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Pokémon Run is a new flash game that is currently provided by Poki.com and Gamebustlers. This basic and bland title just seems to have appeared out of nowhere. It could be a case of someone attempting to make a few quick bucks.

What is Pokémon Run?

Pokémon Run is a side-scrolling flash game where the player takes the role of Pikachu. The goal of the game is to run as far as possible while zapping other Pokémon and Team Rocket to earn points, all the while avoiding pitfalls. 

Where did Pokémon Run come from?

Exactly who or where this flash game came from remains a bit of a mystery. Any links provided on the game don't work. Judging by the game's name, it is possible this was made for one sole reason. Right now Pokémon Run HK, (presumably a Pokémon themed fun run) is a big topic online.

This game most likely was created overnight with this in mind. The idea is to create a game with a name matching Pokémon Run HK and that will appear at the top of search engine lists. Sure enough, this works. The more people that play the game, the more ad revenue the creator and providers receive.

As to how long this game will be available is unknown. Nintendo is renown for its no-nonsense when it comes to copyright. Sooner or later I can see them stepping in and this game, disappearing.