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There are a few features in Ragnarok Online: Idle Poring that mention Rebirth, but the game doesn't explain it at all until you get to that point. Here we're going to go over everything you need to know about it, including what it is and what it does for you.

If you're familiar with idle or tap games, then the concept of Rebirth should be familiar to you. Your character's progress is essentially reset with the promise of benefits, and in Idle Poring there are plenty of benefits. We'll go over those in a second.

As Idle Poring is basically a reskin of another game, Idle Monster: Nonstop, the two have virtually identical systems. If you ever went through with Reincarnation in Idle Monster, you'll be right at home with the system in Idle Poring.

Let's do the good news before the bad and go over the benefits of putting your characters through Rebirth.

1st Rebirth Benefits

You wouldn't reset if there weren't some seriously good rewards for doing so, and that is exactly the case.

Various features unlock with each Rebirth, but here we're sticking to the first one:

  • Your character's base level cap is increased from 80 to 100
  • You obtain a new skill
  • Your character is granted 100 additional attribute points to distribute
  • 1 orange pet egg

Along with the above, you gain Diamonds based on the amount of Zeny sitting around on your character. If you have 0 ~ 200,000 Zeny on-hand you will receive 50 Diamonds, 200,001 ~ 1,000,000 Zeny will grant 100 Diamonds, and over 1 million will grant you 200 Diamonds.

The first Rebirth is worth it, but the later ones are even moreso. Later Rebirths will grant you combat pet transformations, classes, more orange pet eggs, increased level caps and attribute points, and further features.

When Can You Rebirth?

There are three requirements that have to be met before you can Rebirth your character:

  • Your character must be base level 80
  • All of its equipment must be refined up to level 80
  • Your character must have at least one pet with 4 hearts

That's all simple enough, and mostly boils down to a time investment. Getting to base level 80 and getting all of your equipment refined up to 80 is both a time-consuming and expensive task. SVIP players will be able to reach this point much faster than VIP and free players.

Once you've grinded your way up and chugged through your first Rebirth, the second one can be undergone at level 100. Further Rebirths require higher base levels and refinements.

What Rebirth Resets

Let's go over the bad before the good, shall we? When Rebirthing, a number of things are reset or stop. These include:

  • Your character and job level reset to 1(but you cannot change your job after Rebirth)
  • Attribute allocations
  • Your stage progress is reset
  • All your equipment will automatically be smelted and turned into points
  • Any designs you've found via Expeditions will be disappear
  • Expeditions themselves will be cancelled with no rewards
  • Skill slots will be reset
  • Pet slots will be reset

What Rebirth Doesn't Reset

It does reset a lot, but some things stay the same:

  • Pets stay the same
  • Skill unlocks stay at the same point
  • Gems stay
  • Neither Honor nor Diamonds are removed
  • Special items like Attribute Books, Pet Potions, and so on remain

It seems items pets can get from expeditions are not removed, such as pet potions and candy, so keep that in mind.

There isn't a ton to know about Idle Poring's Rebirth system, but if you're planning for the long game, you need to know about Rebirthing and what it can do for you. With each one comes the benefits both above -- and otherwise, and those stressing about their stats will be happy to find a stat reset.

If this guide helped you out (I hope it did), check out my other RO: Idle Poring guides to keep your grind game strong and your character stronger.

RO: Idle Poring - How to Get Honor Wed, 20 Sep 2017 16:45:39 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Honor: It's one thing we all need, but the game doesn't do an amazing job of really highlighting its importance and use for new players.

As I went over in my RO: Idle Poring progression guide, there are a fair number of ways to progress your character and make it more powerful. One aspect not mentioned in the linked guide is acquiring new skills, which is something that needs a guide on its own due to skill acquisition being tied to Honor.

Unlocking new skills requires nothing but Honor, but Honor itself is something that can only come with knowing how to get it, time, and patience. New players need to know how to jump on the Honor train early so they can start working towards new and more versatile skills.

How to Get Honor in RO: Idle Poring

There are only a few ways to get it, and we're going to cover them all here.

