Skyforge Articles RSS Feed | Skyforge RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Skyforge - How to Initiate Adepts Fri, 28 Apr 2017 06:22:18 -0400 ThatGamersAsylum

In Skyforge, you might have seen the tooltip “Awaiting Initiation” when managing your adepts. It can be unclear what exactly the game wants you to do thanks to the fact that initiating adepts is not actually a real command within the game.

If you are seeing this message, then it means you already currently have the maximum number of adepts: 8. In order to “initiate” new ones, you must rid yourself of the old ones. Hit the "X" next to "Send on a Journey" to start this process.

To decide which adepts to keep and which ones to get rid of you will first want to look at your adept’s rarity. In order of least to most rare: white/grey (Official twitter says grey; wiki says white), green, blue, purple.

In general, you want to keep rarer units and exchange the more common units. In fact, you can do this to all the new adepts available at the Hall of Greatness every day. When you exchange an adept, they will become a missionary for you. Each rarity grants a number of followers.

  1. White/Grey = 3
  2. Green = 5
  3. Blue = 320
  4. Purple = 580

Once you have some rare adepts you can focus on finding the particular rare adepts that you actually want (beggars can’t be choosers after all).

Skyforge – How to Delete a Character Sun, 23 Apr 2017 11:59:26 -0400 ReverendShmitty

Skyforge, a free-to-play third-person action MMO available on PC and PS4, has a very divided community on the topic of character creation. You see, once you create your character, you’re stuck with ‘em.

The only way to create a brand new character from scratch, according to the Skyforge FAQ is:

“Your account is your character, so to start from scratch, this would require creating a new account or changing to a region you don’t play on.”

This means you can only create a brand new character by swapping from the NA server to the EU server -- or vice versa. This, of course, means you could potentially get a lower ping, not to mention having to coordinate with your friends to also transfer servers to play with them.

But all is not lost.

You can change your character's class whenever want, so you don’t have to worry about developing your character down a skill tree you no longer want -- or grind through a playstyle you don’t enjoy. You can just switch classes and begin playing in a different way to grow your character into a new type of hero.

You can also change your outfit for free in the Style Room -- and you even get one free re-customization to change your physical appearance and name. After that one freebie, there is a fee you’ll have to pay.

So be very careful when you create your character. Make sure you are absolutely certain of your name and appearance before finalizing because you have only one free chance to change 'em without relocating to an entirely different server -- or creating a new account. 

Is Skyforge Worth the Download on PS4? Fri, 21 Apr 2017 12:00:02 -0400 Paige McGovern

The sci-fi MMO Skyforge launched on PlayStation 4 on April 11. In Skyforge, players learn that they are an immortal being, granting them special powers and abilities. With this newfound power comes new responsibilities. Thrown into a world where they are regarded as a god and savior by regular townspeople, players must live up to the reputation of an immortal.

By some, Skyforge isn’t regarded as an MMO due to its instanced PvE content. Others giving their initial impressions of the game have described it as boring, due to the fact completing mission content only consists of clearing multiple mob groups and a single boss. Others argue that Skyforge is a fun free MMO to pass the time with, where the player can enjoy the game as long as they put in the time and effort.

With mixed reviews, there is only one question to ask:

Should you download Skyforge on PS4, or pass it up?

Before we dive more into what the game offers, let’s define some terms first.

Skyforge Terms
  • Premium -- Account subscription
    • Doubles Credit and Knowledge of Enemies rewards
    • Travel across map is free
    • $2.99 for 3 days, up to $47.99 for 180
  • Premium Rank -- Level progression of benefits
    • Unlock by using Argents to reach a higher rank (up to 10)
    • Premium accounts start at rank 1
  • Market -- Skyforge’s in-game store
  • Argents -- Currency
    • Spend in the Market
    • Exchange for other currencies
    • Automatically complete activities
    • $3.20 for 2,775, up to $96.45 for 105,000
  • Credits -- Main currency
    • Spend in the Market
    • Improve character progress through Cathedral upgrades
  • The Capital -- Interface where players unlock and upgrade buildings that aid character development
    • Tower of Knowledge and Cathedral both increase power
  • Knowledge of Enemies -- Item used to boost the Tower of Knowledge
    • Increases survivability and damage
  • Stimulants -- Accelerates tasks and activities

Skyforge for PS4 has the same Market as PC players, where players can purchase both valuable and cosmetic items for varying prices with different currencies.

In addition, there are packs users can purchase from the PlayStation Store that offer unique cosmetic items and other perks.

PlayStation Packs
  • Eli’s Chosen Immortal -- Starter Pack ($7.99)
    • Exclusive Hornscute Mount
    • 14-day Premium subscription
    • 200,000 credits
    • 6,000 Argents
    • 5,000 Knowledge of Enemies
  • Loremaster Pack ($11.99)
    • Full Season 1 storyline access
    • Exclusive Golden Griffin mount
    • Exclusive "cube" companion
    • Exclusive Golden Templar armor
    • 50 Regeneration Substrate (restores health)
  • Wardens of the Wasteland -- Collector’s Pack ($59.99)
    • Exclusive Moa mount
    • Exclusive Night Squad costume
    • 30-day Premium subscription
    • 400,000 credits
    • 40,000 Argents
    • 10,000 Knowledge of Enemies
    • "Knight" and "Alchemist" class unlocks

In the game, there is no fixed class system. You can switch classes, but there are only three free choices to switch to and from. If you want to play the full 11, you must pay 3 million credits per additional character. This is a huge change from the PC version, where all classes are free but need to be unlocked through the Campaign first. As you can see from the Collector's Pack, upon purchase players will get two more classes unlocked... classes that are free to unlock on the PC game.

