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The publishers of Hello Neighbor and SpeedrunnerstinyBuild, revealed a slew of announcements at this year's PAX West, including some new game reveals and additional news on some of their previously announced upcoming titles like Rapture Rejects and Secret Neighbor.

Before getting into the juicy details of these new games, there are some important updates to some titles that may be on your radar. 

The official Cyanide & Happiness game Rapture Rejects is officially available for pre-order, which gets you exclusive access to the private Alpha. The Alpha will be playable on weekends from Friday 12 p.m. to Monday at 10 a.m. PST. Putting a spin on the Battle Royal genre, Rapture Rejects is a top-down isometric shooter where the last man standing wins.

Party Hard 2, the sequel to the stealth strategy game about ruining parties, is hitting digital-shelves this Halloween. You can check out the new trailer here with its stellar soundtrack and deadly party poopers galore.

Joining the Halloween festivities is the Secret Neighbor open alpha. Part of the Hello Neighbor universe, Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer social horror game in the same vein as Friday the 13th. Set between the first and second act of Hello Neighbor, a group of kids tries sneaking into the neighbor's basement to find their friend except one of the kids is actually the neighbor in disguise. You can sign up for the alpha here.

Speaking of alpha builds, you can now sign up to test Pathologic 2 after the PAX West conference. A sequel to the 2005 psychological horror adventure game, Pathologic 2 opens up the setting to an open world town consumed by a deadly plague. The eerie teaser trailer shows a collapsing society who have lost all sense of hope. The narrative-driven survival thriller has players making difficult choices with no positive outcome in sight while deciding whether to win the affection of locals or lose their trust. You can sign up for the alpha on the Pathologic website now.

The first playable game out of the new releases will be HellpointDeveloped by Cradle Games, the Dark Souls-style sci-fi action RPG game is set in the aftermath of a massive quantic cataclysm. Fighting demons and space monsters along the way, you can play this game split-screen or online with your friends. The game is set to release in 2019 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4, and you can download a free demo on Steam now. Check out the announcement trailer while you're here.

Next up is a prequel and a new addition to the Hello Neighbor universe  Hello Neighbor: Hide & SeekComing this December, Hide & Seek tells the story of the creepy neighbors family before the events of the first game. You'll meet his wife and kids, and experience first hand what caused his life to fall into shambles. You can download the free alpha of the game now for PC.

Donning seven unique characters, a unique pixel-art style, and a compelling story, UnDungeon is a roguelike RPG game that has already raised €95,000 on Kickstarter since it debuted. Partnering with tinyBuild, developers Laughing Machines are set to release a demo to Kickstarter backers later this year. The game combines permadeath, loot-based RPG mechanics, and oozes of style and flair

The eccentric and odd minds behind Punch Club and Graveyard Keeper have created a new and anachronistic game called Swag and SorceryDescribed as a streamlined RPG where you can build your own village, the biggest appeal is creating and customize characters and sending them out to find new swag. Swag and Sorcery is set to release sometime in 2019 for PC.

Last but not least on the list is a quirky, stylish first-person zombie shooter Pandemic Express. The trailer shows players escaping hordes of zombies while traveling on a train, in the same spirit as The Final Station. Pandemic Express spawns players at a train station, where one person gets infected and turns into a zombie. Players must escape to the train to avoid getting infected or become infected themselves and swap sides. Backed up by some sweet 80's synthwave, the announcement trailer gives a solid idea of the parkour and action you can expect.

PAX West is still beginning and there's bound to be plenty of more announcements to come, so for the latest keep it at GameSkinny.

Rapture Rejects Alpha Impressions: A Rapturously Good Time https://www.gameskinny.com/lkksk/rapture-rejects-alpha-impressions-a-rapturously-good-time https://www.gameskinny.com/lkksk/rapture-rejects-alpha-impressions-a-rapturously-good-time Mon, 30 Jul 2018 13:12:00 -0400 Ty Arthur

After annihilating the competition on the card game front (seriously, throw away your Cards Against Humanity box and pick up Joking Hazard instead), Cyanide & Happiness decided to tackle the last-man-standing genre.

