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The latest Pokemon Masters EX event is Land and Sea Awaken, which runs from May 16 at 11:00 p.m. PDT to May 27 at 10:59 p.m. PDT. While you won't get to add Groudon or Kyogre to your teams just yet, you will get a chance to add Nessa and Bea to your party, each with a special variant of their Pokemon.

The first part of the Pokemon Masters EX event centers around fighting Kyogre and Groudon to stop abnormal weather from devastating Pasio, but you'll need weather tickets to start the battles.

Winning these battles earns you five-star power-ups and co op sync orbs, and you'll also get a Team Magma or Team Aqua badge depending on which legendary you defeat the most times. Even if you don't want the badge, it's worth fighting Groudon and Kyogre in Pokemon Masters EX anyway. Sometime during the event, DeNA will release five-star power-ups and move candies depending on how many battles you've engaged in.

That's just part one of the new Pokemon Masters EX event. Part two involves recruiting Nessa and Dreadnaw plus Bea and Sirfetch'd to your teams. Both Pokemon have special moves, including Wash Away for Dreadnaw, that make the most of their unique skills, and the pairs will be available to scout until May 28 at 10:59 p.m. PDT.

Finally is the Solo Event with Nessa and Bea, available until the same time as well. If you've completed Chapter 1, you can take part in a series of events starring Nessa, Bea, Misty, and Maylene and earn vouchers to trade for Scout Tickets, among other items.

Elio & Popplio and Selene & Rowlet Join The Pokemon Masters EX World https://www.gameskinny.com/vtnme/elio-popplio-and-selene-rowlet-join-the-pokemon-masters-ex-world https://www.gameskinny.com/vtnme/elio-popplio-and-selene-rowlet-join-the-pokemon-masters-ex-world Fri, 16 Apr 2021 16:32:27 -0400 David Carcasole

Pokemon Masters EX has been given a new update with new story content, legendary events, and the addition of two Alolan sync pairs with Elio & Popplio and Selene & Rowlett. 

Trainers will be able to obtain Elio & Popplio starting today until May 1 at 10:59pm PST in the sync pair spotlight scout, and starting tomorrow until May 1 at 10:59pm PST, trainers can obtain Selene & Rowlet also in the sync pair spotlight scout. Both are strong duos that would be counted as a boon to any trainer's team, whether it be Elio & Popplio with their powerful move Sparkling Aria or Selene & Rowlet with Spirit Shackle. 

There will also be a story event available featuring these Alolan Trainers called "Trials on the Isle." Players who have completed the first chapter of the main story can go experience the event from now until May 1. 

On top of it all, players will also be receiving Chapter 28 of the main story, which continues Lear's journey, and a new legendary event called "The Dragon That Rules the Sky," where players will have the chance to add the sync pair Zinnia & Rayquaza from now until May 17. 

For more on Pokemon Masters EX, check out our guide on how to get the best trainers.



Leon, Charizard, and More Sync Pairs Soar Into Pokemon Masters EX https://www.gameskinny.com/vv9cb/leon-charizard-and-more-sync-pairs-soar-into-pokemon-masters-ex https://www.gameskinny.com/vv9cb/leon-charizard-and-more-sync-pairs-soar-into-pokemon-masters-ex Wed, 24 Feb 2021 11:48:51 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Pokemon Masters EX is getting some Champion-sized updates in the coming month, including additions to sync pairs and more. The game's first Master sync pair and a very hungry 'mon are coming up first, followed by two new Champions later in March. 

Galar Champion Leon and his buddy Charizard are the first Master sync pair for EX, and they'll be available from February 25 through March 17. These types of sync pairs are powerful duos that have a passive skill providing boosts to the whole party. Marnie and Morpeko are also available in the same time frame, and while they aren't a Master duo, Morpeko is packing its signature Hangry mode to shake battles up.