Additionally, there are 3 more classes available on PC than PS4. Necromancer, Witch, and Monk have not yet come to PS4.

Unfortunately, a class can’t be tried before it’s purchased, so uninformed players won’t know exactly what they’re buying until they’ve already purchased it.

In addition, in-game communication is only possible with groups and those near the player when a mic is plugged in. Only being able to communicate using a mic and close range defeats the overall purpose of an MMO. There’s no text chat in-game. Servers also separated by region, so NA and EU players can’t play together.

Upgrading one’s character costs more resources after every upgrade. There’s also a daily limit on how often the character can be improved through the Capital. This restriction can be overcome by purchasing and using Argents to speed up progress. Players argue that a free-to-play player starting today will never catch up to the veterans.

For those who intend to pay, they may not feel that they are getting their money’s worth. As shown, there are many different types of currencies, packs, and account subscription options that all cost real money. 

Skyforge is fun in the beginning to learn and play casually, but it’s not for anyone striving to be competitive. Progress is slow and restrictive unless you're willing to put a lot of money into this game. Potential players are better off looking elsewhere.

Do you agree with our assessment of Skyforge? Will you be playing? Let us know in the comment section below!

Skyforge (PS4)- How to Invite Players to a Party Wed, 19 Apr 2017 04:37:53 -0400 Erroll Maas

Skyforge, My.Com's popular sci-fi MMORPG , was recently released on PlayStation 4, and if you like to play MMO games on consoles and enjoy playing with your friends, it's safe to say you're probably playing this game already. But if you and your friends just started out, you may not know how to be in an in-game party together -- don't worry that's what this guide is here for.

Before you will be able to invite your friends to play with you, you have to make sure you have all finished the first three area missions: Dankit Island, Factory 501,  and Okki Island, respectively.  After Okki Island, you will all need to play a Cathedral tutorial before you can start playing alongside each other.

Once you have all completed the Cathedral tutorial, the option to select co-op play will be unlocked. If you press up on the D-Pad you'll see that two new options have been unlocked on the menu: invite to group and invite to pantheon.

The first  and most obvious action you need to take once the option is available is to invite your friends to a group, and now all you will have to do is select the option on the pop-up menu.

Make sure to get your party together prior to choosing an area to explore, the friends in your party will then be invited to whichever area you choose to go.

If there is a significant difference in prestige between you and a friend, your friend will need to choose the mission as they will not be allowed into yours.

You also are only allowed to create a party with players who are within 100 prestige of you. However, you are allowed to play with other players of any prestige in a party with you as long as the player with the lowest prestige in the party chooses the mission. By doing this, the difficulty of the mission will match with the highest difficulty they've unlocked, and will not exceed anyone else's difficulty level. Not the best solution if you don't want to repeat a mission, but still a good one if you want to be able to play with all your friends at the same time or want to show them the ropes.

We hope this guide helped you and that you will now be able to enjoy playing Skyforge with your friends on PlayStation 4.

Did we miss any important details? Let us know in the comments!

Best MMO Worlds of the Last Five Years Mon, 30 Jan 2017 03:00:01 -0500 SpaceGamerUK


This is only four games just to show the variety of options. Hundreds of worlds await their own fans. Some of those are great and legendary titles such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Planetside 2, The Lord of The Rings Online and many others which could be also on the list of the best MMO worlds.


The best thing about MMOs is that there probably is always one more realm which will draw attention of other gamers.


What do you think? Which MMO world was the best for you? Please let us know.

Elite: Dangerous

There are two MMO games on the market which stand out from other projects. First one is EVE Online, but his game was released in 2003 and regardless being very successful in last 5 years, was one of the best MMO’s way earlier.


But there is another title, somewhat like EVE due to the action being placed in space. The game is called Elite: Dangerous, and was released in 2014 as a first person spaceship MMORPG.


In Elite, there is no persona's which could walk around spaceships or space ports. Only thing you can see from your character is part of the legs, and both hands on the steering system. That’s because characters in the game are always sitting in their ships. Sounds completely boring I guess, but do not be fooled by simplicity of description!


Elite: Dangerous has a demanding system of expanding your character and ships. There are no established classes but to gain more from your game, players must constantly expand abilities of their commanders. They also need to take care of ships which can be, not only expensive, but also require additional engineer input or module production.


But the real reason why I think Elite: Dangerous should be on the list of best MMOs of the last five years is the world that is in the game.


The Milky Way Galaxy itself -- a simulation of the small chunk of space where our Solar System is located. Every star system in Elite has its' own planets. And there are millions of Star Systems available for for keen explorers.


I have spent many months clocked while travelling to the centre of the Galaxy and further. I saw things which are beyond imagination and I think that nothing bits the view of the Nebula when you are on a small planet in your ship cockpit -- landing there for the night rest. Just for this view it is worth to soak in unusual MMO which Elite: Dangerous is.

