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There’s been so many great games released this year for consoles, phones and computers. Since the holidays are coming around, a new phone might be a great gift to give (or get), and what better way to use such a gift than to play fun games. For Android phones, here are a few choice selections sure to please any gamer, whether it’s because they are easy to learn, they're addictive, or they're just a great time.

Rolling Sky

To start off, we have a game that’s great for all ages. All you have to do is drag the ball on the screen left and right to avoid obstacles. It’s a simple concept, especially for mobile games, but it’s intense, quick and addicting. Nice visuals, simple controls and innovative levels bring interesting obstacles to play, always keeping you on your toes. Overall, this is a nice and challenging time-waster.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

This one’s a little different. It’s a card game that requires strategic planning, creating a bit of a challenge for players in deciding what decks give them the best chance of winning. You can play against the computer or check out the Arena mode, where you fight against other players for a greater competitive challenge, if that’s more your style.

In addition to being big, the game already has a released expansion, Mean Streets of Gadetzan, which offers new cards and battle opportunities to make this card game even more irresistibly addicting.

Pocket Mortys

Fun humor, weird premise. If you’re a fan of the show, this will be a blast. Basically, it’s like Pokemon: catch, train and combine over 70 types of Mortys and battle against other Ricks for glory and prizes. You can craft items to help you in battles like healing serums. 

Just remember that it is an Adult Swim game, so it might not be suitable if you don’t like the humor of the show. Nevertheless, it’s a weird, creative battle game that provides loads of fun. 

Pokémon GO

Of course, if Pocket Mortys is too weird, but you still want to catch virtual things you can make fight each other, Pokemon GO is another good option. This monster-catching app was incredibly popular when it first released and, while it’s not as loud as it once was, the game is still incredibly enjoyable.

You can catch and level up your pokémon to fight, take over and defend gyms, which are located in real-world locations. It’s a good game when you are out for a short while or if you are a fan of the franchise.

Atsume Neko: Kitty Collector

The final game for our list is the incredibly laid back cat collector you can just check in on from time to time. Place food and toys to attract a wide range of friendly felines, each with their own personalities and mementos.

The fun of the game is in the surprise of what little kitties will visit your yard. There’s also a bit of a technical challenge in trying to collect the rarer cats and collect mementos from them. Its simple, cute graphics make this a nice game to relax with.

There you have it, five of the top-rated games available for Android.

What are some of your favorite mobile games of the year? What do you think will top the charts next year? Be sure to let us know!

Tap your way to victory in Rolling Sky without cheating Thu, 11 Aug 2016 17:36:48 -0400 Ty Arthur

Let's get this out of the way immediately: this game is going to ruin your life. Rolling Sky is easily as addicting as any of those freemium base simulators, but its even easier to get into and harder to stop playing.

After lulling you into playing "just one more time" for the hundredth or so time, it will also dawn on you: this game is pure evil. We're talking about difficulty on par or worse than some of those infamous NES platformers. If you have a few dozen (or hundred) hours to spare, you can grab Rolling Sky here:

Rolling Sky Basics

The basic concept on display is incredibly simple. The idea is to roll your ball continuously forward while not falling off the edges and not hitting any obstacles. These obstacles can be literally anything - trees, hammers, big blocks, etc. The only object you ever want to collide with is a gem.

 Hey, this looks pretty easy!

That sounds simple enough. Roll around pits and don't hit things. How hard could it be? The problem is that the terrain is rapidly changing, with floors falling out from beneath you, tiles suddenly shifting position, vast chasms having to be jumped over, etc.

All of this must also be done with your device in vertical position, which may be annoying if you have a large tablet and aren't playing on your phone.

You can pick any of the levels at any time without having to progress through previous levels, but trust me, you want to start at the beginning before really feeling the pain. 

 This is where the trauma begins

When you run out of balls (and you will run out of balls), you can get 10 more free by watching ads, or get unlimited by spending a little dough.

Because of how fast the terrain is moving beneath the ball, any lag is immediately deadly, so the better your device's specs the better you'll do, and obviously don't play in battery saver mode.

Most infuriatingly of all, you have to start the level over at 0% each time you lose a ball, no matter how close to 100% you had reached. I hope your phone has accidental or intentional damage insurance.

 This is when I started screaming...

Rolling Sky Strategies For Success

First and foremost, always keep your finger on the screen and slide left or right. Don't ever lift up and set back down, as the ball follows where you are pressing and holding.

In general, its better to make small, minute corrections rather than gigantic ones where you scroll all the way across to the other side, as its too easy to over-correct and end up falling off a gap in the floor. 

The exception to this rule occurs in the small number of places where you need to leap from one edge of the screen to the other, like the halfway point of level 3. In this case, you need to very quickly slide from one edge of your device to the other without letting go, which is another way that larger tablets actually make this game harder.

Always pay attention to the color scheme on the floor – this is generally a good indicator as to whether a segment of floor is going to fall away. If there are two obviously different patterns and one of those leads a trail to the end of the area, that's where you want to go (or not go, as the case may be).

 The edges of this segment are going to fall away when you hit them

The closer you get to 100% on any level, the more outrageous the obstacles become. Instead of falling away, the floors might roll left to right and force you to move with it. An apparently clear path with suddenly be flooded with deadly laser beams, and so on.

In areas with rotating obstacles like the hammers that spin, there's usually one solid path that requires no moving left or right at all. Instead, you can just simply roll straight through between the movement of each obstacle as it passes.

This is usually (but not always) right in the middle. Look for a spot where the obstacles meet and that's usually where you want to go for a hassle free ride through areas that are otherwise difficult.

 Follow the middle rather than wildly spinning left and right

As you play any given level, try different screen finger positions and stick with one. I found that when my finger was near the bottom edge of the screen, I'd accidentally swipe too low when moving quickly and bring up the Android menu.

This is especially critical in later levels, as the speed greatly increases at level 3 and there's no room for error in having to reposition your finger if it falls off the screen.

Using Different Rolling Sky Tactics

When you get frustrated by a part that seems impossible to pass, try coming from the opposite direction of where you usually lose a ball. For instance, if you are normally rolling from the right and can't make a jump or slam into an obstacle, re-think your plan and try coming from the left slightly earlier. This can make all the difference.

Those areas where the floors move beneath you can actually become insanely easy if you are coming from the opposite direction, since you will roll right over all the moving parts as the flow under you. 

 This rolling segment seems impossible - until you hit it from the right angle

It's All About Memory

Like with the absurdly difficult but addictive Mr. Jump, the idea here is essentially memorization over skill. You just have to learn the pattern and follow it with your finger in exactly the same way each time to hit 100%.

The game's music changes when the colors on the floor change, and it also gives clues as to when something bad is going to happen, like a laser firing or a giant hammer falling. If you are playing with the volume up, learning the music is useful to memorizing the level's pattern.

When you hit the right pattern and fully memorize a level, it should only take between 1:30 – 1:50 to beat, which will probably provoke bouts of extreme rage after spending days failing at the harder levels.

Have fun, and don't smash your phone with a hammer!