Both characters have special story events celebrating their arrival in EX. Leon's runs from February 25 through March 17 and features him battling alongside Marnie and Gloria in a series of tournaments. Marnie's Spikemuth-themed Yell and Dream event kicks off March 3 and also ends March 17.

Unova Champion Iris comes to Pasio with Hydreigon along with Kalos' Diantha and Gardevoir sometime later in March.

Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating a year and a half of battles in March and is starting a series of login bonuses from February 25 through March 30, where players can earn up to 10,000 Gems. That's just icing on the Leon, Charizard, Marnie, and Morpeko cake.

Pokemon Masters EX Dishes Up Sweet Treats for Valentine's Day https://www.gameskinny.com/gz2q2/pokemon-masters-ex-dishes-up-sweet-treats-for-valentines-day https://www.gameskinny.com/gz2q2/pokemon-masters-ex-dishes-up-sweet-treats-for-valentines-day Fri, 29 Jan 2021 13:46:32 -0500 Josh Broadwell

Valentine's Day is approaching fast, and in Pokemon Masters EX, that means it's time for sweet treats and new Sync Pairs in the Palentine's Day event.

Palentine's Day is when Pasio trainers shower their human and Pokemon friends with desserts in the Baking Buddies story event now through February 18. Baking Buddies tasks players who've completed at least chapter one with finding dessert ingredients for Serena and Dawn, both of whom feature in special dessert-themed outfits.

Completing the event rewards players with food items such as Melty Chocolate, Fresh Berry, Fluffy Frosting, and more. Logging in daily for 13 days in a row during the event also earns players 1,000 Gems to spend on Sync Pairs.

Speaking of Sync Pairs, the Pokemon Masters' Palentines Day event adds two new Sync Pairs to the Sync Pair Spotlight mechanic. The first, available from now until February 18, is Serena and Whimsicott, with Stun Spore as Whimsicott's signature move. The second, live from January 31 through February 18, is Dawn and Alcremie, with a focus on Charm and Fake Tears.

Both new Sync Pairs feature their respective characters' dessert outfits and both can reach a 6-star EX Potential rating.

Pokemon Day 2020 is Bringing New Mythical Pokemon to Sword and Shield https://www.gameskinny.com/kswoo/pokemon-day-2020-is-bringing-new-mythical-pokemon-to-sword-and-shield https://www.gameskinny.com/kswoo/pokemon-day-2020-is-bringing-new-mythical-pokemon-to-sword-and-shield Fri, 31 Jan 2020 12:52:23 -0500 Josh Broadwell

February 27 is officially Pokemon day — so official, it's even recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association. Last year, we got the Pokemon Sword and Shield reveal Direct during the celebration of all things Pokemon. This year, we're getting a brand-new legendary/mythical Pokemon added to Sword and Shield, plus some other goodies besides.

What this brand-new legendary Pokemon will be hasn't been revealed. Game Freak is continuing its trend of not teasing and revealing absolutely everything beforehand, so we'll just have to wait until February 27 to find out. Whatever it is, it will also be the star of this summer's Pokemon film.

Sword and Shield are also getting a special Max Raid event, and some events are planned for Pokemon mobile games, including Pokemon GO and Pokemon Masters.

All this plus the rollout of Pokemon GO's Battle League should be enough to tide us over until the first part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC expansion, the Isle of Armor, releases this June, with its new-old Pokemon and brand-new open-world areas to explore.

The full announcement can be seen here. Stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Pokemon news as it pops up.

Pokemon Master: How to Get Gear https://www.gameskinny.com/rnoc1/pokemon-master-how-to-get-gear https://www.gameskinny.com/rnoc1/pokemon-master-how-to-get-gear Mon, 23 Sep 2019 15:44:17 -0400 Josh Broadwell

One of the best item sets available in Pokemon Masters is the Gear and its related components. However, the game doesn't really tell you how to get Gear, and it's not something you'll be able to do until much later in the game.

Here's how to get Gear and what it does.