Star Wars: The Old Republic

An MMO for the Star Wars franchise started in December 2011 which means a little bit longer than 5 years ago, but I felt that regardless -- this is still one of the best MMO worlds staying on the market for last five years.


Huge success of this MMO is undoubtedly connected with the popularity of Star Wars franchise. For decades now, there are millions of fans who would do everything connected with this Universe. Therefore, when game was released, it took less than month to gain more than million players online.


I have spent good couple of hours playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. And I think that the main strength of it is that the game keep close to what we remember from long hour spent in the cinema following eternal struggle between Republic and Empire.


In STWOR you can be Jedi, Bounty Hunter, Sith, Stormtrooper or virtually anybody else you remember from the movie. Virtually you can do whatever you would imagine to do if you would BE inside Star Wars movie!


This is a very good feeling. Plus, STWOR offers a very consistent storyline, quests and system of building in-game characters. By now, the game has huge Clans of players fighting with each other’s and building own empires.


It seems that this MMO should not become boring any time soon thanks to ongoing expansion packs.


One of my friends, much bigger fun of the game, told me his secret... He managed to collect in his in-game house all rare furniture placed in game. He needed to fight for some of the items from his collections, and some of them costs a lot in-game currency. I am not exactly sure what should I think about this hobby, but it certainly shows how deep Star Wars: The Old Republic goes with building its realm. And I am not sure, if my friend’s in-game and alien wife are happy how they are spending credits earned on dangerous Jedi missions…


This project goes from 2010 but first Open Beta was released in 2015. Perhaps I am very brave putting not finished beta project next to the legendary MMO's such as Final Fantasy franchise is. But I must say that I have very good reason to do so.


I cannot deny -- Skyforge is flawed from time to time, it can be bumpy due to being in development.


There is one thing though which made it an easy pick when I was thinking about best MMO Worlds in last five years.


Skyforge has the best possible in-game world I can imagine. A mixture of fantasy and sci-fi as if those two were one reality. Everything is possible in this game. Sea creatures, nymphs, attacking ports which looks like something taken alive from the future. And if it is not enough, there are also goods who can nicely deal with technical support for attackers or... expect you to give them a t-shirt as a token of your appreciation.


I know it sounds random but this is whole power of Skyforge!


The game is full of surprises and if the world is not enough, it also gives amazing character classes which feels powerful from the beginning. I am sure this is way better than running around nearly topless with singular spear as it takes place with so many MMO’s we know.


Skyforge is certainly something every MMO fan should consider as a valid alternative to much bigger titles. And it’s free now. One more reason to give it a go.

Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn

Released in 2013 as an attempt to save the first release of Final Fantasy XIV in 2010 -- which had very negative reviews. Realm Reborn was a desperate attempt to save the fictional in-game land of Eorzea.


It seems that a completely new game engine, improvement game mechanics and progression system saved the day for the Final Fantasy XIV project. Since 2013 the game had two major expansion packs. In 2016 more than 6 million MMO fans were registered and actively played the game.


Right now, Final Fantasy is one of the most legendary MMO titles on the market bringing regular improvements and additions, such as housing for characters, PvP arena, additional missions and huge player raids which can accommodate up to 24 players.


What I particularly like in this world is the Japanese cultural impact on the in-game world. A pinch of far east philosophy which lets different worlds and aesthetics to function in the same realm. Variety of characters and fantastic, aetheric storyline.


It is hard not to at least register and play Final Fantasy XIV for the 14 day trial. It is even more difficult to not decide to pay for further game access after. If not for anything else, then at least to simmer in mesmerising views of the realm of Eorzea.


Year by year the gaming market is flooded by endless titles aiming to become next best MMO, gather couple of million player base and sell millions on subscriptions, season pass and in-game items. It seems that recipe is rather simple -- stick to the rules of MMO and you will have your successful game.


But what many are forgetting is that simple copying of success is not going to work every time or even will work barely ever. Spark is required. This one thing which makes game worth to play.


There are MMO games which managed to dominate the market and have this "thing." Some of them stay on top of the charts regardless of being on the market as long as five years or even longer.


They have similarities and differences, but all of them gained the respect of critics and appreciation of fans, who quite often are ready to pay significant amount of money to be part of favourite MMO worlds.


There are few of them I have decided to treat with special attention. These are the Best MMO Worlds of the Last Five Years.

Cybernetic Alliance, the new Update for Skyforge Sat, 28 May 2016 05:49:17 -0400 Engela Snyman

Skyforge - the supposedly god-like MMO  - has received quite a bit of criticism over the years. This ranges from poorly balanced classes to Power Creep issues to a poor targeting system. All of which comes down to one thing: for a game about gods, it ain't too god-like. But a brand new update called Cybernetic Alliance is coming out June the 1st, and it might just ramp the Immortal scale up to at least demi-god status.

Cybernetic Alliance is designed by developer Allods Team and published by It will address many of the issues in the current base game. Will they try to be more innovative with the targeting system? Perhaps balance the classes? Kill Power Creep? Let's find out.