We managed to get in on the latest alpha gameplay test and are pleased to report battle royale fans have another killer entry to look forward to soon.

With a whole new approach to this already-crowded genre, Rapture Rejects offers some hope that the battle royale bubble may not be popping, especially if more innovative entries like this show up to keep the formula from going stale.

Offended Mode: Activate!

If you couldn't tell by the title, Rapture Rejects puts you in the role of someone who missed the rapture and was left behind on Earth. The only thing left to do is horribly murder as many of your sinful brethren as possible to impress God with a wicked kill count.

You immediately know that you're in for a good time during character creation when you un-check the "dong" box and your avatar gapes in open existential horror at the area where his genitals should be.

The game's post-rapture hijinks had me thinking of the Guilty Remnant from The Leftovers, so of course, my avatar was wore all white, and I just assumed he chain smokes and bothers everyone silently.

Rapture Rejects avatar creation screen This is not a game for the easily offended...

When you finally get into a match, there is plenty that will be familiar for battle royale aficionados. For example, sound continues to play a surprisingly important role for an isometric, top-down game as you listen for sprinting players or gunshots in the distance. 

Of course, you can play mind games by closing doors to looted buildings, and there's the threat of the closing circle (which this time around is Armageddon lava forcing the homicidal rejects ever closer together).

A player with yellow hair holding a shotgun stands on top of a dozen wrecked cars in the middle of the street ...or for religious folks who can't handle some good old blasphemy.

Re-Thinking The Battle Royale Style

Switching from 3D, third-person mode to a 2D, isometric style results in some changes you might not expect. Since you are looking down at the map, each player has a wider field of vision than in a typical battle royale game.

You can usually see enemies when they run into your area of the screen, but that issue has been handled with some clever gameplay tweaks. The map zooms in and out as you move from streets to wide open areas, and you can't see in or out of buildings (although you can hear running and reloading from outside).

A series of satellite dishes is strewn across the post-apocalyptic landscape, which can be used to see larger segments of the map, but activating them leaves you vulnerable for a few seconds.

Weaponry in Rapture Rejects has undergone a radical redesign as well to fit in with the typical Cyanide & Happiness tone. For example, the game's SMGs and shotguns are replaced with the spork rifle, CD launcher, nail gun, toaster full of knives, and explosive F-bomb.

 A Rapture Rejects player searches for loot in a house The blunderbuss and the spork rifle are where its at,
and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise

Sadly, you don't get to choose your landing location at this stage of the alpha, and players instead just appear randomly across the map.

This more randomized take on battle royale leads to some truly zany situations. In one alpha match, everyone found guns galore, but there wasn't enough ammo, so each player was frantically throwing F-bombs and then rushing up to punch each other to death.

Echoing the bush from Fortnite, RR's disguise kit was easily the best item for sneaky players. Hiding as a box or chair in the corner of a room with an un-opened chest became my go-to strategy for racking up kills on unsuspecting players.

A player pretends to be a box as he hides for unsuspecting players in a warehouse Pay no attention to this inconspicuous box in the middle of the room

The Bottom Line On Rapture Rejects Alpha

As an alpha playtest still in active development, there were, of course, crashes and missing effects (the F-bomb in particular was pretty hit or miss when it came to explosion graphics).

Those are things that will surely be fixed, but there is an issue that may be more of a cause for concern -- RR only features groups of 40 players, which is quite a bit lower than Fortnite's 100 or Realm Royale's 80 player death matches. At this point, it's unclear if that number is going to stay put or if larger matches will become available later down the line.

The problem with smaller matches in a more niche game is that there will be a tendency for players who know each other to group up to win, which goes against the spirit of a last-man-standing game. This was such a big issue that the developers repeatedly stated in emails and chats ahead of the playtest that anyone caught grouping would be immediately banned.

Small group size and alpha bugs aside, Rapture Rejects is a very solid (and hilarious) new take on the battle royale genre, and it just may convince more adventurous players to move away from the bigger titles.

Rapture Rejects is just one of 11 battle royale games coming soon that you should be keeping your eye on. Check out the master list of impending BR games here and strap into the battle bus for a killer good time!