How to Get Gear in Pokemon Masters

Here's what you need to do first: 

  1. Clear Chapter 18: The Unova Trio
    • Defeat Cheren, Hilbert, and Hilda
    • Clear the chapter on Hard mode
    • Must be done in single-player and co-op

After your victory, Professor Bellis approaches you with a special new Training Mission called "Get Stronger with Gear!".

What is Gear and What Does It Do? 

Gear are items that enhance the stats of the Pokemon that holds them. Often, these increases are beyond what they could normally be naturally.

You can equip three of them on your team, and they work in conjunction with three other items you can equip to your Gear: the Bandana, the Pin, and the Bracelet.

Here's what they each do:

  • Bracelet: Increases Attack
  • Pin: Increases Special Attack
  • Bandana: Increases HP

Star Cloth Items

Each Gear can be upgraded with Star Cloth items. Naturally, the type of Star Cloth you need depends on the element of the Gear you want to upgrade  e.g. Star Dragon Cloth for a Dragon Bracelet.

On top of Star Cloth items, you'll also need specific upgrade items for the attribute you want to enhance:

  • Bandana: Requires Scissors
  • Pin: Requires Needles
  • Bracelet: Requires Threads
How to Get Star Cloth Pieces and Upgrade Items

These and the Star Cloth pieces are gained through EX Training and Very Hard Co-Op Courses.

Combining Gears

Finally, you can also push Gears beyond their level caps by combining more than one Gear of the same kind. 


That's all you need to know for how to get Gear in Pokemon Masters, but be sure to check out our other Pokemon Masters guides for tips on how you can be the very best.

Pokemon Masters Rerolling Guide: How to Get the Best Trainers https://www.gameskinny.com/lh7gq/pokemon-masters-rerolling-guide-how-to-get-the-best-trainers https://www.gameskinny.com/lh7gq/pokemon-masters-rerolling-guide-how-to-get-the-best-trainers Mon, 02 Sep 2019 11:37:21 -0400 Ty Arthur

Got a 3-star trainer in your first Pokemon Masters sync pull and not willing to live with that indignity? You can ensure a 4- or 5-star trainer team right from the start with just a little bit of effort.

It's the age-old mobile game question: to reroll, or to not reroll? We'll skip the monologue on whether tis nobler in the mind to keep your first pull or try again for something better and just get on with it — we know you want to reroll!

How to Reroll in Pokemon Masters

Thankfully, mobile app developers are catching onto the fact that players like the option to try again if they pull something less than ideal after the tutorial mission.

In Pokemon Masters, there's no need to uninstall, hunt down hidden files in your phone to delete, and then reinstall the app to reroll.

You do still have to go through the tutorial mission and extra app download screen, but the entire Pokemon Masters reroll process is handled right through your in-game account options after completing main story quest The More The Merrier.

After finishing that quest, go through the first Sync Pair Scout process, which will always result in pulling Whitny & Miltank. Afterwards, the app will restart to download the extra post-tutorial data.

Now, you can finally grab your bonus starting gems (click the gift box icon if you haven't already) and see what you pull in the store. 

If you didn't get the 4- or 5-star trainer pairs you want, pull up the Poryphone in the lower-right corner and choose:

Account -> Delete Saved Data -> Yes.

This process works even if you have already linked to your Nintendo account, so you don't need to worry about that part.

Just go through the tutorial again, grab your starting gems, and try for new pulls.

Here's the percentage chance for getting specific star trainers in each Sync Pair Scout attempt:

  • 3-Star: 73%
  • 4-Star: 20%
  • 5-Star: 7%

With only a seven-percent chance for the best 5-stars, you may have to do this more than once, so the only real question is how many times you feel like going through the 10- to 15-minute tutorial section yet again.