One of the biggest - and most anticipated - promises is class balancing (praise beith!) For example the Witch will benefit from a decent stat increase and certain ability enhancements. The patch also promises to clean up the Archer, Monk and Slayer (no mentions for the Necro's yet). It will also add brand new end-game content and slide in some epic companion bots for the gods to enjoy.

The companion robotics fit nicely into the rich Cyberpunk/Sci-fi theme, and might offer some fun game-play possibilities. Its features include: aiding you in battle, and not being as much of an ass as Argus. The rest of the features are currently being kept in the dark, but we'll know the scoop on launch day.

Equipment refinement is yet another perk which we can look forward to. Ring slots are finally getting a decent overhaul and the Particles of Mastery are being completely removed. This might be met with some mixed feelings, but at least the farming will be toned down a bit. Let's just hope the players who did farm their nuts off won't be left wanting after the update.

The story is expanding and it promises players a battle of epic scale against Akonita's Avatar, which is a new villain that will join a future invasion. The D-2 Distortions are getting a brand new phase which will bring in some Frenzied Carrions - a new enemy-type with some blood lust issues.

But -- probably -- the best part of this update is that Skyforge has made its rather rich Soundtrack available to all on YouTube - something many players will be overjoyed to hear.

There's a lot going on in this update, and though it's not exactly tackling everything we hoped it would, it looks like the company is forging ahead with some god-like ambition.

Skyforge: Reaper's Revenge Patch Notes released Sun, 24 Apr 2016 15:17:22 -0400 Mark Elgie

The Reaper's Revenge Patch Notes for Skyforge were released yesterday.

The notes provide more information on the upcoming interface alterations, mount upgrades, and class adjustments that will be implemented on April 26.

As reported previously, one major implementation this patch will be the D-Series  Distortions. Distortions are areas within the game in which players that have enough tactical sense (gained from Hostile Territories and Small Battles) have fifteen minutes to vanquish ancient, battle-hardened bosses. The first of these, Death Dealers: Tribe of Shukur, will be added with this patch, and it's an ordeal in which you will be facing more than one foe.

Death Dealers: Tribe of Shukur tasks players with confronting an entire pack of Virds, consisting of its leader, Shukur, his two sons, and four grandchildren. They are by no means a happy family. All six of his offspring have it in for Shukur, and aspire to take his place as leader of the pack.

Distortion vectors will also be implemented in the patch. Vectors are special nodes within the atlas that provide bonuses to prestige and certain stats. The nodes in the Ascension Atlas require Ether Cores or Special Ether Cores (purchased from the shop), to upgrade. Four new vectors will be added to the atlas of each of the invading armies, which will provide bonuses to prestige and stamina as well as either strength, luck, valor, or spirit when upgraded. It will not cost Ether Cores to upgrade these vectors either. If a player wants bonuses to their strength stat by upgrading the vector of strength in the Mechanoid atlas, they would just need to invest more Mechanoid sparks in strength nodes, with the strength vector becoming available to upgrade once enough strength has been earned.

 Vectors won't automatically appear in the player's atlases though. In order to obtain them, they'll have to earn them from Distortions. A list of which distortion provides which vector can be found here.

After the patch is implemented, certain information will now be linked to individual classes, such as bonuses provided by vectors in the Ascension Atlas and adepts appointed patrons of Provinces.

There will be a new adventure added as well: Cold Quarry, in which players will face a new enemy - Corgs. It's unknown if these Corgs are the biological-mechanoid hybrid creatures introduced in the Dark Omen patch. Players will need 160,000 prestige to access this new adventure.  

The information in this article is just the tip of the iceberg. Full patch notes for Reaper's Revenge can be read on Skyforge's website.





Skyforge's Reaper's Revenge patch brings a multitude of changes to the game Tue, 12 Apr 2016 07:15:10 -0400 Mark Elgie

Not even a month after Skyforge's Dark Omen patch--which brought interface changes, new quests, pantheon mergers, and more to the game--a new major update, titled Reaper's Revenge, is bringing even more changes along with it. 

Releasing on April 20, Reaper's Revenge brings all-new content including mount upgrades, distortion vectors, and all-new D-Series Distortions to Skyforge. 

There are also more interface changes coming; the adventure search interface is getting a facelift in a bid to make it more user friendly. 

There will now be a simplified difficulty level indicator which will be marked by three colors as seen in the picture above. Green is easy, orange is normal, and red is impossible. As things are now, you have to wait until you raise your prestige enough to access a new difficulty level. What was an impossible difficulty before becomes hard difficulty, and so forth.

Since Skyforge is doing away with prestige requirements for difficulty levels, after players complete one difficulty level, they will immediately be able to play a higher difficulty level adventure, test themselves against tougher enemies and bosses, and receive better rewards.

However, warns players to consider the transition to a higher difficulty at their own risk:

"While it may seem like a good idea to move to higher difficulty blocks in an attempt to receive higher rewards, it’s possible that players may increase the difficulty beyond their capabilities. Please use caution when contemplating transitioning to a higher tier!"