1. Stroking friends and giving them roses

You have definitely seen people begging for strokes in chat. A stroke grants you 40 Honor, but can only be done a few times a day.

Stroking doesn't require any investment from you but giving away roses does.

You can give another character a rose once per day, with the rose either costing 50 or 500 Diamonds depending on the one you buy.

The 50 Diamond Icy Rose is the typical option, as it has a much better Honor to Diamond ratio, whereas the Eternal Rose is used more to gain Bond points to improve your relationship with that character.

As a side note, if you don't feel like giving other players Icy Roses, you can instead make a second character for yourself and send them to that character instead.

In addition, stroking is so important that you absolutely should add friends to stroke each day. If you both have each other added to your friend list, you can exchange strokes (instead of toss them at people who won't reciprocate).

2. Daily quests

The game prompts you to complete daily quests all the time, and as you push through your daily tasks the game will grant you Honor on top of quest rewards. You can get up to 4 relatively small Honor packages per day via completing most of the quests, making it especially important to stay on top of them.

3. PvP

I hope you haven't been avoiding PvP, because it's a pretty good Honor supplement. You get a very small amount of Honor per win in PvP, but that's not the real meat of its rewards.

You can be awarded anywhere from 2000 to 4500 Honor each week, depending on your ranking for the duration. Check out the reward tiers below -- they're good enough to warrant going into PvP whenever you have tickets.

4. VIP and SVIP

I'm not going to comment on whether these are worth it or not since the game is so new (and I'm running on VIP) but the fact remains both options grant 50 Honor per day.

Honestly I would not go crazy over the 50 Honor reward with either of the VIP options, you would want them for their other benefits. But Honor is Honor, and you need it. It's just one added option to be aware of.

Getting Honor isn't complicated, you just have to know how to do it. Luckily the game's other systems are a bit more complex. If you want to know about character attributes and what they actually do, check out my attribute allocation guide. And if you're a newer player getting stuck on stages, absolutely take a look at my character progression guide so you can keep your progression fast and stress-free.

RO: Idle Poring Guide -- The Ins and Outs of Character Progression Wed, 20 Sep 2017 14:59:47 -0400 Ashley Shankle

It may take a few days for the ins and outs of RO: Idle Poring's character progression. Heck, you may still be a bit lost on how to actively improve your characters to push to higher stages.

We're going to go over each of the game's character improvement methods available to you and how to use them to your benefit. You can't really just rely on accelerating to get you to the strength point you need to be at to progress, since levels and gear itself only go so far -- though you should definitely accelerate daily.

Are you doing everything you can to progress your characters quickly? You're about to find out! Let's go over Idle Poring's many methods to improve your characters and how to use them properly.

Getting and Improving Gear

You can get new equipment not only from fighting your way through stages, but also through the Smith and the Market.

The Smith is a more effort-intensive option, as it requires you have accumulated Smelting Points via smelting gear you don't need -- but you'll often be able to get items that are improvements to your own via the Smith.

Getting them via the Market is more expensive. Though both the Smith and the Market charge Zeni to refresh, the Market demands you spend either Gems or Diamonds or Zeni to get what's on it. Never spend Diamonds on equipment on the Market.

Refining and Gem Socketing

The game explains these systems to you -- but if you're not a diehard Ragnarok Online fan or are just not familiar with Korean-style MMORPGs, these systems may seem optional. Surprise: they are not.


You can refine your equipment via the Hero menu simply by tapping on a piece of gear and then on "Refine". There are a few things to know about refining:

  • Refinement bonuses are attached to the equipment slot rather than the actual piece of equipment (so you can change your actual gear out and not have to refine it again)
  • Every 10 refinement levels you have to spend Enhance Metals (and after 30, materials from MVP fights) to break the equipment slot through to the next tier, giving it a sizable bump in its primary stat and allowing you to continue to refine
  • You can only refine up to your current character level
  • Most of your Zeni is going to be used to refine

With all of this in mind, you can push forward with refining your slots with no stress. There are absolutely no downsides to refining all of your equipment slots to the maximum level you can, outside of the drain on your Zeni balance and Enhance Metals.