Wondering about the best trainers to try for? If you didn't get any of these in your initial pulls, you may want to go through the effort to reroll:

  • Kris and Totodile
  • Phoebe and Dusclops
  • Olivia and Lycanroc
  • Brendan and Treecko
  • Karen and Houndoom
  • Acerola & Palossand
  • Cheren & Stoutland

How many times did you reroll, or did you get lucky and pull your ideal 5-star team from the start? Let us know in the comments, and then check out our other Pokemon Masters guides here:

Pokemon Masters: How to Evolve Pokemon https://www.gameskinny.com/4jipv/pokemon-masters-how-to-evolve-pokemon https://www.gameskinny.com/4jipv/pokemon-masters-how-to-evolve-pokemon Fri, 30 Aug 2019 11:27:10 -0400 Joseph Rowe

Pokemon Masters is here and trainers all over the world are tapping their screens until their fingers break trying to level their team up to be the best trainer in the world. Part of climbing that ladder is evolving your Pokemon, which proves to be a very different task from the rest of the series.

As you probably know, you cannot change the Pokemon in a sync pair, but you may not know that some of them can evolve. Knowing how to evolve your Pokemon in Pokemon Masters is a critical step to making sure your team has what it takes to reach the top.

The newest and most unique mechanic in Pokemon Masters is the sync pair. This pair is a combo of a trainer from a previous main Pokemon series game and a Pokemon they are known to have used. For example, Brock has Onyx, Misty has Starmie, and Barry has Piplup.

Each sync pairs has different rating, which are denoted by stars. The higher the stars, the more potential the sync pair has to become... the very best.

Three star sync pairs are the lowest while five stars are the highest, and each rating a hard level cap:

  • Three star pairs have a level cap of 90
  • Four star pairs have a level cap of 95
  • Five star pairs have a level cap of 100

What this boils down to is that three and four star sync pairs will eventually be useless in the face of five stars, as five star pairs will eventually eclipse even four stars in most meaningful ways.

How to Evolve in Pokemon Masters

As with any RPG, you will level up to become more powerful. You level up in Pokemon Masters by battling and using level up manuals.

In the main series of games, different Pokemon level up at different levels - some evolve early in their teen levels whereas others need to be over level 30.

In this game, a Pokemon's first evolution happens at level 30 and the second evolution happens at level 45 if they have one.

In Barry and Piplup's case, the Pokemon in this sync pair will level up at 30 despite leveling up at 16 in the main series.

Evolving your Pokemon doesn't just require leveling them up, you are going to need resources from the in-game shop.

To purchase these items, see Tricia and go to the Item Exchange menu. There you will be able to buy the two types of evolution items used: Evolution Shards and Evolution Crystals

Your first purchase of Evolution Shards, used for first stage evolutions, is only going to be 1,000 for 5. After you purchase the shards for 1,000 twice, you will have to pay 10,000 for a set of five of them.

Your first purchase of Evolution Crystals, used for second stage evolutions, is 5,000 for 3. Afterwards, it shoots up to 300,000 for just 1.

Due to the cost prohibitive nature of evolution in Pokemon Masters, you will want to plan who you want to evolve first ahead of time. Do not squander your resources on a Pokemon you don't see yourself using -- aka keep it to five stars.

After you have reached level 30 or 45 and acquired a sufficient amount of Evolution Shards or Crystals, you are ready to battle for evolution. You can access the evolution battle by going to Explore then finding it under the Sync Pair Story section for the duo you want to evolve.

Evolution battles are one-on-one instead of the normal three-on-three. The battles, especially for the second stage of evolution, are incredibly difficult. You are likely going to need to over level in order to defeat your opponent and evolve.

When I want to evolve Barry's Piplup twice, these will be the steps:

  1. The pair would need to be level 30 in order to become Prinplup
  2. I would need to spend 1,000 coins in the Pokemon Masters shop to get Evolution Shards x 5.
  3. Defeat trainer Cheryl and her Blissey using Barry and Piplup
  4. After defeating her, Piplup would become Prinplup
  5. Repeat the process at level 45 in order to become Empoleon.