Something else to look forward to in Reaper's Revenge is the Rapid Response Squad, similar to the solo urgent call missions already in the game, but for up to three players. When joining the queue for the RRS, players have no idea what adventure they'll be doing. From the announcement page:

"The system selects the other participants (if necessary) and you will go into a random Squad activity that is accessible by all group members.
The difficulty level of the Adventure is always Normal and the group selection works on the same principle as regular Adventures: The system searches for characters with a similar amount of prestige. This new activity will not just bring more diversity, but also guarantees you can complete adventures in a group at a comfortable difficulty level. In addition, reward selection is provided to allow the control over any prize you’d like!"

The release date of certain content described in the announcement may differ from the release of the Reaper's Revenge patch as a whole. Patch notes will be made available on Skyforge's website ahead of its release.

Take a look at the Reaper's Revenge announcement page for more details.

UPDATE: The Patch has been pushed back to April 26.

Skyforge has new raid, invasion, and Divine Packs Thu, 07 Apr 2016 12:14:26 -0400 Mark Elgie

This week sees a new 10-man raid, divine packs, and the last of the six invasions coming to Skyforge.

The new raid, Operation Ophelia, takes place inside a temple complex, where players must work as a team to vanquish four formidable bosses of demonic origin. If completed successfully, players can receive new rings and signets as rewards. Players will need at least 229,572 prestige to access Operation Ophelia.

After countless invasions that saw Mechanoids, Phytonides, Gorgonides, Reapers, and most recently Oceanids attacking Aelion, the Demons are finally launching an invasion of their own. Rise up and put them down to earn Demon tokens, as well as  earn a Demon atlas and the ability to earn Demon sparks.  

From today until April 20th, special Divine Packs are available for purchase. From Skyforge's announcement page:

"Nothing can stand against an immortal who chooses to call upon his ultimate trump card, otherwise known as the Divine Form. It is in this state of greater being that the Faith of all who believe in this young god’s efforts is unleashed upon their unfortunate foes. Due in part to the unrelenting power emitting from a god’s very presence, not even Quinta can successfully alter this form’s physical state without drastic consequences – but now you can!"

Purchasing the Chromatic Pack will allow you to, among other things, freely recolor your divine form, obtain 24 extra inventory slots, and get 30 days of premium. Purchasing the Morphic Pack will allow you to freely change the appearance of your divine form, obtain 24 extra inventory slots, get 1000 holy texts, and more. Purchasing the Divine Combo Pack will get you both the Chromatic and Morphic Pack. 

Visit the official website for complete details on both packs, and to purchase them.

Prestige required to enter other 10-man raids has also been altered. Take a look at the patch notes for more details.


Skyforge getting huge content update August 11th Mon, 03 Aug 2015 04:30:13 -0400 Ashley Shankle

If you've felt Skyforge is a little lacking, well.. you're not totally alone on that. The game's combat is both fun and challenging, but something's felt a bit off. Could it be that the game's obviously not finished yet?

I'll answer that question with a very firm "duh," because it's been clear since closed beta that the international version of the game did not have all of the intended content. We are behind the Russian servers, after all.

Skyforge's Crucible of the Gods update is happening August 11th and it's hoping to give the game some of the meat its bones so badly deserve.

The biggest and most anticipated addition to come with the Crucible of the Gods update will be the implementation of the Divine Form, which will ascend your character from an Immortal to a God. This will become available to characters with Prestige over 30,500 and will unlock the highest tier of the Atlas: the Divine Atlas.

Once you get your Divine Form you will be able to take on the new content being added with the patch: Distortions, Invasions, Raids, and Anomalies.  Each of these will have benefits to progressing your character in terms of both the Divine Atlas and your equipment.

You can expect the new content to be fairly tough based on the descriptions given by the developers and how group content already is in the game -- not to mention it seems like the currency used for your Divine Form is separate from your Immortal Form (and hence not counted toward your weekly Spark cap).

The Skyforge's Crucible of the Gods update will be landing on Aelion on August 11th. Allods Team and Obsidian are sure to have some surprises in store for this big, expansive update.

Skyforge OBT - Never Made It Off The Ground Tue, 21 Jul 2015 02:30:02 -0400 IntCel

This BETA game looks awesome! 

What else could you ask for??

Well, if you DO expect more from your games than just pretty pictures, you might be interested in these ugly little secrets popular reviewers aren't telling you... 


Graphics in this game are gorgeous! The scenery, when available, is breathtaking for an AMMORPG, if just there were more of it. Unfortunately you spend a LOT of your time in really tight and often incredibly generic places, especially in the first 10 or so hours of your gaming experience. Even "outdoor" maps can be so tiny, they will give the claustrophobics among you nightmares. 

While textures and lighting look great, animations seem clumsy and, I just have to vent this here, the developers not only look young, their approach at the female models is downright immature. Namely the physics of female torsos, apparently copy-pasted from a jello-simulator, paint the awkward picture of teenage boys portraying women as sexual objects.


Now this is where the developers proudly present their super fun combat system, as Skyforge consists of arguably nothing else.


To sum it up: "We spent massive amounts of time on:

  • creating enemies, some with a lot of health, some with less health
  • coming up with different generic, but flashy attacks with a linear path crammed on 2 mouse buttons to artificially inflate your combat choices
  • the revolutionary mechanics that will occasionally let you move out of the way
  • and all this without forcing the player to actively focus on the game, ever!"

