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One evening I had stumbled upon an online role-playing game named Popmundo, formerly known as Popomundo (the O fell out of the sky one afternoon, honest I witnessed it.)

Popmundo is an online role-playing game and community where the players strive for fame in a virtual music industry. The game is played in real time and keeps on going even when you're not logged in.

Aim of the game

You, as the player, aim for stardom. Sounds pretty simple but it can be a tough world to be in. Let me walk you through it, once you arrive at the login screen you have 2 choices -- register via email or Facebook.

Upon signing up you will then choose your characters name/age and what city you would like to live in. Once completed you're ready to start your journey to becoming a rock-star or even a doctor! (I'll come back to this.)

Once you've created your character you're probably going to think, "well what do I do now" but don't worry Popmundo has a system in place for new players, you call this system, "mom"... your mom is your guide.

Your mother will give you certain tasks to complete to push you forward in your career. You're able to skip some of these tasks but some are compulsory but this helps you, you will also get an achievement added to your account which will give you at-least 10 points.

Achievements for all!

Speaking of achievements, say you have your own band and you've now performed your first ever concert! Of course this is a milestone for you, and you will receive an achievement -- something for you to show off on your profile, for others to see! (have a peek at the preview below.)


With every achievement you achieve you can select the top 3 that you would like to be displayed and viewed by others that visit your profile.

More opportunities / VIP Membership

You might be thinking is that all? I only need to be a musician? Well no you don't, Popmundo offer various jobs which you can also receive achievements for. You have many options such as, a doctor, a fireman, a police officer or you can own your own record label which you will have to purchase a company license but this of course comes at a price.

This is where I introduce you to the VIP membership, the VIP membership you receive much more items, for example a normal player does not have a phone but a VIP does, this phone is a much needed tool with being social in the game, you can call friends who are in other countries to keep your relationship bars up. (see image below)

Character Improvisation

The image I've provided included a little clue 'You are married.' Yes you can marry other players in the game, you may also have children. This feature is for VIP members also. May I just say that you don't need to be VIP at all but most players choose to so they can get the extra bonuses.

Another vital piece of information is that you can play more than one character on your account, 10 characters is the maximum but you may also purchase an 1000 credits to be able to have more slots. Just to confirm that the VIP membership can be purchased with PayPal and you can also purchase this for a month or a year.


The graphics to this game are very detailed and the creators have put a lot of effort in to making this a special experience for the players, the main pages and links are easy to navigate with just a click of your mouse and fast broadband.

To also mention you cannot play this game offline, you will need a stable connection. If for any reason the game will be going offline, you will receive a general update which can be viewed on the home page or you may receive a notification.

With Popmundo you will always be listened to within the community, if you're struggling with the game or need any help as such you can either contact the head office, they aim to reply within 24 hrs.

Question Forum

If your question is a quick fix then you can also go to the local forum and navigate to the question forum. If your first language is not English then there are many forums that cater to different languages, do note the game can be translated in to 18 different languages. (see below forum image)

Population/ My thoughts

Popmundo is a people friendly game, everyone is welcome! There are currently 65459 players who have signed up to Popmundo since before 2007.

Popmundo isn't just a game but it's a community, a very fun and friendly one. If I can play it for more than 9 years then I think you can, try it out. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt a little and maybe I'll see you around some time.

Lianne also known as Caitlin Urban-Hommers (in game).