That does it for the process of evolution in Pokemon Masters. Who will you be evolving or have already evolved first in your playthrough? I obviously went with Piplup! Let us know your choice in the comments.

Pokemon Masters: How to Change Pokemon https://www.gameskinny.com/4gp78/pokemon-masters-how-to-change-pokemon https://www.gameskinny.com/4gp78/pokemon-masters-how-to-change-pokemon Fri, 30 Aug 2019 10:38:08 -0400 Joseph Rowe

One of the hallmark features of the Pokemon series is the ability to catch all of the Pokemon possible. In Pokemon Masters, things are a bit different. Instead of collecting and changing out Pokemon, players collect sync pairs -- Pokemon and trainer combos.

As of release, there is no way to outright switch out a trainer's Pokemon. It seems as if the sync pair is bonded permanently, at least for the time being. Though that could change with future updates.

Many trainers in the Pokemon game series and anime are known for having multiple Pokemon that they train and battle with. For example, it would make sense for Misty to have a Psyduck in addition to her Starmie.

While it is definitely disappointing to not be able to switch your trainers' Pokemon out, it is not all doom and gloom. There's still plenty of variety! You're able to choose sets of sync pairs before battle, which still gives you some wriggle room with your lineup.

Right now, there are 65 sync pairs, but more will come with future updates to the game. You can collect famous trainers from Pokemon Red and Blue like Brock and Misty as well as more recent characters like Hau and Raichu from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

On top of that, each trainer/Pokemon combination has a different role in addition to the typing from the normal series

  • Strike sync pairs have lower HP, but higher Attack/Special Attack. 
  • Support pairs have higher HP and the ability to support their teammates.
  • Tech pairs use moves that affect status.

There are even stars and levels that determine a sync pair's strength. The more stars and the higher the level, the stronger they will be. Some sync pairs can even evolve their Pokemon to make them even stronger.

In summary, while you can't swap Pokemon in and out for the trainers, you can collect sync pairs if you feel like you "gotta catch 'em all." Your next step is leveling your pairs up and evolving the Pokemon you can to keep progressing through Pokemon Masters.

Pokemon Masters: Error Code 20101 Explained https://www.gameskinny.com/9frws/pokemon-masters-error-code-20101-explained https://www.gameskinny.com/9frws/pokemon-masters-error-code-20101-explained Thu, 29 Aug 2019 15:24:32 -0400 Ty Arthur

Pokemon Masters is the latest take on the long-running catch-em-all franchise. Unfortunately, like many major mobile game launches these days, things are off to a bumpy start, mainly because of error code 20101.

If you can't log in because of it, you aren't alone. The issue has plagued new players since the moment the game came online.

Pokemon Masters Error Code 20101

20101 error in Pokemon Masters asking to check the internet connection.

Both Error Code 20103 and the more common 20101 pop up with the message, "Please check your connection and try again," which is developer speak for a server error, very likely caused by a huge number of people all trying to connect at the same time on the first day of an international launch.

Unfortunately, the only real "fix" at this point is to close the app entirely, wait a few minutes, and then try it again.

If it keeps happening, just wait longer for the server to come back online (or for a new server to become available).

Some players have reported getting in faster by using a VPN that connects to a different server than you normally connect with, but frankly, that's a lot of work for something that will likely be fixed within the next day or so.

Considering that mobile games of this sort tend to have policies against that sort of behavior anyway, it may not be worth the chance of getting your account suspended, either.

For now, you can check out the list of known issues like Error Code 20101, and their expected resolution date, over at the Pokemon Masters website here.

Have you found a sure-fire workaround to the problem other than using a VPN? Let us know what worked for you, and we'll update this article with the fix! Once you can get in, be sure to check out our other Pokemon Masters guides over here.

Pokemon Masters Out Now, Special Launch Events Detailed https://www.gameskinny.com/hqje3/pokemon-masters-out-now-special-launch-events-detailed https://www.gameskinny.com/hqje3/pokemon-masters-out-now-special-launch-events-detailed Thu, 29 Aug 2019 12:44:33 -0400 Josh Broadwell

After a summer of teasers and info dumps, The Pokemon Company and DeNA have finally launched Pokemon Masters worldwide today.