What is there to brag about? Maybe the fact they left out healers?
While I personally welcome the challenge a healer-less game should add, as well as understand the disappointment healer-mainers will feel, how did replacing them with heal orbs that drop from monsters as you take down each of their multiple HP bars qualify as an improvement?? All it does is add to the illusion that you are actually doing something during combat, other than spamming your mouse keys. Now you will have to walk around and pick up orbs too, if you happen to lose health - oh glorious action!

Anyone who has played other AMMORPG titles won't get blinded by the shine that attempts to cover the absolute lack of substance and freedom.

If you love those epic moments where you saved your own or even your entire group's day with...

  • a smart, high-skill, fast-reaction move, dodging or blocking a Big A** Monster JUST in time after recovering from a knock down
  • a crazy assassination hit by teleporting out of an attack and into their backside
  • prevented a group-wipe with a zone boss at 1% HP after an intense 30 minutes battle...etc, etc...

...well you can have all of that in games like Elder Scrolls Online, Vindicturs, Tera, etc... and even in many of the MMORPGs that entirely lack the action combat aspect. But...unfortunately not in Skyforge.

Yes, fine, some bosses have tactics. Every once in a while, after spamming your mouse buttons, you will have to move to the side, maybe destroy an object which spawned to shield the boss, or simply to get out of their AoE damage puddle, but...

Not This

Or This

Just This

As mentioned before, combat is pretty much all there is. While I have neglected to add a few things, such as crafting and PVP, these parts of the game don't seem significant enough to be mentioned at all. Good luck trying to find a Skyforge crafting video on YouTube or a PVP post that is not about how empty and/or broken PVP is in the current state of the game. 

Admittedly: This game is still in OBT, needless to say that balancing and content are the least developed aspects for now, so no reason to hate on them.

But that brings up another problem. Shouldn't bugfixing be one of the most important parts of CBT/OBT? How come nobody seems to know how exactly to report a bug in-game? The misleading bug-reporting function sends you on a round track, never actually taking you to the suggested feature! And I am not going to elaborate on how sad it is that none of the BETA testers in this game seem to know how to report a bug at all. 

As for the equipment: Basically like the rest of the game. You get 2 weapon slots based on your class, the second one does not allow you to switch to a second weapon outside of your class' capabilities, but merely boosts your class.

Then there are the 4 ring slots. To fill them you have the freedom to choose between 4 different types of rings, giving you the different stats ranging from something as boring as +damage to something as boring as +damage. No kidding that's it!

The rest of what you would expect to be part of your equipment, your armor/clothes, is just cosmetic.

Besides a few outfits that you can pick up as you progress, you get 1 default class outfit and about 11 more, class-independent outfits which you can mix and match, coupled with a few different faces and hair styles and some more or less interesting body sliders; this might be one of the most disappointing character customization system I have seen in a MMORPG in a long time.


I realize my critique is by no means nice, but who does it hurt anyway? Which soul will it crush if there was none put into this game to begin with?
I even feel bad giving it 3 stars, I personally think it is a blatant scam, luring people with a beautiful, empty shell by appealing to their desire for style, while at the same time deceiving them about content and mechanics.

Thus, the 3 points are for visual fidelity and the guts to throw something out on the market that puts some of us to sleep after just 10 minutes of "combat".

Skyforge - How to complete the 'Death to Spies' objective every time Tue, 21 Jul 2015 09:59:23 -0400 Ashley Shankle

This was one of the trickiest side objectives in Skyforge when I first started, mostly because I didn't think much about how to really get it done. The Spy Oculats seemed to spawn at random times and I just didn't put 2 and 2 together. If you haven't yet, here's the best way to go about it to guarantee you'll get all those Oculats.

The Spy Oculats that spawn during Death to Spies can do so during any battle during an adventure, including those against weak monsters. The trick is to draw an individual fight out until an Oculat spawns, then kill it immediately.

Kill on sight.

Let's say you start a fight against one defensive and one offensive enemy and you've got the Death to Spies objective. Kill the offensive enemy, then kite and survive the defensive one until the Oculat spawns. Quickly tab target to the Oculat, kill it, then finish the fight.

Multiple Spy Oculats will not spawn in a single fight, but it's easy to draw out just about any fight until one spawns. If you do not kill them in time, they will disappear -- so be sure to kill Oculats immediately.

With the above in mind, you shouldn't have any issue completing Death to Spies every time it comes up. Happy hunting!

Skyforge FAQ guide for the new and confused player Sun, 19 Jul 2015 14:36:52 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Skyforge isn't a complicated game per se, but judging by all the questions asked in the game's many Regional chats it is confusing for the first couple of days.

Below are answers to some of the most common questions I've seen asked in-game. Hopefully some of the information listed here can help those of you new to the game having a tough time getting used to how it works.

What does it mean that there's a "cap", and what happens when you hit it?

The cap refers to the limits you have on the game's primary currencies. Once you reach a cap, you will no longer be able to obtain the related currencies until the weekly cap reset.

These capped currencies and what counts towards them are as follows:

  • Credits - Valuables, Credits, Holy Texts, Enhancement Stones, Ether Cores
  • Sparks of Insight - Sparks of Balance, Sparks of Creation, Sparks of Destruction
  • Class Sparks - Spark of Evolution and any class-exclusive sparks used in the class-level of the Atlas
  • Particles of Mastery

The currency caps reset each Wednesday morning. If you did not reach your cap for a particular week, it will carry over into the next week.