Gem Slotting

This is another carry-over system from RO and in this iteration is a fairly painless process.

Much like refining affects your gear slots, Gems are also not tied directly to the equipment you have in a slot. The only restriction on them is whether or not an item has a slot or not. And you generally do not want equipment with no slots.

Slotting Gems costs no Zeni and removing them is similarly free -- plus you don't have to worry about socket size.

To attach a Gem to a slot, simply tap the equipment, then Gem, and then choose the one you want to attach.

Getting More Out of Your Gems

The game goes over combining your Gems to make them more powerful, but after the first explanation it expects you to remember. You may not have, so here's a reminder.

Go to the Bag menu, and then tap on Gems. You can see all of your Gems in this menu and you can fuse them together simply by tapping on a stack of them and then choosing "Compose", then paying the fee.

You can combine Gems up to several tiers, with each tier requiring 3 of that exact Gem to craft a better one.

Slot your best gems (keeping your character's wanted stats in mind) for a boost to your overall power.


Pets are a huge component to how powerful your characters are, especially once they get a few affection levels on them. They grant hefty flat stat bonuses along with percentage increases to your combat abilities, such as reducing the damage you take or healing a percentage of the damage you do.

I'm going to level you up, I swear.

Because pets are so important, it's vital you keep them improving via exploration missions and advancing them when they hit their level cap. Each level improves their attributes and each advancement improves their combat capacity. Choose your pets based on your pets' attributes and combat capacities.

You can get pet fragments from raiding, as gone over below, but you also get 31 free fragments per day in the Store.

Boss Raiding for Pet Fragments

This is another feature that doesn't get mentioned much by the game but factors heavily into your progression.

Boss raiding may grant you pet fragments, and you're allowed 3 boss raids a day (though the game is currently just throwing Boss Challenge Tickets at players).

You can access boss raiding via the Map button in the Battle menu. This will open up the map and let you choose which area you want to raid for fragments.

I do not recommend choosing your raids willy-nilly. Instead take a look at your pet Grimoire and see which ones you are either close to obtaining or want, then tap on the small icon with a plus sign next to the fragment bar to see where you can obtain their fragments.

Attribute Allotment

This is the most basic set of building blocks for any Idle Poring character and it's the most important, since you can stack tons of points into your preferred attribute to specialize one way or the other.

I don't really like to give attribute allotment advice -- a lot of people are currently testing going all-in on a class's primary attribute, whereas I'm not too keen on the all-in approach.

I will say that, after testing different stat approaches between two characters, that dumping most of your attribute points into a character's primary attribute does do well over the first 40 levels. If you're not keen on your current attribute set up and don't feel like you're doing as well as you should, you may want to adjust your stats by using an Attribute Book (look in your items).

It's doubtful that sticking with one attribute will do as well at high levels, due to the frequency of status effects and the high value many of the non-primary stats (CRI, EVA, Tenacity, ATK Spd). If you want to know what your attribute points really boil down to, I recommend reading my Idle Poring attribute allocation guide.


The skills you have equipped, the order they're in, and their levels are a pretty sizable chunk of your overall combat efficiency. You can have some amazing stats but still fall flat if your skills aren't organized in a way that plays to your benefit.

In both PvE and PvP situations, critical hits and status effects are king. Stun, freeze, and/or sleep your opponents to get a few free hits in and to keep enemies from casting.

The Berserk skill is a must-have for most skill layouts because of its critical rate boost and Tenacity buff (it says "control free" on the skill at the moment). Pairing Berserk with whatever your class's double-hitting skill is will make you pack a wallop.

Test out different skill orders with bosses if you're floundering but seem to have a chance to win.

This advice is all information any RO:Idle Poring player needs to know. Like its namesake, the actual Ragnarok Online, the game isn't going to hold your hand and take you exactly through each and every thing you need to do. Stay diligent with your progression and the facets of it mentioned here and you'll do just fine.