While we didn't get a lot of new information about the game itself in the launch press release, we did get a new launch trailer. Also, the first episode of the official Pokemon Masters News series did outline some special events going on for a limited time.

First up is a host of first-time login bonuses. Players can receive 1,000 Gems the first time they log in, with an extra 200 Gems every day for 10 days, also just for logging in. These are enough Gems to roll for 10 Sync Pairs.

However, there's also a different Sync Scout event going on that revolves around paid Gems; those earned through gameplay don't count. It's a 10x Scout guaranteed to result in a 5-Star Sync Pair, but if buying the Gems is a concern, this particular event lasts until November 28.

Meanwhile, there are a few offers for 1,600, 3,200, and 5,200 Gem discounts as well, though they do vary depending on what operating system the user's phone runs and where they're located.

On top of that, there's a set of missions celebrating Pokemon Masters' launch that offer unique and helpful items upon completion; these will be available until October 17.

Finally is a unique story event featuring Blue and his Pidgeot from the series' first generation. Story events are limited time opportunities to fight alongside a Sync Pair that hasn't been introduced in the game yet or that players haven't managed to already recruit.

During this event, players will team up with Blue to fight Kanto trainers, and winning these fights plus completing the event will net the player a variety of unique rewards.

Those who aren't familiar with what Pokemon Masters is and how it works can check out our coverage of the basics and also the game's combat to get up to speed.

Pokemon Masters Release Date Announced, Pre-Registration Open Now https://www.gameskinny.com/ova6v/pokemon-masters-release-date-announced-pre-registration-open-now https://www.gameskinny.com/ova6v/pokemon-masters-release-date-announced-pre-registration-open-now Wed, 24 Jul 2019 10:34:34 -0400 Josh Broadwell

We've been getting a lot of new information about Pokemon Masters, the mobile collaboration between The Pokemon Company and DeNA. But we've heard nothing about a release date — until now.

Pokemon Masters will launch for iOS and Android on August 29. Pre-registration is open now via the game's official website, which also hosts the many trailers and tidbits of information released up to this point.

The Pokemon Company also released a batch of new trailers going over the game's various mechanics and systems. There was some new information about how progression works, along with how players can level up their Sync Pairs and partner Pokemon.

In a hands-on preview, USGamer confirmed how players acquire Sync Pairs to begin with. As we reported on previously, it is a gacha-type system.

Acquiring new Sync Pairs done through a process called Sync Scouts, where the player rolls a die for a random Pair. These are, indeed, ranked by stars, though unlike Fire Emblem Heroes, their ranking isn't static. It can be increased as players progress through the story and complete different Training activities.

Each roll of the die costs 300 Gems, which can be earned by playing the game or purchased, and these Gems are the only microtransactions in Pokemon Masters.

Should players scout a Sync Pair they've already scouted before, it increases the power of that existing Pair's Sync Move. Each roll of the die earns three Scout points, and once 400 have been acquired, the game lets players buy whatever Sync Pair they want outright.

A big focus in the newly released trailers is Training, which, in Pokemon Masters, takes the form of daily missions. Completing these unlocks various rewards and bonuses, from items like Potions or other attack items to eventually unlocking Pokemon level caps. Unlocking these caps lets a Pokemon grow even further, which means it can become stronger, learn new moves, and even evolve.

Finally is the battle system. While there wasn't much new revealed about it, the game does emphasize smart pairings and relying on support or defensive strategies often overlooked in the main game.

Sync Pairs are divided into three groups: Strike, Tech, and Support. The first and last are self-explanatory, and Tech focuses on debuffs and status attacks. Rather than stacking a party with all Strike Pairs, the idea is to use Tech to weaken opponents, Support to buff your Strike Pair, then Strike to inflict higher damage.