How do you get new costumes?

There are two primary ways to get new costumes right now:

  • You can get a class's outfit by finishing its training in the Training Room.
  • Buying them in the market for Celestial Threads in the 'Costume' section of the shop or with other special currencies under the 'Rare Items' section.

Can you go back to a region for Sparks after you've cleared in the first time?

By open areas, I'm referring to places like Isola Digs, Port Naori, Milene Caves, and so on.

Simple answer: No.

More complicated answer: Instead of Sparks if Insight, you'll get Spark Replicators, Celestial Threads, Supplies, Ammunition, and Sparks of Transformation.

On the plus side, you'll still get your class-specific Sparks as monster drops in regions.

When do you unlock the upper tier of the Ascension Atlas?

This is unlocked when you finally reach the "Path of" node for your current class. This is also when you stop putting Sparks toward that class's development and switch to class-specific Sparks.

How do you unlock new classes?

You need to get to the upper tier of the Ascension Atlas. I cover how to unlock new classes more a bit more thoroughly in the link.

Do you get a starter weapon when you unlock and play a new class?

You do not. Once you unlock a new class, you will have no weapon nor subweapon unless you found one before you changed classes.

It's easier to simply switch to a new class and run easy Squad adventures until you get a weapon and subweapon because equipment drops for frequently for the class you're currently using.

Do your equipment boosters carry when you change your class?

Your Weapon Booster, Additional Booster, and Ritual Ornament all retain their ranks when you change your class.

Your boosters are permanent increases to your stats, provided you have equipment in the appropriate slots. For example, if you do not have a weapon equipped you will not get the extra Might that would usually come with have your booster at that rank.

Can players of vastly different Prestige party and adventure together?

The unfortunate answer to this is no, for the time being. The Russian version of the game already has a mentoring system in place for high Prestige players to group and play with their lower Prestige friends, but that patch has not hit the international version of the game yet.

What is the charge bar above my dash charges?

This is your Impulse Charge, and it's a huge part of maximizing your DPS. Abilities that take advantage of your Impulse Charge do additional Impulse Damage, which scales off your Spirit stat. You can generally only hold one charge at a time, though some weapon attributes and abilities may be able to recharge it instantly.

Read through your abilities to see which ones take advantage of the Impulse mechanic. They will say "Activates Impulse Charge."

Are Squad adventures labelled 'Impossible' really impossible?

'Impossible' Squads are doable -- you just can't do them by yourself. These Squads are scaled to a point where you are currently incapable of running and completing them by yourself.

Squad difficulties vary based on your current Prestige. Most will adjust based on your Prestige, sometimes to an lower difficultly and sometimes to a higher one. Always pay attention to difficulty before jumping into a Squad solo.

What do the X2 and X3 next to some areas mean?

This indicates the multiplier to the total Sparks you'll obtain in that Squad, Group, or Battle.

Often these multipliers will only take effect if you're playing a particular class (which the game will give you for free to play during that run), but at times you'll see them with no required class.

Is it possible to unlock a new class in the first week?

Yes, you can -- if you're careful with how you spend your Sparks. Some classes are close enough to the three default classes that you should be able to unlock them in your first week.

The easiest to unlock are Slayer and Archer, both being the closest to the default classes and requiring the least Sparks of Transformation to unlock. Kinetic and Necromancer are both only one node further away from the defaults, but the required Sparks to get up to them are much higher.

When do you start to get followers?

The Order system, which allows you to manage followers and build temples for buffs, unlocks at Prestige 2000.

The Order system is a big part of building your character and is definitely something you should keep up with as you play.

How do you change your abilities?

If you haven't noticed, abilities are tied to certain keys no matter what -- and there are often multiple options per key. If you get a new ability that you need to change an older one for, you need to click 'Reset' at the bottom right of the screen

This is also how you reset talents. Resetting costs Sparks of Transformation.

How do you change your mount?

If you have multiple mounts and you want to change to another, press and hold the 'J' key to bring up the mount wheel.

How do you bring up the emote menu?

Press the 'G' key to bring up the emote menu, from there you press the F keys to choose the emote you want to use.

The 'G' key is also used to bring up party and friend invites.

Skyforge open beta is now live, time to kick deity butt Thu, 16 Jul 2015 09:33:49 -0400 Ashley Shankle

If you've been waiting for your chance to hop into Skyforge, now's your chance: the open beta is live and ready for you to give a whirl.

Skyforge is one of those games that's mostly flown under the radar except for those hungry for something new in an MMO and fans of either Allods Team or Obsidian Entertainment fans. Even so, the game has its merits that can make it worth the play for action MMOG and MMORPG fans.

While Skyforge doesn't bring much that's truly new to the MMO scene, it blends a few tried and true concepts in a way that's pretty easy to swallow.

It skips being open world and instead is hub-based, much like the Phantasy Star Online series. However, unlike Phantasy Star Online, there are massive questing areas outside of the standard linear dungeons that let you quest as you would in a normal MMO while interacting with other players. To top it all off, the dungeons themselves are pretty cool in their own right.

