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Platinum Games promised four big announcements this year. One of those was The Wonderful 101 Remastered, complete with ludicrously successful Kickstarter. The others were more nebulous  until now.

The studio just lifted the lid on the second of the four games: Project G.G. The final name will probably be different, though, as director Hideki Kamiya said it's just a working title.

Either way, it's Platinum's very first self-funded IP, meaning the studio owns the game entirely and can do with it what it likes. That's not a complete surprise, given the rationale Platinum provided for TW101's crowdfunding campaign, and it likely means we'll see Project G.G. on multiple platforms.

What Project G.G. will be, well... that's pretty much anyone's guess still. It's billed as the final chapter in the Hideki Kamiya superhero saga, and the company's penchant for metropolitan apocalypses is on full display in the Project G.G. reveal trailer.

Where Viewtiful Joe was a "transformative hero" and The Wonderful 101 focuses on hero squads, G.G. is all about being a big hero, Kamiya said. There will also be kaiju — big, scary-ass monsters that usually try to destroy the world.

Whatever it ends up being, the hero saves a terrified Shiba Inu, which means he has my full loyalty forever.

There are two more brand-new announcements on the way from Platinum, so stay tuned to GameSkinny for more Platinum Games and Project G.G. news as it transforms.