As of now, Singapore and Canada are getting an early preview of Pokemon Masters that transfers data to the main game, but there's no word of whether that's coming stateside as well.

New Pokemon Masters Trailer Offers Glimpse at 3-on-3 Battles, Sync Moves https://www.gameskinny.com/6cgrq/new-pokemon-masters-trailer-offers-glimpse-at-3-on-3-battles-sync-moves https://www.gameskinny.com/6cgrq/new-pokemon-masters-trailer-offers-glimpse-at-3-on-3-battles-sync-moves Thu, 18 Jul 2019 14:15:31 -0400 Josh Broadwell

DeNA and The Pokemon Company released a new trailer for Pokemon Masters recently, outlining some of the features players can expect when the game launches on mobile devices sometime this summer.

First up is more information about Sync Pairings. Trainers will team up with various famous figures from Pokemon's storied past, like Claire and Kingdra from Johto or Iris and Haxorus from Unova, along with plenty of others.

We've known for a while now the game will feature 3-on-3 combat, but the new trailer finally gives a good look at what that'll be like.

Players team up with two other Sync Pairs or friends via global co-op and take on AI-controlled opponents. These 3-on-3 matches aren't like Rotation Battles from Gen V or even the staple double battles. Attacks like Razor Lead that normally affect more than one opponent seem to be restricted to targeting just one in Pokemon Masters.









The real centerpiece of combat is the powerful Sync Move players can unleash with their partner Pokemon, moves that are essentially like slightly altered Z-Moves.

Players can unlock their partner Pokemon's levels and teach them new moves as they progress through the game. Additionally, with Sygna Suits, some Sync Pairs can even change to include new Pokemon. For instance, Brock's Sygna Suit changes his partner to Tyranitar instead of Onix.

The goal of all this battling is similar to almost every other Pokemon game: defeat powerful trainers, earn Badges, and become the Champion of the Pasio Masters League.

It doesn't seem like Masters will offer new Gym Leaders. However, according to Serebii, there is a new professor, Professor Bellis, who researches Sync Stones, along with Pasio's Prince Lear who set up the Masters League, and his assistants Rachael and Sawyer. What role these all play in the game still isn't known, though.

Another unknown factor is how players will go about forming Sync Pairs. There's some suggestion in a batch of new screenshots that other trainers are assigned ranks via stars, which could mean Pokemon Masters will take a Fire Emblem Heroes approach to acquiring new Sync Pairs — in other words, that Masters will be another gachapon-style game.

As of yet, Pokemon Masters is still without a firm release date, but expect more information to come along before summer's end.

Pokemon Masters Introduces Real-Time Battles and Sync Pairings https://www.gameskinny.com/ngp48/pokemon-masters-introduces-real-time-battles-and-sync-pairings https://www.gameskinny.com/ngp48/pokemon-masters-introduces-real-time-battles-and-sync-pairings Thu, 27 Jun 2019 10:07:53 -0400 Josh Broadwell

This morning's brief info dump on the upcoming mobile game Pokemon Masters gave fans a taste of what they can expect when the game launches this summer, including real-time battles and which classic trainers will make an appearance.

As for a specific Pokemon Masters release date, that summer time frame is all we have for nowwhich is more than its announcement trailer provided, but the game will be launching worldwide when it does release and is free-to-start as well.

The game takes place on the island of Pasio, a new location in the Pokemon world. It's a place where dozens of powerful — and familiar — trainers from all regions gather to test their skills against each other via a new kind of Pokemon battling and pairing.

Pokemon Masters is introducing Sync Pairs, which is where a trainer forms a special bond with one partner Pokemon and apparently uses that Pokemon exclusively throughout their time on Pasio. However, that doesn't mean PM lacks variety in battle style and strategy.

In place of recruiting other Pokemon, players will make friends with other Synch Pairs, including iconic match-ups like Clair and Kingdra from the Johto region and Korrina and Lucario from the Kalos region.