The above is paired with fluid action combat which is almost akin to that of Blade & Soul (for those who have or want to play it) where there is an auto-lock on for some abilities and free-casting for others. It's slower than Blade & Soul, however; but supplements that combat style with a dash mechanic and the Impulse system, which encourages the use of certain abilities once the Impulse bar is full to do extra damage.

If all of the above and being a deity with your own pack of followers doesn't interest you, you may be better giving Skyforge a pass. But if it does even remotely, you may want to give this one a shot. It's good fun and absolutely gorgeous -- you just have to look past the weekly Spark cap and the hub-style area selection.

How to unlock new classes in Skyforge Wed, 15 Jul 2015 11:02:10 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Skyforge's class system is definitely something different, and new players starting the game will be met with three classes to choose from. This can be a bit of a shock, considering the number of classes shown on the official site.

New classes are unlocked as you progress your character using the Ascension Atlas, the primary method of improving your overall character Prestige (essentially level) and stats.

There are two tiers to the Ascension Atlas, one of which you unlock after progressing far enough into your first class.

This is either called "Path of the Cryomancer," "Path of the Lightbinder," or "Path of the Paladin" depending on your current starting class.

Once you reach and unlock this point in your first class's progression, you will unlock the upper tier of the Ascension Atlas. If you thought customization wasn't actually all that vast based on the first Atlas tier, you're in for a treat upon unlocking the higher tier.

The stats and skills obtained here affect your character no matter the class you're using, meaning these are permanent improvements. This is also where you unlock new classes after a great deal of effort.

If you zoom out, you can clearly see which nodes are for unlocking classes.

You must work your way from your starting class's nodes out to one for a new class, and ultimately work your way all the way into a middle of that class's node to unlock it.

You should go into the game with an idea as to which class you really want to start with, and which classes you want to go for first. Some take much longer than others to branch out to, so plan your progression properly to avoid wasting Sparks. You only get a certain amount per week!

You can have the Ascension Atlas automatically plan out your course to a new class by right clicking on a class node and clicking on "Find Path".

This way you don't have to memorize the path you need to go.

I hope this has cleared up any confusion there might be on how classes are unlocked in Skyforge. The game requires some planning for your character's future, so take the time to think about what you want to do in the long term.

The game does allow you to try out every class not too far in. If you're not sure what to aim for, wait for the Training Room to open fully to start planning based on the classes you find most fun.

Action MMO Skyforge entering open beta July 16th Fri, 10 Jul 2015 20:26:32 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Have you ever not had any interest in an MMO then happened to play it, only to find you liked it a lot? There's a long list of those special games in my history, and Skyforge happens to be the most recent.

Developed by the Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment, Skyforge brings some dynamic combat, deep character customization, and Phantasy Star Online-style hub questing to 2015's MMORPG line up. I'd honestly be lying if I said I wasn't having a good time with the game.

The combat is very much like that found in Blade & Soul, with your primary attacks being tied to the left and right mouse buttons and eight additional abilities on the keyboard. The combat itself may be similar and just as tight, but it's not as fast as Blade & Soul. It also gives far more character growth for the dedicated player and the ability to change one's class on the fly, among other unique aspects.

Skyforge is currently in its Early Access phase for Founder's Pack buyers. Founder's Packs are still available and come with a number of benefits over players jumping into the game for the first time in open beta.

Open beta begins next Thursday, July 16th. There will be no character wipes after open beta, so your characters in OBT will carry over until launch.

If you're itching for a new MMO and like action combat and sci-fi, Skyforge may be your best bet this summer. It's really a lot better than it looks at first glance.

Allods Team and Obsidian Entertainment Partnering Up Fri, 17 May 2013 23:45:22 -0400 MirandaCB

Since the creation and release of World of Warcraft, people have been ecstatic about the possibilities of MMORPGs--and many companies have tried to clone, or at least use, the essence that was World of Warcraft. Arguably, the most successful of these teams was known as the Allods Team who created Allods Online. From the art detail to the animations and mechanics, this game really emulated World of Warcraft with different lore painted onto it. I’m in no way bashing this, however, because it was successful and gave people who didn’t want to pay a monthly fee the perfect game to indulge in MMO desires. Although they have been releasing patches, updates, etc. Allods Team has not really done much to expand the game.

All of that is changing.

A Russian company by the name of Obsidian Entertainment has entered into an agreement with Allods Team to create a new MMORPG that’s supposed to launch on the PC in 2014. While this seems like a long way out, it may really be worth it to keep an eye on the game. Not a lot is known about the game other than a short developer video (in Russian) and some screenshots as well as what they have on the website, but it seems like a clear evolution.

In the video there are clear Allods Team influences in the city designs, coloring and overall creation, but it seems to have a twist. I would even go so far as to say that this game looks like a twist (visually) on the game TERA Online, which truly had striking visuals. Interestingly enough the art style appears to have a very Korean-type spin, despite neither of the teams being Asian. And for those who are completely unfamiliar with Allods Team, they’re also a Russian team. The new game is called Skyforge and from what I’ve seen so far, I’m excited for the collaboration as a passionate MMORPG fan.

If you want to learn more about the game check the website here. It’s all in Russian, but you can still get a feel of what they’re all about—expand your cultural horizons!