getting shot from an off angle? But up a wall. Need to get on top of that hill? Build stairs.

It seems like such a simple thing in theory. Give someone control of how their fights go, outside of even the static environment. Actually implementing such a system is a masterstroke. 

Fortnite's system works so well because the actual building mechanics are so simple. Push button, build thing. Even if there were only one material type and one object type, I believe Epic Games' cash cow would still dominate the market.

But they went further.

Instead, there are three different material types that come from different destructible objects, and you can add doors and traps and campfires and bouncy pads and all manner of additional silliness. Like the split second decisionmaking required at the start of every match, in Fortnite a calm moment can quickly become a spastic build-fest free off the need to find cover and return fire.

No, here you make your cover yourself, and you decide how to engage. Other players will just have to adapt.

A Good Match For:

Anyone with two thumbs and access to darn near any form of playable media. More seriously, Fortnite is great for players with above average reflexes, a love of colorful aesthetics, and some deep mechanics buried beneath an accessible exterior.

Not A Good Match For:

Anyone who wants a more streamlined shooter experience. Fortnite's gameplay takes some getting used to, and though it embraces many of the standards set by other top third person action games, it makes several innovations that more conventional players might not enjoy.


The Final Question

So which battle royale spoke to you? Do you want the simple, precise tension of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds or the insanity and heroes of Apex Legends? Does the chance to redefine the battlefield in Fortnite speak to you, or do you want to be everywhere at once in Blackout?

As I said at the start, I don't think there's a wrong answer, only different choices. The best part about that is, none of these games are going anywhere fast, and if the past is any indication, they'll be evolving for a long time to come. 

See you in the ring.