At the game's launch, Pokemon Masters will have 65 Synch Pairs for players to form bonds with, and more will be added as time goes on. The trailer, seen above, gives an idea of some pairings players can expect — Gym Leaders such as Misty, Fantine, and Erika and even some of the gang leaders like Giovanni, though it isn't certain if these will act solely as villains or if they're recruitable too (though we expect it's the former).

In a first for the Pokemon universe, the three-on-three battles take place in real time, with players issuing commands both for their Pokemon and the trainer; there's even a Z-Move style special move called a Synch Move.

The catch — this is a F2P game, after all — is that the game introduces a move gauge which limits the number of moves players can order their team to take. The gauge refills over time, and like Dr Mario World, it's likely some sort of in-game purchase will help it refill faster.

Pokemon Press Conference Reveals New Games, Hardware, and More On The Way https://www.gameskinny.com/civkl/pokemon-press-conference-reveals-new-games-hardware-and-more-on-the-way https://www.gameskinny.com/civkl/pokemon-press-conference-reveals-new-games-hardware-and-more-on-the-way Wed, 29 May 2019 10:27:43 -0400 Josh Broadwell

The Pokemon Company held a press conference in Tokyo today (yesterday for American audiences) and announced multiple new projects spanning this year and early 2020, including new games.

The project fans will see the soonest is a brand-new mobile game for Android and iOS: Pokemon Masters

Masters features concepts and art from Pokemon legend Ken Sugimori and is a lot like the Pokemon World Tournament in Black 2 and White 2. It includes famous trainers from throughout Pokemon history, such as Elite Four members like Lance and Cynthia and well-known Gym Leaders like Brock and Misty.

Not much else was shown or discussed about the game, though the very brief reveal trailer showed what looks like three-on-three Pokemon battles, with one clip showing Brock using something akin to Z-moves. More information will be revealed in June.

Pokemon Sleep and GO ++

Pokemon GO is getting an extensive new upgrade as well in the form of Pokemon Sleep. Niantic is building on the game's quality of life emphasis, dubbed walking as entertainment, with a new initiative — sleeping as entertainment.

Pokemon GO++ is a new accessory expected to release in 2020 that tracks users' sleep via an accelerometer. GO++ gets placed on the bed when the user goes to sleep and sends the information it collects to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth. The time spent sleeping will translate into some kind of in-game reward, but what kind remains a mystery for now.

The idea is to encourage healthy sleep habits and make people look forward to waking up the next day. It also functions the same as the original GO+, meaning it can be used during the day or night. In honor of that worthy goal, sleeping Snorlaxes can be found in Pokemon GO all day today.

Pokemon Home

With a new generation of Pokemon on the way, and plenty of other ways to experience Pokemon already, the Pokemon Company recognizes that players want ways of keeping Pokemon from earlier games. Thus, Pokemon Bank is getting a new replacement in 2020 in the form of Pokemon Home.

Pokemon Home will let players transfer Pokemon from Bank, the Let's GO games, Sword and Shield, and Pokemon GO all to one location. It also aims to make trading easier and faster than ever before by allowing players to connect via their smartphones through Pokemon Home and trade anytime, anywhere.

Detective Pikachu Sequel

Following on from Detective Pikachu's success on the 3DS and at the box office, the Pokemon Company will be releasing a sequel for the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. The game will tie up the many loose ends left by the original Detective Pikachu, but nothing else was said about what fans can expect.

Pokemon Style

Finally, Pokemon fans will be getting a new way to express their passion for the franchise: Pokemon Shirts. The line of collared shirts features designs for all 151original Pokemon and lets buyers customize patterns and colors when they place their orders. It was previously limited to Japan and Asia but is expanding to North America and Europe in the near future.

All this comes just a week before a new Pokemon Direct will air, covering new information about Sword and Shield, potentially giving us even more reason to be excited about the upcoming Gen VIII games.