RO: Idle Poring -- Attribute Allocation Guide Mon, 18 Sep 2017 17:10:09 -0400 Ashley Shankle

RO: Idle Poring is the latest addition to the long line of Ragnarok Online spin-offs, and whether or not you're playing Idle Poring probably has something to do with your fond memories of good ol' RO. The game is pretty much Ragnarok Superlite.

Just like in Ragnarok Online itself, in Idle Poring, you can allocate attribute points to your characters to customize how they play. But with the game's brand new community, no one knows the optimal attribute builds for each class yet. Heck, I don't even know -- but if you want to build your characters right, you need to know what the attributes and stats do, and that is something I do know.

Idle Poring's stats do not line up with those in RO, so you can't build your characters as you would in the actual MMO. No DEX Mages here. So let's go over each of the game's attributes and what they increase for all three main jobs.

Each job has a stat that affects their actual ATK (attack power), with the other two jobs receiving different benefits from that stat. Swordsman specializes in STR, Mage in INT, and Archer in DEX.

Attribute Stat Effects

Attribute Stats
 STR (Swordman)
4 HP
2 SP
(Mage & Archer)
8 HP
8 SP
 AGI 2 ATK Spd
12 HP
16 HP
 INT (Mage)
4 HP
2 SP
(Swordman & Archer)
8 HP
8 SP
 DEX (Archer)
4 HP
2 SP
(Mage & Swordman)
8 HP
8 SP
2 Tenacity
10 HP


Stat Effects

Now, let's dig a bit deeper. What do all the stats themselves mean? We see how attributes indirectly affect your characters' growth, so what about their stats? Let's go over them.

  • HP -- Maximum health
  • SP -- Maximum SP
  • ATK -- Attack power
  • DEF -- Defensive power
  • M.ATK -- Magic attack power
  • M.DEF -- Magic defensive power
  • HIT -- Hit chance
  • CRI -- Critical hit chance
  • Tenacity -- Resistance against status effects
  • EVA -- Dodge rate
  • ATK Spd -- Skill cast speed
  • Cast -- Cast time (Not confirmed! Haven't gotten a single bit of this)
ATK Spd and Tenacity

Everything's pretty self-explanatory, except Tenacity and ATK Spd.

The game never actually mentions what Tenacity does, but it does, in fact, act as your resistance against status effects. One can easily imagine this making LUK especially useful at very high levels, especially with the HIT and CRI attached to it.

ATK Spd is the most confusing of the stats in Idle Poring, because it doesn't affect your actual attack speed at all. It actually affects how quickly you start to cast your skills. Sounds convoluted, right?

A character with a higher ATK Spd than its opponent will begin to cast its skills first, and this is the cast in both PvE and PvP. Their skills will take the same amount of time to cast.

Which Attributes Should You Invest In?

Now, I'm no pro and this is not an easy question to answer. All I can do is give you some advice and you choose what to do with it.

You see a fair number of players claim it's best to go all-in on a character's primary attribute, but that probably is not the best idea if for two factors alone:

  • Every job's skills are named differently but all do the same thing at the same tiers
  • Equipment grants so much ATK -- both directly and through granting your primary stat -- that using attributes only for it may feel like a waste

ATK, SP, and HP aren't the only important stats. CRI, HIT, ATK Spd, Tenacity, and EVA are all important when you have an abundance of them.

Because all the jobs use the same skills and effectively act the exact same way, I'm not all that sure there's even a need to build them differently. You could easily do an attribute build that does 1 STR; 2 STA; 2 AGI on a Swordman, then turn around and do the same build, but with 1 INT instead of  STR on a Mage.

Hopefully, this information will help you build your characters. Your attribute allocations are important and if you feel like you messed up, don't forget the game granted you some Attribute Books early in the game. They can be found in your bag under 'Items'.

And last (but certainly not least) if you are still having trouble pushing through the stages with this information in mind, I highly recommend taking a look at my Idle Poring progression guide, which goes over each of the game's progression aspects so you know what to do each time you log in. Happy grinding!